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Zachary Taylor was born Nov. 24th 1784. He was born during his family journey from Virginia to Kentucky. He was the 7th child to be born. His parents were planters. On March 13th 1808 Taylor joined the army. In July 1811 he fought in the Mexican war. He was a military leader, and he was in the army for forty years. His nickname was “Old Rough and Ready.� Taylor was elected president in 1848. Zachary Taylor died when he was still president on July 9th 1850, and some people think he died from food poison because he ate cherries and some milk. He was only president for one year.

When Taylor was president he had slaves and slavery was legal then. He was the last president to own slaves. Northerners thought slaves should be left free but Southerners didn’t. While Taylor was president the gold rush began. When the gold rush was happening there was a lot of gold but not a lot of food. The gold rush happened in California. When the gold was discovered people rushed to California and tried to take it. The clayton-Bulwer treaty was a treaty between the U.S. and the U K.

Time line 1784 (Nov. 24th) born near Barboursville. Va. 1810 (June 21st) married Margaret Machall Smith. 1808 Taylor joins the army. 1829 Returned to the army as a lieutenant. 1848 was elected president of the United States. 1849 The gold rush began 1850 U.S. and Britain signed the Clayton – Bulwer treaty. 1850 U.S. population was 23,300,000. 1850 (July 9th) Taylor died in the white house.

Emma Zachary Taylor  

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