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My oldest daughter has always loved music and performing. Under the tutelage of Lindsey, she came to appreciate and love music even more, if that is possible. She has continued her love of music in college by leading a choir and participating in two different praise bands. My youngest daughter has always been shy and afraid to sing in front of a group or in front of her own family. Lindsey has been such a positive influence on my youngest. After working with her for 3 years, she will now sing in front of a group, or at home in front of the family. That major development has occurred since Lindsey became her instructor. I have watched Lindsey through her first years of teaching, seen her get married, have a baby, take on more students in her choirs, help with ensembles and musicals after school, and add new and challenging classes to the curriculum. Through all of this, she has remained a confident and organized teacher and a loving and helpful person. Lindsey is the type of teacher that gives her students confidence in themselves and inspires them to do bigger and better things.

Sincerely, Dawn F. Jones Dawn F. Jones



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Jones letter page 2