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How to Report Criminal Acts or Emergencies on Campus. All emergency situations should be reported immediately to the Police. The caller should remain on the phone until the dispatcher terminates the call. DO NOT HANG UP! The communications division is equipped with a telecommunications division device for the deaf (TDD). Red phones and blue-light emergency devices are located througout the campus. The activation of any blue light device sounds an alarm, activiates a locator light and reports the activation directly to the University Police Department. Dispatchers and Officers will communicate with any individual who activates the blue light devi eby a two-way call box speaker phone system.

Safety Tips (on campus):

Avoid working or studying alone in a building at night. Avoid using stairs in remote sections of a building. Keep your purse in a locked cabinet or drawer. Never leave it in, on top, or underneath a desk. Keep petty cash and stamps in a locked drawer. While in class, the library or the lab, do not leave personal belongings unattended. Never prop doors open, especially fire doors, even for a short period. Use the service se walk across campus at night or walk with a friend. Report anyone who behaves suspiciously to the University Police. Try to remember his or her appearance and direction of travel or most current location and relay it to the dispatcher. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Safety Tips (off campus):

Be aware pf your surrpoundings. Stay in well-lit areas and walk midway btween curbs and buildings, away from alleys,entries, bushes and dark areas. Stay near people. Avoid shortcuts through parks, vacant lots and other deserted areas. Carry only necessary money and credit cards. Never carry your Social Security Card. When possible, walk, bike and jog with someone. Use the buddy system. Do not stop to give g directions or other information to strangers. Never hitchhike or pick up a hitchhiker

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When possible, walk, bike and jog with someone. Use the buddy system. Be aware pf your surrpoundings. Carry only necessary money and credit...