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Luther Crest Bible Camp 2013 Summer Programs

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Luther Crest Bible Camp 8231 County Road 11 NE Alexandria MN 56308 (320) 846-2431


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Summer Programs At-A-Glance

Where do we find PEACE and COMPASSION in the world? How can we become the light of Christ - the light of peace in the midst of darkness? The 2013 summer theme, You R The Light, will focus on how we are called to be the light of Christ as we care for and show compassion to all of God’s creation every day. This summer we will take a closer look at how Christ transforms us, through The Word, The Way, The Truth, The Life and The Light, to look for peace in a world filled with anger, violence and uncertainty!!! We will be filled with Christ’s love and equipped to share that love wherever we go. Each day campers will grow in their faith as they learn fun, new ways to talk about the Bible, make crafts, play crazy games, hang out at the beach and praise God through meaningful worships and campfires. Campers will be supervised by college staff-members who have received two weeks of intensive training. Nothing is more important to us than creating a physically, emotionally and spiritually safe place for every camper each summer. We truly appreciate the trust you give us to humbly serve God through this Christ-centered ministry to your children and families.


Summer Programs At-A-Glance

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Youth On-Site Programs

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Sports Programs

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Specialty Programs

Adventure Programs

June 9

K-4 9to5 Day Camp (M-Th) 3-6 Leapers 10-12 Keepers (Training Wk)

June 16

2-4 Seekers (Half or Full Wk) 3-6 Critters

6-8 Wet & Wild 6-8 Digital Photography

June 23

Women’s Week (Sun-Th) K-4 9to5 Day Camp (M-Th) 3-6 Leapers (Sun-Th)

4-6 Hi-Can-Bike 6-8 Wet and Wild 9-12 Voyageur Venture 7-10 X-treme

July 7

K-4 9to5 Day Camp (M-Th) 3-6 Leapers 6-9 Witnesses 10-12 Keepers (Training Wk)

6-8 Wet & Wild

July 14

3-6 Leapers 6-9 Witnesses

6-8 Wet & Wild

July 21

2-4 Seekers (Half or Full Wk) 3-6 Leapers (Sports Focus)

6-8 Wet & Wild 6-9 Night Owl 9-12 Voyageur Venture

Special Events & Retreats

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How To Register

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3-6 Fishing



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On Site

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Registration Forms (Pull out from center) Intergenerational Programs Luther Crest & Your Church


Week of

Luther Crest is called and committed to a Christ-centered ministry through creation and community.

6-8 Wet & Wild 9-12 Sr. Night Owl 9-12 Parks-N-Packs

July 28

3-6 Critters

Aug 4

6-8 Wet & Wild 2-4 Seekers (Half or Full Wk) 3-6 Leapers (Music/Dance Focus)

Aug 11

Open for Offsite Day Camps and Trips

4-7 Volleyball 9-12 Waterama 4-7 Basketball 7-10 X-treme 9-12 Waterama

Grades listed are those to-be-completed by summer 2013.


Luther Crest Bible Camp 8231 County Road 11 NE, Alexandria, MN 56308 (320) 846-2431

Churches interested in creating your own Mission Trip, Boundary Waters Canoe Trip, State Parks Trip or Waterama week are encouraged to call camp to schedule your event.


Campers can experience Luther Crest during the day and go home each night! This Day Camp is designed for the 9to5 working parent schedule. Campers will sing songs, play games, have crazy worships, learn about Jesus through active Bible studies and fun crafts, swim in Lake Carlos, go on hikes and visit the nature room animals. Plan to drop off campers Monday through Thursday at 8:30 AM and pick up campers at 5:00 PM. New for 2013 - Lunch will be provided each day!!! Parents are responsible for transportation each day. Closing Program is presented on Thursday at 4:30pm – family is welcome to attend. ***Please check to see if your church is already hosting a Luther Crest Day Camp. If it is, we recommend that you participate in your church’s Day Camp in order to avoid any program overlap as all Luther Crest Day Camps (on and off site) offer the same summer theme, Bible talks, crafts and activities.

June 10-13 (M-Th) June 24-27 (M-Th) July 8-11 (M-Th)

Cost: $120

Witnesses (Gr. 6-9)

Seekers (Gr. 2-4) Half-week and Full-week Options, Sun-Wed or Sun-Fri The first opportunity to stay overnight! Campers stay in a cabin with up to 8 other sameaged campers and an amazing college-aged counselor. Seekers offers both a three-night and a five-night option for younger campers seeking an adventure. Arrive on Sunday afternoon and leave on Wednesday morning wanting to come back next year for a longer stay!! OR you can stay until Friday and experience a regular week of camp. June 16-19 (3 nights) June 16-21 (5 nights) July 21-24 (3 nights) July 21-26 (5 nights) Aug 4-7 (3 nights) Aug 4-9 (5 nights)

Tier Cost - $249/339/439 Tier Cost - $379/529/679 Tier Cost - $249/339/439 Tier Cost - $379/529/679 Tier Cost - $249/339/439 Tier Cost - $379/529/679

Hang out with old and new friends as you build stronger relationships in Christ! Experience the amazing love of Christ as you learn how to be a careful steward of all the amazing gifts we have been given through our Creator, Savior and the Holy Spirit. Spend a week with the wacky, faith-filled Luther Crest counselors as you deepen your faith and learn how to be witnesses to the faith and hope you experience as you live a Christ-centered life! All the fun you expect, including amazing campfires, active Bible talks, arts and crafts and fun at the beach PLUS worship planning, community building, and campout adventures. Come to camp Sunday afternoon, and enjoy the week through closing worship Friday at noon. July 7-12 July 14-19 ***CONFIRMATION

Come to Luther Crest for a super-exciting, faithleaping week of fabulous fun! Come for a whole week and learn more about being a LEAPER OF FAITH for Jesus! Each cabin has about 8 campers and a caring, Christian, college-age counselor. Enjoy meaningful worship, active Bible talks, crazy games, arts and crafts, canteen, fun at the beach, and taking care of the Nature Room animals. The faith journey begins on Sunday and ends at noon on Friday. Two weeks of Faith Leapers will offer a special focus during Activity Time each day. The week of July 21-26 will have a Sports focus including Football, Baseball, Soccer and more. The week of August 4-9 will have a Music/Dance focus including Guitar, Piano, Musical, Jazz and more.

Youth On-Site Programs

Youth On-Site Programs

Leapers (Gr. 3-6)

9 to 5 Day Camp (K-4)

June 9-14 Tier Cost: $379/529/679 June 23-27 (Sun-Th.– Women’s Week) $319/429/549 July 7-12 Tier Cost: $379/529/679 July 14-19 July 21-26 Aug 4-9

Tier Cost: $379/529/679


Keepers (Gr. 10-12) Critters (Gr. 3-6) AN ENTIRE WEEK OF CRITTER FUN! From the cute and cuddly to the scaly and squiggly to the pokey and prickly – it’s all animals, of all kinds, for a whole week!!! If you love nature and animals, come play with us for a week of critter fun as we learn more about what we can do to be better stewards of God’s amazing animals. Arrive on Sunday and depart on Friday after closing worship. June 16-21 July 28-Aug 2


Tier Cost: $379/529/679

For those who have ever wondered what it would be like to work at Luther Crest, this is Luther Crest’s Counselor-In Training Program. This 3-week experience will help campers see what a camp counselor does! The first week is designed to prepare you for your role as a Keeper. You have two choices for your training week. During this week, campers learn songs, games, lead Bible talks, worships and campfires as well as learn about building community, responding to campers with respect and care and having a servant heart. You then will choose any 2 weeks of camp offered after your training week. These next two weeks will be spent sharing faith with younger cabins, living and working with a counselor in a cabin, possibly going to a day camp, going home each Friday and returning to camp each Sunday. Due to increased demand and expectations, once we receive your registration, prospective Keepers must complete an application and we must receive 2 references. We will contact you to let you know if you have qualified for the Program. Campers must have completed Grade 10. Limited to 10 campers. June 9-14 or July 7-12 Tier Cost: $379/529/679 When you register, you will be registering only for your training week. You will have an opportunity to choose your 2 additional weeks later.


Fishing (Gr. 3-6) Sports Programs

June 9-14

August 4-9

Tier Cost: $389/539/689

Tier Cost: $379/529/679

(Extra cost covers gas, bait and tackle)

X-Treme Camp (Gr. 7-10)

Hi-Can-Bike (Gr. 4-6)

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND – REGISTER EARLY AS THIS CAMP WILL FILL QUICKLY!!! Camp designed for those who want alternative sports experiences!!! Junior and Senior High Campers!!! Paintball, Climbing Wall and High Ropes, Extreme Water Sports, and much more!!! Camp begins on Sunday afternoon with on-site team building activities and water sports. We will travel to several MN sites. Service projects will be incorporated into the daily schedule as well. Depart on Friday after closing worship at noon.

4-6 Graders, this outdoor adventure program is just for you!!! It’s a week-long triathlon of service and faith, plus fun and wacky worships and Bible talks on the go. One portion of the trip involves HIKING and camping at the Lake Carlos State Park, the next leg involves CANOEING on the Alexandria Chain-of-Lakes and camping out at local campsites, and the final leg of the trip involves BIKING on the great Bike Trails connecting Alexandria with several nearby towns and camping out at nearby churches!!! You provide your own bike for the bike portion of the trip. Limited to 16 campers. June 23-28

It’s a stolen ball, followed by a fast-break, pass, shoot…and score! Expand your basketball skills while at the same time building great relationships with other youth who love the game and love being at camp! Don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of free time to visit the Nature Room, swim at the beach and spend some time at arts-n-crafts with your friends. Limited to 20 campers.

Sports Programs

Basketball (Gr. 4-7)

Fishing Camp is back by popular demand for Summer 2013!!! For all you anglers out there – here is your chance to spend a whole week learning and practicing your fishing skills and telling all kinds of fish stories. There is no better location than Lake Carlos and the Chain of Lakes in Alexandria for amazing fishing fun! We will even have a campout Fish Fry on the schedule. Sign Up Today!!!

June 23-28 Aug 4-9

Tier Cost: $389/539/689

Tier Cost: $429/579/729 (Extra cost covers travel, supplies & fees)

(Extra cost covers gas and park fees)

Waterama (Gr. 9-12) Girls Volleyball (Gr. 4-7) Serve, pass, set and spike your way through a week at Luther Crest! This one’s just for the ladies! Spend the week learning and practicing your volleyball skills while also doing all the fun activities of a week at camp! Don’t miss this great opportunity to have a quality high school coach at an affordable price. Limited to 16 campers. July 28- Aug 2

Tier Cost: $379/529/679

Spend the week on the water! This program fills up very quickly so register early!!! Explore beautiful, clear Lake Carlos and adventure out into Alexandria’s amazing Chain-of-Lakes. Challenge yourself on the lake with waterskiing, wake-boarding, knee-boarding, tubing and canoeing. Enjoy trips to one of the nation’s largest indoor water parks. Most important, build relationships with your counselors and other senior high youth as you dive deeper into some of the hard questions about the Christian faith and experience living in community with other Christian youth. Pack your sunscreen and water toys and don’t forget your Bible! Individuals and groups can sign up for this camp. Limited to 12 campers. July 28-Aug 2 Aug 4-9


Tier Cost: $399/549/699 (Extra cost covers cost of water toys, gas, boat maintenance, travel, etc.)


How do we express our relationship with God through photos? Learn how to tell your faith story through photos, music and other digital technology! Camp is a great environment for creating a picture story out of the millions of Kodak opportunities that occur every day. Learn about specific techniques, how to frame a story in every picture and how to create your own story about who God is and how God works in your life through the camera lens. Bring your own digital camera and we will provide the unique outdoor setting, learning sessions, and use of computers and software. June 16-21

Tier Cost:$389/539/689 (Extra cost covers special materials)

Night Owl (Gr. 6-9)

Canoeing, Camping and Water Fun

Ready for a week in the wild? Join us for an unforgettable adventure on the Crow Wing River as we canoe, camp, cook, and spend time enjoying the wilderness. Along the way we will participate in both low and high challenge course activities, devotion, Bible study, survival activities, environmental activities, games, and much more! The journey begins at Camp Emmaus near Menahga, Minnesota and ends at Luther Crest enjoying wake surfing and water skiing on Lake Carlos! Once again, we will be partnering with our outdoor ministry neighbors Pathways and Shetek to offer a week to remember with great friends and many laughs! Individual and/ or group registrations are welcomed. Weeks are limited to 14 participants. Please contact Jake Hanson to make other arrangements.

***This is a collaborative program with Pathways and Shetek Lutheran Ministries

“Early to bed” means early morning for this fun week of camp! Back by popular demand and made just for all you night owls out there!!! This week is for people who like to stay up late and sleep in! We’ll have all the fun of a regular week of camp, plus the added bonus of more night activities such as Capture the Glowstick!! Sunday afternoon through Friday at noon. July 21-26

Wet and WILDerness (Gr. 6-8)

Adventure Programs

Specialty Programs

Digital Photography (Gr. 6-8)

June 16-21 June 23-28 July 7-12 July 14-19 July 21-26 July 28-Aug 2 Aug 4-9

Tier Cost: $389/539/689

Cost: $375

(Extra cost covers special night materials, etc.)

Sr. Night Owl (Gr. 9-12) Back By Popular Demand!!! It’s Night Owl for Senior High!!! (Grade 9-12) For those who are ready for the next level of Night Owl challenge, this camp was created just for all you senior high night owls out there!!! This week is for people who like to stay up late and sleep in! As always, this week will include regular camp activities, plus the added bonus of more night activities, including the ever-popular Capture the Glowstick and Glow in the Dark Dodge Ball!! The fun begins Sunday afternoon and wraps up on Friday at noon. July 28-Aug 2

Tier Cost: $389/539/689

(Extra cost covers special night materials, etc.)

Voyageur Venture Trip (Gr.9-12)

Boundary Waters Canoeing and Camping

Parks-N-Packs Trip (Gr.9-12) Backpacking and Backcountry Camping

Super Campers (Gr. 4-12)


This program gives one-on-one counselor attention for campers with special needs! Super Campers experience the same amazing week of camp as they are integrated into our Faith Leapers and Witnesses regular weekly activities and into the camp community. At the same time, we are able to provide separate rest and relaxation time as needed. Please call camp if you would like more information about this incredibly rewarding Luther Crest program. Week of Camp To Be Determined Cost: Varies with choice of camp

Calling all adventure seeking Sr. Highers! Come spend a week with us as we explore two of Minnesota’s most popular state parks! After arriving at Luther Crest, we will backpack to Lake Carlos State Park to camp, swim, hike, share in devotion, and test our outdoor skills. After a couple of nights, we will travel north to Itasca State Park to camp at remote sites, dig deep in Bible discussions, hike some of the park’s 40+ miles of trails, take in the scenery of the north country, and cross the headwaters of the Mississippi River. This will be an adventure to remember as you meet and build friendships with other high school youth from the area. Limited to 12 participants. Individual and/or group reservations are welcome. July 28-Aug 2 (Sun-Fri)

Cost: $400

Want to take your summer adventure to a whole new level? Join the Luther Crest crew as we paddle and portage our way through the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe Area near Ely, Minnesota in partnership with Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry. Arrive at Luther Crest on Saturday to spend time on the challenge course, meet your canoe guide(s) for the week, and rest up for a week of incredible scenery, faith exploration, and an unforgettable wilderness experience. Meet new friends and share in cooking over the fire, watching the sunset, and falling asleep to the sound of the wild under the stars. Keep an eye out for bears, wolves, and moose as we travel the ancient trails that the voyageur fur traders once traveled. Individual and/or group reservations are welcome. Trips are limited to 7 participants. Multiple trips per week are available upon request. June 22-28 (Sat - Fri) Cost: $500 July 20-26 (Sat - Fri)


Youth Registration Form F

Primary Email Address_______________________________________________________________

Primary Email Address_______________________________________________________________

*FOR OFFICE USE ONLY* Deposit______________________ Date_____________ Due_______________

Please mail completed form along with $100 non-refundable deposit PER CAMPER to: Luther Crest Bible Camp, 8231 County Road 11 NE, Alexandria, MN 56308

Early Bird Discounts: ONE DEADLINE ONLY!!! Sign up before March 18th for a $30 discount. (Discounts do not apply to Intergenerational or Day Camp programs.)

Total enclosed: _________________________ (Remember to include at least $100 deposit per youth)

Total amount due: (based on tier choice above)_________________________________________________

2. Please circle your tier choice of payment below: (These prices are listed in the brochure and may vary by which program you choose. ex. Tier Cost: $379 / 529 / 679 ) Tier one / Tier Two / Tier Three

First choice: ______________________________ Second Choice:_________________________________ Are you registering as a Super Camper? Please circle: Yes / No

Youth On-Site Adventure/Specialty Sports (K-4) 9 to 5 Day Camp __ (Gr. 6-8) Wet & WILDerness __ (Gr. 3-6) Fishing __ (Gr.2-4) Seekers __ (Gr. 9-12) Parks-N-Packs Trip __ (Gr. 4-6) Hi-Can-Bike __ (Gr. 3-6) Critters __ (Gr. 9-12) Voyageur Venture Trip __ (Gr. 4-7) Volleyball __ (Gr. 3-6) Faith Leapers __ (Gr. 6-8) Digital Photography __ (Gr. 4-7) Basketball __ (Gr. 6-9) Witnesses __ (Gr. 6-9) Night Owl __ (Gr. 7-10) Xtreme Camp __ (Gr. 10-12) Keepers __ (Gr. 9-12) Sr. Night Owl __ (Gr. 9-12) Waterama 1. Please print the name of your First and Second Choice of Camp and dates for which week you prefer.

Emergency Contact ___________________________________ Phone______________________________

Work Phone______________________________ Cell Phone________________________________

2nd Parent/Guardian ______________________________________________________________________

Work Phone______________________________ Cell Phone________________________________

Parent/Guardian _________________________________________________________________________

Home Congregation ________________________________________ City__________________________

Roommate Request #1_______________________________ #2__________________________________

Dietary Restrictions_______________________________________________________________________

Birthdate___________________________ Age____________ Grade (2012-13 School Year) ____________

City _______________________________________________State____________ Zip________________

Address___________________________________________ Home Phone _________________________

(Please Print)

Camper Name___________________________________________________ M

(Please complete one form for EACH youth)

Intergenerational Registration Form Family Name_________________________________________________________________________ (Please Print) Address___________________________________________ Home Phone ______________________ City ________________________________________State_____________ Zip____________________ Cell Phone_____________________________________ Work Phone ___________________________ Email Address________________________________________________________________________ Dietary Restrictions____________________________________________________________________


Camping (Camper or Tent)

___________________________________________________________________________________ Lodging Request: Adult Retreat Center (ARC)

Roommate Request ___________________________________________________________________ Home Congregation _________________________________________ City______________________ Names of Family Members Attending: Birthdate: Age: Grade (2012-2013) ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Emergency Contact ___________________________________________________________________

Relationship ________________________________________Phone____________________________ __ Women’s Weekend (Fri-Sun): June 21-23 Cost includes lodging, meals, and program.

Cost: Adult (ARC) $145 (per person Adult (Cabin) $120 (per person) Babies (ages 0-2) $45 Preschoolers (ages 3-4) $45 Youth (age 5-17) $100

Cost: Combine the cost of each option above

__ Women’s Week (Sun-Thurs): June 23-27 Cost: Adult (ARC) $289 (per person) Cost includes lodging, meals, and program. Adult (Cabin) $249 (per person) Babies (ages 0-2) $89 Preschoolers (ages 3-4) $89 Youth (ages 5-17) register for regular programs being offered that week. __ Full Week Combined (Fri-Thurs): June 21-27

Total amount due: ________________________ Total enclosed: ___________________________ (Remember to include at least $100 deposit per family) Please mail completed form along with $100 non-refundable deposit PER FAMILY to: Luther Crest Bible Camp, 8231 County Road 11 NE, Alexandria, MN 56308 *FOR OFFICE USE ONLY* Deposit______________ Date_________ Due___________

Wisconsin Mission Trips! (Gr. 7-12)

(Fri-Sun Weekend Option, Regular Sun-Th option OR Fri-Th Option) Time for building new friendships and sharing your faith stories with other families as you live immersed in Christian community for a week. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in meaningful Bible studies and worships as you grow together in faith as a family!!! Use the Intergenerational Registration Form to register early for these great weeks of friends, family, faith and fun!!! Please contact Luther Crest with any questions that you have about registering. The 2013 theme, You R The Light, will focus on peace and compassion. Engage in handson activities and sessions that focus on how we can be the light of Christ in a world filled with anger, violence and darkness. Get fired up for PEACE with the overflowing joy that comes from sharing the message of eternal hope and love we receive from an amazing Creator, loving Savior and enduring Holy Spirit!!! Separate programming is offered for children and grandchildren of all ages. Luther Crest is happy to provide child care including nature hikes, visits to the nature room, outdoor games, healthy snacks, supervised naptime, arts and crafts, and other age appropriate activities. New for 2013!!! There will be 3 different options for your length of stay. For those who are unable to come during the week, we are offering a New Women’s Weekend Option. Women’s Weekend (Fri-Sun): Cost: Adult (ARC) $145 (per person) June 21-23 Adult (Cabin) $120 (per person) Cost includes lodging, meals, and program. Babies (ages 0-2) $45 Preschoolers (ages 3-4) $45 Youth (age 5-17) $100 Regular Women’s Week (Sun-Thurs): June 23-27 Cost includes lodging, meals, and program.

Cost: Adult (ARC) $289 (per person) Adult (Cabin) $249 (per person) Babies (ages 0-2) $89 Preschoolers (ages 3-4) $89 Youth (ages 5-17) register for regular programs being offered that week.

Full Week Combined (Fri-Thurs): June 21-27 Cost: Combine the cost of each option above. Can’t come for the whole week? Get a group of your friends together and come for the day. Please call ahead so we can plan on meals for you. One Day Fees: Day Program & Lunch $39 Day & Night Program, Lunch & Dinner $49 Car Load Fee (3-7) $100


Camp Magi

God calls us to serve others in new and different ways each day! This is the perfect camp for those who want to live out Christ’s call to serve others. For Summer 2013, we are on our way to Wisconsin for our mission destination areas! Teams will travel in style in a Coach Bus, and may stay at churches, state parks, hotels or back at camp. Expect a variety of service opportunities as you work with all ages, learning ways to daily live out what it means to be a Christian. GREAT FOR CONFIRMATION GROUPS LOOKING FOR A SERVICE ORIENTED CAMP EXPERIENCE!!! More than 1 church group may combine together. Email Paul Hanson for more information. Dates are dependent on availability Cost: $500 (varies with each trip)

Luther Crest & Your Church

Intergenerational & Adult Programs

Women’s Week

Calling all Pastors, Youth and Family Directors, Children’s Ministry Folks and All Church Staff!!! Just as the Magi shared their gifts and knowledge with Jesus, come to camp and share your wisdom, experience and love for outdoor ministries with us. You are invited to spend a FREE week at camp, staying in the Adult Retreat Center, eating delicious meals and building amazing relationships with children, youth and families!  Don’t miss this great faith focused opportunity and a week of fun all wrapped into one.  Email Jody Johnson at to set up your week at camp TODAY!!!

Everyone’s Invited ! Thursdays 7:30 pm Summer Musical

June - August, 2013 Thursdays 7:30pm in the Chapel Each year, the Luther Crest Summer Staff develop a summer staff musical encompassing our summer theme into an action packed musical. The musical will be performed at 7:30pm in the Luther Crest Chapel, on MOST THURSDAYS WITH A FEW EXCEPTIONS. Please join us! Bring your family and friends to this great event. NO COST. OPEN FREE TO THE PUBLIC EVERY WEEK!!!



Ice Fishing Retreat

Friday-Sunday, January 18-20, 2013 Calling all fathers, sons, brothers, grandfathers, uncles…this weekend is just for the men and boys. A weekend completely set aside for fishing and faith. Great hotelstyle accommodations, wonderful meals, Bible chats and worship by the fireplace. Bring your own fish houses, supplies and tackle, we will provide the bait. For more information, contact Jake Hanson at

“A nEW cREATION” Winter Youth Retreats

Gr. 3-6, Fri - Sat, February 8-10, 2013 Gr. 6-9, Fri - Sat, March 1-2, 2013

Looking for a taste of summer camp? Join us for a weekend of learning more about God’s amazing Creation and what it means to be A nEW cREATION in Christ every day. Fun winter outdoor games and activities, arts and crafts, PLUS crazy counselors, meaningful worships, Bible diving, time to make new friends and hang out with old friends as we grow together in faith. For more information, contact Jody Johnson at

WINTER Winter Ice Festival

Saturday, February 2, 2013 It’s Groundhog Day and time to celebrate the beauty of living in West Central Minnesota with the warmer winter temperatures and longer days of February. Join us for a day of snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snow tubing, ice sculptures, snow art, ice fishing, broomball and much more. For more information, contact Jody Johnson at

Sweetheart Event

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine’s Day event for couples (Adults - 18 and over) Join us for an evening of elegant dining and outdoor fun as we celebrate the gift of love and romance! Come for hors d’oeuvres, a candlelight dinner, followed by a beautiful night walk or cross country skiing on trails lined with glowing luminaries, and an evening devotion as we warm up by the fire. The evening will conclude with snacks and warm beverages. For more information, contact Paul Hanson at

Spring Birding Festival Saturday, April 20, 2013

It’s the Luther Crest 1st Annual Spring Birdwatching Event!!! Don’t miss this great opportunity to celebrate the wonder of spring and welcome our fine, feathered friends as we share birding stories, hike the trails at Luther Crest and Carlos State Park. We will even have local experts on hand to guide us in how to find and identify some of the more elusive Minnesota birds. For more information, contact Jody Johnson at


Sign Up For Camp Today! Register online at



How to Register


Register Early! All campers are registered on a first come first registered basis. No phone registrations will be taken. Call 320-846-2431 with any questions.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS!!! We are going green in more ways than one this summer!!! Take advantage of the St. Patrick’s Day Deadline by March 18th and receive a $30 discount and a Luther Crest reusable water bottle. Only ONE Early Bird Discount is being offered this summer at a later date and for a higher amount!!!

Step 1: Choose a Program Select a program appropriate for your child, according to the grade in which he/she is presently enrolled prior to the summer (2012-2013 School Year). Step 2: Registration and Deposit Required All registrations include a $100 non-refundable deposit per person (including each family for all Intergenerational Camps). The deposit is applied to the total fee, with any balance due by Registration check-in. Pre-registration is necessary. Once a camper has arrived at camp, the entire registration fee is non-refundable. Exceptions may be made and the fee pro-rated in the event of a family emergency.

a. Register Online Have your credit card handy. You will need your card number and expiration date to complete the on-line registration.

b. Or you can remove and fill out the registration form in the center of this brochure.

c. Having troubles?? Or do you need more registration forms? You can download a printable form at

Confirmation Packet Upon receiving your registration, Luther Crest will send you the following: Confirmation Letter, Map to Camp, Health Form, “What to Bring to Camp” List, and a Code of Conduct. Some of these forms can also be found on our website by clicking the link: Confirmation Packet Forms. All campers MUST bring completed and signed Health Form and Code of Conduct Form to Registration checkin the first day of their camp session. Roommate Policy Campers may choose up to two cabin mates. When each camper chooses the others, we will do our best to grant rooming requests. To ensure that all children meet new friends, we will only put up to three friends together in the same cabin. *** No child will be discriminated against because of race, color, age, sex, disability or national origin. Any person who believes that a child has been discriminated against in any USDA-related activity should write immediately to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington DC, 20250.


Early Bird Discounts do not apply to Intergenerational or Day Camp Programs.

The Value of Camp • Carefully selected & trained college-aged staff as Christian role models

Sibling Discount If you have more than one child attending camp, pay the regular fee for the first child and each additional child receives $25 off the total camp fee. Discount does not apply to Intergenerational or Day Camp programs.

• A community which fosters an opportunity for people to walk and grow in faith • Hands-on Bible Diving, Daily Worship and a focus on Living as Disciples • Free water bottle and access to quality Health Care Center and Manager around the clock • Access to the Luther Crest Low and High Ropes Team building Program and Environmental Program’s Nature Center

Multiple Week Discount A camper who attends more than one program in a summer will receive $25 off each additional program. Discount does not apply to Intergenerational or Day Camp programs.

• Arts and crafts, evening snacks and a DVD or picture CD to remember your week at camp

Tier Pricing: Pricing for our programs falls into 3 different tiers. Luther Crest’s Annual Fund, which is supported by a number of individuals, families, businesses and congregations, is the source of dollars used to offset the total cost of a week of camp. Each tier represents how much of the Annual Fund supports the cost of a week of camp, which is $136/day. • Tier 1 is supported by the Annual Fund at ~50% of the cost • Tier 2 is supported by the Annual Fund at ~25% of the cost • Tier 3 is supported by the Annual Fund at 0% of the cost. The choice is yours to select the fee you feel is proper for you. This program is voluntary, and in no way influences the experience children receive. Our policy is to not turn away any youth or adult due to inability to pay our camp tuition and that is why we have the Luther Crest Scholarship Fund. If you would like more financial assistance please contact the Camp Office or your Church Office because we both have more incredible people who want to provide support for youth to experience camp. Monthly Payment Program The reality of quality camping is that while the experience is invaluable, it can also be expensive. To offset the cost of this rewarding experience, Luther Crest offers a Monthly Payment Program from January to June this year. During each of these six months, you will pay 1/6 of the tuition fee and by summer, all fees are paid in full! Please contact the Camp Office for more information on our monthly payment program.


Luther Crest Summer 2013 Programs  

All you wanted to know about Luther Crest and our summer 2013 programs!

Luther Crest Summer 2013 Programs  

All you wanted to know about Luther Crest and our summer 2013 programs!