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December 14, 2011

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Tim's Pick of the Week

Pastor Phil Ressler of Lord of Life LaFox Seeks Help for 'Miracle' Child in His Congregation

We have a family at our church that has a special need for their daughter. We at Lord of Life have raised almost half the money they need but they are still in need of some more funds by the end of the year.   Meagan Seals is a miracle of God. While still in the womb, Meagan was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called Encephalocele where the brain is formed outside the skull. The Seals were told to have an abortion as children with this condition are not expected to live.     By the grace of God and the amazement of doctors, Meagan was born into this world. But even after her birth, the doctors did not expect her to live and put her in hospice care. It was at this time I had to privilege to baptize her and after she was baptized she began to thrive.   Click here to  see a YouTube video from a story done on CBS 2 Chicago about Meagan   Today, Meagan is two years old. She still faces many challenges.   Meagan's parents want to get a infant wheel chair for Meagan. The chair is designed to support her spine and to help her sit up. Insurance will cover most of the expenses for this chair. However, the Seals still need to come up with $2000 by the end of the year.   If you are interested in following Meagan's story on Facebook you can "Like" her at "Meagan Seals Miracle Baby."     Click here to donate to the Seals family

Urgent Request to Support Family Suffering Through Devastating Loss LCC connects needs with resources, working with more than 400 congregations to help Christians "Make a Difference in People's Lives and in God's Kingdom" To meet our staff, click here For more information about LCC and its human care ministry, please contact LCC staff at: LCC@LutheranChurch More...

On Tuesday, December 13, the following request came to LCC from Cynthia on behalf of her sister (names are withheld to respect the family's privacy): Dear Lutheran Church Charities,   It is with a sad heart that I request assistance from your organization. My sister has lost her only child to a sudden and unexpected suicide. She was 30 years old with three children (ages 7, 5, and 1 year) and a husband. She loved the Lord with all her heart, but succumbed to post-partum depression and severe physical pain caused by a botched surgery. At her memorial, there were more than 500 people in attendance and five of them came up to witness that she was the one who helped them to find the Lord.   My sister was in Maryland at the time of her daughter's death. She works as an

LCC has many resources available to congregations, businesses, and individuals. Click here to visit our website and learn more  

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over the road truck driver. The company she works with paid for her to travel for the funeral. Unfortunately, when she returned to work, the company took out all the money she owed in one lump sum leaving her with about $200 to live on for four weeks. The apartment she is living in is threatening eviction for lack of December's payment and several late charges. We are unable to help as my husband was out of a job for seven months. Since my niece's death, I have been taking care of her three children and we are in the process of moving.   I am asking for any assistance you could give.   Click here to support this family in a very difficult time.

Concordia Selma President Tilahun Mendedo Seeks Support for 'Feeding His Lambs' Program in Ethiopia

The Master Builder Center in Ethiopia, a ministry supported by native Ethiopian and President of Concordia College in Selma, Tilahun Mendedo, has an initiative that gives at risk children a competitive education helping them to become effective members of society.     In Ethiopia today, thousands of families lack needed food and shelter, and as a result their children often end up on the street, separated from their families. The Master Builder Center's "Feeding His Lambs" program is designed to insure that children can stay with their families until the children have graduated from high school and able to take their place in building the Ethiopian society and the Ethiopian church. By reaching these lambs at an early age (3-6 years old on average) this program nurtures many lambs to be leaders who will shepherd the next generation of lambs. It also gives them insight into how Jesus cares for all His lambs. They will become our successors who will follow Him.   We ask you to consider a gift to feed these lambs. Feeding one of these children for one month costs $30. Each of the lambs is carefully chosen, and the MBC staff in Ethiopia ensures that the funds allow the selected children to maintain their family connections and succeed in school. Consider support for one month ($30), one year ($360) or from start through the finish of high school ($3000).     Click here to donate 

Lord of Life LaFox Invites Others to Join Them in Supporting Haitian Orphanage

LCC's "Send a Spoken Prayer"e-Card site is available. To learn more, Click Here   

Lois Linder from the Mission and Ministry Board of Lord of Life in LaFox shares about the church and orphanage they support in Port Au Prince, Haiti and invites others to help support this ministry. She writes...   Thank you for coming to Lord of Life Church this morning. Hearing you speak about Lutheran Church Charities is so exciting. We are blessed to partner with you and support you.   Here is the information about our mission in Port-au-Prince. We have supported Pastor Ernst Mesidor for 8 years. He has a wonderful church and the orphanage. And he has planted

many countryside churches. Before we went to visit them in February this year, we were able to obtain sponsors for all 25 kids, then added two more kids and two more sponsors while we were there. Ernst Mesidor's church is Mission Assembly Chretienne and his orphanage is Foyer de la Grace.

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If you would like to join in supporting the good work of Pastor Mesidor, his church and orphanage, please click on the link below.   Click here to donate 

LCC President Tim Hetzner and Comfort Dogs Visit Lord of Life LaFox

Lord of Life in La Fox, Illinois designated Lutheran Church Charities as their Mission of the Month for December. A very mission minded congregation, Lord of Life serves people in need both nationally and internationally. This past Sunday the church invited Tim Hetzner to give an overview during both services of what Lutheran Church Charities does in working with our LCMS congregations. Pastor Phil Ressler appreciates the partnership with LCC and followed up the visit with his request for a family in the congregation needing help for their daughter (see related story in this

newsletter). K-9 Comfort Dogs Howe and Olympia along with LCC staff Rich and Dona Martin greeted and spoke to people from the congregation between services. They also had the chance to visit with the youth group and Sunday School classes which gave the kids a chance to visit with Howe and Olympia and ask questions about the ministry.   Click here to view photos on Facebook (you do not need a Facebook account) 

Please Help The Haitian Lutheran Mission Project Feed Haitian Orphans

Sue Gross, with the Haitian Lutheran Mission Project and a member at Christ Lutheran Orland Park, is asking for help feeding Haitian orphans. She writes...   This morning I received an email from our Feeding Program Director, Rick, telling me that we do not have enough money to pay for our January support for the School of Dame Marie. This school is part of Pastor Isaac's Ministry and he is one of our Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti Pastors. They have been in partnership with LCMS since 2003 but receive no direct financial support from synod.   These children receive one meal of rice and beans a day at school and they are often the ONLY meals they get all week. Many Haitian children only eat 3 times a week. (3 meals a week).     The monthly cost to feed 130 children is $640. Thank you for considering a gift to see that Pastor Isaac can continue to feed these children.     Click here to donate

Devotion Series - Examining Your Motives - Starts Tomorrow (12/15) Don't Miss It!  

The three-part devotion series entitled "Examining Your Motives" begins tomorrow. Click here to sign up for our free online devotions   Click here for our archive of Daily Devotions      

CHRISTmas Gifting to Make A Difference Don't know what to give someone for Christmas? Don't want to fight the shoppers at the mall? Don't want to wrap a present? Don't know what to give someone who has everything they need? Consider giving a JESUS GIFT this CHRISTmas by gifting someone something that helps someone in need! LCC will acknowledge your gift to the person you are gifting! You can even print your own gift card (click here).

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me. Matthew 25:35

Sample of printable gift card

To gift someone this Christmas by helping someone in need Shoes for children in Haiti Provide a Christmas meal for a family in need through one of our Mission Congregations Water filters for Lutheran Schools or families in Haiti Comfort Dog for a church Sponsor a meal at St. Matthew's El Comedor Soup Kitchen Latrine for a Lutheran School in Haiti Bibles in Arabic for Lutheran Mission to Muslims Motorcycle for a Pastor in Haiti

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LCC also has Christmas gifts available through our Gift and Bookstore. Click here to view additional gift ideas. 

Items Needed for Christmas Outreach

Request from Pastor Jean Bingue, Bethesda Lutheran Church, Chicago Bethesda serves a large Haitian Community. We provide meals each week for those who worship with us as well as to those in the community. We are looking for donations of food, clothing, toys, and household items for this year's holiday season. We are helping our church members and community because they cannot afford to buy these essential things. Most of them are not working or only working part-time. Please donate what you can to help make this holiday special for people in need.   If you have items to donate please contact Marie Malary at (773) 720-4126   Click here to make a financial contribution 

LCC in need of Video Editors for Missions Lutheran Church Charities receives frequent requests from ministries and missionaries asking for help producing short videos on their mission or ministry. Although LCC has all the equipment and a studio, we simply do not have the staff time to do all the editing jobs that are asked of us. If you have the skills and would like to volunteer to help a missionary or someone working to go on the mission field tell their story we would like to talk with you. Anyone interested in volunteering for projects is asked to please contact Dana Yocum, Tim Kurth, or Tim Hetzner at

"Giving a Gift to Yourself and LCC This Year" No doubt if you've been following CD rates you could count the annual return using only your index finger. If you're curious, check out current rates at . There is another other way that could potentially give you a higher return and paycheck for life using a Charitable Gift Annuity.   Typically, these two concepts are viewed as virtually opposite actions. Annuity refers to the creation of an annual income stream, while a Gift gives it away. But the Charitable Gift Annuity combines these two ideas. A Fixed Annuity Payment for Life in Exchange for a Gift to Lutheran Church Charities in the same Tool. In practical terms, the Gift Annuity is a contract between a qualified charity and an individual or couple. The agreement provides fixed payments to a donor (or donors) for life and an ultimate gift to charity. Call Rich Martin at 866-455-6466 to get your free personal illustration. Rich is certified as a Gift Planning Counselor and Christian Development Executive.   With your support this past year we were able to serve thousands who were in need! Click here to see what your generosity has done this year     So after you have given to those in need this CHRISTmas Season, "Remember us Last" so that we can be first to serve in 2012. Thank you for your faithful support and prayers. You have Made a Difference!   To God be All Glory!   Click here to donate to the 12/31 Appeal 

Christmas for the Poor in Myanmar

Request from Rev. Charles Edwards, Pastor, National Lutheran Church of Myanmar

Christmas is approaching. Our newly democrat government has given some freedom to many sectors but it is not clear how much freedom they will give to religious organizations. But, some news said that this Christmas will be more free and have more opportunities than last year's.   Our church has decided to do two projects in this Christmas season.   Our church is located in the poorest area of Yangon. In this area there are crimes, lawlessness, illiteracy, less educations, illness etc.. Most of the parents go to work (hard labor) very early in the morning and come back at night. So, hundreds of children are on the streets during the day time looking for food. Our first church focus is to look after 500 children during this season. We care for them, feed them and fulfill their small needs. (Give used cloths, food, medicines, and gift)     The second focus - in our area there are thousands of people who have never heard the gospel in a culturally appropriate way, or had an opportunity to respond to the gospel. Our church is planning to visit 500 homes during this season and give a small gift and tracks (Special Christmas message) to every home.   Last week, the government brought Buddha's tooth (relics) from China and millions of people meditated upon this. Widows, orphans, hard labors, etc. gave their respects and donated all their properties to that tooth.   CHRISTIANS DO NOT HAVE ANY RELICS OF JESUS BECAUSE JESUS IS ALIVE!   Our church focuses on this and proclaims the LIVING OF JESUS to the PEOPLE BOUND AND IMPOVERISHED BY EVIL POWERS.   OUR CHURCH NEEDS YOUR HELP!   We need your prayers, encouragements and smallest donations. Through you we can help many children to be happy in this Christmas. Thousands of unreached people will hear or read the gospel of JESUS CHRIST for the first time in their life.   Can you help us?   Click here to donate

Pastor Marky Kessa's Wife Attacked by Robbers Reverend Marky Kessa, President of the Lutheran Church of Haiti, reports that his wife was attacked by robbers when returning from dropping off American missionaries in Port Au Prince. He writes...  We give thanks to God in all circumstances, God is always with us.     Yesterday morning my wife went to Port-auPrince, drove a group of American missionaries who were at Jacmel for one week, where they served a lot. My wife, on her way back to Jacmel around 4 PM, she was attacked by two robbers with gangs, they took Sydney Kessa distributing personal her wallet with everything inside, driver hygiene items in a tent city in license, blank checks, money, her chain, her Thomassique, Haiti bracelet, her wings, and other things. But we give thanks to God for his protection. My wife she is safe, please pray for us.    

We give thanks to God once again 26 people received Christ this morning at both services at the church. Rev. Marky Kessa    Notice, even in the midst of this trauma, Pastor Kessa is quick to mention that 26 people received Christ as the Christian Church in Haiti continues its explosive growth. LCC is collecting donations to replace the money that was lost in the robbery. LCC is constantly assessing the security concerns in Haiti and making adjustments as necessary. The safety of our volunteer teams is of paramount importance to us.   Click here to donate to replace money lost to robbers   

Four Homes of Mercy - Bethany Israel Serving the poorest of the poor in the Name of Christ Four Homes of Mercy is a Christian run home for the emotionally and physically disabled children (many of whom are orphans) and adults in the poor area of Bethany Israel - the very location where Jesus always stayed when he came to Jerusalem (home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, and Simon the Leper). They rely on donations to keep their doors open so that they can serve their residents in the Name of Christ. LCC received a Christmas greeting from Four Homes showing the work that is being done.     Click here to read their Christmas Greeting    If you would like to help the efforts of the Palestinian Christian run Four Homes of Mercy in Bethany - you can contribute online by clicking here or by sending a check to Lutheran Church Charities and marking the donation Four Homes of Mercy.

First LERT Training Scheduled for the New Year

Immanuel Lutheran Church at 950 Hart Road in Batavia will be hosting the first LERT training of 2012. Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, February 11th from 8:30 am until Noon. Registration and a light breakfast will begin at 8:30 followed by a three hour class from 9 am until Noon.    

Click here to register for the LERT training at Immanuel Batavia

Registration is $20 and helps cover the cost of the training materials, meal, and the LERT Safety Vest, which is required to be worn in a disaster response situation. Registration can be paid by credit card online at time of registration or by cash or check at the door.     This training will prepare team members for credentialing and will focus on the safety, work, and ministry of Lutherans as Early Responders.     Click here to register for LERT training on February 11, 2012     For more information, call Dianna Bonfield at 866-455-6466 or email 

Comfort Dog Update

LCC Comfort Dogs Visit Unity Lutheran Campuses K-9 Comfort Dogs Olympia, Tillie and Chewie where greeted with warm smiles and many pets by the 67 students of Zion Lutheran School in Chebanse, Illinois. Tim Kurth from LCC did an interactive chapel message with the students which they all enjoyed. Then handlers Lynn Buhrke, Dick Bernard and Dona Martin along with the dogs visited with students and answered questions about the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry. Chebanse is a rural community about an hour south of Chicago. Contact LCC today and schedule a K-9 Comfort Dog visit for your church or school.

    LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs are a Big Hit at United Airlines Fantasy Flight Event at O'Hare Airport

The LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry wrapped up a very busy 2011 with an invitation from United Airlines to participate in their annual Fantasy Flight to the North Pole for 87 critically and terminally ill children from Children's Memorial Hospital, along with their parents and siblings. On Saturday, December 3 a team of seven dogs and fifteen handlers and support staff arrived at Terminal One in O'Hare Airport. They were escorted through security and set up in a special gate area where they greeted children arriving at the 'North Pole'. Santa and Mrs. Claus were there, too, along with everyone's favorite Christmas characters. LCC volunteers Mike Kinyon and Dr. Susan Busse took commemorative photos of each child with a K-9. Each child also received a plush toy Golden Retriever compliments of LCC. Wherever the dogs went in the terminal people stopped to pet them, take pictures and comment on the K-9 Comfort Dog program. The dogs even charmed the TSA agents who patted them down going through security.    Click here to read the rest of the article  Click here to view photos from this event     Click here to schedule a K-9 Comfort Dog visit   Donate to the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry  


Your Donations Make A Difference

Thanks to Joe Wyrot for the donation last week of a 1989 Buick Century. The car was given to Pastor Dan Hawkins of New Song in Aurora on December 13th for a young man currently getting around on a moped. The car is in very good shape and allows LCC to respond to those who need transportation. Pastor Tom Sanders of Faith Arlington Heights suggested to Joe that he donate the car. Pastor Hawkins called looking for a car about the same time the donation came in. If you know of someone with a car in good condition they would like to donate, please contact LCC at 866-455-6466 and we'll take them through the process. Donors get charitable donation credit for the full Kelley Blue Book value of the car. LCC works through our churches to complete the donation to those in need. A special "thank you" to Center Point Properties for the donation of climate controlled warehouse space where we can store the K-9 Comfort Dog coach motor home and the disaster response Bounder RV. The use of the warehouse space will enable us to securely store the Coach and Bounder and have them available to use at a moment's notice for the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry or deployment during a disaster.   LCC staff member Tim Kurth attended worship at King of Glory in Elgin on Sunday where he received a check from the congregation. The money was raised through the "Joy in a Purple Pouch" campaign. Members of the church brought in unwanted jewelry that was then converted to cash to support LCC and three other mission organizations. Matt Ponsolle, on staff for Northern Illinois District and an elder at King of Glory, made the presentation of the checks.     LCC volunteer Bob Goodwin picked up book shelving donated by the NID Office and delivered it to the home of Pastor Hicham Chehab for his office.  


Families in Need Help Make A Difference Iranian Refugee Family Faces Eviction

Request by Rev. Hicham Chehab, Pastor, Salam Christian Fellowship & Missionary for Chicagoland Lutheran Muslim Mission Association (CLMMA) Bashir (pictured) and his family will face eviction at the end of this month if they cannot pay their rent ($890). Bashir is in his early twenties. He is a hemophiliac and will receive disability benefits in a month or two that will help his family pay the rent. The family has been attending Salam since they came to America a year ago. Bashir was baptized unto the Lord in early October and he is leading others to Christ.  Please help this family in need.   Click here to donate

Salem Blue Island Receiving Donations for Fire Victims Late last week a devastating apartment building fire in Blue Island, Illinois left 20 families homeless and without most of their belongings. The people of Salem Lutheran Church in Blue Island are accepting donations of winter coats, winter clothes, food, gift cards, furniture and bedding. These items can be delivered to the church during regular business hours Tuesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Those wishing to drop off donations outside of these hours can call Carol at the church to schedule a time.   Steve Kuehner, an Elder at Salem, is coordinating relief efforts for the families affected by the fire. Salem is located at 12951 Maple Avenue in Blue Island 60406. All donations are to be delivered directly to Salem as LCC is not collecting items or coordinating any deliveries. Call Carol at (708) 388-1830 with questions or to schedule a drop-off.

Urgent Request from Pastor Shehab for Iraqi Convert Facing Eviction

Request by Rev. Hicham Chehab, Pastor, Salam Christian Fellowship & Missionary for Chicagoland Lutheran Muslim Mission Association (CLMMA) An Iraqi convert from Islam, and who suffers from a disability, is facing eviction the end of November. Pastor Hicham Chehab is making an urgent request for assistance for the $921 needed to prevent the eviction. He writes...   "The payment will resolve the current concern as this refugee has now qualified for section 8 (subsidized housing) and his part-time job will pay enough to cover future expenses going forward. His radical Muslim ex-wife has instigated the Muslim community against him and he is ostracized by Muslims in Chicagoland. Please help a new brother find love and compassion after he left his community for Christ."     Click here to donate

Disaster Response Immanuel Joplin Seeks Specialized Volunteers

Trent Davis, Director of Disaster Response at Immanuel Joplin, is looking for volunteer teams with very specific skills to help with projects slated from December through February. Team registrations have tapered off but there are five projects underway where more volunteers are needed. Trent writes... The Lord has blessed us with the ability to get 5 decent sized projects under roof before the weather has gotten too nasty here, so we have lots of interior work; electrical, plumbing, HVAC, drywall, painting, cabinets and trim that need to be or will need to be done but we have very few teams committed from December-February any help that you can stir up would be greatly appreciated.  

Click here for more information or to register your team    

With LCC CARE CARDING You Can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in a Tangible Way So many people want to help the people of Joplin, Missouri in a meaningful way - but are not sure what to do. Here is an opportunity to provide Mercy and Compassion and Help to an individual or family right now!   Click here for more information    If you are unable to do a CARE CARD but would like to contribute to the purchase of gift cards, click here to donate.

Vehicles Needed to Help Individuals and Ministries

All vehicles that are donated to LCC go directly out to families or individuals through our congregations. NO vehicles are sold. LCC has received numerous requests from churches for vehicles for families in need of reliable transportation. The need for cars and vans to provide a means for getting to work, school and medical appointments has never been higher.

If you have a working car or van please consider donating it to LCC for one of these families. All vehicles that are donated to LCC go directly out to families or individuals through our congregations. NO vehicles are sold. Here are some of the most recent requests, but we have others that are still waiting for

some word... Faith Lutheran Church in Bay City, Michigan Seeks Car for Disabled Man Van Needed for Jesendys Hygiene Ministry  Member of New Song, Aurora in Need of Car   Pastor in Need of Van for Outreach Ministry in Chicago  Cargo Van or Pick-up Truck Needed for Food Pantry at Zion Lutheran Church  Cars Needed for Immigrant Families  Cars Needed for Liberian Refugee Families  Click here for the complete page listing the needs 

If you have a vehicle to donate,  please contact or call 866-455-6466

Other Stories Still Seeking Support Death of Single Mom Leaves Family Needing Vehicle and Financial Support Iraqi Refugee Family Facing Eviction  Pastor Bill Stroup Seeks Support for Single Mom  Family Facing Eviction because Landlord is being Foreclosed  Family of Five Lost Home - Need Financial Assistance

Items Free for the Asking LCC works THROUGH churches and is not a Direct Service Ministry. To request an item on our "Free for the Asking" list please contact your Church and ask that they call us (866-455-6466) requesting an item.  Arrangements will then be made to connect the item with you.  If you are not a member of a Christian Church then please call LCC to place you in contact with one of our LCMS churches who can assist you. 2903 Twin Bed Extra Long Mattress and Box Spring (No soil - like new), golden oak entertainment center 46"W x 20"D x 64"T - TV opening 35 1/2", 92" Sofa and 72" love seat (tan and black)- Houndstooth pattern 2902 (2) boxes and (1) can of assorted sockets and socket set pieces, paint roller, (2) hack saws, (1) grease gun, mason's hammer, claw hammer, hatchet, Army cot replacement canvas, (2) caulking guns, tube of acrylic caulk, (2) small measuring tapes, 10' measuring tape, 36" pry-bar, 16' motorized measuring tape, router, 16" laser level, scoup shovel, manual week wacker, extension pole for paint rollers, (2) tubes lithium grease, (1) socket set, universal joint socket set, one drill chuck, small level and (2) small sets of assorted sockets and drivers 2901 computer desk with hutch - storage above with area for keyboard and monitor, one drawer, adjustable shelves 2900 Plastic Children's chairs with metal legs for kids (14" high). (30) Gold and (11) Dark Gold in color 2898 Black & Decker Car Vac 12 Volt Model # 9510. Powerful, Convenient, and Durable. On/Off Switch. Tested and works great. The Car Vac has a plug which fits most 12 Volt Cigarette Lighter Sockets, a 16 foot cord with convenient storage area, Permanent reusable and washable filter bag, Durable one piece bowl, Also comes with all original parts: 1 Crevice Tool and 1 Upholstery Nozzle Click here for the full list of Items Free for the Asking  To OFFER an item for this section, or to get a Receipt for an item you have donated, CLICK HERE for the NON-MONETARY DONATION FORM

Ministry Needs Help Make A Difference Short-term Missionary Hannah Kiefer Seeks Assistance for One-year Service   In June 2011, Hannah Kiefer, of Bonfield, Illinois, was commissioned by The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod's International Ministries to serve as a short-term, GEO missionary. For one year, she will teach English at the Concordia English Center in Macau, and help with weekly Bible studies and outreach events there. Hannah writes...    Will you partner with me in sharing Christ's love with the people of Macau? Please prayerfully consider helping support my year of missionary service. The total cost will be approximately $27,000 and will cover everything from training and visa costs to housing and food. Funds are currently at $4,664 and I hope to continue to find churches and individuals who will partner with me in the mission God has set before us.     Hannah is the daughter of Pastor John and Sandy Kiefer of Zion Lutheran Church in Bonfield, Illinois, and graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University in May 2011 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Business Administration.   Click here to support Hannah 

English New Testaments Needed for Salam Outreach to Students Request from Pastor Hicham Chehab, Salam Arabic Fellowship, Missionary, POBLO- Chicago  

Salam Arabic Fellowship needs paperback English copies of the New Testament for the student ministry at College of DuPage and Morraine Valley Community College. NIV, or other modern translations are preferable. Our student ministry has given out more than 300 copies of the Bible to college students over the past four years, not to mention tracts and Christian books. God's Word sows seeds of faith in the hearts of people and would never return empty! At this time we are looking to give away copies of the New Testament only. We have found that to be the most effective outreach to the students.     If you have copies of the New Testament to donate contact LCC at 866-455-6466 or email     Click here to donate for the purchase of New Testaments 

Items Available to a Ministry 2900 Plastic Children's chairs with metal legs for kids (14" high). (30) Gold and (11) Dark Gold in color 2897 Risograph GR 3750 printer (black & white printing only) 2881 (22) Lutheran Worship Hymnals (Blue) located in Hampshire, Illinois 2879 72" x 72" Sauder Oak wall unit  2873 Savin 3350 Duplicator 

Click here for the full list of Items Available to a Ministry    To OFFER an item for this section, or to get a Receipt for an item you have donated, CLICK HERE for the NON-MONETARY DONATION FORM 

Mission Opportunities Help Make A Difference   New Believers, New Starts in Cambodia!

George & Shary Frahm (pictured) are LCMS Missionaries recently commissioned at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Palatine. Through this commissioning, Immanuel is partnering with the Frahm's in providing support for their Cambodian mission. Together, we are seeking other congregations throughout the LCMS to join in this effort to support the "Angels Dormitory project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia."   Click here to read more

Short Term Mission Opportunities MOST Ministries

Carly Stevens, Executive Director MOST Ministries

Lutheran Church Charities endorses MOST Ministries as a valuable partner in Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in works of service to others in places throughout the world. We have worked with MOST in the past and endorse and support this ministry. If you are interested in Short Term Mission opportunities, please click here to find out what currently is available. Or you may go directly to their website at We thank God for the ministry and partnership of MOST Ministries and encourage those who are interested to be involved with them in serving others.   Thank you, Tim Hetzner President, Lutheran Church Charities

COME LORD JESUS, BE OUR GUEST ... You recognize this prayer written by Martin Luther ...

Come Lord Jesus, be our guest And let thy gifts to us be blessed. Amen If we really mean this prayer and want Jesus to be our Guest - wouldn't we feed him also? Consider becoming a part of LCC's individual challenge and FEED THE INVISIBLE GUEST - AND MAKE HIM VISIBLE program to help feed the hungry. Click here for more details | Click here to donate now Click here for a Bulletin Insert

International Ministry Scholarship a Child in Myanmar

Because of your Donations Two of 10 Students have Received Scholarships Click here if you would like to make a donation to help one of these young students 

Here are Ways to Help Our Ongoing Haiti Relief Efforts

Physical Needs Latrines for the Lutheran schools - $500  Water Filters - School Version - $185 - Home Version - $35 Building Homes and Hope in Haiti Shoes - $5 Motorcycles for Pastors - $1,000 Support College Students Volunteering in Haiti - $150 Goats - $50 each General Disaster Response Donations Spiritual Needs Staff Workers in the Tent Cities - $200 a

month Bibles in French - $6 each Luther's Small Catechism in Creole - $5 each See Through the Scriptures manuals in French - $2 each Developing Projects Radio Ministry - click here to learn more Hosting Haitian Christian Music Group for U.S. Tour - click here to learn more

Christian Education Projects in the Philippines Help the Lutheran Church of the Philippines (LCP) move toward establishing 100 new church and school ministries by the year 2017 to reach more people with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ!  Rev. James Cerdenola is the LCP President.   Read more...    Click here to donate 

LCC Ministry Resources Tim's Pick of the Week

The Work of His Hands: A View of God's Creation from Space Jeffrey N. Williams For every grown-up kid who ever dreamed of being an astronaut here's your "ticket" for a flight that will leave you in speechless awe of God's creation! Lavishly illustrated with photographs taken from the International Space Station, Col. Williams's exquisite volume offers vivid lessons on space exploration and the breathtaking order of God's universe. 176 pages, hardcover from Concordia.

Looking to be in an in-depth Bible Study? Does Your Church Want to Host a Study? Your Small Group?  

Over 150 weeks of In-Depth Bible Studies available on DVD

Tim Hetzner, President of Lutheran Church Charities, has led over 40 Biblical Studies Trips to the Middle East over the past 30 years.  Learn his insights into the Biblical Text, the Culture and Customs of the People, the History and Archeology of the land - but MOST OF ALL - discover the MIND-METHOD-MANNER and MINISTRY of our Lord Jesus Christ.   All Courses are available on DVD and also on the Internet.  Become a host site for Word Among Us Studies and find Answers in the Bible for Life's Many Difficulties and Questions!   For more information and registration, Click Here...   To find out more information contact Tim Hetzner at 866-455-6466 or email at 

Hot Dog Cart and Grill Available for Ministry Events Thanks to Thrivent and Generous Donors

Thanks to the generous contributions of LCC donors and a grant from The Northwest Cook County Thrivent Branch, LCC has acquired a commercial grade food service cart and a large gas grill. Both of these are mounted on trailers and can be picked up to be used by your church for picnics, festivals, and other events where food is served. LCC plans to use this food prep equipment as part of our disaster response in order to feed

volunteers and victims of disaster. When there is no disaster related activity the cart and grill are available for churches and schools in the Northern Illinois District. If you would like to use one or both of these for an upcoming event, please contact LCC or click below to complete a request form. LCC always looks for ways to resource your ministry in unique and creative ways. Click here to fill out a reservation form  

Ministry Resources Available to Congregations   Looking for Ways to Share the Mercy and Compassion of Christ to Those in Your Church and Community?      How to Conduct a Successful Mission Fair  

Click here to learn more about these and other Ministry Resources available from LCC

LCC Staff and Comfort Dogs Available for Church Functions and School Chapels! Click here to learn more!

Servant at Heart - Online Christian Business Directory Looking for a Christian business? Lutheran Church Charities has an online Christian Business Directory, Servant@Heart. This online directory allows:  - Christians businesses to advertise their services without cost.  - Christians looking for employment a place to post their resume - Christians with job openings a place to post those opening  - Others to seek out Christian businesses and employees

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Faith Led Feet - An Opportunity to Put Your Faith in Action

Lutheran Church Charities has created a new page,"Faith Led Feet", on our web site that will help Christians who are involved in activities for a charitable cause as an expression of their faith to spread the word.   Click here to read more.

LCC Emergency Assistance Fund LCC gets requests daily concerning people who need assistance, and it is increasing because of the current economic times we are living in.   LCC works through our churches to provide assistance by making the need known - and dollar per dollar we give the money to a church to help the family or individual. However, we receive some requests that are emergencies, and money is needed that day or the next day and we can't always get the need out in our weekly email newsletter first.   Would you consider making a gift to our LCC Emergency Assistance fund so that when these emergency needs occur we can help (through our churches) quicker? This is an important way for the Body of Christ to share the Mercy and Compassion and Proclamation of Christ.   To contribute please click here   Thank you for continuing to Make A Difference! Tim Hetzner

Live Manger - THIS Sunday  

Sunday, December 18, 2011 at 4:30 pm Concordia Lutheran Church 3144 South Home Avenue   Berwyn, Illinois  

In December of 1223, Francis of Assisi instituted the living manger in Greccio, Italy since pilgrimages to Bethlehem posed great risks while the Turks were in control of the Holy Land. Concordia Lutheran Church located at 3144 South Home Avenue in Berwyn, Illinois will continue this tradition by presenting a Live Manger on Sunday, December 18th at 4:30 P.M. In costume, children of the Sunday School and Little Lambs Preschool will tell the story of the true meaning of Christmas as they have for more than 20 years.     Weather permitting, an infant from the congregation will portray baby Jesus. A variety of animals from Friendly Farms in DeKalb, Illinois will be available for petting. Mary has been known to ride to the outdoor stable on a real donkey. Hot chocolate and cookies are served, free to all who attend. Everyone is invited to join in singing carols as the story of the Savior's birth unfolds.     On Sunday, January 8th at 10 A.M. the Live Manger will be performed indoors for the celebration of Epiphany and The Three Kings' gift-bearing visit to the Christ Child. Their journey guided by the Star of Bethlehem.     In between, the church will observe the birth of Jesus with special services on Christmas Eve at 4:00 P.M. and 10:00 P.M. The former will be a Contemporary Family Service and the latter a traditional Candlelight Service. On Christmas Day, there is worship at 10:00 A.M.     If you would like more information about Concordia Lutheran Church and its programs, visit its web site at, e-mail them at, or call 708-484-9784. 


Annual Ski Retreat for High School Youth Groups in January

January 13-15, 2012 Kalahari Resort  Wisconsin Dells    Ski, snowboard or tubing at Cascade Mountain. Music, great speakers and lots of fun. NEW for 2012: a Family Retreat component. For more information please contact Debra via email at or call her at 815-784-5141..     

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How To Support Lutheran Church Charities All contributions go dollar per dollar to the causes listed in this newsletter. If you would like more information on how to help or if you have items to share please contact or send contributions to LCC, 333 West Lake Street, Addison, IL 60101 or contribute at our web site at or call us for credit card donations at LCC's office at (866) 455- 6466  

December 14, 2011 - Making A Difference Newsletter  

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