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Volume 2 Issue 5 May 2018

Vote June 12!

Inside this Issue 1. Meeting and Events Calendar 2. Report from Third Vice Chair 3. May Meeting Report 4. Editorial and Opinions 5. Meet Your Fellow Democrats 6. 2018 Candidates 7. SC Caucuses 8. Events – State Convention 9. Democrats Care 10. Hall of Fame/Shame 11. Political Cartoons

The Primary Maypole


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Primary Candidates Archie Parnell Mark Anthony Ali

US House of Representatives – District 5

Sidney Moore



James Smith


Parnell Noble

Steve Lough



South Carolina Governor

Phil Noble Marguerite Willis


The Red Rose Festival, May 18-19, 2018 The LCDP will have a booth at the Red Rose Festival on Saturday, May 19 from 10 AM - 7 PM. We expect some appearances by candidates, and we will be selling Tee Shirts, registering voters, signing up volunteers, and meeting and greeting potential voters. So please put this date on your calendar.

Web: Our new website is awesome! Check out Ian’s article on page 2. Two more gubernatorial candidates have announced running mates. Read about it in Candidates section.

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter Meeting and Events Calendar Meets on the first Thursday of each The Lancaster month. The next meeting will be on County DemoJune 7 at 7 PM in the Lancaster Licratic Party brary meeting room. Speakers will be Sidney Moore, Candidate for Congress and Crystal Johnson, Candidate for Lancaster Probate Judge Keith Grey, Chair LCDP Working Tuesday, May 15 at 7 PM, Seagull’s Grill (room opens at 6 PM). This Meeting meeting is open to everyone. Meet the 2nd Wednesday of each Sun City Demmonth. They will meet on June 13 at ocrats 7 PM in the Lake House. This will be the annual picnic. For information contact Jeanne Huber, President, Sun City Democrats RSVP mandatory (( Promise Neighborhoods Red Rose Festival Statewide Primary Statewide Primary Runoff (if needed) Election Day

Saturday, May 19, 9 AM. Meet at USC-L. Saturday, May 18-19 The LCDP will have a booth there on May 19, 10 AM-7 PM Tuesday, June 12 Tuesday, June 26

Tuesday, Nov. 6

If you know of events that would be of interest to our members, please send them to the newsletter email to be included in the next issue. For current events and meetings also check out the Events section on our Facebook page. From Third Vice Chair Ian Grohs The Lancaster County Democratic Party has had a lot of exciting developments relating to its online presence lately! Our new website,, is now live. This website is more streamlined and attractive than the old one, and it contains a wealth of useful information. You can find information on our candidates, elected officials, upcoming events, a news blog, an archive of our newsletters, and more. We will even be able to take donations and sell LCDP merchandise via our website soon! Our new social media accounts are continuing to grow and develop as well. We post new content and information to both Facebook and Twitter daily, and these accounts are proving to be quite popular. Despite only being a couple of months old, the LCDP Twitter account has nearly 400 followers as of this writing! If

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you haven’t done so yet, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and checkout the new website! Website: Twitter: Facebook: May Meeting of the LCDP The LCDP met on May 3 at the Lancaster County Library. It was announced that there will be a working meeting on the third Tuesday of each month, in addition to the regular monthly meeting on the first Thursday. The Tuesday meetings will take place at the Seagull Restaurant at 7 PM (6 PM for those who want to eat there). After reports of the officers, Keynote Speaker Mark Anthony Ali, Candidate for Congressional District 5 spoke to the group. (For a summary of Mark’s speech, go to the candidates’ section on page 7. Sarah Ingraham of Planned Parenthood was also scheduled to speak. However, she had to be in Columbia fighting the Republican abortion bill, which was thankfully defeated in the wee hours of the morning. Mitch Norrell Mitch Norrell spoke for Mandy because the Legislature was in session. He said that those who did not attend the Blue Palmetto Dinner missed a great speech by Mandy, the best line of which was that she had hoped the Democrats could regain control of the Legislature through the removal of Republicans through indictments but it looked like now we are going to have to vote them out. (To see a video of Mandy giving this speech go to Video of Mandy's speech). He invited all present to attend an event for James Smith in the Springs House at 2 PM on Friday, May 11. He further commented that: • Since the legislature is so Republican-controlled, Democrats do their best work in stopping bad bills. • The VC Summer situation is still in the Conference Committee. Governor McMaster has said he will veto anything short of completely stopping the rate payments. • Governor McMaster wants to sell Santee Cooper to get rid of the problems that were at least partly caused by Republican appointees to the Board which was supposed to oversee the energy companies.

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter •

Democrats won a victory on May 2 in passing the Solar Power Bill that had been held up by opponents on a property tax technicality. (On May 2 the South Carolina House approved an amendment to a bill providing revenues for the state government which will raise the state’s cap on net metered solar from 2% of a utility’s peak demand to 4% according to PvMagazine.) Mandy sponsored a sex trafficking bill such that men should be held just as accountable as the women engaged in prostitution. (See Hall of Fame Page 17. )

He ended by joking that Mandy was very pleased she had cost Mick Mulvaney so much money when he ran against her that he did not pay off his campaign debts until just before he became Budget Director in the Trump Administration. Mandy, herself, has been debt free since that time.

Mitch Norrell


An article in the New York Times (Apr. 23, 2018 by Paul Krugman) says that while “the federal government nondefense spending can basically be thought of as an insurance plan, with monies for social security, Medicare and Medicaid, state and local budgets are basically used for public education, …police and fire departments.” The author argues that when “hard-line conservatives come to power in states with the premise that tax cuts will bring in revenue for education, the opposite occurs.” Teachers and students hurt as a result, with teachers often having to buy supplies to use in their classrooms. (The Lancaster News has been collecting books for a large book sale to help teachers in Chester and Lancaster counties buy supplying newspapers for students to read.) The article continues to emphasize that teachers salaries have fallen on average across the nation. Teachers are presently making 23 PERCENT LESS THAN OTHER COLLEGE GRADUATES, in addition to this, they are now having to pay a larger portion of their health insurance and other benefits, sometimes having


Vol 2-5

to work a part-time job to supplement their income. (The average teaching salary in South Carolina is about $48, 000 dollars, with starting salaries around $30,000) I have two sisters who are teachers and both have had to take part-time jobs on the side; this is not uncommon. An NPR poll taken reveals that most teachers are struggling economically. In The Greenville News ( Paul Hyde, March 30, 2018) reports that teacher shortages may well become worse as this trend continues. An article in The State ( Jamie Self, Oct 28, 2017) states that in 2016, 6500 teachers ( a 21% increase from the previous year) did not return to their former positions when the new school year started. Many have left teaching for more much better-paying jobs. In this article one teacher says that she teaches because teachers “care about the future, our democracy...but you have to take care of our teachers if you want to take care of our kids.” Teaching is a true labor of love. I am told that it is also a much harder job than it once was, involving state and federal mandates without supportive funding for such. Teachers don’t just impart knowledge, they model character, and are also often on the front lines when it comes to spotting a troubled child, and may go to great lengths to help. It is clear that teaching and other service professions like social work, nursing, first responders, and police, are not appreciated nearly enough. And it takes a teacher to teach other service professionals! A teacher’s day does not end when he or she leaves work—it is often a fifty-hour a week job. One can hope that more strikes, like the ones in Kentucky, West Virginia, Arizona, and Oklahoma, and like the one in Colorado, during which teachers ask for more funds for education, will make public school teachers’ struggles more visible. Sources:; greenvilleonline; thestate

Martha Robinson Mick Mulvaney When Mick Mulvaney was elected to Congress, despite our best efforts to prevent it, I had hope that he would at least make some effort not to shame the county he lives in. His actions since then prove otherwise. He is a true believer in and practitioner of the Trump code of conduct, with quite a few unsavory additions of his own. In the past, it has come to light that Mick Mulvaney did not pay taxes on his nanny during the years 2000-2004 a situation that ended the confirmation hearings of all others who had failed to do so like Clinton nominee, Zoe Baird. We also learned in 2013 that he owed more than

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter $7000 dollars in back taxes going back for as long as 5 years and last month there were news reports that he was using old campaign funds to repay personal debts. According to Politico Magazine, he also wants to cut funding for foreign aid, healthcare, transportation, research, and everything else except Trump’s desire to increase military spending and build a border wall. He says he is doing this for the taxpayers, but the taxpayers are also the ones who will suffer from the loss of everything that keeps them alive and well. He has no concern for women and voted against almost any bill while he was in Congress that would help them. He voted against the Violence Against Women Act, against breast cancer research funding even though none of the funding was going to come from the US Treasury, against putting diaper changing shelves in men’s restrooms, and has denied that the Zika virus can cause defects in unborn babies. Although he is against using public funds to help South Carolina people attend college, buy their first home or expand their business, he is very happy to help himself to public money for his own businesses. Perhaps you remember the Edenmoor debacle that happened right here in Lancaster County. He went to the Lancaster County Council and asked them to approve a $30 million bond for developing his land. He promised to add another $30 million of his own money and he would build houses, a hotel, a business park and many other buildings that would add to the financial well-being of Lancaster County. He lied. He never intended to develop that land. He just wanted to get rid of a $2.5 million dollar mortgage on the property so he could flip it As soon as he got the bond approval, he sold the property for $11.2 million profit, but he had already signed the contract to sell before he went to the council to ask for the bond. And he managed to somehow avoid signing the county development agreement that would have held him accountable. Then the buyer of the land, that Mulvaney already knew was in financial difficulty when he approached the council, defaulted and Lancaster County was left holding the bag that contained an 800-acre piece of polluted, undeveloped property with $5 million of unpaid property taxes. Mulvaney’s comment, “Not my problem. That’s how business is done.” And you must ask yourself why the people of Lancaster County voted him into office after that because the story did appear in the local newspapers. To read the full account of how this happened, go to Councilman Stanley Smith’s letter to SCNow Also the topic of his unethical business practices has come up again recently, as you will see below. In January The Washington Post reported on how he, as the Interim Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) (the organization that protects us from predatory banks and loan sharks) is doing his best to


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bring down that good agency and strip away all of its protections. Now he’s in the news again. The current saga began with an email newsletter from Caitlan Byrd of the Charleston Post and Courier. She reported that our Mick, speaking before a group of bankers, proudly proclaimed that he refused to talk to any lobbyist who did not pay him money. So who gets his ear does not depend on the merits of what the lobbyist is advocating for South Carolina or the country, but on how much he pays Mick. It seems to me that is not only unethical, but it must be illegal. Where does the line fall between involuntary campaign contributions and kickback and bribery? Now his misdeeds have reached such a critical mass that even his own hometown newspaper cannot ignore them. According to The Lancaster News article by Hal Millard, “In an April 30 complaint sent to Federal Reserve Inspector General Mark Bialek, along with the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) accused Mulvaney of misleading the Senate during his January 2017 confirmation process about having taken complex, unusual, and potentially dishonest steps to avoid paying debts his company owed. CREW also alleged Mulvaney may have breached ethics rules and may be potentially vulnerable to conflicts of interest.”

The financial dealings that brought him to this point are very complicated, and would require more space than is available here; so please go to the Lancaster News link above if you would like to read the full story. However, the bottom line is that he appears to have violated the ethics laws by making false statements under oath during his confirmation hearing for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and also by taking devious steps to avoid taking care of his own financial obligations. This is particularly disturbing since he is in charge of the agency that regulates banks and is now in the position of trying to default on a loan. The reasons he should not be an elected official are legion, and far beyond the space we have here to detail them all. He has truly earned a place in our Hall of Shame.

Judy Langston Please send all email concerning this section to, “Attention: Martha Robinson” in the subject line.

Meet your Fellow Democrats Martha Robinson’s profile message is inspiring. I am quoting a phrase from the profile. You can see this from a slightly

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter different reference point as you read the profile. The most important thing Democrats can do in “the divisive, amoral, chaotic atmosphere” worsened by the Trump administration is to be on top of the facts and build community wherever we can. The “divisive, amoral chaotic atmosphere” came about in part because too many people feel left out not only economically but culturally as well. I think that Martha and Ervin have the solutions. They have been absorbing the facts and working to create a cohesive community of caring people. This is the solution for now. Collect your facts and wait just a little bit longer before making a legal move against Trump. We will be ready when the time comes.

Jennifer Jewett

Martha and Ervin Robinson

Vol 2-5

and in Washington DC (Department of Justice) before coming back to Lancaster in 1981. Ervin and Phonzo Starnes were business partners for years in Waxhaw Computer Services, where they complemented each other beautifully developing and supporting software and providing forms and various services to YMCA organizations across the country. Ervin says his mission in life is to "fight the Republican Party". We both enjoy our yard (maybe not too much yard work, though!) and we cherish our families, friends, and neighbors - and walking our dog. We both enjoy music. I play piano, and Ervin plays with some friends in the Old Mule String Band. They have done a monthly performance at White Oak Manor nursing home for 12 years. I am involved with a local support group for persons with mental illnesses. We are both Democrats because we want to see others have the same opportunities we have had. It has been an absolute joy to meet so many kindred spirits at the Lancaster County Democratic Party--so many thinking, caring people! I have enjoyed the opportunity to help campaign for Archie Parnell, and to assist Judy Langston and Jennifer Jewett in writing the LCDP newsletter, and all three of us welcome anyone to submit an article. Everyone’s input counts, so please consider submitting as you have the time. Please send all contributions to this section to “Attention: “Jennifer Jewett” in the subject line. 2018 Democratic Candidates for Office

I am one of six children, and I learned about democracy and sharing in my early childhood, sharing toothbrushes with my sibs! When my husband, Ervin, and I married (he is an only child), he was shocked by this habit--that was a first lesson for me in our marriage. I graduated from college during the Vietnam and Watergate era, and have been something of a pacifist since then. My professions were social work and nursing, although my nursing was strictly volunteer work. Both Ervin and I were deeply opposed to the Gulf War, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. I have never been truly involved in local politics, however, until now. I truly fear for the future of my country right now. I hate the division, deplore the amoral chaotic Trump administration. My husband has been absolutely the most supportive husband in the world! Of the things I am most proud, my marriage of thirty-five years is number one. Ervin was a federal employee in Atlanta (HEW/Head Start)


Office US House 5th District


Democratic Candidates Archie Parnell Mark Anthony Ali Steve Lough Sidney Moore

Primary June 12

James Smith Phil Noble Marguerite Willis

Democratic and Republican Primaries

Democratic Primary

Opponents Republican Incumbent Ralph Norman Michael Chandler, Constitution Party Republicans: Henry McMaster (incumbent), Catherine Templeton, John Warren, Kevin Bryant, John Yancey McGill Martin Barry, American Party

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter Attorney General

Constance Anastopoulo

Republican Primary only

Republicans: Alan Wilson (incumbent), Todd Atwater, William Herlong

Secretary of State

Major Melvin T. Whittenburg

Republican Primary only

Republicans: Mark Hammond (incumbent), Joshua Putnam, Nelson Faerber, Kerry Wood

State Treasurer

Rosalyn Glenn

No Primary

State Superintendent of Education

Dr. Israel Romero

No Primary

SC House District 45

Corin Buskey

No Primary

SC House District 44 Lancaster County Probate Judge

Mandy Powers Norrell Crystal Johnson

No Primary

Republican Curtis Loftis (incumbent), Sarah Work, American Party Republican Molly Spearman (Incumbent) Republican Brandon Newton (Incumbent) Running unopposed Republican Dee Studebaker

Charlene McGriff

No Primary

Running unopposed

Larry Honeycutt (Incumbent)

No Primary

Republican Don Duve

Lancaster County Council District 2 Lancaster County Council District 4

No Primary

This issue will focus mainly on the candidates that will be in the June 12 primary. There will be additional information on the other candidates in the June edition.


Vol 2-5

Archie Parnell – Candidate for Congressional House Seat District 5

Archie Parnell ran in 2017 for this same office and against the same opponent--Ralph Norman. He came within just three points of winning, which is an incredible feat in this heavily Republican state. He did this with very little help from the DNC. They gave most of their money and support to the candidate in Georgia, who lost by a much wider margin. Now the DNC is sitting up and taking notice, as is most of the rest of the country. Archie was told by a reporter from the Washington Post that his campaign was probably the precursor for the Democratic wins in Alabama and Pennsylvania. Archie has said that you have to raise lots of money to attract the attention of the DNC. And he has done that. He has not only raised more money than Ralph Norman, he has done it with 2260 donors to Ralph Norman’s 226. Archie Parnell is a native South Carolinian from Sumter. He has worked as a tax attorney for the US Department of Justice, the US House Ways and Means Committee, and for some of the largest American companies. The field in which he has the most expertise and experience is the tax code. He believes the tax code should be an extension of the moral code. It should be fair to all citizens and not just heavily favor corporations and the very wealthy at the expense of the wage earners. He says you have to ask will a tax bill help or harm the people? e says although the tax bill enacted in December has some good things, it will in the long run harm the people. It is disproportionately favorable to corporations and the very wealthy. Corporations had their tax rate reduced from 30% to 20%, and they no longer have to pay taxes on money earned outside the US. The bill puts the American wage earner, the person who works hard every day to earn a living wage, in the least favorable

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter category in history. The bill will also increase the deficit by a gigantic amount.

Vol 2-5

Mark Anthony Ali, Candidate for Congressional House Seat District 5

Growing up in a SC military family defined his values. His parents taught him the values of service, respect, hard work and the need to bring people together to solve problems. Those are the values that made Archie effective in his career and what he will bring to Washington. He will work hard to repair Obama Care so that healthcare will be available to all. He also favors adding Medicare to the program. He is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment but he believes the ban on military-style assault rifles that was in effect from 1994-2004 should be reinstated. Since the ban was lifted, deaths from assault rifles have gone up 232%. He also thinks the Charleston loophole should be closed, no gun should be purchased without a background check, and guns must be kept out of the hands of the mentally ill, and those with a criminal record or a history of domestic violence He has promised that, if elected, he will work hard every day from early in the morning until late at night to try to right some of the wrongs that are now going on in Washington. Source of above information: Speeches made by Candidate Parnell For more information: Facebook: Website: Twitter:

Mark Anthony Ali was born in Guyana and grew up in Surinam. As a young adult, he immigrated to the United States. Both in Surinam and here he had to face all of the issues that undocumented immigrants. Life was difficult--living in the shadows and being exploited by employers. He had to work long hours for little pay because as an undocumented immigrant, he had no legal rights and could not defend himself. However, he overcame these obstacles. He became a legal resident, then a citizen, and now he is a candidate for Congress. Because of all the hardships he suffered and overcame, he believes he understands what so many Americans, and especially South Carolinians are going through, and it has made him passionate about all of the issues that need to be addressed--health care, education, environment...On his website, he has a listing of his platform and a listing of his position on many issues. (website) He says our elected officials are not working for us. Congress is a "for profit" organization and if a bill does not benefit the rich, it does not pass. It is time to say "enough is enough." He believes many people do not vote because they do not believe anyone running for office is going to change their lives for the better. He says we need a change and he wants to be that change. Mark at LCDP Meeting


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 2-5

Mark Ali – Keynote Speaker at LCDP May Meeting Mark Ali spoke at the May meeting of the LCDP. He began by outlining 3 of the issues on his platform that are very important to him—universal health care, equality (economic, gender, racial), and immigration. He talked about a meeting he had with some young people in their early twenties. Even at this young age they were already feeling left out of the political system and believed that no candidate would ever change their lives for the better. They were fed up and not planning to vote.

Website: Facebook: Twitter:

Steve Lough, Candidate for Congressional District 5

They talked to him about their lives and their struggles to make a living. They told him about their dreams that would never happen—like not being able to send a child with far above average intelligence to college. They talked about not being able to get health care because they could not afford it. And they asked tough questions. He told them the right candidate could make a difference in their lives. A candidate who would fight for universal health care with a Medicare for all provision. A healthcare program with 326 million people enrolled could bring providers and pharmaceutical companies to the bargaining table and save hundreds of millions of dollars. And those savings could go into the educational system to provide teachers with a living wage and the resources they need for their students. A candidate who understands that we need an educational system that meets students where they are and develops their unique individual talents to their fullest capability. A candidate who knows what it means to live in poverty in South Carolina where 22.7% of the children, 16.8% of working women, and 11.4% of working men live below the poverty line. One who knows we have to level out the playing field so there is opportunity for a future and a culture that is for everyone. A candidate who understands you can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps if your boots have no straps. And so some of those young people said that maybe they would vote. And even if they don’t actually get to the polls, perhaps they will think about the issues that control their lives and see those can be changed. We have to give them a reason to hope. We have to elect candidates that will make that change happen, and we have to do it before the increased deficit caused by the Republican tax bill destroys the country. In 2018 we will have to borrow one trillion more dollars just to pay our bills, and if the deficit continues to grow at the rate the tax bill has caused, in 2028 our deficit will be greater than our GDP.


The below information was take from Candidate Steve Lough’s website with his permission Steve Lough was born and raised in Camden, SC. His mom and dad both worked at the DuPont plant. His mom was six months pregnant with Steve when her husband, Steve’s dad, died of a heart attack. Steve’s mom was left to raise her three boys on her own. One became a doctor, one a lawyer, and then there was Steve. Steve graduated from Camden High School and played football, soccer and wrestled. He played one year of football at Dartmouth College and graduated with a degree in Anthropology. Financial Aid and work-study jobs allowed Steve to realize the dream of a college education without being saddled with a huge debt. From there, Steve went to Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Clown College and was offered a contract as a clown with the circus. He has been a professional clown for 30 years. Living on the train, touring America by rail, and working with performers, both human and animal, from all different parts of the world was the best education of all! When you sweat beside a person and laugh with them, wherever they are from, whatever the color of their skin, whatever God they worship, you learn to love all of humanity. Those values, love, mutual respect, and a common goal of working together to put on The Greatest Show On Earth, are what Steve hopes to bring to the Congress of the greatest country on earth!

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter The last 10 years, Steve has been performing 45 minute long Anti-Bullying elementary school shows, sponsored by McDonald's, in public schools in NC, from Chapel Hill to Ocracoke. He was performing at a school on Camp LeJeune when the Sandy Hook shooting took place. The horror of that day motivated Steve to consider a run for public office. After volunteering for the Obama campaigns of ’08 and ’12, Steve was deeply moved and inspired by Bernie Sanders to fight for Single Payer Healthcare. Bernie calls it Medicare For All, some say Universal Health Care. Steve believes that healthcare is a basic human right for all Americans, rich, poor, any color, any creed. Every other major industrialized country on earth has Single Payer Healthcare. It is the only proven way, with real lives and real dollars, to lower costs for all of our citizens. Another benefit of Single Payer Healthcare is Universal Voter Registration. You are automatically registered to vote when you are enrolled in Single Payer Healthcare. Steve also believes that voting is an “unalienable right” in any Democracy.

Vol 2-5

Last time I checked, the purpose of a partisan primary is for members of political parties to nominate candidates for the general election. In South Carolina, it is the public that chooses the nominee since voters are not required to register by party affiliation. In no case is this choice made by party elites, especially not those who, in my humble opinion, are solely motivated by selfaggrandizement and Washington backbiting.” Mr. Moore’s mission statement: “Apply available and acquirable resources to achieve individual goals and objectives in a manner consistent with the legitimate requirements of authority and the highest virtues of humanity.” For more information about this candidate go to Also, He will be guest speaker at the June 7 meeting of the LCDP James Smith, Candidate for Governor

For More Information go to Web: Facebook: Twitter: Sidney Moore, Candidate for Congressional District 5

James Smith grew up in a military family with a record of service all the way back to the Revolution. He, himself, served in Afghanistan. Because of this, his commitment to service is strong. He says, "All of my life I have felt the call to service. I have been grateful for the privilege to serve my community, my state, and my nation."

The following information was sent by Candidate Sidney Moore and is an excerpt from a speech he made in Newberry on April 26. “I’m tasked with the challenge of convincing you and other would-be voters in the June 12, primary election, that I'm the best man for the job. To that purpose let me make one thing crystal clear. I do not accept that (Archie) Parnell’s 2017 special election loss makes him the preemptive choice in this year’s primary.


He says, "I am running for governor because I feel like I must do all that I can to fight for the people of South Carolina. I am running because I want South Carolina to realize her fullest potential and to do that means no one gets left behind. I see South Carolina as she can be and ask why not? Why not more than a minimally adequate education? Why not an energy plan that works for all of us and a South Carolina prepared for the jobs of the future? Why not a South Carolina where we invest in our quality of life, support for our families, rebuild our infrastructure, reform our government to be efficient, transparent, and

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter accountable, and provide access to quality healthcare? A South Carolina where those in power serve the people and not themselves?" When asked if he would be able to move his agenda forward with a legislature that would still be under strong Republican control he said that he would. He has worked in just that situation for years and has managed to get major legislation passed and to block some very bad legislation. He understands the art and the value of compromise when it is time to put partisan considerations aside and work together for the common good. However, he said what he would never do is fail to support necessary issues because they are unpopular because, he says, "I care more about doing the job than keeping the job." He says, "If you, like me, believe in a South Carolina that works for all of us, I ask you to stand with me. If you, like me, want a better future for the next generation and know that it will take each of us working together, I ask you to join me. I know there is a long road ahead and we will be up against powerful interests that don't want to change. Whether in the State House or the highland deserts of Afghanistan, I have fought for you and for the values we each hold dear and I want to fight for you as your governor." ( James Smith has received an amazing number of endorsements from many influential people such as former governors Dick Riley and James Hodges, former Vice President Joe Biden and worthy organizations such as the Sierra Club and the CV of SC (Conservation Voters of SC). Most recently he was endorsed by Congressman Jim Clyburn during the SC Democratic Convention. Source of above information: website link below and speeches made by Rep. Smith. For more information on Candidate James Smith go to Web: Facebook: Twitter:

Vol 2-5

James Smith Chooses Mandy Powers Norrell as his Running Mate On Friday, May 11, Gubernatorial Candidate James Smith came to the Springs House in Lancaster to make the announcement that his running mate would be Lancaster’s own, Representative Mandy Powers Norrell. Although an effort had been made to keep this news a secret, it was not a surprise to the large crowd of enthusiastic supporters gathered to hear it. James Smith said he had been looking for a leader to be a partner in his campaign for the governor’s office and who shares his vision for a better South Carolina. He said, “I have come to Lancaster County to tell you I have found that leader. I have found a woman who has the experience and strength of character that we need, a woman who shares our core values as South Carolinians, a woman who is now ready to serve and to lead South Carolina. And that woman is Representative Mandy Powers Norrell.” He was not the first to speak in glowing terms about the respect and affection that exists for Mandy in the legislature and in the state. Two of her colleagues (Rep. Terry Alexander and Rep. John King) and US Congressman Jim Clyburn spent time at the podium praising both Mandy and James and offering support before the announcement was made. Congressman Clyburn had already endorsed James Smith at the Democratic State Convention in April, and now he expanded that support to embrace Mandy. The event was also attended by former US Rep. John Spratt. Mandy, at her turn, expressed appreciation for the love and support she has been given from her hometown. She recounted the story of growing up in a family with very little money and how this taught her the value of hard work and appreciation for what you have. She was the first in her family to attend college, paying her own way by working in a textile mill. But she did not stop there. She went on to law school, continuing to pay her own way and driving to Columbia every day. She married Mitch Norrell, the love of her life, and they began a law practice and a family together in Lancaster. She explained how she came to know James Smith. When she began her first campaign, which was against Republican Mick Mulvaney, she did not know very much about campaigning. James Smith, ever the mentor of new and aspiring Democratic candidates, sent a support team to help her. And now she said, thanks to him, she does know very well what she is doing and would like the opportunity to join him as lieutenant governor and help him to right the wrongs that have been done to this state by Republican control. They will fight for public education, there is a plan to bring jobs to the rural areas,


Mandy, with her son standing behind her, making acceptance speech.

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter and James, as governor, will accept the federal money turned down by the Republicans for healthcare so desperately needed by South Carolinians. They have worked together in the SC Legislature since she was elected to the House in 2012, and they will continue to work as a team for South Carolina. To see a video of the speeches of James Smith and Mandy Powers Norrell go to

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Rep. James Smith Mandy checking out Smith/Norrell sign Mandy with her family State Rep. Terry Alexander speaking State Rep. John King speaking US Congressman Jim Clyburn speaking

Vol 2-5

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 2-5

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 11, 2018 Press Contact: Alyssa Miller, 803-281-0380

Representative James Smith Chooses Running Mate Smith announces Representative Mandy Powers Norrell as pick for Lt. Governor

Lancaster, SC-FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 11, 2018 Press Contact: Alyssa Miller, 803-281-0380 Representative James Smith Chooses Running Mate Smith announces Representative Mandy Powers Norrell as pick for Lt. Governor LANCASTER, SC - On Friday, May 11, 2018, Representative James Smith announced his selection of threeterm Democratic House member from District 44 in Lancaster, Representative Mandy Powers Norrell, as his running mate. Representative Norrell comes from a long line of farmers and sharecroppers in the Lancaster area, and both of her parents worked for Springs Mills. Norrell was the first in her family to go to college, where she graduated with honors and received a partial scholarship to law school. She is married to Mitch Norrell, and they have two children -- Teddy, 19, and Emma,16. Representative Norrell first ran for office in 2008, in a race for State Senate against Mick Mulvaney. It was during this campaign that she met James Smith, who sent volunteers to Lancaster to help her organize her campaign. She was later elected to the State House in 2012 and served as the City Attorney for the City of Lancaster from 1999 until 2012, as well as the Town Attorney for the Town of Kershaw from 2010 to 2012. In her private law practice, she practices in the areas of bankruptcy and litigation. “Mandy is a tireless advocate and one of my closest friends. She has been an outspoken voice for rural interests drawing on her firsthand experiences growing up in Lancaster County. I know she will continue to speak up for what she believes in - and I could not be more excited about this ticket,” said Legislative Black Caucus Chairman Representative John King. “Mandy has been a fierce ally and champion for moving this state forward. She is a positive, energizing force, who is easily the most qualified Lieutenant Governor candidate on the ballot. Mandy shares the same vision for this state that I do, a state that can do more for its people, and a state must move forward to ensure a better South Carolina for all.” said Representative James Smith “I am honored to be joining this ticket with James Smith as his Lieutenant Governor running mate. James’ deep sense of service above self is immediately apparent to anyone who meets him. I know that James will be successful in the June primary, and I am confident that, together, we will return the Governor’s office to the people of South Carolina in November,” Representative Norrell said.

### CONTACT: Alyssa Miller, campaign spokesperson 803-281-0380


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 2-5

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 10, 2018 Contact: Mary E. Regan, or 843.730.1180

Georgetown County Native Gloria Bromell Tinubu Joins Phil Noble as his Running Mate Reform Democrats offer “a new course for state government and a broader, more inclusive vision of South Carolina’s future”

(Charleston, SC) – Georgetown County native, born in Brookgreen Gardens and raised in Plantersville on a family farm purchased by her great grandfather in 1883, Gloria Bromell Tinubu, Ph.D. formally joined Democrat Phil Noble as his nominee for lieutenant governor at a joint press conference today. The two are the only candidates for the state’s top jobs in either party committed to top-tobottom reform of state government. “Dr. Gloria Bromell Tinubu not only understands the change South Carolinians are looking for, she lives it. We share the same determination to end corruption, reorder the priorities of state government, and set a dramatically different course for the future,” Noble said. “I am honored someone of Gloria’s stature would join me in this campaign to bring real reform to South Carolina government. There is no one more qualified to rethink education, expand access to health care, demand accountability from the state’s utilities, and create an economy that works for all South Carolinians,” Noble added. Dr. Bromell Tinubu - an applied economist, former high school and college educator, and public servant – has most recently served as the City of Georgetown’s Director of Economic Development. The seventh of eight children born to the late Beatrice and Charlie Bromell of Plantersville, she graduated second in her class from Choppee High School, now Carver’s Bay, with honors from Howard University, and became the first African-American woman to earn a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Clemson University and the first African American, male or female, to earn a Ph.D. in Applied Economics also from Clemson. In addition, in 2012, Dr. Bromell Tinubu became the first African American woman in South Carolina to run for and win a congressional nomination. Dr. Bromell Tinubu has been the recipient of numerous awards for public service and community service including the Winnie Mandela Humanitarian Award for Public Service and Spelman College’s Fannie Lou Hamer Community Service Award. She was listed in Essence magazine’s October 2005 edition on Women Who are Shaping the World. “Phil has been the lone voice in this campaign who understands how far the priorities of those in state government have drifted from those of its citizens. If South Carolina is to be world-class, we have to act like it. We must have the best schools. We must have good jobs that pay self-sufficient wages. We must have a healthy workforce. We must have aggressive and transparent oversight of state utilities, and we must be committed to the safest and cleanest environment possible in which to live and raise our children,” said Dr. Bromell Tinubu. “The challenge Phil and I bring to Democrats is to BE Democrats, by becoming the vehicle by which people can create a better future for themselves. We are committed to ensuring that our young people, women, people of color, the working poor, and rural and farm families will have a strong and vibrant voice at the table every time, all the time,” she said. According to Bromell Tinubu, “The question facing Democrats this year is the same question that the Late Honorable Barbara Jordan raised at the 1976 Democratic National Convention some 42 years ago. The question is whether we will be ‘one people bound together by common spirit, sharing in a common endeavor; or will we become a divided nation?’ By electing Phil Noble as the Democratic nominee for Governor, the people of South Carolina will send a resounding message to the nation that we are fed up with divided politics and we demand new leadership with a positive vision of the future and who will work to bridge the gap between our democratic ideals and our present realities.”


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 2-5

Dr. Bromell Tinubu and her husband Soji Tinubu, also a graduate of Clemson University with a master’s degree in civil engineering, have been married for nearly 42 years and have four adult children and five grandchildren. Highlights of Dr. Bromell Tinubu’s career also include: o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

·2012 & 2014 Democratic Nominee for South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District ·Board of Directors Conway Innovation Center and Georgetown Innovation Center ·Chair, Board of Directors of The Mitney Project in Georgetown ·Chair, Board of Directors of Palmetto Works Community Development Corporation in Conway ·Woodland Community Advocate, Center for Heirs Property in Charleston ·Associate of the Waccamaw Chapter of the American Leadership Forum ·Fellow of Governor Riley's Diversity Leadership Institute at Furman University ·Former teaching associate, College of Business Administration at Coastal Carolina University ·Former Board of Directors of the United Way of South Carolina ·Former Board of Directors Conway Area Chamber of Commerce ·Former tenured professor and Chair of the Economics Department at Spelman College ·Former President of Barber-Scotia College ·Former member of the Georgia General Assembly ·Former member of the Georgia Board of Education ·Former member of the Atlanta City Council

BIO DR. GLORIA BROMELL TINUBU Dr. Gloria Bromell Tinubu was born in Brookgreen Gardens and raised in Plantersville, SC. The seventh of eight children in a family where the parents never received a high school education, she attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia as a Herbert Lehman Scholar before going on to Howard University to earn a bachelor's degree. She then received a master's degree and a doctorate from Clemson University. Dr. Bromell Tinubu, the first African-American to receive a Ph.D. in applied economics from Clemson, is a former professor in the College of Business Administration at Coastal Carolina University, a former tenured professor and chair of the economics department


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 2-5

at Spelman College. She serves on the board of directors of two local community development organizations and for several years owned a small business that specialized in family-centered economies and community economic development. Dr. Bromell Tinubu is a former high school teacher and also served on the Georgia Board of Education, the Atlanta, GA city council, and in the Georgia House of Representatives. In 2001, she received the Winnie Mandela Humanitarian Award for Public Service and in 2005 she was featured in Essence magazine, "Women Who are Shaping the World." Dr. Bromell Tinubu and her husband Soji have four children. She ran for South Carolina's 7th Congressional District seat. She surprised political pundits by finishing first in the June 2012 primary, apparently winning the nomination outright without the need for a runoff. The South Carolina Election Commission declared her the winner, but then a judge ruled that the votes cast for candidate Ted Vick, who dropped out of the race following a DUI arrest, must be counted. That dropped her below the 50 percent threshold needed to win. Two weeks later, she trounced Myrtle Beach attorney Preston Brittain with 73 percent of the vote. Brittain had the endorsement of key Democratic leaders including U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn and former Gov. Jim Hodges. Copyright 2018 All rights reserved.

Phil Noble for Governor P.O. Box 21025 Charleston, SC 29413 United States

For more information on Candidate Phil Noble go to Web: Facebook: PhilNobleSC Twitter: PhilNobleSC

Marguerite Willis, Candidate for Governor

law firm where she has successfully litigated numerous cases involving business clients. She has taken on major corporations such as Exxon Mobil and fought to make sure they operate on a fair playing field. She is a proud South Carolinian who has dedicated herself to serving her state and her community. She entered the race for governor because she believes South Carolina needs another alternative. She says, "I am not a politician. I am a problem solver. I am running to make sure every South Carolinian, regardless of race, gender, or position, gets a fair deal." She is challenging “the good old boy system.” At the recent Party convention Marguerite said: “We deserve more than backroom deals that for generation after generation have kept poor people down, rich people up, and the vast majority of everyone else feeling left out and forgotten.”

“The day of the forgotten South Carolinian is over.” Marguerite Willis finished Greenville High School at the top of her class and went on to college and law school. She was the first female editor of the Law Review and now is a member of a major Columbia


What South Carolina needs now Is a problem solver, someone to think outside the box about the systemic problems we face, things like poverty, income inequality, and a broken healthcare system. We need someone who can combine big-hearted ideas with businessminded solutions. I am that person. I will not walk the road that is so familiar to my opponents, a road that is littered with empty promises, little advancements, and certain de-

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 2-5

feat. My path is to confront the difficult issues that limit South Carolina’s future. My journey with you will be measured by how much we improve the lives of our neighbors and children, not by how much we line our pockets.

Please also keep these other candidates in mind. There will be more information on each of them after the primary on June 12

Some of the issues she will focus on if elected are healthcare; jobs and economic development; education reform; the legalization of medical marijuana; common sense gun safety, the opioid crisis, corruption at the State House, our energy future; and women’s rights and equal pay for women. She says she is "a warrior for women." She is passionate about equal pay for women because, in order to be independent and to be able to take care of themselves, they need to earn a living wage. They cannot do that if they are being paid less and passed over for promotions just because they are women. (to read her full position on these issues go to

Constance Anastopoulo, Candidate for Attorney General

She has chosen as her running mate to serve as Lt. Governor, Senator John Scott. When she recently debated with James Smith and Phil Noble on February 2, in her closing remarks she quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, " We may have all come in different ships, but we're in the same boat now." She said the South Carolina boat is full of holes and she could patch the holes and sail the boat across the harbor to prosperity. Source of above information: Facebook and Website (links below) and various speeches of Candidate Willis. Website: Facebook: Twitter:

For more information on Constance Anastopoulo, go to Website: Facebook: Twitter:

Major Melvin T. Whittenburg, Candidate for Secretary of State.


Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: WhittenburgforSCSOS/ whittenburg4SOS whittenburg4sos/

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter Rosalyn Glenn, Candidate for South Carolina State Treasurer

Vol 2-5

Dr. Israel Romero, Candidate for SC Superintendent of Education

Crystal Johnson, Candidate for Lancaster County Probate Judge


For more information on this candidate, please contact her campaign as follows-Facebook: Campaign-to-elect-Rosalyn-Glenn Website: Phone: 803-419-7473

Corin Buskey, Candidate for SC House District 45 Crystal B. Johnson is a lifelong resident of Lancaster County. She is the daughter of the late William “Billy” Wesley Branham, Sr. and Carol T. Branham of Lancaster. She is married to Bart A. Johnson and they have two beautiful daughters, Amber and Jade. She has two precious grandchildren, Natalee and Christopher. She also has a Chihuahua-Terrier mix named Trixie that she adopted from the Lancaster County Animal Shelter in 2013. She graduated from Lancaster High School and USC-Lancaster with honors. She has an Associate in Science Degree in Business. She is a member of Lynwood United Methodist Church. She has 25 years’ experience in the Lancaster County Probate Court. The late Honorable Minton O’Reecie Pate hired her on January 15, 1990, for the position of Legal Clerk I. During the period from 1995-2000 she was promoted to Legal Clerk II and Legal Clerk III. On August 28, 2000, she became the first Associate Probate Judge for Lancaster County. She was the Associate Probate Judge for 15 years. She also has 25 years of continuing legal education. She knows the Probate Court. She has spent, literally, half of her life in the Lancaster County Probate Court. From her hire date in January 1990, she continuously strived to make the Probate process easier to understand for the families of Lancaster County. She is responsible for the production of the majority of the estate material


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter used in the Probate Court today. She also wrote a Procedure Manual for the court staff.

Vol 2-5

Larry Honeycutt, Candidate for Lancaster County Council District 4

She believes the Court Staff should be cross-trained in every area of Probate Practice. From mental health and chemical dependency proceedings to minor settlements, guardianship and conservatorship proceedings as well as small estate and full estate proceedings. Her previous job experience includes supervising employees, management responsibilities, and customer service. She enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, shooting her bow with her husband, creative writing, watching movies, listening to music and reading. xxx Above information sent by Crystal Johnson Campaign. Mandy Powers Norrell, Representative, SC House District 44 (Now Candidate for Lt. Governor)

SCDP Caucuses


Report by Tom Langston, LCDP Veterans Representative, Vice Chair District 5, and SCDP Caucus Treasurer


Charlene McGriff, Lancaster County Council District 2


The South Carolina Democratic Veterans Caucus(SCDVC) held its second quarterly meeting of 2018 th on Tuesday, May 8 . We reviewed recent significant events concerning the Veterans Administration and legislative issues of interest to veterans. Secretary Dr. David Shulkin was fired by a tweet from President Trump th on March 28 of this year and White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson was nominated to succeed him but withdrew following the publication of allegations of personal misconduct. Members of the SCDVC concur in our concerns that President Trump is likely to nominate a replacement who might seek to undermine the Veterans Administration by outsourcing treatment of veterans to private healthcare providers. We also discussed the merits of recently introduced legislation, the VA Mission Act, H.R. 5674, introduced by Republican Dr. Phil Roe, Chairman of the House Committee on Veteran Affairs. The Bill has been cited as fair by many of the leading veterans service organizations


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter such as The American Legion, The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, AmVets as well as the Koch Brothers sponsored Concerned Veterans for America. The Mission Act does provide funding to continue the Veterans Choice program which provides veterans with access to the private healthcare market under various circumstances. After noting that President Trump has shown little regard for the opinions of his cabinet members, the SCDVC agreed to continue strongly supporting the continuance of the Veterans Administration as an independent entity. th

Following the review of issues, SC 5 Congressional District Candidate Mark Ali participated in a discussion of his position regarding the $15 per hour minimum wage as per the platform adopted by the SC Democratic Convention of 2018. Prior to adjournment, I was elected treasurer to replace the former treasurer who has not attended recent meetings.


SCDP Caucuses In addition to the 11 SCDP Caucuses listed in the April edition (Labor/Progressive, Veterans, Senior Issues, Education, Faith, Disability, Business, Rural, LGBT, Environmental, and Hispanic), there is one more new caucus—Black Women’s Caucus. The LCDP has representatives to four of them (Labor Progressive-Alan Sattler, Veterans-Tom Langston, Senior Issues-Cary Kimmel and LGBTQ-Freddie Ann Hutchens.) In this edition, we will introduce you to the Hispanic Caucus. We do not yet have a representative to this caucus, so if you or someone you know would like to represent the LCDP, please let us know (email: or attend the next monthly meeting and tell us.) Following is the letter we received from the Chairs of the Hispanic Caucus.

Vol 2-5

ward improving the education our children receive, creating jobs to grow South Carolina’s economy, and fixing our broken immigration system. These, and many other policy issues are vitally important to all citizens of South Carolina which the Hispanic community is proudly a part of. Through advocacy, commitment, and fellowship we will fight for policies that are important in the lives of our community. In partnership with the leadership and members of the South Carolina Democratic Party, we aim to positively change our politics for the better. Areas where we can use your help and support as Party leaders: Our focus will be to build up a grassroots infrastructure expanding this caucus and its reach. Let us know if you have friends, family members, co-workers, or community leaders that want to or should be involved in pushing forward this agenda. By registering eligible voters throughout the state that can make a statement at the ballot box, helping to turn our state BLUE. We will be organizing voter registration drives in each congressional district and will be calling on you to assist us in our efforts. Support our goal to effectively reach out to those that reside throughout the Palmetto State that believe in the issues the Democratic Party is fighting for. Please visit our new Facebook Page (the link is below) LIKE US and help us spread the positive, inclusive message we will be communicating. Let us know stories or events that need to be shared that are taking place in your county. Facebook page link: Thank you for helping us in our efforts. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. In service, Elias Valentin II and Evelyn Lugo, Co-Chairs “

Events The South Carolina Democratic Convention

Ralph Renninghoff and Cliff Musante

“Our mission as a Caucus is to empower members of the Hispanic community to become engaged in all levels of politics. Through servant leadership, we aim to leave a significant legacy bringing new perspectives into South Carolina politics adding our diversity, life experiences, and talents. Co-Chaired by Elias Valentin II and Evelyn Lugo, this caucus will be a home where those who have a heart for the community work to-


The South Carolina Democratic Convention was held in Columbia on April 20 and 21. The Lancaster County Democratic Party sent a large contingent of delegate and alternates plus other members who attended unofficially.

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 2-5

Events on Friday night included the Chair’s Reception, the Blue Palmetto Dinner, The Nina Turner Meet and Greet sponsored by Our Revolution, and the Jim Clyburn “World Famous Fish Fry”. The keynote speaker at the Blue Palmetto Dinner was US Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio and remarks were made by US Congressman Jim Clyburn of SC, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, Honorable John Delaney, US Congressman from Maryland and declared Candidate for President in 2020, and Mandy Powers Norrell, State House of Representatives District 44. Saturday morning began with a ticketed breakfast hosted by the Women’s Council and SCDP Black Women’s Caucus. Delegate check-in and credentialing began at 8 am. There were remarks by Congressman Jim Clyburn and by US Senator Jeff Merkley, and candidates for constitutional office were introduced. Reports of the Platform and Resolutions Committee and the discussion of the resolutions continued until lunch and beyond. The resolutions were consolidated down to 21 and all of those passed. After the debate and vote on the resolutions were finished, there were remarks by former State Senator and current President of Our Revolution, Nina Turner, and speeches by 2018 candidates for the remainder of the afternoon.

Jennifer Grohs and Nina Turner

The Red Rose Festival, May 18-19, 2018 The LCDP will have a booth at the Red Rose Festival on Saturday, May 19 from 10 AM - 7 PM. We expect some appearances by candidates, and we will be selling Tee Shirts, registering voters, signing up volunteers, and meeting and greeting potential voters. So please put this date on your calendar.

Democrats Care

Blue Palmetto Dinner Video of Mandy Powers Norrell speaking at the Blue Palmetto dinner: Video of Mandy's speech

This month’s salute goes to two worthy organizations

Video of Nina Turner, President of Our Revolution speaking at the Meet and Greet: video of Nina Turner

HOPE in Lancaster

Video of Senator Jeff Merkley speaking at the Our Revolution Meet and Greet: Senator Merkley video


HOPE (Helping Other People Effectively) in Lancaster first opened its doors on February 28, 1983. Since that time HOPE has brought help to thousands of people in crisis situations. Their mission today is the same as it was then, “to provide assistance, resources, and referrals that allow individuals and families in crisis situations the opportunity to recover from and move beyond shortterm emergencies.” A family or individual in need may receive help with rent, food, and/or utilities provided they present verifiable short-term emergency. In recent years

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter HOPE has sought to go beyond immediate needs with their clients to discover the root of the problem especially if it has become chronic. This additional help has manifested through budget and financial counseling, nutrition and health education and a myriad of other referrals based on the client’s unique and specific needs. This additional case management has been quite effective and useful to our clients and has promoted cooperation and collaboration among agencies and non-profits in the county. The Seal of HOPE is a graphic representation of the organization. This is the way the website describes their seal. “The Seal of HOPE in Lancaster, Inc. is two circles surrounding a flaming urn which is supported by two hands. The flames coming from the urn are the flames of a new beginning, the help that HOPE offers those in urgent need. The hands supporting the urn represent those who have given to HOPE–given time, money, food, prayers, and concern. Those hands represent each person who supports HOPE and makes its work possible. By placing these helping, uplifting hands within two circles, the seal shows the continuity of HOPE’s task. Just as a circle does not end, so HOPE’s commitment to the needs of Lancaster County will continue for as long as the community’s hands lift up these life-giving flames that offer help to those in need.” The current director of HOPE is Bekah Clawson. If you would like to help, contact information is as follows: Telephone number: 803286-4673 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 166, Lancaster, SC 29721.

Lancaster County Community Garden While many of our local LCDP members were in Columbia on Saturday, April 21, attending the South Carolina Democratic Convention, a few of us worked with Promise Neighborhoods. This time we worked in the Community Garden on Springdale Road. The Community Garden is a very worthwhile endeavor that is affiliated with United Way but not a partner agency. In addition to the large garden on Springdale Road,


Vol 2-5

there is a new one in the vicinity of Clinton Elementary. A garden plot is available free of charge to Lancaster County residents who apply. Participants are even given plants and the use of tools without cost. Anyone who is willing to put in the work of planting, watering, weeding, and caring for the plants is eligible.

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 2-5

Thank You Letter from Brooklyn Springs An anonymous donor contributed in the name of the Lancaster County Democratic through to a project at Brooklyn Springs Elementary School. The teacher, Ms. Cady, wanted individual headsets for her students to use with their Chromebook computers. This would allow them to watch instructional videos and other audio-based resources in the classroom. Thanks to this donor and others, her project was fully funded. This is her thank you note. “Dear Lancaster County Democratic Party, I am so thrilled to see that my project has been fully funded. My students are going to be so thrilled to use their new headphones! My heartfelt thanks for supporting our school as you are opening up a whole new world of learning to these students. You are much appreciated, and your gift will be helpful for years to come! With gratitude, Ms. Cady” xxx

The LCDP earlier made donations to several local teachers. One of these was Mrs. Bass for her project “Technology Woes.” Her hand-written thank you letter is below as well as a letter from one of her students. Nine students wrote thank you notes so there will be a student letter in each of the next 8 editions.

Halls of Fame and Shame

In April we began with our media to nominate people to a South Carolina “Hall of Fame” and a South Carolina “Hall of Shame.” In this issue we will add that section to the newsletter. We will cheer the good deeds of South Carolina people and organizations and boo the ones that are shameful. We would like your nominations for both, and we hope you will be able to find the heroes as well as the villains because those are the ones that give us hope in the midst of our daily dose of depressing news reports and knowing that our government representatives are not representing us. In this issue we have three of each. In some future issues there may not be any because the salute to good or evil has to be truly earned before it is awarded and although I am sure there will always be good and evil going on in this state, it may not catch our attention.

The South Carolina Hall of Fame Marion E. Kimpson


This Hall of Fame award goes not only to State Senator Marion E. Kimpson ( Democrat-Charleston), but to all of the other Senators who joined him to filibuster through long hours. Senator Kimpson lead off the filibuster and kept it up for 8 hours. Because of their sacrifice, the radical Republican abortion bill was defeated.

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter Mandy Powers Norrell

Vol 2-5

The South Carolina Hall of Shame Ralph Norman


No one could be more deserving of being the first recipient of this honor than our own Mandy. She just received the South Carolina Survivors Inspiration and Hope Award for sponsoring legislation increasing the fines for soliciting commercial sex. (The Lancaster News, Friday, May 4). However, she deserves the honor for much more than this award. She fights for truth and justice every single day. Mandy, we are so lucky to have you on our side.

Ralph Norman, US House District 5 Pulled out loaded gun in restaurant during constituent meeting. This was not only unsafe but also broke the law. He has said he plans to do it again. Rep. Machael A Pitts- District 14 Laurens & Greenwood

Fritz Hollings


Retired US Senator and Former SC Governor Ernest “Fritz” Hollings He requested in 2015 that Congress remove his name from a Federal Court house and replace it with the name of civil rights hero J. Waties Waring. As governor led SC through a peaceful integration instead of “fomenting hate and division” like other Deep South governors. Created technical college system while governor, which brought BMW, Boeing, and others to SC. As a senator brought attention to the hunger and poverty in SC and co-sponsored a law that provided food to pregnant women, new moms, and children up to 5 years. This saved many lives. Was instrumental in getting food stamp program for poor in SC. And these are just some of the reasons he deserves this honor. In January of next year he will be 96 years old.

Rep. Michael A. Pitts –District 14 Laurens & Greenwood Sponsored bill for SC to secede from Union over gun issue Sponsored bill to call for constitutional convention Sponsored bill to privatize SC 4-year public colleges Sponsored bill to require mandatory journalists registry Sponsored bill to allow permit holders to carry guns on school property Sponsored bill to prevent movie theaters from showing movies with any type of gun violence (approx. 94% of movies) Voted against solar power bill And these are just the 2017-2018 bills. In 2015 Made comment before Legislature that women would be good in combat if sent in at the right time of the month.

Hall of Shame continues on next page.

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter Mick Mulvaney

He is last on our listing but perhaps first in deserving the title villain. He requires pay before he listens, does not pay his taxes, cheats in his business dealings, is trying to dismantle the consumer protection agency he heads, and is trying to get rid of all the programs that sustain Americans. He is against government funding for everything except Trump’s border wall and defense programs. For a more detailed listing of his sins, please read the Opinions section of this newsletter.


The Wisdom of President Trump

Vol 2-5

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 2-5

Graphic by Ian Grohs

Cinco de Mayo was fun but now it’s Time to go to work for the candidates.

Judy Langston, Newsletter Editor Jennifer Jewett and Martha Robinson, Associate Editors Suzanne Penuel, Copyeditor


LCDP May 2018 newsletter  

LCDP May 2018 Newsletter

LCDP May 2018 newsletter  

LCDP May 2018 Newsletter