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Gerald Ford

Kaleigh 1974-1977

Gerald Ford was born on July 14,1913 Jerry Ford got off to a very confusing start in life.Jerry’s father’s name was Leslie Lynch King.When Jerry was born,he was named Leslie Lynch King,Jr.When Jerry was three,his parents got divorced.His mother remarried,and Jerry took the name of his new father,Gerald Rudolf Ford,Sr.Jerry was OK with his new name.He respected and loved his new dad very much.

Gerald Ford was born in Omaha,Nebraska. The president died on December 26,2006.

Gerald Ford had many life achievements like,he won the general election aginst the Democratic candidate. Jerry went to Yale University,Jerry worked as a assistant football and boxing coach while he studied law.

Gerald Ford had many problems while he was president like,he was assasinated twice.The first asasination was in California on September 5th,1975,Sqeaky Fromme,pointed a colt .45-caliber handgun at Ford.The gun was stoped by a secret service agent,while he put his thumb over the webbing,preventing the gun from firing. Fromme was taken into custody ;she was

later convicted of attempted assasination of the president and was sentenced to life in prison; she was paroled on August 14,2009. The second assasination was in downtown San Francisco, Sara Jane Moore, standing in a crowd of onlookers across the street, pointed her .38-caliber revolver at him. Just before she fired, former Marine Oliver sipple grabed at the gun and deflected her shot; the bullet struck a wall about 6 inches above and to the right of Fords head, then ricocheted and hit a taxi driver,who was slightly wounded. Moore was later sentenced to life in prison. (32 years.)

October 11th 1978, President Richard Nixon offers Gerald Ford a nomanation for vice president accepts.December 6th 1978,Ford is sworn in a Vice President in the house chamber.Ford remarks that he is a “Ford not a Lincoln.�Gerald R. Ford is sworn in as President of the United States of America.

1913 Gerald Ford was born . July 30th 1913,Feeling an abusive relationship,Dorthy Gardener King and her two week old sons leave Ohoma and with her parents relocate to Grand Rapids,Michigan. 1941,Graduates from Yale University Law school. 1948,Marries Betty. 1950,Son Micheal Gerald Ford is born. 1952,Son John Gardener is born. 1956,Son Steven Meigs is born. 1957,Susan Elizibeth is born. 1973,President Richard Nixon offered Gerald Ford the Vice President job. 2006, President Gerald Ford died.

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