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LCA is renewed…Rediscover us! LCA is relaunched with a new logo

Find out what’s happening in the studio, who we are currently collaborating with and what forthcoming events we’re involved with. Dear Friends, We wanted to inform and share LCA’s new communication strategy with our most valuable customers – THAT MEANS YOU! Ideally we would like to be in direct contact with you and keep you updated on the latest projects and corporate events, by means of a monthly newsletter. Should you wish to be included in our regular newsletter mailshots please tick the box below.. Our website is regularly updated and is our primary means of informing potential clients and collaborators about LCA, as well as answering any queries you may have regarding who we are or the way we work. On the website there are a number of links to blogs or other design sites which we hope will be of interest. Naturally we welcome any feedback you can give, which will assist us in improving the site and making it more accessible. For LCA’s 2nd anniversary, to be celebrated on November 5th we will be organizing a very special interactive design event on-line, to which all are invited – watch out for the forthcoming edition LCA.02 for further details. LCA Team

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