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Now let’s remember that working a 9-5 and being a


coach won’t last forever if you’re trying to get on the road of full-time entrepreneurship. The first thing that you should pick up is a Planner, and not

Now that you have officially launched your coaching

just any planner. Make sure that you are very fond

business you may want to take a second to create some

of it. Even if you must get a planner with all the

helpful tips to help you balance your 9 to 5 life as well.

bells and whistles. Make good use of highlighters,

Starting off as a coach could take some time and it may

sticky notes and big markers. With your planner,

not happen overnight, but when it does it takes away

you can look at your week ahead and see what

from some of our daily routines that we are used to

hours you should be spending on your business and

doing after working a 9-5. Routines such as getting the

glance at some free time you may have in between

kids from school, making dinner, spending time with

your work load at your full-time job. Now some of

your significant other, getting drinks with your friends

us have jobs where we don’t have to take work from

or even your workout sessions. Once you start picking

our full-time job home but then again there are

up momentum in your coaching business, you will tend

some that do. So, we must factor those things into

to forget a lot of things or things may slip your mind.

our weekly schedule. Time management is critical

So, in this article we’ll go over some tips on how to stay

in all of this and if you’re ready to step into full time

balanced and up to speed with your new life.

entrepreneurship you’ll take the necessary steps to plan your schedule in advance.


Second, something that I found very useful at planning out projects and your work load with your clients is having a big white board in your office or whatever area you use to work on your coaching business. If you are a visual person like myself you write things in a notebook, on a separate piece of paper and then we take it to the big board. Learn to separate your clients by files. Not every client is the same or will have the same needs as others, so you need to visually see who and what sessions you are working on for each client. You can also use this board for other assignments or agenda issues that you might be struggling with. Third, Learn How To Say No. This applies in every aspect of your life. Remember that you are only one person and at the end of the day you have to do things that cater to your growth and make you feel good as a person. When I first started off with a business I use to work 7 days a week nonstop because I knew that I needed to make money and stay consistent. But you should make sure you have at least or day to yourself where you are recharging your batteries.  

Learn to say no when necessary 11 l LCN MAGAZINE • APRIL  2018

Get recharged before working with clients When coaching your clients most of the time they are already running on empty and need to get ready to be charged up with their session with you. So not every weekend you’ll be able to hang out or spend money here and there. You should work to be organized and find a routine that works for you, your 9 to 5 and your coaching business. Last tip, Know What Your Limits are with maintaining your schedule with your clients and your full-time job. I have always had the tendency to take on too much because I was trying to make all the money. But in order to run your business your clients need you be refreshed and full of the great knowledge that you’ll be looking to teach and give to them. Let’s say you set a certain number of clients you would like to work with for a week or for the month. This will help you know your client intake and how many sessions you can have during a week.

When I first started, I set a target goal of 4 coaching clients for a month. This was a healthy balance for me. That way during the next go round of accepting clients people will be knocking at your door trying to get that last spot. Life is all about balance and there is more than enough time for you to work your 9 to 5, coach your clients and have a social life. Organization and Consistency are key. Use these tips as weapons to accomplish your goals each week. Write it out, plan it and then execute!  be more willing to approach you.  

Organization is key to balancing your 9-5 and client caseload





Patrice Washington is a nationally recognized best-selling author, featured columnist, television commentator, transformational speaker, spokesperson, radio and podcast host, and leading authority on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and success for women and youth. Nationally known as “America’s Money Maven”, Patrice Washington has had tremendous success with her “money mindset” approach to personal finance. Her teachings go beyond coupon cutting, budgeting, and credit repair, and focus on shifting mindset, earning more, and living your purpose. Patrice is committed to redefining the term “wealth”, encouraging women to have “wealth” in all aspects of their lives by pursuing their dreams, being fulfilled, and earning more without ever chasing money. She has built a thriving community of engaged women committed to taking their personal finances, careers, and lives to the next level, and continues to invest in women worldwide through her work. Patrice has been taupport and sisterhood among women. 14 l LCN MAGAZINE • APRIL  2018


What is your title? What do you want to be known as to the world?

What was your goal? What was your vision?

I’d say “The Purpose Chaser”. I'm always striving to gain more awareness. Not only is that who I am, but when I did my relaunch, I wanted my audience to know that the focus isn’t only on money. There’s so many other aspects that contribute to your purpose than just being wealthy.

When I was a kid, the only thing that I knew was that I was going to be an entrepreneur. Even in college, I never applied for a job or grad school when I was finished, because I knew I wanted to work for myself. The catalyst was that I was raised by a hardworking single mom and was an active child. But, my mom was never able to attend any of my events because she worked too far from where I attended school. And I remember, it had to be about 4th or 5th grade, my dad started showing up to my events. I remember thinking, how come he can make it to these and my mom can’t? And I didn’t really know what he did for work, I knew he owned several businesses. One day I asked how come he could make it from work and he said “because I’m an entrepreneur”. And that was my introduction to the word. From then I knew that that was what I had to be. I started my first business in the 3rd grade lol. I knew I would be an entrepreneur, but I didn’t exactly know what I would be doing.

How did Seek Wisdom Find Wealth come about? Was that something you've always envisioned? No, I didn't have the vision at all. Seek Wisdom Find Wealth came from Proverbs 17:16. I remember crying on the floor in my apartment in New Orleans, after my business failed during the recession. I realized I had spent my life chasing money, but never seeking wisdom. Over the next few days after that, I started to feel like I couldn't progress until I took personal responsibility. It started as me taking a proverb every week that had to do with money or business and making it real life applicable. And I do have a vision now, but I’m not attached with it. I’m very much go with the flow. A year ago, I didn’t know that I’d have a podcast, but now I really enjoy it. This is not what I envisioned, but I always knew that I’d answer the call and go wherever God told me to go. .


The theme for this month is Spring into Action. What are 3 go to concepts that help you spring into action & get things done? One of the things that helps me spring into action is being deliberate on what I say NO to. We get so busy doing things that have nothing to do with our vision or goals. Especially as women, we end up doing things to please others and we put the things for ourselves on the back burner. It really energizes me when I say no to something. I know that I’m saying yes to what I really want instead.

If you could have a conversation with anyone, living or deceased, who would it be? I would actually have a conversation with my son who died prematurely. I had him almost a year to the day that my daughter was born. I had him and he died in my arms about 5 hours later, holding my finger. And at that time, I was so caught up in my business, I wasn’t planning on having a baby. And my husband and I were engaged at the time, but he was getting on my nerves lol. It was just a lot going on. Anyway, one day, when my daughter was about 2 years old, we were sitting at the dinner table and she said “my big brother told me to come and save you.” And my husband and I were like what in the world? Because she was almost 3, we had never told her about her brother. I said “no, if we had another baby, he’d be your little brother.” But, she was very adamant saying, “no, I mean my big brother.” Ever since she said that, I’ve always believed that he did make a choice to save us. Once he passed, that led us to grief counseling and eventually couples counseling, which brought us closer. And if he stayed, there’s a chance that I might’ve been a single mom. So, I’ve always wanted to ask him did you really tell your sister that? And are you proud of us for making it? Did God give you a choice? Maybe God asked him, if you stay, this is what’s going to happen and if you leave this will happen. I’ve just always wondered these things when I think about him, and I always think about him. He’s the reason the 3 of us are so close, and I adore my family. I’m just so grateful.



Springtime has arrived! The beginning of warmer weather and longer days. It’s the perfect time to start organizing the present and planning for the future. Cleaning our homes and offices are usually the first things we think of, but let’s not limit ourselves to just those two things. Let’s spring clean our finances as well. Set aside a day or a weekend to declutter and get organized. There is always something to learn, improve or change. Whether you are in a bad or a good financial position, spring cleaning your finances will give you the boost you need to push you into the next level of your financial journey. We will no longer allow excuses from the past hold us back. If you say, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, then tomorrow may turn into next week, next month, then suddenly you realize it’s December and you’re behind schedule preparing for 2019. Let’s start being consistent now. Always strive to be great in your present and begin now taking those leaps to be great in the future. 26 | LCN MAGAZINE • APRIL 2018

Spring cleaning doesn't have to be boring. It can be fun and exciting. Ask yourself, “Am I overwhelmed when I think about my finances?” or “Do I get excited about my financial future?” When you’re excited and genuinely hopeful for the future, you will use that energy in the spring cleaning process. Let go of excuses and limiting beliefs from the past and never look back. We will spring forward with grace, confidence and an undeniable work ethic. If you feel worried, stressed or fearful, let’s shake that off now. We are all human and have experienced those feelings, but we can’t dwell in those emotions. You can cry, meditate, or use journaling to push through those feelings. Do what you feel is best for you and makes you feel better inside and out. 5 Excuses to leave in your past: 1. No one taught me! 2. I don;t have the connections! 3. I don't have anyone to help me! 4. I've already made too much of a mss! 5. I don't have enough skills or experience! Now that we have let go of excuses, let’s start taking action! 


1. Change Your Mindset! What we think, feel and speak is what we bring into our lives. Less negativity and more positivity. Less fear and doubt, more boldness and determination. 2. Be Patient! Don’t feel like you have to rush and do everything all at once. The greatest accomplishments can sometimes take longer than anticipated. Take small baby steps. As long as you’re making progress, you’re on the right track. 3. Create A Monthly Budget! Write it down or use an app. I prefer both. List all your income and expenses. Deduct your expenses from your income starting with the most important expenses first. Start with basic living expenses such as rent/mortgage, utilities, food, and gas. Then continue that process until every dollar is accounted for.  4. Track You spending! If your expenses exceed your income, figure out where your money is going. Track you spending for at least 30 days. Review old bank statements and receipts to figure out what you have spent money on in the past. 5. Decrease Your Expenses! Consider cutting out some expenses temporarily or permanently to reach your money goals. Sacrifice will take you to new financial levels.  6. Increase Your Income! Take on a second job or request a raise at your current job. If you are selfemployed, strategize creative ways to monetize on what you already know.  7. Pay Off Debt! Check your credit reports. Make a list of all debts from smallest to largest. Create a debt pay off plan. Once those debts are paid off, those funds can be used towards other areas in your life.  8. Check Insurance Policies! Make sure you have all the coverage you need. Cancel policies that no longer serve you. Make sure you are being charged the appropriate amount in premiums.


9. Save and Invest! Every time you receive money, save some of it. Even if it’s only $20.00. A small amount can lead to larger amounts later. Remember to not only save, but also invest. There are so many options to invest, such as 401K, Individual Stocks, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, etc. Always do your own research before committing to an investment. 10. Set New Goals! Celebrate your small and big wins throughout your journey. Every year set new goals before the year begins. Every quarter, check in with yourself to make sure you are on track. If you fall off track, make sure you have the tools to help you get back on track. Find an accountability partner who will hold you accountable. Use your planner, journal and positive affirmations to keep yourself in check.


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LCN Magazine April issue  

This months issue of Life Coach Network Magazine, features "America's Money Maven" Patrice Washington. Check out the "Spring into Action" Ap...

LCN Magazine April issue  

This months issue of Life Coach Network Magazine, features "America's Money Maven" Patrice Washington. Check out the "Spring into Action" Ap...