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The various identities that we have are not bad things. They are good gifts to be used by God. How might Christ use one of your “I am’s” to bring glory to Him?

The struggle with identity will continue throughout your life. How can others help you to keep your identity rested in Christ?

Monday: Humility in Christ Alone After tonight’s Mass Event, is it easier or harder for you to define humility? Do you know it when you see it?

When have you been tempted to have your service be more about you than about Jesus and what He has done for you?

Read Philippians 2:3. What does it look like to consider others better than yourself?

Who have you seen echo Jesus’ humility? What do they do? How have they “put the interests of others ahead of their own”?

How do you see humility connected to true joy?

How are you an echo?

Tuesday: Community in Christ Alone •

What are some of the communities of which you are a part (sports teams, clubs, classes, friend groups, etc.)?

How does community in Christ look different than every other community?

How do we see community lived out in our youth group/congregation? What are some ways we could better live out community that is built on Christ alone?

Why is it easy to have a “you owe me” mindset when we are hurt by others instead of a heart ready to forgive?

How is joy in Christ, identity in Christ, and humility in Christ important in building true community?


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