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Observations in Graphic Design LCAD Summer 2013

Christy Wong

Observations in Graphic Design LCAD Summer 2013 Christy Wong


Old Caption: Don’t Tread on Me What: Rallying flag of the Confederate South When: 1876 Where: The American South Why: Historically old, used effectively to encourage Southern unity

P.O.V.: As my “old” symbol, I

chose this due to its historical background in which the American South. Though the phrase is a simple statement, the image of the hissing snake paired with the phrase presents a feeling that the flag supporters are united and strong willed.

New Caption: Apple Logo What: Logo placed on all Apple

merchandise When: Always coming up with new products Where: Most people have some sort of Apple product Why: Sleek design, “cool”

P.O.V.: The Apple logo, for me,

presents the idea that this company was always ahead of other technologies, with their iPhones, iPods, and other gadgets. While the company itself is not exactly new, the sleek design and their continuously released products presents the company as selling “new” things.

Different Caption: Napster Logo What: Music Downloading Site When: Early Millenium Where: Online Why: Unusual animal P.O.V.: First of the early mu-

sic downloading sites, it started a whole new generation of downloading and sharing music, both leally and illegally.



Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

Caption: Yamaha Logo What: Sells musical instruments and

Caption: University of California

Caption: Dole Logo What: Fruit Company When: Since the 1850s Why: Designed to look more fresh

technology Why: Has three metal tuners appealing to musicians and a sleek design to appeal to modern motorcycle buyers

P.O.V.: I thinks this logo is different

due to the fact that rarely is a music company’s logo so recognized for so many differents reasons, their instruments and motorcycles.

Emblem What: The newly redesigned emblem of the UCs When: 2013 Where: University of California Why: Redesigned to allow for their designers to reinvent the UCs as newer and fresher

P.O.V.: This symbol does not work

for me because it loses the simple prestige of the UC emblem. This new “modernized” symbol is almost too ordinary looking and randomly put together

P.O.V.: While easily recognizable, I

am not exactly sure if the logo alone shows that this is a fruit company. The sunburst definitely invokes a feeling of freshness but in terms of its other font aspects, the feeling is unclear.


Old Caption: Revolution Gothic Family What: A nostalgic font When: Recently developed Why: Rounded edges and length

New Caption: ITC Conduit Family What: A more modern font Why: Sans serifs, losing the wings

of letters

and tips of letters that are of an older font

P.O.V.: I feel that the narrow length

P.O.V.: The sans serif font with

and curves of the letters are reminiscent of the 1920s, almost as if it were part of the art nouveau movement.

its very clean lines reminds me of a font commonly used on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, invoking memories of modern art and new styles of design.

Different Caption: Letraset Crillee Family What: A different font Why: The letters are almost italicized with tips

P.O.V.: The tilt of the letters give

off the idea that they present words that move, tilting and speeding on a page, its tips and slant adding a racing feeling to words.



Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

Caption: Serpentine Family When: Recently developed Where: Can be used for eye-catch-

Caption: Changeling Neo Family Where:Could be used for single

ing documents

words, eyecatching Why: Has almost no effectiveness

Caption: ITC Bauhaus Family Where: Could be used for anything

P.O.V.: The serif font is bold and

P.O.V.: I feel that this font has too

thick, giving off a feeling that whatever it is representing has importance.

much going on, the geometric shapes distracting from the words and the extreme width of the letters making it rather hard to process.

that needs to be eye-catching Why: Confusing because its use is almost ambiguous

P.O.V.: I feel that this font can be

used for mostly anything but at the same time, its rounded curves could possibly lend it an ineffective, possibly understated tone.


Old Caption: Metal relics What: Two incense burners When: Early 1950s Where: China Why: Has been in my family for awhile

P.O.V.: I love the metalwork on the

burners and the fact that with each year of its use, the scent of incense always remains.

New Caption: Stylized horse sculpture What: Metalwork and plaster When: Made a few years ago Why: Recently bought/new con-


P.O.V.: I feel that part of the reason

P.O.V.: I was really intrigued by the


this figure seems new to me is that despite its minimal form and almost ancient representation, the usage of new materials to make it creates an entirely new feeling.

Caption: Bird Cage What: Music box Where: Located on my mother’s desk

Why: Unique production and result tweeting bird and the fact that a live animal was actual being recreated.



Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

Caption: A Representation of Up What: Ceramic Plate When: Created last year by me

Caption: Pineapple Pair What: Stuffed Pineapple Toy Where: Found in Hawaii Why: Confusing toy

Caption: Geo-Tree What: A rock and wire tree structure When: Owned for 20+ years Where: From China

P.O.V.: When I first saw these toys, I

P.O.V.: Theoretically, the idea of this

P.O.V.: I thought I successfully rep-

resented the colorfulness of the Pixar film while translating it into a 2D form.

did not actually know what they were supposed to be, actually thinking they were chicks. The idea is cute but the objects themselves don’t convey the term “pineapple”.

tree made purely by geodes and wire is intriguing. I love the entire concept but the result and the colors of the rocks are a little off.

Letter Forms

Old Caption: A Historic Route What: Historical highway sign When: Since 1937 Where: Throughout the U.S.

Why: Makes drivers aware of the route they were taking

P.O.V.: These signs are so famous,

present on road trips for decades, yet they are completely unobtrusive, noticed only if the drivers are looking for them.

New Caption: Monsters University What: Movie Billboard When: 2013 Where: Freeways, etc. Why: To establish publicity for the


P.O.V.: As a person who loves

P.O.V.: This sign is humorous and


Disney, these posters are new in that they are announcing this new film that I, along with many other people, have been waiting for for many years.

Caption: Chick-fil-A Advertisement What: Billboard When: Since 2005 Where: Freeways, etc. Why: Establishing awareness of company through humor

eyecatching, the 3D figures in front of the billboard definitely drawing the eyes of whoever passes by it. I haven’t actually seen any 3D figures in front of billboard before.

Letter Forms


Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

Caption: Stop! What: Stop Sign Where: Crossroads everywhere Why: Makes people stop and look at

Caption: Scenic Route What: Road Sign Where: Anywhere on the road with

Caption: Geico Billboard What: Billboard for insurance Where: Freeways, etc. Why: “Save money. Make me hap-

their surroundings

P.O.V.: Without these stop signs,

people at crossroads would be crossing at random, getting into collisions and other dangers so these signs are actually extremely helpful even if some people occasionally do not follow them.

some observable landmark Why: Alerts us but people rarely actually bother looking or stopping to look at their surroundings

P.O.V.: I never found these signs

effective. We might be driving on a road and while we see the sign, we look up only briefly, not really appreciating our surroundings.

py.”-gives no reason to actually follow the company

P.O.V.: These ads were always cute,

the Geico gecko speaking with an adorable accent to get us to use their company. I never understood why this little animal speaking catchphrases gave us any real reasons to use them.


Old Caption: International boxes What: Cigar boxes When: Early 1900s Where: All over the world Why: Old because cigar boxes

were really treasured back in the day

P.O.V.: While there are still cigars

today, the boxes and the detail in them are no longer as treasured as they were before. These boxes truly are pieces of history and they hold details that are rarely found today.

New Caption: Choco Cat What: Box for Sanrio stuffed toy When: Early millenium Where: Sanrio Company Why: Cute packaging that intrigues buyers

P.O.V.: This octagon box is rarely

seen for stuffed animals and the ear slits for the toy are cute and unusual.

Different Caption: Colorful Ramune Drink What: Japanese soft drink When: A couple of decades Where: Japan and wherever they

sell Japanese treats Why: Has a marble that is released once the bottle is opened

P.O.V.: When I was a little kid, I

was always fascinated by the marble that operated as both a bottle top and a quirky trait of the drink.



Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

Caption: Baskin Robbins Cake What: Cake box Where: Anywhere selling Baskin

Caption: M&M Bag What: Candy bag Where: Sold everywhere Why: Unhelpful, doesn’t seal, rolls

Caption: Piles of shoe boxes What: The boxes themselves simply

Robbins cakes Why: Works in that their clear window design is extremely useful

P.O.V.: The clear window allows for

the buyer to check on their order and make sure all the details are correct without going through the hassle of opening the box and possibly damaging the cake.

around everywhere

P.O.V.: While I enjoy eating M&M

candies, one of the things that always bothered me was that whenever I put the bag away, even if I folded it or twisted it, it would always come undone. The candies would then just fall out and roll around my bag or any other open space.

store the shoes Where: Often stored in the closet Why: Good for storing boxes, hard to see

P.O.V.: Shoe boxes are always use-

ful, giving us a nice, stacked way to store shoes. However, digging around in the boxes to look for one box is extremely difficult as the boxes are usually not clear. At the same time, shoe boxes offer more than just shoe storage as they have many other uses too.


Old Caption: Labyrinth Movie Poster What: Movie Poster When: 1986 Where: Movie theaters Why: A cult classic movie, these

posters are highly sought after as the style of the poster is a great example of the 80s style of publicity

P.O.V.: This movie is extremely

good, with its typical 80s stylized outfits and David Bowie in all of his glory, and this poster just captures the feel of movies from the 80s.

New Caption: Obama Campaign What: Campaign Poster When: 2008 Where: Everywhere in the U.S. Why: Sought to reach out to the youthful population of America

P.O.V.: New in that the campaign

was one of the first that actively used new techniques and imaging to appeal to an entire new generation of voters.

Different Caption: Parisian Gateway What: Poster Where: Could be in any room Why: Different in that it creates a window where there is none

P.O.V.: I was always fascinated by

window posters because even if I did have a window, these window posters are always constant, always consistent in the lighting and scene. They provided gateways to countries while I was still in the safety of my room.



Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

Caption: Enlist Now! Poster What: British War Enlistment Cam-

Caption: Hunger Games Read

When: World War I and II Where: This one is particularly from


Caption: Knotts Visiting Poster What: Poster Publicity When: Late 1970s Where: Found in malls, highways,


the British but they were used everywhere Why: Effective call to arms, use of patriotism and call to action

P.O.V.: This poster successfully

rallied its nation to arms and envoked its men to quickly enlist and help their country.


What: Campaign to encourage When: 2012 Where: Found in libraries, book-

stores, etc Why: Ineffective because celebrities, while interesting to look at, do not effectively convey the message to read

P.O.V.: While looking at movie

versions are interesting, I do not feel that comparing the actors to a movie next to the actual book is compelling enough to make someone actually want to read.


Why: Their reference to Disneyland

is a bold choice because it is direct competition in the amusement industry

P.O.V.: Being biased to Disney, it

was interesting to see that Knotts Berry Farm chose the route of acknowledging that it is a great amusement park but that their park is also part of the Southern California adventure. While a great idea, I am not exactly sure how good of an idea it is to directly mention the competition.


Old Caption: Arm & Hammer

Advertisement What: Poster When: 1950s Why: Usage is not as common for teeth, presents vintage ideas

P.O.V.: While Arm & Hammer

baking soda is still used today for many things, brushing teeth with it is no longer very common, although it is found in many toothpastes. This ad presents old ideas that are somewhat out of date.

New Caption: Old Spice Advertisement What: Commercial When: 2012-2013 Why: new spokesperson and commercial technique

P.O.V.: While Old Spice is by no

means a new company, this advertisement is “new� to me in that the spokesperson has been changed, along with a commercial technique that is based more on strange images than on one-take commercials.

Different Caption: Cosmopolitan Hotel in

Las Vegas What: Commercial/Billboards When: 2012 Where: TV spots, freeways, etc Why: Presents shocking images that don’t necessarily make sense

P.O.V.: This ad is definitely very

different in that the picture shocks you into asking questions about how it applies to the hotel, the meaning /connection not making any sense.



Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

Caption: Pillsbury Crescents What: Commercials When: Many years Where: Television Why: Images are effective

Caption: Progressive Ads What: Billboards/commercials When: Past several years Where: Television Why: Use of humor was not effective

Caption: Disneyland Submarines

P.O.V.: This commercial definitely

P.O.V.: The commercials mainly

really effective to those who understood the reference

works because the images they use beautify the food and depict the tearing and consumption of the crescent rolls, involving the viewer by involving their mental tastebuds, making them want to eat the food shown on the screen.

employ the use of “Flo” and her jokes to capture the audience’s attention and while this was successful, I was not interested in the company at all. In fact, I was actually more annoyed with her character than amused, so their jokes worked against them in my case.


What: Billboards When: 2010 Where: Freeways Why: Images are cute but only was

P.O.V.: Disneyland had great

advertisements for the return of their submarines, but this one particularly in the series as somewhat ineffective, although the images were really familiar and cute. The issue is that the term “resurfacing” in terms of the ride would not really apply to people who had never experienced the older version before

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