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Volume 3 Issue 8 August 2019

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The Orange Vest (divest) Movement, organized by Joel Schaffer, held its first rally on July 30. (See pages 18-21.) The next rally will take place on August 27. (See page 26.) If you would like to be notified in advance about future protest rallies, please let us know at This link will take you to the Charleston Post and Courier presidential candidate tracker. There you can find out how many times and when candidates visited SC and when they are scheduled to visit SC again.


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

Meeting and Events Calendar The Lancaster County Democratic Party LCDP Executive Committee Meeting Sun City Democrats Orange Vest Rally Lancaster County Democratic Women’s Group Third Presidential Debate Indian Land Festival SC Democratic Primary National Democratic Convention

Meets on the first Thursday of each month. The next meeting will be on September 5, at 7 PM, Lancaster Bowling Alley, 1352 Reece Road. Keith Grey, Chair Meets on the third Tuesday each month. The next meeting will be on August 20 at 7 PM in the LCDP Office, 210 S Main St, Lancaster, SC Also, Action Group Meeting on August 22 at 1 PM in the LCDP Office Meet on the second Wednesday of each month in the Sun City Lake House. The next meeting will be on September 11, at the Lake House. The guest speaker will be Trav Robertson, Chair of the SCDP. For information contact Jeanne Huber, President, Sun City Democrats ( On Tuesday, August 27, an Orange Vest Rally on gun control will be held in Rock Hill.Times: 10:0010:45 AM in front of Ralph Norman’s Office and 11:30-12:15 in front of Lindsey Graham’s office. (See flyer page 26.) Organizational Meeting, Thursday, September 12, at 6:30 PM, Del Webb Library, 7641 Charlotte Highway, Indian Land (see flyer page 25)

September 12-13, 2019 Houston

Oct. 5-6 Feb. 29, 2020 July 13-16, 2020

If you know of events that would be of interest to our members, please send them to the newsletter email to be included in the next issue. For current events and meetings, also check out the Events section on our Facebook page:

Meet Your Fellow Democrats By Associate Editor Jennifer Jewett Please send all email concerning this section to, “Attention: Jennifer Jewett” in the subject line.

Cliff Musante’s World Motorcycle Journey – Part 3

2 Cliff and Ralph

Cliff climbing Berlin Wall

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

Cliff, accompanied by Ralph Renninghoff, headed out on the morning of July 10. Ralph not only provided the pleasure of having a friend with whom to share the journey, but he also carried Cliff’s extra gear so he could decide which pieces were needed for his overseas travel and which would go back to South Carolina with Ralph. Over the next few days they traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia; Gettysburg National Park, Olean, NY; Shanksville, PA; the Flight 93 Memorial; and Hamburg, NY. Along the way, they had adventures like Cliff’s confrontation with a park ranger who was not amenable to drones flying over national parks at Flight 93. However, Cliff managed to get spectacular views with the drone in other areas and a video from an observation point in the park. We highly recommend you go to the blog for each day, view the photos and videos, drool over pictures of exotic foods, and read all of the interesting details that we don’t have the space to print here. On July 14, they crossed the Peace Bridge into Canada, entering the second of the 21 countries on this trip. Then Cliff had to make a small field repair on the bike--replacing a missing bolt from the stand. This was good practice for any repairs that may come up as Cliff navigates through the 17,000 miles, 117 days and 18 more countries ahead. He recorded the border crossing, complete with narration, as he was traveling, which was awesome. Having this capability is going to allow those of us who are following to share his trip in real time, almost like being there. July 15 was spent touring Niagara Falls, and there are some awesome videos and photos on the blog. On July 16, Cliff and his bike flew to England, landed at Gatwick, and traveled to the first night’s hotel. He was so exhausted that he was starting to fall asleep on his bike, so he got off the highway and had a 20-minute nap on the lawn in a housing development. This revived him sufficiently to make it to the hotel, which was an adventure in itself. There were challenges on getting the power to work in his room (put your room key in a slot by the door), and understanding the British system of air conditioning and bathroom plumbing. After 10 hours of much-needed sleep, he arrived at the ferry to the Netherlands with literally seconds to board. During the seven-hour ferry crossing, the power cord on his laptop died, limiting his ability to post After leaving the ferry he traveled 50 miles to Amsterdam in rain for his first night on the European mainland. July 19 was spent touring the city of Amsterdam, by foot and by boat. He planned to leave for Germany the next day. On July 20, the morning the headline on Cliff’s blog read, “Bike Stolen in Amsterdam.” At 6:05 AM, he discovered his bike had been stolen during the night. By 7:30 AM he had visited two police stations and completed his report. The police in Amsterdam must be pretty sharp because by 8:30 AM, they had found the bike stashed in an alley about a block away, where it had been fitted with a cover awaiting pickup by the thieves. The bike had not been damaged, and a much more security-minded Cliff was able to continue on with his agenda. By 10 AM, he was on his way to Germany. Perhaps, frightening as it was, what happened was a good thing. If the bike had been stolen in one of the more lawless areas of his journey yet to come, it is unlikely the story would have had a happy ending. July 21 through July 30 were spent in Germany. During this time there was a heatwave in Europe with temperatures sometimes over 100 degrees. Cliff struggled with exhaustion and a need to stay hydrated and get sufficient sleep to be able to deal with it. There were times when he was so exhausted he had to take rest breaks along the way. In Dusseldorf, he was able to buy a power cord for his laptop, catch up on posting, acquire an education on all of the finer points of German beers, visit the Neanderthal Museum, and visit friends. In Berlin, he rented a bicycle and toured the city, visited the Berlin Wall (and tried to climb it), Checkpoint Charlie, and other museums and memorials. He traveled on the super high-speed Autobahn to Nuremberg, checked in at an Air BnB, and purchased a lock and chain for his motorbike. On the way to Stuttgart, he stopped for gasoline and was unable to open his tank. So he had to call for help from the BMW mobile service. In Stuttgart, he toured the AMG Factory, visited the Mercedes Benz Museum, went to a Roman fort outside the city, and toured the Porsche Museum. On the trip from Stuttgart to Munich, he stopped to visit the Dachau Concentration Camp. In Munich, he visited the Rathaus-Glockenspiel and the Munich Square and then caught up on his laundry. On July 31, he left Germany, headed for the Czech Republic. The journey from Munich, Germany to Znojmo, Czech Republic was 11 hours long. Complications like trying to figure out where to go without being able to read a detour sign that was written in German, dealing with crossing a bridge that was being rebuilt, and traveling in heavy fog made the trip more difficult. The next day he left the Czech Republic, passed through Slovakia, and ended the day in the town of Brno in the Czech Republic again, where he spent several days attending the Moto GP races (motorcycle races). He is continuing to encounter challenges and to overcome them. Here was no exception. He was told not to drive to the racetrack, which was 15 miles out of town. This required getting some money changed into Czech korunas because euros don’t work here, walk about a mile to catch a train, then take a tram,


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

and finally a bus. All along his trip, he has met new people and made friends, most of whom he has recorded on videos. He has also had to adjust to a few inconvenient cultural experiences like having to change his hotel room three times because the shower heads fell off in the first two. And then there was the problem with his helmet. He has a smart helmet that will do everything but cook his meals, but it requires plugging in to charge. He plugged it in, and the charging light failed to come on. If it wouldn’t charge he would be left without his communication system, audible GPS signals, his helmet camera, his music player, and his noise-canceling capability. Fixing the helmet required a long complicated process that involved an internet search for instructions, a search for the well-hidden reset button, paperclips, a flashlight, and two trips to the hotel desk. You should read this part on the blog. On August 5, Cliff left the Czech Republic headed for Austria. Before he reached the Austrian border, he encountered another one of those detour signs that are only helpful if you can read the language. So since Cliff does not read Czech, he put the GPS in charge of finding a route. However, the GPS was lost and confused so he pulled out his trusty iPhone and it was able to plot his way. The only problem was there was no mount for the phone on the bike, so he had to put it in his tank bag and unzip his tank bag every minute or two to look at it while he was trying to travel through the big city of Vienna, Austria, with one hand on the handlebars. He arrived safely to his destination of Speilberg, Austria and was rewarded by discovering that his Air BnB was charming and his hosts were very congenial. The trip from Austria to Bolzano, Italy on August 6 was beautiful but more challenging than expected due to twisting mountain highways and rain. So instead of arriving at 2 PM as he planned, he did not get there until 5 PM—too late to do the hoped-for sightseeing. But compared to the trek the following day from Bolzano, Italy, to Zurich, Switzerland, it was a walk in the park. On August 7, he traveled 275 miles over 11 hours averaging 23 miles per hour. He battled rain, fog, cold, roads that were a series of 180-degree switchbacks set on a 15% grade, road closures, map problems, helmet fogging, and hypothermia because he packed only summer riding gear. But he made it through the Stelvio Pass, which he said is likely the most famous motorcycle road in the world. At the end of the day, he was completely exhausted from spending 11 hours just focusing on staying alive. Despite the road construction along the route, the August 8 segment from Zurich, Switzerland to Karlsruhe, Germany, was a joy every foot of the way since the sun came out, there was no rain and fog, and the roads were beautiful and in excellent shape. Cliff was so happy that even the cows in the pastures he passed noticed. He arrived to a new and very comfortable hotel with good security for his bike. He will be heading out the next day to spend a couple of days in Belgium with a good friend from his time in San Francisco and then on to Estonia. So we leave him in Germany, and next month we will pick up his journey beginning with the trip to Belgium. In the meantime, you can follow him every day by going to his blog at



Stattler Pass

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

Editorial and Opinions Section Please again this year consider writing an opinion article as your time permits. We would like to hear from everyone. Your article does not have to be lengthy. These articles serve several purposes--information, opinion, and perspective-and are another way we can get to know each other. Please submit them to Martha Robinson at, Attn: Associate Editor, Martha Robinson. Thanks!!

Martha Robinson This article entitled, “How Narcissists Pretend to Impress, Manipulate, and Use,” one of the most descriptive of narcissistic personality disorder I have read, sums up well and with some sympathy the personality of Donald Trump. It is very well worth the read. From talking with some experts in the field, I learned that he is also thought to have mixtures of borderline, histrionic, and possibly paranoid personality problems. Persons with borderline personality disorder “split” people into “all good” vs. “all bad” and have difficulty managing moods and stable relationships. Narcissists are notoriously “all about me.” Anyone with a severe personality disorder has difficulty managing relationships and stress. Martha Robinson

Letter: Oust Norman over 1st-responder vote This letter appeared in The Lancaster News on Wednesday, July 17, 2019. Congressman Ralph Norman represents neither me nor my values. He voted last week against the First Responders’ Healthcare Extension, which would have continued healthcare benefits for those disabled by their work at Ground Zero after the 9/11 terror attacks. This is not what 5th District residents support. Norman’s vote, one of only 12 nays in the U.S. House, is a clear indication that he is out of touch with the national will. We count on our first responders. We respect them and support them. Ralph Norman must be replaced in 2020 with a representative who more closely identifies with the people of our district.

Rita Kimmel Republicans Want a White Republic. They'll Destroy America to Get It This article (complete with video) from Time was contributed by Keith Grey. With Trump trying to send American citizens back to the land of their ancestors because he does not like what they say, this will help you to understand what is happening. However, we might add that Trump does not want just a “White Republic.” He wants a republic of only whites that support him. Whites who are Democrats would not be welcome.

Guest Column: Trump’s rants convince me he is a racist This column appeared in The Lancaster News on August 3. Generally, successful protests for changes in government policies come from the bottom. Citizens gain strength through a groundswell of protests that finally convince Congress to change course.


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

The movement for racial equality was brought on by numerous brave blacks protesting in restaurants, buses, and streets across the nation. I experienced this change in the ’60s as the white schools had to accept blacks into their community of students. I believed that it would take at least two generations before MLK’s dream of equality for all was totally accepted. The current president and the Republican Party have proven me wrong. Trump showed himself to be a racist when he became the spearhead of the birther movement. He and other believers claimed that Obama was not a legitimate president because his true birthplace was Kenya. Upon announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination, Trump said most Mexican immigrants were drug dealers and rapists. He continues these kinds of accusations now with his attacks on women of color in Congress. And most recently, Trump attacked via Twitter black Congressman Elijah Cummings. First reports of his racism arose in the ’70s when he and his father discriminated against blacks applying for their rental properties. It has also been reported that black employees would be removed from his casino floors when Trump was visiting the properties. The Republican Party has fully accepted Trump’s racism. Very few members of Congress have rebuffed Trump for his racist remarks. Ralph Norman is quiet. Lindsey Graham has refused to call him out, as opposed to how his former colleague John McCain did when one of his supporters called Obama a Muslim. The local Republican Party has been quick to respond when a prominent citizen joins their party. They have taken credit for the economy in Lancaster County even though the proximity of Indian Land to Charlotte is the real reason for such growth. But when the president spews out such vile things, those local individuals in leadership roles with an (R) by their name have remained surprisingly silent. I do not expect each and every one to speak up, but a joint statement denouncing Trump’s racism would be a good start. I saw a stat that said a majority of voters in the most recent local election voted a straight Republican ticket. This would indicate a majority support for Trump and his presidency. This also tells me that a majority of voters are comfortable with Trump’s racism. I assume the majority of these voters also consider themselves to be Christian. Please go to the Gospels and rationalize your support for such a racist. You can say, “Love the sinner but hate the sin.” You can rationalize your support of Trump based on one issue such as abortion or gun control. But Trump is a racist. Racism divides this country. If we have a country divided by race, then we have nothing. It is time for a new groundswell of citizens, regardless of their background or ideology, to step up and denounce these overt displays of racism. In the late ’60s, we took one step forward. We have now taken two steps back. Where are the righteous citizens? Where are the preachers and ministers? Where are the Republicans? Folks, it is as simple as this. To support Donald Trump is to support racism

William St. Louis

This letter by Martha Robinson is in response to William St. Louis’s letter of August 3. In it, he deplores the outbreak of racism which has literally come out of the closet since the candidacy and inauguration of Donald Trump as President. I am writing this letter to honor my parents. My father drew himself up by the bootstraps out of a poverty-stricken childhood, joining the army, going to Harvard and Virginia medical school on an Army scholarship. The insecurities of his childhood did not prevent him from becoming one of the best internists in his area, and he lived to serve others. He would be rolling over in his grave to see what the country he had been willing to fight for has become under President Trump. He would abhor the amorality of Donald Trump. As a champion of people of lower means, he was a lifelong Democrat. He would chafe at the indifference to poverty and the policies of this administration which have made the rich richer.


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

My mother, a deep Christian, and, in contrast to my father, a lifelong Republican, lived her last days under the shadow of this president. She could not understand how any Christian could vote for this crude man. As a believer in the unconditional worth of every “child of God,” she deplored the crudeness of his character, his apparent racism, and his abuse of women. She, like I, felt that he manipulates the Christian “right.” She hoped that he would be impeached. As a Christian, I often wonder if the opposite of hate is not always love, but indifference. Evil happens when good people look the other way. How CAN we look the other way as children are separated from their parents at the border and as incidences of hate crimes have risen dramatically since Trump became president? Since Trump is truly a very sick man who has little empathy with the people he serves, I can ask, do we want our children to model their behavior after his lies and bullying? Are we to continue to look the other way while he brings out the worst in our country and ourselves? As for Christians, and many other good people who might have voted for him, we deserve better, together. I strongly feel that he manipulates the Christian right for reasons of personal power. “For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?” We DO have alternatives to Trump. For Republicans, there is Bill Weld, former governor of MA. For Democrats and others who want an alternative to another term with Trump, there is a stellar lineup of competent, positive leaders who offer a lot of hope. I encourage readers who are discouraged by the moral tone of this Presidency to check out all of them.

Martha Robinson The above column appeared in The Lancaster News on Wednesday, August 7, 2019.


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

South Carolina Politics

Trav Robertson Chair of SCDP Elected June 22, 2019, at the state convention

Mark Ali 2020 Candidate for U.S. House District 5


Gloria Bromell Tinubu

2020 Candidate for US Senate (Running against Lindsey Graham)

Jaime Harrison 2020 Candidate for US Senate (Running against Lindsey Graham)

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates

Michael Bennett US Senator from CO (2009-present) Age 54

Joe Biden Vice President of the United States (2009-2017) Age 76

Cory Booker US Senator from NJ (2013-present) Age 49

Steve Bullock Governor of MT (2013-present) Age 53

Pete Buttigieg Mayor of South Bend, IN (2012-present) Age 37

Julian Castro Sec. of HUD (2014-2017); Mayor of San Antonio, TX (2009-2014) Age 44

Bill de Blasio Mayor of NY City (2014-present) Age 58

John Delaney Rep. to US House from MD (2013-2019) Age 55

Mike Gravel Ex-US Senator from AK (1969-1981) Age 88 Dropped out Endorsed Tulsi & Bernie

Kamala Harris US Senator from CA (2017-present) Age 54

Tulsi Gabbard Rep. to US House from HI (2013-present) Age 37


Kirsten Gillibrand US Senator from NY (2009-present) Age 52

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates


John Hickenlooper Governor of CO (2011-2019) Age 67

Jay Inslee Governor of WA (2013-present) Age 68

Amy Klobuchar US Senator from MN (2007-present) Age 58

Wayne Messam Mayor of Miramar, FL (2015-present) Age 44

Seth Moulton Rep. to US House from MA (2015-present) Age 44

Beto O’Rourke Rep. to US House from TX (2013-2019) Age 46

Tim Ryan Rep. to US House from OH (2003-present) Age 45

Joe Sestak Rep. to US House from PA (2007-2011) Age 67

Bernie Sanders US Senator from VT (2007-present) Age 77

Elizabeth Warren US Senator from MA (2013-present) Age 69

Eric Swalwell Rep. to US House from CA Age 39 Dropped out on July 8

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

These are candidates who are not politicians. Tom Steyer Hedge Fund Manager and Philanthropist Age 62

Marianne Williamson Author, Lecturer, and Activist Age 66

Andrew Yang Founder of Venture for America Age 44

Click on the picture to go to the candidate’s Wikipedia page and on the name to go the campaign website.


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter John Hickenlooper

John Hickenlooper announced his candidacy for the presidency on March 4, 2019. He was the governor of Colorado until 2019. Having served two terms, he was not eligible to run again in 2018. Before becoming governor, he was the mayor of Denver (2003-2011). Since 2003, Hickenlooper has campaigned for increasing services to the homeless. Among the other issues he supports are legalization of cannabis, reasonable gun control legislation, accessible and affordable health care for all, and regulations to protect the environment. In 2016, when he was governor of Colorado, he launched a program called “Skillful.” The program goals were to help businesses find skilled employees to fill high-needs jobs and to help job seekers find high-needs jobs and connect them with training. As a personal philosophy, he is against capital punishment because he says research shows a bias toward minorities and the mentally ill. John Wright Hickenlooper, Jr. was born on February 7, 1952, in Narberth, Pennsylvania. He attended Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, where he received an undergraduate degree in English and a master’s degree in geology. Before becoming a politician, he worked as a geologist, and after that he opened his own business— Wynkoop Brewing Company. Hickenlooper is currently married to his second wife, Robin Pringle. He and his first wife, Helen Thorpe, have one son (Wikipedia). Website: Facebook:

Twitter: Instagram:

Introduction Video: 12

Vol 3-8

Jay Inslee

Jay Inslee announced his candidacy for the presidency on March 1, 2019. He is currently the governor of the state of Washington and has been since 2013. Before becoming governor, he served in the US House of Representatives from Washington districts 1 (1999-2012) and 4 (1993-1995). Inslee said climate change is his primary reason for running for this office, and he is very critical of the Trump administration’s policies on the environment. In 2017, he gained some national attention with the Washington v. Trump lawsuit, which challenged the constitutionality of Trump’s travel ban on Muslims entering the country. Among the other issues important to him are education and drug reform, and he is a supporter of the Affordable Care Act. Jay Inslee was born on February 9, 1951. He attended the University of Washington and Willamette University College of Law. He worked as a criminal prosecutor before becoming a politician. Jay and his wife, Trudi, have been married since 1972, and they have three sons (Wikipedia). Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Kick-Off Video: (on campaign site)

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

The Environment We have not been good stewards of this planet we all have to share. Our air is unhealthy to breathe and our water is unsafe for swimming and for the fish and wildlife that depend upon it. Our food supply is contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic chemicals. The carbon we pump into the atmosphere is melting the ice caps, and our oceans are invading the dry land. More and more species of animals and plants are becoming endangered and then ceasing to exist. Eventually, the human race will become one of those if we continue on this same path. The Trump administration did not cause these problems. They existed long before he came on the scene. They have been caused by too many people breathing, too many vehicle exhausts, farmers who let their pesticides and animal wastes run into the groundwater, industry that pumps toxins into the air and into the rivers and oceans, developers who cut the trees that supply oxygen and clean the air, and all of us just living with a total disregard for the environment on which we depend. However, President Trump is making these problems much worse. He is rolling back the protections that were put into place, one by hard-fought one, over the years that preceded him. He says that global warming does not exist and has added those two words to the list of vocabulary his staff is not allowed to say. He said, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” He has nullified the federal rules on coal power plants, weakened fuel economy rules, downsized federal monuments and parks, allowed drilling and lumbering in national parks, rolled back endangered species act rules, cut the NASA climate monitoring program, rolled back car emission standards, struck climate change from the strategic plan (and even refused to let those words be uttered), cut back research on the effect of environmental issues on children’s health, cut climate and clean energy programs (he says windmills cause cancer), loosened regulations on toxic air pollution, cut protections for migratory birds, scrapped the clean power plan, suspended a study of health effects on nearby residents from mining, revoked flood risk standards, impeded the EPA enforcement of environmental laws, canceled the protection of whales from fishing nets, ordered drilling off US coasts, and blocked the total ban of a toxic pesticide. The list just goes on and on (National Geographic). Apparently, President Trump either thinks he won’t live long enough to suffer the consequences of his destruction of the earth and doesn’t care about what will happen to his children and grandchildren, or he has a nice little place tucked away on another planet. He has already done irreparable damage since he has been in office. If he gets four more years, there may be very little left that can be saved. All of the candidates support fighting climate change and protecting the environment. Some have extensive plans, and some have just stated their position, along with some ideas. The links below will give you information for each candidate. Candidate Michael Bennett

Joe Biden

Cory Booker

Steve Bullock

Pete Buttigieg

Julián Castro


Ideas on the Environment Michael Bennett’s Plan to fight climate change and pollution Joe Biden’s plan to fight climate change and pollution Cory Booker’s plan for climate change and environmental justice

Candidate Kamala Harris

Supports protecting the environment and fighting climate change but no plan listed. Some comments on the issue. Pete Buttigieg’s position on the issue of climate change. Julián Castro’s stand on

Amy Klobuchar

John Hickenlooper

Jay Inslee

Wayne Messam

Seth Moulton

Ideas on the Environment Kamala Harris’s position on combatting the climate crisis John Hickenlooper’s position on climate change and protecting our planet This is the signature issue of his campaign. He has extensive information and videos on this issue on his website. Amy Klobuchar’s position on climate change

A brief statement of Wayne Messam’s position on climate change. Brief statement of Seth

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter climate change Bill de Blasio

John Delaney

Tulsi Gabbard Kirsten Gillibrand Marianne Williamson

Joe Sestak

Vol 3-8

Moulton’s position on climate change Beto O’Rourke’s plan to fight climate change

A brief statement of Bill de Blasio’s position on climate change John Delaney’s plan to fight climate change.

Beto O’Rourke

Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan’s position on climate change.

Tulsi Gabbard’s position on the environment Kirsten Gillibrand’s plan to fight climate change Marianne Williamson’s plan to fight climate change Joe Sestak’s plan to fight climate change and protect the environment

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders’s plan to fight climate change Elizabeth Warren’s position on climate change Andrew Yang’s position on climate change

Elizabeth Warren Andrew Yang

Tom Steyer

A brief statement on Tom Steyer’s position on climate change

We don’t have a plan B. Macron


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

Which candidates have qualified for the third debate? In order to participate in the debates, a candidate must have at least 130,000 individual donors, with at least 400 donors in 20 individual states and obtain at least 2% in four polls recognized by the committee The third debate will take place on September 12-13.

Candidate Michael Bennett Joe Biden Cory Booker Steve Bullock Pete Buttigieg JuliĂĄn Castro Bill de Blasio John Delaney Tulsi Gabbard Kirsten Gillibrand Marianne Williamson Joe Sestak


Qualified or Not Not qualified yet Qualified Qualified Not qualified yet Qualified Not qualified yet Not qualified yet Not qualified yet Not qualified yet Not qualified yet Not qualified yet Not qualified yet

Candidate Kamala Harris John Hickenlooper Jay Inslee Amy Klobuchar Wayne Messam Seth Moulton Beto O’Rourke Tim Ryan Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Andrew Yang Tom Steyer

Qualified or Not Qualified Not qualified yet Not qualified yet Qualified Not qualified yet Not qualified yet Qualified Not qualified yet Qualified Qualified Qualified Not qualified yet

President Trump’s Circus without Bread Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

July 11, 2019—Governor McMasters has been hanging out with President Trump too long, and his sense of ethics (if he had one) has gone. He tried to force USC to break the five-day meeting notification law and to hire the candidate for USC president of his choice. The faculty and students did not want West Point Superintendent Robert L. Caslen partly because of reservations about his qualifications, but mainly because “they don’t want politicians telling them who their next president should be.” In the end he won, and Caslen was forced upon the faculty and students. July 13, 2019—H3759: The education reform package working its way through the SC Legislature would allow the governor to fire locally elected school boards. Granted, sometimes school boards don’t do a good job, but these are people elected by voters. Do we want to give a governor who is on record as wanting to privatize education in SC the power to replace our school board memebers, possibly with GOP cronies who favor private charter schools and vouchers? July 14, 2019—President Trump again put on display his racial prejudice, his xenophobia, his lack of respect for women, his total disregard for truth, and his affinity for “hate language” in a rant targeting Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.). He said, “So interesting to see ‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run.. “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” Well, Mr. President, this is their country. All but one of them were born here. So the “totally broken and crime infested place… that is the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere” is the United States July 15, 2019—We are starting to wonder if what President Trump has is some sort of horrible disease that is contagious because Lindsey Gramham appears to be infected with it. His rants mirror those of Trump. Following Trump’s rant against the 4 Congresswomen, Linsey came out with one of his own, calling the women communists and haters of Israel and this country. He also viewed the horrible conditions in the immigrant detention centers without a shred of compassion. It’s hard to remember the Lindsey before the 2016 election who seemed to recognize that Trump would be bad for this country and called him a “jackass.” July 23, 2019—President Trump said, “I have the right to do whatever I want as president.” He appears to think he was chosen to become an emperor, czar, or deity, an idea encouraged by the adoring idiots who support him. And he has certainly tried by hammering against the protective safeguards of the Constitution and the law. Cracks are appearing in the walls of democracy.

Traveling Democrats

July 27, 2019—Another ranting, racist, and insulting tweet storm, this time directed at U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings He tweeted that Cumming’s Baltimore district is “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess” where “no human” would want to live.” He also called Representative Cummings, who is black, a racist and told him he should be saying “thank you” for the low African American unemployment rate. The Baltimore Sun responded in an op-ed piece that it is “better to have a few rats than to be one.” It now turns out, according to Nancy Pelosi and, his own son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is a slumlord in Baltimore and likely contributing to the rat problem. “Apartments owned by Kushner and his family in Baltimore County were hit with hundreds of building code violations, including for rodent infestation, and have been the target of tenant lawsuits. One tenant described in a court case a leaking ceiling, maggots in the living room carpeting and “raw sewage” spewing from the kitchen sink.” August 2, 2019—illegal immigration crosses our borders both ways. Did you know there are almost a million Americans living in Mexico illegally? Check out this article. Maybe President Trump could be convinced that if he moved there illegally he would be getting revenge for his border problems. August 2, 2019—Continuing with his delusions of grandeur, President Trump has now promised to cure AIDS and childhood cancer. Maybe he also thinks he can walk on water, heal with a touch of his hand, and smite his enemies with a tweet. August 6,2019—Trump continues to spew ugliness. He tweeted, prior to vising the El Paso victims, “Beto (phony name to indicate Hispanic heritage) O’Rourke, who is embarrassed by my last visit to the Great State of Texas, where I trounced him, and is now even more embarrassed by polling at 1% in the Democrat Primary, should respect the victims & law enforcement - & be quiet!” There were protests in El Paso with signs saying he was not welcome and victims who refused to see him.


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

Traveling Democrats Our Trip to London By Jennifer Jewett We spent July 4-20 in London on a trip we booked on Black Friday, 2018. We stayed in the Lancaster Gate Hotel near Paddington Station and Kensington Palace and Gardens. Since it was the 8th trip to London for Mike and me, we revisited some old favorites and explored some new places. We met three very special people, Richard and Ellen Hicks and Simon de Buisseret. We have a Lancaster friend, Susan Ezzell, who contacted her brother Richard Hicks and his wife Ellen. Susan arranged for us to visit Richard and Ellen, which we did on Thursday, July 11. They live in Thatcham, about 50 miles from London, near Newbury and Reading. Richard is a vocalist in a rock band he has played in for years. Though we didn’t hear him perform, we got plenty of evidence of his charisma when we went to lunch with him and saw other restaurant patrons ask him when his next performance would be. Richard told us he saw the Beatles play before they were officially the Beatles. With Richard and Ellen, and two other times, we ate at Wetherspoons pubs. This is a network of pubs across England, highly recommended by locals. Mike’s sister found out about them when she was in England in April. Mike does not like fried foods and sausage, so he was pleased to find salads and sandwiches he could eat. I had their fish and chips in Newbury and couldn’t believe the wonderful crunch. We usually ate our lunch in whatever museum or tourist attraction we were visiting and picked up carry-out or grocery store prepared salads and sandwiches to eat in our hotel room at the end of the day. Two chain restaurants were all over England—Itsu and Pret a Manger. Itsu is a Japanese restaurant that has interesting combinations of vegetables and salmon or chicken. Pret a Manger has very nice sandwiches and pint containers of hot soup that we could eat in our hotel room while still hot. They seemed to change the soup every day. On different days, I had tomato basil, carrot coriander, and pea and mint soup. Quite an improvement over the 1970s when it was hard to find anything but mushy peas and carrots and roast chicken that often had a fishy taste. One new place we visited in London was an especially meaningful experience for us. In preparing for the trip, I stumbled on information for the Royal Hospital Chelsea. Military retirees who have no family can live there supported by the Ministry of Defense. Groups can arrange guided tours, but they sell out long in advance. Our information said they were open on Saturdays, so we went on a Saturday afternoon. The guard told us the chapel was closed for a wedding, and the museum was not open on Saturday. We took a walk around a limited area and rested on a windowsill near the exit. A van with six pensioners unloaded on the driveway in front of us. One of them asked if we were enjoying ourselves. We told him no, we were very disappointed not to get into any buildings. He said he helped with the daily services in the chapel and would show us around. He showed us his small but comfortable room, the chapel, and the grave of Margaret Thatcher in the cemetery. He is Simon de Buisseret. Look him up on his Facebook page. Also, look at the website for Royal Hospital Chelsea.


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

Events The “Orange Vest Movement” Protest on July 31 Joel Schaffer, organizer, and the thirty or so other protestors who joined him on Tuesday, July 31, really made us proud. Wearing orange construction vests, they stood for hours in 90+ degree heat outside the offices of Congressman Ralph Norman and Senator Lindsey Graham protesting racism. They demanded that Norman and Graham speak out against it. The orange vests were modeled after the yellow vests worn in France by protestors (also a snark at the president’s orange hair and divesting the White House of Agent Orange). The protest was organized in response to the attack by President Trump on four congresswomen of color on July 13 in which he told them to “go back” to the “crime-infested places from which they came.” All four are American citizens, and three of the four were born in this country. Continuing his racist rants, Trump also unleashed a tweetstorm during the weekend of July 27-28 against U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings in which he said that the Baltimore district of Congressman Cummings was “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess” where “no human” would want to live.” He also called Representative Cummings, who is black, a racist and told him he should be saying “thank you” for the low African American unemployment rate. The Baltimore Sun responded in an op-ed piece that it is “better to have a few rats than to be one.” (The above rants were also covered on page 16.) Joel and his group of protestors from the Sun City Democratic Club, the Lancaster County Democratic Party, and members of the nationwide group the Indivisible Movement were joined by Vicki Holt, who organized a similar protest outside Lindsey Graham’s office earlier in July, and representatives from both the Elizabeth Warren and the Beto O’Rourke presidential campaigns. Norm Zimmer, of Indian Land, was the one who taught the group the chants and protest songs. The protest remained peaceful, despite the counter-protest from Dan Palmer, who stood with them (but against them) wearing a T-shirt that said “I stand for the flag. I kneel for the cross.” They also were challenged by several passing motorists. Congressman Ralph Norman responded through his spokesperson, “Whether we agree with his style or not, the President frequently calls out many of his critics. This is well-established, and has nothing to do with biases against their ethnicity, race, gender, age, or any other personal characteristic.” More protests are planned, but Joel said, “We want to take it slow. If we come here to protest everything that we don’t like, we’d be here for two or three weeks. So we’re here on what is the most pressing issue — the hate and the divide that manifests in racism.” Actually, if they protested everything President Trump and the GOP has done to this country since the last election, they would not be able to return home until November of 2020. To read the news articles and watch the videos about the protest go to The State and The Rock Hill Herald. To see a beautiful slide show of the event click here. If you would like to receive advance notice of future rallies, please let us know at and we will put you on the notification list. The next protest rally will take place on August 27. (See page 26.)


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter


Vol 3-8

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter


Vol 3-8

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

From Joel Schaffer This is from a man who joined the rally and became a role model for his granddaughter as well as a two-way source of pride. A great human interest story. After attending the protests at Ralph Norman and Lindsey Graham's offices with our group last week, I sent a photo of us in an email to my grandkids to tell them how important it was to speak up for things we believe in and to be glad that we still have the right to do so in this country. It was important to me that they see this example and learn from it. As it turned out, I was the one who learned a great lesson, and I could not be more proud. My granddaughter, Chloe, is only 15 years old and lives in Mississippi. She sent me the following reply: “Hi, grandpa! I have actually taken part in a few protests myself. I participated in the pride parade, the march for science, the march for our lives, and more recently, a protest against the detainment of migrant children. I am glad that it runs in the family. Here are some pictures from the protests mom and I have gone to. Love you! Chloe

This is how someone on Twitter responded to our posts on the rally.


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

LCDP Meeting, August 1, Del Webb Library, Indian Land By Martha Robinson There was higher than normal attendance and a lot of excitement at the August meeting of the Lancaster County Democratic Party. Fifty-nine persons attended the meeting and listened to the representatives from six presidential campaigns. Attending from the campaigns were Matthis Tillman and Moses Pyatt for Joe Biden, Rance Graham-Bailey for Cory Booker, Brian Butler and Laura Cantwell for Beto O’Rourke, Darion Reed for Kamala Harris, Michelle Horne for Bernie Sanders, and Rachel Bostic for Elizabeth Warren. Laura Cantwell, Beto O’Rourke’s Regional Organizing Director, has been a supporter of Beto since 2016. She feels that her choice is a “once in a generation” candidate. She loves his message in these divisive times and the way he strives to find common ground. She says that he has wanted to bring back decency in politics and rejects partisan name-calling. O’Rourke is an avid listener, meets people where they are, and learns from them. She said that his vision during his Senate campaign really resonated with voters, greatly increasing voter turnout, especially among young people, whose turnout increased more than 500%. He rejects PAC money. Ms. Cantwell wants her grandchildren to remember her as someone who did not merely sit at home idly without opposing Trump. Like the representatives of other campaigns, she states that O’Rourke will support whoever is the eventual nominee. Ms. Cantwell’s husband, a former Republican, joins her activist efforts. Joe Biden’s Political Director for the York, Chester and Lancaster counties, is Matthis Tillman. He is impassioned by his candidate’s values and the fact that he represents the working class. Biden, who grew up in a small town, has the experience of thirty years in the Senate, and of course, as Vice President. He, too, does not take corporate PAC money. Biden wants to restore normalcy and respect for America in the world. He wants to restore the “soul of the nation,” which is rapidly evaporating under Trump’s candidacy. Biden has positioned himself as the most likely candidate to beat Trump. He sees the nation as deeply divided and wants to bring his skills for finding common ground and compromise to heal this nation. Cory Booker’s representative, Rance Graham Bailey, had worked in Obama’s campaign and spoke of Booker’s strength of character. He said that Booker, who attended an elite law school (and who was a Rhodes scholar—this fact was omitted), did not seek a high-paying job but instead became an advocate for tenants’ rights. As a mayor, he tried to revitalize Newark and continues to live in a low-income area. He helped to pass the bipartisan “First Step Act” and is passionate about criminal justice. He believes in speaking to power and is described as a “joyful warrior.” He mentioned Booker’s interest in long-term care and helping families to address this need by lowering the Medicaid Threshold, obtaining tax credits for family caregivers, and a living wage for hired caregivers. Mr. Bailey recommended watching “Street Fighter,” a 2012 documentary about Booker’s activism. Bernie Sanders’s Field Organizer for York County, Michelle Horne, is a former elementary school teacher who was inspired by FDR’s New Deal. She says she wants her future (hoped-for) grandchildren to remember her as someone who didn’t sit idly by while bad things continue to happen during the Trump Presidency. She has been an avid supporter of Bernie since 2015. She feels he is the best candidate to look out for the American people. She says that it is hard for young people to afford college and raising a family because of student debt and rising housing costs. Campaign staffers work in their own communities. She says our nation is “in a valley now,” and that her candidate is a “straightforward leader whose heart cries out for justice,” and that “the only thing at stake is everything we love.” Bernie is a sincere and moral person and polls higher than Trump in all polls. When questioned why one should vote for Sanders vs. Warren, she responded that he thinks of her as an ally, and “we are not there yet.” She said that Sanders, as some of the others, is not taking PAC money. Darion Reed spoke for Kamala Harris. Darion worked for Stacey Abrams in Georgia last year. He mentioned that Harris supports raising the minimum wage and Medicare For All. Harris’s executive experience as a California prosecutor gives her the skills and vision needed to be president. She can accurately accuse Trump of 10 counts of obstruction of justice. The Harris campaign is diligently working to turn out voters who don’t usually vote. Reed added that Harris has spent more time in SC than any other candidate. Elizabeth Warren’s Field Organizer, Rachel Bostic, is a Lancaster County resident. She has listened to over one hundred voters in a few months. She spoke of Warren’s struggles growing up with a housing foreclosure threat and how her family struggled, financially. Warren, she says, has never forgotten where she came from. She stated that Warren cares about the middle class and those that are “marginalized” and undervalued. Warren has worked to revitalize Black colleges. She


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

is passionate about making childcare more available to working parents, drawing from her experience as a young mother during law school. She pointed out that Warren has “big ideas and plans on how to accomplish them.” Warren is not taking money from PACs. There are “Women with Warren” groups. The excitement was still high after the meeting, even to the point of continuing conversations outside the library in the sprinkling rain.


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

Above first row left to right: Rachel Bostic for Warren, Michelle Horne for Sanders, Rance Graham Bailey for Booker, Second row: Darion Reed for Harris, Matthis Tillman for Biden, Laura Cantwell for O’Rourke

The SCDP has a fundraiser going on entitled “Leningrad Linsey.


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

“Let's support the Lancaster County Democratic Party by uniting its women. Join us for an exploratory meeting to decide if we would like to create a Lancaster County Democratic Women's Club. Representatives from the York County Women's organization will share info on their founding and operations. Please refer to the above flyer, join us, and invite others. Thank you. Political Cartoons Verta W. Looper, 2nd Vice-Chair, LCDP�


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter


Vol 3-8

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Flashback to President Trump’s 4th of July speech


Vol 3-8

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

Instead of condemning President Trump’s racial rant against four congresswomen, Lindsey went on Fox News and supported it with a similar rant of his own.


Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

President Trump is a first-generation American on his mother’s side and a second-generation one on his father’s. But the operative word is not “generation,” but American. No matter how much Lady Liberty is hurting, once you are a citizen of this country, this is your country and there is no “back” to be sent to. Expressing a difference of opinion with a sitting president does not change that. 29

Lancaster County Democratic Party Newsletter

Vol 3-8

These are the Houses that Jack Jared Built These are the houses that Jack Jared built. This is the malt that lay in the houses that Jack Jared built. This is the rat that ate the malt That lay in the houses that Jack Jared built… (British Nursery Rhyme)

President Trump described Baltimore as “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess” where “no human” would want to live.” Nancy Pelosi, who is from Baltimore, responded that the president’s own son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is a slumlord there. “Apartments owned by Kushner and his family in Baltimore County were hit with hundreds of building code violations, including for rodent infestation, and have been the target of tenant lawsuits. One tenant described in a court case a leaking ceiling, maggots in the living room carpeting and ‘raw sewage’spewing from the kitchen sink” (


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LCDPSC August Newsletter  

All the news you need to know about the Democrats in Lancaster County, SC

LCDPSC August Newsletter  

All the news you need to know about the Democrats in Lancaster County, SC