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 The Boardies oardies put their heart up for LCI  We were many hearts one spirit at the LCI in Lusaka, putting our heart up exploring Zambia  Put Your Heart Up for Travel  Put Your Heart Up for Challenges Ch  Country News

Finding An Agent That’s Right For You LC Lithuania, LC Switzerland & LC Belgium “Put their Heart Up” hosting osting an International Board Meeting eting

The Boardies oardies put their heart up for LCI

The Board wants to thank them upfront for all their efforts in keeping the costs as low as possible to help LCI Finance

October 2013 Edition

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Dates & places BM2

14-17 November 2013

Vilnius, Lithuania


20-23 March 2014

Zurich, Switzerland


18-22 June 2014

Durbuy, Belgium


25-27 August 2014

Vilnius, Lithuania

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LCI News

MTM 2014

I am so proud to circulate our first Newsletter of this LCI year, not only with news from the Board, oard, but also some input of the countries. We do hope that it will reach all the Ladies over the world, showing we Put Our Heart Up for LCI, sharing information in the spirit of Friendship and Service!

LCI Vilnius Country News

Put Your Heart Up !

It’s almost 2 months since I stepped in as LCI President, but exploring Zambia seems like yesterday. Memories of a lifetime thanks to you all: the conference nce team, the councillors, the Boardies, oardies, you Ladies and Friends! I am very grateful for the support you have given me and all the messages I received, showing you are with me to ‘Put Your Heart Up’ for LCI in many possible ways. A lot of ideas have been shared at the ICM and I am very happy that so many Ladies worldwide are ready for a new challenging year:

Cindy Kempeneers LCI President

Keep on Putting Your Heart Up, travelling, recruiting, helping, fundraising and above all enjoying circling!

Put Your Heart Up for travelling and visit each other to stay connected and share ideas, not only within Ladies’ Circle, but also walking Side by Side with other local, national or international service clubs. Put Your Heart Up for recruitment, recruitment which is crucial to guarantee our future. Tell people we are a special and unique international organization,, working together in friendship for service. Put Your Heart Up for people in need, need giving them some of our time and give them a little happiness. Put Your Heart Up for ‘Children of the Dump’ and donate some of your local and national charity fund to the ISP. I The children in Cambodia need our help!

These are my main ideas behind my logo and motto, which will hopefully inspire you for this LCI year and I am sure we are all ready to learn from each other and to broaden our Ladies’ Ladies Circle experience under this year’s motto. These 2 months, the international Board has been working a lot behind the scenes: mailing, calling, skyping with each other, sharing our thoughts thought and feelings and working out ideas as a group. Each and every one ‘Puts Her Heart Up’ in her own expertise and makes us one. I am so lucky to have wonderful Ladies like Gitte, Leontien, Chantess, Mariame and Anne standing beside me, I cannot thank them enough for being so focussed in doing the best for LCI. Go through the Newsletter and read more about their activities and experiences and get to know them as very talented people. I am very much looking forward meeting them in real-life real again at our next Board Meeting, which will be held in Vilnius, where we will visit the locations of the next LCI – Amber Ladies. So, in the next Newsletter, you will be updated on the upcoming wonderful experience that’s waiting for you in Vilnius ! Keep on Putting Your Heart art Up, travelling, recruiting, helping, fundraising and above all enjoying circling! Big hugs and hope to meet you somewhere, somehow in 2013-2014. Cindy

“Challenge: keep on posting but this time; add how you Put Your Heart Up for Circle.”

The Boardies Boardies put their heart up for LCI

What an amazing and special time to have been voted in as the new LCI VP on home ground soil, Zambia. A huge thank you to the awesome L Ladies of Zambia ambia for their hospitality, warmth and for arranging an unforgettable LCI conference! Loved every moment!

First I would like to express my deep admiration to all the Ladies adies of LC Zambia who has worked so hard for us to ensure we all had a wonderful LCI conference – and I think that I can talk for all of us - we did have a great time in Zambia. Thank you LC Zambia and thank you to the conference committee! I am proud to say I know these Ladies! adies! And I would love to come back to explore more of Zambia. I am also proud to see the great results of our ISP 20011/2013 Viva Con Agua – Many thanks for all your support and again very well done LC Germany for all your hard work. work

My first Board Meeting eeting left me inspired as the previous Board oard made us newbies feel so welcome. Unfortunately we couldn’t meet Anne but skype and ma mails ils definitely sorted that out. Upon our return back home, we hit the road running with clear goals and vision. As I had only met a few lovely VP’s at the LCI conference, I wasted no time in asking for their Intro letters to get to know the councillors on a more personal level. However, I would love to hear all about the wonderful adventures you Ladies are taking part in and get to know you too.

This LCI year my job is to take care of travel funds and extensions - and of course to help Cindy and her Board oard where ever I can 

Chantess Wiggill LCI Vice President

Charter letters have been sent to new Circles ircles which is always a special moment within Ladies Ladies’ Circle. Not only are we growing in our amazing organization but we are welcoming new friends that will remain with us for a lifetime. So Ladies, PLEASE let us know of ANY charters coming up, special events or anniversaries so we can acknowledge our strength and growth wit within our organization and support each other. It’s always great to hear from friends across the globe! Collecting information for our first newsletter for the events past and future future, had me excited for what lay ahead for Circle. I encourage each country to add their articles to the newsletters as we all know what is happening in your part of the world. The motto for 2013 2013-2014 2014 is “Put Your Heart Up” where each one of us can impact the th world from the smallest to the grandest gestures by giving a little love, care, sympathy, friendship, warmth and comfort. It encourages us to travel and visit one another when the opportunities arise, locally, nationally and internationally. You will mee meet amazing woman with the same goals and dreams as we love to have fun, laughter and friendship. But what makes me so excited about Cindy’s logo and motto, is the challenge to all the countries...... Facebook is still one of the fastest growing visual media’s to date that we can still have the largest impact on, so let’s us use it........ To gain more interest: • Join the LCI FB page • Find each countries national page and join • Find all the local clubs pages and join • Find that Circler ircler that you got on well with at the last meeting, conference or event and add her • Challenge: keep on posting but this time; add how you are Putting Your Heart Up for Circle. Can be fun photos, travel photos or even a picture that will motivate and inspire..... anything! Herewith a photo of my own club where we donated various items to a home but took along a few teddy bears to add. It gained interest on FB with one or two outsiders but the questions were there. Last but not least, keep posting on the website as it encourages other Circles with ideas and it’s the best platform to share information. Who can post on our website and FB the most? In closing, losing, I have had a fantastic time in the first month aand looking forward to the next Board Meeting M in Vilnius. Thank you to the Lithuanian ladies in advance, for Putting Your Heart Up!

Remember to always have fun! Chantess

For those of you who were not present in Zambia – I can inform you that LC Luxembourg, LC Madagascar and LC Nepal all became full member countries and that LC Switzerland and LC Tanzania were accepted as associated member countries. Congratulations to you all.

On its way: We also have Uganda who almost managed to be ready for the application for associated member this year – in Lusaka. LC Zambia said yes to be b their godmother. I wish Uganda and LC Zambia good luck this year preparing Uganda to be member of your family

Please take good care of our new members in our family fami and support these wonderful Ladies and I am sure they are looking forward to welcoming all of us to the charter, so please book the date for these happy events!

Ukraine is also working on being a member of our family – LC Denmark is their godmother and they are going to visit them in this LCI year – good luck to Ukraine and LC Denmark.

The charter of Switzerland will take place in Zürich third weekend of March 2014! The dates for LC Tanzania are on its way.

Extra support needed: We are all looking for new members but we also have some very small countries struggling with membership – and last LCI year we the LCI Board thought that we had to close down LC Poland but Magdalena na really fight for her and LC Poland´s membership and they are now 16 wonderful Ladies. L I wish LC Poland all the best and lets us all do what we can to help each other – Put your heart up for our sister clubs/countries.

Please keep you updated on our website for more details. New request: Something funny happened for me on my way to Zambia in August. I had to shift flights in Dubai and stayed there overnight – at the same time I got an ee mail in my inbox – I want to join LCI, my mom was a part of it back in the 90´s – this e-mail e was from Diana . Diana and I have been emailing ever since and I am more than happy to say thatt she really wants to start LC in Dubai – so if you know anyone living in Dubai which could be interested please write me an e e-mail

Extension definitely is an area where w the 2013/2014 motto is important: Put your heart up, so Ladies, adies, support each other and forward potential members to Ladies’ Circle all around the world!

Gitte Hoyer LCI IPP I am very proud to see the t great results of our ISP 2011/2013 Viva Con Agua

Congratulations to our new Full Member Countries:  LC Luxembourg  LC Madagascar  LC Nepal

Welcome to our new Associate Member ember Countries  LC Switzerland  LC Tanzania

Yours in Friendship & Service Gitte

The LCI Board

On its way: Uganda & Ukraine

Thank you for letting us Explore !

Autumn Autumn...

You really PUT MY HEART UP!

In Finland the summer has turned into

The best thing in autumn is the beginning LC-season. LC season. This season

autumn and you can already sense a

begun with the flood of congratulations from Zambia, you had

glimpse of winter in the air. I like the

chosen me to become the LCI Weblady. eblady. Thank you sisters for your

sound of autumn rain on the roof, the

trust. Thanks for greetings, congratulations and lovely presents that I

autumn sun, the leafs that tha turn into yellow

got from all over the world. You really PUT MY HEART UP!

 Updated the LCI Board Contact Details

and orange and the white frost on the lawn

The LCI web pages are in need of a big renovation. Unfortunately,

 Updated all the mail addresses from the councillors (hopefully no more

after the first cold night. One great thing in

this his is something I wasn´t prepared for. I don´t have the right skills

autumn are the swamps. In Finland forests

and time to learn those. Therefore I have come to a conclusion conclusion to

are clean and our ”everyman’s “right -law”

step out from the LCI Board.

gives the right to walk in the forest and

I wish good luck to the LCI Board!

pick berries and swamps swa to everyone in


What have I done myself the last two months since the Conference…………  Replying to all your mails  Updated the directory  Updated the LCI Board introduction

changes……… )  And of course sending you mails ils with reminders and deadlines.

Leontien Van Rooyen LCI Secretary The first newsletter of this new Ladies’ Circle International Year. After a magnificent Conference in Zambia where we explored the Zambian Hospitality. Thank you Ladies for letting us explore !!! Our first Board Meeting was very good and interesting. We gave each other a short introduction and Cindy explained her goals for this year. Unfortunately our weblady Anne was not attending this meeting so Board Meeting 2 will be even better. We spoke for example about how we can all “put our heart up” this year for LCI. Cindy asked during the ICM to have input for all newsletters from different countries to make newsletters with a variety of articles. Please Ladies put your heart up and write about something special in your country. That could be a special event, anniversary, hug service project or anything you would like to share with your Ladies’ Circle friends…………

Like you know from last year I will be sending (many) mails with deadlines for several topics. Please Ladies help me and send the requested information on time.

practically everywhere. There are no

Dear Ladies,

private forests which could not enter.

As a consequence of Anne’s resignation,, the LCI Board has been looking for a solution to replace Anne.

The first deadlines are coming up already for the 31st of October O   The proposals for items to be discussed at the Mid Term Meetings should

At thee LCI AGM in Zambia, there were two nominees for the post of LCI Weblady, so the the first option in line, was to contact the second nominee Heidi Haarklou Johansen, from LC Norway, asking if she wanted to step in. She was very honoured and accepted the challenge challenge of updating and relooking the website, issuing the next Newsletters, sharing information on Facebook; in a nutshell, to serve you as the LCI Weblady.

be send tot the LCI Vice President and LCI Secretary  Capitation Fees to LCI must be paid  Circles wanting to avail themselves for the LCI Travel Fund to attend MTM should send their applications through the website one month prior to Board Meeting 2 (31st of October) Ladies keep in mind there is an early bird registration for the MTM in Pretoria till 31st of October and for Tartu till 26th of December 2013. 2013 I am looking forwar forwardd to work with you together and please do contact me if you have a question. The only way we can PUT OUR HEART UP IN FRIENDSHIP AND SERVICE is to work together and keep in contact. Wishing you a wonder full Circle year !! Warm greetings Leontien


Please join us in welcoming Heidi! Heidi

Anne Oksanen

ask the experts >>>

LCI Weblady

Q: We care about ourA: LCI website!


The Boardies oardies put their heart up for LCI ! You ou too ?


The treasurer puts her heart up for LCI First of all I would like to thank LC Zambia for the fantastic work rk organizing this great and truly unforgettable LCI conference 2013 in Lusaka. I am so happy I have explored Zambia with you! My heart will always be full of wonderful memories! Already six weeks since the great adventure started ! With the weeks that go by, I’m learning more and more every week to be a Board member of LCI. And it’s really GREAT! Thank hank you all for supporting my nomination and giving me the chance to live a LCI experience. FIRST BOARD MEETING 6 BOARDIES (5+1 on on skype) EAGER TO FACE THE YEAR AHEAD! I arrived at the first Board meeting a bit misty. I didn’t know anything (well almost) and didn’t really knew my new team members except for my fellow countrywoman and friend Cindy. But very quickly I started to feel at ease. Being greeted warmheartedly rmheartedly by the “old” Boardies ies they immediately made me feel at home. The presentations helped us to get to know each other a bit and the roles for the weeks to come where clearly explained and defined. The agenda was set ! The team was created and all of us were ready to put our heart up for the coming year. In short, let’s start to work ! LADIES ARE ALWAYS THERE TO LEND A HELPING HAND ! Shortly after my return from Zambia, I was already “en route” to the North to meet up with Nancy Kielman-Lafort, IPP PP LC Netherlands… and get back some of our luggage. If you go home with 10 kg of pins and your bags filled with presents and gifts you’ve got a problem ! And flying with excess luggage can be very very expensive ! Thanks again to Nancy for helping us out. t. You really put your heart up for saving money from the LCI account! 

Don’t hesitate to send your orders for additional pins. There are only a couple of hundred left, left so what are you waiting for? Put your heart up for Children of the Dump !

JOYFULL WEEK-END WEEK WITH JOYFULL JOY ! Then came the “handover” weekend with my predecessor Joy-Anne. Anne. I headed down south to Lyon, France, where she was waiting for me with her lovely family. It was a gastronomical weekend filled with sunshine and it was a very constructive moment together with a very good teacher. Spending the weekend with Joy allowed me to get completely (well almost) in control of all the nitty-gritty nitty details of our international accounts. Thanks again to Joy and her family for their warm welcome and availability and for putting their huge hearts up for me and in support of the new Board ! Finally after weeks of waiting and tons of paperwork, I finally got access to the bank accounts of LCI. Which was a good thing because being a treasurer tr without access to the bank accounts is like being a queen without a crown ;-) ; CAPITATION FEES FEES: APPROACHING FAST



So September was the preparation month of all the invoices for the capitation fee. fee Don’t forget to pay before the 31st of October by the latest !

BEAUTIFUL TRAVEL REPORTS, BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES, WELL WELLDESERVED TRAVEL GRANTS ! September was also the month for receiving dozens of travel reports of the AGM A in Zambia. What a pleasure to read all these adventurous stories, your exciting iting and happy memories, your feelings, funny stories and magnificent pictures. p A great thanks to you all for the time spent ! All this made me think again of the wonderful moments we shared together in Zambia, like many hearts put up in one unique spirit. The granted travel fund will be paid to the National Board’s account latest by the end of November for those Ladies that have sent us their report and travel expenses invoice on time.


All your donations either from individual individua Ladies, Circles or countries are more than welcome as from now ! Please share this information to as many Ladies as possible! Donations can be sent to: ISP Children of the Dump Svenska Handelsbanken Luxembourg BIC/IBAN: HANDLULB / LU842294224905100000

ALSO NATIONAL SHOP-LADY LADY IN MY SPARE TIME ;-) ; During the past weeks my life as a Lady wasn’t limited to the international Board oard only. I continued my work as National Shopkeeper for LC Belgium. And I can always count on my fellow Ladies from LC 26 Wavre to lend a helping hand in selling all the stuff. So in September eptember I participated at a national Board Meeting eeting and 3 Get Togethers, where of course I sold a lot of charity pins for our ISP Children of the Dump. Finally to all I’m very happy and proud to be your treasurer this year and thrilled to continue this wonderful derful adventure together with the fantastic Ladies of my Board and from all over the world.

Many hugs Mariame

DEADLINES, RULES, GUIDELINES AND YOUR TREASURER AT YOUR SERVICE Dear treasurers please pay close attention to the deadlines, rules and guidelines that are available on our website. Furthermore, I will always be at your disposal. You should never hesitate to contact me for any question, doubt, precision, or even to say Hi! ;-) I am looking forward to continue hearing from you! Finally to all I’m very happy and proud to be your treasurer

Ladies, “life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile”. And Put Your Heart Up for Friendship and Service!

We were many hearts one spirit at the LCI in Lusaka, putting our heart up exploring Zambia ! We asked the expert ert Pricilla Choonga, LCI 2013 CONVENOR >>> 54th LCI CONFERENCE 21st AUGUST AUGUST- 25th AUGUST 2013 Warm greetings from Ladies’ Circle Zambia as we share with you all events for the LCI 2013 Conference that was held in Lusaka Zambia. The Conference was characterised by Pretours to Livingstone as it proved to be the most popular destination. We had others making decisions as they heard stories from their friends about their wonderful experiences seeing The Mighty Victoria Falls. To kick of the event was the Councillors Dinner that was held at Eviv Evivaa Restaurant where Councillors interacted with each other and renewed friendships whilst others made new friends in this wonderful family of Ladies Ladies’ Circle. This was then followed by the Councillors Meeting that was held at Radisson Blu. The Opening Ceremony was held at the beautiful Anglican Cathedral of The Holy Cross. We had some great entertainment from Sonia, with awesome singing. Pictures tell a story and as such some pictures attached to do just that. Ladies’ Circle Belgium and Denmark upon arriving at The Cathedral. After the Official Opening Ceremony was to be the Welcome party that was held in the Gardens of The Taj Pamodzi Hotel. AT the party, the LCI Board had a picture with all LC countries and also with past LCI Officers. With regard to extension as we continue embarking on growth of our Association, we saw LC Switzerland being inducted as an associate member country. LC Tanzania was also welcomed into the Circle family. LC Madagascar, LC Nepal and LC Luxemburg became full member countries. It is not every ery day nor every LCI AGM that we get to welcome new countries taking steps towards full membership and as such this too was such a great honour.

Then came the main reason for the Conference ie The AGM itself. This was held at Mulungushi International Conference ference Centre. The Councillors walked into with the ‘we are family’ song. Indeed we are family. Then the grand entrance by the LCI Board with Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’. You needed to be their! Ladies it was great and had all the Ladies adies singing along. Amongst the Official Guests was actual Round Table International President Moffat Nyirenda speaking on behalf of RTI and Suzanne Noroger,, Tangent IRO. IRO Agora President Veerle made a donation of Euro 11.000 to go towards the LCI ISP. During the conference, we had two wo nominees for LCI VP ie Chantess Wiggill from LC South Africa and Ruth Rukarwa from LC Botswana. For LCI Weblady again two nominations were received from Anne Oksanen LC Finland and Heidi Haarklou, LC Norway. For Treasurer was only one nominee Mariame Hichaux.

LC Nepal won the Membership Trophy and Liliana, from LC Portugal the Hat contest.

And the Grand Finale the Gala DInner !

 Sharon on being received by PASTA’S.  Honor to all Presidents  Old & New LCI BOARD  Handing over of the Conference Ball to Lithuania  Party time !!!

Thank you all for making this such a memorable conference. See you all in Lithuania in 2014 Hi Ladies, I’m Margot from LC-Austria LC and in the last week of Augustt I attended the LCILCI Conference in Zambia. We had a lot of fun, met old and new friends for life and had always a smile on our faces! But the reason why I write to you: “II am the winner of the Tombola” Tombola YUUUHUUUU  So next August I’ll be part of LCI-2014 LCI in Lithuania and I’m really, really happy about this. I won: Free registration and free travel costs costs for the next AGM! That’s fantastic. You’re wondering how is this possible????? That’s simple: All you have to do is …  register for the next LCI AGM 2014 @ (registration is now open)  buy your tickets for the Tombola – before or at the Gala … and maybe you’re the next lucky Lady  Only at the international int LC-Events, with all the he Ladies from around the world, you can find the real spirit of LADIES’ CIRCLE – “FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP & SERVICE”” !!!! So “Put Put Your Heart Up” Up come to Vilnius and celebrate the Conference with our big LC-family, family, friends and of course MEEEEEEEEEE, MEEEEEEEEEE because we are “Many Hearts With One Spirit” Spirit See you all there ……. Margot

Margot Schwarz IPP LC-Austria Austria Tombola-winner winner

Celebrate next LCI Conference with MEEEEEE !!

With a little help from friends! In 2010 it was with sadness we had to close down LC Switzerland, but already in 2011 the sad feeling turned into a new beginning ing with a little help from LC Germany their godmother and RT Switzerland. We heard that there were Ladies adies interested in re re-starting LC Switzerland in Zürich – our contact Lady L Alexandra Schnack has with in the last three years done a great job - of course se with ups and downs - but she kept on working for the re-start start of LC Switzerland and she succeeded. We received the first protocol from their first meeting on the 5th of September 2011 and ever ssince we have received positive minutes there from. They are now 8 active and well-motivated motivated Ladies and they had charity events and meeting where they discussed Rules, Aims and Objective and many other interesting items. Latest Gitte had the honour to visit them in May 2013 to attend their annual yearly meeting meetin Side By Side with the RT Switzerland AGM. Welcome into our LC Family – we all look forward to visit and charter LC Switzerland in March 2014.

Congratulations & Welcome LC Switzerland! President’s pin

International Service Project ject 2011 - 2013 During the past 2 years LCI has transferred EUR 151.088 €€to Viva con Agua. They used the money for the construction of water supplies for more than n 13.000 people in Ethiopia !

After a visit to Germany in September 2012, Anthony Musani, brought the idea from Round Table to encourage his wife Julieth, to start a Ladies’ Ladies Circle in Tanzania. Being a true Circler Circler at heart, Julieth accepted the challenge and by November 2012, had been in contact cont with many interested Ladies adies to start the formation of Ladies’ Circle in Tanzania. To date, Ladies’ Circle Tanzania has 42 active members with Circles in Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Dodoma. Fantastic growth for a country that just started. These Ladies have been hard at work with another 20 members waiting to start in Namangaand and Rombo very soon! What an inspiration! Not only has Tanzania Ladies’ Circle adopted the motto of friendship and service but are working towards adding a positive change in the Tanzanian Tanzanian communities in health, education, poverty reduction and other social services. Unfortunately Julieth was unable to attend the LCI in Zambia due to medical reasons, however, Tanzania was voted in as an Associate Member Country at Saturday’s LCI AGM 2013. On Sunday we heard the surprising news that Sara Saul Mambosho arrived in Lusaka in replacement of Julieth. We were so happy to meet a Tanzanian Lady ! Girls, warm welcome to the Ladies’ Circle family where you will meet many friends and great special special memories that will be with you for a life time. Congratulations & Welcome LC Tanzania!

ISP “Children of the Dump”

As presented at the LCI Conference, this year’s pin is ‘Put Your Heart Up’.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of Ladies’ Ladies Circle, ircle, the children of Cambodja with the Belgian/Cambodian project NGO “Children of the dump” can soon profit from the support of Ladies’ Ladies Circle clubs all over the world.

This LCI’s year logo is a teddy bear wearing a pink T-shirt, irt, Putting its Heart Up for LCI in 2013-2014 2014 and representing love, care, sympathy, friendship, warmth, comfort. And that’s what LCI stands for.

View our video on YouTube! Start by clicking on this link to see the moving images that that were made to illustrate the relevance of our project. - Sometimes, images say more than a thousand words...

I would like to encourage you to ‘Put Your Heart Up’ and buy as much as possible pins. The price is 5 euros and a the surplus of the sales goes to our ISP Children of the Dump. A very small amount to help children in Cambodja getting away from the dumps and start a new life in good health and with education. I would also be honoured if you would wear the pin as muchh as possible: friends and people in the street might ask what it is all about and might be interested in joining our organisation. ‘Put Your Heart Up’ for ISP and at the same time talk about LCI and help recruiting - show you care for our social project and nd for the future of LCI ! Thank you ! Cindy, LCI President

Some background information: why "Children of the dump"? "Children of the dump" was founded in late 2004 by a group of Belgian travelers, shocked by the appalling circumstances in which hundreds of innocent children tried to survive on the landfill of Stung Meanchy, Cambodia. They got in touch with Mech Sokha, founder of the nearby Center for Children to Happiness (CCH), a home for orphans and children living on the enormous landfill ("Children of the dump"); Ever since, the funds raised by NGO "Children of the dump" are entirely deposited into the account of the CCH. Thanks to the support of NGO " Children of the dump", the center has been able to evolve from a primitive shelter into a real 'home' for already more than 150 children. It is the ambition of the CCH not only to give these children a decent dec meal and a safe place to sleep, but also to offer them the chance to go to school and study. A lot of these children are now graduated. One girl who was literally 'picked up' from the landfill at the age of 8, is now studying medicine at the University of Singapore, thanks to the support of CCH and NGO "Children of the dump". Read more on & Need more info, contact Eva Follet: What can NGO "Children of the dump" do with the support of LCI? Our support would enable the CCH to finalize a dedicated wing for teenagers. The new lodging is aimed at a project for supervised independent living, preparing them to make their way into society. In its turn, the new lodging will create the necessary capacity in the existing building to create a home for the growing number of younger children willing to leave their lives on the dump behind them.

Your support is needed! This project is worth your support! Together, we can reach out a helping hand to Mech Sokha and the "Children of the dump" on their road to happiness.

Putt Your Heart Up Foor Travel

Experience the travel and enjoy the fun, laughter, friendship, service and so much more. Put Your Heart Up and come together ! Big hug to all of you and looking forward forward to see you there, Cindy

MTMs 2014 

Southern and African Regions in South Africa 24-26 January 2014 Hi Ladies. So the countdown to MTM begins!!! Ladies’ Circle South Africa has the privilege to host the joint Southern and African MTM from the 24th January 2014 to the 26thJanuary 2014. We have secured a venue in the beautiful Jacarand Jacarandaa City; Pretoria. Joy Lodge will be hosting the MTM, this venue has lots of bird life in a tranquil garden setting and can comfortably accommodate 100 guests. The aim of this MTM weekend will be to renew old friendships and build some new friendships. Wit Withh this in mind we decided to have our traditional drinks competition on Friday night. Each country will be asked to bring a “traditional” drink, your drinks will then be judged by a panel of independent judges. You may present your drink in any way you want, t, no presentations longer than 5 minutes. The meeting will be held on Saturday morning while your partners will be enjoying their own entertainment. We are still playing around with what to do on Saturday afternoon but are leaning towards just spending some quality time together as we have an awesome surprise planned for Saturday night. Registrations are open and available online at: mtm@ladiescircle We have made some arrangements with a travel agent for pre and post tours. Contact details: This MTM promises to affordable, fun and friendship all around. It would be great to see you there. Susarah Carpenter MTM 2014 Convener

MTMs 2014 

Nordic and Middle European Regions in Estonia 14 -16 16 February 2014

Dear Ladies from all over the World! In February 2014 we would very much like to see you all in our beautiful and entertaining homeland Estonia! We know that you are all busy with your everyday tasks, so we are not just asking you to visit Estonia, but also to attend MTM 2014. We have compiled a comprehensive program for You, so You have an opportunity opportunity to get to know our small country with its cultural diversity and preserved nature. With no doubt there will be something special for each and everyone of you. And by saying for each and everyone of you we mean it – together with Estonian Round Table able we will have entertaining program also for a more masculine part of the group. Getting interested? You should… Read more :-) Winter in Estonia is not just about snow. However we have to warn you that here will be plenty of snow as February is the coldest dest and snowiest month of all. With some luck we shall have bright sunlight reflecting from snow and making us feel like in a winter wonderland. But as said before, it is not all about snow. Tartu, the most youthful town in Estonia, will meet you with its charmingly many faces. On your first evening you will be taken to the historical Gunpowder cellar. Restaurant and pub, which was used for its initial purpose until 1809, has uniquely high ceiling. To be more precise - it is in the Guinness Book of Recordss for having the highest pub ceiling in the world – 11 meters. Under these strong and historical walls you will have an opportunity to taste Estonian cuisine, dance to live music and of course talk to other Sisters waiting to get to know you. What a great place and company to celebrate the Valentine’s Day! It is the history and our smartness that takes us to the future. Therefore we have selected AHHAA science centre, one of the largest science centres in Nordic countries, to be the main venue place for MTM 2014. In parallel with our meeting you shall have an opportunity to visit all exhibits of the centre and see among other things how our Earth and space can surprise us. Life is a journey, so what could be a better place for celebrating our get together and your latest journey, if not in Tartu Railway station. Tartu has been a transit city of many students and merchants and fully renovated historical station building is a fine sample of our hospitality. So on Saturday lets all meet there to listen to some good music and see the craftworks of our Estonian sisters. You should not worry about your partners, our Estonian Round Table friends will take good care of them throughout the event. By the time you will return to your homes they will have a full understanding anding of winter hobbies of Estonian men. To enjoy fully both your journey and Estonia, we advise to reserve a few additional days for your stay. Tartu is worth further exploration and who knows - you might get lucky and see the famous Spirit of Tartu. Maybe Maybe he will take part of 63 kilometre long ski marathon held near Tartu the same weekend. He won’t be alone, more that 10 000 will do it with him. And maybe you also... Tallinn, our capital, is world famous for its old town, recognised also as UNESCO World Heritage site. When you get exhausted of all this history, culture and sports, you can get yourself pampered in different spas found all over Estonia. See you in Tartu! See you in Estonia!

ALSO TRAVEL SIDE BY SIDE Cindy attends Agora Club International AGM

Put Your Heaart Up For Travel The 2014 LCI conference is organized by one of the smallest clubs in the history of LCI whe where LC Lithuania only has 37 members, inviting us all to the wonderful, green and warm city Vilnius. The LC Lithuania team is preparing for our arrival by providing a monthly newsletter with a step step-by-step introduction to Lithuania and its traditions. We have much to look forward as our own personal travel agents will constantly advise us of their cosy, yet modern Vilnius with their magnificently beautiful Old Town, Cathedrals, the catacombs, the Palace of the Grand Dukes and Tower of Gediminas Castle. We can dream of the time where we will be wandering in the labyrinth of narrow streets and find rest in many cosy cafes or restaurant that offer an opportunity to enjoy traditional Lithuania dishes, taste lovely food. We can look forward to sightseeing Kaunas – the second largest city in Lithuania, Klaipeda – is the oldest city in Lithuania with only seaport and cruise ship dock in Lithuania. If this is not for you, then we are able to try out the romantic and unforgettably impressive trip to the Lithuanian towns on water – Trakai, Zarasai, Minge village (sometimes called the „Lithuanian Venice“). Revitalize yourself in Lithuanian resorts and SPA centres or discover traditional and contemporary Lithuania art, visit art galleries, theatres, operas, concert and then end the day by discovering more than 2000 sorts of beer are brewed. Swim, ride, fly, climb, drive, walk, play... Get going! Please visit or look them up on

We would like you to be a part of AMBER LADY!

The second weekend of October, October I have attended the Agora gora AGM in Hyeres in France, my first official visit as LCI President :-) : ) It was a great honor and pleasure for me to be there the whole weekend, thank you very much Veerle & the entire Agora International Board for inviting me. Veerle,, the outgoing President, Pres is from Belgium and we know each other for quite a while now. She visited us at the LCI in Zambia and we had great fun together and we also met a few weeks ago in Brussels to talk about the cooperation peration between our two organizations organizations in common countries. countri

At the AGM there were approximate 160 members participating from 15 different countries and a lot of guests. Itt is not only nice to see old friends but also a good way to get to know new ones. I was also very happy and proud to have our International International Treasurer Mariame also travelling to Hyères and to meet quit a lot of Ladies there, thank you for showing we put our heart up for Agora ! It was a wonderful experience and re-comforting re comforting to know that it’s not finished at 45 and that there is continuity continui after Ladies’ Circle, no matter if it’s Tangent or Agora. Even though there is an age difference, there is no limit for sharing experiences, which I believe can definitely go in both ways. As sister organizations we feel very much connected and together we can only be stronger through diversity!

Mariame and me, with Sandy van Niekerk , incoming Pre resident ACI and her daughter Ashleigh, LC SA. SA

The new Board of Agora International 2013-2014 & logo::     

President, Sandy van Niekerk, South-Africa President VP, Kelly Geisler, USA IPP, Veerle de Jonge, Jonge Belgium Secretary , Karin Chaffart and the Treasurer Nikkie Grewar, South-Africa Treasurer,

Congratulations to Veerle and her Board for their achievements throughout the year and wishing Sandy and her new Board all the best and good luck for the year to come. I look forward to continue the good relationship between our associations. ions. Let’s stay connected and share ideas, and walk Side by Side locally, nationally and internationally. Cindy ‘Put your Heart Up’ for our sister organizations

Put Your Heart Up for challenges!


READY, SET, GO! Liliana Dias, national President of Ladies’ Circle Portugal came to Belgium and together with 2 other Belgian Ladies, Muriel & Catherine, we met for a gourmet tour ::-) And of course, we talked a lot and exchanged ideas, but especially one extremely challenging one proposed by Liliana :-) Since it totally fitted my goals for the year, I immediately decided to support this initiative under the spirit “Put Your Heart Up”. It’s about sharing experiences, talking about Ladies Ladies’ Circle, recruitment, doing something thatt we can all benefit from on an international level! Ready? Well, Liliana wants to create an e-book, sponsored by LC Portugal, that would be presented in a very creative and emotional tone the motivations and different experiences of becoming a Lady in thee LC Family. The idea is to gather stories over the world, to inspire others joining Ladies Ladies’ Circle.

The challenge for every country will be for the national President to select one Lady to write in 250 words her personal story about Ladies’ Ladies Circle, or if YOU are up to, PLEASE get in touch with your national President. The author should send name, Circle, country, e-mail mail address, picture and her text to by the 19th of November. The text should give an answer to the question: “Why become part of Ladies’ Ladies Circle?” and can focus on the first contact, own motivations, learning, advice, experiences and activities within this inspiring network of Ladies adies all over the world. Once the e-book book will be finished, it will be distributed to every country, and possible to every lady in the world! We count on you for Putting Your Heart Up for fulfilling this challenge! Cindy

Greetings to all our aspiring componers out there! As we discussed at the ICM in Zambia, we would like to introduce a song for Ladies’ Circle that is unique to our wonderful organization. What better way to get everyone excited and involved, than by launching a “Eurovision”, NO ourr own “Circlevision” song contest! How will it work?  Build a team  Choose a melody  Shoot your team’s performance with a camera to be sent in to the LCI Secretary by 15 December 2013  The video of each team will be presented at the MTM’s in South-Africa & Estonia. The voting rules will be decided upon once we will have an idea on the number of teams registering. The countries that make the “semi “semi-finals” at the MTM’s, will then present their song at the LCI AGM in Lithuania 2014 for the final vote.

Rules for the Contest  Be creative (use of accessories, ie balloons)  Show the fun and spirit within the team  No limit on the number of team members (1 team can have members from different circles, countries)  Use of a fun melody (no lyrics)  Each team must st have a name  May only be maximum 1 minute long  Must be a video. Please note that there is NO obligation for each country to participate in the contest. So Ladies, adies, Put Your Heart Up & join the Circleision ision song contest! Looking forward receiving your video’s vi :-) The LCI Board

It´s a great honor to be the first to contribute with the first information letter to LCI. Wish to start the letter with a great big hug with friendship from all the Circlers in Norway to you all Circler ircler-Ladies in the world. Lotss of things has happened since the LC-year year began here in Norway. Most M of our Circlers irclers have now had their first and some even their second meetings. This has been a great autumn for most of us. We´ve had fantastic weather and beautiful colours in our nature. The air is fresh and clean. We are privileged to live here in the th north. A side by side event with Round Table took place at Gardemoen the 13-14/913 13. All the councillors councillo from Ladies’ Circle and Round Table was gathered together from Saturday till Sunday. Lots of learning and information was handed out and a great dinner dinn followed by dancing and joy. We had the pleasure to have Alexandra Hullberg from Ladies’ Ladies Circle Sweden as guest this weekend. Norway and Sweden try to have an exchange with one delegate on each other councillor meeting every year. This is really a great way of getting to learn more from one another. Although we are neighbours by countries there are several things we do differently. Thank you Sweden for this. Which you all a great October. With love and friendship from the Ladies adies in Norway

WELCOME BUBBLES and a DANCING Friday evening in Remerschen, Luxembourg: Ladies Ladies of LC1 Luxembourg welcomed Ladies adies from all over Europe to the Euromeet 1, an original reunion of all Ladies’ Circles C 1, 10, 11, 100, 101, 110, 111,… and Circles ircles that are less than 100km away (this was a “local touch” to the Euromeet omeet 1 concept!) A group of 6 Ladies adies from Romania had already arrived in Luxembourg earlier in the week while others started arriving during the day, the afternoon, evening, and last came the Ladies adies from Arlon… 1 hour away! But as they promised when they arrived: last to come and last to go! They stayed on the dance floor (or table for some!) until the very last song! TASTING BUBBLES and VISITING Saturday started with a short meeting in Schengen: The candle of friendship was lit by Christiane and Carole from LC1 Luxembourg. We read a nice letter from LCI president, then a short speech. We also had and a very nice presentation of LC Luxembourg history by our National President, Martine Schrammer, and a “little history of Euromeet Eurom 1” by Sophie from LC1 Tienen, Belgium. We then had an interesting visit of the Schengen museum and we added a Ladies’ Ladies Circle lock to the Schengen Monument that symbolises the “spirit of Schengen”! Then we were off to Martine Schummacher’s wine domain – 11 hectares of beautiful vineyards along the Moselle… but we stayed in the cellar, where Martine did a great job explaining how wine is produced! We tasted several of her wines, starting with BUBBLES (Cremant, a Champagne style wine, but Made in Luxembourg), g), then different sorts of white and red wines together with a very nice lunch of Luxembourgish specialities. We then took the bus to Luxembourg City for a visit of the “museum of Luxembourg”… The guide had a hard time competing with the Sun calling us for for coffee on a terrace (or shopping)…! EQUINOX BUBBLES Back to the Youth hostel for a short rest before the EQUINOX PARTY! It was a long day already and on this 21st of September the night is just as long! Of course it started with… BUBBLES at the Youth Hostel. Hostel. Then we were off to the “chalet”, a restaurant just a few minutes away, for an excellent dinner and music. When the DJ was recommended to us we were told he loved women and would select the right music for a fantastic atmosphere… we were not disappointed!!! disappoi Many of us were still up and dancing at 2AM! CIRCLING BACK HOME After a short night we all met for a last coffee together (without bubbles!) and a croissant. Time for everyone to head back home after an awesome week-end, week hopefully with great memories memor and some new friends! Some Ladies had a flight on Monday, so we drove them back to the Youth Hostel in Luxembourg. I followed Charlotte who must have programmed her GPS-navigator navigator in “let’s visit Luxembourg” Luxembourg”-mode…taking unexpected routes we spiralled ourr way to the Youth Hostel – as Dana’s husband put it: “that’s Circling!”. We hope everyone had a wonderful time! Thanks for coming, we were really happy to welcome you in Luxembourg! Muriel, President LC1 Luxembourg



Hello lovely Ladies from all around the world. When they say that you start rt your year running that is exactly what you do! Making sure that everyone gets all that they need for the deadline 10th June 2013!!, but with the team that we have there is no escape and they are keeping us on our toes all th the way. A big thank you to you Ladies for that…. When we started our Year we were 9 Circles and we are happy to announce that we are now 10 Circles, ircles, 03rd August this year we chartered East London Ladies’ Circle No 23, Congratulations to Lindi and the Lovely Ladies of East London, we had an awesome weekend, and it was great to see all the Circlers travel from all over South Africa to come and join us on this special occas occasion. Also in August we attended our first LCI AGM in Zambia, What can we say!!! This was amazing we were so honored to be there as representatives from LCSA, we have now met the most amazing people from all over the world from Austria to Zimbabwe and we now can call them my friends no sisters. From setting off from PE and Cape Town to arriving in Zambia, from going tto meetings to being home hosted and learning all about the Zambian culture was truly spectacular. Congratulations to our own new LCI Vice President resident Chantess Wiggill, we wish you well fo forr your next 3 years on the LCI Board B and we will be beside you every step tep of the way. If you every need anything just give us a shout!!! PUT YOUR HEART UP for the year with Pride and Passion. Sam Kendal President LCSA


LC the Netherlands

Last year during the AGM in Helsingborg, one of the Dutch Ladies won the tombola. It was so funny, first there was confusion about stripes or dots and colors, but then she realized she really did have the winning ticket… after that of course there was joy, a lot of it!! We looked forward to travel together with her to Zambia. But, during the past year, things happened and she couldn’t make it to Zambia. Very unfortunate… and what to do with the ticket? With approval of the LCI-Board,, she was very generous and gave it to us, we couldn’t believe it! We were very happy and grateful, as you probably can imagine. The Lady doesn’t want to get any credits for this action and likes to remain an anonymous donor. We, as Board, really enjoyed our time in Zambia! It made us able to travel with the five of us :-) : So we would like to thank all the Ladies for buying these tickets. Keep remaining doing so. You can’t believe the feeling when you win this lottery! Thank you Thank you Thank you With all our love. Keep your heart up in Pure Kracht Anna Pol President LC the Netherlands

Thanks to all the Ladies who contributed to this first Newsletter. Thanks for putting your Heart Up ! Should you like to add an article in the next issue, please feel free to send it to the LCI Board ! Yours in Friendship & Service, Cindy, LCI President & Editor, Newsletter One

LCI newsletter nr 1 - 2o13-2014  
LCI newsletter nr 1 - 2o13-2014