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My new life/Patrícia Šmidáková/Slovakia In the distance I have heard some voices. Why are thay crying? I wanna know what’s happening. My feelings are mixed. Something is pushing me behind. After a while I realized, but when i turned around I froze, I saw myself as I lay in the hospital room without signs of life. I ran into the hallway with screaming but nobody heard me, nobody even looked at me just one man. I went to him :you see me? His answer was :yes why should I not?I stayed impressed.What’s happening why they don’t hear me and you do?! He was quiet for a moment . So you are dead and me too. My name is Gustav and yours? Mine is Valery but call me Val. Suddenly i was sick,something has squeezed my body, what’s happening with me? He just smiled and said: your second chance. It’s silent and darkness. I took a deep breath as all pain went into my body. When I opened my eyes I saw my parents and my brothers crying. The tears streaming down on my face, I didn’t know what happened. Was it reality or a dream? My mom said: you survived the clinical death. My parents wanted to take me home but nurse didn´t let them. My brothers Kevin and George gave me a kiss on my cheek and after that they went home. It’s January night and it is horribly long. The white walls in hospital should propitiate me ,but I’m depressed. It’s ten hours at night and I can’t close my eyes. I wonder how does it feel when I die. I felt cold and I was desoriented, I wanted to run away but the man on hallway...I have never seen someone who is so much interesting before. When i was with him I didn’t feel the cold and I was calm. But I couldn´t remembered his face. What he told me was his name? Gustav! came from behind the door. Am I dreaming? Tell me is this mirage? I’m mad. .....No ,it’s me but I didn’t want to come before you will be calm. When he came into the room I was suprised,he was so beautiful. He had a light skin with black hair and black eyes like a coal. He came to me and sat on my bed and said: you will be fine but nothing will be the same as in the past. I smiled, It can’t be because I was shot down. Gustav asked me how did it happen... ...It was weekend and I went out with my brothers Kevin and George but at night we met the George’s ex girlfriend. She was drunk and she was crying. She told off to my Brother because he had left her. She pulled out a gun and pointed on the George. I wanted to reassure her but she was scared and fired at me. Then I heard just panic and fear of my brothers and then I remember just today. I don’t know how long I’m here . Tell me, how did you die? He hesitated for a moment and then took a deep breath and began: I used to like going to the river and one day I met a beautiful woman. In the same day she offered me to go with her to a feast, so I went. When I came she made me drink and I become drunk. I hugged her and in the

same moment came a man and when he saw us, he was angry and his face was blashing. He grabled me by the throat and hit me. He called two men who took me in a car. The kept hitting my head and after a while we were somewhere in the forest and then they pulled me out of the car. They tossed me to my knees and said: you should have found a single woman. But who could have known that she is in a relationship?! One of the man pulled a knife, cought my hair and slit my throat. They left me there to bleed out. It was the year 1947 and I was just 25 I didn’t have time to really live. Gustav sadly lowered his eyes and stared at the ground. I don’t know how I got here. Gustav please don’t be sad. How can i not be sad when I’m alone for a long time, I’m lost and I have noone. I felt sorry for him.You can’t be alone, stay with me. Gustav looked at me and he smiled. Are you serious? Yes! I will always look forward to your presence. Gustav´s mood improved. He patted me on the hand and wished me good night. As he walked out of the room, door has moved and then I fell asleep. In the morning my mom woke me up with news that we are going home. I took my stuff and when I was for a moment alone I whispered: Where are you Gustav? We went. When I was in the car, out of curiosity I asked: how long I was in hospital? For a moment there was silence...two weeks. I was shocked! And then suddenly Gustav appeared next to me. I almost spoke to him but he pointed the finger at his lips and after pointed to my mom. Then it dawned on me that I would look like a fool. Journey to home took half an hour,when we arrived to house, there were parking many cars. I knew that something was not right. Gustav just said : you have wonderful home. I answered him now it’s our home. When we came into the house there were many friends and family members. They were all holding a big sign telling welcome home. I was pleased and Gustav loved it. That day I was talking to guests but when everyone left I had a shover and then I went to bed. Finally at home! Tomorrow back to school, I don’t want to go there. Gustav sat down next to my bed, he asked „by the way, how old are you?“ I’m 19. And what about relationship? have you got a boyfriend? Yes I have. his name is Dominickand he is a year older. Why are you asking? Gustav lowered his gaze. „Just out of curiosity“ He stood and layed behind me in my bed. Whille you will sleep I’ll watch out for you. I smilled and closed my eyes. In the morning I woke up and realized, that someone is tickling my legs. It was so cold and sensitive. Gustav, let me sleep more it’s just 7 am. Gustav laught. When he stood on the bed dunet has moved. I was suprised. Can you move things? Somethimes it works and

somethimes not. Wow... Enought talk. Go and get ready to school, he said. I went to wash my teeth, brush the hair and I had breakfast but I was still in a black nightdress. What should I wear? Gustav stood in front of the wardrobe and he pointed to light blue jeans ,black T-shirt and long knitted sweater. It’s pretty good, I said. When I got dressed we went to a school bus. There I met my classmate Clarisa. She was glad to see me again. I asked her what I have missed at school. Gustav was looking at all students in the bus, then he came to me and said : Teenagers today are strange. Clarisa told me: are you alright? You seem to be quite out. I raised an eyebrow: I’m alright. In my class everyone welcomed me. When we sat down Clarisa said: There is one thing you should know, but I am not the right person who should tell you. I was a bit little scared, I wandered what happened?! The first lesson was psychology with profesor Johnson ,we learned about the parts of the brain. During the lesson I was falling asleep but whenever my head fell, Gustav patted me on the back. Whenever he touched me the froze went through my back. After the initial seven lessons at school I went home. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Dominick. I answered the call. „yes?“Hi dear are you home from hospital? Let´s go out. Oh i’m sorry Dominick but I don’t have time I got a lot of homework. Alright bye. Was it your boyfriend ? Ehm yes but not for a long time... Why? because I don’t love him anymore. Suddenly went around nice lady. I greeted her, but in the moment she asked: you see me? Of course I do. She laughed and went away. What the hell was that?! I looked at Gustav. So, dear Valery it means I’m not the only ghost who you can see. Oh, with this gift my life will be very complicated......

THE THREE DOORS Rose was a beautiful girl: she had black, long hair and blue eyes. She wasn't very tall, but she had a perfect body anyway. She loved her life: reliable friends, a lovely family and good marks at school. She was always smiling because she didn't know the pain and she couldn't see it in the eyes of other people. Her dream was to become a singer. But, one night, her life changed. That evening she was strangely tired, so she decided to go to bed early. She went to her bedroom and, as soon as she had covered herself with the blankets, everything around her became dark and freezing. She was in a big, empty square where there were three doors that were standing in the middle of nothing. She opened the first door. There was a terrible smell of burnt food. In front of her there were two strange girls who were watching themselves in a mirror. They were extremely thin, they looked like skeletons. When they turned to her, Rose saw that

there were two rocks tied to their ankles. One of the girls had a huge mouth and the word "bulimic" written on her stone. The other, instead, the word "anorexic" and a hole in the stomach. Rose was terrified and ran away back to the square. She opened the second door. She saw a girl sorrounded by people who were insulting her. Rose went near there and suddenly the crowd dissolved. The girl was crying, then a deep cut appeared on her left wrist, then another one and so on until they formed the word "prejudice". On her rock there was written "self-harm". Rose escaped again. She opened the last door. In a foggy room there was an enormous, shapeless shadow: the depression. Around it a lot of little ghosts were rolling. There were stones on their heads: "bad marks, "nobody loves me", "no real friends", "dissatisfaction","disappointed parents", "good at nothing". Rose was watching the scene petrified: she had never know this things before and she didn't know what to do. She looked at the shadow and thought it was screaming, but not a sound was getting out of that mouth. She only heard the sound of... a ring! It had been just a nightmare. When she woke up, she saw the sun shining and her boyfriend near the bed with the breakfast. In that moment she realised that she was a really lucky person, but not everyone had a perfect life like her. So she decided to start studying hard to become a psycologist. Now she is a singer; she writes her own songs using words that teach people to love themselves as they really are. A short story

6:30 a.m. Slowly, I tried to open my eyes. Even after 9 hours of sleep I still felt as exhausted as if I had ran a 85 km marathon. I got out of bed, got dressed, had a quick breakfirst and I was ready for school. From the hall my parents goodbye but slammed the door and left before I had heard any answer. I walked in the direction of my bus stop. I arrived, and everyboy was already there, waiting for the bus as well. Still a bit asleep, I said " Hi, everyone ". No one answered or even looked at me. I added " Ok guys, I get it. But your joke isn't funny! ". But their attitude did not change and they ignored me until the bus arrived. I took a seat alone and put my headphones on, ready for the usual 20 minutes ride. Once arrived in school, I met with my friends. I was about to tell the joke I had in the mewspaper this morning when but I was interrupted by the ringing of the bell. As usual, the teacher called each student one by one, just to make sure no one was missing. When my name was called, I raised my hand, but the teacher did not notice me and I had to shout loudly ÂŤpresentÂť.Even so she would not hear me, and marked me absent. I waited a good five minutes trying to call everyone's attention but no one reacted, so I left the class. I walked, I walked... I did not have anyithing to do, and I had no one to talk to. Since it seemed that no one could see me, I decided to enter the room where no one was to be seen. It was a room at the end of the main corridor, it was never locked but all the people that had been cought

trying to open it had been put in detention, or worse expelled. No one knew what was in this room, and I decided to see the inside by myself. The room was huge, quite gloomy furnished with old chairs and desks. There was nothing exceptional, and I admit I was genuinely disappointed. I left the room and randomly explored all the rooms on the campus. After I few hours of this, I eventually got borred and left. I went into tow, and dropped by a starbuck to get two cookies. After I had bought the pasteries and walked towards my favorite park and ate on a banch. I strolled all day long and came back to school and put the second cookie in my best friend's locker. I was walking when an alarm swamped the space. It seems like no one was noticing the noice, I tried to understand where it came from but was unable to find out. The noice was so loud, it gave me such a headache I had to close my eyes to bear the pain. My eyes barely closed I felt my body was aspirated. I screamed and shout. Suddenly the alarm stopped. I opened my eyes, I was in my bed. Still 6:30 a.m. My mum was there too and told me « I'm sorry honey, you forgot to deactivate your alarm. How do you feel ? Better ? Did the medecine worked ? I was completely lost and I asked «What do you mean ? » «You were sick all night long ! ». « You mean that I didn't go to school today ? » « Did you see the hour ? School has not even started yet ! ». Too tired to understand, I went back to sleep. A few hours later, I woke up, and switched on my cellphone. While I was asleep I had received a text from my best friend « Thanks for the cookie ! I owe you one ! ». I tried to make sense of this, but could not find a plausible explanation for what had happened. Was it a dream ? Did I really buy that cookie ? I guess sometimes there is nothing to explain, maybe someone had cast a spell on me ?

Before the wish comes true… I came back home and went straight to my room. As soon as I got inside I shut the door, threw my backpack in the corner, changed into dry clothes and laid myself on my bed. Today wasn’t my day. I failed an exam, had quarrel with my best friend and if that wasn’t irritating enough, when I was halfway home it started raining. I didn’t have an umbrella so I got drenched to the skin. I plugged my headphones in my ears. After a while I could hear my mom at the other side of the door. ‘Are you okay?’ She asked. I ignored her, hoping she’d think I’d fallen asleep. Sometimes I wish that everyone would just leave me alone and disappear. My family, teachers, friends. I felt my eyelids getting heavier and heavier as I drifted off to sleep. I opened one eye at the sound of the alarm clock and after several attempts I hit the snooze button. When the alarm went off the second time I lazily got up and went to the

bathroom. Heading down the stairs I realized that the house was strangely quiet. My sister wasn’t running all over the place as usual, mom wasn’t humming during making breakfast, dad wasn’t watching morning news. I checked every room but they were nowhere to be found. ‘That’s weird...Maybe they had to leave earlier’ I thought taking my backpack and closing the door behind me. It was 8:30 a.m and it was raining again. It was the time when everybody was leaving for school or work however the streets were empty so I was startled to see nobody around. As soon as I reached school I started panicking. The hall was dreadfully hollow. ‘What’s going on?’ I checked a few classrooms. Nobody. ‘Is this some kind of a sick joke?’ I took my phone and dialled my friends and parents but to no avail. I leant against the wall and slid down to the floor. I hugged my knees and hid my face in my arms. I could feel tears forming in my eyes. After a while my head shot up when I heard leisurely nearing footsteps. ‘Who are you? What’s going on? Where’s everybody?’ I started questioning the man who came to stand before me. ‘Why are you crying?’ The man asked. ‘I thought you’d be glad that I granted your wish.’ ‘My wish?’ I looked at him puzzled. ‘You wanted everyone to disappear, remember?’ Suddenly, I was falling. I felt a wave of coldness, my eyes shot open. It took me a moment to realize that I was in my room, the clock was just about to ring and my sister had thrown my quilt on the floor to wake me up. When I comprehended it was just a dream I sighed heavily, hugged my sister with all my strength and told her that I loved her. I ran downstairs and did the same to my parents, leaving them puzzled. Later at school I apologized my friend as soon as I saw her. I was so relieved that it was just a dream and glad to have all these people around me. I promised myself to never make such reckless wishes again. The youth The youth is the period of lifetime during which one goes through many hardships.It is the age when nobody is happy,no one enjoys what they are busy with,you can’t get on well with anyone. My name is Mahsun and I am sixteen years old.I think that I am in my youth ages.Feeling the very same emotions my elders went through in their young ages before, I now consider myself as a youth. I realize that my body parts have been growingup similar to changes all the youngs around me experience.I am now taller than I was before,I have my bones developed apparantly,and I feel myself more of an adult and so on.Despite continuous change of my physical appearance,emotionaland mental changes seem to be more persistant.For instance I become instantly unhappy and get to hate all yhe matters,contrary to how I was feeling just moments ago.Likewise I often come to think that people get none of my points ,usually shy away from talking to people despite a strong desire to do so,fail to cry although I really need to,and what’s more I start to feel myself alone etc. I am depressed of my problems in this age and am quite uneasy with what my elders tell me.Sometimes I want to be alone,to keep off the routines ,not to talk to anyone and want to let it all go.Occasionally ,when I consider leaving the businesses and running awawy once and for all,the fear of falling into a vacumm makes me quit this idea.Having experienced these emotions ,I realize that I am an adult now,I must endure these hardships and I must push for happiness up until I am an elder.


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