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Welcome It has been another successful year for Loughborough in the national university league tables. We were placed 15th in The Guardian listings, making us the highest placed university in the East Midlands and rose to 13th place in The Times Higher Education ‘table of tables’, including a top 10 placing in 11 individual subject areas. I am very happy with these results, which reflect the quality of education we offer, our world-class research and innovation, and the exceptional all-round student experience we provide at the University. They are also one further step on a journey that moves Loughborough firmly into the top 10 in national league tables. This success could only have happened with the commitment and dedication of all members of the University community. Of importance has been the coordinated approach taken by the University and Loughborough Students’ Union, with whom we have a very significant common interest – to provide the best experience for our students. I was therefore delighted when they were recently voted the best Students’ Union in the country at the Whatuni Student Choice Awards – a richly deserved accolade for a Union whose student RAG regularly raises over £1m for good causes and whose Action Volunteering Group has recruited over 2,000 volunteers to carry out over 28,000 hours of activity in the local community. Our student experience certainly helps in recruiting new students to the University, with levels of admissions to the University continuing to be very positive. The University ran a social media campaign this year entitled ‘I AM IN’, where successful applicants were invited to post ‘selfies’ of themselves surrounded by a specially designed frame. We received some wonderful pictures, with staff at the University joining in the fun. I hope the latest arrivals have a very enjoyable Loughborough experience. Equally, our success can be credited to our vibrant and active alumni community. I continue to meet alumni ambassadors, advocates and benefactors throughout the world, with the support of the Development and Alumni Relations Office. In September, I attended our Alumni Reunion Weekend, which this year welcomed back alumni who graduated from the classes of 1964-65 and before. It was a very special occasion and for some their first time back on campus since graduating. As well as updating everyone on developments across the University, I was fortunate to speak with many of you who were present and heard some fascinating stories from your time at Loughborough. It would appear that the Loughborough experience has always been one of the very best! Most recently, I hosted the fourth annual Schofield Society Dinner, held to thank alumni or friends who make a charitable donation of £1,000 or more each year to Loughborough University Development Trust. We are extremely grateful to members of the Schofield Society and to all alumni who donate to the Trust each year, as it really does make a significant difference to the student experience at Loughborough. I am already looking forward with great anticipation to 2015. One highlight will undoubtedly be the opening of our new campus on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Loughborough University in London will offer some unique opportunities for postgraduate study with enterprise and innovation being integral to the learning experience. You can find out much more about studying and supporting Loughborough University in London in the article featured on page 9 of this magazine.

With best wishes Professor Robert Allison Vice-Chancellor and President


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FUTURE Paul came to Loughborough in 1977, living in Falkner/Eggington and Holywell Cottage, a former residence of the Vice-Chancellor with seven rooms. He originally studied Electrical Engineering, but decided to move into Transport Technology – working on fuel injection and diesel engines until graduating in 1984.

The pair’s research into fuel cells began in the humble surroundings of a dark room in the University’s Transport Technology department. A dedicated team was recruited, including Tony Newbold, Simon Foster, Chris Dudfield and Jon Moore – all of whom are still involved today. “It was a very exciting experience,” says Paul.

“I was always interested in stripping down and rebuilding cars. Initially I wanted to develop fuel injection in petrol engines, but my tutor Gordon Lucas convinced me that this had been extensively researched and that I should focus on common rail diesel technology instead, which was in its infancy.”

Over time, the research team scaled up the size of fuel cells, creating the UK’s first kilowatt scale proton exchange membrane (PEM) hydrogen fuel cell stack in 1995, as part of an Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council project. Whilst still falling some way short of what was required to power a vehicle, it demonstrated the commercial potential for fuel cell technology. “When the team started working with fuel cells, we were creating fractions of a watt – today we are producing hundred kilowatt systems,” Paul explains.

After graduating, Paul returned to Loughborough to lecture at the Transport Technology Department. During this time he met and began working with Dr Phil Mitchell on fuel cell technology and between them, they negotiated a number of research contracts to look into the development of fuel cell vehicles. When talking about the benefits of fuel cell technology in vehicles, Paul says: “The processes involved mean that as well as producing zero emissions, there are no requirements for vehicles to be recharged like battery vehicles – removing the huge infrastructure associated with facilitating this.”

ADVANCED POWER SOURCES AND INTELLIGENT ENERGY The launch pad for expanding the commercial potential of fuel cell technology research came in 1995 when Paul, Phil Mitchell, Tony Newbold and Jon Moore set up the spin-out company Advanced Power Sources (APS) Ltd. Paul’s wife, Sue, also a Loughborough graduate now working in the Geography department, was the company accountant.

Intelligent Energy – the international power technology company founded on Loughborough research – is one of the flagship companies based on Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Parks. Employing over 400 staff, it also has offices across the globe, including California, India and Japan. This summer, it reached a major milestone when it launched on the London Stock Exchange, following this up by winning the Most Successful Company Award at The United Kingdom Science Park Association 30th Anniversary Summit. We caught up with alumnus Paul Adcock (Transport Technology, 1984), Director of Innovation and New Technology at Intelligent Energy, to find out more about Intelligent Energy, the people behind it and how it is shaping the future for clean power.

“Whilst Advanced Power Sources grew year on year, it was growing organically, we decided we needed to attract significant investment in order to accelerate this process. We took the opportunity of an offer to use APS as part of an MBA project at Oxford University’s Business School. This Project was led by Dr Alison Harrison, an MBA student at the time.” On completion of the MBA project Alison presented the business plan to Dr Harry Bradbury, an entrepreneur and subsequently, an initial investment in to the company was secured in 2001. Harry became the CEO and Alison, Paul, Jon and Phil, directors. Intelligent Energy acquired Advanced Power Sources, the fuel cell technology from the University and most of the research team including Chris and Simon. As part of this process Intelligent Energy agreed to fund a Loughborough University Chair and further fuel cell related research. With investment secured, Paul and the rest of the team were able to focus on improving and ultimately commercialising the technology. As Director of Innovation and New Technology at Intelligent Energy, Paul continues to work on projects with Loughborough University and its alumni. “I regularly speak with Loughborough alumni who have gone on to work in industry for companies including Rolls-Royce and


Upp TM personal energy device Paul Adcock (Transport Technology, 1984)

image: Intelligent Energy


McLaren. We have also been involved in several government funded projects with Loughborough University; recently, we were involved in a project with Professor Rui Chen and Dr Pratap Rama from the Department of Automotive Engineering. Rui was originally part of Paul’s research team while he was an academic. The project was hugely successful academically speaking, generating 18 published papers – subsequently, Pratap was recruited to work for Intelligent Energy.” Intelligent Energy is also providing funding towards PhD research projects, with Ashley Fly and Paul Brack in the departments of Automotive Engineering and Chemistry respectively, Paul and Phil’s old departments.



Intelligent Energy has subsequently created Upp TM, a personal energy device for powering and charging smartphones and other USBcompatible mobile electronic products, without requiring a mains socket. It consists of a refillable cartridge that can be swapped when expired and which connects to a fuel cell, converting hydrogen into electrical power capable of providing power to devices for up to a week.

The commercialisation of Intelligent Energy’s research into fuel technology covers three main areas – motive, consumer electronics and distributed power. This commercialisation has seen Intelligent Energy develop the world’s first purpose built fuel cell motorbike, the world’s first EU whole type approved fuel cell vehicle and with Boeing, the first fuel cell powered manned aircraft. The company has also formed a joint venture in Japan with partner Suzuki and introduced a small fleet of fuel cell black cabs to London during the 2012 Olympic Games.

The speed at which commercialisation of fuel cell technology could grow in the automotive market is largely dictated by the pace at which the industry’s own technology and infrastructure is developing, and Intelligent Energy also looks towards other markets to support the company’s expansion, one such being consumer electronics. Paul comments: “The development cycle for consumer electronics is a lot quicker than that of the automotive industry – we realised this would be an area that would provide much faster expansion for the company.”

THE FUTURE Asked what the potential for fuel cell technology could be, Paul says: “In time, it could revolutionise the three areas of automotive power, consumer electronics and distributed power. Consumers could be able to charge phones for a month rather than a week and car owners will top up their zero emissions vehicles at fuel stations much as they currently do with petrol and diesel.” And what of the future for Intelligent Energy – will they remain in Loughborough? “This is where our skills and expertise are, so we intend to retain our HQ here. “It’s a lovely campus, which I returned to as an academic because the opportunity to teach in a department where I knew the subject was a good one for me. “I’m impressed with Loughborough’s entrepreneurial vision. We received good support when we looked to commercialise our research and have been able to pull on the excellent research resource Loughborough can offer, working with around 30 Loughborough alumni currently and in the past.”

Find out more about Intelligent Energy at



At the science frontier

Regenerative medicine promises a new world in science – the ability to harness the body’s own power to regenerate itself and repair damaged tissues and organs. It may sound like science fiction, but Loughborough academics are working to make it science fact through cutting edge applied work in healthcare engineering. The alumni team caught up with Professor David Williams, of the Centre for Biological Engineering, to find out more about this fascinating field of research.

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David Williams is Professor of Healthcare Engineering at Loughborough and was recently awarded an OBE for services to science and engineering in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. This honour is in recognition of a long-standing career in industry and academia, but could also be partly attributed to the uniqueness of his work, straddling the disciplines of engineering and biological sciences.

In an area that is a relatively new field of science, achieving that ambition may be some time off but the team has grown cell products in the laboratory and is now working on scaling up the fabrication of the cells so that these can be used as therapies. It is a long, strictly regulated process which involves going through testing clinical trials before products can be evaluated with a large numbers of patients.

As for the future, to treat a large population will demand large volumes of cells. And this is the team’s challenge: how to get a lot of cells, and in particular, how to manufacture these in both factory and hospital environments in an affordable way. According to Professor Williams, “These are two very different sets of problems.”

Another area of focus will be to capitalise on Loughborough’s skills in sport and engineering to Starting his career as a student apprentice at apply this heritage to rehabilitation and repair after Professor Williams explains: “Regenerative medicine engineering firm, GKN, during which time he trauma, including for members of the armed forces is a set of technologies, including the application completed a first degree in Manchester, he went by working with the new Defence and National of stem cells, which are used in particular to repair on to undertake his engineering PhD in Cambridge. Rehabilitation Centre. These links to clinical and or regenerate diseased or damaged tissues in the From here he moved to Metal Box working in healthcare professionals to support this research body which is usually a consequence of ageing international markets including the US and Italy. are important. or trauma. His industrial experience shaped his career, making As for Professor Williams himself, his aspirations him realise that “You need quite a lot of science to “The cell therapies delivered into the body will are clear: “For me, it’s all about continuity as I’m in make things properly.” Returning to Cambridge in rebuild or help to rebuild the cell or tissue structure. the later stages of my career. We’ve built something 1981 he worked on robotics with Ford of Britain, A good example is with a stroke, which kills brain special and we have to sustain it and continue the subsequently becoming a university lecturer. cells. After a stroke there is a need to either provide work of the team.” He moved again in 1989, this time to a chair new cells or help the cells that remain to grow at Loughborough. and recover. With regard to being awarded the OBE, he’s more reticent: “It was a complete surprise. The nice “I initially worked at Loughborough for a decade in “Our team is currently working with a growing thing was that my daughter said the family often the field of electronics manufacturing,” Professor medical company on a stroke therapy where cells wondered what I did when I went to work and was Williams explains. “I was then offered a seniorare injected into the body. Early clinical trials are pleased to hear that ‘at least someone thought it level post back in industry, working in a specialist indicating that the cell therapy helps patients was useful!” drug delivery company which supplied devices to to become more independent after treatment. the pharmaceutical industry. This was an exciting Loughborough is designing and optimising the period and this is where I really began working at manufacturing process for the product.” the interface of engineering and medicine, making This is exciting news in a field that offers so much devices for mass markets.” potential, but to make millions of cells in the future Those products included dry powder asthma so that they can be delivered on a large-scale to inhalers and inhaled insulin delivery devices and patients will take multidisciplinary skills and minds. it was Professor Williams’ experience in the highly Indeed, the Centre for Biological Engineering itself regulated world of ‘Big Pharma’ coupled with a is a joint venture with Chemical Engineering and the personal event that, just a few years later, would Wolfson School for Mechanical and Manufacturing see him return once more to Loughborough. Engineering and is unique in the world. Making the “I survived cancer and this makes you reassess cells in the lab and figuring out how to deliver them to certain things. I knew that I wanted to do something patients is deep biologically oriented research done in really important through my work.” an engineering setting, but the team collaborates with Stem cell labs others across the University in healthcare research This important research would turn out to be and also with the pharmaceutical industry in areas the foundation for Loughborough’s translational such as gene therapy. programme in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, building on the University’s reputation for Professor Williams also works collaboratively applied research and the ability to turn conceptual with other universities and, most notably, is the ideas into reality. founding director of the EPSRC*-funded Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine. “It became clear to me very early on that this field A consortium of Loughborough, Nottingham and of research was a very important area, which Keele, the Centre undertakes manufacturing could have both significant economic and health research for new therapies. The three universities impacts,” he explains. “For me, this area allowed also share the Centre for Doctoral Training in me to combine my experience in a highly regulated Regenerative Medicine, currently led by David as area of manufacturing and translational research, Interim Director, enabling 110 PhD-level students working to deliver products to lots of patients. But to work at this exciting and cutting edge field of the crucial factor was the impact this research could engineering and science. potentially have on thousands of patients’ health.” At Loughborough, the focus of Professor Williams’ research team is to actually make the cells which can be used to repair the body, and ultimately, to develop large-scale manufacturing processes so that these cells can be delivered to thousands of patients in the future.

But once in the body, how do these cells work?

*Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council Professor David Williams

Find out more about the Centre for Biological Engineering at: Regenerative medicine forms part of Loughborough’s ‘Health & Wellbeing’ Research Challenge – one of six thematic areas of focus for our research. See:





“Sport played a big part of my childhood. I started out as a keen swimmer, reaching county level by the age of ten. My PE teacher at high school was a hammer thrower and he spotted my potential to be successful with the discus. I went on to compete in county, midlands and national championships at Under 17 levels, before landing a UK vest at Under 20 level. Having used Loughborough’s track from the age of 13 and inspired by the amazing athletes and facilities, it was the only place for an aspiring athlete to study. Whilst at Loughborough, I made some of my best friends, but had to make sure I focused on realising my potential as an athlete and didn’t overdo the ‘socialising’ side of student life! I was fortunate to receive a scholarship from the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport, which provided me with much needed support and placed me with a group of athletes who helped inspire each other. Added to the constant flow of new sporting facilities being built, my time at Loughborough proved to be extremely rewarding and important to my sporting development. Whilst every medal success has been special, winning the first gold of the 2014 Commonwealth Games for England gave me a real buzz. It would possibly only be surpassed by my gold medal from the Paralympics in Athens in 2004. Loughborough-based athletes have enjoyed tremendous medal success at the last two Commonwealth Games. I put this down to the togetherness generated from the training set up in and around the University’s High Performance Athletics Centre (HIPAC).


I am heavily involved in raising the profile of disability sport in the UK and participated in National Paralympic Day 2014 in Birmingham in August. I hope my success highlights the opportunities available to potential future paralympians, but more than anything, that the legacy of national sporting success at major championships is to get more people actively involved in sport. I hope to compete in Rio 2016 and plan to retire from competitive athletics in 2017, when the International Paralympic Committee World Championships will be hosted at the Olympic Stadium in London. I will then consider a variety of options following retirement from competition, including media punditry or analysis and possibly elite athlete coaching.”

Following success at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games University graduate Dan threw a personal best to claim his second title of the year, and a European record, in the F44 discus with a throw of 62.34m.

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ollowing on from the success enjoyed in Delhi in 2010, Loughborough-based athletes once again enjoyed significant medal success at a Commonwealth Games, winning a fantastic 35 medals at Glasgow 2014.

Congratulations to all those who represented their country and to the many alumni involved as volunteer ‘Clydesiders’, officials or coaches. We caught up with two alumni medallists, to find out more about their paths to Commonwealth glory and how Loughborough’s world-class facilities have helped them to succeed.


(SPORT AND EXERCISE SCIENCE, 2013) BRONZE, POLE VAULT “Both my grandad and dad were professional footballers, so sport runs in the family. I started Karate from the age of six and gained my black belt by the time I was 12. Having wanted to compete at Olympic level, I learned karate wasn’t an Olympic sport! I got into pole vaulting when my grandma saw an advert placed by Gateshead Harriers Athletic Club in the local paper, inviting girls to try it out. After the other girls had dropped out, I carried on and my dad, who had done some vaulting himself at school, became my coach. I was attracted to the course at Loughborough, but also to the world-class facilities available. I made some great friends in the athletes block in Butler Court, many of whom I’m still in contact with now. Whilst at Loughborough, I received a 2012 scholarship, which was an amazing help and I continued to receive support throughout my degree. I’m so grateful to Loughborough for this and helping me with my development as an athlete. Being involved in the Commonwealth Games was an amazing experience. The atmosphere within the stadium was fantastic and the support from the crowd was incredible. Everybody in the Commonwealth village was really friendly and supportive.

TO WIN A BRONZE MEDAL WAS INCREDIBLE To win a bronze medal was incredible. The competition carried on for some time after I knew I had won it, so I had a chance to take in what I’d achieved. When I was in the medal ceremony room, Usain Bolt walked in – which was amazing – everyone was scrambling around for a photo – even me! Standing on the podium was an emotional experience. I’m hoping that I will be able to qualify for a place at Rio 2016 – it will be an incredible dream if I can achieve this. Pole vault is very technical as a sport using different pole lengths and weights, so to increase the heights I can jump, I will have to learn to vault with longer poles, which takes a lot of getting used to. I’m currently working at Loughborough College as a tutor in the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence programme – a distance learning course involving UK Sport governing bodies, psychologists and nutritionists and have been doing this since graduating. I love pole vaulting and after I retire from competition, I would certainly consider a move into coaching, starting with young kids.”

For details of Loughborough’s achievements go to our Commonwealth Games website



LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY in LONDON CAMPUS UPDATE Enterprise and innovation will play an integral role in plans for our new London campus, giving students access to real-world business expertise, and likewise, offering a platform for start-up businesses and enterprising businesses to operate from a superb City base. As we lay the footprint for Loughborough University in London (LUiL), its Associate Dean for Enterprise, Dr Rob Dover, tells us more.

Q: What is enterprise? A: The University’s definition of enterprise is academic engagement with business, public and voluntary organisations to create social, cultural and economic impact through knowledge exchange. At Loughborough University in London, we have extended this to include the work-based learning opportunities and enterprise through the curriculum initiatives as well as to include the networking we do to reach out to the London innovation and start-up communities as we lay our footprint in East London. Q: What partnerships and collaborations can students expect from being located in London? A: With our close proximity to the technology, business and media industries, we have developed a significant number of relationships with the start-up and small business community in the vibrant area of Shoreditch in London. These firms have cutting edge innovation at their core, and the vast majority are geared towards being high growth businesses. Exposure to ambitious innovators will give students the opportunity to understand and help solve business challenges in real time, enhancing employability and creating career path opportunities which could potentially lead to direct employment.


Q: What excites you the most about expanding to London?

Q: Will there be an incubation centre for students and the community to use?

A: The sheer number of national and international opportunities is the obvious answer to this question. I’m in my eighth year working at Loughborough University, and I’ve always been impressed by our links with industry. Having now spent a year and a half in the enterprise role for LUiL, I have been amazed at how open and warm the London business community has been towards us. We are in the lovely position of having lots of opportunities to develop at this time, but we’re always looking for more and we hope some of our alumni entrepreneurs and business people can get involved.

A: Yes, there will. We are working on a number of incubation concepts to yield the greatest benefit for our students. We may see a similar incubation set-up akin to ‘The Studio’ on the Loughborough campus, open to a small number of London, Loughborough and community startup businesses. We’re also exploring a number of quality relationships with our neighbourhood incubation centres, such as 90 MainYard, with whom we already have temporary office space until the London campus opens. We’re also working with our partners HereEast, to configure their large innovation centre, which the LUiL community will have access to.

Q: Will there be paid and voluntary opportunities for students to gain experience within organisations? A: Yes – within our ‘work-based learning opportunities’ strand there will be a wide array of different opportunities within partner organisations, from short-term work-shadows through to some short paid-placements and work alongside businesses to co-produce solutions to business problems. We look forward to the opportunities our students will have to socialise in appropriate professional networks and to gain those ‘soft’ or transferable skills that are highly desirable in the international jobs market.

alumnimagazine 09

AUTHENTIC LEARNING Loughborough University in London (LUiL) is an inspiring new postgraduate campus on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. With an enviable location on such an historic site, our proximity to a wide array of businesses allows us to draw on this talent and create a dynamic academic community enriched by industry leaders, subjectspecialist experts, entrepreneurs and Loughborough alumni. Our suite of programmes is enriched by a ‘real-world project’ which allows students to collaborate with other students and professionals from industry whilst enhancing critical thinking skills and interdisciplinary knowledge. There will be networking opportunities for our students and various platforms from which they can enhance their skills, knowledge and experience.

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES To support students with their postgraduate studies, including our own graduates, we are putting together a number of fantastic scholarship packages which will be available for UK, EU and international students. These will include: A loyalty bursary for Loughborough graduates who want to study at postgraduate level at LUiL.

Scholarships for students from key regions of the world. Special awards for entrepreneurial students who have creative ideas for new businesses and start-up ventures. Alumni interested in scholarships and bursaries should visit: fees-finance

LUiL ONLINE After months of development work and progress on the London operations, we’re delighted with the launch of our website.

PROGRAMME PORTFOLIO FOR 2015 We offer programmes on a full and part-time basis, as follows:

We set out to create a website that effectively communicates Loughborough University’s international reputation, while promoting the metropolitan location of the campus in London, over 100 miles from our main site. Please stay tuned over the next few months as we will be releasing more details about accommodation, fees and scholarship packages to support graduate studies.

MA Entrepreneurial Design Management MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management MA Design and Culture MA/MSc Design Innovation MA Design Innovation Management MSc Digital Media Systems MSc Internet and Media Clouds MSc Internet Media Clouds with Business MSc Internet Technologies with Business MSc Managing Innovation in Creative Organisations MA Media and Creative Industries MSc Mobile Internet MSc Sports Business and Innovation MSc Sports Leadership





New members elected onto the Alumni Advisory Board Thank you to everybody who took part in this year’s Alumni Advisory Board election. The Board was established to act as a voice for the Alumni Association, advising the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) on ways in which it can improve the service it offers to alumni. Alumni Advisory Board members are some of the University’s strongest supporters and advocates. This year we received eight nominations for the four places which became available. Congratulations to those who were duly elected.

PAUL DRUMMOND (PhD Mathematics 1980-1983; MSc Mathematics of Modern Control Systems 1979-1980; BSc Mathematical Studies 1976-1979)

Paul Drumm on


Based in Hazlerigg/Rutland Halls of Residence, Paul played for the Rugby First XV and was a member of the Film Society. After graduating, he began his career as a software analyst/programmer, before moving into management consultancy. He has worked as an independent consultant for more than 20 years. Paul is a founding member of the Schofield Society ( and believes everybody, regardless of background, should be able to enjoy the full benefits of the Loughborough student experience.

GEMMA GODFREY (Systems Engineering, 2001-2006) Gemma was re-elected onto the Board for a second three-year term. She was based in David Collett Hall of Residence and was Hall Chair in her final year. She was also a squad member, Social Secretary and Chair of Loughborough University Karate Club. After graduation, Gemma was elected as Loughborough Students’ Union President for 2006-2007, before embarking on a career coordinating corporate sports activity. She has been based in Bermuda since 2012, working for a company which provides event solutions, marketing and brand consultation for clients in the reinsurance and alternative investment markets.

Gemma Godf

Gemma is the lead for the Board’s Communication Task Group and actively encourages our international alumni to become more involved with their Alumni Association.

ALEX LYNESS (PhD Biomedical Engineering, 2009-13; MSc Engineering Design, 2008-09; Product Design and Manufacture, 2004-2008) Alex was based in Towers Hall of Residence and was a member of the Wolfson School Committee and a member of Loughborough Students’ Rugby Club. After nine years of study, Alex was recruited to Loughborough University as an Enterprise Fellow, a role which allows him to continue his work at the academic/industry interface. Alex will look to utilise his knowledge and experience of research and enterprise on campus to ensure that alumni, and their current employers, are given opportunities to engage with entrepreneurial undergraduate and postgraduate students and research staff, hopefully leading to opportunities for alumni to support, mentor, sponsor, invest in ideas or even directly employ outstanding individuals.

Alex Lyness

MING NG (Chemical Engineering, 1976-1980; MPhil, 1983) Ming was based in Cayley Hall of Residence and after graduating, travelled the world for over 20 years working for major multi-national companies, before returning to the UK in 2001, where he has established a company providing financial advisory services and in-house investment fund management. As a member of the Board, Ming will use his frequent trips abroad to meet with alumni and encourage them to reconnect with Loughborough, exploring opportunities for alumni to get involved and support Loughborough in achieving its aims and objectives. Ming Ng

Further details about the role of the Alumni Advisory Board can be found by visiting:



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School of Business and Economics announces launch of new MSc programmes In 2015, the School of Business and Economics will launch an exciting new range of MSc programmes, including three in Finance, one in Business Analytics Consulting and two in Organisational Psychology. Its new specialist MScs in Finance, Corporate Finance and Finance and Investment are designed for those who already have strong numerical skills with a specific interest in working in finance and will draw upon substantial, wellrespected expertise in the School. Loughborough has also expanded its portfolio of business and management programmes to include MScs in Business Psychology and Work Psychology, along with an MSc in Business Analytics Consulting – designed to tackle the shortfall of graduates with analytical skills capable of deriving useful, actionable insights from ‘big data’ to influence business decisions and government policies. The programmes will equip graduates with the powerful tools needed to pursue careers as management consultants,

business analysts, policy analysts, marketing researchers, operations researchers, data scientists, or prepare them for further study at PhD level. The new MSc in Business Psychology covers a broad range of topics and is designed for graduates from a range of backgrounds wishing to develop a career in personnel functions, human resource management roles or as business consultants in areas such as selection and assessment, organisational development and change and employee development. Its sister programme – MSc Work Psychology – is designed to develop those with a Psychology degree accredited by the British Psychological Society and who specifically want to become an Occupational Psychologist. The School’s new specialist programmes complement its existing portfolio of management conversion MScs and advanced specialist MScs in Economics, as Dean of Business and Economics Professor Angus Laing explains: “It’s an exciting time for the School

New postgraduate programmes for 2015 • MSc Finance • MSc Corporate Finance • MSc Finance and Investment • MSc Business Analytics Consulting • MSc Work Psychology • MSc Business Psychology of Business and Economics to be launching our new suite of specialist and applied MScs. Each of the new courses are taught by experts in their field and are underpinned by the latest research and best practice. We’re delighted to be able to open up new opportunities for our postgraduate students to specialise in areas of interest to them and their career aspirations.” As with all Loughborough’s MSc programmes, special 20% alumni discounts are available for our own graduates. For more information please visit:

Leading The Way The School of Business and Economics: Developing Winners, Achieving Excellence, Delivering Value Loughborough University School of Business and Economics is a vibrant, forward-looking centre of education. Consistently ranked in the UK Top 10 for business and management, we are internationally recognised for our research and renowned for our commercially relevant teaching from BSc through to MBA and PhD. Kick-start your career in management with one of our programmes that will: ■ develop your talent ■ inspire and re-energise you ■ transform the management of your organisation ■ drive operational excellence and results








HONORARY DEGREE AWARDS 2014 Loughborough University bestowed honorary degrees on ten distinguished recipients at award ceremonies held on campus between the 15th and 18th of July this year.

Sir Stuart Peach (L) and Ian Stopps CBE (R)

ANTONY AND RICHARD JOSEPH Twins Antony and Richard Joseph, the founders of kitchenware company, Joseph Joseph Ltd, were made Honorary Doctors of Technology in recognition of their contribution to design innovation and business success. Richard, who is an alumnus of the University (Industrial Design and Technology with Education, 1998), launched the Joseph Joseph company with his brother in 2003. The award-winning business is now world famous for its innovative kitchenware and is one of the fastest growing companies in the homeware market.

IAN STOPPS CBE (Mechanical Engineering, 1969), received an Honorary Doctorate of Technology, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the UK aerospace, defence and security sectors. Ian has enjoyed a distinguished career in the aerospace and defence industries and has held posts with major organisations both in the UK and US and is currently Chairman of Raytheon UK. Ian has retained an active interest in Loughborough in the years since his graduation and currently serves as Chair of the School of Business and Economics’ Strategic Advisory Board.

AIR CHIEF MARSHALL SIR STUART PEACH Vice-Chief of Defence Staff in the Ministry of Defence, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Technology. The award was presented in recognition of his outstanding contributions to maintaining the safety and security of the people and countries of the UK, as well as the wider global area. One of the leading figures in the UK’s armed forces, Sir Stuart’s career in the Royal Air Force has taken him far and wide across the globe.


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(Engineering Science and Technology, 1980; MSc in Advanced Automotive Engineering, 1986), Group Vice-President and Chief Information Officer of the Ford Motor Company was made an Honorary Doctor of the University in recognition of his outstanding contribution to information services and the automotive industry.

(Physical Education and Sports Science/ Recreation Management, 1978), Chief Executive of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Chairman of the International Hockey Rules Board was made an Honorary Doctor of the University, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to sport, in particular cricket and hockey.

Chief Executive of BRE Group, was made an Honorary Doctor of Science in recognition of his outstanding leadership in research in the field of the built environment.



Alan Woods, the former Treasurer at Loughborough, was made an Honorary Doctor of the University, in recognition of his contribution to the governance of the University.

Chief Executive Officer of British Cycling was made an Honorary Doctor of the University, in recognition of his contribution to British Cycling.

TAN SRI DR IR GAN THIAN LEONG Group Managing Director of Brunsfield International Group, was made an Honorary Doctor of Technology in recognition of his outstanding commitment and leadership shown towards the learning and development of Loughborough University students in a global context.





LOUGHBOROUGH RISES TO 13TH IN TIMES GOOD UNIVERSITY GUIDE Loughborough has risen to 13th place in The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2015. It was also shortlisted for the coveted title of University of the Year 2014-15, which recognises all-round excellence and featured in the top ten for eleven individual subject areas.

University community and the coordinated approach taken by the University and Loughborough Students’ Union, when commenting on the results:

The guide ranks universities on eight key criteria – student satisfaction, research quality, graduate prospects, entrance qualifications, degree results achieved, student/staff ratios, services and facilities spend and drop-out rates.

“We have a very significant common interest – to provide the best experience for our students. The close working relationship that the University and Students’ Union have gives Loughborough an exceptional cohesiveness that really benefits our students. We want to provide opportunities for every one of them to be the very best they can be, which ultimately contributes to the success of the University.”

Loughborough’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Robert Allison, reflected on the commitment and dedication of all members of the

Rob Whittaker, President of Loughborough Students’ Union, believes that the way the University and Students’ Union interact is key.

He says: “We’re very open in our communication with each other. The ViceChancellor is regularly out and about on campus, talking to students to find out about what they like about Loughborough and how they think it could develop. Staff at Loughborough are very accessible and are always keen to engage the student population in discussions about how to enhance the university experience.” Loughborough’s excellent rating in The Times and Sunday Times follows those in this year’s Complete University Guide and Guardian University Guide, in which the University was ranked 13th and 15th respectively.

LOUGHBOROUGH STUDENTS’ UNION RANKED TOP IN STUDENT CHOICE AWARDS Loughborough Students’ Union has been voted the top students’ union in the country in the 2014 Whatuni Student Choice Awards. The awards are voted for exclusively by students at UK universities and celebrate higher education institutions’ excellence in nine categories – students’ union, course and lecturers, accommodation, city life, facilities, clubs and societies, international, job prospects and university of the year. As well as its top-placed ranking for the Students’ Union, Loughborough was rated second for the Union’s clubs and societies and for University’s facilities, and was third in the University of the Year poll.


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Loughborough University in London is to host the first ‘Spoke’ of the Advanced Propulsion Centre LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY IN LONDON IS TO HOST THE FIRST ‘SPOKE’ OF THE ADVANCED PROPULSION CENTRE. The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) has been established to position the UK as the global leader for the production and development of low carbon propulsion technology.

Loughborough will invest £1.5 million

It operates on a ‘Hub and Spoke’ model. The APC ‘Hub’ is located at the University of Warwick, with ‘Spokes’ as centres of excellence throughout the UK to realise the concept of a Propulsion Nation – a coordinated national resource of facilities and expertise. The London Spoke will be a centre of excellence in digital engineering. Its vision was created by an impressive consortium comprising some of the automotive industry’s biggest names, including Ford and McLaren, together with the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute (HSSMI) and world-leaders in 3D design software, Autodesk. The academic partners, led by Loughborough University, will bring internationally-renowned research capability in low carbon technologies and deliver the talent pipeline for propulsion and powertrain development.

London campus opens in 2015

The Spoke’s location at Loughborough University in London, which is part of the Here East development

at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, will enhance the APC’s visibility, reach and effectiveness among key decision makers and investors, strengthening its sphere of influence in order to attract to the UK further innovative businesses aligned to the automotive sector. The London Spoke will also be a base in the capital for the APC team. Professor Robert Allison, Vice Chancellor, said: “We are delighted that Loughborough University in London is to host this first, and highly important, Spoke of the Advanced Propulsion Centre. “Loughborough has been training automotive engineers since 1919 and our research in powertrain engineering, propulsion and manufacture is recognised as world-class. Powertrain and propulsion development is a key strategic area for Loughborough: indeed earlier this year we announced a five-year investment of £1.5 million in research appointments, which will help us to develop the new advanced propulsion technologies required for the move to zero emission vehicles. We are therefore exceptionally well-placed to support this very important and hugely exciting development.” The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “This new facility will be at the heart of exciting and innovative developments linking the UK’s successful automotive industry with London’s thriving digital community.”

Loughborough University amongst the environmental elite Loughborough has achieved the highest possible Platinum Award in the national EcoCampus scheme and gained accreditation to the internationally-recognised environmental management standard ISO 14001. The University has been developing its Environmental Management System under the EcoCampus scheme since 2010, when we achieved the Bronze level award. We achieved Silver and Gold levels in 2011 and 2012. ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that is designed to help organisations reduce their environmental impact as they grow and develop.

less than 15% of the higher education sector have achieved ISO 14001 Our latest achievements place us among an environmental elite – less than 15% of the higher education sector have achieved ISO 14001 and just 28% of universities registered on the EcoCampus scheme have reached the Platinum Award level. Jo Shields, Loughborough’s Sustainability Manager, said: “It’s a fantastic achievement which demonstrates how the whole University community has worked collaboratively on environmental management issues.”

Accreditation to ISO 14001 can bring significant benefits to the University, including helping to support research grants and funding bids, and put the University ahead of the pack in the competition for business. Over the last five years we have continually enhanced our success in environmental sustainability. Our Combined Heat and Power plant has reduced the University’s expenditure on electricity by £1 million, with 50% of the campus’s power now generated through this plant. Recycling rates on campus have increased from just 35% in 2007-8 to 77% in 2012-13, with only 5% of waste now going to landfill and the remaining 18% to energy recovery. The Sustainable Travel Plan has met its targets, with a reduction in single person occupancy in cars and more staff and students walking or cycling. The Fruit Routes project, which is developing the University grounds as an edible and sustainable landscape, has now received national recognition, winning the Guardian Higher Education Award for Sustainability in February of this year. For further information on sustainability at Loughborough please email environment@lboro or visit





The Marketplace is open for business Loughborough alumni are incredibly successful and we are always delighted to hear from you and catch up on your news. Many of you have established your own businesses and we thought it high time we introduce a way to proudly catalogue and promote your flourishing ventures. In August, we were thrilled to launch a new website – The Marketplace – which does just that.

Already, an A to Z of more than 100 student and graduate companies are showcased on the steadily growing site – from start-ups to million pound ventures. They trade across a staggering range of sectors including the arts, creative and design fields; fashion; homeware; the media and communications (audio-visual, online and print); retail; services; social enterprise; sport; and technology. Some have been established for more than a decade, others launched within the last 12 months – but all appear to be thriving despite the economic unease of the past few years. The illustrations on the site were produced by one of the featured companies – creative agency, a dozen eggs, launched in 2010 by graduates Fran Collins and Jo Lloyd (both Graphic Communication, 2010) who were joined by partner Chris Pymm (Industrial Design and Technology, 2006) in 2013. As well as growing a substantial commercial portfolio, the trio have worked with the University’s Enterprise Office on a number of projects including new branding for Student and Graduate Enterprise and graduate incubation hub, the Studio.

Other featured Marketplace companies include: Boutique brand ATLAS & I offers a range of unique gifts as well as bespoke commissions. Sophie Kirkpatrick (3D Design, 2010) launched the company in 2011, when word-of-mouth orders for her work became overwhelming. She trades via her website and other online outlets as well as UK-wide events. In August, one of her iconic artworks – Traffic silhouette over a vintage map of central London – became available worldwide as an Ikea poster. Since launching digital design agency Bulb Studios in 2007, Mat Mabe (Industrial Design and Technology, 1999) and Jim Willis (LSU Media Centre Manager, 1999-2007) have built up an impressive client base, working with partners including Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Virgin Media and Warner Bros Studio Tour London on a range of digital systems, apps and websites. One of Apple’s Best New Apps when it launched earlier in the year, Line-up allows users across the UK to create a personalised what’s-on guide by following their favourite venues and trendsetters. Developed by James Stilwell (Management Sciences, 2008) and Chris Crossley (Industrial Design and Technology, 2008), Line-Up is now one of the largest providers of event listings in

the UK, powering the online What’s-on guides of local newspapers, radio stations and lifestyle magazines across the country. Established by Charlie Ashworth (Industrial Design and Technology, 2002) in 2010, Venture Proof provides comprehensive and cost-effective intellectual property services spanning patents, trademarks, registered designs and copyright. To date, Charlie has assessed over 4,000 ideas many of which are now household names. She is also the co-author of IP bible Patents, Registered Designs, Trade Marks and Copyright for Dummies published in 2008. Award-winning Dr Joanna Helcke (European and International Studies, 1998) is a pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert. She launched Zest4lifeUK in 2009, and has established an international online community of pregnant and new mums who follow her innovative week-by-week fitness and nutritional programmes. To find out more about the companies already featured on The Marketplace and to let us know that you’d like your venture to be added to the site, please visit




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Dr Phebe Mann

SINCE 2005, LOUGHBOROUGH HAS BEEN PROACTIVE IN SEEKING TO INCREASE FEMALE REPRESENTATION IN TRADITIONALLY MALE-DOMINATED STEMM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, MEDICINE AND MATHEMATICS) SUBJECT AREAS. One of the founding members of the Athena SWAN charter, established to encourage universities to take steps to address this gender imbalance and promote women working in STEMM, Loughborough has gone some way to achieving this, with female academics well represented in STEMM subjects. And it’s not just in academia that progress is being made. Within the STEMM industries, Loughborough alumni are making breakthroughs, with their achievements being recognised by peers. The University recently received double bronze in the prestigious Athena SWAN awards scheme, in recognition of the work it has done in this area. KERRINE BRYAN (MBA, 2010) Electrical Engineer Kerrine joined global giants, CB&I, after graduating from university, becoming the company’s youngest Principal Engineer. Most recently, she was Lead Engineer for the living quarters on a North Sea offshore oil platform, managing a £2m budget, three engineers and six designers and is currently on a 12 month secondment working as a Contract Development Manager within the company’s sales team. Kerrine recently appeared in Management Today’s ‘35 women under 35’ feature, celebrating the success of women whose ability, determination and self-confidence has enabled them to fight their way to the top of their profession. She was nominated by her husband and supported by her manager, but feels what made her stand out more than anything was a published paper adapted from her dissertation, in the production of which she received support and encouragement from Loughborough academic, Ian Herbert. Having worked for CB&I for three years, Kerrine was given the opportunity to study for an MBA and with a keen interest in sport (she runs classes in Zumba as a volunteer at her local YMCA and is a 1st Dan black belt in Taekwondo), chose to do this at Loughborough.

On working in engineering, Kerrine comments: “With engineering you never stop learning. Even after nine years of working in the oil and gas industry as an electrical engineer, every day is different and brings a new challenge. “Engineering also opens the door to other opportunities or areas of work. I have just started a secondment as a Contract Development Manager in our sales department. “My advice to any alumna looking to move into engineering is to go for it. Try to attend industry events provided by organisations such as the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) or WES (Women’s Engineering Society), to get a feel for engineering and to meet or get advice from people, and particularly women, in the industry. “With the engineering skills shortage, there are plenty of opportunities available. You won’t be disappointed.”

EUR ING DR PHEBE MANN (Construction Management, 1985) was recently awarded an Honorary Fellowship from Bradford College in recognition of her contribution to Civil Engineering and Construction Law and her efforts to encourage more women to enter the sector. Phebe was described by the College as a ‘potent role model for women in science and engineering’. Throughout a ground-breaking career, she has won numerous awards and accolades for her contributions and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and Higher Educational Academy (FHEA). Senior Lecturer within the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering at the University of East London, Phebe is the first and only woman in the UK to hold five professional engineering qualifications concurrently – Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng MICE), Chartered Surveyor (MRICS), Chartered Builder (MCIOB), Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb), and European Engineer (Eur Ing). She has led the way for other women to consider, and be considered for, senior roles in the engineering industry. Acting as an Ambassador for STEMM and a Talent 2030 Hero (www.talent2030. org/heroes), she is determined to encourage young women to pursue civil engineering careers and forge their own paths in the sector. On being made an Honorary Fellow, Phebe commented: “I am deeply humbled and greatly honoured. I am passionate about my career in construction and delighted to see an increasing number of young people, especially women, contemplate careers in the industry. “It is such a rewarding industry to work in and young people who enter the sector will not be disappointed.” To find out more about the Athena SWAN Charter visit: athena-swan





GRADUATE ENTERPRISE NEWS Loughborough’s enterprising graduates are renowned for making their mark in the business world. Below are just a few examples of our great graduates. Pavegen, the clean tech company founded by design graduate Laurence Kemball-Cook (Industrial Design and Technology, 2009), has delivered the world’s first people-powered football pitch. The company develops and manufactures flooring technology that converts the wasted kinetic energy from footsteps into renewable electricity. Pavegen’s latest project saw it partner with Shell to transform a pitch in one of the most deprived favelas in Rio de Janeiro, which was opened by global football legend and Shell ambassador, Pelé. Engineering graduate Gilmore Satchell (Electronic and Electrical Engineering, 2009) oversaw the installation of the 200 tiles which convert the energy from footsteps to light the pitch.


Pavegen Systems


Simon Lyons (Product Design Engineering, 2013) hopes his stylish storage system, GECO HUB, will be a household name in 2015. Simon, who runs design company, Version 22, and is being supported by the Studio ( used crowdfunding to cover manufacturing costs, weeks after winning a Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Award this summer.




In October, Design School graduate and Studio member Suzy Shelley (Industrial Design and Technology, 2011), was selected to present Avo, the world’s first fish tank that never needs cleaning or filter changing, at WIRED2014 – a showcase of the world’s most exciting new technologies in London’s Tobacco Dock. Since then, Suzy has earned the accolade of ‘Entrepreneur of the Week’ from the Duke of York and she has raised over £90,000 on Kickstarter to seal a product launch in 2015.






Loughborough researcher wins engineering X Factor Congratulations go to Dr Alex Lyness (Product Design and Management, 2008), who earlier this year was voted a winner in the national ‘I’m an Engineer, get me out of here!’ competition. ‘I’m an Engineer…’ along with its sister competition, ‘I’m a Scientist…’ is a national competition which allows school students from around the UK to engage with engineers and scientists. They are free, online X Factor-style contests, where the students are the judges. The students challenge the engineers and scientists through fast-paced live online chats and then vote for their favourites. The ‘I’m an Engineer…’ competition is split into four zones – Apprentice, Cities, Food and Health. Alex, who was recently elected onto Loughborough University’s Alumni Advisory Board, works in the University’s Centre for Biological Engineering and was voted winner of the Health zone. “The ‘I’m an Engineer…’ scheme allows curious school students to ask all different types of engineers about their work, career and how and why they became engineers in the first place,” explains Alex. “The questions were on absolutely anything. I really enjoyed dispelling myths about how clever you need to be to be an engineer and sharing my journey of how I went from playing with Lego to designing medical devices that deliver stem cells.” As a winner, Alex received a cheque for £500 to spend on an engineering outreach event of his own design.


“I really enjoyed being part of the programme,” Alex said. “I would urge anybody to try it or ‘I’m a Scientist…’ to help engage and inspire more children into careers in science and engineering. “Since the event finished I have signed up to be a STEMnet Ambassador – a scheme which aims to encourage children to enjoy science, technology, engineering and mathematics. I’m also looking forward to planning my own engineering outreach event with the prize money from the competition.” Further information about ‘I’m an Engineer, get me out of here’ is available at:




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THE POWER OF SPORT UNITING AFRICAN COMMUNITIES In 2011, alumnus Richard Bennett (Industrial Design and Technology, 2005) founded Bhubesi Pride Foundation, a UK registered charity that uses the power of sport to unite, empower and inspire youngsters and communities across ten African countries. Referred to as ‘a remarkable project’ by Sky Sports, and engaging with participants in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, the objectives of Bhubesi Pride are to unite African children through rugby. It aims to develop health education and life skills; to empower local teaching staff via the provision of equipment, resources, training and knowledge; and to inspire sustainable development by developing young leaders and establishing community networks.

A young but successful charity, Bhubesi Pride has already received a nomination by Peace and Sport for Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) of the Year, and counts the Bill McClaren Foundation, G4S, Inmarsat, Investec, Land Rover, Norton Rose Fulbright, DHL and St. James’s Place Wealth Management among its many sponsors and donors. The charity engages around 3,000 youngsters across 30 centres during its annual six-month expeditions, and offers a truly transformational experience for volunteers and participants alike. On setting up Bhubesi Pride, Richard commented: “Loughborough is a true mecca for sport – particularly rugby – and I couldn’t help but be inspired by the idea that sport can be used as a true vehicle for social change, to develop young leaders, and to inspire community building.”

The Loughborough MBA Inspiring Winners

In addition to hosting its annual African rugby expeditions, Bhubesi Pride will shortly be launching leadership and employability training for university students and corporate clients in the UK, with G4S Africa already established as a client. The Bhubesi Pride team also includes Loughborough Institute of Sport and Leisure Policy graduate Dr Elesa Zehndorfer (Sport and Exercise Science, 2006) as Head of Leadership Development. For more information, including inspirational videos, and to find out how you can become part of The Pride, visit: or e-mail:

Supercharge your management career at a Top-10 UK business school Equip yourself with the skills to become an elite performer in business Study in 1 year or impress prospective employers on our 2 year MBA with Internship Learn alongside a small cohort of experienced managers, sharing fresh insights All Loughborough alumni automatically receive a 20% fee discount. Scholarships worth up to 40% fees are also available for the best candidates.





event reviews


Reunion Weekends



In a packed programme throughout the weekend, alumni had the oppor tunity to find out about the latest developments at the Unive rsity from the Vice-Chancellor, as well as taking part in specialist talks and tours of campus facilities. There were also plenty of oppor tunities for former classmates to meet up, socialise, share memories and reconnect. Among the guests at the event was one of our oldes t members of the alumni population, 89 year old Ronald Holloway, as well as alumnus Dr Tom Karen – one of the most notable designers of his era who create d the Raleigh Chopper, Reliant Scimitar GTE and the Kiddicraft Marble Run. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED THE EVEN T AND MADE IT SUCH A GREAT SUCCESS!

Vice-Chancellor’s Receptions, India In October and November this year, our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Robert Allison, visited India for the first time. As part of his visit, Professor Allison met many of our India-based alumni at specially arranged receptions. Our first event was hosted by Sir James Bevan KCMG, British High Commissioner, and took place in his stunning official residence in New Delhi. We then moved on to one of the great hotels of the world – the iconic Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai – for our second alumni event. On behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, thank you to all of our graduates based in India who took the time to attend the receptions and make the events such a success.



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events coming up


Coffee Mornings

Coming up



Our Coffee Morning calendar is now available and we’re bringing you another packed programme of talks and updates from the Loughborough community.

COFFEE MORNING AND UNIVERSITY CAROL SERVICE Hazlerigg Building, Loughborough campus

28 JANUARY 2015

This year we’re covering everything from diet, lifestyle, sport, science and engineering to a journey through the University archives.

COFFEE MORNING – A JOURNEY THROUGH THE ARCHIVES Pilkington Library, Loughborough campus

Join us on campus on the last Wednesday of each month up until July 2015.

25 FEBRUARY 2015

If you would like a copy of the Coffee Morning calendar, please contact the Alumni Relations team:


E. T. 01509 228558

30 APRIL 2015 LUFBRA IN LONDON ... save the date


COULD YOU ORGANISE YOUR OWN INDEPENDENT REUNION? LET US KNOW IF YOU AND A GROUP OF FRIENDS ARE COMING BACK TO CAMPUS, WE ARE HERE TO HELP! We’ll support you with advice and tips on event planning, as well as helping to promote your events and reunions for alumni. To find out more about the help and advice we can offer you visit:

25-27 JUNE 2015 PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS OF 1965 REUNION Organised by alumnus Harry Buxton

11 JULY 2015 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS REUNION ... save the date


Lufbra in… LONDON OUR LUFBRA IN LONDON SERIES PROVIDES THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR GRADUATES IN LONDON TO GATHER IN AN INFORMAL SETTING TO SOCIALISE, NETWORK AND RECONNECT WITH FORMER HALL, CLASS OR SPORTS MATES. Our October event took place at the Theodore Bullfrog in Charing Cross, where alumni heard from our new LSU President, Rob Whittaker, and had the opportunity to meet the current Students’ Union Exec team. It was a fantastic evening and a great chance to catch up with so many of our Londonbased graduates. If you missed out on the most recent Lufbra in London event, be sure to join us in April for the 2015 spring gathering.

Lufbra in… ...on tour International alumni – in 2015 a ‘Lufbra in…’ event could be coming to a city near you. More details will follow soon …





If you’re looking to maintain a link with Loughborough and the lifelong friends made whilst you were here, join one of our 32 alumni chapters who hold regular social and networking events aimed at helping you to maintain a Loughborough ‘connection’. If you are interested in establishing a chapter in a country where one currently doesn’t exist, please get in touch. Further details and a listing of countries involved can be found by visiting:

Committee opportunities

AMBASSADOR PROFILE Aman Dhall (Sport Management, 2011), Alumni Ambassador: India

We are looking to expand our team, with Regional Chairs for Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata being appointed in the near future. If you are interested in becoming one of these Chairs, please contact Aditi Sharma, India Alumni Chapter secretary at, and we will get back to you.

BACKGROUND “As a sportsperson, journalist and now an entrepreneur, I have spent my career working with brands across the board, from newspapers to development organisations, sports companies and universities. I am currently driving communications and PR for India’s leading online insurance portal, Policy Bazaar, besides playing anchor for my not-forprofit organisation, Sporting Maven, in the role of a Non-Executive Director.”

HOW DID YOU BECOME INTERESTED IN BECOMING AN ALUMNI AMBASSADOR? “After completing an MSc in Sport Management in 2011, I returned to India but was keen to stay connected with fellow alumni, relive shared moments and pass on to the next generation the amazing experiences we had as ‘Lufbra’ students. Finding activity amongst my alumni chapter to be limited, I contacted the former Alumni Ambassador and, following dialogue with the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) and International Office at Loughborough, offered to work with him to revive the network. I became the new Alumni Ambassador and with the help of members of Loughborough University’s International Office, hosted a very successful alumni gathering in Delhi in October 2012, where those present expressed significant interest in forming an official alumni chapter in India.”

Events ESTABLISHMENT OF STEERING COMMITTEE “Building on the enthusiasm for establishing an official alumni chapter for India, with the support of DARO and the International Office, I, along with fellow alumni in India coordinated an alumni get together in 2013. Here, we formed a steering committee and drafted guidelines and a constitution for the chapter. We also appointed a Regional Chair for Mumbai, who successfully organised an alumni gathering there in May this year. We also have more than 170 members engaging with each other through our alumni group on professional networking site, LinkedIn.”

“We hosted two fantastic alumni events in Delhi and Mumbai in October and November to coincide with Professor Robert Allison’s first trip to India as Vice-Chancellor of Loughborough. Details of future events coming up can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn (details listed below).”

WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE WITH YOUR CHAPTER? “Through our chapter, we will provide a platform for alumni of Loughborough University to connect with each other and retain their links to their alma-mater – the overarching aims being to celebrate the spirit of ‘Loughborough is for Life’, recognise notable alumni achievements and promote Loughborough’s visibility in India.”


HOW TO GET INVOLVED WITH OUR INTERNATIONAL ALUMNI CHAPTERS We have alumni ambassadors based in over 32 countries from Argentina to New Zealand, who coordinate regular events for alumni based there. For full details on a group local to you, visit No group in your country? Contact us at for details on how to get involved.


MERIT competition success for Eric Alumnus Eric Man (Construction Management, 2004) returned to campus with two teams from his company, MTR Corporation Limited, to participate in MERIT 2014, a competition organised by the Civil Engineering department and Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) at Loughborough. Eric and his company enjoyed tremendous success at the event and were crowned champions, with Eric’s team, Professional Passionate Engineers, gaining the runners-up spot. For more details, visit:

Loughborough graduate appointed to Malaysian parliament Bathmavathi Krishnan (Library Studies, 1983) has been appointed as a Senator in the Malaysian Upper House of Parliament. Senator Bathmavathi was sworn in by the President of the Malaysian Senate on 18th November last year. Bathmavathi is the sister of Viyasan Krishnan (Civil Engineering, 1984), who is a fantastic supporter of alumni relations at Loughborough and has organised a number of reunion events for our alumni in Malaysia since 2006. Our congratulations go to Bathmavathi and we wish her every success within the role.

Your magazine, delivered your way The Alumni Magazine is now available to view as a free app. Simply visit the Apple App Store to download For more information, go to

alumnimagazine Regulars




A Lightning return for new head coach Karen Atkinson Netball Superleague team, Loughborough Lightning, has appointed alumna Karen Atkinson (PE and Sports Science, 2000) as their new Head Coach.

/ ghn Ridley Credit: Vau

Karen played for Lightning at the start of the Netball Superleague in 2006 and gained her first senior England team call-up in 1997, whilst a student at Loughborough. In an illustrious international career, Karen represented England in 122 matches, making her the second most capped player in English history and won three Commonwealth Games bronze medals in 1998, 2006 and 2010 and two World Championship Bronze medals in 1999 and 2011. Karen’s sporting achievements were recognised in the 2014 New Year’s Honours List, where she was awarded an MBE for services to netball.

has bolstered its coaching Loughborough Students’ Rugby Union international players. set-up with the addition of two former who won 24 caps for George Chuter is an international hooker Rugby World Cup squad. 7 England and was a member of the 200 appeared in seven and He spent 13 years at Leicester Tigers . nals Premiership and four Heineken Cup fi S 1 (2nd XV) forwards coach George will work part time as the BUC 1st XV. He will also be and will provide technical advice for the toring the front row players. responsible for maul defence and men : “I’ve played Speaking of his appointment George said k I’ve got bits and thin I and professional rugby for 18 years pieces that the guys can pick up. lads are really keen to learn. “I enjoy this level of rugby where the game, they train and They’ve got a really good attitude to the be around.” work hard and are just good people to come from the Scottish Former scrum half Ciaran Beattie has ormance analyst. He Rugby Union where he worked as a perf which won the Scottish was also the assistant coach at Melrose, Premiership last year. basis and will be the lead Ciaran has been appointed on a full time ointment: “Everybody app BUCS 1 (2nd XV) coach and said of his raced my ideas. The emb has made me feel welcome and really – it’s a fantastic n ctio Loughborough set-up was the big attra it’s where you want So it. institution and everybody knows about a player.” as and h to be if you want to improve as a coac h University Rugby Football For further details about Loughboroug m/au-rugby-mens Club, visit: N CONFIRMED AS LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY HAS BEE WORLD CUP 2015, BY AN OFFICIAL TEAM BASE FOR THE RUG NER OF THE WIN A HOSTING NAMIBIA AND TONGA AND TOURNAMENT PLAY OFF.

Speaking of her appointment Karen said: “It feels fitting to come back to Loughborough where I started my Superleague career and I am excited about the new challenges it will bring.” Peter Keen, Director of Sport Advancement and Strategy at Loughborough said: “Karen is a highly respected figure within sport. I am confident that she will greatly enhance our netball programme and build a competitive squad in readiness for the new Superleague season.”

Commonwealth Games medallist joins Loughborough’s new badminton team Loughborough Sport has signed international players Lauren Smith and Marcus Ellis during an auction which saw the six franchise teams who will compete in the new National Badminton League (NBL) battle it out for the top players in the country. Lauren was part of the England squad which won the silver medal in the team event at the Commonwealth Games. Lauren also won the bronze medal, with partner Gabby Adcock, in the women’s doubles. Loughborough’s squad will also include alumni Harley Towler (Sport and Exercise Science, 2014) and Peter Briggs (Mathematics, 2014). Mike Adams, Badminton Coach at Loughborough Sport commented: “Marcus and Lauren compliment who we have and what we are looking for, so we were really happy.” The National Badminton League features monthly match nights through to April 2015. Further details and ticket information can be found at the Loughborough Sport website:



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sport James cycles into the record books Congratulations to James Bowtell (Sport Management, 2014) who has set a world-record time to cycle across Europe. James completed over 3,900 miles in 37 days, beating the 45 day target set by the Guinness Book of World Records. By completing the ride which stretched from Russia to Portugal, James became the first person to ever complete the challenge. During the ride, James spent over 212 hours in the saddle, cycling a distance almost twice the length of the 2014 Tour de France, travelling through seven different countries, and numerous mountain ranges. James was supported by a team of Loughborough students and alumni, who assisted with marketing, nutrition, sports massage and logistics. He has currently raised over £16,000 for the charity Cyclists for Cancer. To find out more about this amazing achievement, visit:

Leicester Riders and Loughborough University have agreed a partnership that will see all of Riders British Basketball League (BBL) home games played at the University ahead of moving into a new venue for the 2015/16 season. Russell Levenston, Managing Director of the Leicester Riders, is excited about the possibilities Loughborough holds for the upcoming season. “The Riders have an historic link with Loughborough and we are all looking forward to returning to the University for a season. We are extremely grateful to Loughborough University for stepping in to assist us during the 2014/15 season and would like to thank all involved.” The announcement is the latest development between the Riders and the University, following the launch of the Loughborough Basketball Programme partnership between the Riders, University, Loughborough College and Loughborough Students’ Union back in 2011. The programme has created a player pathway and academic opportunity for talented basketball players. Professor Robert Allison, Vice-Chancellor of Loughborough University, commented: “Not only will this agreement build on our existing partnership with the Riders, it will also give our students, staff and local community the opportunity to watch top flight basketball on our campus.”

Manchester United XI edge out Loughborough students in rematch A packed Loughborough University Stadium welcomed a Manchester United Youth XI and witnessed a great night’s football, which saw the Premier League giants record a 2-0 victory against a determined Loughborough outfit. The previous visit by a United XI had seen the visitors rack up a 6-2 victory, so the Loughborough squad were eager to avoid a repeat performance. There were some fantastic displays from members of the home team, who finished the evening with their credibility intact, against a youth side that has historically produced premiership stars of the future. Congratulations to everyone involved and our thanks go to everybody who turned up to add to the atmosphere on the evening.

Pic: Neil Plumb




My life after Loughborough Tobias Ellwood MP (Design and Technology, 1987) served with the British Army after graduating from Loughborough, before moving into politics. He was first elected as an MP for Bournemouth East in 2005 and was appointed Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and a Member of the Parliamentary Delegation to the NATO Assembly and Parliamentary Advisor to the Prime Minister for the 2014 NATO Summit.

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You were born in New York and educated in Europe. How did you get to know about Loughborough University and what made you want to study here? My parents worked at the United Nations, so we moved around a lot. On completing my International Baccalaureate, I started to think about where to go to university and during this time, had my first thoughts about possibly getting involved in politics further down the line. With dual nationality, I had the choice of studying in the US or the UK. To get involved in politics and stand for election at US universities, you need cash or appropriate backing, whereas the system in UK universities is much less focused on your background and more meritocratic. When looking at where to go to study for my degree, I looked for a university that was academically established but also offered sporting opportunities – which is where Loughborough came to my attention and why I chose to study there.

You were actively involved in extra-curricular activity whilst at Loughborough – what can you tell us about your experience? I was based in Elvyn Richards Halls of Residence, which wasn’t ideal as I was living alongside engineering students where the ratio of men to women was around thirty to one, making the experience more like that of a boys school and less like the co-educational experience I was used to. However, I began to get involved with my peers through occasional trips to JC’s bar, participation in a number of sports and perhaps most importantly for my future development and career, the Officer Training Corps. I was Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU) President from 1991-2 and it was a real honour to be able to carry out that role. The work that I was involved with helped me to mature as an adult in a way that academic study didn’t support.

After graduating in Design and Technology, you served in the British Army. How did this come about?

possess drive, determination and a will to challenge and change things, which I developed with the experiences I had gained up until that point.

You were first elected as Conservative Member of Parliament for Bournemouth East in 2005 and have enjoyed an active role under David Cameron’s administration. How did you come to the PM’s attention? When I was first elected as an MP, the Conservative Party were in opposition and the then leader, Michael Howard, decided to stand down, prompting a leadership campaign. David Cameron’s office was a few doors down from mine and whilst he was standing for leadership of the party, I met with him on a few occasions and was more inclined to support what he was saying than the other candidates. I subsequently had a long chat with him, where I was convinced that he was Prime Ministerial material and that he had the new vision the Conservative Party needed to succeed after three terms in opposition. As a consequence, I joined his leadership campaign team.

You were appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in July 2014. Can you tell us a little more about how this came about? I learnt a lot about the Middle East during many visits there during my time serving in the army. All the hard work I put into learning about the area has paid off and resulted in me being entrusted with the responsibility to take on one of the most demanding, but interesting, roles in government.

What advice would you give to alumni looking to move into politics? You need to know what you would like to change and start to build up a political CV. Start at the grass roots and work your way up. I worked as a Parish Councillor, a Borough Councillor, stood for a seat in Lancashire that I didn’t win and worked for former mayor of New York, Rudy Guiliani. This takes time and I had a seven or eight year plan to move into politics.

I was excited by my experiences and involvement with the East Midlands Officer Training Corps, which also included students from the universities of Leicester and Nottingham with whom I made good friends. Whilst my work as President of LSU meant I was invited to consider jobs with big companies, including Anderson Consulting and Proctor and Gamble, on attending interviews I soon realised that I wasn’t ready at that point of my life to be stuck behind a desk.

Gaining experience along the way and developing a skill set will stand you in good stead. Start writing down thoughts and theories and look to work in a particular area or a specialism which will put you in a stronger position.

I subsequently signed up to the British Army, serving with the Royal Green Jackets, for six years. I was given reassurances from people who had been through the same experience that time spent serving in the army would do my future career prospects no harm, helping to build confidence and showing experience gained in the wider world.

I don’t participate in as much sport as I would like to. I play a bit of volleyball in my constituency of Bournemouth, take part in fun runs and running to work when I can. I also play tennis and participate in sporting activity with my two children.

What was the motivation behind you moving into politics? Stephen Dorrell, the MP for Loughborough at the time, visited campus whilst I was the President of the Students’ Union to speak with members of the Union Executive. Following his visit, I requested a private meeting with him to find out what I should do to become an MP. He advised me to get some experience, get a career and get a specialism – which in my case became the armed forces. I began to do diplomatic work in the British Army, becoming aide-decamp to Field Marshall Sir John Chapple in Gibralter. After serving in the army, I completed an MBA and began working for Sir Tom King, the former Defence Secretary in the House of Commons. It was then that I started to think that I could become an MP. To succeed in politics, you need to

You were involved in volleyball whilst at Loughborough? Have you maintained an interest in sport and what do you get the opportunity to do outside of your busy career?

The Loughborough sporting affinity still exists and when I get the chance to meet with Lord Coe or other sporting alumni such as Steve Backley, there’s a special bond that exists because of this. When I went back to Loughborough recently, I was amazed by the amount of development that had occurred by the steps to the old running track.

Finally – I understand you had an illustrious flat mate whilst at Loughborough. Would you care to share details of this? Indeed. Baroness Grey-Thompson had the bungalow next door to me in Elvyn Richards and is also working in the political arena, as a Labour Party peer. To find out more about Tobias and his political career, visit:






Life after Loughborough Roderick Cave’s (Info and Library Studies, 1979) book A History of the Book in 100 Books, was published by the British Library in London in October 2014. Parallel editions from US/Canadian and Australian publishers are being published at the same time, and translated editions in German, Hungarian, Slovakian, Korean and Japanese are due for publication in 2015.

Paul Thomas (B.Ed, 1969) recently retired from his post as Associate Dean of Health Sciences and Professor in Kinesiology and Health at the University of Wyoming. During his 23 years there, Paul specialised in cardiovascular and exercise physiology. Though he is officially retiring, Paul plans to keep working on his research and assisting other faculty members at the University. He also plans to travel, visit family and return for a time to his home in Wales.

Paul Thomas

Following a long distance romance before the invent of e-mail, Celia Rice-Jones née Wild (Loughborough Art College, 1960) joined Keith Rice-Jones (Handicraft, 1964) in Canada, where they set up Wildrice Studio. Celia and Keith were not at Loughborough University together, initially meeting while both teaching at Leighton Park School in Reading in 1985. Celia joined Keith in Canada and the couple set up Wildrice Studio. In 2013, they held a major exhibition, A Life in the Day, celebrating 25 years of working together. For more details, visit

Celia and Keith Rice-Jones

After graduating, Mohan Pandey (Aeronautical Engineering, 1972) returned to his home country of Nepal and worked for the national airline. He was one of the first students at Loughborough from Nepal. While working for the airline, Mohan was admitted to the Masters programme in Air Transport Planning as an external research student and received his MSc from Loughborough in 1977. In 1980, he joined Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Seattle, USA. After 37 years in aviation, Mohan retired as Boeing’s Director of Operational Regulatory Affairs in 2010. Shortly after retirement, he published the book ‘How Boeing Defied the Airbus Challenge’, capturing an insider’s perspective on nearly 20 years of BoeingAirbus competition on the regulatory front. In retirement, Mohan is also focusing on philosophy and spirituality. In his latest book ‘Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace’, he gives an analytical perspective of his ancestral faith and also explores the common spiritual thread that connects Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. Paperback and Kindle versions of the books are available on Amazon. Mohan lives in California, USA.

Roderick, a former senior lecturer at Loughborough Library School, is a print historian and author of many highly-regarded books on the subject, such as The Private Press (1971), Printing and the Book Trade in the West Indies (1987), Chinese Paper Offerings (1998) and Impressions of Nature, a History of Nature Printing (2010). A librarian and former UNESCO and British Library consultant, Rod worked with rare book collections in Britain, the Americas, Australasia and East Asia.

80s Gillian Edwards (Library Studies and English, 1986) was a recent winner of the ITV quiz show, The Chase. Along with two other contestants, she received nearly £5,000 in prize money. Congratulations Gillian!

Share your news with us! We are always happy to hear from alumni about their Life after Loughborough. If you have news you would like to share with your alumni community, then please get in touch at and we will do our best to include your story.


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Phil Standish (Social Administration 1991) and Richard List (Politics and History 1990) are former Loughborough graduates who are serving police officers with Thames Valley Police. They both work within the Forces Intelligence and Specialist Operations department (FISO) managing a wide range of covert, intelligence and organised crime matters. Both Phil and Richard have been with Thames Valley Police for 22 years. Phil is currently a Detective Chief Inspector with responsibility for local intelligence while Richard is a Detective Chief Superintendent. They are happy to assist any former or current Loughborough students who may be interested in a career in policing or are doing criminal justice research projects and can be contacted on richard.list@thamesvalley.pnn.


Iris Drower (Education, 1996) has been appointed President of IASE (International Association of Special Education) and the Coordinator of University Community Partnerships for Social Action Research (UCP-SARnet ) at Arizona State University. Founded in 1989, IASE is an organisation whose vision is to improve the quality of life and service delivery of all individuals with special needs, while UCP-SARnet is a global network of people that engages in education and research to promote multicultural understanding, social entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation, increased food security, social justice, environmental and economic sustainability. Both organisations are global and reach members in over 50 countries around the globe.

Phil and Richard

After graduating, John Lloyd (Ergonomics, 1992; PhD Ergonomics, 2002) has been working at the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa, focusing on biomechanics of brain injury. His research has lead to the development of a prototype sports helmet, testing of which shows a 50% reduction in the forces that cause brain injury and concussions, leading to a profound effect on the health and wellness of sports participants worldwide. To find out more visit:

Ashley Wright and Claire Phillips

Ashley, Claire and guests

Laura Daley (Drama with English, 2008) got engaged to Tom Billson. Ashley Wright (Sports Technology, 2008) married Claire Wright née Phillips (Accounting and Financial Management, 2010) on 16th November 2013 at St Michaels Church, Llanfihangel Nant Bran, Sennybridge. The couple held their reception at Craig Y Nos Castle. There were a further 23 alumni present, including Ushers Liam Clarke and Peter Phipps (both Geography, 2008) and bridesmaids Alice Lane (Accounting and Financial Management, 2010), Laura Stone (Accounting and Financial Management, 2010) and Nicola Tofrik née Robinson (Social Psychology, 2009). Other alumni guests included Tom Crouch (Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying, 2009); Tom Bowring (Politics and International Relations, 2008); Nick Saunders (Geography and Sports Science, 2008); Dan Trussler (Sports Science, 2007); Dan Willis (Politics, 2009); Michael Mellors (Industrial Design, 2009); James Edge (Geography, 2008); Adam Hennessey (Information Management and Business Studies, 2009); Seb Wilkes (Aeronautical Engineering, 2009); Sally Wilkes née Hinchliffe (Maths 2009); Emma Forsyth (Sports Science and Social Science, 2009); Luc Walker (Human Biology, 2008; Marketing & Management, 2010); Sarah Senderski (Mechanical Engineering, 2011); Nick Breadner (Accounting and Financial Management, 2010); Mark Banister (Accounting and Financial Management, 2010); Chantelle Dunne (Management Science, 2010); Richard Flemming (Accounting and Financial Management, 2010) and Liam Stabler (Accounting and Financial Management, 2010).





Life after Loughborough Holly Teague (Geography and Sports Management, 2007) married Andrew Gartside (Management Sciences, 2008) on Saturday 31st May 2014, in Palma, Mallorca. They both lived in Cayley Hall and met on Holly’s first night of Fresher’s Week in the Students’ Union. The couple had all their family and best friends there to share in the wonderful day, as well as Loughborough alumni, including Chris Arnold (Banking Finance and Management, 2008); Jon Bernstein (Mathematics and Accounting and Financial Management, 2008); Sandipan Bhowmik (Banking, Finance and Management, 2008); Sarah Crooks (Geography, 2007); Richard Grover (Management Sciences, 2008); Peter Simmonds; and Maria Solechnik (Banking Finance and Management, 2008).

Gemma Richards (Social Psychology, 2007) married Lewis Woolley (Management Science, 2007) on Friday 25th July at Fanhams Hall in Hertfordshire. Gemma and Lewis met at the Elvyn Richards Summer BBQ during their first year at Loughborough. Gemma’s bridesmaid was Maria Sandercock (Social Psychology, 2007) and Lewis’s best men were David Dickerson (Banking Finance and Management, 2008) and Marcus Felgate (Maths, Accounting and Financial Management, 2007). Other guests included David Bailey (Banking Finance and Management, 2008); Mark Ogilvie (Maths, Accounting and Financial Management, 2007); Piers Stevens (Retail Management, 2007); Michael Blake (Sports technology, 2007); James Webb (Management Science, 2007); and Neil Cox (Management Science, 2007).

Andrew Gartside and Holly Teague

The couples photo booth was provided by ‘You Beauty Photo Booths’, which is owned by George Palmer (Sport Science with Management, 2007).

Congratulations to Josephine Shepherd and James Fox (both Graphic Communication, 2009) on their engagement. Joey and James both met on the Art Foundation course in 2005 and went on to study Graphic Communication at LUSAD, where their eyes gazed at each other over the neon paints and Apple Macs in the Fredrick Street building. After seven fun years together, James proposed to Joey on 25th June 2014 at Glastonbury Festival surrounded by their friends. The future Mr and Mrs Fox plan to get married in summer 2015. James Fox and Joey Shepherd

Georgina Crates and Jonathan Staplehurst (both Information Management and Business Studies, 2009) tied the knot in Lymington on 12th July 2014, five years after graduating from Loughborough. The couple celebrated with lots of their closest friends from Loughborough, and very much felt the presence of the Loughborough team spirit on their special day.

Lewis Woolley and Gemma Richards

After graduating, Olivia Humphreys (Printed Textiles, 2006), has enjoyed a highly successful career in fashion and, since August 2013, has been working as a Creative Pattern Maker in New York. She is currently pattern maker for bridal collections for Lazaro Bridalwear. Jonathan Staplehurst and Georgina Crates


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Katherine Dawnier née Stanier (Fine Art Printmaking, 2005) and Sarah Dawnier née Dawe (Fine Art Painting, 2006) were married on 4th January 2014 at Te Arai Coast Lodge, Mangawhai, New Zealand. Fellow Loughborough alumni were amongst the guests and helped Kat and Sarah celebrate their beautiful wedding, including Lucy Pearce (Illustration, 2005) and Jodie Cummings (Fine Art Sculpture, 2005). Kat and Sarah became a couple whilst studying Fine Art at Loughborough (LUSAD) and coincidently lived in the same street, Cumberland Road. They honeymooned in Moorea, Tahiti and will celebrate their ten-year anniversary and their first wedding anniversary this coming January. They emigrated to New Zealand in 2010 and continue to live happily together looking back on their years at Loughborough with great fondness and appreciation.

Katherine Stanier and Sarah Dawe

Peter Bell (Computing and Management, 2011; Banking and Financial Marketing, 2012) married Catherine Groom (Mathematics and Sport Science, 2013) on 16 August 2014 at Goodwood Evangelical Church, Leicester.

Peter Bell and Catherine Groom

Olly Laws (Retail Management, 1999) married Lisa Crow (Sport and Exercise Science, 2002) on Saturday 23 August 2014 in Whitstable, Kent.

Matt Riches and Natalie Brown with guests

On May 24 2014, Matt Riches (Geography and Sport Sciences, 2007) and Natalie Brown (Human Biology, 2007) were married at St. Werburgh’s Church, Hanbury, Derbyshire. The couple met during their time at Loughborough through the hockey club and graduated together in 2007. All of those pictured are Loughborough Alumni and almost all hockey players – from left to right: Mark Burchett (Sport and Exercise Science, 2007); Roddy Archibald (Business Economics and Finance, 2007); Dylan Holman (Retail Management, 2008); Angus Grieve (Sport Science with Management, 2007); Adam Harper (Mathematics, 2008); Pat Knight (Ergonomics, 2007); Tim Shelley (Systems Engineering, 2009); James Osborn (Sports Science with Management, 2008); Olly Clark (Computer Science, 2008); John Jackson (Ergonomics, 2007); Andy Hipwell (Computer Science and e-business, 2006); Gemma Brown (Human Biology, 2008); Ben Riches (Geography and PE, 2002); Pennie Riches (BTEC, 2002); Amy Couture (Sport and Exercise Science, 2007); Emma Anderson (Sport and Exercise Science, 2009); Sarah Cullum (Communication and Media Studies, 2006); Kate Wooldridge (Sport and Exercise Science, 2005); Rebecca Herbert (Sport and Exercise Science, 2007); Claudia Ratcliffe (Sports Science and Social Science, 2008); and Rachel Jackson (Graphic Communication, 2007). There are three other all Loughborough couples amongst the group – Ben and Pennie Riches, John and Rachel Jackson and Adam and Keely Harper.

In attendance were many fellow Loughborough alumni, including Best Man Martyn Cryer (Physics, 2004); usher Richard Blagrove (Sports Science with Management, 2003); Joanne Lybovnikova née Richardson (Social Psychology, 2005); Harriet Edmond (Social Psychology, 2005); Thomas Carter (Sports Science with Management, 2003); Samantha Wheelan (Communication and Media Studies, 2007); Joe Sharp (Computing and Internet Engineering, 2005); Kate Sharp (English, 2004); Ben Green (Politics, 2008); Andrew Sherman (Computing and Management, 2003) and Alex Hains.

Olly Laws and Lisa Crow

Jonathan Gallagher (Maths and Accounting, 2009) and Lauren Gallagher née Balding (Textiles Design, 2009) got married on 5th July 2014. Both resided in Telford Hall whilst at Loughborough.

Jonathan Gallagher and Lauren Balding





Obituaries John Barden (Handicraft, 1947)

James Elkins (Mechanical Engineering, 1946)

Alan Brooks-Tyreman (History, 1987) was awarded a PGCE from Newcastle Adam Edwards University and went on to teach History (Civil Engineering, 1948) and Politics at Harton Technology College, in South Shields for 25 years. Derek Field (Electronic and Electrical Engineering, 1970) Alan was an incredibly intelligent Kevin Gilliver person who loved to share his love of (Physical Education, 1966) learning and his love of history with his students. Over the years, alongside co-authors he also wrote a number of Kevin taught Physical Education in history text books and revision guides. Birmingham and Coventry before becoming Physical Education Adviser for County Durham. Alan was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer in March 2013 and After many happy years in Durham died in the local Marie Curie Hospice he moved to be County Inspector for in the August. Throughout his battle Physical Education in Kent. with the cancer, Alan remained stoic and positive. Alan met his wife Susan at Loughborough and they were married following graduation in 1989. They have two children, Frank and Poppy. Frank is now studying a Masters in Maths at Loughborough. Poppy is currently at Primary School. Alan was a very special person and had a great impact on the lives of many people – family, friends and students among them. Ron Castle (Three Year Diploma, 1963) Professor Michael Collins, former Director of the Institute of Sport and Leisure Policy and lecturer in Sport Management degrees at the School of Sport. Pam Cooke worked for the University’s Residential Services for over 27 years. Beginning in The Holt, Pam moved to Rutland Hall before being appointed as Housekeeper to the late Elfyn Richards at University House, which at that time was the official residence of the Vice-Chancellor. Colin Dean (Mechanical Engineering, 1954) Bill Dicker (Civil Engineering, 1960) Bill Driver (Physical Education, 1959)

Kevin became the first Professional Officer for Physical Education, based initially at the National Curriculum Council in York. He was responsible for introducing the National Curriculum for Physical Education. He moved office to London to join the newly formed Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), which oversees both the curriculum and examinations.

Susan Hill, former member of staff John Holden (Handicraft, 1963) Douglas Hooper (Physical Education, 1952) Haralambos Karakannas (Civil Engineering, 1989) Dr Ann O’Brien died in May 2014. Ann was a lecturer in librarianship and information management at Loughborough University for nearly 25 years, and she is greatly missed by her colleagues and students. Brendan O’Roirdan (Engineering Design, 1978) Stephen Paice (Physical Education, 1969) John Adams Park (Physical Education, 1961; BSc (Hons), 2009) died peacefully at home on 22 June 2014, following a long illness. He was husband to Pauline and father to Nicola and Andrew.

Peter Rice (Chemical Engineering, 1970) Peter Sayer (Engineering Design, 1972) Arthur Severs (Physical Education, 1959) Mark Thomas (Civil Engineering, 1988) Raymond Townend (Handicraft, 1963). On leaving college, Raymond taught in the Doncaster area. He was well liked by his pupils and many attended his funeral to pay their respects. His health began to fail quite a few years ago but it did not stop him travelling abroad and enjoying himself with his wife, family and friends. He died on 8th July, and had a “humanist” funeral and a “green” burial in a wood near Bawtry. Simon Viccars (B.Ed, 1977) Simon had a relatively short spell of Leukemia and passed away on 13 November 2013.

John Waugh (Handicraft, 1946) loved his time at Loughborough and always Norman Leonard Potter (Electrical spoke fondly of it, keen to spread the Engineering Diploma, 1951) passed word and recruit as many students to the away on 30 September 2014. Born University as possible. John was a head in Eastbourne, Norman attended teacher as well as a farmer. He never Loughborough College from 1948 He retired from QCA in 1999 and forgot the value of learning and its ability to 52 (gaining a DLC and 1st Class became the Chief Executive of the to enrich and change lives, and never Honours Degree, London), he met Physical Education Association and a lost his enthusiasm for education in the Joan (née Corton), the College freelance consultant. broadest sense of the word. He is sadly secretary and they married and moved missed by all who knew him. He worked for the University of to Stafford where Norman was to join Chichester until his death as a Link Tutor English Electric. He remained secretary Charles Wilson for Physical Education students. of the College/University Guild for 21 (Physical Education, 1956) years and was President in 1969. Pat Godber worked in the shop outside Elvyn Richards Hall for many years and In Stafford, Norman became a was well liked by all the students. She Borough councillor and eventually showed a real interest and concern Mayor and, with his wife Joan, plus a for them and was a mother away from small group of enthusiasts founded home for many, inviting them to have the local Katharine House Hospice Sunday dinner at her home. After and was the first treasurer. retirement, she still maintained contact A keen Rotarian, Norman served as with many ex-students. treasurer, secretary and was President John Hardwick (Handicraft, 1963) in 1988. Respected by all, he made many friends during his full and Connie Hayball (English, 1988) active life and is survived by his wife Joan, daughter Judi, son Michael Peter Hearne (Aeronautical Engineering, and grandchildren Daniel, Amy and 1949) died on 24 Jan 2014. Matthew.


DONATIONS MAKING A DIFFERENCE... BECAUSE WE ARE A CHARITY The Loughborough University Development Trust (LUDT) is the charitable arm of the University and is classed as an exempt charity. Through the LUDT, the University can claim Gift Aid on all eligible donations, increasing their value by 25%. Your support really does make a difference to our work and our students.

me... What giving means to

me... What giving means to Holly Tatnell, Third Year Social Psychology Student and Annual Telethon Caller.

Jon Wood, Economics, 1983, supports sport at Loughborough.

“As a student I didn’t realise that the University was a charity and I’m sure many other current and former students don’t know this either. Having worked as a student caller in Loughborough University’s annual telethon, I know that charitable gifts received by the University make a real different to campus and beyond.

“The University has the potential to make a real difference to the lives of people not only in Loughborough but right across the country and beyond. I also believe that Loughborough University has developed an outstanding proposition through their new strategy that will enhance the development of excellence for years to come.”

From funding life-saving and innovative projects, to providing educational opportunities for all, supporting world-class athletes and internationally recognised research initiatives, donations make a lasting impact on everyone who is associated with the University.

As a student caller I get the opportunity to hear all about the impact Loughborough has had on alumni and their lives, and as a student I get the opportunity to see how donations make such a significant and incredible difference to our Loughborough experience.

The difference the University makes at local, national and international levels is enabled by funding from a wide range of sources, including trusts and foundations, government sources, our own investment, tuition fees and of course, valuable gifts received from our parents, friends and alumni, just like you.

On behalf of the University, I would like to thank all the alumni who have been kind enough to take the time to offer their financial support, however big or small. If you haven’t given yet, I hope you will consider us next time you think about donating to charity.”

me... What giving means to Adam Huddar, Carlton Laser Development Trust Scholar 2013. “When I heard I got a Development Trust Scholarship I was so excited, because it meant I could just concentrate on my degree and not worry about having to get numerous jobs to support my learning. I want to thank all those that have donated to the Development Trust Scholars’ Fund as it allows us to make the most of our time here at Loughborough.”

Help make a difference, call 01509 228685 or email

LOUGHBOROUGH FUND Enhancing the educational experience


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Loughborough University Alumni Magazine Autumn 2014  

Loughborough University Alumni Magazine Autumn 2014

Loughborough University Alumni Magazine Autumn 2014  

Loughborough University Alumni Magazine Autumn 2014