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February 1, 2011 Dear Teacher ofthe Year Selection Committee Members, As the North Stafford High School Gifted and Accelerated Programs Coordinator for the past eight years, I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Lindsey Bruno, Choral Director of North Stafford High School for the past six. In charge of the new teachers the year that Lindsey began her teaching career, I watched this young, wide-eyed, and yes, seemingly na'ive "newbie" step into her role as Choral Director with the enthusiasm, confidence, and classroom presence generally unmatched by first year teachers. For the past seven years, she has dedicated herself to producing an outstanding choral program that is not only its own entity, but also integrated with our other performing arts programs to support an interdisciplinary arts curriculum that complements both our band and drama programs, producing award-winning, packed-house musicals. Her endless devotion to her students is evidenced by the selfless giving of her weekends, long nights, and many, many voluntary accompanist adjudications outside of the school day, in addition to juggling private piano lessons and being a mommy to a three year old! Lindsey Bruno is clearly a Renaissance woman, a portrait of an intelligent and artistic young woman truly dedicated to promoting the visual and performing arts programs and challenging students not only to appreciate the arts but also to stretch their talents to the limit. For the past seven years, Lindsey has been instrumental in the establishment of an Independent Study choral component of my Gifted and Accelerated Programs. She has worked tirelessly with students who have been enrolled in her classes but requested to further their talents through an Independent Study with Mrs. Bruno, even though she maintains a full class load with seemingly limitless practices and performances. Her students relate to me that she ignites a passion in them that far surpasses what they could have imagined and, as a result, that she is the reason that they feel confident enough to pursue a career related to the field of music, either as a music education major, or with a minor in music studies that supports their interest. They have also expressed that she is a very demanding teacher who balances her acceptance of nothing short of their best with her uncanny ability to provide the encouragement and constructive criticism that challenges them to make each performance better than the last. Having large numbers of students who win state honors and choirs that rate superior every year is evidence that her efforts result in superior performances at the state level as well. Personally, Lindsey has been an invaluable colleague. The Gifted and Accelerated Programs coordinators are responsible for promoting and organizing adjudications for students who compete for opportunities to attend the Visual and Performing Arts Summer Residential Governor's School programs, highly selective and challenging cost-free month-long summer programs held at various colleges and universities throughout Virginia. The local adjudications are held at North Stafford and from there, selected students advance to the state adjudications. Without Lindsey I would be spending hours organizing this event; however, she usually reminds ME of things that might work best, contacts and recruits judges, sets up the site, and even volunteers to stay during the whole process and help out. This year she ran the choral adjudications for me! Oh, and did I mention that she also travels to the state adjudication site each year to be her students' accompanist? All of this is without a word of complaint and with a smile on her face! Very few know of her dedication to her program, but I am very much aware of the contributions of this young lady. Finally, teaching isn't a solo job; teachers must interact with a variety of colleagues, students, parents, and judges. The growth of Mrs. Bruno's program and the tremendous parent support that she and her program receive are evidence enough of her respect by the community, however, to be nominated by


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