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LCDS Fourth Estate Edition Five

Senior Issue, 2010

Volume One

An Open Letter to the

Class of of 2010 2010 Class

I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you, and your parents, for letting me serve as your head advisor this year. I thoroughly enjoy this role. This letter is a “Thank You” to you and your parents for everything you’ve done for our school community this year. There are many examples of the leadership that the Class of 2010 provided to our school. Megan and Evan did a great job all year in leading our morning meetings and our assemblies. Hugh’s “This Date in History” updates were always --- well --- very Hugh. Any time the senior advisors ever asked to meet with you to discuss a matter of importance, you collectively delivered in that regard. In fact, I really appreciated the energy and positive attitude you brought to those discussions. This started back in September with our trip to County Park, and this positive spirit carried through the whole year. You always seemed more like a collection of friends rather than a collection of isolated individuals or cliques. Many members of your class took on significant leadership roles. I’m loathe to mention the specifics because I know I will overlook several important contributions. But consider the following specific examples: Kathryn and Sarah’s efforts

in the art wing and their coordination of the Spring Arts Festival; Ella and Maya’s efforts with Empty Bowls; the significant contributions to theatre that Libby, Kate, and Alex have given us over the years; the positive attitude and effort many of our seniors gave in the travel courses (MUN, Beat Poets, and Science of Hawaii) that made them so successful; the willingness of our seniors to help with the volunteer efforts associated with Adrienne and Mandy’s Habitat for Humanity senior project; and the numerous examples of senior leadership on our athletic teams… too many to recount in this space (athletes, please accept my apology here!). In addition to the effort and cooperation of our seniors, I want to recognize the support and assistance we received from several class parents. Karin Andrews and Kit Thompson were wonderful class parents. They arranged two fantastic lunches for the seniors during the school year, and they helped to make a senior lunch a tradition that the Parents’ Association has agreed to support annually. Also, the generosity of our twelfth-grade parents allowed the senior class to kick-off the Children’s Challenge of FundFest with a wonderful opening bid at the live auction. It is the support of our community that helps to make

LCDS a wonderful place to teach and learn, and the senior parents have been exemplars of what that community can and should be like. There is a myth that the senior year of high school is a time for students to relax and have fun before going off to college. For most LCDS students, this is simply not the case. Many of our students opt to take extremely challenging academic programs in their senior year. They must also dedicate time to their senior projects, leadership roles in extra-curricular activities, and they spend a huge amount of time on the college application and selection process. It is an exciting year, but it can be a stressful year, too. Thank you, to the Class of 2010, for handling these responsibilities so well and for being so mature in your consistent approach. What makes a class special is not its individual talents, but rather its collective being. It is how the class comes together for the good of the group and for the good of the school. Thanks for all of the good you brought to our school. Let me be among the first to officially wish you well as you transition to the next stages of your lives. Carpe Diem, Class of 2010. With Warm Regards, Doc. T.

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LCDS Fourth Estate

Senior Issue 2010

Letter from the Editor: Dear Class of 2010, First and foremost, a word of congratulations for surviving both junior and senior years. Having almost completed junior year, I am absolutely astounded as to how gracefully you pulled it off. Honestly, as a sophomore, I had no idea that this year would be so busy in terms of schoolwork and extra curricular activities, and as a class, you made it look far easier than it was. Other than the ability to stay sane under immense pressure, there are several aspects that make the class of 2010 distinct. Never in a million years will I forget the outrageous outfits during Spirit Week and how the school drowned in yellows of every shade. From Boris’ banana suit to the yellow brick road, your class swallowed the rest of the grades in its energy and decorating ability. Not all grades have such a unified passion for something, and it was fun (and a tad demoralizing) to see you dominate again and again. I will also remember the presence your class had in morning meeting. A seemingly trivial note, but in reality, the meetings served as a showcase for the strength of your class. Each member of your class is so distinct, and the daily gatherings emphasized this. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Hugh Wilikofsky saying “Hi, I’m Hugh Wilikofsky and I’m a talking person…” and following with a quirky or entertaining event, Rachael Shaffer’s


dodge ball announcements (trophies and all), and Kate Gibson’s poetry readings. I will also remember Chris Moritz’s spirited chess team announcements, all of Andrew Roosa’s sports announcements and Vas Barakos shouting “ICE” and then having the Iceland team reply with a hearty “LAND”. And, needless to say, Megan Andrews and Evan Bair’s efficiency in leading the meetings made them far more enjoyable. All of these individuals and more have made the morning meetings engaging and entertaining, and I thank you for that. Without your energy, they would have been absolute snooze fests. Of course, I will never forget your presence at prom. Although there was a bit of unnecessary hoopla leading up to the event (ahem... the rumored Wild West theme), the ‘life of the party’ attitude that you brought made the entire process worthwhile. Your class likes to have fun and be merry, and it set the tone for the prom and the school year. With so many different personalities and abilities, I could fill pages of amusing and endearing things your class has done over the years. You have contributed to the everyday lives of the underclassmen, and speaking for us all, we are grateful (even though most of us will not realize this until you leave). To everyone in the class of 2010 – thank you for your energy, school spirit, and passion. I wish you all the best. Sincerely, Bianca Mohn Editor, The Fourth Estate

“The Class of 2010 has many talents, but I will remember them most for their spirit. This is one of the most spirited classes that I can remember, and I loved their energy and enthusiasm during school events. We had excellent leadership from Megan and Evan, and many other seniors took charge of events throughout the year. “ -- Senora Heim


I want to thank the Class of 2010 for their passion, curiosity, and caring. We look to seniors to act as leaders and they did so wonderfully this year. They set a positive tone and demonstrated a real joy in taking on new challenges. We will miss them, but contniue to enjoy the spirit they leave behind. – Mr. Bondy

Senior Issue, 2010

LCDS Fourth Estate

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some college advice from your elders From Kristen Casale, Class of 2009:

1) Don’t leave home without lots of quarters. Laundry is a bitch without quarters. 2) Pulling all-nighters may seem like a good idea at the time, but it isn’t. Leave enough time in your schedule to work and sleep. 3) Speaking of sleep, sleep. Sleep is important. 4) Professors have office hours so students can go to them. They don’t want to sit in their office for two hours alone.

“Be patient. Sometimes friendships take a while to form and college takes a while to adjust to. But if you work through it and be patient everything will work out.

And this time from Mary Tsai, Class of 2009: “Be prepared for an academic change. There’s so much more freedom and independence that’s pushed on you and you have to learn how to manage your time efficiently. Also, stay safe, especially if you’re in a city - it can get really dangerous, so always stick with friends. This also applies to all sorts of parties that you go to.”

From David Wilikofsky, Class of 2008:

Your class has been amazing and I’ve enjoyed teaching you so much this year...and some of you for the last three years. - Mr. Berner

“In my junior year I grew very close with the 2010 senior class. I love them all very dearly and will miss them next year and their positive presence in the upper school. I think they lead the school very well with their uniqueness, humor, and high IQs. I hope that Anthony and I can do a good job next year in trying to lead the upper school to fill their spots.” - Amanda Leslie

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LCDS Fourth Estate

Senior Issue, 2010

Where they’re going

Below is a list of the colleges and universities the Class of 2010 will be attending next year. Megan Andrews Evan Bair Vas Barakos Sonia Barlet Paul Bouvet Meryl Brown Elizabeth Casey Nathan Deron Allie Dunlop Julia Fairorth Vicky Feakins Emily Fleming Cameron Garrett-Edwards Becca Gerhart Kate Gibson Ellie Greenberg Katherine Groft Jamie Hall C.R. Hiestand Matt Hurley Katie Jarman Ellen Kladky Sarah Long

Boston University University of Delaware Rollins College Lebanon Valley College Dickinson College Roger Williams University Juniata College University of Pittsburgh College of Charleston Laboratory Institute of Merchandising Towson University New College of Florida School of the Art Institute of Chicago Temple University Dickinson College Rollins College Pratt Institute Philadelphia University Stevenson University Fordham University Gettysburg College University of Chicago Tufts University

Adrienne Loreto Ella McDougall Kali Miller Chris Mortiz Ben Murdoch Maya Najarian Andrew Roosa Rachael Shaffer Alex Spencer Amanda Stoltzfus Carolyn Thayer Rosalie Thompson Cole Turula Holly Turula Molly Umble Anne Vanasse Ben Vanasse Alex Weinstock-Collins Hugh Wilikofsky Marianna Wills Kathryn Winner

York College of Pennsylvania University of Delaware Stevenson University College of William & Mary University of St. Andrews Middlebury College George Washington University Roger Williams University Warren Wilson College St. Joseph’s University Wellesley College Hartwick College St. Joseph’s University Hamilton College Hendrix College Dennison University Bates College Rochester Institute of Technology Kenyon College Randolph-Macon College Cornell University

Senior Issue 2010  

Newspaper devoted to the graduating class of 2010

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