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Ladies Circle International Friendship and service Gitte, Many hearts - one spirit

August 1st 2013

Dear Circlers, dear Friends This is my final newsletter – it is strange how time flies – I just want to say thank you to all for letting me be your President for this LCI year of this wonderful association J My last Newsletter was made together with Jereon the President of Round Table International – I hope that you enjoyed reading it. In this newsletter you can read about what I have been during since our last LCI Newsletter in March :) and to ensure that this Newsletter not will be

Newsletter 4

very very long, I just make a few comments to each event – but to all Circlers I have visited - I just want to say thank you so much for inviting me, hosting me and to spend your time together with me :) April, I visited the AGM of the Tangent International Contact 2012-2013, Jan Dowling from Tangent GB. I had a great time in Wales and again it was fantastic to see so many good old friends and to be able to get new friends Inside this issue:

Sue and I at the AGM in Llandudno – Sue is now the IPP of Tangent GB

Many hearts one spirit, LCI P






LCI Treasurer






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Circle International


Danish Ladies Saturday evening for theme party

Jeanett now the IPP of Tangent Denmark had a fantastic AGM

Switzerland May, I was invited to the National AGM of RT Switzerland and together with them LC Zürich were invited to have their meeting, first “AGM”. It was great to meet these wonderful ladies and to join them in their meeting where they made preparations for applying for associated membership and discussed their charter event next year. LC Zürich, Switzerland


AGM of LC Luxembourg

May, Cindy and I participated in the AGM of LC Luxembourg J. It all started Friday with dinner where we also had Belgian Circlers joining us, Saturday AGM and then Party Saturday evening. Good to see so many familiar faces – I look forward to see many of you again in Zambia where LC Luxembourg are going for full membership.

KK the 41 International President and I swapped pins :)

Newsletter 4

Ladies Circle International

Denmark May, LC Denmark we had our National AGM in Skanderborg in Jutland. This year the AGM was like a music festival. Many different bands were playing. We had a fantastic weekend which started for me Thursday evening with the President dinner.

The Danish national board Greetings on behalf of LCI

Norway May, Celebrating LC Norway 50th year’s anniversary and the LC/RT and Tangent/EX-table AGM in Oslo. The weekend was fantastic arranged with many international guests. Tangent Norway was chartered and I had the honour of giving them my greetings. This weekend started for me and Ester Thursday evening with the President dinner.

President dinner with Lilly and Kjersti – thank you for a fantastic evening

My dear friend Kjersti

International meeting, Lilly LC Norway, Ruth LC GB&I, Eva LC Germany Ester and I enjoying the cocktail before the Gala dinner 1001 nights theme party

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Circle International

GB & I June, I meet Marj at the AGM of Tangent GB in Wales and she invited me to the Regional Lunch in Scotland – a lunch I will never forget – Thank you LC Calendar :)

Denmark June,BM4 in Copenhagen – our last meeting before we meet in Zambia for the Conference. This meeting is the busiest meeting during the LCI year as we discuss proposals from the countries and from us, nominees, travel grants and many other items.

Opening the Board meeting with reading the Aims and Objective

The rest of June and July the whole LCI Board are preparing the LCI Conference – which we all looks forward to :) . We are having our BM5 from Monday the 19th of August until the Councillors from all countries arrive for Councillors dinner Wednesday on the 22nd of August. To those of you who are not joining us in Zambia – I really hope to see you next year in Lithuania and to all Circler who are joining us in Zambia – I really look forward to see and to dance with you all :). LC Zambia I wish you good luck with all your last preparations for the LCI Conference 2013 – we are all counting days to visit you. Yours In friendship Gitte, LCI President 2012 - 2013

Visit Copenhagen, our apartment was right next to our famous little mermaid in Copenhagen

Newsletter 4

Ladies Circle International

Cindy, LCI VP In May I attended, together with Gitte, the AGM-weekend Here’s a little update on the in Luxembourg, where we were last months of this LCI year, homeshosted by Peggy, the which were again quit busy. national President. Thanks to The most important all for the very warm welcome national event that I attended and the nice talks, I enjoyed it end of April was our national very much, except for the AGM, my last one as national steeling of my regalia  board member L Luckely, they understood I It was heart-breaking to say couldn’t leave Luxembourg goodbye after 4 board-years, without, so they gave it back, but it was great and I’ll rebut I had to promise to serve member these for the Luxembourg Ladies nice always. The Ladies of my circle sweets at the AGM in Lusaka, were all there and prepared a so I will  (Priscilla, help surprise for me, they all came please !). up dressed as cabin crew members and made In June, I travelled to a lovely speech and offered Morocco for the charter me a very nice present: a suitweekend of LC Tanger  I was case with my name very lucky that 8 other Belgian printed on it  together with Ladies joined. We stayed all sorts of stuff to be used there for 5 days and I can during my stays abroad. guarantee that we had a lot of laughter and fun, it was a great adventure and a nice Dear Ladies,

Two days later, I left again for Copenhagen, this time towards Board Meeting 4. Beforehand I always think, “what will we discuss 5 days long?”, but believe it or not, the schedule is always very tight. Although we were lucky having a kind President  wanting to integrate half a day of free time, and so, we had a walk and could make a nice picture at the “litlle mermaid” and do some shopping  We also enjoyed a BBQ at Gitte’s place together with her fellow circlers and had a great time. We worked a lot but had fun too !

Now I am looking forward to the LCI in Zambia, I am ready: my motto, logo, pins and presents are waiting for you  But I still have a few things to settle before leaving to Lusaka...the countdown has begun....time VP year is almost done..... I am looking forward meeting you very soon in Lusaka. For those who can’t make it this year, hope to see you at one of the next MTM or LCI. Yours in Friendship & Service, Cindy, LCI VP 2012-2013

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Circle International

Leontien Dear Ladies, As I write this last article for the newsletter it is only four weeks before I see you all in Zambia. At the moment I am in France with my family and thinking and working on the AGM in Zambia and of course trying to get a nice tan for the gala dress :) As you might know already I like to work with checklists and deadlines. :) That’s why I would like to remind you all again what to bring to the LCI Conference…….. Like I wrote to you already on the 10th of July you have to bring quite some documents yourself. LCI CONFERENCE 2013 IN LUSAKA, ZAMBIA Will be sent to you by the LCI Secretary and for you to bring along to the LCI conference

1. Agenda for the Councillors Meeting 2013 (Councillors will be P+IPP)  2.  Minutes of the Councillors Meeting of the previous year (2012)  3.  Agenda for the LCI AGM 2013 (Councillors will be P+IPP)  4.  Minutes of the LCI AGM of the previous year (2012)  5.  Agenda for International Contact Meeting 2013 (Councillors will be P+VP)  Minutes of the International Contact Meeting of the previous year (2012)  To be prepared by your national board and for you to bring along to the LCI conference

7. Your new national directory – 6 copies for the new LCI Board to be handed out at the ICM  Compact version of your new national directory (only one sheet of paper!)– for all full and associate member countries + LCI Board (see clause 4.2.1 for guidelines for your compact directory) to be handed out at the ICM  Other items for you to bring along to the LCI conference

9. The current LCI Directory  10. Your national banners and pins for exchange/gift + one gift for the house party hostess and any gifts you feel you want to offer during the conference 

11. For the Vice Presidents: it is customary (but not obligatory) to exchange a small gift during the International Contact Meeting on Saturday (P+VP 2013-14 will be present) 

12. Your hat for the AGM! 

Newsletter 4


Circle International

I was thinking about making a checklist for your suitcases as well :) I did not, but just some important things you should not forget!!       

Ticket, Passport Booking confirmation, Money Malaria pills, insect repellent Regalia, Gala dress, Killer Heels and of course dancing shoes National Custom Your lovely hat for the AGM Presents for the LCI Board (just kidding !)

All the rest you have to think about yourself but do not travel light Is my motto !!! I am sure we will have a lovely time and WILL explore Zambia !!! Have a safe trip to the African continent and bring your biggest smile. Big hug, Leontien, LCI Secretary 2012-2013 Many Hearts-One Spirit

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Circle International

Joy– Anne LCI Treasurer's Update Hey friends, I am actually preparing my financial report. Here is some “exclusive” info J

Income The membership figures: keep in mind: the more we are, the stronger we stand.

ISP The LCI ISP pin was very popular and was a great source of revenue for Viva Con Agua. I still have some pins, so ask and you will be granted! The new ISP pin is so pretty, send me your orders now so I can bring them prepared to Zambia for you.

our mission of friendship and service, rooted in strong values, a clear strategic plan, durable friendship and board leadership principles.The expenses restriction was particularly smooth due mainly to the goodwill and hard work of my dear friends your board members.

Funds We understand that a travel funding reform of great magnitude will hold challenges for all countries in LCI, but it is most necessary. It must be noted that travel fund demands, including travel expectations, must be improved to support the traveling of all members to respond to all needs.

Budget Expenses LCI’s is blessed with the support of dedicated, skilled members, compassionate ladies, responsive partners, and supportive side by side tabler. Our expenditure continued to be reduced due to countries’ dedication and hard work with the support of devoted board members.Economic uncertainty and growing countries needs, start to be worries for our organization. LCI’s continues to rise to the challenges through

The Balance Sheet shows that we have healthy accounts. Our overall results were also made possible through the implementation of board members, home hosting countries in budget efficiency savings, required to achieve a balanced budget plan for the year, given continued poor bank interest and decreasing funding.

Future I am confident that the accounts are in a fit state to enable us to meet the aims of LCI in the foreseeable future. For non-profitable organizations, a healthy working capital position allows the support of countries, both in the short and long term.The generous support of home hosting members through the LCI’s year is vital to our ability to invest in the future while responding to today’s country’s needs. I welcome your new LCI treasurer with a warm heart and promise to remain by her side as she learns. My heart goes to each and every member of Ladies Circle. If only you knew how much you’ve made me whole.

Joyful Joy

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Ladies Circle International

Ester Dear ladies and good friends I love the fact that I am going to Zambia just in few weeks and seeing you all again as the LCI weblady. I will do my best to help the LCI board to be ready and steady when the AGM starts, but I have no doubt that these fabulous women will finish early and be able to enjoy free time and explore Zambia. I was lucky enough to be back on board in May, and join the board meeting four in Denmark. It is the most busy meeting but we did good. BM5 the days before the AGM starts will be another good meeting I look forward to.

I am very happy that we have nominees for the weblady post, first time since I started going to the LCI AGM in 2009 that we do not have a open floor nomination. Well Done ladies. Please go into the website and facebook site, post, comment and lets together keep our friendship alive. Facebook is a wonderful place to keep track of all my ladies circle friends and you are so many, so many hearts but all joined in one spirit.

I will be stepping down— again—in August and stepping into my national board VP role that I will enjoy next winter.

This spring I travelled to Norways 50th celebration and AGM and was homehosted and enjoyed the trip very much. Thank you so much for the warm welcome and fab time Linda, Lill-Anita, Anna Karin, Kjersti and all others.

Join LCI facebook, counsillors do remember to update your country info on the ladies circle website and send weblady e-mail with information regarding charter and national AGM dates for the calendar. Lots of love

Ester Aims and objectives  To promote international friendship, understanding and goodwill by encouraging members to extend their knowledge of each other and other people.  To promote, co-ordinate and develop the extension of Ladies' Circle throughout the world.  To be non-political and non sectarian  To promote, co-ordinate & develop working relationships with Round Table wherever possible

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Circle International

Sharon Hello my dear friends from all over the world, This is my last newsletter input as a LCI Officer. Soon my time in the LCI board will come to an end, and this is great opportunity to send you all big hug and thank you for giving me the most amazing three years of my life. Thank you for the support help and love, thank you for your friendship and hospitality- I will never forget those years.

Extension report: In Zambia we have big things happening3 countries will go to full membership- LC Nepal, LC Madagascar, LC Luxemburg. And we have 2 new babies joining us as associate members LC Switzerland, LC Tanzania. This has been a busy busy year in extension part and I am very proud of the result. Hope to see many of you soon in this party taking part in our traditions of friendship and service!

With all my love Sharon Taitz LCI IPP 12-13

Lci newsletter august  
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