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● North Harris • Montgomery County ● May/June 2010

r AORN Chapter #4410

● Jane Jennings, editor

Circulat the

The AORN Mission

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) promotes safety and optimal outcomes for patients undergoing operative and other invasive procedures by providing practice support & professional development opportunities to the perioperative nurse. AORN will collaborate with professional and regulatory organizations, industry leaders, and other health care partners who support our mission.

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R obby Brockhoff, rn, ent AORN Chapter #4410 Presid


Association of Operating Room Nurses

Legislative News

Officers 2009-2010 President Robby Brockhoff 281-463-6466 Vice President Karen Kurland Secretary Mary Lynne Weemering 281-358-9497 Treasurer Jean Franks 281-360-1068

At press time headline news consists of the unresolved oil spill still lurking in the Gulf of Mexico, Census workers are going door to door polling individuals who failed to mail in the paper version, final details concerning the merger between Continental and Unites are being worked out, the unemployment rate has crept up to 9.9 % despite the growth of new jobs for the 4th straight month and 2010 has been named International Year of the Nurse.


Legislative issues being addressed in DC regarding nursing are: the Home health Newsletter Editor Care Planning Improvement Act (HR 4993) Jane Jennings was reintroduced by Rep. Allyson Schwartz 281-419-6694 (D-PA). This act would allow Pas, NP, CNS, & Certified Nurse Midwives to order home Newsletter Publisher Lynn Boeding health services under Medicare in appliance with state law. While the ink is hardly dry on the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Board of Directors Act ( PPACA) aka the Health Care Reform Adam Banasiak bill, which was signed into law 03/23/2010, 281-209-0202 the debate regarding measures in the Diana Barnett bill is heating up. Thirty-nine states have 281-303-5498 proposed legislation that limits, alters, or opposes measures listed in the bill. Despite Becky Churchman the negative opinions held by numerous 281-537-1618 parties there is a positive note for nursing. There will be key provisions for nursing Pat Hoge that increase funding for the primary care 281-379-2517 workforce; grants for nurse managed health Elaine Stewart centers and nurse education, practice 281-370-7415 and retention programs; expansion of nurse loan repayment and scholarship programs, including faculty; workforce diversity grants; grants for APRN’s who Chapter #4410 agree to work in geriatrics or long term care; increased reimbursement for certified website: nurse midwives; a non-profit pt centered outcomes research institute to perform and me.asp?site=chapter4410 synthesize research on effectiveness of care; 2 grant programs for school based health

centers; and establishment of the Center for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety within the Agency of Healthcare Research. For a details of the initiatives go to: www. capitol In addition, 35 members of the Senate signed on to Senators Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and Olympia Snowe (R-ME) request, supporting $ 267.3 million in the 2011 fiscal year appropriations for Title VIII Nursing Workforce Development Programs. In recognition of National Nurse Week, Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX), who is one of three nurses currently serving in Congress, introduced House Resolution 1261. “The resolution states that the House of Representatives recognizes the significant contributions of nurses to the health care system and supports the goals and ideals of National Nurse Week founded by the American Nurses Association.” Recently AORN’s National President, Charlotte Guglielmi was interviewed on the Discovery Channel regarding patient safety via the use of checklists. Guglielmi states in the documentary “that Checklists help make things simple, predictable and standardized. They enhance communication just as they do on airplanes.” The program focuses on the importance of working together to eliminate medical errors. To view the documentary and the soon to be released AORN Comprehensive Surgical Checklist go to: and look for the shot of “Chasing Zero” While the RN Circulator remains to be a high priority issue many state legislative sessions have drawn to a close for this year. The states where there was not a favorable outcome the RN Circulator priority will be reappearing next session. For a detailed report of activities go to the AORN Advocacy Update at

Chapter News…in brief

CONGRATULATIONS! … to Jean Franks who is TCORN’s legistlative representative to TNA for this next year.

THANKS to Coco Villarubia, Acclarent, for her presentation on Balloon Sinuplasty Procedures at the April meeting at Memorial HermannThe Woodlands.


AORN Chapter Committee Chairs Budget & Finance Jean Franks

CEU/Programs each hospital will be responsible Legislative Becky Churchman Membership Donna Hameier Newsletter Jane Jennings & Amy Eberly

TCORN members at the NLAC meeting. Chapter #4410 was represented by Jean Franks and Ann McKennis. back row: Jean Franks (Chapter #4410); Denise Jackson AORN BOD/ TNA GAC, Past Legislative Chair (TCORN); Trish Rodriguez (Greater Houston Chapter); Joy Don Baker, State Legislative Committee Representative (TCORN); Cheri Burr, Chair (TCORN); Mark Phillips Chair Elect (TCORN); Connie Whites Legislative committee member (TCORN). second row: Terri Goodman, Treasurer (TCORN) front row: Ann McKennis (Chapter # 4410), Joanne Oliver , membership chair (Greater Houston Chapter).

MANY THANKS! Thanks to everyone who volunteered for the voting ballot at the last meeting. It is wonderful to see new faces step up to lead our chapter. With all of these new members our chapter has a bright future!

MAY INSTALLATION DINNER A BIG thank you to Karen Kurland for organizing and presiding over our May Installation Dinner for next year’s officers. She utilized herbs to signify the role each position carries on the chapter. Also thank you to Diana Barnett for reserving a room for us at the Red Phoenix restaurant. The food and service were excellent. The evening was well attended.

WAYS & MEANS opportunities will be available in the Fall to help raise money for our chapter. Mark them on your calendar NOW so you will remember to participate. Details about each event will follow later. September–Tri-Chapter Seminar. Our members will be assisting with registration. October–Garage Sale, keep your Spring cleaning items to donate at the Fall Garage Sale. TCORN DATES TO REMEMBER August 14: Coalition planning; January 15: Coalition meeting; March 7-8: Nurse Day at The Capitol

Legislative Report continued from previous page Closer to home the Nursing Legislative Agenda Coalition (NLAC) met 05/01/2010 in Austin. The “Big” issues for 2011 are felt to be: the state budget, redistricting, health care reform, and effects of the 2010 elections. Colleagues in attendance from m Chapter #4410 were Ann McKennis and Jean Franks. For the planners in the group, mark your calendars for the following dates: NLAC meeting 08/14/2010 & 01/15/2011

Nurse Day at the Capitol 03/07-08/2011. In closing, Salute to all Perioperative Colleagues as we celebrate Nurses week. “Let us be anxious to do well, not for selfish praise but to honor and advance the cause, the work we have taken up.” –Excerpt from Florence Nightingale’s Selected Letters –Becky Churchman, rn cnor, crnfa, Chapter Legislative chair

Community Service Karen Kurland & Diana Barnett Research/Scholarship Pat Hoge Special Awards Karen Kurland Special Chapter Award (national) Nancy Stewart-Newsom Policy/Bylaws Karen Kurland TCORN Becky Churchman Membership Donna Hameier Historian Karen Kurland Ways/Means Robby Brockhoff Nominating Committee Amy Eberly 281-516-2372 Cynthia Hawks cynthia.hawks@memorialhermann. org Pat Hoge 281-379-2517 Dave Kroeger 281-296-8576 david.kroedger@memorialhermann. org

research report May 2010

Adverse events occurring during pediatric sedation are recorded in charts but not always reported lthough most adverse events that occur while children are sedated are considered minor, they are not reported as often as they should be, according to a new study from researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston. The team examined 5,045 patient sedation records and found that 329 adverse events occurred, for a rate of 6.52 percent. Of those adverse events, 232 were considered minor, such as the patient vomiting or waking before the procedure was completed; while 97 were deemed serious, such as the need for resuscitation, cardiovascular complications, or paradoxical reaction to the anesthesia.


What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance. – Jane Austen

Although minor events were more common and more likely to be documented in the patients’ file, they were not as likely as serious events to be reported by the

perianesthesea nurse. For example, a patient waking before the procedure was completed, considered a minor event, was noted in the records of nearly 120 patients but reported in just over 20 cases. Nurses may underreport minor sedation incidents because they perceive them as unpreventable, despite the excellent care provided, note the researchers. Their findings suggest that the use of voluntary incident reports may lead to an underestimate of the actual number of adverse events that occur during pediatric sedation. While some perianesthesia nurses may avoid reporting adverse events as a way to preempt possible litigation, not having this information impedes improvements in care quality. This study was funded in part by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. -Pat Hoge rn, bsn, cnor

Chapter President • Helen Tomb-Taylor President Elect • Nancy Stewart-Newsom Vice President • Diana Barnett Secretary • Cheryl Stevenson Nominating Committee Sue Nunez • Linda Chevalier Board of Directors Mirna Bustamonti • Karen Evans


apter #4 North Har 410 ris/Montg omery Co unty proudly p resents

S u m m e r Va c a t i o n! No meetin gs during the summ er month s of June, July & A ugust.

Stay tune d for Septembe r mee at a later ting info date.

Se e you in t he Fall!

Notes &

Minutes CHAPTER BUSINESS MEETING 21 April, 2010 Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Karen Kurland at 6:09 PM.

Legislative: Jean Franks reported that several states have RN circulator being drafted that may not prove to be beneficial. Texas has an excellent statute in place.

Welcome: A welcome was given to Linda Chevalier

Research: Pat Hoge reported on a study that measured whether with simulation models improved competency of OR staff. This study did support the hypothesis.

Minutes: Approved as published in the newsletter Financial: Jean Franks reported a balance of $1556.16. Newsletter: Jane Jennings will send out the deadline date for submissions Chapter awards: Nancy Newsome was thanked for her work in preparing scrapbook which enabled the chapter the win Silver award at AORN Congress in Denver. Ann McKennis was acknowledged for winning the Award for Volunteerism.


Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun. – Kahlil Gibran

TCORN: Jean Franks is the legislative chair for TCORN and will be the NLAC meeting in Austin, May 1. Nominating: Amy Eberly distributed the ballot for election of officers Ways and Means: No report Community Service: Ann McKennis reported that the Children’s Museum will be reopening at a location in the Panther Creek center. The new location is very small and will not have space for a perioperative area. However, the organizers have requested that AORN continue to send volunteers and to provide special events on an occasional basis. Ann requests that any suggestions for special events be sent to her. Diana Barnett reported on Project Cure. Volunteers leave from the Memorial Hermann parking lot on the 3rd Saturday of each month and work from 9A-noon. Additional volunteers are appreciated. Programs: The May program will be installation of officers at the Phoenix in the Woodlands (off hwy 242 near St. Luke’s Hosp) Policy/by-laws: Karen Kurland will read the current by-laws to determine if revisions are necessary.

Congress Highlights: The delegates gave a short synopsis about the business of house of delegates which can be found on the AORN website. The prominent issues were “one member/one vote” which passed in a modified form and the dues increase to $125. Garage Sale: The membership discussed the October garage sale at Marie Elliott’s house in Kingwood. Jane Jennings to include a blurb in the next newsletter to encourage members to collect items for the sale. The Saturday date in October will be announced later. Tri-Chapter Seminar: Helen TombTaylor reported on the planning meeting that and Becky Churchman attended. Our chapter will be responsible for the registration table for this seminar which is scheduled in September at a location to be announced. TNA: No report New Business: Helen Tomb-Taylor announced that she will call a board probably in July. Among the issues to be discussed will be the chapter dinners. The membership voted to give Helen money for airfare to Denver to attend Leadership conference in June. Election: The membership voted to accept the ballot by acclimation. New officers are: President Elect: Nancy Newsom Vice President: Diana Barnett Board: Karen Evans and Mirna Bustamante Secretary: Cheryl Stephenson Nominating: Sue Nunez and Linda Chevalier

2010 International Year of the Nurse: A Celebration 2010 IY Nurse, in recognition of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s), seeks to recognize the contributions of nurses globally and to engage nurses in the promotion of world health. 2010 is also the Centennial Year of the death of modern nursing’s founder- Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). To celebrate this historic milestone, the 2010 IY Nurse is planned as a sustained public awareness initiative to actively involve the world’s nurses-estimated to be more than 15 million-in a celebration of commitment to bring health to their communities worldwide. UN Millennium Development Goals 1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 2. Achieve universal primary education 3. Promote gender equality and empower women 4. Reduce child mortality 5. Improve maternal health 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and all communicable and noncommunicable diseases*

“The door that nobody else will go in at, seems always to swing open widely for me.” – Clara Barton

7. Ensure environmental sustainability 8. Develop a global partnership for development. *2010 IY Nurse joins the worldwide call for including this language in MDG #6 To obtain more info on how to become involved go to:

–Quoted from Nurse Week National Nurses Week Issue 2010

April Minutes & Notes

continued from previous page

Announcements: Ann McKennis announced that she is working on the campaign for Jean Sargent. She encouraged Woodlands residents to vote in the upcoming election. There is a seminar at Memorial Hermann on, April 23rd, from 8A to 3P with a focus on research. There is no fee to attend and contact hours will be awarded. For information, call Jane Jennings or Helen Tomb-Taylor. Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 7:00PM. The program to follow is Balloon Sinuplasty. –Respectfully submitted by Mary Lynne Weemering, Chapter secretary

CORRECTION FROM LAST ISSUE: In this photo from our last issue, we inadvertently missed identifying Connie Whites. She and Marlene Craden were our two SA delegates.

The RNFA SA Coordinating Council plus Marlene Craden, Byron Burlingame of AORN staff, Rhonda Anders of BOD and Debbie Robichaud of AORN Staff. They stopped our meeting, chaired by Jean Franks to take the picture. Members of the Coordinating Council are Terri Aldama-past chair, Karen MacDonald Education Chair, Nancy Rove Chair elect, Lonna Brazeel, Connie Whites, Communication chair, Karen Knapp, Practice Issue Chair.

AORN Chapter #4410 Newsletter  
AORN Chapter #4410 Newsletter  

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