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the POWER of ALOE Aloe-based Skin Care & Body Care | Makeup

Spring/Summer 2021


Twenty-three years ago, I created an aloe-based skin care line using the best of nature and science combined. I wanted skin care products that were beneficial, rather than harmful, and safe enough to share with my family and friends. Today “the power of aloe” is changing more lives than ever before. More people are discovering and loving our products because they really work. Give L’BRI a try, I’m sure you will love it too.

Linda Kaminski Founder and President




We enrich lives

by providing aloe-based products that are safe, natural, effective and affordable.

We create opportunities

for individuals to achieve their fullest potential.

We believe in dreams that change lives for the better.

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POWER of ALOE... a difference you can SEE and FEEL. The first ingredient listed on any product is the ingredient with the highest percentage. L’BRI uses aloe vera, not water, as the first ingredient in all of our skin, hair, and body care products. With more than 75 nutrients, minerals, vitamins A and C, and antioxidants, aloe rebuilds, regenerates, and restores, delivering more anti-aging benefits and overall skin health. There are hundreds of varieties of aloe, but we use the “best of the best” Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller. We process the aloe to get the highest grade possible. Each leaf is hand-filleted to remove the inner gel, not ground whole leaves or dried leaf powder. We use a cold stabilization process to retain 100% of the aloe’s healing properties, not a heat process that can literally “cook out” those unique properties.

• Aloe has a calming effect on the skin and helps reduce itching and inflammation. • Aloe can increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity and tightness. • Aloe helps soothe sunburn and eczema and is an excellent moisturizer for those with oily or blemished skin.


synergistically designed to create

HARMONYand BALANCE. L’BRI products are specially formulated to work together. It is important not to mix skin care brands for optimal results.

SAFE, EFFECTIVE, AFFORDABLE and ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE. We are proud of our product ingredients and post them where you can see them at any time at Our goal in formulating L’BRI skin, hair, body care and wellness products is to provide products that are as natural as they can be for being man-made. That means we use naturally derived ingredients as much as possible, then combine with safe, food-grade preservatives to keep them stable. We also care about our environment. All of our product containers are recyclable and our packing peanuts are biodegradable.

* *All our products are gluten-free except Rejuvenating Facial Peel.


we use


for SUPERIOR RESULTS. It’s not just our high-quality aloe in our skin, body and hair care that sets us apart. It’s also the superior ingredients we put with it. We don’t use ingredients that are harmful to you or your skin. When you COMPARE, you’ll understand the difference.



for better hydration, healing and nourishment.


vs. WAXES & PORE CLOGGING OILS to avoid attracting dirt and clogging pores.



to avoid dehydrating the skin.


vs. HARMFUL SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES for naturally pleasant scents that avoid the allergens of commonly used chemicals.



further reducing the risk of allergens and irritants.



vs. HARMFUL PRESERVATIVES (PARABENS) that could be bad for you and the environment.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return or exchange the product within 60 days of your original order date.

SKIN CARE A beautiful day begins with beautiful skin. Follow our five basic steps: CLEANSE EXFOLIATE FRESHEN EYE CARE & ANTI-AGING SOLUTIONS MOISTURIZE No matter what your skin type, we have a skin care regimen specially formulated for your needs, even for the most sensitive skin.



identify your


To get the best results from our skin care products, it’s important to first IDENTIFY your SKIN TYPE. Use this chart, or visit and use the L’BRI Skin Care Advisor to receive a personalized skin care analysis with product recommendations. If your SKIN TYPE is:

Start with our:


Combination or Deep Pore Trio

• A mix of oily and dry areas on two or more parts of the face. Slight to very oily on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). • Occasionally feels dry or oily

Extra-Dry or Gentle Trio

DRY • Feeling of tightness • Lack of sheen, matte finish • Sometimes sensitive, easily irritated

NORMAL • Not too dry or oily • Few, if any blemishes • Barely visible pores

OILY/BLEMISH-PRONE • Exhibits a shiny appearance • Feels oily • Visible medium-to-large pores • Consistently blemished/acne


If your skin has slight T-zone oiliness or dry areas, use Combination. If your skin has blemishes, oily areas or both, choose Deep Pore.

| FREE shipping on orders $65+

If your skin feels tight, very dry, with flakiness or matte finish, choose Extra-Dry. If your skin feels dry, lacks sheen, and is sometimes sensitive, choose Gentle.

Gentle or Deep Pore Trio If your skin feels normal to dry, choose Gentle. If your skin feels normal to slightly oily with occasional or no blemishes, choose Deep Pore.

Deep Pore or Oil-Control Trio If your skin feels normal to oily with or without blemishes, choose Deep Pore. If your skin is more oily with or without blemishes, choose Oil-Control.


one, two,


The foundation of good skin care starts with a Trio.

Combination Trio

Deep Pore Trio

• Deep Pore Cleanser • Gentle Freshener • Gentle Moisture Lotion

• Deep Pore Cleanser • Deep Pore Freshener • Oil-Free Moisture Lotion

$60.50 | 3001

$60.50 | 3003

Extra-Dry Trio

Gentle Trio

• Gentle Cleanser • Gentle Freshener • Intense Moisture Crème

• Gentle Cleanser • Gentle Freshener • Gentle Moisture Lotion

$60.50 | 3005

$60.50 | 3007

Gentle Trio

Deep Pore Trio

• Gentle Cleanser • Gentle Freshener • Gentle Moisture Lotion

• Deep Pore Cleanser • Deep Pore Freshener • Oil-Free Moisture Lotion

$60.50 | 3007

$60.50 | 3003

Deep Pore Trio

Oil-Control Trio

• Deep Pore Cleanser • Deep Pore Freshener • Oil-Free Moisture Lotion

• Oil-Control Cleanser • Deep Pore Freshener • Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly

$60.50 | 3003

$58.50 | 3011


SKIN CARE SETS Get the BEST RESULTS and the BEST VALUE with our Skin Care Sets. Each Set includes the trio, eye care and exfoliant that best fits your needs.

stack up the


with our Skin Care Sets!

PLUS, add a serum for just $19.50!



choose your



Skin Care Set


Skin Care Set


• Skin Care Trio of your choice – see page 9 • Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel • Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub

• Skin Care Trio of your choice – see page 9 • Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel • Rejuvenating Facial Peel

Special Price $99.50

Special Price $117.50

3201 (Combination) 3203 (Deep Pore) 3205 (Extra-Dry) 3207 (Gentle) 3213 (Oil-Control)



(Contains nuts)

Set value $111.50


Set value $109.50




| FREE shipping on orders $65+

3401 (Combination) 3403 (Deep Pore) 3405 (Extra-Dry) 3407 (Gentle) 3413 (Oil-Control)


Set value $132.95 $15.45 Set value $130.95 $13.45


You’ll also receive our cosmetic bag* and a cleansing sponge FREE with any Skin Care Set purchase! * Bag subject to change based upon availability.

INTENSE Skin Care Set


• Skin Care Trio of your choice – page 9 • Intense Eye Repair Cream • Rejuvenating Facial Peel Special Price $119.95 3101 (Combination) 3103 (Deep Pore) 3105 (Extra-Dry) 3107 (Gentle) 3113 (Oil-Control)


Set value $140.40 $20.45 Set value $138.40 $18.45


ANTI-AGING Skin Care Set


• Skin Care Trio of your choice – page 9 • Intense Eye Repair Cream • Facial Masque • Rejuvenating Facial Peel • High Antioxidant Night Repair Treatment • Neck Firming Cream Set value $274.80

Special Price $224.00



3701 (Combination) 3703 (Deep Pore) 3705 (Extra-Dry) 3707 (Gentle)


SKIN CARE COLLECTIONS & SETS | BLEMISH CONTROL Deep Pore Blemish Collection For blemish-prone skin. • Deep Pore Cleanser • Deep Pore Freshener • Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly • KlearAway • Clarifying Clay Masque A value of $99.95

Special Price $90.95 | 3301

ave S$9.00

Deep Pore Blemish Set For blemish-prone skin. • Deep Pore Cleanser • Deep Pore Freshener • Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly • KlearAway • Clarifying Clay Masque • Rejuvenating Facial Peel • Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel A value of $172.40

Special Price $155.40 | 3305

ave S$17.00

Tea Tree Oil

controls bacteria and fungus, allergic skin reactions and heals blemishes

Kaolin and Bentonite

absorb oil, prevent new blemishes and have antiseptic properties


All-Purpose Masque Brush See page 47 for all the details!

| FREE shipping on orders $65+

Oil-Control Blemish Collection For excessively oily or blemish-prone skin. • Oil-Control Cleanser • Deep Pore Freshener • Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly • KlearAway • Clarifying Clay Masque A value of $104.95

Special Price $98.50 | 3303

ave S$6.45

Oil-Control Blemish Set For excessively oily or blemish-prone skin. • Oil-Control Cleanser • Deep Pore Freshener • Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly • KlearAway • Clarifying Clay Masque • Rejuvenating Facial Peel • Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel A value of $177.40

Special Price $160.95 | 3307

buy the SET for the BEST VALUE and


ave S$16.45

SAVE on SERUMS when you buy a SET. See page 10-11 for details.

Clarifying Clay Masque Designed to help nourish and purify troubled skin. This cleansing masque assists in reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and helps the healing of blemishes, while helping regulate sebum to control oily skin. Formulated to facilitate an even, refined appearance and smoother texture for troubled skin. 3 oz. | $25.50 | 1807

You’ll also receive our cosmetic bag* and a cleansing sponge FREE with any Skin Care Set purchase! *Bag subject to change based upon availability.

KlearAway This on-the-spot acne treatment works invisibly on blemishes to control bacteria without drying. Formulated with 2% salicylic acid, aloe vera, tea tree oil and papaya extract to heal and prevent future blemish breakouts. Will not dry out or irritate your skin so it can heal fast. 1 oz. | $20.95 | 1901



TURN BACK TIME collection. Address signs of aging on the face and neck with this collection. These powerful formulas contain antioxidants and peptides to deliver lasting results you can see.

Receive this gold star cosmetic bag* – FREE with purchase of our Turn Back Time Collection!

Turn Back Time Collection Facial Masque: Our “face lift in a bottle” tightens and tones while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Intense Eye Repair Cream: Reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture and elasticity to rejuvenate the delicate tissue around the eyes.   Neck Firming Cream: Helps in restoring youthful tone and definition on the neck and chest areas, smoothing the appearance of horizontal necklines and sagging. A value of $116.40

Special Price $99.95 | 1615

ave S$16.45 *Bag subject to change based upon availability.


| FREE shipping on orders $65+


Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Refining Serum For all skin types. A natural, safe, plant-based, retinol alternative serum that smooths and refines fine lines and wrinkles. The power of natural botanicals seals in hydration to improve skin’s overall appearance.

MINIMIZE fine lines & wrinkles.

1 oz. | $53.95 | 1610 Bakuchiol

increases cell turnover and promotes collagen and elastin production.

To soften deeper expression lines and wrinkles.

Dermaplex A Line Reversal Peptide Serum For All Skin Types. Dermaplex A effectively reduces the depth of already formed facial expression lines and works against the development of additional wrinkles. 1 oz. | $45.95 | 1601

Shaded areas shown are typical areas of application–forehead, between eyes, outside edges of the eyes and from nasal fold to lip line. We recommend to not layer the same areas with Maxifirm.

To minimize fine lines, dark spots, scars and large pores.

Time Erase AHA Slow Release Serum For All Skin Types. Time Erase stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, giving your skin new elasticity and strength. 1 oz. | $44.95 | 1605

Shaded areas shown are typical areas of application–corners of eyes, upper lip and across the mid-face. Target dark spots and acne scars wherever they appear.



FIRMNESS. To increase firmness, tone and density.

Best Maxifirm Skin Renewal Seller! Complex Serum For all skin types. This powerful formula improves skin’s firmness, elasticity and radiance and is especially beneficial to mature skin. 1 oz. | $39.95 | 1603

May be used on entire face–UNLESS you are using with Dermaplex A, then use on shaded areas only. Also may be used on décolletage and neck before applying neck cream.

All-Purpose Masque Brush See page 47 for all the details! Shea Butter and Jojoba moisturize and condition

White Lily Extract

hydrates and reduces inflammation

Facial Masque


Best Seller!

Neck Firming Cream

Best Seller!

For all skin types. Our “non-surgical face lift” tones, tightens and refines the appearance of large pores. Excellent overnight spot treatment for blemishes or clogged pores on dry to combination skin types.

For all skin types. Developed exclusively for the fragile neck and chest area, this advanced firming cream works from the inside out, plumping and lifting to restore youthful tone and definition. Helps the skin look and behave years younger.

4 oz. | $29.95 | 1611

2 oz. | $46.50 | 1613

| FREE shipping on orders $65+


HYDRATION. Intense Moisture Boost Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Best Seller!

For all skin types. This powerful humectant drenches your skin with hydration and helps strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Enhances softness and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This light, non-greasy serum boosts collagen and elasticity for younger-looking skin. 1 oz. | $61.95 | 1623

High ORAC Fruit Blend shields skin from free radical damage and firms, repairs and calms

High Antioxidant Night Repair Treatment

Best Seller!

For normal, dry, extra-dry or combination skin. A powerful blend of antioxidant protectants and age-defying ingredients designed to do their hardest work while you are fast asleep. Stimulates collagen production, firms and strengthens skin. Use in place of your moisturizer in your nightly routine to wake up looking fresh, radiant and rested. Not recommended for oily or blemish-prone skin. 2 oz. | $57.95 | 1607

Grapefruit Peel Oil

stimulates skin and Lemon is highly aromatic with antiinflammatory properties

Hydrating Antioxidant Face Mist For normal or dry skin. A soothing spray power-packed with high levels of antioxidants that will hydrate, firm, soothe and, most importantly, protect the skin from daily free radical damage while reducing the visible signs of aging. 4 oz. | $24.50 | 1609



everyone needs

EYE CARE & LIP CARE Formulated specifically for the delicate eye area, the first to show the signs of aging. That’s why it’s important to take extra care of this area of the face.


Licorice Root brightens and enhances radiance

Best Seller! Intense Eye Repair Cream This intense eye repair cream significantly reduces wrinkles and improves skin texture and elasticity. This powerful formula will visibly lift and tighten the skin while reducing puffiness and dark circles. Enjoy smoother, wrinkle-free skin with a more youthful eye contour. .5 oz. | $39.95 | 1401 Eyebright Extract

diminishes fine lines, puffiness and dark circles

Exfoliate dry, distressed lips with the lip exfoliator and follow with fresh peppermint lip balm to soothe, condition, and keep your lips healthy and kissably soft. A value of $22.50

$19.95 | 2058

ave S$2.55

Lip Exfoliator Finely ground pumice, castor oil, and natural waxes gently remove dry skin and hydrate your lips. Helps to repair the effects of sun damage and dryness caused by the environment. $12.00 | 2059

Best Seller! Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel Our clinically proven formula contains a superior anti-aging tetrapeptide which works to dramatically reduce puffy eyes while enhancing skin elasticity and smoothness. Safe for even the most sensitive of eyes. 1 oz. | $32.50 | 1403


Lip Exfoliator & Lip Balm Set

| FREE shipping on orders $65+

Peppermint Lip Balm Treat your lips with this emollientrich formula with Vitamin E and a light, fresh peppermint scent. It’s perfect for everyday and nighttime lip care. $10.50 | 2213


for more

RADIANT skin. Our gentle exfoliators remove embedded impurities and tired, dull surface cells to reveal fresher, younger cells without damaging or scratching delicate tissue. Exfoliate TWICE WEEKLY to restore your skin’s natural clarity and brightness.

Papaya dissolves pore-blocking debris, refining and rejuvenating the skin and Pineapple gently exfoliates


attracts and retains moisture

Ground Whole Almonds

exfoliate without damaging

Best Seller! Rejuvenating Facial Peel

Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub

For all skin types. This unique exfoliator made with natural fruit enzymes works to dissolve dead skin cells without acids. Helps to dramatically improve skin tone, clarity and texture for a healthy, vibrant complexion.

For all but blemish-prone skin. This remarkable, skin-refining formula gently lifts tired, dull surface cells and embedded impurities from the skin without damaging or scratching delicate tissue. Use to exfoliate rough, troubled spots such as knees and elbows to give your skin a fresh, smooth look all over. Contains nuts.

2 oz. | $39.95 | 1801

4 oz. | $18.50 | 1803



but first,

WASH YOUR FACE. Our water soluble cleansers will remove pollution, oils, makeup and embedded impurities from the skin, leaving your skin feeling clean, supple and soft.

Witch Hazel

Sunflower Seed

anti-inflammatory; improves skin tone

combats redness and skin irritation

Balm Mint

calms and soothes

Deep Pore Cleanser

Gentle Cleanser

Oil-Control Cleanser

For normal, combination, oily or blemished skin. A deep cleaning, aloebased gel works effectively to calm, soothe and helps to heal blemished skin, promoting strength and elasticity. Enriched with aloe vera, vitamins A, C and E, plus natural botanicals to help control breakouts and blemishes.

For normal, dry or extra dry skin. A mild, creamy, aloe-based cleanser enriched with natural botanical extracts to help maintain a natural moisture balance. Leaves skin feeling clean, supple and soft.

For excessively oily or blemished skin. A powerful, yet gentle, gel cleanser that combats skin breakouts associated with excessively oily skin. Helps control excess oil, preventing future breakouts and removing pore-clogging grime and irritants without over-drying the skin.

6 oz. | $17.50 | 1003

6 oz. | $17.50 | 1001


| FREE shipping on orders $65+

6 oz. | $22.50 | 1009


Balance pH and rejuvenate your skin.

Use freshener TWICE DAILY to prepare your skin to better absorb moisturizers and specialty treatments.

Passion Flower moisturizes, refreshes, calms and soothes

Pine Bark

antioxidant, controls bacteria and increases skin hydration

Cleansing Sponge

Gentle Freshener

For all skin types. Use with L’BRI cleanser to gently clean and exfoliate your skin.

For normal, combination or dry skin. This alcohol-free freshener refines pores, improves circulation and restores the skin’s pH balance without stripping away needed moisture. Safe for use around eye area.

3/pk | $4.50 | P38021

6 oz. | $17.50 | 1005

Deep Pore Freshener For normal, oily or blemished skin. This alcohol-free balancing freshener completes the cleansing process and protects the skin from bacteria by restoring the skin’s normal pH balance. Refines pores, stimulates circulation and manages breakouts without drying. Safe for use around eye area. 6 oz. | $17.50 | 1007



HYDRATE your skin.

Our moisturizers contain humectants that help prevent premature aging and hydrate the skin. Use TWICE DAILY to help restore skin’s moisture level while plumping lines and wrinkles.


nourishes, softens and moisturizes

Green Tea, a powerful antioxidant, reduces puffiness, wrinkles and enlarged pores

Gentle Moisture Lotion

Oil-Free Moisture Lotion

Intense Moisture Crème Super Antioxidant Complex

For normal, combination or dry skin. This nourishing, hydrating lotion replenishes and protects the skin against moisture loss, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. Absorbs deeply and thoroughly with no greasy residue. Not recommended for blemish-prone skin.

For normal or oily skin. Lightweight, oil-free lotion with a light, fresh scent absorbs quickly, nourishes, regulates excess oil and provides necessary hydration. Will not clog pores or exacerbate blemish breakouts. Helps diminish fine lines and improves skin texture.

For Normal to Extra-Dry Skin. Drench the skin with moisture, vitamins and natural botanicals. Calms stressed, chapped or excessively dry skin. Leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth, supple and restored.

4 oz. | $25.50 | 1201

4 oz. | $25.50 | 1203


| FREE shipping on orders $65+

2 oz. | $25.50 | 1209



soothes and moisturizes

Aloe Vera

heals, soothes and moisturizes

Best Seller! Oil-Free Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 32 For all skin types. This non-greasy, lightweight, oil-free moisturizer protects the skin from the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays while locking in moisture to decrease fine lines and wrinkles. Decreases the risk of skin damage and early signs of aging with regular use. Not recommended for overnight use.

Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly For excessively oily or blemished skin. Lightweight gel penetrates quickly to calm and soothe irritated or inflamed skin. Works well as a moisturizer for acne-prone and blemished skin. See page 49 for all the benefits. 4 oz. | $18.50 | 1207

4 oz. | $27.95 | 1205





Grape Seed

a powerful antioxidant, conditions and treats the skin

Sunless Glow Tanning Lotion For all skin tones and types. Achieve healthy, sun-kissed looking skin without ever stepping foot in the sun. This lightweight, nongreasy, self-tanning formula glides on evenly and absorbs quickly. Imparts a beautiful sheen to the skin without streaking or blotching. Pleasant botanical scent. 4 oz. | $19.95 | 2201

Oil-Free Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 32 See page 23 for all the benefits!

Natural Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30 Our light, non-greasy lotion protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays while fighting free radicals. Combines aloe with zinc oxide, soothing botanicals and moisturizing, antioxidant-rich fruit oils to replenish moisture and protect. Paraben free. Water resistant. Safe for you and the oceans too! 4 oz. | $29.95 | 2203

Lip Protection SPF 30 Protect your lips from the drying and harmful effects of the sun and wind. Easily glides on to soften and soothe with just a hint of orange peel oil for a pleasant citrus flavor. $9.50 | 2211


| FREE shipping on orders $65+

BODY CARE Head-to-toe care for hair and body. Treat your body as you would your face with our specially formulated aloe-based body care. Maintain soft, supple skin while combating environmental damage with products that naturally nourish, replenish, hydrate and protect your skin.

Choose your Scent! Citrus Medley

a refreshing blend of orange, grapefruit and tangerine

Costa Blanca Camellia fresh, clean, flowery and feminine


– our signature scent– light, cool and refreshing


– no scent at all! – for those with allergies or sensitivity to scents

Mandarin Fig

slightly exotic, warm and sensual

Tropical Breeze

A sweet, slightly floral scent with a hint of coconut

White Tea Blossom and Cedarwood Oil

delightful blend of soft florals and woodsy undertones



Chamomile Flower Extract promotes circulation to the skin and

Apple Fruit Extract


is an excellent moisturizer and humectant

Daily Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion

Daily Cleansing Liquid Hand Soap

Absorbs quickly and never greasy. This lotion combines aloe with vitamins, fruit extracts and botanicals to help heal, protect and repair even the driest and most sensitive skin. Available in three sizes.

Formulated with aloe and botanicals to thoroughly, yet gently, clean your hands. Keeps hands soft and nourished and leaves no sticky residue. Gentle enough to use all day without drying.

2 oz. | $6.50 | 2002 2011 2001 2013

(Cucumber) (Fragrance-Free) (Mandarin Fig) (Tropical Breeze)

8 oz. | $15.50 | 2008 2009 2003 2015

(Cucumber) (Fragrance-Free) (Mandarin Fig) (Tropical Breeze)

16 oz. | $30.50 | 2016 (Cucumber)


creates natural, luxurious lather without the need for fats or oils that coat the skin

| FREE shipping on orders $65+

8 oz. | $15.95 | 2031 (Cucumber) 2032 (Mandarin Fig) 2030 (Tropical Breeze)




sensuous skin.

Mango Seed Butter


strengthens skin’s surface while balancing natural oils

rich in antioxidants, restores moisture and promotes cell rejuvenation

Best Seller!

Body Wash

Intense Body Butter

Gently cleanse away impurities and pamper your skin with vitamins, botanicals and softening moisturizers. Our body wash is sulfate free and is so safe it can be used even on delicate, sensitive skin.

Our body butter is an intense body cream formulated with mango seed butter, hyaluronic acid, Japanese green tea, cocoa seed butter, evening primrose and vitamins A, C and E. These exceptional ingredients work together to restore softness, hydration and elasticity to even the driest skin.

8 oz. | $15.95 | 2017 2021 2023 2018 2027 2019

(Citrus Medley) (Costa Blanca Camellia) (Cucumber) (Fragrance-Free) (Mandarin Fig) (White Tea Blossom and Cedarwood Oil)

8 oz. | $23.50 | 2133 2121 2123 2131 2127 2119

(Citrus Medley) (Costa Blanca Camellia) (Cucumber) (Fragrance-Free) (Mandarin Fig) (White Tea Blossom and Cedarwood Oil)




with our gentle body care collections.

Ultimate Indulgence Body Collection • Daily Cleansing Liquid Hand Soap • Daily Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion (8 oz.) • Intense Body Butter • Aloe Nourishing Shampoo • Aloe Nourishing Conditioner • Body Wash • Cleansing Pouf $6.85 A value of $102.35


Special Price $95.50 | 3803 (Cucumber) 3805 (Mandarin Fig)


| FREE shipping on orders $65+

Body Perfect Collection • Body Wash • Daily Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion (8 oz.) • Cleansing Pouf $31.45 | 3801 (Cucumber) 3809 (Fragrance-Free) 3807 (Mandarin Fig)

Ultimate Moisture Body Collection • Body Wash • Intense Body Butter • Cleansing Pouf $39.45 | 3831 3821 3823 3833 3827 3819

(Citrus Medley) (Costa Blanca Camellia) (Cucumber) (Fragrance-Free) (Mandarin Fig) (White Tea Blossom and Cedarwood Oil)

All body care collections come beautifully packaged in a reusable L’BRI gift bag.



healthy hair SHINES! Gentle, yet effective, and perfect for all hair types, including color-treated hair.

Ultimate Hair Care Collection Aloe Nourishing Shampoo Provides hair with essential nutrients to strengthen, condition and protect from environmental damage and blow drying. Helps remove buildup from styling products, bringing renewed shine and softness to dull, damaged hair. Gentle enough to use every day.

• Aloe Nourishing Shampoo • Aloe Nourishing Conditioner • Hair Repair Masque Deep Conditioning Treatment $62.95 | 3813

Silk Amino Acids protect hair

12 oz. | $16.50 | 2041

and scalp from dehydration while strengthening the hair shaft

Aloe Nourishing Conditioner Protects and rebuilds hair against everyday wear and tear. Restores strength and shine while nourishing with vitamins, botanicals and proteins to improve volume, texture and manageability. Gently conditions scalp and brings dry, damaged hair back to life. 8 oz. | $14.95 | 2051

Aloe Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner Set Better together! $31.45 | 3811

Best Seller!

Hair Repair Masque Deep Conditioning Treatment Bring new life, strength and shine to even heavily damaged hair with our exceptional deep conditioning treatment. Nourishes, rehydrates and protects, helping treat split ends, reducing breakage and taming frizzy hair. Reconditions with a blend of aloe vera, shea butter, herbs, botanicals and fruit oils, preventing additional damage from styling products and environmental factors. 6 oz. | $31.50 | 2043


| FREE shipping on orders $65+


helps attract and retain skin moisture

Soothing Bath Soak

Argan Oil

conditions, protects and moisturizes

Soothe away the stress of daily life while leaving your skin supple and soft. Contains magnesium, sea salt and aloe to relieve aches and pains, reduce swelling and eliminate toxins. Perfect for the most sensitive skin and in the driest of climates. 14 oz. | $24.95 | 2341 (Cucumber) 2343 (Mandarin Fig)

Natural Radiance Body Scrub

Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub

This gentle, moisturizing body scrub refreshes and invigorates your skin by exfoliating dead skin cells. Combines sea salt with the finest oils, herbs, and botanicals to leave your skin incredibly hydrated, silky smooth, soft and luminous. Features our soft, refreshing Citrus Medley scent. Contains nut oil.

This multi-functional exfoliator removes dead skin cells without scratching or damaging the skin and works especially well on troubled spots such as knees and elbows. Not recommended for blemish-prone skin. Contains nuts. 4 oz. | $18.50 | 1803

12 oz. | $24.95 | 2329




soothes and moisturizes the skin and Clay absorbs moisture and detoxifies

Peppermint Oil naturally cooling, calming and energizing

Best Seller!


Roll-On Deodorant

Rejuvenating Foot Cream

A safe, effective, non-irritating deodorant free of aluminum and parabens with a refreshing, clean scent. Controls odor naturally without harsh chemicals and is alcohol-free so it won’t dry out your skin. If you are trying to avoid the aluminum-based ingredients found in commercial antiperspirants, L’BRI deodorant is the natural choice!

A special treat for your feet! This cooling, calming and energizing foot cream relieves tension in the sore muscles of the feet and leaves them smooth and deeply moisturized. The peppermint scent provides a relaxing reprieve for an evening wind down or as an energetic wake-me-up in the morning. Enjoy a spa-like experience anytime of the day.

3 oz. | $12.95 | 2033

4 oz. | $19.95 | 2601

| FREE shipping on orders $65+


hard-working ingredients, CLEAN &

SOFTEN. Supercharged with vitamins, botanicals and softening moisturizers that nourish, hydrate and soften rough, work-worn skin.

Bergamot & Patchouli uplifting citrusy, yet masculine, musky scent

Body Wash for MEN Ideal for bath or shower to thoroughly cleanse away daily grime and impurities. Naturally scented with bergamot and patchouli, this enriched body wash is formulated with antioxidants, fruit extracts, vitamins and botanicals to help skin feel smooth, clean and refreshed. 8 oz. | $17.95 | 2501

SuperAloe Multi Function Pain Relief Cream Effective relief for aches, pains and muscle strains. See page 48 for all the benefits!

Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly Penetrates quickly to calm, soothe and relieve the pain of razor burn. Great for treating cuts and scrapes too. See page 49 for all the benefits!

Hand & Body Lotion for MEN A lightweight, non-greasy formula relieves dryness, heals rough, calloused skin and improves moisture for long lasting smoothness. With the natural masculine scents of bergamot and patchouli, leaves skin with a light, fresh scent. 8 oz. | $17.25 | 2503



Foaming Baby Wash Bath time will be a pleasure with this head-to-toe foaming baby wash that calms and soothes with relaxing scents of lavender and vanilla. Safe for the most delicate skin and gentle enough to use every day. 7 oz. | $15.95 | 2405

Baby Lotion Naturally nourish baby’s skin with aloe, herbs and botanicals. Leaves skin feeling supremely soft and never greasy. Light, refreshing lavender and vanilla scent calms and soothes. Gentle enough for even the most delicate skin. 6 oz. | $18.95 | 2403


calming, aromatic properties


| FREE shipping on orders $65+

MAKEUP Enhance your natural beauty with L’BRI cosmetics.



Best Seller! Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation

Flawless Blending Sponge For beautiful, streak-free, even coverage with minimum product waste, use our Flawless Blending Sponge. Wetting before use expands the sponge and makes it super soft for ease of application. Perfect for use with both our liquid and powder foundations.

For all skin types. This silky-smooth, hydrating formula blends easily, hiding imperfections and minimizing lines without clogging pores. Buildable and light, it allows skin to breathe and provides a dewy finish. 1 oz. | $22.50 | 65-_____

$7.50 | 8013







Shell SH

Sand SA

Tawny TA

Nutmeg NU

Bare BA

Linen LI

Sesame SE

Fawn FA

Ivory IV

Buff BU

Flax FL

Bone BO

Beige Taupe BET

| FREE shipping on orders $65+


Clove CL

Hazelnut HA

Amber AM


Golden Honey GOH


Espresso ES


Walnut WA

Mustard Seed

helps to moisturize and protect from free radicals

Best Seller! Applicator Sponge

Perfect Finish Dual Action Wet or Dry Powder Foundation

Wand Concealer

For all skin types. This light, incredibly versatile, oil-free powder is formulated with aloe vera for a silky-smooth feel. It is quick and easy to use dry for light coverage, or lightly dampen the sponge and apply for extra coverage. Non-refillable. $20.95 | 63-_____

This creamy formula is infused with jojoba and mustard seed oils to soothe, soften and moisturize the skin. Blends easily to hide dark circles while boosting your skin’s hydration level. $13.50 | 62-_____


Wand Concealer COLOR PALETTE

Light Neutral LIN Porcelain POR

Nude NU

Latte LAT

Antique Beige ANB

Light Amber LIA

Oriental Ivory ORI

Light Beige LIB

Creamy Beige CBE

Rich Beige RIB Medium Neutral MEN

Honey Beige HOB

Biscuit BIS

Light Sunset LIS

Créme Brulee CRB

When ordering enter item number + color initials.

Natural Dark NAD



Contour and Highlight Palette Sculpt, shape, and define your features with this easy-to-use palette. Emphasize your favorite features and add dimension to your look. These universal shades will complement all skin tones. Mirrored compact. $24.95 | 8501

Contour and Highlight Brush This dual-purpose brush features both rounded and angled ends, giving you two brushes in one. The rounded end is perfect for highlighting, while the angled end is ideal for contouring. Round brush head is 1-3/8" and angled head is 1"; overall length is 6-1/2". $24.95 | 8006

Believable Finish Blush Our blush contains an exclusive moisture-rich binder resulting in a smooth and ultra-light powder, for easy, even application and long-lasting color. $9.95 | 67-_____

Believable Blush COLOR PALETTE

COOL Pink Cosmo


Soft Mauve

Barely Plum

Naked Rose

Rose Sand

Tea Rose

Soft Clay








Honey Plum HOP





Peach Puff PEP


Hint of Red HIR

| FREE shipping on orders $65+

Golden Brown GOB

St. Tropez STT

When ordering enter item number + color initials.


Lash Building Mascara Create longer, thicker lashes without clumping with this smudge-free, non-flaking formula. Specially tapered brush makes application so easy with a narrow, tapered end for shorter inner lashes and a wider end for longer lashes at the outer corners. Buildable formula allows you to lengthen and thicken with each coat. $14.95 | 49-BL Black 49-BLB Black/Brown

Eye Defining Liquid Liner Long-lasting, smudge-proof precision liner. Our precision tip is perfect for enhancing your eyes with thin, sharp lines or to create thick bold wings. Intense jet black color dries quickly to a smooth, matte finish. $14.95 | 45-JEB Jet Black

Precision Eye Liner Long-wearing, retractable eye liner with intense color for a look that lasts. Create a smooth, precise line or use the built-in smudger to create a soft finish. Includes a built-in sharpener.


$15.95 | 46-_____ Black BL

Brown/Black BRB

Intense Aubergine INA

Intense Purple INP




CUSTOMIZE your look.








Smokey Gray

Cream Glow






Bashful Blue



Angelic Pink


Golden Smoke

Smoked Khaki

Phantom Gray






Sage SA




Eye Shadows and/or Brush-0n-Brow


Build Your Own Custom Eyes Collection Create the palette that’s perfect for you. Each compact contains four magnetic refillable compartments to hold Eye Shadow and/or Brush-on-Brow refills. Simply select your four favorite shades to fill this mirrored compact. $8.50 | 8305 (Empty compact)














Custom Eyes Eye Shadows Our eye shadows glide on easily and last all day. Apply dry for a subtle look or wet to boost color. Available in matte, pearl and high pearl finishes. Layer for added intensity or blend to personalize your color palette!

24 KT Gold

Raw Sugar

Pink Champagne

Smoked Plum


Silver Shimmer

Chantilly Lace

Heather & Ice

Racy Mauve

Golden Glo


$6.95 | 40-_____ Matte 41-_____ Pearl 42-_____ High Pearl



Have brows that “wow” by adding dimension with our easy to apply and long-lasting brow shades.










$6.95 | 43-_____ Blonde BL


| FREE shipping on orders $65+

Ash AS

Auburn AU

Soft Smoke SOS

When ordering enter item number + color initials.

Cream Glow

Heather & Ice

Sunset Glow

Smoked Khaki





Nature’s Glow


Smoked Plum





Multi-Finish Eye Shadow Palettes Create a variety of tone-on-tone looks with different textures, including matte, high pearl, and metallic with these high-performance eye shadow palettes. Twig


BLUE Custom Eyes Eye Shadow Collections

Each shadow glides on smoothly and delivers the ultimate color, giving you everything you need to add a little extra sparkle to your makeup looks. $29.95 | 48-SG Sunset Glow 48-NG Nature’s Glow

Eye shadows should complement your eye color to bring out their beauty. We’ve developed three palettes to accentuate and enhance specific eye colors. Each of these collections include a mirrored compact with four of our fabulous eye shadows. $35.95 | 48-GRH Green/Hazel Eyes 48-BR Brown Eyes 48-BL Blue Eyes


MAKEUP COLOR COLLECTIONS Choose the look you like and enhance your natural beauty in just minutes. L’BRI Founder, Linda Kaminski, created these stunning Color Collections that take the guesswork out of choosing complementary colors to look your best. Color Collections Looking your best is now a breeze! Easily create a look that works with any skin tone. Simply add your foundation (See pages 36-37 for color palettes). Each collection includes: • Multi-Finish Eye Shadow Palette • Precision Eye Liner • Lash Building Mascara • Believable Finish Blush • Lip Gloss • Easy-To-Follow Reference Card A value of $87.75

$68.95 | 8409 Sunset Glow 8411 Nature’s Glow

ave S$18.80

Receive this black and gold makeup bag* – FREE with purchase of one of our Color Collections!

*Bag subject to change based upon availability.


| FREE shipping on orders $65+

Cosmetic packaging subject to change.

2 New Color Collections! SUNSET GLOW Color Collection

NATURE’S GLOW Color Collection

Eye Shadow Palette: Sunset Glow Eye Liner: Intense Purple Mascara: Black Blush: Honey Plum Lip Gloss: Wisteria

Eye Shadow Palette: Nature’s Glow Eye Liner: Brown/Black Mascara: Black/Brown Blush: Naked Rose Lip Gloss: Barely There

Our Precision Eye Shadow Brush is an excellent application tool for an expertly blended look. See page 47 for all the details!

Precision Eye Shadow Brush

How to apply...

1. Use a medium shade on the lid from the lash line to the crease. 2. Choose the darkest color and apply to the crease and outer V of the eye. 3. Use the lightest color as a highlight on the upper eyelid and up to the eyebrow. 4. Apply a shimmer shade with your fingertip to the center of the eyelid.



LUSCIOUS LIPS in minutes. Vitamin E and

Grape Seed

Shea Butter and Jojoba

fight free radicals and minimize fine lines

moisturize and condition


promotes healing and moisturizes

Lipstick Get gorgeous color with maximum lasting power! Enriched with aloe for healing, shea butter and jojoba oil for conditioning. $12.95 | 50-_____



Desert Rose DER

Raspberry Malt RAM

Pale Pansy Frost PPF

Golden Coral Frost GCF

Morning Glory Frost MGF

Amaretto AMR

Tea Rose TER

Pomegranate PO

Wisteria Frost WIF

Berry-Berry BEB

B-Nat’l BNA

Curry CU

Heather HE

Cool Mauve COM

Divinity DI

Caramel CA

Soft Mauve SOM

B’Dazzle Frost BDF

Almost Nude ALN

Sugar Plum SUP

Pink Snow Frost PSF

Sweetheart SW

Cranberry Freeze CRF



Iced Plum ICP

New r! Colo

| FREE shipping on orders $65+


Long-Wear Lip Tint Light and silky lip tint to give your lips a vibrant color that lasts. This fast-drying, hydrating formula glides on smoothly with stay-true color that lasts for hours. $16.95 | 53-_____

Long-Wear Lip Tint COLOR PALETTE

Champagne CH (Shimmer)

Nectar NE (Matte)

New r! Colo

Red Diamond RED (Shimmer)

Velvet Touch Retractable Lip Liner Retractable, cream lip liner delivers rich color with ultimate staying power. Defines natural lip lines and prevents lipstick from feathering. $10.50 | 54-_____




Lip Gloss Apply alone or over lipstick for a moist shimmery, wet look.


Watermelon Red

In the Pink

Tropical Coral



Brick BR

$11.95 | 52-_____




Natural Shine NAS

Candy Apple CAA

Barely There BAT

Vivid Pink


Wisteria WI

Berry Ice BEI

Cherry Rose CHR







True Red TRR When ordering enter item number + color initials.




Set includes: powder brush, blush brush, 2 eye shadow brushes, lip brush and brush case.

w! Ne5-Piece Brush Set with Travel Case*

Magnetic handles keep your brushes upright!

This premium hand-crafted brush set has the five essential makeup brushes for creating your perfect look! This set contains powder, blush, lip, and two eye shadow brushes made of highquality synthetic fibers and convenient magnetic handles. A stylish case is included for you to organize and store your brushes - excellent for both travel and home. Stand the case on your counter to quickly find the brush you need or lay flat to keep brushes organized for travel. Earn this brush set FREE. Learn more on page 55. $35.95 | 8036


| FREE shipping on orders $65+

*Brush set may vary

All-Purpose Masque Brush

Powder Brush

Retractable Blush Brush

Flawless Blending Sponge

Precision Eye Shadow Brush

Contour and Highlight Brush

Angle Brush


All-Purpose Masque Brush

Powder Brush

This double-ended brush will give precise and targeted application for use with any of our facial masques. We suggest the silicone end to use with the Clay Masque and the brush end to apply the Facial Masque. Brush head is 1" and silicone head is 1-1/4"; overall length is 7".

The perfect tool for applying, blending or evening out Dual Action Foundation or Believable Finish Blush. Brush head is 1"; overall length is 5-1/2".

$7.50 | 8035

Retractable Blush Brush

Flawless Blending Sponge

Our silky brush is a handy applicator for powder blush and is sized perfectly for on-the-go. Brush head is 1"; overall length is 3.5".

For beautiful, streak-free, even coverage with minimum product waste, use our Flawless Blending Sponge. Wetting before use expands the sponge and makes it super soft for ease of application. Perfect for use with both our liquid and powder foundations. 1-1/2" wide by 2-1/4" tall. $7.50 | 8013

Contour and Highlight Brush This dual-purpose brush features both rounded and angled ends, giving you two brushes in one. The rounded end is perfect for highlighting, while the angled end is ideal for contouring. Round brush head is 1-3/8" and angled head is 1"; overall length is 6-1/2". $24.95 | 8006

$10.50 | 8004

$8.50 | 8011

Precision Eye Shadow Brush Designed with a tapered brush to precisely apply shadow for an expertly blended look. Perfect for intense shading and high color payoff. Brush head is 3/8"; overall length is 6-5/8". $10.50 | 8010

Angle Brush Use this slant-edged brush for shadow contouring, applying eyeliner and defining eyebrows. Brush head is 3/8" wide; overall length is 4-3/4". $7.50 | 8001


HEALTH & WELLNESS Naturally inspired ingredients are combined with powerful, high-quality formulas.



made from chili peppers, improves circulation and provides maximum pain relief


an extract of peppermint oil, cools and reduces pain

helps to strengthen hair, nails and bones

SuperAloe Multi Function Pain Relief Cream

Skin, Hair & Nails Nutritional Support

SuperAloe combines proven multiple pain-fighting ingredients into one product, helping to lessen the symptoms of:

L’BRI Skin, Hair & Nails is an excellent daily program of nutrients designed to fight free radical damage and promote a woman’s health and beauty from within, at the cellular level. Specially combined vitamins, minerals and herbs work to address dry, sagging skin, coarse, dull hair and brittle nails. Key ingredients include:

Arthritis pain Muscle sprains Hip pain Knee pain

Shoulder pain Backaches Tendonitis Neck pain

If pain is keeping you from doing the things you love, then you’ve got to give SuperAloe a try.

Vitamins A, C and E which promote healing of cells, neutralize harmful free radicals, and strengthen the immune system.

4 oz. | $28.95 | 7001

Biotin supports the health and elasticity of the skin as well as hair and nail growth. Collagen provides structure to the skin and strengthens bones. 60 capsules | $29.50 | 7007 Qty.1 $78.95 7007P3AS Qty.3 3-pack automatically shipped quarterly


| FREE shipping on orders $65+


ALOE. Customers tell us they can’t live without it!

This stuff ROCKS! My youngest daughter got scratched by a puppy last Sunday night. I’ve only put L’BRI Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly on it (twice daily). I took pictures every morning so you could really see how fast it works. – Laura R.

Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly

Best Seller!


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

AFTER | Day 6

Pure aloe vera gel combined with select botanicals penetrates quickly to calm and soothe. Soothes irritated or inflamed skin, including chapped lips, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. Helps to heal cuts, scrapes, sprains, burns, scar tissue and insect bites. Moisturizes acne-prone or blemished skin. Relieves sunburn, rashes and allergic reactions. No medicine cabinet should be without it! 4 oz. | $18.50 | 1207




CLEAN’ safe.

Sparkling Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner Cleaning power in a natural, plant-based concentrate to safely tackle tough dirt, grease and grime. Use on nonporous surfaces such as sealed wood, linoleum and tile floors, counter tops, painted walls, glass, porcelain, and bathroom fixtures. Bleach and ammonia-free, completely biodegradable, this no-rinse cleaner leaves a refreshing citrus scent. One bottle of cleaner will make approximately 10 spray bottles. Cleaner & Spray Bottle – A value of $29.00

12 oz. | $26.50 | 77003 Cleaner

12 oz. | $24.50 | 77001 Spray Bottle

16 oz. | $4.50 | 77001B

Orange, Grapefruit & Tangerine Peel fresh citrus scent


| FREE shipping on orders $65+

ave S$2.50

Hear how L’BRI has changed my life... KATELYN HOETSCHL




L’BRI came into my life when I had decided I no longer wanted to teach summer school and was looking for something to supplement our income. Being a full-time teacher, I knew I could teach others how to wash their faces! I became very passionate very quickly about my new side gig and had so much fun while sharing it with others.

When I said “yes” to becoming a Consultant, I was mainly looking for a new hobby to get out of the house as a stayat-home mom. This business has made me come alive in ways I didn’t know had been buried. Little did I know how much joy it would bring me to treat other women to facials, to help others with skin concerns, and to see new teammates grow their self-confidence in pursuing their goals and dreams.

I never imagined how blessed my life would become through L’BRI! The friendships I have made, the recognition for a job well done, the wonderful vacations, helping others to love their skin, watching my team members excel, and my promotion to Executive Manager, it’s all been a dream come true!

I am so grateful for the amazing team of women God has brought together and I am excited to keep growing with these women.





Joining L’BRI has been the best decision I have ever made. It’s so easy to share products I truly believe in. After just six months of sharing L’BRI products with others, I had paid off $5,000 of credit card debt. Six months later I matched my income to that of my full-time job. There are no limits as to what one can achieve with L’BRI.

L’BRI has changed my life! When I started with L’BRI I never intended to run a business. I started this journey like many; I wanted a discount but found myself getting a whole lot more! With L’BRI, I renewed my mission in life and discovered a way to REALLY live my life. I don’t just sell skin care, I build confidence, help people feel comfortable in their skin, build relationships, encourage passion, and spread joy through discussing skin care needs.

When I became a Consultant four years ago, I never imagined I would be earning vacations to exotic destinations, driving a trophy on wheels, or building my dream home on an island! I’m so grateful for this financial freedom which has also allowed me to give back and help others. L’BRI has helped me discover my best self and create a life of abundance! I have found my passion in helping others achieve more!

I am so deeply impressed by our team’s mission to spread joy to all those we meet and very thankful to our leaders for cheering us on during so many ups and downs. I am so grateful for the L’BRI family who encouraged me to spread my wings, just have fun and fly!


with L’BRI, you can have



to spend with your family


to work and play


earn a little extra money or enjoy significant $$$ – the choice is yours!


for your accomplishments and achievements


and experiences to expand your circle and help support you


by earning free trips to exotic destinations 52

getting started with L’BRI is EASY! With just $49 you can start your own full-time or part-time L’BRI business. Carry no inventory • Make no deliveries • Start earning income immediately • Support from top notch tools & training • Your own personal website • Monthly customer specials and more •

Ask your Consultant or visit to learn how to get started and experience the infinite possibilities.

It’s really that EASY!

JOIN today!

“Step-by-step we’re here to help you succeed. You’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself.” Linda Kaminski Founder and President


SHARE L’BRI Earn free products and discounted half-priced products just by sharing a fun L’BRI event with others. Host a L’BRI Show ONLINE, at HOME or by sharing the CATALOG.

Host a L’BRI Show and choose your experience!

Enjoy a

refreshing FACIAL

highlighting the FIVE BASIC STEPS for effective SKIN CARE.

Learn how to do

MAKEUP in minutes

and try a new look with our MAKEUP.

Relax with our

BODY spa

experience featuring BODY and HAIR CARE.

Discover how to

turn back TIME

with our powerhouse ANTI-AGING PRODUCTS. 54


REWARDS are worth it!


Exclusive offer each month with your qualified Show*.


Imagine getting our Turn Back Time Collection for only $49.98 – a $116.40 value!


Choose the L’BRI products you want at a huge discount.





$900 +

























PLUS, when your friends host their own $300 or more Show, you’ll receive a $75 credit on your account to use toward future purchases!

BRUSH SET BONUS and with just 8 individual guest orders from your qualified Show*, you can earn this 5-Piece Brush Set FREE!

Brush set may vary *Qualified Shows consist of a Host and $300 or more in Show sales. Learn more about the rewards at **Host pays tax & shipping on ½ price and Host Bonus rewards.


3 Ways to


Looking for healthy, younger-looking skin? BUY L’BRI and you will see and feel the difference aloe can make.


SHARE L’BRI with your friends and we’ll spoil you with free and discounted products.


JOIN L’BRI for extra income, a flexible schedule, and a way to reach your goals and dreams! Your L’BRI Independent Consultant:

Pricing and Product Availability Valid: 2/1/21 – 7/31/21

Visit us online at or contact us at 800-742-8828 for more information about our products and opportunity. Cruelty Free • Paraben Free • Made in USA

L9631 • 2-21

Profile for L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL

L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL - 2021 Spring-Summer Catalog  

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