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Development Trust | Issue 4

Your Gift

Taking Loughborough Forward


Welcome It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the fourth edition of Your Gift. Students and staff, myself included, are very grateful for the kind support you have given to Loughborough. Philanthropy is increasingly important to the University and your support has made a significant impact on our students, their experience and the campus. This magazine highlights some of the projects and initiatives that would not have been possible without your donation. I hope you will be inspired by reading about the various different areas that have benefitted from donations in the last 12 months. On behalf of everyone at the University, thank you.

Professor Robert Allison Vice-Chancellor and President of Loughborough University

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The Loughborough Fund — “There is a real pride in Loughborough that touches everyone associated with it, and a commitment to excellence that permeates everything we do. We offer a really friendly and supportive environment, that enables our students to be the very best they can be, in whatever they do.” —

In 2014-2015 gifts to the Loughborough Fund, including those made through GradGift 2014 and 2015, have supported a variety of student focussed activities and initiatives, including: Athletes at the World University Games In July 2015, seven students were supported by the Loughborough Fund to travel to Gwangju, in South Korea, to represent Great Britain at the Games. The students were very grateful to have been given the opportunity to perform at such a high level internationally. The team members from Loughborough, including gymnasts Will Trood and Gabriel Hannah, badminton players Chloe Birch, Viki Williams and Kerri Scott, and tennis star Olivia Nicholls, all performed very well at the Games but unfortunately missed out on medals. However, Loughborough student James Wilby did triumph in the pool by winning the silver medal in the 100m breaststroke. In total Team GB came away with three gold medals, four silver and four bronze. The Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU) Nightline service The service provides confidential advice and support to students, from students, and is open when other welfare support networks are closed, particularly during the night and over the weekend. Izzy Ford, former LSU Vice President: Welfare and Diversity, said that Nightline makes “a huge difference to the students of Loughborough as it supports them through their time at University”. Graduate House The new development is a teaching, research and learning facility specifically for Postgraduate students. Turn to page 9 to find out more.

COVER STORY Sophie-Louise Hyde is a Postgraduate student studying English and is also a recent alumna of the Studio. Since starting at Loughborough as an Undergraduate in 2009, Sophie has benefited from a number of philanthropic gifts; from receiving a Glendonbrook Fellowship to support her PhD, to prizes courtesy of the Endowment Fund in recognition of her hard work, awards for her business The Student Wordsmith and most recently gifts to the Loughborough Fund which helped fund Graduate House, a place Sophie and other Postgraduate students use regularly. Sophie is a perfect example of how philanthropic donations can help someone succeed and thrive at the University; Sophie launched her second book with The Student Wordsmith in December 2015 and looks to finish her PhD in autumn 2016. Sophie is pictured in Graduate House.

Gymnasts Will Trood, Tom Gibbs and Gabriel Hannah at the University Student Games




Supporting students through the Annual Telethon Last year’s Student Telethon team raised over £115,000, all thanks to generous support from Loughborough alumni and friends. Donations ranging from single credit card gifts, to regular monthly donations of all different sizes, contributed to the highest amount raised in the last five years. The aim of the Telethon is not only to raise money but also to enhance communication between the University and its alumni. Graduates enjoy hearing about news from Loughborough, especially from a student perspective, and student fundraisers’ work facilitates and improves links between Loughborough and its alumni. The student calling team also get the chance to improve their negotiation and communication skills and gain valuable material for their CV.

Development Trust Scholarships Gifts to the Development Trust Scholarships Fund supported a further 14 scholars starting at Loughborough in 2014. This means that since starting in 2012, the fund has been able to support 37 scholars from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Scholarships have been instrumental in allowing students from backgrounds such as care, family estrangement and low-income families to attend the University. Donations made in 2014-2015 have enabled a further 12 scholars to come to Loughborough in October 2015.

Caterpillar Foundation Scholarships Loughborough University is very grateful to the Caterpillar Foundation for funding Engineering and Development Trust Scholarships. The engineering scholarships have enabled students to move from a BEng to a MEng degree in Mechanical or Automotive Engineering. This means that the students have been able to extend their studies to include a Master’s year. The improved qualification will make the students more desirable to potential employers when leaving university and seeking employment.

— “I would like to truly thank the Caterpillar Foundation for funding my scholarship and this amazing opportunity; their generosity is overwhelming and life changing. When I first discovered I was one of the very few fortunate people to have been awarded a scholarship, I could not believe what I was reading. It took a while for me to absorb the information and comprehend all the possibilities that the scholarship could subsequently offer. Due to the kindness of the Caterpillar Foundation, I have not needed to work to support my studies. This has relieved me of a great amount of pressure while allowing me to dedicate the desired amount of time, work and concentration my course demanded. While reducing my stress, the Foundation has also allowed me to achieve my potential of averaging First Class marks. As well as this, it has given me the opportunity to stay at university and complete my Master’s. This will significantly enhance my career prospects and will ensure a better future for myself.” —

Caterpillar and Loughborough University Staff with the Caterpillar Engineering Scholars

Ashley Cooper

Engineering Scholar


Sports scholarships Loughborough University creates more medal winning athletes than any other institution in the UK, and with thanks to donations to the Loughborough Sports Scholarships Fund, 128 athletes have been supported in 2014-2015. The Scholars are elite athletes and students who are capable of attaining top rankings for their sport. They perform at national and international levels in a range of performance and development sports such as Athletics, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby Union, Swimming and Triathlon. The Scholarships have meant that Loughborough is able to continue to attract the very best talent, regardless of background and financial situation, to develop and nurture it, and ensure a bright future for all athletes at the highest level. Thanks to your donations to this fund, scholars are given the financial support to continue their studies and training. Not only is this fund supporting the individual, it is potentially contributing towards a high profile national sporting achievement.

Santander Universities supporting sport teams Santander Universities has been in partnership with Loughborough University since 2008. Through the partnership, Santander Universities support internationalisation, student and staff scholarships and a number of sport teams. With the kind support of Santander Universities, the men’s Football team, the men’s Hockey team and the Loughborough Lightning Netball team have had another successful year. The Men’s Football team had a triumphant year, which concluded with them winning the BUCS Premier North league. The support from Santander Universities helped the performance squad to compete in the league and other BUCS championships. Two of the performance squad players have passed their third year studies, achieving a First Class honours degree. This is real testament to the individuals but also to the support given to them by Santander Universities. The Men’s Hockey team had a large turnover of students in the last academic year, and with a number of new players, and the ongoing support from Santander Universities, the season started off with a couple of wins and a draw with fellow title contenders. The support received from Santander Universities also helped the team to compete in the National Premier League for indoor hockey. They unfortunately lost out in the title match, however they were still able to gain a promotion to the England Hockey’s Indoor Premier Division for the 2015- 2016 season. The Loughborough Lightning Netball team saw many positive changes during the 2014-2015 season with alumni and ex-international players, Karen Atkinson (Head Coach) and Olivia Murphy (Assistant Coach) taking the helm. The team finished sixth overall in the Netball Superleague, which was an improvement from the previous two seasons. With the continued support from Santander Universities, the team are continuing to strive towards a top four finish in the league and are improving the programme each year to offer a high quality netball experience for all.




The Hall Life Fund — “We were very lucky to receive support from the Hall Life Fund for the refurbishment of William Morris’ Common Room.This project was put in place to rejuvenate our common room, upgrade equipment and provide suitable provisions to maintain the new and existing equipment. This was designed to make the common room more useful for students, including for social activities, IMS practice and charity events. This project has had a substantial impact on the members of the hall; we can all get so much more use out of the common room and enjoy it to its fullest potential. Alumni managed to come back for the weekend after we had completed the project and all commented on the positive effects they could evidently see it had. The project has meant that so many more people can engage in hall experiences and events that we put on. It means that everyone has had the opportunity to meet more people and make more friends in the hall, and it has made the hall a more welcoming place. Thank you so much for this opportunity. The hall facilities were in great need of an upgrade before the project and without the donors it would not have been possible. Put simply, we would not have been able to enjoy the common room in the way that we do now and the experience that we offer members of the hall would not have been the same without the donors of this project.” — Tom Anderson

William Morris Vice Chair 2015


School of Business and Economics Fund for Excellence The SBE Fund for Excellence has supported a second year of the South Africa Challenge in 2014-2015. The Challenge aims to develop students from the School into tomorrow’s leaders through a two week experiential learning programme in Durban, South Africa. The Challenge facilitates and supports the growth of ongoing projects and ideas from students that have the potential to improve education, the environment or economic prospects for participants. In connection to developing the leadership potential is the facilitation and support of Challenger led projects that have the potential to tackle the issues South Africa faces. This year’s Challengers started several ambitious projects within the local community. These projects are tackling areas such as rape, sexual violence and international trade opportunities for small to medium businesses and enterprises (SMEs).

— “After two weeks of an ‘experiential learning programme’ I left the Challenge with three business ideas (two that have now materialised and one which is on the way), a network of passionate individuals and SMEs, a sense of direction and a new, widened skill set that I look forward to utilising wherever possible. The South Africa Challenge has truly shaped some of my business ideas and me as a person. Thank you for supporting this Challenge through the Fund for Excellence.” — Tom Baker

International Business

The South Africa Challenge Team 2015

Water, Engineering and Development Centre WEDC engineers play a leading role in the emergency relief of some of the world’s most significant disasters. The recent earthquake in Nepal has provided another reminder of how fragile a community’s infrastructure can be and how important it is to mobilise a quick response when a major incident occurs. WEDC trained engineers are some of the very first engineers on the ground enabling victims to get access to fresh water and to put methods of sanitation in place as soon as possible. With thanks to gifts to WEDC, Loughborough University Development Trust (LUDT) has been able to fund nine Scholars in the last academic year. Support of the WEDC fund has enabled these talented engineers to undertake postgraduate education that can enrich their professional development, ultimately changing people’s lives and improving the health and living conditions of whole communities.

— “The LUDT scholarship provided the support I needed to undertake a course with WEDC. In turn I am helping needy people in refugee camps and other communities as I work with an International organization in South Sudan. I was profoundly touched by the generosity of the LUDT scholarship donors; it is only with your support that I have been able to achieve my career dreams of being among the few water, sanitation and hygiene engineers/managers in the region who are working around the clock to improve the living standard of the less privileged in society.” — George Karanja

Water and Environmental Management




Creative Students Fund This year, gifts to the Creative Students Fund have supported 22 students in the School of Arts and the Design School to enhance their educational experience. The students received small bursaries to undertake activities that foster and support their degrees and end of year projects. Projects and activities supported this year included: • An interactive messaging service for families of deployed soldiers; • A transferable heat source for campers, specifically created to reduce deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning; • A thermal device designed to help those who suffer with osteoarthritis; • And a metal detecting laundry basket for items such as mobile phones, MP3 players and money; items that are commonly left in clothes and become damaged, or damage the washing machine.

— “I am very thankful to those who donate to the Creative Students Fund. Your support made it possible for me to create the Snug, which is designed to deliver effective thermal treatment using printed carbon films to apply heat to the hands and wrists of Osteoarthritis sufferers. The flexible foam core and open ended design allows the user to quickly withdraw hands for switching tasks. The embedded electronics provide control over temperature and duration of treatment. The Creative Student Award meant I could enhance my prototypes and further explore the design. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that contributed to the fund and enabled me to test and refine my design, which has been very well received.” — Rob Allen

Product Design Technology and creator of the Snug

Intelligent Energy supporting school prizes Loughborough University has gratefully received support from Intelligent Energy Ltd over the last two years to fund prizes in Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering (EESE), Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MME), Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering (AAE) and Chemistry. With thanks to Intelligent Energy Ltd, the Schools were able to award prizes for the best final year projects in AAE and MME, the best performance in the Renewable Energy Sources module in EESE, and the highest achieving Part C student in Chemistry. We were delighted to welcome representatives from Intelligent Energy Ltd to present these prizes at graduation luncheons in July 2015.

— “I was delighted to have been awarded this prize; I felt proud that my academic efforts over the last three years had resulted in me achieving the highest overall mark in my year. To get a First Class Honours was reward enough for my studies, and so to be awarded this prize as well made Graduation an even more special day for me. Through the enthusiasm of the Chemistry Department and inspiring lecturers, my Chemistry knowledge and understanding has thrived and I am very pleased that my hard work has paid off. Having this prize on my CV will make me stand out when I apply for Chemistry related roles.” — Phoebe Greenway Chemistry

Chris Dudfield of Intelligent Energy Ltd presenting the Intelligent Energy Prize for the highest achieving Part C student in Chemistry to Phoebe Greenway


The Endowment Fund The Endowment Fund is a capital fund, where all donations are invested and only the interest is used each year to support prizes, scholarships and bursaries. This year, the Endowment Fund supported 32 prizes which were awarded at undergraduate level across all the Schools in the University, as well as two postgraduate awards. The prizes are awarded to high achieving students and students who have contributed significantly to project or group work in the department or school.

— “I would like to thank you for supporting the Endowment Fund and graduate school prizes such as the one I received. Not only is it wonderful to receive a monetary value but it is truly an honour to receive such a prize after working hard to ensure I had the highest grades possible. I have been able to use this prize when applying for jobs and it has been key in demonstrating my determination and capabilities in the subject area. Thank you again for supporting and motivating students through the Endowment Fund and for making me feel like all my hard work throughout University was worth it.” — Jack

School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences




Shirley Conran Travel Award With thanks to donations from Shirley Conran, the School of Arts has been able to establish the Shirley Conran Travel Award for students on the Textiles Programme. The Award is presented to a student or a group of students to give them an opportunity to extend their knowledge of their subject either within or outside this country. Students must apply for the award, outlining how it would be used and what would be achieved through the proposed travel. This year, the award was given to Naomi Ison, Emma Simmonds and Alice Walker, who used it to travel to the Isle of Lewis in the western isles of Scotland to visit the Harris Tweed Woven Textile Mills. The group specialised in Woven Textiles and were able to use the visit to develop their understanding of industrial woven fabrics, particularly focusing on methods of production, use of fibre, structure and aesthetics.

— “The central themes of our dissertations were craft and British made woven textiles. Our visit to the Isle of Lewis allowed us to develop our understanding of these themes and provided firsthand research strengthening our dissertations. We all gained good marks in our dissertations, partially due to our trip. Alongside this, the landscape and the natural beauty of the islands provided good visual research for the practical element of our course. We were also able to collect fabric samples and swatches from the mills for inspiration when we returned to our hand looms at university.” — Naomi Ison, Emma Simmonds and Alice Walker Textiles: Innovation and Design

Baroness Sue Campbell with the winner Nicholas Samuel Johnson

Inclusion Design Competition Project Loughborough University, the Andrew Simpson Sports Enabling Trust (ASSET) and Youth Sport Direct (YSD) worked in partnership to create the Youth Sport Direct Inclusion Design Zone product competition in spring 2015. The ASSET kindly supported the competition, alongside YSD, which saw 22 students studying Industrial Design and Technology, Design Ergonomics and Product Design and Technology co-design and create an enabling and inclusive sports product with and for school pupils living with physical and/or cognitive impairments. Students worked with two local special needs schools: the Ashfield Academy and the Dorothy Goodman School. Five students were shortlisted for their product designs but the overall winner was Nicholas Samuel Johnson, who received his award from Baroness Sue Campbell, Chair of YSD. With thanks to the ASSET, Nicholas designed a ‘Colour Dash’ dashboard game, which is a high energy activity that provides players with an opportunity to practise coordination and decision-making skills in a unique and fun way. Nicholas, who is in his second year of an Industrial Design and Technology degree, has already started to develop his winning design into a commercial product.

Naomi Ison, Emma Simmonds and Alice Walker being presented the Shirley Conran Travel Award 2015 by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Robert Allison


Graduate House Donations to the Loughborough Fund have supported various projects across campus, including the creation of Graduate House, which opened in September 2015 in the Angela Marmont building. Graduate House will be the hub of Graduate School activities and provide an exclusive area dedicated to postgraduate research and taught students. Professor Andrew Dainty, Director of the Graduate School said: “This significant investment by both the University and the Loughborough University Development Trust will provide our postgraduate student community with devoted training facilities, study and social space. Graduate House will enable our students to interact in new ways, both through Graduate School programmes and via student-led activities, thereby helping foster interdisciplinary dialogue amongst our postgraduate taught and research populations.”

STEMLab Loughborough University was very fortunate to receive £250,000 from the Garfield Weston Foundation to go towards the new STEMLab, which is to be opened in January 2017. STEMLab will provide greatly needed increased laboratory space and flexible teaching facilities for Science and Engineering. It will include a new Engineering Suite, a Digital and Virtual Engineering facility and the STEMLab Ideas Factory which will be an adaptable space for use in collaborative projects, outreach work and schools engagement initiatives. In addition to enhancing facilities for subjects currently offered within the University, the new building also provides us with opportunities to develop new degree programmes. The expansion of our courses, which include Bio-Science and Engineering, will increase the University’s offering in this field and will directly contribute to this rapidly expanding area of research and development, addressing a key societal challenge of today, and meeting the demands of healthcare through the development of new technologies. Donations to the Science and Engineering Funds will also support the new facility to help enhance the STEM subject areas.




Leaving a legacy Legacy gifts have been a part of Loughborough’s history since 1935 when Mrs Annie Thompson left a legacy to support the sons of clergy, professional men and other residents in the area to study at Loughborough. Since Mrs Thompson’s generous gift, generations of valued alumni, retired and current staff and friends have supported Loughborough with a gift in their Will. A legacy gift represents the impact Loughborough has had on your life and is one of the most personal and generous gifts you can make. Whatever the size, money left in a Will can have a profound impact on future generations of students and we are grateful that so many have chosen to support the future of Loughborough through a legacy gift. If you are interested in learning more about legacy giving and the Thompson Circle or if you have any questions, please call Rachel Third on 01509 223543 or email

Civil and Building Engineering outdoor teaching space This year we were honoured to receive a donation from the estate of John Hanford. John’s legacy gift will make a huge difference to the School of Civil and Building Engineering, who are using the gift to transform a piece of disused land into a covered outdoor teaching space for use by students and staff. The area was completed in autumn 2015 and features a cable-stayed canopy under which there are benches for students and staff to sit and work. The space can also be used for setting up survey equipment and for briefing students on outdoor activities, especially on wet days. The area is a perfect memorial to John, who graduated from the School of Civil and Building Engineering in 1955, with many friends, happy memories and opportunities for which he remained grateful to Loughborough throughout his life.


DONOR WALL 2014-2015: SHOWING OUR APPRECIATION This Donor Wall recognises the generosity of Loughborough University’s alumni, friends, parents, students and staff members who have supported the Loughborough University Development Trust during the financial year 1 August 2014 to 31 July 2015. We would also like to thank all those people who have generously donated to the University anonymously or who did not want to be listed in this publication.



Thank you for making an annual gift of £1,000 or more to the Loughborough University Development Trust

Thank you for making a gift to the Loughborough University Development Trust

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LEGACIES We are very grateful to all those who remember Loughborough University in their Will

Adidas Balfour Beatty (Mansell) Bechtel British Rowing Ede & Ravenscroft Limited England Hockey Ford Motor Company Limited Goodwin Steel Castings Ltd Harborough Portas Limited Intelligent Energy Ltd Martin Brokers UK Ltd Rogerson Homeserve+ Ltd Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews Sagentia Ltd Santander Universities St James’s Place Technogym




ANNUAL FUND SUPPORT Thank you for your gift of up to £999.99 to the Loughborough University Development Trust. Class of 1940 – 1949 Mr John Boreham Mr David Dix Mr William Elliott Mr Philip Foster Mr Alan Griffin Dr Hylton Hardisty Mr Phil Holbrook Dr Tom Karen Mr Paul Marley Dr Max Maxwell Mr Stewart Maxwell Mr Arthur Phillips Mr Thomas Tanner

Class of 1950 – 1959 Mr Peter Alp Mr Michael Ashdown Mr Hedley Atkin Mr James Bald Mr Mike Barker Mr Stanley Barnes Mr Robin Barratt Dr Kenneth Bartlett Mr Richard Beith Mr Michael Bell Mr John Blyth Reverend Dennis Bourne Mr David Boynton Mr Keith Brandie Mr David Bromilow Mr John Buckingham Mr Neville Bulman Mr Ian Bulmer Mr Richard Burford Mr Edward Buswell Mr John Cadman Mr Peter Cahill Mr Michael Canty Mr Ray Cayless Mr Ivor Churches Mr Mike Churchill Dr Ian Collingwood Mr Allan Cook Mr Kevin Court Mr Anthony Cove Mr Christopher Dawson Eur Ing Kypros Diamantides Mr Peter Donaldson

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Mr Cliff Rose Mr Garth Round Mr Paul Rushforth Mr Alan Simpson Mr Bernard Smith Mr John Spragg Mr Harry Stanway Mr Stan Suckling Mr Bob Sussex Mr Donald Swindell Mr Keith Symes Mr Ted Talbot Mr Lin Tatham Mr Geri Thomas Mr Jeremy Thomas Mr George Thompson Mr John Truman Reverend Robin Waite Eur Ing John Watson Mr Peter Whitton Mr Bill Wilcock Eur Ing David Williams Mr Ernie Williams Mr Derek Wood Mr Bob Woolgar Mr Alec Yirrell

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Mr Barry Kelley Mr John Knowles Mrs Lynette Lee Mr Claude Lee Young Mr Robert Legg Mr Humphrey Long Mr John Lord-Hatton Mr Jonathan Loshak Mrs Virginia Martin Mr Bryan Mason Mr Alan Matthews Mr Derek McArthur Mr Jeffrey Meddings Mr Alan Mellor Mr John Millard Mr Frank Millington Mr Peter Millington Mr Ian Morgan Mr Robert Morton Mr Bill Mounsdon Mr Brian Neale Mr Fred Nelson Mr John Oldham Mr Roger Palmer Mr Michael Parker Mr Robert Pearce Mr Anthony Phillips Mr Jim Phillips Mr Michael Pluck Mrs Veronica Pogson Mr Mike Price Mr George Pritchard Mr John Pugh Mr Peter Railton Mr David Rawlings Dr David Rendle Mr Norman Rice Mr Tony Rice Mr John Roberts (Deceased) Mr Peter Robinson Mr Duncan Saunders Mr Bernard Seale Mrs Margaret Sharpe Mr Walter Sharratt Professor George Shield Mr Nagalingamudaly Sidamparappillai (Deceased) Mr Mike Simpson Mr Frank Smith

Mr Leonard Smith Mr Mike Smith Mr John Southall Mr David Stancer Mr Trevor Steward Mr Mike Stubbs Mr Bob Studholme Mr Graham Tayler Mr Graham Taylor Mr John Throw Professor Andy Valdar Mr Kenneth Waddicor Mr Richard Walker Mr David Wardrop Mr David Warren Mr Richard Watson Mr William Westover Mr Stanley Whale Mr Kenneth White Mr Robert Whiteley Mr Brian Williams Mr Paul B Williams Mr Robert Willimott Mr Peter Willingham Mr Derek Willmott Mr Tony Wilson Mr Malcolm Woodward Mr Clive Worley Mr Anthony Yates

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Mr Stephen Bristow Mr Robert Broadbridge Mr Andrew Brown Professor Simon Bulmer Miss Marie Burns Ms Linda Burton Mr Terry Burwell Dr Martin Butcher Mr Eddie Byrnes Dr Jim Cairns Mr Russell Calderwood Mr Michael Cale Mr John Campbell Mrs Christine Campling Mr Reg Canaway Mr Jon Carlton Mr John Carr Mr Brian Catchpole Mrs Anne Chamberlain Reverend Arthur Champion Mrs Rachel Clarke Professor Derek Clements-Croome Mr John Clifton Mr Stuart Cook Mr Alan Copland Ms Cathie Cornish Mr Richard Courtney Mr Glynne Davies Mr Kerry Davies Mr Richard Davies Mr Bernard Day Mr John Deacon Mr Andy Dickson Mr Paul Dove Mr Ian Drummond Mr Allan Dye Mr Colin Eldred Mr Charles Eveson Mr William Fearon Mr Andrew Fell Sir Christopher Fox QPM Mr David Francis Mrs Heather Galal Mr Kenneth Gavin Mr Chris Gill Ms Margaret Godfrey Mrs Jill Gover Mr Brian Griffiths Mr Richard Hall Mr Myles Halley Mr Peter Hamblin Mr Damian Handley Mr Dave Harper Mr Steven Harrison Mr Thomas J Head Mr Patrick Henchoz Mr Robert Henderson

Dr David Henson Mr Martin Heywood Mr Michael High Mr Des Hinshelwood Mr Graham Horner Mr Philip Houghton Mr Trevor Howard Mr Roger Hughes Ms Jenny Humphries Professor Stuart Irvine Mr Paul Jackson Mr Nick Jakob Mr Paul Jee Mr Chris Johnson Mr David Jones Trudy and Mike Jones Mr Johannes Kaars Sijpesteijn Mr John Kirkham Mr Geoffrey Lamb Miss Janine Lane Mr Peter Lawrence Mr David Lee Mr Peter Leverkus Mr Robert Lindsay-Smith Mr Adrian Logan Dr John Lucey Mr John Lukey Dr Angela Mallard Mr John Marchment Mr Ian Marsh Mr John C Mayo CBE Mrs Carol Mccletchie Dr Leslie Mendis Mr Robert E Merry Mr Steve Mitchell Mr Richard Morley Mr Keith Morrill Mr Anthony Morris Mrs Linda Morris Mr Geoffrey Mountain Mr Neil Oatley Mrs Marjorie O’Connor Mr David Palmer Mr Jim Parlett Mr John Parsons Mr Alan Patterson Mrs Gillian Powell Mr Mike Redfern Mr Ian Robertson Mr Nigel Rogers Ms Angela Rose Mr Keith Rose Mr Simon Rosen Mr Christopher Scott Mr Steven Scutt Mr Philip Serrell Mr Edward Shellard

Mr David and Mrs Maureen Skinner Mrs Anwen Smith Mr Colin Smith Mr Grenville Smith Mr Lawrence Smith Mr Malcolm Smith Professor Alan Stainer Mr Peter Stephen Mr Peter Stevens Mrs Katrina Sudell Mr Richard Sutton Mrs Sherry Thomas Mr Stephen Thompson Mr Richard Thornton Mr John Thwaites Mr Colin Tilley Dr Raymond Wall Mr Bill Walton Mrs Merrill Wheeler Mrs Eleri Whitham Mr David Willacy Mr David Willcox Mr Steve Wilson Mr Bob Winfield Professor Edward Winter Dr Aileen Wood Mrs Amanda Wood Ms Loyita Worley Mr Simon Wyatt Mrs Valerie Wynn

Class of 1980 – 1989 Dr John Applegate Miss Sylvia Ashworth Mr Stephen Baker Miss Marion Beaver Dr Abdu Benheddi Mr Peter Bone Mr Bill Bottomley Mr David Bradley Mrs Jill Bright Mr Steven Brooke Squadron Leader Christopher Buck Mr Stephen Burnhill Mr Clive Butler Mr Paul Butler Mr Alan Buzza Mrs Jill Carroll Mr Dean Casswell Ms Sue Catton Mrs Noelle Chambers Mrs Sarah Chesser Mr Martin Clarkson Miss Catherine Codd Ms Kathy Dale Mr Mike Davies Dr Neil Doherty


Mr Neil Douglas Mr Tony Dourneen Mr James Dunn Miss Gillian Edwards Mrs Doris Elcock Mr Hugh Elliott Miss Margaret Eyres Mr David Farrell Miss Trish Farrelly Lt. Col Jim Ferrier Mrs Elizabeth Fisher Miss Nicki Flatters Mrs Helen Franklin Mr Roger Gaskin Mr Clifford George Mr Tim Geyer Mr Russ Harris Mrs Diane Harvey Mr Christopher Hayes Mr Nigel Hayward Mr Andy Heath Professor Emeritus Claude Hepburn Mr John Hibberd Mr Bill Hiron Mary Hodgkinson Mr Luke Hornsey Mrs Tracy Huggon Mr Dylan Hughes Mr Rupert Hunter Mr Peter James Miss Diane Jones Mrs Louise Jones Mr Michael Jones Miss Julie Kenwright Mr Patrick Kerry Professor Julian Killingley Mr Brian Kitson Dr Soo Ngee Koh Dr Andrew Kurinczuk Mr Philip Kurinczuk Mr Ian Lancaster Miss Nicola Lee Mr Andrew List Mr John Lloyd Ms Mary Longley Mrs Sandra Mason Mr John McDonald Mr Jim Mcintosh Mrs Lynn Mee Miss Sharon Millard Mr Len Morris Mr Frank Moxon Ms Gillian Murphy Mr Colin Nichols Mr Ken Orchard Mr Stuart Paul Ms Joanne Payne

Mr Brian Pearce Mr Richard Pemberton Mr Alan Plater Mr Mark Pring Mr Keith Pugh Mr Tim Reed Ms Maria Rice Ms Catharine Robinson Mr Andrew Roughton Mr Chris Russon Mr Lawrence Sanchez Dr Christopher Saunders Mr Neil Scotton Dr Steve Seymour Mr Paul Shelley Mr Kevin Simmons Mr Wayne Slater Mr Mark Smedley Mr Richard Smith Mrs Anne Spalding Mr Martin Stockham Dr Ian Storey Mrs Dagmar Sun Dr Lap-Ting Sun Mr David Swann Mrs Marion Tegg Mr Mark Thackray Mrs Jane Tweedie Mr Jon Walker Mr Patrick Walsh Mr Martin Warrillow Mr Gareth Wells Mr Ian Weston Mrs Kathryn White Mrs Tracey Wilkin Mr Ray Williams Mr Michael Wilson Mr Nick Wilson

Class of 1990 – 1999 Ms Kate Anderson Ms Caroline Andrews Mr Colin Baines Mr Mark Baker Mr Graham Barnard Miss Joanne Beatty Mr Kev Bellamy Mr Nicholas Bird Mr Alasdair Blee Mr Richard Brierley Mr Peter Broadley Mrs Kathy Brooks Mr Nicholas Brooks Dr David Brown Mr Matthew Came Mrs Karen Cane Mrs Sarah Catherall

Mr James Chenery Mr Graeme Chilvers Mrs Sally-Ann Clarke Mr Vaughan Clarke Mr Declan Conaty Mr Philip Corbin Mr Simon Corbyn Mr Matthew Cross Mr Roger Dalby Mr Wouter Davidse Mrs Jeanette D’costa Mr Jonathan Denby Mr Glynn Denwood Mr Stanley Doherty Mrs Avril Dossetter Mr Matthew Dreisin Mr Dominic Durband Mr Mike Elston Mr Chris Farrow Mr Matthew Flower Mr Mark Fowler Mr Philip Garratt Mr Michael Giddings Mr Nicholas Gloag Mr Paul Glover Miss Charlotte Goodson Mr Matthew Gordon-Smith Mr Richard Greed Mr Mark Green Mr Peter Guess Mr Ian Guy Mr Gavin Haddon Mr Matt Hallam Mr Mark Hanson Mrs Deborah Harding Mr Paul Heppell Mr Adrian Hetherington Mr Nigel Hodge Miss Rachel Hogg Mr David Holman Mr Julian Homerstone Mr Michael Humphrey Mr David Jeffery Miss Sarah Jones-Morris Dr Stephen Lang Mr Andrew Lyon Mr Christopher Maloney Mrs Diane Mantle Miss Julie McCarron Dr Francis McDonnell Mrs Clare McLening Mr Jason Meers Mrs Anne Meredith Mr Peter Molesdale Mr Richard Moore Mrs Sarah Moss Mr Brian Munday




Mr Roger Newby Mr David Newman Mrs Jules O’Shea Mr Campbell Oswald Mrs Lisa Park Mr Tim Paton Mr Stephen Porteous Mr David Ralph Mr Robert Redden Mr Paul Richardson Dr Elaine Robinson Miss Lucy Roper Mr Mathew Rose Mrs Rosemary Rowley Mr Jason Slater Dr Andy Smith Mr Ben Smith Miss Emma Smith Mr Michael Smith Ms Lee Snook Mrs Linda Southgate Mrs Sharon Speight Mr Christopher Sprinz Mr Paul Steele Mr Graham Steer Dr Sarah Stephens Mr Chris Stones Mr Neil Sullivan Mr David Thorne Mr John Thouless Mr Simon Tilley Ms Alison Townsend Mrs Tricia Trinder Miss Dawn Trotman Mr Steve Vose Mr Dominic Walden Dr Carole Walker Mr Matthew Warren Ms Chris Watkins Mrs Louise Westbury Mr Mark Whitelock Mr Christopher Whitworth Mr Daniel Wilkinson Mrs Karen Williams Mrs Hannah Wilson Mr Richard Wiseall Mr Robert Woolley Dr David Wright Mr Paul York Dr Victoria Zado

Class of 2000 – 2009 Mr Tahir Ahmed Mr Emmanuel Amadi Mr Stephen Ayre Mr Alan Barraclough Miss Helen Barrs

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Dr Michael Menday Dr Anne Mumford Mr Thomas Naylor Miss Charlotte Neal Mrs Lydia Newton Mr Henry Okello Mrs Chatrina O’Mara Mr Rav Panesar Mr Brodie Peers Mr Duncan Phillippo Ms Marina Pickles Mr Ashley Pritchard Mr Paul Purser Mr Rajko Radovic Mr Kevin Rapley Mr Jebanandhan Ratnarajah Ms Tracy Rea Miss Alice Reece Mr Alan Rennison-Rae Mr Graham Rogers Mrs Jagdeep Ryatt Mr Alex Scarbro Mr Nicholas Schober Mr Christopher Scorer Mr Dhilan Shah Miss Lara Shears Mr Malcolm Shepperson Mr Mark Simmonds Mr Philip Slator Mr Ian Smith Mr James Smith Mr Jeremy Smith Miss Katherine Smith Miss Sophie Smith Mr Kyaw Soe Mr John Spowart Mrs Sharon Stimson Mr Charles Tomlinson Mr Niall Turner Dr Rehan ul-Haq FIoD Dr Brigette Vale Miss Lucy Walstone Mrs Alexandra Williams Mr Peter Woodruff Mr Chris Worsley

Class of 2010 – Present Dr Mariny Abdul Ghani Mr Robert Alford Mrs Arfah Alias Mr Ernie Arrowsmith Mr Will Arthur Mr Harvir Atwal Mr Oliver Beech Mr Jack Bell Miss Natalie Briggs Mrs Rebecca Brooks


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Mr Gary Hartley Ms Nicki Hastie Ms Lorraine Headen Mr Colin Healey Mr Keith Hodgkinson Mr Jeremy Jaquet Reverend Tony Johnson Mr David Kelham Mr Peter Kinder Mr Anthony Kingham Mrs Judy Lasis Mrs Laura Lion Mr Andrew Longden Mr Iain Macdonald Colonel Robert C J Martin OBE Mr Paul McNulty Mr Christopher Miller Mr Vaughan Morris Mr Terry Neale Mrs Christine Nortney Mr Brian Page Mr Sebastian Parker Mrs Joy Perkins Mr Jeremy Pocock Mrs Penny Rowe Mr Sam Rowe Mr Kevin Seville Mrs Rosemary Shah Cllr David Slater Mr Richard Smith Mr Michael Tagg Ms Aileen Taylor Mr Jeremy Taylor (Deceased) Mr Lance Taylor Mr Mark Taylor Mrs Vicki Unwin Mrs Van Reyk Mr John Ventham Mr Christopher Warden Mr Peter Warner Mr Jonathan Webster Mr Andrew Weeks Miss Ellie West Mr Stuart West Mr Jonathan Wood

Thank you to those of you who have consistently donated to the Loughborough University Development Trust. Your continued support is invaluable to the University’s long-term work and development. Although we take every care to ensure these details are correct, if you see any errors or omissions, we would be grateful to hear from you. Please email


Why I give to Loughborough An interview with Andy Stephens, Alumnus and Loughborough University Director of Finance

Andy is the Director of Finance at Loughborough University. He is a Chartered Accountant and graduate of Loughborough (BSc Accounting and Financial Management, 1993). After graduation he worked in finance roles across corporate recovery, hi-tech manufacturing, telecoms and IT development, before moving to the public sector in 2007 as Director of Resources at Merseyside Police. He returned to the University in his current post in February 2012.

© Andrew Weekes

How was your experience as a student at Loughborough?

I had a great time at Loughborough. As well as a course that set me up for a great career, I took part in a lot of other activities from Rag raids through to the mountaineering club and playing with Tuxedo Swing. Also while I only lived in halls for my first year, my loyalty to my hall was always guaranteed as I worked in the Elvyn Bar for the lovely Jean all through my time at university.

What inspired you to start donating to Loughborough? I did donate once or twice in the years after I graduated but it was a bit ad-hoc and to be honest only when I updated details via the Alumni Association (I had quite a few house moves in those first 10 years!).

When I came back to Loughborough to work in 2012, I was able to talk through with the then Vice Chancellor the difference that donations make to enhance the work of the University and made a decision to start a regular donation before I got too used to earning my new salary… I’m now a member of the Schofield Society and that regular donation is topped up by the Gift Aid that the University is able to reclaim to boost each gift.

What have you chosen to support and why?

I support the Loughborough Fund. I didn’t want my gift to be overly restrictive, and I get to have quite a say in how it benefits the University anyway.

Why is giving to the University important from your perspective as the Director of Finance? What do you hope students gain from donations?

I am extremely fortunate to have so many different perspectives on the difference donations make. As Director of Finance I sit on the University’s Operations Committee that tries to juggle the competing demands for resource against the funding we have available. Then as a Trustee of the Loughborough University Development Trust, I see the applications for funding coming in and help to assess where we can or should lend support. Finally as a donor I really do treat every penny as if it were my own; I question and challenge to ensure the funding requested is from the right source and for the right thing. The University is a big organisation with a large income but still we can’t prioritise everything and on those occasions donations bridge a gap. We never use donations to just ‘keep the lights on’ but always look to use them in a way that will have most impact. Over the last year I’ve seen funding allocated to so many things, too many to list but as a snapshot, in just a couple of months we looked at equipment in halls of residence, LSU’s Nightline project, media equipment for BUCS Big Wednesday, developing new tennis coaches, a poet in residence to support the arts, scholarships for students who might not otherwise get the chance to enjoy the Loughborough experience I did and creating a new Graduate House as a dedicated space for postgraduate students on campus. Even a small donation is valuable; pretty much every day I’ll pop across to the Union Building and cross the block paving with bricks bearing the names of individual donors… I try not to step on myself.

Donation Form Support Loughborough Please tick where you would like your gift to be allocated: Loughborough Fund

Sport (Loughborough Sports Scholars Fund)

Engineering Fund

Development Trust Scholarships

Sciences Fund

Creative Students Fund

School of Business and Economics Fund for Excellence

Other (Please specify)

Name Home Address

Postcode Telephone


Regular donation by Direct Debit

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per month / quarterly / year (delete as applicable)

Name of Bank Address

Postcode Name(s) of account holder(s) Bank or Building Society account number Bank sort code (top right of cheque)

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I enclose a cheque made payable to the Loughborough University Development Trust

I wish to make a gift by:



Credit Card

Other amount £

Debit Card

CAF 3 Digit Security Code (on reverse of card)

Card/CAF Number Start Date

(enter amount)

Expiry Date

Issue Number (for Switch cards)

Card Holder’s Name

Making the most of your gift (Gift Aid) The Trust can reclaim basic rate tax on all gifts*. This increases the value of your gift by 25p in every pound, at no cost to you. I want this and all donations in the future to be treated as eligible for Gift Aid, until I notify you otherwise. Signature


* To qualify for Gift Aid, what you pay in income tax or capital gains tax must at least equal the amount of tax that all the charities or Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) you donate to will reclaim on your gifts for that tax year. Other taxes such as Vat and Council Tax do not qualify.

I do not wish my name to appear on the list of supporters of the Development Trust.

I would like you to send me information on how I can make a bequest to Loughborough in my Will.

Loughborough University Development Trust is an Exempt Charity. Company Limited by Guarantee 3243822 Please return to: Loughborough University Development Trust, Loughborough University FREEPOST (LE5517), Loughborough LE11 OBR, UK All contact details you provide will be recorded securely on our database of alumni and friends of the University. Details will be used to communicate with you regarding the administration of your gift, its future impact and to keep you informed of developments at the University. A full home address is required for Gift Aid purposes.

– “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill














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THANK YOU If you are interested in making a difference to the University you can do so in many ways • Speak to the team: Our dedicated team members are more than happy to come and chat one to one about charitable giving with you. If you would like to request a • By Post: Send us your donations to Development and Alumni personal visit please email or ring Relations Office, Hazlerigg, Loughborough University, 01509 223447. Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 3TU • Leaving a legacy: If you are interested in leaving a legacy Please make cheques payable to Loughborough University or would like more information on the Thompson Circle, Development Trust. please contact Rachel Third on 01509 223543 or by • Online: If you would like to donate online, head to email • By Phone: If you would like to make a donation over the phone please call 01509 223447.


Loughborough University Development Trust (LUDT) Development and Alumni Relations Office Hazlerigg, Loughborough University Leicestershire LE11 3TU


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