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President Harry Truman 33rd President

First term (1945-1949) Second Term (1949-1953)

By: Carter Jackson

President Harry Truman was born in Missouri on May 8, 1884. He was the first born of three children born to John and Martha Truman. Harry was named after his uncle, Harrison Young. His father and mother could not come up with a middle name so they just called his middle name “S”. The “S” came from his grandparents because both of their names started with the letter “S”. Harry Truman grew up on the family farm in Independence, Missouri. He went to the Presbyterian Church School and did not go to a regular school until he was eight years old. As a boy, Harry was into music, reading and history. Harry would get up at five o clock in the morning to practice the piano. After graduating from Independence High School, Harry worked as a timekeeper for the railroad and later held several other jobs. Harry never went to college. Harry tried to get into the United States Military School but his eye sight was bad so he got into the Army National Guard in 1906 until 1911. Harry Truman was elected as Vice President of the United States in 1944 and served only 82 days until the current president died in April 1945. Truman then took the oath of office in April 1945.

In August 1945 President Truman ordered the atomic bombing of Japan. On August 14th 1945 the Japanese surrendered that came to the end World War II. While in his second term of the president, Harry Truman ordered a second floor balcony to be built on The White House that was later known the Truman Balcony. On November 1, 1950 there was an attempted assassination of President Truman as he was sleeping at the White House. President Harry Truman served two terms as the president of the United States he later died in December 1972 at the age of 88 years old.

Timeline of Events 1884- Born in Lamar, Missouri 1917-1919 Served in the U.S. Army National Guard 1919-Maried Elizabeth Virginia Wallace 1934-Elected to the United States senate 1944- Elected As Vice President 1945-Became 33rd President of the United States 1945- The Atomic Bomb was used on Japan 1948-Elected as President of United States for second term 1948-1952- Renovated the White House 1950- Truman signs the Social Security Amendments to increase benefits 1951- The 22nd Amendment was changed that the president can only serve two four-year terms. 1953- U.S. population was 159, 700, 000 1972-President Harry Truman died

State of the country during his Presidency 1. The atomic bomb was dropped on Japan in World War II by the order of President Harry Truman. 2. At the end of World War II, President Truman reduced the costs and spending of the military. There were fears that the nation would go back into depression if the government would keep spending so much money on the military because they already spent so much during the war. 3. In January 1946 a labor strike was started with the steel companies involving 800,000 workers. This was the largest strike in the nation history.

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