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La Costa Canyon High School

February 2014

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Alga Norte

Volume 8 Issue 3

Molly Naudi

Members of the North Coast Aquatics club swim team practice the breaststroke during an afternoon practice at the new Alga Norte Aquatic Center on February 10.

Park Hours

8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily

Pool Prices

Youth/Teen (17 and under): $3.00 Adult: $5.00 Spectator Fee: $2.00

$40 million project brings eco-friendly park to community families


he construction of the Alga Norte Community Park and Aquatic Center, a forty million dollar project, was completed with the grand opening on January 11. Community members got the first look at all the park has to offer, from skate lessons, to fitness programs, to doggie

birthday parties. One of the most notable features of the new park is the aquatic center, which includes a 56 meter competition pool with 23 lap lanes and a 25 yard instructional pool with 12 lanes, as well as an adults only warm water spa and a splash pad for children. “Now we have the availability to not only have swim lessons and water aerobics in the warmer water, we can also have cooler water for our masters swim program, lap swimmers and people who just

want to get a workout in,” recreation supervisor of aquatics Jeanette Gante said. There was talk of the Alga Norte Community Park Aquatics Center serving as a new location for the LCC swim team to train. But head swim coach Patty Mackle decided against it due to the high costs of renting the pool. “I went to the meeting to bid on lanes but it would be almost twice as much as what we pay at the YMCA,” Mackle said. “We couldn’t do that. The pool closes at 7:30 so we would

have to rent it after hours so that means that you’re paying more. It’s just better to stay at the Y.” While the swim team will continue to train at the YMCA pool, students hope to see practices being held at the Alga Norte Community Park Aquatics Center sometime in the future. “Usually the club swimmers, like me, we aren’t really supposed to swim with the rest of the high school team because there’s not enough room,” junior Michelle Jacob said. “So it would be easier if we had the

extra pool space.” In the construction of the park, special effort was given to ensure that many elements were energy efficient and environmentally friendly. “We have solar heaters that help heat our pool water so everything is very energy efficient,” Gante said. “Our lights are sensitive to the light within the buildings and will not switch on until it’s dark enough within the buildings. Our turf fields don’t require any water.”


Hannah Flowers

La Costa Canyon Foundation Seeks Community’s Financial Support

We want to be able to provide resources that are above and beyond what would be considered standard education.” David Steigerwald


ith declining state funding and enlarged class sizes, teachers need assistance beyond what the school offers. That’s where the La Costa Canyon High School Foundation steps in, filling in funding gaps that leave classrooms and extracurricular programs without supplies, technology and additional tools for advanced learning.

IN THIS ISSUE Future Mavericks

Representatives of elective classes visit Diegueño and Oak Crest to educate middle schoolers on their choices.


Established in 1996 and made up of parent volunteers, the Foundation oversees athletic, academic and visual and performing arts booster programs. “We want to be able to provide resources that are above and beyond what would be considered standard education,” Foundation President David Steigerwald said. The Foundation provides students with more interactive and hands-on activities in the classroom. “We would be doing everything on


$100,000 $90,000 $80,000 $70,000 $60,000 $50,000 $40,000 $30,000 Funds Needed to Meet Teacher Requests in 2013-14 School Year


paper,” science department cochair Cindi Schildhouse said. “We would be watching videos instead of doing it ourselves. The Foundation’s the reason LCC is great.” Unfortunately, this year has seen a substantially lower amount of donations. “This year we’ve funded $40,000 worth of requests,” Steigerwald said. “We had over $100,000 worth of requests from teachers. Parent participation has been low and we are reaching out to the parents now to try and raise it. We can only be successful if the parents participate in the foundation.”


Athlete Profile


Learn more about champion wrestler, Ian Baker, and his plans for college.


Without parents donations and participation, the Foundation cannot provide classrooms with the extra supplies and tools they need. Parents are urged to get involved. “They should attend booster meetings, visit our foundation website and donate to the school program,” Principal Kyle Ruggles said. One of the main campaigns that funds the Foundation is “Become a Maverick Supporter.” “‘It’s about parent participation and donations so that we can have money to fulfill most of the requests from the teachers and make the best impact on our student population,” Steigerwald said. Emily Brown Senior Staff Writer


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