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Dear Friends, Just a few months ago, I began serv

ing as Lorain County Community College’s sixth president as well as the Presiden t of the LCCC Foundation. Having worked in this community for the past 25 year s, I am excited to have the opportu nity to connect with you in an even more meaning ful capacity this year. As many of you know firsthand, our Foundation plays a critical role in the success of the College. Your philanth ropic support helps our most underresourced students through scholars hips, provides dollars for new opp ortunities, and creates an environment that insp ires creativity through the campus grants program and the Innovation Fund. This year, the Foundation will con

tinue to expand our philanthropic

support of our students and our community. You are an integral part of the important wor k the College is undertaking as we pursue the strategic direction outlined by Vision 2020. As we work together to achieve these priorities, I look forward to hea ring your ideas regarding how we can best improve our impact throughout the county and the region. Thank you for supporting the LCCC Foundation. in order to further meet the needs


Marcia J. Ballinger President, Lorain County Commun

ity College and LCCC Foundation

CONTENTS Year in Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,2

Dear Friends, dation’s Annual Report. Thank you for taking the time to review our Foun d of Directors, I am excited As Chairman of the LCCC Foundation’s Boar s that have taken place to share with you some of the wonderful event during the past year. ge’s newest president, This year we welcome Dr. Ballinger as the Colle nue to drive our College and I am confident that her leadership will conti ort organization for the and our community forward. As the direct supp Vision 2020’s strategic College, our Foundation’s work directly supports examples of how our priorities. Throughout this report, you will find College. Many of the work aligns with the vision and mission of the d not be possible without programs featured throughout this report woul time to learn more about philanthropic support. Thank you for taking the continued support. the important work we are doing – and for your

Fulfilling the Vision . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 LCCC’s Strategic Priorities and Initiatives . . . . . . . . . . . 4 PRIORITY #1

Drive Student Completion for Academic and Career Success Removing Barriers to Success . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Faculty Excellence Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Campus Grants Success Story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 PRIORITY #2

Lead Talent Development While Accelerating Business and Job Growth Innovation Fund Company Prepares to Scale-Up . . . . . . . .7 Richard Desich SMART Center Fosters Collaboration . . . . 8 PRIORITY #3

Inspire Community Engagement, Connectivity, Diversity and Wellness Empowering Women Through Collaboration . . . . . . . . . .9 Celebrating Stocker Arts Center’s 35th Anniversary . . . . . 10


Campus Grants Success Story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

Honoring a Legacy of Leadership . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 The Roy and Bobbi Church Visionary Leadership Institute . . 12

Phil Baptiste

Philanthropy’s Impact

tors Chairman, LCCC Foundation Board of Direc

Dedicating the Reaser Grand Room . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Jack Nicklaus Golf Outing and Ladies Luncheon . . . . . . . 14 LCCC Foundation Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 LCCC District Board of Trustees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 LCCC Foundation Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Statement of Financial Position . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

LCCC Foundation hosts annual Parade of Scholars dinner – uniting students and the philanthropic community



District Board of Trustees selects Dr. Marcia Ballinger as LCCC’s 6th president


TIME State approves $2.5 million for expansion of Nord Advanced Technologies Center to create the Patsie C. and Dolores Jenne Campana Center for Ideation and Invention (opening 2017)

October (2015)

Februar y

LCCC graduates 1,460 students and 300 University Partnership students at LCCC’s 52nd Commencement Ceremony


LCCC hosts OhioMakes Conference to demonstrate how additive manufacturing can play a key role in accelerating innovation and productivity in both education and industry Legacy of Leadership Gala and Institute Launch honors Dr. Roy Church’s 29 years of service to the College and community 1


WE3 Collaboration launches in partnership with the United Way to help hard-working single mothers living in poverty increase their earning capacity and become economically secure and self sufficient.

26th Golf Outing and 11th Ladies Luncheon featured PGA Pro Jimmy Hanlin. A total of $1.079 million has been raised for the Jack Nicklaus Scholarship Fund to date

U.S. Department of Education releases a survey ranking LCCC as one of only 2 colleges in Ohio to be included in the Lowest Net Price Report for 2-year colleges.


LCCC partners with local schools to introduce middle and high school students to the maker-movement through Maker Camps Photo Credit: Kaylee Remington - The Morning Journal




LCCC Foundation dedicates the Reaser Grand Room on July 11th, recognizing the family’s significant contribution supporting the Roy and Bobbi Church Visionary Leadership Institute.



SAIL (Students Accelerated in Learning) program receives state-wide recognition for its success in removing barriers for low-income, first-time college students

Innovation Fund announces its 200th award helping start-up companies create local jobs


FULFILLING THE VISION On April 22, 2016, Lorain County

“Dr. Ballinger is a very competent, polished,

Community College announced that

professional leader who is certainly up to the job

Marcia J. Ballinger, Ph.D. was selected to

and will thrive in this role and serve this institution

serve as College’s sixth president beginning on July 1st. No stranger to LCCC or the community, Dr. Ballinger has worked in a variety of leadership positions at LCCC since 1991. Her most recent role was as Provost and Vice President

extremely well,” Dr. Roy Church said. Having worked so closely with Dr. Ballinger for 25 years, Dr. Church stated, “Everything we have done since that period of time she has been integrally involved in, in a variety of different roles for this institution,” Church said. “So she’s fully familiar

of Academic and Learner Services, where she

with all the progress that’s been made and

oversaw the College’s six academic deans as

progress that yet needs to be made.”

well as Enrollment Services, Financial Aid and University Partnership.

As Dr. Ballinger began this new journey this past summer, she spent the first few months connecting

The decision to select Dr. Ballinger as LCCC’s first female President followed a rigorous national search that

with the campus and community, while carving out a path for the College to deliver on the strategic priorities outlined in Vision 2020.

took place over an eight-month period. Thirty-five candidates from all across the country were interviewed and screened by a committee headed by a national executive search firm.

“The strategic direction for the College was adopted by the District Board of Trustees last year after listening and learning from our community. I am excited to lead this institution as we work to achieve these priorities – creating a community college designed to address the changing needs of our county,” said Dr. Ballinger.


Our Values

Our Vision

Our Mission

We are the community’s college.  

To empower a thriving community...

To empower...

We are trusted by the community to educate, lead and inspire.  

Where all students achieve academic and career success;

Individuals to succeed through quality education.

We create a better, more sustainable future for our community.

Where industry talent needs are met and businesses start, locate and grow; and

Economies to grow through innovation.

Where people connect and prosper.  

Communities to thrive through partnerships and rich cultural experiences.


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Drive Student Completion for Academic and Career Success

Lead Talent Development While Accelerating Business and Job Growth

Inspire Community Engagement, Connectivity, Diversity and Wellness

• Reduce Time and Cost to Completion

• Foster Employer-Driven Talent Development

• Forge Connections by Capitalizing on Innovative Digital Technologies and Infrastructure

• Coach Every Student for Success • Improve College Readiness • Enhance Student Learning • Develop Structured Pathways to In-Demand Careers and Employers • Engage More Adult Learners • Close Achievement Gaps of Under-Resourced Learners

• Expand Programs that Stimulate and Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship • Leverage Technology and Expertise to Help Companies Accelerate Commercialization and Manufacturing of New Products • Partner to Secure Economic Growth Opportunities for Our Community

• Impact Quality of Life of Under-served Populations • Engage and Serve the Senior Community • Increase Community Capacity Building • Enhance Creativity and Diversity • Improve Community Health and Wellness 4






















Removing Barriers to Success Lorain County Community College students come from

Espy was a new student herself not that long

all walks of life, and the challenges they face are as varied

ago, taking her first classes in 2013 after leaving

as their backgrounds. These challenges have a way of

a seven-year career in the Navy to take care of

sometimes becoming barriers to students’ success. We

her terminally ill mother. “When I first came to

enjoy celebrating the moments when our creative faculty

LCCC I was completely lost. I had no support until

and staff come up with innovative ways to help them

I met my Success Coach. I love being able to pay

reach their goals. This is one of those stories. We recently had a young man named Ignacio AriasIrrazary enroll in classes. Due to a lack of transportation, Ignacio, who prefers to be called “Nacho,” planned to walk quite a distance every day to work and then to LCCC’s campus. Even though Nacho was willing to take on this challenge,

with – including Nacho and others who just need someone on their side,” said Espy. We are so proud of employees like Espy who come to work every day motivated to help others. Like Nacho, many of our students are under-resourced

one of our Student Success Coaches,

and face unique challenges such as child-care,

Espy Correa, stepped in and was

transportation, or even specialized tutoring and

determined to find a better solution.

counseling support. We can all do our part to help

The next day, Espy returned to campus

these students. The LCCC Foundation’s role is to

with a bike – her own bike, in fact – that

harness the power of philanthropy to overcome

she had planned to sell in a garage sale and

barriers facing our students. The need remains

donated it to Nacho.


the help I received forward to the students I work

great, and you can help us make a difference.

Campus Grants Success Story: Student Success Pass The LCCC Foundation’s Campus Grants

Faculty Excellence Awards Lorain County Community College faculty are among the most dedicated in the region. It is their unmatched commitment to our students that has enabled the College to become one of the top-rated community colleges in Ohio. In order to celebrate this, each year the LCCC Foundation sponsors the Faculty Excellence awards. Two faculty members who demonstrate ingenuity in classroom teaching,

Professor Kathy Durham and Professor Regan Silvestri

program awards funding to projects led by faculty and staff that enhance teaching and learning, provide program enhancements or special services. The Student Success Pass program enables employees the opportunity to remove barriers to student success – similar to Espy and Nacho’s story. The program is a collaboration between Enrollment, Financial, Career Services and Women’s Link and uses grant dollars to purchase gift cards that can be used for food, gasoline, or books and school supplies. Employees from across campus

educational practices and curriculum

are able to identify students at risk of

development are selected

dropping out and use the gift cards as a

each year and announced at

way to address an immediate need such

Commencement. The 2016

as food shortage or transportation. This

awardees were Professor Kathy

innovative approach complements the

Durham and Professor Regan

College’s additional wrap-around services

Silvestri – congratulations!

designed to keep students enrolled. 6





















LEAD TALENT DEVELOPMENT WHILE ACCELERATING BUSINESS AND JOB GROWTH Innovation Fund Company Prepares to Scale-Up As one of the earliest companies to receive an

putting himself within easy reach of the College’s

Innovation Fund award seven years ago, Recognition

robust entrepreneurial services. After receiving the

Robotics is one company that has certainly

Innovation Fund award, Simon was able to start

maximized resources to build a successful business.

selling his first product, CortexRecognition software.

Founder, president and CEO, Simon Melikian, Ph.D., first approached the Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (GLIDE) in 2008 looking for start-up advice. Even though he

This visual guidance system is incorporated into robots used in manufacturing, enabling them to guide movements based on seeing objects threedimensionally – just like humans.

holds a doctorate in engineering from Case Western Reserve University, Simon is willing to

Recognition Robotics has grown from a one-person

admit what he doesn’t know. “I probably would

start-up to a company with eight full-time employees

have failed otherwise,” says Melikian. “Maybe

and more than 10 patents. The company is poised

some people are born business savvy and can navigate the system, but not

for growth, which will mean more jobs right here in Lorain County.

me.” “GLIDE and the Innovation Fund have been Simon eventually co-

instrumental in our company’s success so far, and now

located his company

we expect to grow big. We truly could not have made

on LCCC’s campus,

it this far without their help.” – Simon Melikian, CEO and President, Recognition Robotics


Access to Capital   Access to Capital  

Activity Activity & & Impact Impact

Activity Activity

Impact Impact

5,827 $258M 5,827 inquiries inquiries $258M follow-on follow-onfunding funding 1,192 $142.5M 1,192 accepted accepted applications applications $142.5M sales salesrevenue revenue 200 >198 200 awards awards >198 internships internships 168 >674 168 companies companies >674 jobs jobs $11.210M $11.210M value valueof ofawards awards $60K-$120K $60K-$120K salary salaryrange range Data thru June 2016 DataData thruthrough June30, 30,June 201630, 2016

Richard Desich SMART Center Fosters Collaboration It can be said that every good invention emerges

By establishing the Richard Desich SMART Center

to solve a problem. In the case of the Newborn

as a part of Lorain County Community College’s

Sensor project, the problem surrounds the recent

campus, we have created an entity that not only

movement of hospitals to encourage skin-to-skin

fills a gap in the commercialization pipeline for

contact for mothers and their newborns. Research

businesses but also encourages cross-discipline

strongly supports the benefits of this practice,

collaboration as demonstrated by the Newborn

however there is no practical way for nurses to

Sensor Project.

Wave of Knowledge and Open Door Sculptures Commissioned and Sponsored by Richard Desich

monitor a newborn’s vitals during these first

Located adjacent to the Desich SMART Center, the Open Door and Wave of Knowledge sculptures were created by world-renowned artist Shan Shan Sheng as a way of reflecting the Desich Center’s commitment to exploring design, technology and innovation. Both sculptures feature Architectural Art Glass, with Open Door housed in a 15 foot high steel frame. Wave of Knowledge is located along the indoor walkway adjoining the Desich SMART Center and the Desich Entrepreneurship Center.

Wilford wanted to do something about this. To

moments of life. LCCC Nursing Professor Barbara find a solution, Barbara reached out to Matt Apanius, Director of the SMART Center, and Colin Drummond at Case Western Reserve

“The Newborn Sensor project is a great opportunity for our students because they get to understand what the motivation is behind a product instead of just the technical side.” – Matthew Apanius, Director SMART Commercialization Center

University where she was enrolled as a nursing doctoral candidate. The team, which also included LCCC mechatronics student Nathan Annable and nursing student Teja Vazquez, worked to develop a wireless device that can monitor the heart rate and oxygen levels in newborns. After months of trial and error, the project is ready to enter the next stage of development – creating a working prototype and conducting clinical trials. Nathan Annable






















INSPIRE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT, CONNECTIVITY, DIVERSITY AND WELLNESS Empowering Women Through Collaboration LCCC often serves as the convener regarding

Women Empowered, Educated and Employed.

social issues, and our best work occurs when we

WE3 strives to help hard-working single mothers

bring organizations together to solve problems

living in poverty increase their earning capacity to

affecting Lorain County residents. Poverty is one of

help them become economically secure and self-

those issues that truly requires all hands on deck in order to make

sufficient. Each partner plays a critical role in WE3’s success and to date, the WE3 collaborative has helped 17 women obtain jobs and four women find

a difference.

permanent shelter who were previously homeless. Last year, the College joined forces with the United Way of Greater Lorain County and ten other partners across

The heartfelt work of the WE3 Collaborative serves as a model program for community engagement and collaboration, while addressing the needs of our community. Lorain County Community College is proud to be leading this charge.

the nonprofit, government and

“WE3 opened up the doors to opportunities that I

education sectors to

never knew were there and encouraged me to step

launch the WE3

out of my comfort zone. I now have a full-time job


with benefits that allows me the freedom I needed

which stands for 9

to raise my three boys.” –Aja Jones, WE3 participant

Celebrating C. Paul Stocker Arts Center’s 35th Anniversary The Foundation was proud to support Artrageous last fall, a celebration event for the Stocker Arts Center’s 35th year of operation. The event centered

Campus Grant Success Story: Kick and Accidental Mummies

around an on-stage, interactive demonstration of live art creation – culminating 35 years of providing

The LCCC Foundation’s Campus Grants program supports projects across all

arts to the community.

academic areas with the intent of improving the student experience. One of these projects was implemented through LCCC’s Theatre Department under

The idea to establish a fine arts center on campus first emerged in 1975 when a demand for local performing arts was on the rise. One of the first initiatives of the Lorain County Community College Foundation, the planning to create a performing

C. Paul and Beth K. Stocker

the direction of Jeremy Benjamin, Director of Theatre and Production Manager. The grant project was called Accidental Mummies and brought playwright/actor Joanna Rush and Tony-nominated choreographer/director Lynn Taylor-Corbett to campus for a weeklong residency and workshops open to students and the community.

arts center began as a way to address an unmet

The project included a production of the play, “Accidental Mummies,” as well

community need. The Foundation quickly realized

as a workshop entitled “Kick the Ignorance” aimed at building a community

that in order to achieve this lofty goal, they needed

free from sexual violence. Immediately following this thought-provoking

to implement a public-private partnership.

workshop, the College hosted “Kick” a performance chronicling how one

Fundraising efforts began and a lead gift from C.

woman overcame abuse.

Paul Stocker helped to build momentum for the project. The college broke ground on in 1977 and completed the project in 1980.

This weeklong event provided participants, including Early College High School students, the opportunity to explore the creation of a new theatrical piece under the guidance of a professional actor and director as well as explore issues affecting our society – creating a powerful learning

Since 1980, the Stocker Arts Center has successfully

environment not typically possible at a community college.

filled a void for the performing arts in Lorain County, serving more than 1.8 million patrons since its doors first opened. Omar Olson, LCCC’s president from 1971-86 laying the foundation for the Stocker Arts Center.

“When I walked across that stage I knew this was something I wanted to do with my life.” – Angel, Early College High School student


HONORING A LEGACY OF LEADERSHIP This past year, our campus and community

to create an endowed fund to support the Roy and

celebrated the retirement of Lorain County

Bobbi Church Visionary Leadership Institute.

Community College’s fifth and longest-standing president, Dr. Roy Church, who served as

On April 25, 2016, more than 800 guests arrived on

president since 1987. Dr. Church dedicated 45

campus to celebrate Roy and Bobbi Church and

years of service to higher education – touching the

became part of the inaugural event for the newly

lives of countless individuals and organizations

established Leadership Institute. Dr. Michael E.

throughout our community.

Porter, Harvard Business School Professor and world-renowned leader in strategy, served as

While Dr. Church’s tenure is remarkable, it is

the keynote.

his leadership style and innovative approaches to solving problems that became his hallmark

“Without question, Dr. Church

over the years. Dr. Church’s commitment to

has accomplished a great

engagement became evident when he led the

many things during his time

college’s first strategic planning effort in 1989. This

at Lorain County Community

effort, similar to those that followed, was rooted in

College. But what lies

collaboration and set a new bar for how the college

beneath the surface of those

connected to the community.

accomplishments is what is most profound:


To honor this tremendous commitment, the LCCC

integrity, perseverance,

Foundation supported the Legacy of Leadership

inclusiveness and

Campaign, a volunteer-driven effort designed

kindness. These core

to ensure this unique culture of innovation and

values represent what

collaboration continues to influence future

we most respect about

generations of leaders. Raising nearly $3 million in

Dr. Church.” – Jane and

six short months, the LCCC Foundation was able

Ben Norton

The Roy and Bobbi Church Visionary Leadership Institute “Community is our middle name very intentionally. It was intended to be an institution that had its roots in the community, and because it grew out of the community, it should have a better sense of what the needs are in the community.” - Dr. Roy Church, quoted in the Collegian April 7, 1987 on his first day as LCCC’s President

The Roy and Bobbi Church Visionary Leadership

comprehensive entity offering corporations, non-

Institute will ensure an innovative culture of

profits, students, faculty and staff the opportunity

leadership continues by attracting visionary

to learn firsthand from strategic thinkers within

leaders, such as the inaugural keynote speaker,

a variety of sectors, developing these ideas into

Dr. Michael Porter. By attracting high caliber

action that will impact Lorain County for decades

leaders to campus, we will expose students, faculty,

to come.

staff and the greater community to others who have initiated great change throughout the nation. The

“Dr. Roy Church is one of the most visionary

Institute will enable Dr. Church’s leadership style

leaders I’ve ever met,” said John Beckett,

to continue to positively impact Lorain County

Chairman of The Beckett Companies. “He leaves

Community College, sparking new ideas to address

an indelible legacy of innovation and excellence

real-world issues affecting the region.

on both the College and our communities. What a privilege that for nearly three decades this deeply

With the support raised by the LCCC Foundation,

committed and collaborative leader has helped

the Institute now has the potential to place Lorain

shape our region’s future. It is only natural, and

County Community College on the map for

indeed an honor, that we at Beckett joined others

leadership development, strategic thinking and

in support of the Roy and Bobbi Church Visionary

innovation. Over time, the Institute will become a

Leadership Institute.” 12

PHILANTHROPY’S IMPACT Dedicating the Reaser Grand Room Dan and Mila Reaser and their two children,

the future, to invest philanthropically in this college

Danny and Shannon, have deep-seeded roots

and our community.

in Lorain County and have vested themselves in both our College and our community. All four

“It is admirable that the Reasers have placed

family members have attended Lorain County

a priority on giving back and are solidifying

Community College, seeking out courses that

this value through the

better prepare them to run their family business,

next generation. As the

a television reality show, The Outdoor Option.

community’s college,

After launching and growing their first company,

we rely heavily on the

American Hood, the Reasers sold it and used the

support of those living

proceeds to create the Reaser Family Foundation

within Lorain County –

in order to keep their philanthropic giving within

both philanthropically

the county lines.

as well as those who volunteer their time and

The family recently took their commitment to

advocacy,” said LCCC

our College a step further by making a significant

President Marcia

donation to the Roy and Bobbi Church Visionary

Ballinger, Ph.D.

Leadership Institute. The LCCC Foundation


honored this gift by dedicating the Reaser Grand

We are truly humbled

Room on July 11, 2016. The naming of the Grand

by this tremendous support, and

Room for the Reaser family was never about the

hope that this family gift inspires others to help us

fanfare; it was about inspiring others, now and in

broaden our impact through philanthropy.

Jack Nicklaus Golf Outing and Ladies Luncheon This past August, the LCCC Foundation hosted its 26th annual Jack Nicklaus Scholarship Golf Benefit and 11th annual Ladies Luncheon. The two events were held simultaneously at the Elyria Country Club as fundraisers to support student scholarships. PGA pro, Jimmy Hanlin, host of television show “18 Holes with Natalie Gulbis and Jimmy Hanlin,” attended the events as our guest professional and helped golfers improve their game. The Jack Nicklaus scholarship fund is one the Foundation’s largest endowed funds with a value of $1.4 million. It has awarded nearly $710,000 to students since its creation in 1990, truly demonstrating the power of philanthropy. The Golf





Benefit and Ladies Luncheon hosted more than 300 guests combined, making this day one of the Foundation’s bestattended fundraisers this year. Thank you to all who came out to support us!



OFFICERS Dr. Marc Guay Phillip Baptiste, Chairman Partner, Cohen & Company, Ltd.

Dr. Cathy Dietlin, Vice Chair Retired Director, P-16 Council

The Hon. James Miraldi, Vice Chair

John Hruska

David Herzer, Assistant Secretary



Official Counsel, Wickens, Herzer, Panza, Cook & Batista

Greg Thaxton, Treasurer

Jane Jonesco

Retired Higher Ed. Development Planner

President & CEO, Danny Boy Productions

Judith Riddle

Owner, Riddle Funeral Home

Dr. John Schaeffer

President, North Ohio Heart Center

Dr. Donald Sheldon

President, University Hospitals Community Hospitals West Region

*Michael Sherman

Retired, Regional Representative, Ohio State Association of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry

Donald Knechtges

President, Chapman and Chapman, Inc.

President, Business Visions

Dr. Marcia Ballinger, President

Robert Knight

President, LCCC & LCCC Foundation

President, Knight Development Corporation

Tracy Green, Vice President

Lee Koury

Vice President, SID & LCCC Foundation

President and COO, Convero


Clark Lubaski

CFO, Robbins Co.

CEO of Corporate Services, Sprenger Health Care Systems

Interim CEO, YMCA of Greater Cleveland

Patricia Mack

Bruce Stevens

Joseph Cerny

Dr. Roy Church

President Emeritus, Lorain County Community College

Jim Cordes

President, Clark & Post Architects, Inc. Lorain County Administrator

Maureen Cromling

Ms. Teresa D. Gardner

Chairman, Ross Environmental Services

Mr. Donald Ortner

CEO, The Equity Trust Co.

Jeff Desich

President & CEO, Carnegie Management

Mark Skellenger

Vice President, KS Associates Civil Engineers & Surveyors

Barry Smith

Director of Supply Management, The Lincoln Electric Company

Nicole Sprenger

Associate Professor LCCC Faculty Representative

President & CEO, Buckeye Community Bank

Jack Matia

Founder/Director, Margeau’s Free to Be Project

President, Jack Matia Chevrolet, Inc.

Joseph McAleese

Chairman, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems

Kim Meyers Attorney, Meyers Law Firm LLC

Greg Mulach

President, FirstMerit Greater Cleveland West, Erie Shores & Toledo

Steve Myers

Gail Stumphauzer Frank Sulen

CFO, National Association of College Stores

Albert Tegel Retired, PNC Bank

Thomas Tyrrell

CEO, Great Lakes Biomimicry

Ted Wallingford

Founder & CEO, Best Technology

President, S. Dotson & Co

Vice President, Operations, Parker Hannifin Corporation

Adrian Williams

*Kevin Flanigan

Jane Norton

Dale Yost

John Gaudry

Edwin Oley

Anthony Giardini

*Donald Ortner,

*Terry Goode

Thomas Pillari

Susanne Dotson

President, General Plug and Manufacturing Company Retired, Rehabilitation Consultants

Attorney at Law, Bradley & Giardini Co., L.P.A.


Mayor, Sheffield Village

Daniel Reaser, Sr.

Philip Amos, Assistant Treasurer

Mr. Michael Sherman

Ms. Margarita Quinones

John Hunter

Associate Professor, LCCC Faculty Representative

Dr. Rustom Khouri

Ronald Cocco

Mr. Kevin Flanigan

Retired President, Parker Hannifin Corporation/ Hruska, Inc.

Judith Pulito

Vice President, CFO, Nordson Corporation

Mr. Benjamin Fligner, Vice Chairman Mr. Sanford Washington

Maria Hoke

Thomas Smith, Secretary

on Lorain County District Board of

Community Volunteer Vice President and General Counsel, RhinoSystems Inc.

who also serve Community College’s

Robert Heinrich

Lorain County Court of Common Pleas Assistant Vice President, Business Organizations and Tax Department Wickens, Herzer, Panza, Cook & Batista

*Denotes individuals

Director, UH Center of Otolaryngology

Retired Business Professional and Community Volunteer

Retired Executive Director, The Stocker Foundation CEO, President Mercy Hospital Owner, Associated Contractors Inc. Attorney, Wickens, Herzer, Panza, Cook & Batista

President, Rehabilitation Consultants Retired Vice President, Yost Construction

Lily Yuzon

Office Administrator, F.E. Yuzon, M.D., Inc.

Alan Zang President, NE Ohio, U.S. Bank

Maria Ilvento Zolli

Practice Administrator, Center for Vascular and Thoracic Medicine and Surgery, Inc.






Cash and Cash Equivalents



Director of Advancement

Pledges (net)



Charles Wiersma




Other Assets



Total Assets





other Liabilities



Total Liabilities






Temporarily Restricted



Permanently Restricted



Total Net Assets



Total Liabilities and Net Assets



Garis Distelhorst Executive Director

Michael Morgenstern

Director of Finance & Operations

Lisa DeVito

Advancement Manager

Debra Richter

Scholarship & Stewardship Officer

Brenda Troxtell


Leah Chapman

Agency Fund

Administrative Associate

Administrative Assistant

Tristyn O’Hara

Staff Assistant for Scholarships

Accounts Payable and


1005 N ABBE ROAD • ELYRIA OH 44035 (440) 366-4039 •

Profile for Lorain County Community College Foundation

LCCC Foundation Annual Report 2015-2016  

LCCC Foundation Annual Report 2015-2016  

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