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Princely House of Verona : Escalus : This is the lord of Verona. He is exasperated by the quarrel between two families and tries to stop the fighting. It inflicts this purpose, the penalties more severe for the protagonists. It is in a sense responsible for the tragedy because it was he who, after the death of Mercutio and Tybalt, Romeo decreed exile. It is an example of reconciliation between the two families and buried the love of Romeo and Juliet by saying the last words of the tragedy Mercutio : Young noble man of Verona, he is a friend of Romeo. It does not seem to belong to any of the two families but is a relative of Prince Escalus. The fact that Romeo avenges his death earned him of a fair trial is not the death penalty. Whimsical, funny and carefree, playing in the play the role of the buffoon, the poet. It introduces moments of lightness and lyricism. It is unintentionally one of the starting points of the tragedy as it is his death that will result in the banishment of Romeo. He was killed defending Romeo in a fight with Juliet's cousin, Tybalt. Paris : Noble related to the Capulets of Verona. He falls in love with Juliet, and seeing is a good party, asks for her hand to her father. He obtained permission to court her. It certainly would have succeeded if his beloved had loved Romeo. On the death of Juliet will come to honor him in the tomb where he will die at the hands of Romeo. Montague's House : The Montague :Romeo's parents are not active in the room and their presence is concentrated at the beginning and the end of the play : Almost all the events happening in the spere of Capulet. The only two times when they are on stage is in the presence of Juliet's parents in Act 1 because of their differences, and Act 5, near the tomb where lie Romeo and Juliet. Romeo did not as Juliet special relationship with his parents, no interview takes place between parents and their son, older than Juliet lives independant of their parents. Lady Montague : Montague's wife, she abhors the violence of the opening quarrel and is much relieved to learn that Romeo was not involved, Later, we learn that she died, grieving for her son. Hers is yet another life sacrificed to the old, bitter feud, RomĂŠo Montague : As the son of Montague he has got an excellent reputation in Verona and the respect even of old Capulet. Love at first a certain Rosaline, he falls in love with Juliet at first sight at the party of the Capulets. They will be married by Friar Laurence in the greatest secrecy. Until his wedding night he will kill Tybalt in a fight to avenge his friend Mercutio. Exiled from Verona after this action, however, he obtained the forgiveness of Juliette and flees the city. Learned later the alleged death of Juliet, he misunderstands and goes to kill himself in the tomb, alongside Juliette. Benvolio : Romeo's cousin and her friends . Mercutio's jests and to bring Romeo out of his gloom. It is he who explains to the Prince the circumstances of Tybalt's death. Capulet's House : The Capulet : Juliet's parents are often involved in the play, they are present in 9 of 28 scene some scenes take place in the context of family privacy ( the ball, discussion, about the marriage of their daughter) and theirs interventions have serious consequences. They are in close relationship with their daughter and her future is of great concern. They play an important role in the plot, especially father Capulet.

Father Capulet : Head of one of two rival families in Verona, it is presented under various angles throughout the play: first as an old man on the verge of senility, then as a domestic tyrant, finally, as a man of well. For a Capulet, he shows a certain tolerance of Romeo. His pride and his need for authority take precedence over all things. It still feels a lot of love for his daughter, as he will show at the end of the room, in front of his body. Its permanent shift in attitude is sometimes a character almost grotesque and caricature but who can not remove a certain tragic grandeur in the closing scenes. Lady Capulet : The rather young wife of Capulet, she has a nasty temper. After she learns that her nephew Tybalt has been killed, shedemands that the Prince excute Romeo. The Prince wisely punishes him, however, according to the circonstances and not according to Lady Capulet's desire for revenge . Tybalt Capulet : Juliet's cousin and bitter enemy of the Montagues, he never hesitates to provoke a duel. The presence of Romeo at the feast of Capulets puts it out of it and it will cause the latter to a duel the next day. At that time he will kill the best friend of Romeo, Mercutio and will be following this, killed by Romeo, who no longer wish to avenge his only friend. Friar Laurence : A monk and priest, he was the confessor of Romeo, to whom he turns when it has problems. The Friaris a good man, He agrees to marry him to Juliet in the hope of a reconciliation between the two families. It was he who, subsequently, prevent Romeo from killing himself, will convince him to accept his exile. It will give Juliet, when it will be desperate way to reach Romeo, the potion that will make it pass for dead. This is one of the most ambiguous, actually closer to the alchemist of the sixteenth century as a priest.

Roméo & Juliette