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HAPPENINGS From the Office of

HRS Training MAY 2012 In This Issue: 

HRS Training

Classified Employees

Add Comp Notification

HR Contact Staff Spotlight

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Wellness Corner

Important Dates for Employment Processing

Development Opportunities

Creating an Appointment Continuations Change in Source of Funds

Please see attached documents for more information.

Module 2: Thursday, May 17th

(B) Vendor Schedule Honorific Processing

During each module, attendees will receive a reference manual that includes detailed steps associated with the actions covered in that module.

The next round of HRS training is here! Whereas the first round focused on the Professional employee, the next installment will target the ‘Other Academic’ employee. NOTE: Both sessions will be held in 232 The training sessions will once again utilize Middleton and are approximately 3 hours. the modular training approach; the content Classified Employees of each is shown below: Due to the volume of questions the Department of State Civil Service is receiving Module 1: Wednesday, May 9th concerning the retirement legislation, a 8:30 – 11:30 am OR 1 – 4 pm Legal Advisory has been issued highlighting  Creating a Position the rights of classified employees.


Human Resource Management

         

8:30 – 11:30 am OR 1 – 4 pm


Understanding Control Dates Salary Adjustments Leave actions Promotions Title changes Detail actions Position changes Pay Basis changes Change in Percent of Effort Separations/Retirements

Add Comp Notification In accordance with PS43 and PM3, performing additional duties that may result in the exceeding of an employee’s PM3 must be approved prior to the work being performed.

If any of your faculty members who are teaching either in Spring Intersession, You may register for either module by 5/16 – 6/1, or Summer School, Session A following these steps (additional sessions 5/29 – 8/3 or Session B 5/29 – 7/11, may be added based on demand): and they will exceed their allowable, then a memo from the Chair, through the Dean, to 1. Log in to myLSU. Executive Vice Chancellor, must be 2. Click on the ‘Employee Resources’ link submitted to HRM prior to the work being and then ‘HRM Training Programs’. performed. Once our office receives the 3. After validating your information, click memo, we will verify amounts and forward Continue and then click on the ‘Training for approval to AA & System office. Programs’ link. 4. Select ‘HRS – Creating Actions for Other If you have any question, please contact Academic Employees (Module 1)’ and/or Cathi Richardson at 578-8696 or any member of the Compensation team. ‘HRS – Creating Actions for Other Academic Employees (Module 2)’. HRM |110 Thomas Boyd Hall |T: 225-578-8200 | F: 225-578-6571 | Office Hours: 8-4:30 PM |

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What do you like most about working at LSU?

Marco Barker

There are many opportunities to try new things and be creative. LSU has great talent and unchartered territory to still explore.


Tell us something interesting about yourself.


Osceola, AR

College: BS, Industrial Engineering from the University of Arkansas; MBA, Webster University; PhD, Educational Leadership & Research – Higher Education from LSU.

I have a fascination with leisure classes. I have only taken one, which was Cajun dancing, but I still have a long list of other classes I want to take: photography, tennis, wine tasting, Chicago stepping, and the list continues. I appreciate a formal way of learning hobbies and being able to learn in a group is a plus….so, you’re not the only one lost.

May Vendor Schedules

For ORP, 403 (B), 457 (B) Plans NOTE: May 24th; TIAA-CREF/Kevin Porter will be held in Assistant to the Vice Provost & Director of Educational 319 Student Union. All other vendor meetings will take Equity for the Office of Equity, Diversity & Community place at 304 Thomas Boyd Hall. Outreach (EDCO) – my role is twofold – I am responsible Tuesday Wednesday Thursday for supporting the Vice Provost in assessing and 2 MetLife 3 ING 1 Deferred communicating LSU’s diversity efforts, providing support Compensation Plan Clyde Bohne Linda Alumbaugh & of LA Brandon Goll in operationalizing diversity internally and externally to 225-765-7576 Chris Burton 225-766-8711 Ext. 2261 the university, and handling the fiscal and human 11-4pm 225-926-8082 10-2pm resource functions of EDCO; as director, I develop special x.35507 10-2pm VALIC and innovative programs, initiatives, and educational Mindy Lewis 225-201-1009 opportunities that expands LSU’s scope of diversity.

What do you do in your department, including job title and area?

How long have you been with LSU? Six years

What has been your most satisfying or rewarding experience as an HR professional? Being able to better understand the university from a personnel perspective and having the opportunity to help shape the university through identifying and selecting new employees, who could make significant contributions to the campus.

8 ING Mike Sotile 225-766-8711 10-2pm




22 TIAA-CREF Mark Digiovanni 10-2pm


What’s the strangest thing you’ve run across in your HR career? Not sure of the strangest, but the funniest was an applicant who submitted a draft version of their résumé with proofing comments, which included, “Did you really do this?”



10-2pm 10 ING Linda Alumbaugh & Brandon Goll 225-766-8711 11-4pm 17 ING Linda Alumbaugh & Brandon Goll 225-766-8711 11-4pm 24 ING Linda Alumbaugh & Brandon Goll 225-766-8711 11-4pm TIAA-CREF Kevin Porter 9-4pm 31 ING Linda Alumbaugh & Brandon Goll 225-766-8711 11-4pm

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HAPPENINGS Honorific Processing When processing honorific actions in HRS please be aware of the following required approval levels:


Required Approval

Adding an Honorific With or without salary supplement or increase to base salary

Foundation (if with salary supplement), EVC&P, Chancellor, President and Board of Supervisors

Adding temporary salary supplement (object code 1090) after associated honorific title has already been approved by BoS*

Foundation, EVC&P, Chancellor, President and Board of Supervisors

Extra compensation for services rendered (object code 1060) after associated honorific title has already been approved by BoS**

Foundation, EVC&P, Chancellor, President and Board of Supervisors

Continuation of Honorific with or without money

Foundation, EVC&P, Chancellor, President and Board of Supervisors

GEAUX ACTIVE Please enjoy our newest section of The Happenings, Geaux Active. Here you will find great tips for leading a healthier lifestyle to encourage our faculty and staff to take an active approach in his/her quest for health and well-being. Easy Exercising: Tummy & Thighs

Whether you are waiting for the elevator or the microwave at lunch, you can be toning your middle and strengthening your thighs with this simple move.

1. Stand Up Straight, with heels together and toes pointed slightly outward.

2. Rise up on your toes, pull your belly button in and up, keeping your back straight. Try not to lean forward. Hold for 1 count, then slowly place your heels back on the ground. Do 10 times, or for as long as you’re stuck standing around.

*For example, an honorific is awarded in August with no money associated with it. In October, money is added to the professorship. **For example, an honorific is awarded in August and the holder elects to receive the funds through summer salary. Source: Permanent Memoranda 69, Uniform Personnel “Lazy Woman’s Fitness” Redbook Policy of the LSU Board of Supervisors, Section A.14. Healthy Snack for the Stressed Any questions can be directed to Rebecca Smelley at Feeling a bit stressed out? Try this snack that is high in 8-6623 or the anxiety-reducing amino acid tryptophan. Wrap two ounces of thin (reduced sodium) turkey slices and one EMPLOYMENT PROCESSING thin slice of provolone cheese with a large romaine th lettuce leaf. It’s only 130 calories and will help calm your May 11  Wage Payroll nerves! May 18th  Academic Payroll -“25 Snacks for 150 Calories – Or Less.” May 25th

Wage Payroll

May 28th

Memorial Day holiday

May 31st

Salary Payroll

If there are any health/fitness topics that you would like to see in upcoming issues, please e-mail them to Page 3

Upcoming Opportunities May 14th | 8:00 — 2:30 pm May 29th | 8:00 — 2:30 pm

Hiring Process for Classified, Unclassified Employees and Faculty May 16th | 1 — 4 pm

Bursar Ops May 2nd | 9 — 11 am

Travel Expense Reimbursement

HRS– Creating Actions for Other Academic Employees– Module 2 May 17th | 8:30 — 11:30 am | 1— 4 pm

May 3rd | 9:30 — 11:30 am

Budget and Planning May 3rd | 2 — 4 pm

Post Award Administration May 8th | 9 — 11 am

HRS– Creating Actions for Other Academic Employees– Module 1

Positive Discipline May 17th | 9 am— 11 am

Property & Fleet Management May 17th | 9:30—11:30 am

GLS Training May 22nd |9:30— 11 am

May 9th | 8:30 — 11:30 am | 1— 4 pm

Sponsored Programs System (SPS)

Personnel Activity Reports (PAR)

May 23rd |9 — 10 am

May 9th | 9:30 — 11 am

Reporting Tools: University Ledgers

Invoice Processing

May 23rd | 10— 11:30 am

May 9th | 9:30 — 11:30 am

Good People, Bad Choices: Ethics in the Workplace

Risk Management May 10th | 9:30 — 11:30 am May 22nd | 9:30 — 11:30 am

May 24th | 9 — 12 pm

LaCarte Purchasing Card May 15th | 9:30 — 11:30 am

To Register for a Training and Development class, log into PAWS. Click on ‘Employee Resources’ and then ‘HRM Training Programs” from the left hand menu. You will be asked to validate your personal information. Then, click on ‘Training Programs’ from the top menu. Choose your selected class and date. Click ‘register.’ You will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation or are put on a waitlist, please email the Training & Development Coordinator, Patricia Mitchen at or call her at 225-578-8201. HRM |110 Thomas Boyd Hall |T: 225-578-8200 | F: 225-578-6571 | Office Hours: 8-4:30 PM |


New Employee Orientation

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HRM Happenings May 2012  

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