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ActivInspire Flipcharts

The Dashboard Configure Title Title

Title Title

When you open ActivInspire, the dashboard automatically opens. By default it shows the Flipcharts tab. From this tab you can open a new flipchart, open existing flipcharts that have been opened recently, or import files that have already been created in PowerPoint or SMART Notebook. If you are using the import function, a browser window will open allowing you to find the file you wish to import. Once you have located your file, click open and your former PowerPoint or SMART file will be imported and established as an Inspire flipchart that can be manipulated using your Promethean software.

Annotate over the Desktop The Annotate over the Desktop tab starts the Inspire software and places a “clear page” over your desktop. This allows you to view/use any file or program on your computer while still being able to utilize the Inspire software and tools.

Promethean Planet The Promethean Planet tab will open your internet browser and connect you to Promethean Planet. This site has thousands of resources covering most subject areas available to you for free!

The Configure tab has a checkbox option on the lower right that allows you to switch between ActivInspire and the Primary version. Primary is designed for student in the lower grades. Simply check the box and close Inspire. When you open the program the next time it will open in Primary. To move back to Inspire, simply check the box and close the program. You also have 3 very important options in the Configure tab… • Register Devices: Add other Promethean products, such as Activotes, ActivExpressions, or an ActivSlate • Manage Profiles: Change/alter the settings for the multiple profiles that are available with Inspire making it possible to have different tools available for each profile. • Check for Update: Checks for updates to the Inspire software…this should be done regularly to keep up with changes/fixes that may be needed

Express Poll

The Express Poll tab starts the voting option for using ActiVotes or ActivExpressions with your Inspire software.

Training and Support

The Training and Support tab will open your internet browser and connect you to Promethean World. This site has many helpful tools to help with any issues you may have.

ActivInspire Flipchart Controls Docking Options

Color Palette Pin Option

Roll Up/ Roll Down

The color palette can show 8, 16, or 24 colors. This option is available through profiles. To change a color in the palette, right-click on the color you wish to change. Select a color from the color wheel or use the color picker (medicine dropper) to select an existing color from your screen.

Title Title Menu Options… also located at top of window

Profile: Create or select a profile

Annotate over Desktop: use all the Inspire tools with any program


Desktop Tools: Options for desktop annotation without main toolbar showing

Voting Options: Start/stop voting with previously generated questions or through ExpressPoll

Page Forward or Page Backward one page at a time

Select Tool: Marquee select tool- use to select, adjust, or move anything on your screen

Annotations Sliding Pen Nib: Change the size of your pen, eraser, highlighter, shapes, and connectors

Title Highlighter Tool: width of line can be modified

Eraser Tool: will erase annotations only…width can be modified

Pen Tool: width of line can be modified

Undo/Redo Tool

Fill Tool: change the color of objects or annotations

Browse to insert media stored anywhere on your computer

Editing Clear Tool: Clear anything from the page

Main Toolbox

Reset Tool: Reset any page back to its last saved state. Text Tool: Click to insert a text box on your page…can also be done with select tool…just hover then start typing

Tools: Gives you access to extra tools that are not on the main toolbar, such as the reveal, spotlight, and camera tool. You also have access to all the math tools available through the Inspire software.

Objects Title Shape Tool: create lines, shapes, and objects Color options are located on top or use the fill tool to choose any color. Modify shapes by using the marquee handles to resize, rotate, etc. Line width can be changed using the sliding pen nib.

Connector Tool: create lines, arcs, call-outs, connectors, etc The color can be modified by choosing a color from the color palette beforehand. You can also use the select tool or fill tool to modify later. Line width can be changed using the sliding pen nib


Managing Profiles

Switching Profiles Title Title Title Title

Managing your profiles is a very effective when you want access to certain tools or settings for you, but different ones for your students. ActivInspire comes by default with 5 pre-determined profiles. These profiles can be altered to fit your needs.

Math Toolbar

Here is an example of 2 different toolbars. One is the authoring toolbar and the other is the math toolbar. Notice the different tools available in each toolbar.

Authoring Toolbar

You can access the profiles many ways. One of the easiest is through the dashboard.

Layout Tab

Choose the number of colors available, determine icon size, and choose where and how you want your toolboxes docked.

User Defined Buttons Tab

Develop your own shortcuts that can be used to display text or open a file or program.

Commands Tab

Personalize the Main Toolbox as well as the marquee and sizing handles. Add or remove commands to suit your needs.

Settings Tab

Change settings on many of the tools, effects, etc. through this tab. This is also where you change default settings, such as whether Activotes or Expressions should be targeted for voting sessions.

ActivInspire Annotate over Desktop

Annotate over Desktop Desktop Tools

Desktop Tools Title Title

Annotate over Desktop gives you the option of viewing any other program on Titlewhile still being able to your computer Titletools. This will allow you use the Inspire to draw, drag, type text, etc on/over any program you choose. Simply use the toolbar and functions as you would if you were working normally on a flipchart.

When you use this option, a new flipchart is created. This flipchart will save any annotations and/or objects you have added while viewing the other program.

Promethean Planet

Return to Flipcharts

On-screen Keyboard

Express Poll


Screen Recorder

More Tools


On-screen Keyboard

Allows you to take a snapshot of what you are viewing on the desktop. Choose from: Full screen Freehand Area

• • • •

Return to Flipcharts

Current Page (of your flipchart) New Page (of your flipchart) Clipboard My Resources or Shared Resources

Use this function to type in short answers or URL addresses from the board. It saves you from having to go to the computer keyboard.

Express Poll Activate your ActiVotes or ActivExpressions to take a quick poll or quiz over what you are viewing.

Return to the flipchart you were working with before working with the desktop.

One click gets you access to Promethean Planet, where you can find flipcharts and other resources made for your active whiteboard.

Window Point to Point

Once the snapshot is taken, you can choose to add the image to:

Promethean Planet

Screen Recorder

More Tools Gives you access to the following tools:

Allows you to record, in video, what you are doing on your desktop. Choose from: • •

Area Screen Recorder Full Screen Recorder

Tickertape Sound Recorder Dice Roller

Clock Calculator

Page Browser Resource Browser Object Browser Notes Browser

ActivInspire Page Browser Use the page browser to jump quickly from one page to another. Click on a page Title to view it full screen.


To change the order of the pages, click and drag the page from one spot to another.

Resource Browser Title The resource Title browser is where you will find all the pictures, charts, and other manipulatives available to you through ActivInspire.

There are 2 libraries in the browser…”My Resources” and “Shared Resources.” They are accessed through the icons circled in red. Shared Resources are available to anyone who uses the computer. Use the search engine when you have a specific resource in mind browse through the folders to find what you are looking for.

Use the slide to change the size of the thumbnail pictures. This will allow you to view more pages at one time.

Object Browser Title Title

The object browser helps you distinguish the layer and order of the objects on your page. Annotations are automatically added to the top layer, objects to the middle layer, and the bottom layer is empty. Clicking on the name of the object in the browser will highlight it on your page. This will help match name to object. An object’s order or layer can be altered by clicking and dragging the name in the browser to its determined location.

Objects on the background layer are automatically locked. You will not be able to move them on the page.

When you find a resource click and drag it onto your page. You can also add resources you create to the library by dragging them into the library. Remember where you put them.

Notes Browser Title Title The notes browser is very useful when viewing flipcharts downloaded from Promethean Planet received from others. It is a place to store teacher notes. This can help explain what a page was created for; recognize any hidden objects located on the page, or just to have facts to help with the teaching process. Your own notes can also be written here at any time by selecting the notes browser. If notes are available for a flipchart page a yellow sticky will appear in the toolbar located across the top of the page next to the page number. See it circled in red above.

ActivInspire Property Browser The property browser is used to view all the properties associated with an object at a glance. In the property browser you are able to… Title

Title • Change settings to manipulate

• •

an object’s appearance, such as its outline, fill color, translucency, location, etc. Make objects interactive, such as creating containers Control the movement of an object by creating rules or restrictors, such as only allowing an object to move up and down

While many of these functions are available in other locations, it is nice to have them all located in one place to make major changes.

Action Browser – Drag and Drop Title Title The action browser – drag and drop tab is where you can “drag and drop” an icon onto your page that will allow you to access many Inspire tools. This is beneficial for when you are using a tool consistently on a page but it is not located in the toolbar you have opened. For instance, if you have students up at the board measuring objects you can drag and drop the ruler icon onto the page. Then the ruler can be accessed quickly and easily. These actions will only be available when you are in presentation mode. To move the icon you would need to be in design mode.

Property Browser Action Browser Voting Browser

Action Browser – Current Selection Title Title The action browser – current selection tab allows you to associate an object to a specific task. For instance, you can assign an object the command to open a new page when it is clicked. By default, all actions are shown when you open the browser. You can narrow your choices to match your search by clicking the drop down box and selecting a category. The categories available are… • • • • • •

All Actions Command Actions Page Actions Object Actions Voting Actions Document/Media Actions

Voting Browser Title Title Register devices, including Activotes and Expressions

Select Activotes to be used when voting

Select ActivExpressions to be used when voting

Toggle anonymous voting on and off

Assign the registered devices to specific students

ActivInspire Identification Tab

• • •

give the object a specific name for identification purposes assign keywords to the object...mainly used with containers or to search for an object type use existing text to create questions for votes or expressions

Appearance Tab

• • •

Outline Tab

change the style, color, and width of an object’s outline o you can remove the outline by selecting “none” for style cap style and join style change the outline’s appearance slightly as well in some cases

Background Tab

• •

Position Tab Title Title

• • •

change the color and design when an object is filled o you can choose “none” to make it empty o many other options with 1 color choice “gradient” can be selected from the style choices o this activates your gradient menu for many more options o both color options are available with gradient

used when working with text boxes allows you to change the background color of the text box and whether you want it to be transparent or opaque

Miscellaneous Tab

move selected object from one layer to another make the object appear translucent allowing you to see behind it choose whether the object is visible when presenting... prevelant when working with restrictors for example

Fill Tab

• •

Property Browser

scale origin are used to work with the grid that is hidden on the background select “true” under Drag a Copy to turn any object into an unlimited supply of that object

• • • •

Left and Top tell you the exact location of the object as it is located on the grid Width and Height describe the exact size of the object Scale Factor x and y will distort the picture according to the size of the grid use Inverted to turn your object upside down change the Angle value to rotate the image a certain degrees Reflected creates a mirror image of your object Locked will keep your object from moving when in presentation mode.

ActivInspire Label Tab

Property Browser Container Tab Title Title

Title Title

Use the label tab to create labels for your objects on your page. • type what you want your label to say in the caption field • determine your font type, size, and color • choose your outline style • determine whether you want to have the background of the label transparent or opaque o if opaque, determine the color • Behaviour lets you decide whether you want the label on all the time or only as a tooltip

Containers can be used as a self-check. There is another cheat sheet available that shows you how to create a container. • choose what you want your object to contain o specific objects- browse to find the object(s) o keywords- browse to assign keywords to the container, then use the identification tab to assign keywords to objects being contained o anything o nothing • choose a reward sound if student is correct • Return if not Contained is used for the objects you are attempting to contain

Rotate Tab Title Title

The rotate tab gives you the option to choose how you want an object to rotate when using rotate with the marquee handles • Can Rotate options: freely, clockwise, anti-clockwise, or no • Rotate Step: choose how many degrees the object rotates with each step • Rotate About: choose a point you want the object to rotate around...whether it be a point on the object or around another object • Rotate Point x,y: choose a point on the background grid in which you would like the object to rotate

Restrictors Tab Title Title

• •

Can Block allows you to give an object the property to not allow other objects to pass through it Can Snap allows you to snap to the background grid o Snap Point x,y lets you choose the area to snap to o Snap To lets you know what part of the object will be snapping to your grid location Can Move allows you to move freely around the page, vertically, horizontally, along a designated path, or not at all o Move Path is where you can choose your path to move along Can Size allows you to restrict how an object can be resized on the page


Registering the Activslate

The Slate and Hub In order for you to be able to use an ActivSlate you must also have an ActivHub for it to communicate with. A hub has the ability to “talk” to many devices at one time. In order for the 2 items to work together, you must register the ActivSlate to the ActivHub.

Dashboard Title Title

Step 1: Plug the ActivHub into a usb port on the will flash green when ready Step 2: Open the Inspire software Step 3: Highlight the “Configure” tab Step 4: Select the “Register Devices” option

Device Registration Window Title Title

The Device Registration window should open. It shows all the devices already registered to that hub. Step 5: In the ActivSlate tab, select “Register”

Device Registration Wizard

Completing the Registration

A Device Registration Wizard will open.

Step 8: Power on the ActivSlate (see picture on wizard screen) Step 9: Using the pen, hold down the “Register” button on Slate (orange flame) Step 10: Enter the PIN code shown on the wizard screen using the pen and slate buttons Step 11: Select “Finish”

Step 6: Be sure the number of devices you are registering is “1” Step 7: Select “Next”

ActiVotes The Hub

Begin Registration

Hub Device Registration Renaming ActiVotes Device Registration

Open ActivInspire software and click the following buttons on the browser window. If your browser window is closed, use the Control + B keys to open it.

In the Device Registration window click anywhere on the ActivHub button to make it active. Then click “Register” on the ActiVote button.

Begin by plugging the ActivHub into the USB port of your computer. Each ActiVote’s name is stored on the hub. A green light will blink

Device Registration Enter the number of ActiVotes that you would like to register and click “Next.” Miscellaneous Programs Then follow the directions as they are written on the next window.

Title Title

Batch Renaming On the ActiVote button in the center column click “Rename.”

Renaming An Individual Ac Title Title

Type any prefix into the text box and click “Apply Prefix.”

Wake each ActiVote by pushing any letter key. This will allow the ActiVote to accept its name. Click “Finish.”

Renaming an Individual ActiVote Important! •

Be sure to register your Activotes one at a time and in order. Begin by registering your last ActiVote first. Then register your first Activote, followed by your second and so on. The Device Registration window will automatically close when you have completed registering the number of ActiVotes indicated in the previous window. You may also end device registration early by clicking “Finish.” ActiVotes will now be listed in the third column of the Device Registration window in the order in which they were registered.

In the third column of the Device Registration window select the Activote and click “Rename.” Enter a unique name. Click “ok” and wake the Activote by pushing any letter key. This will allow the ActiVote to accept its name.

ActivExpressions The Hub

Hub Device Registration Renaming Devices

Begin Registration

Device Registration

Open ActivInspire software and click the following buttons on the browser window. If your browser window is closed, use the Control + B keys to open it.

In the Device Registration window click anywhere on the ActivHub button to make it active. Then click “Register” on the ActivExpression button.

Begin by plugging the ActivHub into the USB port of your computer. Each ActivExpression’s name is stored on the hub. A green light will blink when the hub is active.

Device Registration Enter the number of ActivExpressions that you would like to register and click “Next.” Then follow the directions as they are written on the next window.

Batch Renaming Click “Rename” on the ActivExpression button in the center column.

Renaming An Individual Ac Title Title Rename by Teacher • Enter and apply a standard Prefix. • ActivInspire will automatically assign a number to each device beginning with zero. • Wake each device by turning it on. This will enable the device to accept its name. The Device Registration window will automatically close when you have completed registering the number of ActivExpressions indicated. You may end device registration early by clicking “Finish.”

Important! •

Be sure to register your ActivExpressions one at a time and in order. Begin by registering your last ActivExpression first. Then register your first ActivExpression, followed by your second and so on. ActivExpressions will now be listed in the third column of the Device Registration window in the order in which they were registered.

Rename by Student • Select Character Type, and Max Name Length. • Click Next. • Students may then text in a new name on the keypad of their device. • Click Finish

Individual Renaming .

• In the third column of the device registration window, select a device and click Rename. • Enter a unique name for the device.

• Click OK and Wake the

ActivExpression by turning on the power. This will allow the device to accept its name.

ActivInspire Getting Started

To begin, find the page of the flipchart you wish to start adding questions to. From the toolbar, select Insert, Question.

New Question Manager Inserting Questions for Votes and Expressions

Toolbar #1- Shows the title of the flipchart you are working on. You can toggle between flipcharts.

#2- Move from page to page creating more questions without leaving the wizard.

#3- Toggle between Design, Document, and Question Gen. #4- Add more questions to a page and choose the type. #5- Cut, copy, and paste questions to other pages in your flipchart. Lets you create a single template and use it over and over.

Question Properties Assign Answer Edit the Answer Choices

#6- Import questions from other specified programs such as examview, export questions to excel, or print a screen shot. #7- Gives an overview of the entire question. You can edit from here or use the task pane on the right. To begin adding a question you must type the question here first.

Follow-On Question If you choose to use the follow-on Follow-on question option, follow these steps…


#1- Type your question in the text box. #2- Use the drop down box to choose the type of answer choices you want. • Confidence • Agreement • Generic (fill in yourself) #3- Set a time limit (optional)

Flipchart Page Properties #1- If you have a question already existing on the page and just want to use the response system with that question, do not check this box. If you want to use a template from Inspire, check the box. #1- Drop down allows for you to change the type of question you are asking…multiple choice, yes/no, text, etc. #2- This box is where you edit your question and any answer choices as well as select the correct answer (if appropriate). • For multiple choice it defaults to 6 answer choices. To decrease your number of choices click on the red X on the right-hand side of the question box. • Type the answer choices into the text boxes, then check the box below the answer choice that is the correct answer. • Notice there is a drop down next to “A”…this allows you to change to numbers or lower case letters as answer choices. • If you mistakenly delete too many answer choices, they can be added back by typing in the blank box below the last choice. #3- Other Settings • Choose how many correct answers are required. • Assign correct answer checkbox. Note that once a correct answer is chosen this box will be filled automatically. • Set a time limit (optional). • Include a follow-on question (optional).

#2- If you check the box in #1, you can then choose from the templates. The template options will be limited to the type of question and number of responses you have chosen in “Question Properties.”

Completing the Process

If you want to create questions for other pages, use the page option at the top of the screen to move from page to page or even create new pages. You can create self-paced questions by adding more than one question to a page or using the “Question Generator” tab. That will be covered on another cheat sheet. When you are done, don’t forget to “Apply” your changes to save your work.

ActivInspire Getting Started

Inserting Self-Paced Question Sets

Self-Paced Wizard Title Title Title

To begin, click “Insert” on the menu bar and select “Self-Paced Question Set.”

Inserting a Question Wizard

For help with this specific wizard, refer to the “Inserting a Question” cheat sheet located on our icafe website.

A Self-Paced Question Wizard will appear. From this page you have the ability to… • Insert a question manually using the “Insert a Question Wizard” • Have Inspire generate questions with its “Question Generator” • Edit existing questions individually • Change the order of the questions • Choose the level of difficulty for each existing question • Highlight each individual question to manipulate it. • Use the tabs on the right side of the screen to select your option.

Question Generator

Level Requirements

The Question Generator can be used to create basic mathematical problems for you. 1. At this time “Basic numeracy” is the only option for you 2. Choose the number of questions and level of question 3. Choose the type of operation and number values to use 4. “Generate the questions (they will appear in the preview area 5. “Insert” the questions 6. Click “Done”

Set standards for each question level. A summary of the questions appears in the right-hand window. 1. Choose how many questions need to be answered correctly before a student can move to the next level 2. Choose whether to randomize the questions ***The default is to allow students to retry***

Title and Duration For Title and Duration… • Title your question set • Write a description • Choose how long the students have to complete the set • Choose where to insert the set

Finishing Click “Finish” to send your question set to the corresponding page.

ActivInspire Opening Results Browser

Exporting Results for Votes/Expressions

Result Browser Options

After using the response system, open the browser and select the “Voting Browser.”

At the bottom of the browser, click the “+” next to “Results Browser.”

Select a specific question in the results browser and click on the menu icon in the upper right corner. This will give you options to view the results chart again, go to that question page, or delete the results.

Exporting Results To export the results for all the questions in the flipchart, click on the “Export” button located below the list of questions. It will export to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Saving Results

Browse to where you want to save the Excel file, name it, and save. The spreadsheet will open automatically. If you have more than one class, be specific when naming your file. Using the Data Title Title Title Title

If you used a flipchart that had questions created in advance, the Excel spreadsheet will tell you how many questions were asked, list the actual question, show what each individual answered for each question, and give you the percentage that each student received. This percentage can then be added into your gradebook, provided it meets the requirements established by your district for grading purposes.

At the bottom of the spreadsheet, notice that you have multiple tabs to change the way you view the data. Choose to view by summary, question, student, or view the question page.

ActivInspire Object Toolbar

Working with Objects Marquee Handles

- move object around the page

Title Title Title

- rotate object - open Object Edit Menu…see below - make objects translucent - group objects to move, copy, resize - move objects forward on layer

Use the marquee handles to resize your object. The circle with the line through it (usually in the lower right-hand corner) will maintain the aspect ratio. The others can distort the picture if you are not careful.

Nudging Object

- move objects back on layer - duplicate object - increase object size - decrease object size - deform the object’s shape


Use the translucency slider to adjust the object so you are able to see things behind it. The more you slide to the left, the more translucent the object becomes.

Selecting Multiple Objects

To move the object slightly click on the object to display the marquee handles. With the marquee handles showing you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the object a little at a time.

Object Edit Menu Title Title open the browser windows for many more options Title drag points from your object to change the shape’s appearance make your object an action object… click on the object to open a file change the appearance or alignment of the object move the object forward or back on the current layer or change layers

To select multiple objects, drag the highlighting canvas to cover or part cover the objects you wish to manipulate. You can then move, resize, or copy the entire selection.

lock object on the page so it cannot be moved when in presentation mode

Note that all you need to do is touch part of an object with the canvas to include it in the selection.

object is an endless supply… click and drag copies from the object


Creating Containers

Preparing for Containers Before adding properties to all the objects, create the page the way you would like it to appear. You will need to create containers (shapes or pictures are 2 options) and the objects you wish to contain. Make sure you have locked your containers so that they will not move when the students are dragging the objects to them. An example is shown to the left. I have created 2 containers, one for even numbers and one for odd. I then created 10 “objects” representing both even and odd numbers. Objects can be pictures or text. You can choose to create you containers by either specific objects or keywords.

Creating a Container for Specific Objects

***This will need to be done for each container*** Step 1: Open the Property Browser Step 2: Select the object you will use as a container Step 3: Expand the Container tab in the Property Browser Step 4: Click “Can Contain” and select “Specific Object” Step 5: Click on the “Contain Object” browse box ***Save often***

Step 8: In order to have objects returned if they are placed in the wrong container, individually click all the objects that will be contained. In the Container tab select True in the “Return if not Contained” section.

Step 6: Select the object you wish to contain...use the preview window to confirm your choice. Step 7: Click “OK” ***Repeat for each object you wish to contain in that container.***

Creating a Container for Keywords Title Title

***This will need to be done for each container*** Step 1: Open the Property Browser Step 2: Select the object you will use as a container Step 3: Expand the Container tab in the Property Browser Step 4: Click “Can Contain” and select “Keywords” Step 5: Click on the “Contain Words” browse box ***Save often*** Step 6: Click “Add” Step 7: Type in the keyword you want associated with containing Step 8: Click “OK”

Title Title

***This will need to be done for each object*** Step 9: Select the object you wish to identify Step 10: In the Property Browser select the Identification tab Step 11: Click on the “Keywords” browse box Step 12: Click “Add” Step 13: Type in the keyword you want associated with that object Step 14: Click “OK” Step 15: In order to have objects returned if they are placed in the wrong container, individually click all the objects that will be contained. In the Container tab select True in the “Return if not Contained” section.

ActivInspire Top Layer

Layers Object Browser Middle Layer Title

Title Title

The top layer, by default, stores all annotations. They will appear on top of any other objects on the page. This allows you to write over an image or shape.

The middle layer, by default, stores all objects. They will appear below anything on the top layer, such as annotations, and on top of anything located on the bottom or background layers.

An annotation is anything that is written or drawn. The following , by default, show up as annotations... • pen • highlighter • eraser

The following show up as objects, by default, on the middle layer... • images • text • connectors • shapes and lines

Bottom Layer The bottom layer is by default left empty. You must move objects to the bottom layer. You can use this layer to hide objects behind things in the middle layer. It is another organizational option for you.

Background Layer

The background layer is always located below all other items. Backgrounds can be images, grids, or color. Some examples are shown above. Any object can be moved to the background layer. Anything on the background layer is automatically locked. It cannot be moved, even if you are in design mode.

Reorder/Changing Layers Option 2 Another way for you to change the layer or level an object appears is to right-click on the object. From the menu, select “Reorder”. You will have options to send the object forward or backward on the current layer, bring to front or send to back of the current layer, or move to a different layer entirely.

Object Browser Title The object browser is a great

tool to use when reordering or changing layers of objects. Click on an object on the page or in the browser. You can then move an object by clicking on the object name in the browser and dragging it to the place you would like it to rest. You can choose to move it forward or backward on its existing layer or change layers entirely. You can also hide objects and lock them in this browser.

Clear Tool

Use the clear tool in the main toolbox to clear annotations, objects, the grid, the background, or the entire page.

AverMedia Document Camera

Connecting to the Computer

1. You will need 3 items from the box: a. Power Supply Cord (some have 2 pieces) b. Gray USB Cord c. AverVision 3 Software CD 2. Plug the document camera in using the power supply cord. 3. Connect the camera to the computer using the gray USB cord. 4. Install software – unless you have Windows 7

Connecting to the Compuer Using the Document Camera Using the Document Camera with Promethean ActivInspire

Using the Document Camera When you want to simply show something under the document camera, you will need to follow these few steps: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Turn your document camera on Double click the AverVision3 icon Maximize your screen to enlarge the image Click the yellow arrow on top left to hide Aver tools

NOTE: If you have Windows 7, you already have AverVision 3 installed on your computer. a. Go to Start ProgramsAverVision3. b. You can right click the program and Send toDesktop

NOTE: Often there is a very slight delay between the time you change something under the camera and when it happens with the software.


To Exit, press ESC.

Using your Document Camera with Promethean ActivInspire 1. Open ActivInspire.

4. Open AverVision3.

2. Choose the select tool

3. Select Annotate Over the Desktop from the main tool bar. How to use your tools

A few helpful tips

1. You can now use your Promethean tools over what is under your camera. 2. You can change tools, colors, etc. You can do almost anything you can in a flipchart. 3. If you would like a clean page, simply use the next arrow to get a fresh page.

1. It is best to think of Annotate as a transparency over your computer screen. As you move to a next page, it is like changing to a blank transparency or turning the roll of transparency film. 2. You can Annotate over anything on your computer! • Word Documents • PowerPoints • Internet Explorer • If it opens on your computer, most likely you can Annotate over it! 3. Your select tool will act as your mouse. Use it when you would typically be clicking your mouse.

Importing PDF Documents Import PDF

Import Options

Importing your PDF documents into ActivInspire will allow you to add annotations that will move with the document as you scroll.


After you have chosen the PDF file to import, the “Import Options” box will appear. You can choose to import the entire PDF file or only certain pages of the file. Each page of the PDF will be a new Flipchart page. To import a PDF document, click File, Import, and then PDF. Locking the PDF Tit

You can also choose to put the PDF in a new Flipchart or at the beginning or end of the Flipchart you currently have open. Title Changing the View Title

Right click on the PDF and choose Locked to secure the document on the page. If your PDF document contains more than one page, you will need to lock each page.

The default view is for the entire PDF to be visible on the screen. To make the picture larger, click on the “Scale” options in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and choose Fit to Width. Move the “Main Toolbox” a little to the left and use the scroll bar on the right side of the screen to move down the document.

ActivInspire What are Resource Packs? Resource packs are sets of clip art, photos, videos, and tools that can be used to create flipcharts in ActivInspire. Where should I begin? Many great resource packs are available for free from Promethean We suggest that you begin by downloading and installing the “Subjects” resource pack which provides a variety of basic clip art, backgrounds and images you’ll use as you create your own flipcharts. Directions for downloading this first resource pack can be found in the column to the right. Searching for Resource Packs Once you’ve installed the “Subjects” resource pack, you may want to browse Promethean Planet’s comprehensive list of resource packs to find just the right resource pack to meet your needs. To browse resource packs: 1. Visit: 2. On the right hand side “Sign In” or “Register” to create a free Promethean Planet account if you don’t already have one 3. Hover over “Resources” in the main menu bar 4. Click “Resource Pack” from the drop down menu 5. Use the tools on the left to filter , sort and search for resource packs using key words 6. Click on a resource pack title to view it’s description I Found a Great Resource Pack…Now What? 1. Follow steps 1-6 above to find a resource pack you’re interested in installing 2. Click “download” from the right hand side of the page 3. Click “Open” – Your resource pack will begin downloading automatically 4. Once the download finishes, ActivInspire will automatically open (so be sure it’s been installed) and will ask you to choose the import location 5. Choose “My Resources” (this will make it a bit easier for you to find the resource pack later)

Resource Packs

Finding Downloading Installing

Need the “Subjects” Resource Pack? Start Here! 1. If ActivInspire is not already installed on your computer, follow the steps for downloading and installing ActivInspire 2. Visit: and “Log In” to Promethean Planet or “Register” for a free account 3. Click the ActivInspire Resource Pack - USA MIRROR link as highlighted below:

Note: Internet Explorer - You may have to click the yellow “Caution Bar” that appears at the top of your browser window and select “Download File” from the dropdown menu. 4. Choose “Open” when the dialogue box opens and asks you, “Do you want to open or save this file?” 5. Once the file has been downloaded, ActivInspire will open automatically and you will be asked to choose the import location. We recommend you choose “Shared Resources.” 6. The “Subjects” resource pack will then be imported and indexed for use in ActivInspire. This may take a few minutes. with Coordinates Using Resources To find and use your resources: 1. Open a new flipchart 2. Open the Browser Bar (Control + B) 3. Click on the resource browser 4. Find the resource you’d like to insert into your flipchart 5. Drag the resource onto your page See “ActivInspire Resource Browser” Cheatsheet for more information.

ActivInspire Downloading ActivInspire 1. In your web browser, visit: 2. Select a language 3. In the right hand corner “Log In” or “Register” to create a free Promethean Planet account if you don’t already have one 4. After logging in, scroll down and click the “Download Version 1.4” icon

Downloading Getting Started Checking for Updates Learn More

I’ve got it all installed…now what? Once you’ve clicked “Finish” in the Installshield Wizard the ActivInspire icon will appear on your desktop. Click on the icon to open the program and enter your user information: Name: Your School’s Name Organization: LCISD Serial Number: Contact your CITS for LCISD’s Serial Number Accept the user agreement and click “OK” Choose “ActivStudio” when given the option. ActivInspire’s dashboard will open, and you’ll be all set to create your first flipchart.

5. Check the system requirements and choose your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) then click the corresponding “Download Version 1.4” icon 6. Fully complete the user survey, and click “Submit Form” 7. Your download should start automatically Note: Internet Explorer - You may have to click the yellow “Caution Bar” that appears at the top of your browser window and select “Download File” from the dropdown menu. 8. Minimize your browser window 9. Choose “Run” when the dialogue box opens and asks you, “Do you want to run or save this file?” 10. ActivInspire will begin to download. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, this may take a while 11. After the program has been completely downloaded, the Installshield Wizard will open and the installation process will automatically begin. 12. Follow the Installshield Wizard directions to install ActivInspire (This involves clicking “next” quite a bit!) Note: Be sure to accept the terms of the license agreement, otherwise the installation process will be aborted.

Checking for Updates ActivInspire is a very organic piece of software that is constantly being updated with wonderful new tools and functions. To be sure you have the very latest version: 1. Open ActivInspire 2. Click “Help” on the menubar 3. Click “Check for updates…” If updates exist 4. Click “OK” to download updates 5. Click “Run” 6. Close ActivInspire once the download begins 7. Click “Run” again when it appears in a second dialogue box 8. Follow the instructions in the Installshield Wizard to complete the update Learning More Video Tutorials, free online courses, and tips for best instructional practice are all available under Promethean Planet’s Professional Development tab. To enroll in an online, self paced introduction to ActivInspire visit:


Promethean Planet

Registering and Logging In To access Promethean Planet, select it from the dashboard or go to

Fill in the required fields and follow onscreen instructions. Pay attention to the bottom on whether you want emails, etc. from the company.

If you have not registered yet, click on the “Register” link located on the left-hand side of the screen.

If it prompts you, login to the site to begin using all of its resources. Remember your Planet ID and Password for later visits.

Searching for Resources

Once logged in, select the Resources link. This will begin your search. Choose to search by Keywords(1), Subject Area(2), Grade Level(3), all 3, or any combination of the 3. Choose whether you are searching for Lessons (Flipcharts), Resource Packs (pictures, tools, etc. used to create flipcharts), or weblinks(4). Finally, click Search(5)

Results Screen Title Title

If searching for flipcharts, your results screen will let you take a brief look at the flipcharts that matched your search. By scrolling over one of the flipchart icons a pop-up screen will appear. This screen gives you some valuable information about the flipchart…title, level, date submitted, number of times it was downloaded, and a brief description. The date submitted and number of downloads can be very beneficial to see what other teachers before you thought of it. Click on the icon to take you to a viewing/downloading screen.

Viewing and Downloading Title Title

This screen has a larger preview screen that lets you view all the flipchart pages. There is also valuable lesson information provided on the right side, including views and downloads. A flipchart viewer is provided for you to download. This can be used if you are on a computer that does not have ActivInspire software installed and you would like to view full screen. Click and follow directions. When you find a flipchart you want to download and use click Download Flipchart and follow the on-screen instructions.


A collection of cheatsheets for the activ suite of tools

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