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Admission rate and length of stay are reduced

HumanaBeginnings data shows prenatal program measurably improves health outcomes in newborn babies Editor’s Note: The following is the text of a Humana news release.

working with expectant mothers while they are pregnant, we are increasing the likelihood that high-risk births do not result in NICU admissions.” The study, conducted by Humana comparing the fourth quarter of 1998 to the fourth quarter of 1997, showed that babies whose mothers were enrolled in HumanaBeginnings in Louisville had 56 percent fewer NICU admissions when

ted to the NICU, the length member is contacted again of stay averaged five days less during her 30th week of pregnancy and when comthen soon after pared to nonHumana announced that its the birth of participants prenatal program, her baby. the study HumanaBeginnings, which If any risk showed, began in Louisville, Ky., in factors are indicating June 1998, measurably identified or their associimproves health outcomes in complications ated burden of newborn babies. According to arise with the illness was Dr. Mitzi Krockover a recent study of Louisvillepregnancy, the significantly area participants in the member is referred to a less. program, HumanaBeginnings HumanaBeginnings case HumanaBeginnings has is reducing the number of manager. The case manager three components: education, newborn babies is a registered nurse specially health risk admitted to hospitrained in the care of pregA study conducted by Humana showed assessment and tals’ neonatal case management. nant women. He or she that babies whose mothers were enrolled When a member works with the member and intensive care units (NICUs). her physician to provide or her physician in HumanaBeginnings in Louisville “HumanaBeginnings education and support, to notifies Humana had 56 percent fewer neonatal intensive of her pregnancy, facilitate services and to refer is delivering the care admissions. results that we the member to community a registered nurse hoped it would for resources. contacts the our most vulnerable “The case managers are, in member by phone members when we established compared to the admission essence, an enhancement to to enroll her in the program. the program more than a the physician’s care. They rates of infants of nonpartici- At the same time, the nurse year ago,” said Mitzi pating Louisville mothers. conducts an assessment of any reinforce the physician’s Krockover, M.D., vice recommended treatment Of the HumanaBeginnings health risks. If no special president of women’s health which is especially essential newborns, who were admitconcerns are identified, the and preventive services for those women who are for Humana. “This at risk for complications program helps babies get during pregnancy,” Dr. a healthy start when Krockover said. they come into the Karla Brock, a Humana Continued on page 2 world. By closely 1

Associate’s bicycle team encourages healthy cycling An associate in Chicago has spread his belief in the importance of physical fitness in a unique way — by starting his own bicycleracing team. Leonardo Campos-Moya co-founded and manages Pedro’s - El Gato Negro Bicycle Racing Team (EGN) out of Chicago. EGN’s mission objectives include promoting cycling as a healthy form of transportation, as well as creating cycling opportunities for

minorities and women. season include Pedro’s, During the 1999 season, the Upgrade Cycleworks of team roster Chicago, included Latino Sports Humana Ventures, Inc. associates and for the Dr. Polly second time, Reese and Humana Adrienne Dental. Hyde, both “I am glad of Chicago. to see that Team Humana has sponsors agreed to during the continue its Leonardo Campos-Moya 2000 racing sponsorship, as

it is a clear demonstration of its commitment to physical fitness among its associates,” said CamposMoya. “We are very grateful for the support of all our sponsors, without whom our cycling program could not exist.” EGN even has their own Web site. To check it out, or for more information, visit their site at: http:// Lgatonegro/prof/index.htm.

HumanaBeginnings improves health outcomes for newborns Continued from page 1 member and mother of three, knows the benefits of HumanaBeginnings first hand. “When I had my first two babies, I wasn’t in the program. I was in the program with my third baby and I carried him longer than the other two babies,” said Brock, who was on bed rest for 19 weeks of her third


A weekly publication linking Humana Associates. Published by Corporate Communications. Tom Noland Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications Kathy Campbell Director, Associate Communications Rob Edwards Link Editor Specialist, Corporate Communications Patrick Sullivan Link Assistant Editor LinkLINE: 502-580-5465 800-934-3327 e-mail: Patrick Sullivan/Louisville/Humana

pregnancy. Brock’s first two babies were delivered at 32 and 33 weeks respectively. She carried her third baby for 35 ½ weeks. She also acknowledged the comfort of having a perinatal case manager follow her throughout her third pregnancy when she participated in HumanaBeginnings. “I felt like I could call her about anything. She would always call to check on me,” Brock said. Perinatologist Marcello Pietrantoni, M.D., whose medical practice includes women with complicated pregnancies, also recognizes the benefits of HumanaBeginnings. “It has been an excellent program and a real positive for my patients,” Dr. Pietrantoni said. Since its inception, more than 12,000 pregnant Humana members enrolled in

HumanaBeginnings have benefited from the prenatal program. Participants have given the program a 97 percent satisfaction rating. All participants receive educational material and the guidebook, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. “The initial evaluation can tell us a lot about the member’s habits. If, for example, a mother indicates that she is a smoker, she would be a candidate for our smoking cessation program,” Dr. Krockover said. Women who smoke while they are pregnant are enrolled in an intensive program with a personal smoking cessation specialist who works with them telephonically over the course of 12 months, before and after birth. In a related development, HumanaBeginnings recently piloted a postpartum depres2

sion screening and treatment program, coordinated in cooperation with CMG/ Magellan Behavioral Health. Humana also provides information to parents about infant and childhood immunizations through a one-year birthday card to HumanaBeginnings “graduates” and a reminder at 18 months. F R E Q U E N T LY U S E D N U M B E R S 401(k) information






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1999: Associate's bicycle team encourages healthy cycling  

This was a news article that was distributed throughout Humana's communications programs about a cycling program that I ran when I was an em...

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