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Making Students’ Lives Better

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Hi, I’m harry Vice President Of Activities

++++++++++++++++ I’m your student representative for societies, media and volunteering. In this handbook you will find everything you need to know to run your society and make it the best it can be. It’s a great guide with lots of helpful information so don’t forget to use it! Being a society leader you have the opportunity to enhance student experiences and improve their time here at Leeds Beckett. You will develop new skills, gain experience and undertake training so that by the end of the year you yourself will have developed. Don’t forget to put your position on your CV because employers value experience such as this very highly. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your hard work, without out you volunteering your time there would be no societies! I benefited greatly from being involved with BeMedia during my time here as a student so what you do really does make a big difference to students’ lives. If you need anything or just want a chat pop into the SU offices on the first floor of the Portland building or send me an email I wish you all the best for your society for the upcoming year and I look forward to working with you. - Harry

Key CONTACTS Societies Coordinator: Ash Lucas - // 0113 8128154

for any general society questions such as training opportunities, inductions society balls, elections, finance questions, marketing etc...

VP Activities: Harry Walters - // 0113 8121851

for Inter Society Night enquiries, student media, societies forum, Beckett Award, volunteering opportunities for societies etc...

SU Reception - // 0113 8128400

for Inter Society Night enquiries, student media, societies forum, Beckett Award, volunteering opportunities for societies etc...

Be Media - for any media enquires.

RAG - PAGE 2/22

for any fundraising enquires or to get involved in RAG week.




Introduction to the Students’ Union 4 Getting Started 10 Space Booking, external speakers 13 and event Tips Running your first event (event 16 planning and health and safety) Finance 17 Recruitment / Promotion 19 Societies forum / Inter Society Nights 20 Top Tips from Society Leaders 21

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Introduction to the Students’ Union



The Students’ Union is run by democratically elected student officers and staff with the purpose of ‘making students’ lives better’.

Students’ Union STATS (2015/2016)




Volunteering Hours

2972 251 Votes Cast in THE SU ELECTION



Society of the Year: International Society Society Development Award: Vegetarian and Vegan Society Society Event of the year: RAG and Asian Christian Society Open Mic Night Society Personality of the Year: Zain Jawaid ISOC Media Contribution of the Year: Miss B’s articles on living with a eating disorder Media personality of the year: Rauhaan Inamdar PAGE 4/22

Introduction to the Students’ Union




The SU Officer Team The Students’ Union is led by a team of five full-time officers and elected representatives all of whom are elected to stand for a year. The SU President is the figurehead of the Students’ Union and leads the work of the officer team to achieve the objectives of the organisation. The other positions are the VP Education who will be working to ensure that your academic experience is delivered to the high standards you expect. The VP Activities overseas student societies, volunteering and student media to ensure you get the most of your student experience and enjoy student life in Leeds. The VP Welfare leads on all student welfare issues including sexual and mental health, accommodation and student safety and works with internal and external organisations to ensure you stay safe and healthy. The VP Equality and Diversity works to make sure that all students from hard to reach groups are fully represented and that the Union and the University’s work is fair and equal for all groups. We also have reps which represent different areas such as the Athletic Union, faculties, volunteering, equality and diversity, mature students, students with dependants and postgraduate students. All the officers are based at the new offices at City or at Headingley Students’ Union so feel free to pop in for a chat if you have something you wish to work on with them or contact the VP Activities.

Reception The Students’ Union reception deal with all room bookings and external speakers requests. You can find the forms for room bookings and external speaker requests on the website and you can send all completed forms to

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Introduction to the Students’ Union




Student Volunteering The Students’ Union Volunteering Team are here to help with all volunteer things related, based at City and Headingley Campus you can come along and chat to us about getting involved in volunteering. They run daily drop-in sessions every Monday, Wednesday & Friday 11am-1pm (Volunteering Office, Headingley Campus, above the Headingley Bar) and Tuesdays & Thursdays 1pm-3pm (City Campus, SU Office) They offer volunteering opportunities ranging from 1 minute to 3 years so you are sure to find something which fits around your timetable! We have fantastic volunteering opportunities in the community supporting charities working with people, animals, outside on our allotment or in schools. The SU website has a full list of all areas of volunteering so feel free to check out our latest opportunities. We have micro-volunteering (volunteering from 1- 30 minutes) throughout the year, one off volunteering (half to full day) and can even help you set up your own volunteering project, just come along with an idea and we can help with the rest. It’s an amazing and really busy time being a student and so where possible it’s a good idea to get involved in volunteering as it will give you plenty of examples to talk about in your future interviews, help you gain new skills and help you recognise skills you didn’t know you had. Our volunteers are making a real difference to their local communities and we love to shout about that. We do this through the SU Awards evening, thank you events, socials and much more. Your hard work and commitment will not go unnoticed.

Come along and chat to the volunteering team at a drop-in, look at the SU website or chat to them online Twitter: @LBSU_Volunteer or Facebook: Leedsbeckettvolunteering.

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Introduction to the Students’ Union




Student VOICE Your voice shapes what we do as a Union. Student Voice exists to make sure that your needs and ideas are supported while you study at Leeds Beckett and Student Voice is about having your say, campaigning on the issues that matter to you, and getting your voice heard at all levels of the Students’ Union and University. This is done this in a variety of ways including: •

Course Reps – support over 1000 course reps to represent you and feedback your views and opinions.

Policy & Ideas – any student can submit ideas online that may become new student policies.

Student Council – exists to hold the elected full-time officers to account, to set the campaigning direction of the Union, and to debate and vote on student policy on your behalf.

Campaigns – support you to develop, deliver and evaluate campaigns on the issues that matter most to you, creating positive change for students at Leeds Beckett.

Elections – deliver the annual Students’ Union elections to decide who will be next year’s full-time officers and Student Council representatives.

…and more; including research, consultation, and training and development opportunities.

If you’re passionate about campaigning or representation, talk to the Student Voice team and we will support you every step of the way. Click on some of the boxes below to find out more about how you can get involved in Student Voice. E-mail: //

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Introduction to the Students’ Union




Student Advice The Students’ Union Advice Service is here to help you. The team offer free, independent, confidential advice to all Leeds Beckett students. Our professional team of advisors are employed directly by the Students’ Union and are therefore independent from the University. They offer advice in the following areas: academic problems, housing issues and money issues. They are also an official Hate Incident Reporting Centre. If you have members with any issues please refer them to the Advice Service in the first instance. Please do not try to sort them out yourself.

Students can contact the Advice Service by... email: // Telephone: 0113 812 8400 or by going to see an adviser during their Drop in times which can be found here:

RAG and Other Societies As well as all the other areas mentioned don’t forget about linking up with other societies to run joint events, joint campaigns and generally support each other’s events. Societies are a great resource to explore new ideas and there is a lot of common ground. Joint events this year have included the Big Election Mixer, Film screenings with ISOC and Socialist Worker, Asian Christian Fellowship hosting an acoustic night with RAG and many more. RAG (raise and give society) are also there to help with any fundraising ideas and projects and as a society you can get involved with RAG week and raise lots of money for charity.

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Introduction to the Students’ Union




What is a society? A society is a group of students, run by students for students. It brings together students with a common interest and is an essential part of the University community. It is a great way to make friends and gain skills and experience in different areas to increase your employability.


To set up a society initially you only need three people in to make up the committee, you would then look to recruit members to make your society as successful as possible. All members, including committee members need to join the society on-line, you can do this on the Students’ Union website...


You will need to run an election sometime in Term Three to elect your committee for the forthcoming year. This year this will be all done on line through the Students’ Union website so you must make sure all members are registered on line and have paid their membership fees so they can stand for positions and vote in the election.

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Getting Started


Committee Roles Society Committees are made up of at least three committee members, president, secretary and treasurer. These are elected by the society members on line in the third term. If you would like a more detailed description of these roles please contact the societies coordinator.


• Gains leadership skills • Chairs committee and members meetings • Key contact with the Students’ Union • Ensures the committee works towards the societies aims and objectives • Ensures the long term sustainability of the society and takes charge of handover.


• Gains organisational skills • Keeps secure records of membership and passes them on to the Students’ Union • Ensures the meetings run effectively by producing an agenda and keeping accurate minutes and sending them to the Students’ Union. • Prepares risk assessments with the support of the rest of the committee. • Keeps an up to date record of any equipment the society might have.

Treasurer • • • • •

Learns how to manage accounts Manages and keeps up to date records of the society’s account Leads on the grant application Organises the paperwork for all financial transactions agreed by the rest of the committee Makes sure the account does not get overdraw

Other roles on the committee could include:

Vice President // Social Secretary // Headingley Rep // Social Media rep // Course Rep // Marketing rep // Sports rep // Women’s rep // Welfare rep Additional roles would all have to be agreed by the society committee and added to the societies constitution (which is included in the society ratification pack) A lot of societies run very effectively with only three people on the committee, it completely depends on the size of the society and what activities you run if you need to add anymore roles.

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Committee Meetings

One of the first things to do is for your committee to meet up and check the society ratification pack is still relevant to your ideas of how to progress as a society. The aims and objectives in there should be simple and easy for everyone to understand and realistic. Any changes and/or additions to the original committee structure should be sent through to the societies coordinator. Regular committee meetings and communication within the committee are key to the society and will help the society progress.

Society Members Meeting This is meeting to which all the members of the society are invited. You can hold one of these virtually anywhere that has the capacity to get everyone in. Remember to give a decent notice to members of the intention to hold a meeting (at least a week) Also you should consider a central location to be fair to members; some of them may have to travel. Similarly, think about when you want to meet; whilst Thursday at 11am might suit all the committee, if there’s a lecture where 90% of members attend at the same time (at a different campus), that won’t be popular or effective. Rather than having separate conversations, it’s often more efficient to have one conversation where all the different viewpoints can be shared (and resolved). It’s also a good time for the membership to be able to ask questions of the leaders and ensure that the society is being run properly. You should run one of these meetings after freshers to set out the society plans for the year and f in the third term to encourage people to stand in the committee elections and review what the society has achieved that year. If you want any more information on meeting structures and end of year meetings (known as AGMs, annual general meetings) please contact the societies coordinator.

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MEMBERSHIP Types Of Membership Full Membership

This is open to any current Leeds Beckett student. If you are a full member you can: • Run for a society committee position • Vote in elections • Vote in general meetings • Enjoy the full benefits and discounts of being part of a society.

Associate member

This is open to Union and University staff and alumni. If you are an associate member you can’t: • Run for a society position • Vote in elections or meetings Associate members can still enjoy being part of a vibrant exciting society. Membership runs from the 1st July to the 30th June but you can join all year round.

Membership fees The minimum fee to join a society is £3. The Students’ Union is a charity and as such it is important that societies are able to be self-sufficient in some part as we do not have the funds to completely support every society. By paying membership it allows the society to be also in some part financially independent. Membership fees are paid into a bank account for the society and are not accessed by the Students’ Union, they are there to be spent how the membership agrees. All members can join the society of their choice through the Students’ Union website,you just simply need to register on the website, follow the instructions and join the society of your choice. If you do not join the society online you will not be classed as a member of the society and will not be able to stand in society elections or vote. All committee members must also join the society. If a society has less than three members who have joined online it will be considered inactive.

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If you are a new society you will be invited to an induction soon after your society is ratified at the societies forum. If you are an existing society your committee will be expected to attend a society training session which will run in the first term, there will be at least three sessions at different times to try and accommodate as many people as possible. In addition to this there is freshers training, ball training, fundraising training, media training, equality and diversity training, health and safety training as well as access to other training such as food hygiene training, volunteering training, consent workshops, campaign training and much more. If you want to attend a training session which is not offered please contact the societies coordinator and it will hopefully be possible to run the session.

Space Booking, external speakers and event Tips

Space Booking

As a ratified student society you are able to book space within the University and Students’ Union. The form is available on the Students’ Union website: The form needs to be sent back to Space available to book includes Stage Two and Headingley Bar for socials, The Stage for very big events, lecture theatres, class rooms the student hub and opposite the grumpy mule for recruitment drives, cake sales and information stalls, the living rooms at both city and Headingley and the Students’ Union meeting rooms. Spaces are usually free to hire unless it is The Stage/Stage Two and you have technical requirements such as lights, sound system etc. or of it is a university space or the SU meeting rooms and it is after 9pm or at a weekend. Reception will be able to advise you on costs. Please give as much notice as possible before your event at least 7 days and if it is a big event that will require more support from our Events team please give at least 14 days’ notice.

External Speakers

If you have an event where an external speaker will be attending and speaking you must fill out an external speaker form regardless of whether the event takes place at Leeds Beckett University or not. (An external speaker is anyone who is not a current Leeds Beckett University student or a member of staff at Leeds Beckett University or Students Union.) The external speaker form must be submitted to reception at least 10 working days before the event. Please put as much information as possible on the form. Failure to submit a form at all would lead to your event being cancelled and severe penalties for the society.

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The form is available on the Students’ Union website:


Space Booking, external speakers and event Tips



EVENT Tips Film Nights

The only places licensed to show films purely for entertainment purposes are the Living Room at City and the Students’ Union Meeting Rooms. If you choose to show a film in the Living Room you will need to book the projector out from SU reception. If you wish to show a film in a different location you need to let the societies coordinator know in the first instance and then a temporary film licence can be applied for, you need to give 14 working days notice and the cost is £21.


All trips need to be registered with the Students’ Union, the form is available from the societies coordinator. As well as the trip registration form you also need to complete a risk assessment for the trip. Training on how to complete the form is available during the academic year but please ask for help if you need it. The forms should be completed 7 days before the trip. The form for the risk assessment is available at


Please be aware that if you are running a society social the committee has a duty of care to the people attending. Please make sure people get home safely by making sure they have taxis and people to travel home with. Also make sure people are encouraged to drink water in between alcoholic drinks to keep hydrated. It is also a good idea for everyone attending to have a committee member’s number in their phone in case of any difficulties.


All sponsorship contracts and ball contracts need to be signed by the Students’ Union so please make sure you send it to the societies coordinator. Ball training is available in the first term so if you think you might be running a ball for your society please attend. If you missed the training please contact the societies coordinator for the Ball

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Space Booking, external speakers and event Tips



Cake Sales and food

If you are holding a cake sale you will need to check and sign the cake sale risk assessment which is available from the societies coordinator. If you have food at your event, you will need to sign a disclaimer that the Students’ Union has not provided the food. If an outside provider is catering the food you will need to send a copy of their food hygiene and insurance certificate to the societies coordinator. If you are preparing the food yourself you will need someone who has a food hygiene certificate to be in charge of the process. You can apply to do a basic food hygiene certificate which would allow you to oversee cake sales and other low risk food, this would not cover high risk food such as rice and meat so you would not be able to provide those unless an outside caterer who had supplied the paperwork as listed above was providing them. The Students’ Union also offers catering at a very low cost price please contact reception to find out more. We also have a deal with Dominos that allows us to order large pizzas for £6, please contact the societies coordinator for more information about this.

Planning your First Event Your first event is the first chance to get all your members actively involved in your society. Try to keep it simple and make sure the event is inclusive for all.

Who? Think about your audience for the event and making sure it is inclusive to

all. Also think about what support you may need and who will be responsible for planning and running this event. Decide what type of event you want to hold. What resources are available to you and which of these do you require. What will this cost? Is this realistic?


Where? Decide the location you would like the event to be. When? One of the first things to decide will be setting a date for the event. When is the best time for your members? Also consider planning time to organise the event, publicise it and when any meetings need to be held

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Planning tips: • Be clear about what you want to do • Set a budget and check this regularly • Allow enough time to plan the event • Use all resources available to you • Involve society members • Complete a risk assessment • Ask for help if needed! • Carry out an evaluation after the event




Health and Safety

For any new events or activities you are planning please fill in a risk assessment form. Forms can be found on the Students’ Union website: societies/toolbox These Forms include a guide to filling out your assessment form correctly. Email the completed form to the Societies Co-ordinator at City Campus Students’ Union at least 2 weeks in advance of your event.

you do not have to fill out a risk assessment for LBSU ORGANISED EVENTS - e.g. Fresher’s Fair or an Inter Societies Night. A general risk assessment is needed for all societies and needs to be reviewed annually. A risk assessment is needed for each new activity your society carries out.


When organising an event, it helps to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows who is doing what and when. Below is a simple table that will help you distribute jobs and have a record of who is expected to do each job. This will also help with team accountability, in case any jobs don’t get done.

Action Point

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Society Finance Overview

The treasurer is in charge of keeping the finances up to date. The treasurer and one other designated committee member must sign for all transactions out of the society account. The committee as a whole are jointly responsible for the society’s money and there should be a regular update from the treasurer at committee meetings to update everyone on money that has been spent and paid into the account. All society money must be paid into the society account that is held for the society in the Students’ Union finance office. This means that the money is held in a neutral safe place which allows transparency to your members, it also means that the society is able to show its activity throughout the year which also helps the Students’ Union ask for more grant money.


Grant account The grant account is any money you receive from the Students’

Union. All money in the grant account must be spent on the things you said it would be spent on when you submitted your grant request to the Students’ Union. The money in this account derives from public funding and as such there are restrictions on what it can be used for. If the money in this account is not spent by the end of June it will be clawed back by the Students’ Union.

Deposit account The deposit account is any money raised by the society through

Membership fees, external sponsorship, fundraising events, donations or any other sort of income that is not received from the Students’ Union. This money carries over each year so that societies are able to build up their financial strength and continue to deliver great benefits for its student members.


A signatory is someone from the society committee who is given the authority to sign for money to be taken out of the account. Societies should nominate three signatories one of whom should be the treasurer, two signatories will need to sign every request for money. They will need to bring a photo id to the finance department of the City Campus SU and sign a form so we have a sample of your signature.

Using Your Society Account

Your society can decide if it will reimburse expenses for individuals on a case by case basis. You will need to fill in a student’s group money request. (It is available on the website under societies toolbox) This must be signed by two out of the three designated signatories and you must have documentation to prove you have purchased the items you are claiming back for e.g. till receipts, bus tickets, printed receipts etc. You will also need to put the correct code you are claiming the money out of either the deposit code or the grant code. If the amount claimed is over £50 your form will also need to be signed by the Societies Coordinator or the VP Activities.

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If you want to know how much is in your account you can go to the finance office and collect a print out. It is a good idea for the treasurer to do this regularly so you can keep track of what money is going in and what is going out. It is also a good idea for the treasurer to update the rest of the committee at each committee meeting.




Society Grants

Societies are entitled to apply for money from the Students’ Union providing they have submitted the society ratification pack and at least three people have joined the society on line. You will need to submit the grant allocation form (which is part of the ratification pack) You will then be invited to the next societies forum meeting (more information about the societies forum later) for a short pitch as to why you have applied for the grant money and talk in more detail about the events/equipment you need the money for and answer any questions the committee might have. You can take up to two committee members to the meeting. The society committee will then report back and you will find out within five days whether your bid has been successful or not. The Societies forums are usually every 2 weeks during term time so please keep an eye on the society committee Facebook page for the dates and times.

SU website

All societies also have a page to advertise their society and what it does. Please make sure you send any change of information through to the societies coordinator. The Students’ Union website is free for you to advertise events. The societies assistants will update the events every week so make sure you e-mail any information through to them or invite them to your events on Facebook.


Set up a PAGE for you to promote yourselves on. This means you can be searched for and that anyone can see what events you’re doing and see pictures. It raises your profile!

It would also be a good idea to have a group for your members/committee


Tweet pictures and comments quickly tell people what you’re doing! We will re-tweet society updates at @LBSU_societies


BeMedia is made up of Beckett Online, our on line newspaper, BeTV and BeRadio. There are plenty of opportunities for societies to get involved and use BeMedia to promote their events. As an example, BeTV (our TV station) would be happy to film society interviews to make the page a bit more exciting! Our online newspaper can be used to write reviews of society events, as a recruitment drive, submit some work for our poets corner, write some fiction or submit a blog about your experiences as a society leader or about university life. Why not contact BeTV to put together a recruitment video or come and film your event? You can check out their society videos on the Students’ Union website and their other work on their YouTube channel. BeTVformallyMetTVleeds

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Societies can get involved with BeRadio by presenting their own shows, previous society shows have included rock society music choices, film reviews and a games show. If you don’t want to make your own show, please support the students that have by listening at:


Recruitment/ Promotion


There are lots of opportunities to recruit for new members throughout the year. In October the Students’ Union organizes two freshers fairs one at Headingley Campus and one at City Campus which all societies are invited to attend. As well as societies there are also sports teams, commercial partners, volunteering, student voice and lots of other groups there. Forms to register for that are usually sent out in June/July so keep an eye on your e-mails over the summer. In February the Students’ Union also runs a refreshers fair usually at Headingley Campus, this is a great opportunity to recruit new members, meet other society leaders and promote any activities for the coming term. Throughout the year there are opportunities to recruit for new members, you can hold a recruitment day, run a stall, link up with other societies to run events. This year the societies forum have booked space out at both City and Headingley every two weeks for societies to attend and promote their events, keep checking the societies committee page for updates and times about these events. Handover Throughout the year you should be speaking to other members and making them aware they can stand for election in the third term to run the society in the next academic year. It is a good idea to make up a folder of useful contacts and tips for the year ahead for the new committee, who to contact about what, suppliers you have used, things to think about when running the society and a review of the year’s achievements.


All societies get a small amount of free photo copying from the Students’ Union each month, which equates to 50 A4 black and white or 25 A4 colour, at freshers this increases to 100 A4 black and white or 50 A4 colour. The photocopying does NOT carry over each month. All photocopying and publicity societies produce should include a clear indication that the publicity is from an official society with the use of the Students’ Union logo and/or the societies own logo. The University logo should not be used as usage is subject to approval from the University Branding team. If you have any flyers or posters that need copying please send it through to one of the societies assistants.

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Societies forum


Societies forum usually occurs every two weeks during term time on Wednesdays from 17.00 in Portland 106. The forum discusses any new society applications, any society funding bids and provides a platform for society leaders to promote their events to other societies and talk about any issues or ideas that are relevant to other societies. The first part of the societies forum meeting is open to anyone with an interest in societies but is targeted at society leaders. In addition to this there is a closed section of the meeting where the decisions around new society applications and funding bids are made. The closed section of the meeting is attended by elected members who also sit on student council and represent societies there. The elected members are made up of 6 society representatives and 2 media representatives. They are usually elected at the first forum of the year either on line or at the meeting. Any society leader or media leader can stand for these roles. The society forum members have worked on a variety of projects this year including more recruitment opportunities, more links with volunteering, more links with media, improving the finance form for societies, introducing the societies showcase event, working on charity week and increasing opportunities for international students. If you are interested in finding more about the forum please contact the VP Activities.

Inter Society Nights Intersociety nights are an alternative night to sports Wednesdays. They are a competition between societies to win glittering prizes at the end of the year. Anyone can come along and if not enough people form your society attend for a team you can team up with another society. One society hosts the event whether it be a quiz or an activity and the winning team gets a prize on the night as well as points for the end of year competition. Previous events have included University Challenge, pumpkin carving, hungry, hungry humans, debates and vegan taste tastings This year we also ran an event called societies showcase where activities included a demonstration of Capoeira and a debate on the legalisation of marijuana.

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Top Tips from Society Leaders


Charlie’s Top Tips for Running a Trip Planning Aims - What do you want to do? Who will be interested? What are the

selling points? 30 second elevator pitch, what to say about the event useful as a description on social media and email. Who will benefit - i.e. who’s getting invites?

Resources People - split jobs between committee members, get committee to attend for support during the event.

Contact - contact details will help you spread the word on your event and send out information when relevant. Social media can help e.g. Facebook event or Google calendar event.

Money - what’s your budget, will you need a grant, use money from account, or charge, or a combination. Factor in everything!

Supplies - will you need to buy food, prizes, props/mascot. Remember to bring everything! Might help to write a kit list for everyone.

Advertising- how to sell it, more people more money! Get information out with enough time to get people on board. How will you do it? Posters, flyers, social media, word of mouth, email, combination, even a video! Advertise in forum to other societies

Time Availability - for members and activities will set date. Time might be set by transport and activity availability. Organise around other events, not too close together, quality not quantity. Plan well in advance to allow time for planning, booking, advertising and collecting money

Location - choose somewhere easy to get to. Maybe close enough to sort own

transport, easily accessible with public transport, or look at organising transport. If booking somewhere must be large enough to fit all the people you want, or look at taking less people. Large enough to fit everyone but not so big it looks empty. Appropriate space, do you have want to book a bar for a religious event or a village hall for a big party? Are the activities you want to do close by?

Health and safety - risk assessment, medical forms, allergies, medical and food if needed. Insurance for travel? Food hygiene training or a food disclaimer? Publish an equipment list so everyone has everything they need. Useful to carry a first aid kit for emergencies, unless first aid trained only common sense first aid, i.e. plasters/ slings but no further e.g. emergency stitches/ leg splints. Appropriate first aid is deemed as it wouldn’t cause further harm to patient if done badly.

Residentials - accommodation provision for separate rooms if needed, kitchen? Different transport? Insurance needed? Food needed? Veggie vegan options, food hygiene if cooking yourselves, allergies. Food shopping. Social activities for evenings?

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Top Tips From Society Leaders



Top Tips from Dan

Always consult your members and make sure you are running events they want to go to, don’t just consult the committee.

Top Tips from Rosie

Make sure you write down when all your events and meetings are so you can make sure your committee can attend. Set up a google calendar for your committee so everyone knows when the events are.

Top Tips from Jim

Stay positive, not everything is going to work as planned.

Top Tips from Lewis

Work as a team and provide strong leadership. Make sure you spread the weight of the tasks, don’t try and do everything yourself.

Top Tips from Hannah

If that week’s social doesn’t work, don’t blame yourself, learn from it and speak to your members and see what it is they do want.

Top Tips from Lara

Get organized and make sure you manage your time well.

Top Tips from Vivien

You can always come and ask for advice from Harry and Ash at the Students’ Union. They can help with all the societies’ related issues you might have.


The Students’ Union know how much work you all put into running societies. To recognise all your achievements, we have devised the Society Reward Scheme to measure all the amazing work you do. From fundraising to attending training to running events, you can collate all the information and receive rewards for each competency you complete. It would be great if you got involved and got the rewards you deserve for all your hard work. You can find the Society Reward Scheme information at:

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LBSU Society Leaders Handbook  

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