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HAPPENINGS From the Office of

Retrospective Compensation of any type requires

tant Board of Supervisors Approval r o p Im S! NEW

MAY 2013

The following is the actual excerpt from PM69’s A achment to PM69, Uniform Personnel Policy of the LSU Board of Supervisors Sec on 2‐5.1:

In This Issue: 

Retrospective Compensation


LASERS Education Outreach Series


Summer Add Comp


HR Contact Spotlight



Uniform Personnel Policy of the LSU Board of Supervisors Personnel Ac ons Requiring Board Approval 7. Retrospec ve compensa on of any type, which will be authorized only (i) in excep onal circumstances (when jus fied by the campus or ins tu on in wri ng or as incidental to an approved general pay plan) or (ii) when, due to excusable neglect, the effec ve date of the proposed   appointment, pay increase, or other personnel ac on is no more than 60 days prior to the Board mee ng or 30 days prior to the previous Board mee ng, when more than one month has elapsed since such previous Board mee ng. You may access the LSU Board of Supervisor’s Mee ng Calendar here.

Employment Processing Dates


Geaux Active


Payday Dates


ORP/403(B)/457(B) Vendor Schedule


Training and Development Opportunities

Human Resource Management

If you have ques ons regarding retrospec ve compensa on, retrospec ve effec ve dates or appropriate processing, you may contact your Compensa on Consultant for further informa on.

LASERS Education Outreach Series Louisiana State Employees’ Re rement System (LASERS) is offering videos used to cover important topics and relevant re rement informa on through their Educa on Outreach Series. This series of informa ve videos is a part of the LASERS Video Library which can be accessed at the LASERS Channel on YouTube at: h p:// The video series addresses the following topics:  Countdown to Re rement ‐ addressing the essen al steps in a member’s countdown to re rement 

Deferred Re rement Op on (DROP) ‐ explains the Deferred Re rement Op on and applica on process


Ini al Benefit Op on (IBO) ‐ explains the Ini al Bene‐ fit Op on and IBO applica on process

Summer Add Comp The 2013 Summer Addi onal Compensa on memo is a ached for your convenience. If you have ques ons or need assistance with this, please contact your Compensa on Consultant or an HR Generalist at 578‐8200.

Please feel free to contact LASERS at (225) 922‐0600 for addi onal informa on, or to schedule an appointment.                                                       HRM |110 Thomas Boyd Hall |T: 225‐578‐8200 | F: 225‐578‐6571 | Office Hours: 8‐4:30 PM | 



Name: Sharon "Kay" Harris Hometown: Plaquemine, Louisiana Educa on: Bachelor’s of Science from Southern University What do you do in your department, including job tle and area? I’m the HR Manager of Facility Services. I oversee and perform a variety of Human Resource du es. How long have you been with LSU? 31 years What has been your most sa sfying or rewarding experience as an HR professional? I really like when I get a chance to help someone. What do you like most about working at LSU? I like mee ng so many new people. Tell us something interes ng about yourself. I love singing in my church choir, love most sports especially football and spending me with my family.

Important Dates for Employment Processing Please be sure to use the following effec ve and end dates when loading appointments for Intersession and Summer semesters. 

Spring Intersession: 05/23/2013 – 06/07/2013


Summer Session A: 5/31/2013 – 8/09/2013


Summer Session B: 5/31/2013 – 7/17/2013


Summer Intersession: 08/05/2013 – 08/21/2013

We hope you will enjoy The Happenings, Geaux AcƟve sec on. Here you will find great ps for leading a healthier lifestyle. We encourage our faculty and staff to take an ac ve approach in his/her quest for health and well‐being.

Get Up and Move! “Researchers have linked si ng for long periods of me with a number of health concerns, including obesity and metabolic syndrome — a cluster of condi ons that includes increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels. Too much si ng also seems to increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.” “What's more, spending a few hours a week at the gym or otherwise engaged in moderate or vigorous ac vity doesn't seem to significantly offset the risk.” So, what can you do? 

Set an alert to go off every hour, on your phone or email calendar, to remind you to move around.  Take regular walking breaks to help your circula on.  Bring a yoga/“stability” ball to work to use as a chair; it improves your balance and also works your core and back muscles.  Talk to your boss about considering “ac ve mee ngs;” instead of mee ng in a conference room, walk around outside and talk. Want even more ideas on how you can easily add more movement during your workday? Click on the link below from the Washington Post’s website that offers some fun and simple ways to “workout” at work. It even rates the exercises levels of difficulty, amount of sweat, and humilia on. h p://‐srv/special/health/workout‐at‐work/ “What are the risks of si ng too much?”  “A workout at work?” 

If you have any ques ons regarding this, please contact your Staffing Partner.

If there are any health/fitness topics that you would like to see in upcoming issues, please e‐mail them to

                                                      HRM |110 Thomas Boyd Hall |T: 225‐578‐8200 | F: 225‐578‐6571 | Office Hours: 8‐4:30 PM | 

May Vendor Schedules

For ORP, 403 (B), 457 (B) Plans: All vendor mee ngs will take place at 304 Thomas Boyd Hall. Tuesday












30 ING

Mark Digiovanni, Cameron Pe grew 1‐866‐842‐2951, ext. 257470 9‐4pm

ING Brandon Goll, Mike So le, Julie Russell 225‐766‐8711 10‐2pm



Wage Payroll

May 17th


Academic Payroll

May 24th


Wage Payroll

May 31st


Salary Payroll


Mindy Lewis 225‐201‐1009 at 10‐2pm

Deferred Compensa on Plan of LA Chris Burton 225‐926‐8082 ext. 35507 10‐2pm


Mark Digiovanni Cameron Pe grew 1‐866‐842‐2951, ext. 257470 9‐4pm

Brandon Goll, Mike So le, Julie Russell 225‐766‐8711 11‐2pm

Deferred Compensa on Plan of LA Chris Burton 225‐926‐8082 ext. 35507 10‐2pm

Upcoming Opportunities Retirement Income Strategies Seminar

May 7th | 9 — 10am

May 15th | 10 — 11am May 15th | 2 — 3pm

Invoice Processing May 8th | 9:30 — 11:30am

Post Award Administration Training May 21st | 9 — 11am

Travel Expense Reimbursement May 9th | 9:30 — 11:30am

New Employee Orientation May 13th | 8:15 — 2:30pm May 27th | 8:15 — 2:30pm

Personnel Activity Reports (PAR) May 22nd | 9:30 — 11am

GLS & Reporting Tools May 23rd | 9:30 — 11:30am

LaCarte Purchasing Card May 15th | 9:30 — 11:30am

To register for a Training and Development class, log into myLSU. Click on ‘Employee Resources’ and then ‘HRM Training Programs’ from the le hand menu. You will be asked to validate your personal informa on. Then, click on ‘Training Programs’ from the top menu. Choose your selected class and date. Click ‘register.’ You will receive an email confirma on. If you do not receive a confirma on or are put on a waitlist, please email the Training & Development Coordinator, Chynsia Jenkins at or call her at 225‐578‐8333.                                                       HRM |110 Thomas Boyd Hall |T: 225‐578‐8200 | F: 225‐578‐6571 | Office Hours: 8‐4:30 PM | 


Sponsored Programs Systems (SPS) Training

LSU HRM Happenings May 2013  

Office of Human Resource Management monthly newsletter.

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