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Have you ever done a California unclaimed money search? If you have ever lived or done business in California, or had relatives who stayed in the state, you could be the owner of a share of the billions of dollars that are presently lying in the treasury of California State. Many people have surprised themselves by just conducting a California missing money search and finding thousands of dollars that they did not know belonged to them. If you're wondering how such a thing can be possible, try conducting a CA unclaimed money search for any funds lying in the name of your lost relatives, or your maiden name or even your current name. You may be surprised to find out that a CA unclaimed money search can lead you to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars of hard-earned money that belongs to you in the form of non refunded utility deposits, dormant bank accounts or old investment dividends, just to mention a few. A California unclaimed money search can help you find out if any money earned by you, gifted or willed to you, has not yet reached you. It has come to light that the authorities of California state did very little to contact the rightful owners. Moreover, certain bills enabled the state to compensate budgetary deficits by using these funds. The problem was compounded by loopholes in state laws and red-tapism. There was no awareness or means to enable Californians to conduct a California unclaimed money search. New reforms passed in the year 2007 by the current California State Controller, John Chiang, not only saw lakhs of owners being intimated about their belongings, but also provided a way to conduct a CA unclaimed money search via the controller's website. Manifold efforts are being made to connect millions of Californians with their long-lost property. Efforts are also being made to extend the escheat law for safe deposit boxes and bank accounts from the existing three years to five years. State of CA unclaimed money search has been boosted up, as access to the state database has been allowed. Owners of the billions of dollars lying in the state treasury can now conduct a California unclaimed money search and get back their suspended property. Helping your Californian friends to conduct a CA unclaimed money search could also win you some appreciation.

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==== ==== Do you have unclaimed Money and live in California: CLICK HERE! ==== ====

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