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Volume 3 Issue 1 January 2019

Inside this Issue 1. Can we find common ground? Pages 2-4 2. Meeting and Events Calendar Page 4 3. Editorial and Opinions Pages 4-6 4. Rural Caucus Page 6 5. Hall of Fame Page 7 6. Circus without Bread Page 7 7. Events Page 8 8. Political Cartoons Page 9-11 9. Final Page 12 Click link on above contents to navigate to desired section.

My New Year’s resolution: Work toward making the world a better place despite the opposition to that from the White House.


Note: “Meet Your Fellow Democrats” and “Democrats Care” sections will resume next edition. We are beginning the new year with hope. The Democrats have control of the US House, Jim Clyburn is majority whip, and one of the new Democratic members of Congress is from South Carolina. The best of luck to Joe Cunningham. Congratulations to our new officers— Kylie McCollum & Sean Gagne, Third Vice-Chairs; Jennifer Jewett, Secretary; Mitch Norrell, LCDP State Exec Committee; and Cary Kimmel, alternate to the Exec Committee.

Is this what we will see with a blue House and a red Senate?


Reprinted with the kind permission of cartoonist Dave Granlund.

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Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-1

Can we find some common ground? It increasingly appears the hostilities between the two parties are so great the country is at risk of being torn apart. In order to find common ground, we must first understand each other and also understand our own beliefs and values. Many people have acquired their political beliefs by osmosis from their family, their neighbors, the members of their churches, and their other social groups instead of by analytic thought. This is especially true of Republicans here in the South, where for many the Republican Party is the only accepted social norm. Emotion-based beliefs are much more resistant to intellectual persuasion. Although it is difficult to find unbiased media sources, the below chart is composed as much as possible from a combination of nonpartisan sources combined with a few comments based on personal observations. Few of either party agree with all of the positions their party supports, making it impossible to define precisely what a Republican or a Democrat is. Wikipedia is the source for researched sections in which no other source is provided. Comments that arise from observation only are in parentheses. Issue Republicans (Wikipedia) Democrats (Wikipedia) Overview

Abortion Health Care

Entitlements (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid)


2 Amendment



Balanced Budget


“In general, Republicans oppose abortion rights, funding to Planned Parenthood, the Affordable Care Act, gun control, an increased minimum wage, the estate tax, tax increases, and government control of business and the environment. They support school choice, free markets, and individual achievement. Republicans are divided on some topics, such as climate change.”(“Political Positions”) Pro-life, oppose abortion Oppose the single-payer health care system in favor of a personal or employer-based system of insurance. Most Republican leaders would like to abolish the entitlements. Trump promised not to touch them, but there is a proposal in the House of Representatives to cut them to balance the budget. (Denver Post) Oppose gun control of any kind.

Support school choice through charter schools and vouchers for private schools. Support prayer in schools. Believe reduced income taxes spur GDP growth. Believe the tax system was unfairly targeted at those who create jobs and wealth. Have proposed a constitutional amendment to balance the budget, coupled with reform of (defunding of) the entitlements. but the party is in disagreement about what needs

“Democratic platforms have sought to protect social programs, labor unions, consumer protection, workplace safety regulation, equal opportunity, racial equality, and regulation against pollution of the environment.” They support abortion rights, same-sex marriage and an easier pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. “Democrats tend to agree with the scientific consensus on climate change and support clean energy.” (“Political Positions”) Support Roe vs Wade In favor of universal health care or government-supported affordable access to health care for all Americans. Strongly support protection and expansion of entitlements.


Support for 2 amendment but with reasonable regulations—background checks, and keeping all firearms out of hands of unstable and underage, and keeping assault-type weapons out of hands of the general public. Support quality free public education for all children, affordable higher education, and retraining of the workforce through access to trade schools. Favor tax code more favorable to the middle class and closing loopholes and tax havens ( Support a balanced budget, but Democrats would never balance the budget by gutting the programs essential to non-wealthy Americans © LCDP All Rights Reserved

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-1

to be done (Washington Post) Sexual Orientation

Oppose same-sex marriage.


Eliminate government-run welfare programs in favor of private sector nonprofits. Give grants to private charities, promote individual responsibility. Limits on eligibility to prevent abuse.

Affirmative action

Mainly against it for women and some minorities. Believe it promotes discrimination. Opposed to labor unions Oppose illegal immigration.

Labor Unions Immigration


Women’s issues

Big Business

Traditionally Republicans have been in favor of free trade policies. However, some Republicans support Trump's tariffs and some do not but are afraid to oppose President Trump. (Politico) According to Fortune, Republicans are more than twice as likely as Democrats to say that no more work is needed to bring about gender equality. Pro-business. Oppose increased minimum wage and against

government regulation of business.



Foreign Policy

Federal Government vs States’ Rights


Market-based solutions to environmental problems. Economic prosperity and environmental protection must advance together. Some promote climate change denial. Less positive views on growing diversity in the country (Pew Research) Focus more on problems here at home and less on the rest of the world) (Politico). (Current Administration’s extreme nationalistic policy is isolating America and alienating the rest of the world.) Support smaller federal government and more power in hands of states.

Support same-sex marriage and an adult’s right to choose their sexual orientation The government should protect and promote the economic and social well-being of the citizens, based upon the principles of equal opportunity, equitable distribution of wealth, and public responsibility for citizens unable to avail themselves of the minimal provisions for a good life. Support affirmative action

Support labor unions Opposed to illegal immigration but support humane treatment of immigrants. Support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, Democrats traditionally have been more skeptical of the value of free trade (Foreign Policy). (Nevertheless, many Democrats have been vocal in criticizing the current administration’s chaotic lack of forethought in its imposition of tariffs ) Democrats believe there is still much work that needs to be done to ensure equality and protection for women. (Fortune)

Democrats are more supportive of the needs of workers, workers’ unions, and small businesses and more in favor of government regulation of big business. (However, Democrats also support the needs of all American businesses because without them there would be few jobs for Americans.) (On The Issues) Agree with the scientific consensus on climate change. Support regulations against pollution of the environment and support protection and conservation of areas set aside, like national parks, where commercial interests are banned. Support diversity.

Democrats favor foreign aid for distressed countries, cooperating with allies and supporting international institutions. (On The Issues)

Favor stronger involvement of the federal government (Classroom) Without federal contributions and oversight the states have no enforceable requirement to take adequate © LCDP All Rights Reserved

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter Message

(Republicans have a mantra that they have all memorized. It is limited to just a few issues chosen for their emotional impact—antiabortion, pro-gun, family values, lower taxes, smaller government, and putting America first.)

Meeting and Events Calendar Meets on the first Thursday of each The Lancaster month. The next meeting will be on County DemoFebruary 7 at 7 PM in the Lancaster cratic Party Library meeting room. Speaker TBA. Keith Grey, Chair

LCDP Executive Committee

Sun City Democrats

Dr. Martin Luther King Parade Women’s March SCDP State Convention

Meets on the third Tuesday of each scheduled month at 7 PM, Seagull’s Grill (room opens at 6 PM). Next meeting will be on February 19. Meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Sun City Lake House. There will be no meeting in February. The next meeting will be on March 13. For information contact Jeanne Huber, President, Sun City Democrats. RSVP mandatory ( January 19, 3 PM

January 26, 11 AM, Charlotte, NC, First Ward Park, 301 E. Seventh St. May 10-11, Columbia

If you know of events that would be of interest to our members, please send them to the newsletter email to be included in the next issue. For current events and meetings also check out the Events section on our Facebook page:


Editorial and Opinions Section I would just like to say thank you to all of the party members who have submitted opinions either to the newsletter directly, or to The Lancaster News in the last year. Please again this year consider writing an opinion article as your time permits. We would like to hear from everyone. Your article does not have to be lengthy. These articles serve several purposes--information, opinion, and perspective--and are another way we can get to know each other. Please submit them to Martha Robinson at, Attn: Martha Robinson. Thanks!!

Martha Robinson 4

Vol 3-1

care of their residents. (Democrats do not have a mantra, but they should. There are issues that all Democrats support. The most important ones should be distilled into a clear, concise, and brief list that all can memorize and turn into our own mantra.)

William St. Louis wrote the following column for The Lancaster News just before the election to encourage votes for Archie Parnell. The November newsletter was not published until after the election and so could not include it, but the powerful message of this column is still very important to elections to come. We have less than two short years of reprieve, and we must not let down our guard or waste that time. Column: Vote for Democrats to protect Medicare and Social Security How many of you have a preexisting condition such as diabetes, heart problems or maybe cancer? How many of you depend on Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security? How many of you are realizing an increase in income due to the Republican tax cuts? The Republicans tried and failed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which allows individuals with preexisting conditions to purchase health insurance at an affordable rate. I have yet to see their replacement plan, and our Republican governors have rejected billions of dollars in Medicaid. A portion of our income pays for Social Security and Medicare. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is now saying the Republicans need to make changes to these entitlements in order to reduce the deficit created by the Republican tax cuts. We are entitled to these benefits because we paid for them and these programs do not affect the deficit. The Republicans are doing this to offset the $1.5 trillion deficit created by their tax cuts, the largest portions of which went to corporations and the wealthiest in this country. Now, imagine the tax cuts as a large loaf of the finest bread. The loaf is cut into 10 slices, and each year 10 individuals come together to get their slice. One person, the corporation, gets four center slices and says, “If we have any left over, we can cut off a piece and give it to our employees as a one-time bonus.” The second person, a billionaire, takes the other four center slices and then says, “Follow me home and just maybe, a small piece will break off and trickle down to you.”

© LCDP All Rights Reserved

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter There are two slices, the heels, to be split among the other eight. Each heel is cut into four pieces and distributed. Collectively, they have split 20 percent of the loaf. After a few years, these individuals meet and the bread is not sliced. The corporation picks up the loaf and walks off. The billionaire says he has saved plenty of bread. Plus, he has invested in the corporation so he will eventually get a piece of the fresh loaf. The baker tells the other eight individuals to come back next year and, hopefully, they will get a couple of slices to share. Then he says I will bake a mini-loaf just for you. The plans are already in the works. You go home with nothing but a promise. If you, a friend, a child or grandchild have a preexisting condition but do not care about having affordable health insurance, vote for a Republican. If you do not care about your Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid being reduced, vote for a Republican. If you do not care that your small tax cut is temporary while the wealthiest corporations and persons in this country reap the majority of the benefits, vote for a Republican. The Republicans control the executive branch, judicial branch and both houses of Congress. All you have to do is vote for Democrats in every election. We can put a check on the Republicans if the Democrats can continue to control the House of Representatives, Our health care, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid may become nonexistent if we let the Republicans control all branches of government.

William St. Louis Response by Martha Robinson to “Commentary: Graham: Giving up on the wall might end Trump’s presidency” that was published in The Lancaster News on January 5 This is in response to the commentary in last Friday’s paper featuring an interview by Fox News host Sean Hannity of Sen. Lindsey Graham.

First, Mr. Hannity revealed an all-too-familiar and appalling ignorance—in this case, about immigration and the so-called crisis at the border. His introduction in the article was full of falsehoods and hysteria that we need so much less of, as a nation. I felt that Mr. Graham’s comments in response to Mr. Hannity’s questions were quite partisan. While some of his ideas might be thought of as a compromise, granting DACA recipients only a threeyear pass without a path to citizenship seems more for show than substance. And no mention was made by Mr. Graham of President Obama’s efforts to pass real immigration reform (long-needed) and how these efforts were obstructed by Republicans then. Nor was there any mention of the fact that, during President Obama’s administration, there was a targeted effort to deport immigrants who committed crimes. (Actually, we know that

Vol 3-1

very few immigrants do commit crimes, and Mr. Graham in the past has acknowledged their many contributions.) Immigration is a very complex issue which continues to need not only careful planning and targeted solutions, instead of what has become an improbable solution of building a “wall.” We do indeed have a problem of drugs being brought into our country from both our neighbors to the south and also from China. I have yet to hear someone with knowledge of immigration issues to say that building a wall will solve this. It would be merely a capitulation to the whims of an erratic President Trump. Mr. Hannity sympathized with the workers who are being affected by the government shutdown by saying that it is not the fault that the services they provide are not viewed as “essential.” The current government shutdown is certainly not “essential.” It is another crisis created by the President. I am asking myself whether it is possible for Mr. Trump to get off his temper tantrum train, reflect upon the broad desire of most Americans to see real solutions to problems, and to finally demonstrate the flexibility and compromise needed to resolve the most current crisis of his administration. And, if he cannot, I will continue to wonder if his services are “essential.”

Martha Robinson I do care, don’t you? Melania Trump summed up the attitude of the current administration with her now famous coat that said, “I don’t care, do you?” However, it is very likely that you do care. You are frustrated, fearful, angry, depressed, and sad. You feel grief. Grief for a country that is gravely wounded with its citizens waging a cold war that is in danger of becoming a hot one. Grief that George H.W. Bush’s “kinder, gentler nation” never happened. Grief that so many of the American people have become the very antithesis of “kind” or “gentle” and seem to hate and blame each other. John Pavlovitz in his article “I don’t grieve over his cruelty, I grieve over yours” is a profound distillation of the grief we all share. He says the president is a mirror reflection of the “disfigured ugliness of the place I call home…,” and as you read the sentences of his list, each item beginning with “I grieve when…,” your own stored images flash across your mind and crowd onto his list. He says, “With your silence, as much as with your volume, you show me that you are more with him than you are against him, that you are more like him than different from him… Yes, he is a mirror, and I am seeing you my countrymen and women through him…That is why I grieve, friend.”

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter This brief summary cannot do justice to his words. It is like reading an abstract on a painting without even a photo to see it. So please read the article: (

Judy Langston


Vol 3-1

input and recommendations to the SCDP Chair and Executive Committee relating to the goals and interests of rural South Carolina. Mission: The mission of the Rural Caucus is to identify and promote issues that matter to rural South Carolinians and support Democratic candidates who are seeking elected and appointed positions at all levels of government. Meetings: The Rural Caucus meets regularly, usually at SCDP Headquarters, and other times by conference call. Members are notified by email at least ten days in advance.

We are continuing our information series on the South Carolina caucuses. In previous editions, we brought you information on the Hispanic Caucus, the Veterans Caucus and the Environmental Caucus. Following is a description of the Rural Caucus. This information was taken directly from the caucus section of the SCDP website. The Rural Caucus

Caucus Goals: • Provide networking opportunities with other Democrats • Identify and promote solutions for rural South Carolina • Advocate for or against legislation at the state and federal level • Provide input from Caucus activities and interest to the SCDP Executive Committee • Assist in outreach and membership development for county parties and SCDP • Raise Democratic visibility in “red” areas of South Carolina Membership: Joining the Caucus is easy. Membership is open to South Carolina Democrats who have an interest in furthering the Rural Caucus’ goals and objectives. For more information or to join the Caucus, contact Currently, the LCDP does not have a representative to this caucus. If you are interested, please let us know.

Chair Tangee Jacobs We believe strong, safe, and sensible transportation infrastructure, access to quality public education, and the availability of healthcare shouldn’t depend on your zip code. We stand up and speak out for rural South Carolinians.

Graphic by Joel Schaffer

Purpose: The SCDP Caucuses have been established to provide a forum for discussion and cooperation, and to provide


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Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter South Carolina Hall of Fame Gilda Cobb-Hunter

Vol 3-1

President Trump’s Circus without Bread December 14, 2018-Trump announced Mick Mulvaney as acting White House Chief of Staff, replacing John Kelly. Several others were asked first but they did not want the job. December 20, 2018-Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, perhaps the only sane and reasonable member of the Trump Administration, resigned. December 21, 2018–Meaner than the Grinch and Scrooge at their worst, President Trump shut down the government during Christmas and beyond to try to force Congress to pay for his ridiculous wall. This means government employees in the agencies affected are not receiving paychecks and important government services are not being delivered. It would be kinder if he would just use the traditional toddler trick of holding his breath until he turned blue. December 30, 2018–President Trump averaged 15 lies, false claims or misleading statements per day in 2018, which sets a record. He has accumulated more than 7,600 untruths since he took office. This surely must qualify him for the Guinness Book of World Records (The Washington Post).

Gilda Cobb-Hunter is and has been a champion of the underdog, both in the SC House and in her private and professional lives, for many years now. She is CEO of a nonprofit that operates an emergency shelter and helps victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse, and for 27 years in the SC House, her voice has been the clarion call for right and truth and justice. She is a fighter that never gives up just because she is outnumbered and outvoted; she just keeps trying until she gets it done. Gilda Cobb-Hunter is the longest-serving current House member, the longest-serving black member ever in South Carolina, and the first black legislator since Reconstruction to swear in new members, which she did while temporarily presiding over the House’s postelection organization session. It is a measure of the respect she is accorded by her colleagues in both parties that during that same session she was voted the Democrat first vice-chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee. Beginning in January, she will also assume the office of president of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators (The Charleston Post and Courier). We could all profit by listening to her December 4 advice to freshman legislators: “The only lesson you really need to learn is the one you learned in kindergarten. Be kind, be respectful, be civil. All of us have a right to our opinions and we should commit to agree when and where we can, but also agree to disagree but not be disagreeable.” Those are words that we might wish members of the administration in Washington, DC would hear and take to heart.


January 1, 2019–Going into the new year, migrant children are still being separated from their parents and there is evidence they are being mistreated. Two have died. Trump says this is the fault of the Democrats because they won’t give him his wall.

January 1, 2019-Trump’s plan to withdraw troops from Syria, after having spurred the resignation of General Mattis and set off a firestorm of criticism from both parties, is in a state of uncertainty. There is a lot of pointing of fingers going on. January 4, 2019-(The New York Times) President Trump threatened to declare a national emergency and build his wall without Congressional support. He said he is willing for the shutdown to continue for months and months—maybe even a year. All of this time more than 800,000 federal employees are going without paychecks and have no means to buy food or pay for the roof over their heads. More than 400,000 employees are having to work without pay because they are considered essential. This sets a new precedent for our government in negotiating with a terrorist. January 9, 2019-Threatened to cut off FEMA funds for California wildfires and told Coast Guard families to hold garage sales and babysit to pay their bills.

Events © LCDP All Rights Reserved

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter Events Join us for the Dr. Martin Luther King parade on January 19. Lineup will be from 1-2:30 PM at the Barr Street Academy. The parade will begin at 3 PM.

Vol 3-1

Thank You Party for Volunteers The LCDP held a “Thank You” party for volunteers at Hickory Tavern in Indian Land from 4-6 PM on January 10. All of the work put in by our many dedicated volunteers is very much appreciated.

Sun City Democrats The Sun City Carolina Lakes Democrats Club held its first meeting of the new year with a larger crowd th than usual on January 9 . The meeting was interactive and started with a “Whine and Wine” session where all attendees were encouraged to speak out and let everyone know how they feel about Washington today. While most of the comments could be printed here, a few may not be appropriate for all of our readers. Keith Grey and Ralph Renninghoff presented an update of the midterms, which led into a conversation about the assets the LCDP built with people working in Indian Land and the Panhandle. It was estimated that beyond writing postcards, making phone calls, and helping staff the Indian Land festival, the active volunteers distributed nearly 10,000 literature packs or single pieces of campaign literature. The last part of the meeting focused on seeking ideas as to what the club and party can do for 2020 and the primaries. The session sent the membership home to think about possible initiatives and the discussion will continue at future meetings.


Thank You Party

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Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-1

Political Cartoons

President Trump warned about election fraud before the midterms and no one believed him. As it turned out, he was right about its existence but completely wrong about the perpetrators. He said it would be Democrats but the bad boys were Republicans


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Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-1

Happy New Year from President Trump!

JL ©


And one more thing, Mick Mulvaney is now the acting Chief of Staff.


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Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-1

“Something there is that doesn't love a wall, That wants it down.” (Robert Frost)


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Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-1

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The staff of the LCDP Newsletter wishes you a prosperous and hopefulNew Year.

Judy Langston, Newsletter Editor Jennifer Jewett and Martha Robinson, Associate Editors Suzanne Penuel, Copyeditor

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