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Warren G. Harding

1921-1923 By.. Alexis

Warring G. Harding was born in 1865. He was

born in Blooming Grove, Ohio. Warring’s child hood was ok but his father sold almost everything they owned. His dad and he just had bought a newspaper business. Later dad lived. Later he thought he wanted to be a teacher then he did not like that so then he went back to the newspaper business. Then he met a woman. She asked him would he marry her and in the newspaper he had in big letters YES. Finley She helped him with the newspaper called Marion Star. A lot of people around town thought he should run for political office. Later he became a police man. Then he did not like it so he quit. Harding is died . One good accomplishment that Harding has

done was to let people to come and visit the white house .He England and Japan to make the USA navies bigger .Some of the hard things he went thought was having a heart attack, some of his friends were dishonest people ,and embarrassing and illegal situations. The things that were going on were the jazz age .People thought he was not brave and responsible. Women finely from every state could vote.

1865-Warren g. Harding born in Ohio

1891-warren G. Harding was married to Florence, DE wolf. 1898 –Elected to be the Ohio senate 1903-Elected lieutenant GOV. of Ohio . 1914-Elected to the USA senate 1920-Elected President of the USA 1923- Died in San Francisco

alexis Warren G harding  

president progect

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