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Observations in Graphic Design LCAD Summer 2013 Patrick McCullough

Observation in Graphic Design LCAD Summer 2013 Patrick McCullough





Has been used as a symbol of Judiasm since the 17th century, mainly in Central Europe.

In use since 1997 as a single color but was previously used with a rainbow background.

Used to show an old religion.

Represents new technology.

Used in the Hindu religion and called the om. The sound of it is commonly used in beginning prayer.

Star of David

Apple Logo

Hindu Symbol

Differently shaped symbol and a different use than most.



Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

It represents the two parts of a great whole and is used in the chinese culture.

The symbol of the british pound sterling and the currency of Great Britan.

Its symbolizes harmony and shows the same thing in it’s image.

There is no obvious reason it woulc represent money.

Introduced in 1986 as an alternative symbol of singapore. It symbolizes courage, strength, and excellence.

Ying and Yang

Pound Symbol

National Symbol of Singapore

Singapore doesn’t have a lot to do with lions.





A foundry in England devoloped the font then it was later digitalized.

Thick outlined style and bold lettering. It was created by Mathew Napolitano in 2010.

Created by the foundery ITC. and is made of of symbols and shapes.

It has an old look and was created in 1983.

It looks like graphiti which makes it seem newer.

It can’t really be read unless you translate it to another font.



ITC Zapf Dingbats



Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

Created by the foundry Monotype. It is an old looking style with embelishments.

Created by ITC. It has bold letter and a very tall base on all the letters.

Created by Linotype. They are clear letters but very bold in certain areas.

Despite the extravagant look it is still very legible.

It is a very cartoon like style and may not work with everything.

It may not work with everything but is always legible.

Old English

ITC Bottleneck

Old Towne #536 Regular





A mechanical machine that used to be used to type books, letters and newspapers.

A portable computer that was commercially available in 1975, but they have advanced a lot.

They are used in bowling games and their specifications are set by the Bowling Association.

It is rarely used now and it is rare that you’d see one.

There are always new laptops with new technology coming with them.

There isn’t a clear reason for their shape.



Bowling Pin



Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

A hand tool used to turn screws or other machine elements. First originated around 1480.

A hybrid of a spoon and fork developed by Samuel W. Francis who got a patent in 1874.

Created around 1973 and now nearly everyone uses them everyday.

They are always useful and you often find yourself needing one.

They don’t do the job of the spoon or the fork well.

Some can be difficult to use and make things more difficult rather than easier.



Cell Phone





Started in 1706 creating teas importing tea into London England.

A provider of luxury packaging for global brands. Established in 1845.

A student work of a possible Starbucks Package. Starbucks started in 1971.

An old tea brand that has been around for a while.

A very new looking crisp style packaging.

It is an interesting syle of package with its slanted surface.

Twinings Earl Grey Tea

Curtis Packaging

Starbucks: Less is More



Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

By General Mills. Typical cereal box packaging that works very well.

Believed to have originated in 1907 when Swift and Company started packaging butter in these wrappers.

A Swiss chocalte brand that was aquired from its pevious owner in 1990.

Cheerios Box

The packaging is simple and it works.

Butter Packaging

Butter packaging often rips and get easily messed up.


Its an interesting design that can be difficult to use but still works.

Text on Things




A Seattle beased pizzeria founded in 1958 and one of the first places to make deliveries.

Shoe company founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg and his son Michael.

A chain of cafes in the United States and Canada that began in 1981.

The sign’s font looks old and worn.

The sign is metal with bold straight text making it look new.

The font on Panera is strangely shaped and different than most signs.

Pizza Haven

Skechers Sign

Panera Bread

Text on Things


Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

Designed in 1994 by Leah Hoffmitz. It contains a hidden arrow between the E and x.

Beginning in 1886 it is sold nearly everywhere except North Korea and Cuba.

Introduced in 1932 it is made by M&M/Mars. Its packaging is bold and clear.

It’s a simple and easy to read logo.

The type face is fairly difficult to read and overly extravagant.

The type is easily readable but has a comic book style.

FedEx Logo

Coca Cola

3 Musketeers





Created in 1917 by J.M. Flagg based on a British poster. It was used to recruite for WWI and WWII.

A film that was released in 2012 and was made by Marvel Studios.

A film published in 2008 about Batman fighting off the Joker to save Gotham.

It’s a very recent film with a new looking poster.

Its a differently designed poster and only includes the title in small print at the bottom.

US Army Recruiting Poster

The poster reminds us of wars and other occurances that happened a while ago.

The Avengers

The Dark Knight



Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

A TV series that premiered in 2011 and is about the houses of the 7 Kingdoms fighting for the throne.

Written in 1865 by Lewis Carroll and later made into serveral movies.

An airline founded in 1936 that takes people to 178 destinations worldwide.

The poster is too plain for the story, since Alice in Wonderland has tons of strange creatures and things.

Its fairly brightly colored for a typical airline poster but it still looks well designed and made.

Game of Thrones

The title fits very well with what is shown on the poster as well as the quote.

Alice in Wonderland

Air Canada





They are two types which both live in the forests of Borneo and Sumatra.

A body of water with a current that is contained in a bed and stream banks.

They are around 8-10 centimeters in length with brightly colored wings.

They look like old balding people.

It looks very crisp and clean.

They are brightly colored with sparkle like dots covering their wings.


Mountain Stream

Emerald Butterfly



Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

Spider webs have existed for over 100 million years all over the world.

The Sahara is in northern Africa and is a mostly barren and empty landscape.

Spider webs tend to be very uninform and work very well at what they’re supposed to do.

It’s dry and empty with little living there.

Covering mainly the northern and southern poles as well as more highly elevated areas snow is found everyewhere.

Spider Web

Sahara Desert

Ice and Snow

Its cold and unwelcoming yet beautiful at the same time.





Developed in 1893 and orginally introduced as Brad’s Drink was made by Caleb Bradman.

An ad created by National Geographic in attempts to make nature stand out instead of technology.

Created by the agency BBO for the ThaiHealth Foundation to help keep safer roads.

Pepsi Cola

The ad has a more draw sketch style that isn’t often seen today.

National Geographic Kids

The problem of trying to get kids away from technology is fairly new for advertisers.

Tired Driving

It isn’t the typical advertisement you would see but it gets the point across very well.



Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

Created by Contrapunto It’s a very clever and easily understandable ad.

Began in 1953 as Insta-Burger and was sold in 1954. It was then renamed to Burger King.

It’s a clear idea and well advertised.

It isn’t clear how an eye has anything to do with a burger.

An ad created for Scrabble by Olgilvy and Mather with a unique concept that only Scrabble fans would get.

Fight for the Last Slice

Burger King


This ad isn’t easily understood at first glance. Squirrel is worth more points in Scrabble than Fox so it’s bigger.

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