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So how are you attracting your ideal client? What


are your ideal clients currently struggling with? For example, if you’re a relationship coach what are some of the things that you would see your client

When starting your coaching business, you should

struggling with? Keeping their relationship

always have your ideal client in mind. What is your

together, communication, commitment or trust?

area of expertise? Are you into wellness, relationships,

There are so many factors that tie into assisting

business, or just an overall life coach. It’s ok to not be

your client and it’s your job to make sure that they

good at everything because once you find your niche

stay on task and remember why they picked you as

for coaching you’ll be able to better attract your ideal

their coach.

client and be able to do the proper work. After all, you

What is the best way for you to communicate with

have to prepare different exercises around your area of

your ideal client? Do they have communication

expertise and you want to make sure that your clients

issues where they are afraid to open up to their

are fully satisfied with the results they are getting from

partner .If they’re afraid to open up to their partner

you in their sessions. Not every client will be for you

how can you get them to open up to you? This is an

but when you first start off you have to get your feet

important key to remember when you are looking

wet. .

to attract your ideal client.


Confidence is key As a coach confidence is crucial. You never know who is watching when you’re just having a conversation with someone and dropping knowledge on a specific topic. By walking into your purpose as a coach and knowing your niche you can easily attract clients. Practice your elevator pitch while in public or with friends. This will help you to see what works and what doesn’t work for different clients. Each client will always be different so keep notes and pay very close attention to the responses of your potential and ideal clients. In your starting stages you have to engage with your audience whether that be via social media or your blog posts. What marketing tools are you using? What key words are you using to reach those perfect clients? If online promotion and marketing does not work take it up a notch and begin creating your own opportunities. You’ve completed the goal by getting certified to become a coach get to work and get those clients! Now is the time to do the work So, say that your coaching expertise is health and wellness. Why not create your own events or yoga sessions where you can gather some of your friends or friends of friends and they can experience a wellness session with you. Everyone loves a good yoga workout on a Sunday morning.  11 l LCN MAGAZINE • MARCH  2018

When is the last last time you did beta testing? I like to call this a test trial just to see how people will respond to your area of expertise. What will you discuss at your event? What tips and pointers will you give them? What tone or language will you use to connect with your potential clients? This is your time to get 10-20 people in a room and show them why they should come to you for services and sit down and have a session with you. Make a goal to book at least one consultation per week. Keep going until you see some different results behind just promoting yourself on social media. Videos have become a very popular marketing tool for marketing your services. Perhaps you can do your workout exercises during a Facebook Live or creating a quick 1-minute video for Instagram. Visuals sometimes can give your client an extra push. Potential clients can see the work that you do and may be more willing to approach you.  

Test your systems quarterly

Client's must trust you before they purchase from you Are you relatable to your target audience ? Make your work relatable to your ideal client.  This will allow them a glimpse into doing the work.  They may realize that there may be times where they stumble, but they need to have the confidence in you as a coach.  This can lead them to working directly with you so that you can hold them accountable to obtain whatever goal(s) they have set in the beginning of their sessions. The key things your client will be looking for is to have a confident coach that will walk them through the work and help them to achieve their goals, bringing themselves to a higher purpose. 






Andromeda Raheem, Author of She Wins, Women’s Empowerment Coach, and Founder of Women by Choice Global. Women By Choice was founded in May 2014 by Andromeda Raheem. After experiencing years of negative interactions with women, Andromeda made the choice to turn her pain into power and do her part to empower and unite women. While working a government accounting job, Andromeda started a blog to share her stories of betrayal, loss of friendships, and lack of support from other women. At the time, it was simply a passion project and she had no idea that she was putting herself on a path to become the founder of a global network that promotes support and sisterhood among women.



Was your goal always to build the brand that you have today and create Women by Choice? Actually, no. I started Women by Choice as a blog. My intention when I started the blog was to start the journey to find my purpose. And after a conversation with my sister, I realized that writing was my gift and I realized that I wanted to write a book. The blog was just a way to get my juices following. Then the blog grew to be what it is as I was sharing my stories of all the experiences I’ve had with women my entire life. Dealing with friendships, cattiness, work experiences, and support from women. Then I got more women that were relating to the stories. So, Women by Choice grew into an organization and then a global network. Stepping N2 Sisterhood and the Relax, Relate, Release trip. Tell us about how the programs came about and what the premise is for each of them. Honestly, my goal in life is to travel. When I did have a full-time job, I just wanted to find a job that would allow me to travel. I like to travel so I came up with Relax, Relate, and Release. And since I’m frugal, I decided on a cruise so that no one has to worry once everything is paid. This is the 4th year that we’ll be cruising together, and we’re going to the Bahamas. The purpose is to get women out of their element, so they get to feel free and comfortable, and they are able to build relationships with other women. 


In working with so many types of women, is there a common thread that you’ve learned? Like an Aha! Moment for you? One thing I did learn is that Women by Choice is not for every woman at every level. You have to come in with an open mind and with a positive attitude. And be willing to accept different types of women because we aren’t the same. I learned that women are at many different stages in their lives. What I learned personally was that despite how good my intentions are and me striving to attract positive women, it doesn’t always happen the way I picture. And like I said, it’s because we’re all on different levels. With that, I have to find balance and be open, yet guarded at the same time. As the leader, my spirit is important, and I have to make sure that I’m not exposing myself to women who are going to drain my spirit or make me lose focus or hope in this movement. I had to recognize that everyone isn’t on my level yet & I have to learn to leave them where they are until they’re ready.

Ok, and now, here’s my fun question for the interview to allow readers to get to know you. What are 2 things that people would be surprised to know about you? I know I may say this often, but I am an extreme introvert. And I know it may not seem like it, but I am ok being by myself for long lengths of time and not miss anyone. Even though it may look like I have it all together, I still struggle with things like procrastination, insecurity, confidence, and all of those things. But, I have a strategy that I use every single day in regards to my mindset in keeping my thoughts & actions positive. This allows me to continue to do the work that I’m doing. But, I struggle with some of the same insecurities that women face every day, I just chose every day not to allow those things to stop me or prevent me from reaching my goals.

The theme for this month’s issue is Renew, Recharge, Reboot. So, as we welcome a new season, what are some things that you do or advise women to come into the Spring, renew, recharge, and reboot?

If you had unlimited resources and there was one thing that you could do, say, or try that would make the world a more exciting place for everyone, what would be your thing?

I’ll say take time for yourself. We need to sit with ourselves sometimes. We’re so used to running around and running in circles with no real goal. Just sit there and look at where you’ve come so far. And realize that you’ve survived. You’ve made it this far and you’ve learned so many lessons. Just sit and get in touch with yourself because we change. We change, our goals change. Year after year we constantly evolve so our priorities and goals are different.

I would provide financial assistance to every person who has identified their gift and help them flourish with it. I think that money is the number one thing that keeps people from their purpose, from their gifts, from being who God created them to be. And so, if I could provide financial assistance, and money wouldn’t be their barrier anymore, they could truly live out who they are created to be and that would make the world a more exciting place.



Alright Coaches, We are 60+ days in. It’s month three of 2018, which means we are preparing to head into Quarter 2. Many brought in the new year riding the New Year, New Me wave, but let’s be honest, some of us have not reached the goals we have set for ourselves, our health, or our businesses. Some people lost motivation. Some people received “NOs” from a person or an opportunity they thought would be “the one”. Maybe this was you. My question is, what are YOU going to do about it? Understand, we all go through seasons in our lives where we become stagnant or experience some form of adversity. Nevertheless, if you are here reading this piece, it is important to be sure that you understand that you are purposed! You have been called to create, speak life, impact the lives of others in a significant way, or a combination of the three. So, in this moment, let us recharge. Let us reboot. And let us refocus with a renewed perspective and get (back) in action. 22 | LCN MAGAZINE • MARCH 2018

First things first, what have you accomplished? Be sure to make note of the number of the goals you executed and accomplished for your business compared to those you set prior to entering Quarter 1. It is important to measure how well you have done. However, you must also assess and notate what you have learned; how you have grown; and what your next steps will potentially look like. Begin to reflect on the things you have learned. Pay attention to the areas in your life and business which require more of your attention and make modifications as necessary. As well, be sure to celebrate even the little wins. What are three common misconceptions others have about your business/brand/service/product? 1.



THE FIRST 60 DAYS THE POWER OF CONSISTENCY Consider your thoughts about the traction you have made this year. What type of progress have you made toward your 2018 goals? No matter where you are along your journey, you must choose to remain in action. Be sure to begin to implement into your business regimen, consistency. Consistently connect with your mentor(s) and mentees. If you don’t have a group of three to five accountability partners, find them. NOW! These people are those who speak life into you as you invest into your vision. They journey alongside you, call you on your mess, and hold you to a higher standard of excellence. They draw out of you, a better version of yourself. Lastly, you must (continue) to show up in and on purpose. Identify someone you would like to learn from as you transition into the second quarter of 2018. Also, identify some you can mentor. As you are being mentored by someone else, it is essential for you to impart what you learn into someone else.

Mentor Name:

Mentee Name:

Compare your availability to those who you have identified as your accountability partners. Make note of those who you trust to hold you accountable along your business journey.

SET A NEW STANDARD Between the end of 2017 and the start of 2018, I witnessed over a dozen event pages for vision board parties. There were likely hundreds more posted across the web where individuals were planning to come together to cast visions for great things to come in the new year. The point being, each of these vision board parties have something unique about them. The Visionary; the person who put the event together.

Determine what distinctively sets you apart from every other coach in your industry. Master this. Build your partnerships for opportunities to collaborate and dominate! Consider creating a mid-year vision board party on the beach in another country. This would set your vision board experience apart from everyone elseSharing this vision publicly does not take aware from the experience any of us will choose to create. As coaches, we have been given specific perspective for our business, and we know what works for us. Even if others learn our plans, the way we choose to implement our projects continues to remain unique. Do not overthink your next steps to the point that you do not make your next move. Always remember to check yourself. Start now. COACH CHECK QUESTIONNAIRE Is there any progress you can make in your business? (YES OR NO) Have yoU taken time to audit yourself? (YES OR NO)  Did you make a vision board? (YES OR NO) Did you create an action plan  for your business journey? (YES OR NO) Do you have mentor? (YES OR NO) Are you mentoring someone? (YES OR NO) Have you identified the members  of your accountability team?  (YES OR NO)



LCN Magazine March issue (Digital)  
LCN Magazine March issue (Digital)  

Check out this month's Recharge, Renew and Reboot issue, featuring Coach Andromeda Raheem.