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Based on the pla y "The Matchmaker" by THORNTON WILDER Book by: MICHAEL STEWART • Music and Lyrics by: JERRY HERMAN Director MISS JOHNETIA COOK Musical Di rector: MRS. LINDSEY BRUNO • Choreographer: MISS ALEX HERLIG DESIGN TEAM: Drama Coach and Stage Manager: Cole Metz • Assistant Stage Manager: Kamili Thorn • Makeup Design: Baylee Perry • Light Board Operator: Kilah Thorn • Scenic Design and Const ruction: Mrs. Lucille Hood • Theatre Tech I & II, Charles Wells, Tori Laws, David Leroy, and the Boyd Fa mily • Costumes: Provided by The Costumer and Fantasy Costumes • Costume Mistresses: Mrs. Pam Smith, Mrs. Missy Boyd, Sarah Daily, and Deja Wester • Sound and Mics: David Leroy • Props Manager: Mrs. Deb Perry • Dance Captains: Sophia Inserra and Cory McGee PIT CREW: Pit Director: Mr. Austin Nicholas • Vi olins: Sa chami Kirk, Kyrie Law & Rachel Park • Viola: Patrick Durr • Cello: Anthony Valvo • Double Bass: Ryan Patterson • Piccolo/Clarinet/ Alto Sax: Davi d Anderson • Clarinet/Tenor Sax: Jennie Brandt • Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Bari Sax: Tegan Frantz • Clarinet: Andrea Laird • Flute/Alto Sax: Madeline Jones • Trumpets: Chip Patton & Nicholas Sheehan • Trombone: Michael Hudson • Piano: Mrs. Lindsey Bruno • Percussion : Matthew Krysztopik & Mack Shank CAST ____________________________________________________ MRS. DOLLY GALLAGHER LEVI- An

BARNABY TUCKER- An assistant to

indefatigable, meddling m atchmaker of strikingly dramatic appeara nce; a widow in her middle years. (Briana Boyd)

Cornel ius, 17 years old. (David Sant) MINNIE FAY- A young girl who works in

Irene's shop. (Baylee Perry) ERNESTINA -A heavy-set girl in need of

Mrs . Levi's services. (Sama ntha Smith)

IRENE MOLLOY~ A millineress with a Hat

AMBROSE KEMPER- A yo ung artist

Shop near 14th Street in New York City. Mrs. Levi has introduced her to Mr. Vandergelder. (TayAndra Allen)

seeking to ma rry Ermenga rde . (Cory McGee)

MRS. ROSE- Sells vegetables from a HORACE VANDERGELDER - Proprietor of

street cart, a friend of Mrs. Levi's from years before. (Alex Pickett)

a Hay & Feed Store in Yon kers, N.Y. and a client of Mrs . Levi's. A wid ower of some means. (Jacob Skowronek)


ERMENGARDE- The 17-year-old niece of

major-domo of the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant. (Austin Wright)

Horace Vandergelder. (Sophia Inserra) STANLEY- A young waiter. (Christian CORNELIUS HACKL- Vand ergelder's chief clerk, 33 years old. (Theron "Charlie"


Smith, Jr.)

JUDGE- (Tyler Epting) POLICEMAN- (Mr. David Skeen)

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