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Course Information Educating Health and Fitness Professionals

LifeCare Health is a Complementary Health, Sports Injuries Clinic and private Training Centre that offers a dedicated, professional and inclusive solution in areas of clinical treatment, rehabilitation, fitness, well-being and education.

Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine / Exercise classes / Functional Therapy & Training Homeopathy / Massage / Osteopathy / Personal Training / Physiotherapy Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity / Exercise Referral / First Aid Injury Management / Nutrition and Weight Management Pain Management / Pre and Post Natal exercise Refresher Workshops / Stress Management / Sports Massage Therapy

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Why choose LifeCare Health Training? Whether you are looking to begin a new career or keep up to date with the latest ideas and practices within this exciting and evolving industry, we have something for you. We offer the latest ActiveIQ qualifications, Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses and informal workshops, expanding your skills base, supporting you in learning new skills, increasing your earning potential, building your confidence that is so essential for success and bridging your transition into new avenues of this most rewarding profession with refresher workshops and business development support. Our qualified, highly professional and experienced Lecturers specialise in teaching small groups and private tuition. With their extensive industry knowledge they can also provide you with ongoing support in areas such as patient/client management, developing a client base or setting up your business.

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Fitness Instruction and Personal Training This is such a fantastic time to be entering the Health and Fitness Industry; with the push for everyone to take up regular exercise to improve their general health and address so many common health concerns, there is great demand for professional, passionate and dedicated Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers. If you want to inspire, motivate and facilitate positive changes in people’s lives, then being a Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer is how to achieve it.

AIQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction

AIQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

This course will enable you to confidently and competently prescribe, plan and deliver safe and effective exercise programmes within a gym or health club environment; take members of the public through gym inductions, encourage them to partake in regular exercise, evaluate their health and lifestyle to design suitable exercise programmes and use motivational strategies to keep people active and enjoying exercise.

If you are thinking of progressing your career in the fitness industry, becoming self-employed or running your own personal training business, then this course has everything you need. Develop your skills in a variety of training methods, manage and adapt personal training programmes, perform health and fitness appraisals, postural assessments and provide nutritional advice for health and performance.

Credit value 24 points Price ÂŁ899

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Credit value 36 points Price ÂŁ1990

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Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity Level 3 (5 days)

Award in Designing Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programmes Level 3 (1 day)

During this 5 day course, we discuss the principles of nutrition, how the foods we eat are used by the body for energy and growth and repair. We look at the key guidelines regarding what we should eat and how marketing influences our nutritional choices. We discuss the implications of diet related health issues, look at weight management, exercise and sports nutrition, the use of food diaries and how to collect and analyse information and data so you can design, implement and monitor realistic nutritional programmes for your clients.

This is an ideal course if you are looking to further your career in the health and fitness industry as a specialist instructor who can address the needs of pre or post natal clients. Learn about the benefits of remaining active and fit throughout pregnancy. Discuss the adaptations and changes taking place bio-mechanically and within the body’s systems through the differing stages of pregnancy and the implications of these when exercising. Be aware of the precautions and contraindications for exercising during pregnancy and learn to design individualised exercise programmes that will be safe and effective.

Credit value 6 points Entry requirements Level 2 qualification in fitness instruction. Price £420 with a deposit of £120 payable at the time of booking.

Credit value 5 points Entry requirements Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (Gym/Exercise to Music or Aqua) or Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training or equivalent. Price £122

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Bitesize Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation Workshops (1 day)

Exercise Referral Level 3 (3 days)

Take a detailed look at the structure, function, common injuries, assessment / testing procedures and methods of rehabilitation at different joints of the body. Each Bitesize workshop covers a specific joint area and blends theoretical study and practical application of techniques. After reviewing the basic anatomy, discuss how the joint is supported, how movement is generated by the muscles, the common injuries experienced by these structures and what can cause these. You will then have the opportunity to spend time reviewing and practicing assessment procedures, discussing case studies and designing and implementing a variety of progressive rehabilitation programmes that can include treatments, lifestyle advice and exercises. Become confident in your abilities, brush up on your knowledge and keep up with the latest industry practices for clinical assessment and rehabilitation.

Expand your client base, open new avenues of business with referrals from Primary Health Care Professionals and boost your earning potential. This course will give you realistic and practical skills for delivering advice, lifestyle coaching and exercise for a range of health conditions. With this qualification you will be able to receive direct referrals from GPs and Practice Nurses looking to provide patients with supervised exercise and join or create a referral scheme in your area.

Price ÂŁ120 (per workshop)

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Credit value 30 points Entry requirements Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (Gym/ Exercise to Music or Aqua) or Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training or equivalent Price ÂŁ310 with a deposit of ÂŁ90 payable at the time of booking.

01373 474509

Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy Level 3 Learn how to assess posture, movement and perform a range of massage techniques and stretches. Recognise the signs and symptoms of many common injuries and conditions, design and implement treatment and rehabilitation programmes. Gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to immediately apply for work, begin self-employment or integrate these skills into your current occupation. This qualification will provide many healthcare professionals including fitness instructor, personal trainer, sports coach, chiropractic or osteopathy practitioner a valuable new way to approach training or treatment sessions.

Price 9 ½ weeks (3 days a week) £3200.00 (includes free starter pack and emergency first aid qualification) 5 month home study with 2 live weekends per month £1420.00

Credit value 30 points Entry requirements There are no entry requirements, but please check our website for course fee adjustments if you are already qualified in fitness or personal training. We also offer 2 styles of the same course to accommodate your lifestyle and occupational commitments.

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HSE Approved Emergency First Aid

1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work

2 Day First Aid at Work Re-Qualification

This course provides companies or individuals theoretical and practical training in the key skills for dealing with emergency situations.

Re-qualification (for designated First Aiders) and Refresher updates (recommended) will include any updates or changes to relevant first-aid procedures.

Price £60 per person

Price £110 per person Half day annual refresher updates - £40 per person

3 Day First Aid at Work Ideal for those working in an establishment as a designated First Aider. This course builds on the key skills from the 1 day course, expanding theoretical knowledge and practical application. Price £160 per person

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Basic Life Savers course half day Perfect for those who would like to learn basic life saving skills for work, leisure pursuits or for the home. Price £40 per person

01373 474509

Injury Management Workshop

Musculo-Skeletal Refresher Workshop

If an injury has occurred, be confident in recognising the symptoms that tell you what structures have been damaged and how severely. Being able to determine if a person should stop or adapt their activity or are safe to continue without further risk of injury is an essential skill for anyone who coaches sport or trains people in fitness and exercise, as is knowing what to do if an injury has happened; making the right decisions to support the body’s natural repair, speed the recovery process and reduce any potential long term impact of an injury.

Begin by reviewing the basics of major muscle locations and actions, then expand on this, looking at the inter-relationship of the muscles, fascia, joints, neural control, adaptation and habitual movement patterns. Discuss the effects these relationships have on movement, performance and rehabilitation. See things differently. Bring your knowledge, your ideas and explore the concepts of how muscles really work so you can approach sport, training, treatments and rehabilitation in a new and integrated way.

Who is this workshop for? Anyone who has a personal or occupational interest in the effective management of injuries. Health and fitness professionals including coaches, fitness instructors and personal trainers.

Who is this workshop for? Anyone with a personal or occupational interest in learning more about how muscles really function. Health and fitness professionals including coaches, fitness instructors, personal trainers, sports & massage therapists, osteopaths and Physiotherapists.

Price ÂŁ120

Price ÂŁ120

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Nutrition and Weight Management Workshop

Pain Management & Rehabilitation Workshop

This eye opening workshop will provide you with easy to understand information about the mysterious and complicated world of nutrition. Learn about healthy eating and successful weight management instead of the ‘media sales pitch’.

This workshop explores how and why we experience pain so we can learn how to support the body in what it’s trying to achieve, reduce movements and tasks that aggravate or worsen any condition present, relieve pain where possible or look at adaptations to lifestyle and activities that will reduce the impact pain is having on someone’s quality of life. Learn how to manage pain or be confident in advising others on what they can realistically achieve.

Get the facts! Look at what’s really in your foods and how the body uses what we eat. Be able to analyse whether you are eating too little, too much or just the wrong things for you using a simple food diary, and design an effective healthy eating plan that will give you realistic and lasting results. Who is this workshop for? Anyone who has a personal or occupational interest in learning about safe, successful weight management. Health and fitness professionals including coaches, fitness instructors and personal trainers. Price £120

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Who is this workshop for? Anyone who suffers from chronic pain or has a personal or occupational interest in the effective management of pain. Health and fitness professionals including coaches, fitness instructors, personal trainers, sports & massage therapists, osteopaths, nurses, GP’s and Physiotherapists. Price £120

01373 474509

Stress Management Workshop

Stress has become such a commonly used word, many of us overlook its implications. We ignore its warning signs such as regular headaches, raised blood pressure and poor sleep quality, often taking medications to control these symptoms. Everyone can cope with varying degrees of stress, but not when our coping mechanisms are compromised or if we experience sudden changes to our health or lifestyle. This workshop aims to help you to understand this primitive defense mechanism, identify personal stressors and develop effective coping mechanisms so you can prevent stress being a dominating feature of your or someone else’s life.

Who is this workshop for? Anyone who suffers from the detrimental effects of stress, regardless of its cause. Businesses looking to improve the health, well-being and productivity of their employees. Health and fitness professionals including coaches, fitness instructors, personal trainers and therapists. Price ÂŁ120

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Further course information and bookings For course dates, special offers and a detailed description of the content of our courses, visit our website For further information or bookings, please contact us at or 01373 474509 Do you need accommodation while on a course? We can help you arrange this with our local, low cost guest houses.

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