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WORSHIP We believe as a congregation that our worship should be wholehearted and meaningful as we join together in praise and thanksgiving to God. In response to God’s love, we wish to express our joy, to open our hearts to God’s voice and to respond to His word.

LEARNING Recognising our need to learn of God and from God, we seek to

provide an environment within which learning and teaching can take place. We would want to enable each person to accept God into their life and to have the ability to discuss and share their faith with all.

PASTORAL We are joined together in our faith by the Holy Spirit. As a loving fellowship we wish to deepen and extend our care for each other encouraging everyone to use their gifts, as they are enabled by God, to show tenderness and compassion in a spirit of humility.

MISSION/SOCIETY We accept that we are called to make Christ known in our community at Bamford and in all other places. We would wish to influence others by example and comment, accepting that God will speak through us as we maintain a relationship with Him. We recognise the need for the Church to participate in all aspects of the life of the world, and proclaim God’s will, as it is revealed to us.


Further Details may be found at Thursday 2nd May

Sunday 5th May

7.00 pm

10.30 am

Family Worship with Holy Communion led by our Minister Revd Richard Bradley Includes Gifts from our organisations

6.00 pm

Evening Worship led by Margaret Ogden

10.30 am Sunday 12th May

Monday 13th May

Sunday 19th May

Monday 20th May

Elders Meeting

Junior Church Anniversary, led by the Junior church Followed by Church Meeting

6.00 pm

Evening Worship led by our Minister Rev Richard Bradley

8.00 pm

Focus on Prayer Group (crèche room)

10.30 am

Pentecost service, Family Worship led by Andy Platt & Rev Richard Bradley, with Baptism

11.15 am

Whit Walk from the car park led by Rochdale Borough Youth Band

6.00 pm

Evening Worship with Holy Communion led by our Minister Rev Richard Bradley

8.00 pm

Focus on Prayer meeting (crèche room) Diary continues on the next page 1

Saturday 25th May

7.30 pm

10.30 am Sunday 26th May 6.00 pm Wednesday 29th May

1.30 pm

Concert by Wisconsin Lutheran Choir Trinity Sunday, Family Worship led by our Minister Revd Richard Bradley Evening Worship led by Joanne Ackroyd Midweek Communion service

Message from the Manse “The Promised Holy Spirit” As we enter the month of May we begin a new theme in the worship life of the Church. We explore the theme of “The Holy Spirit” as on the 19th May we celebrate Pentecost. This particular Sunday is also referred to as the birthday of the Church. It is apt, therefore, that in this year of Seeking God’s Vision for Bamford Chapel, and as we will have completed the questionnaire forms in the month of April, that we focus on the Holy Spirit as we continue to think about and pray for God’s guidance and vision for us. I cannot stress enough the need for us to think about ‘what’ we do and ‘why’ we do it. In addition ‘how’ we do it. The denomination as a whole is shrinking numerically in a depressing way and at a depressing rate. (As I write I am trying to get figures from the national URC about growing churches and membership numbers). Bamford Chapel is in a relatively comfortable position. We have good numbers but we should never feel that because of that we do not have to be a missionary 2

people. I know of a URC church which 20 years ago – perhaps slightly less – was the size of Bamford Chapel and is now struggling. It is important that we never stop longing for God to show us new ways of sharing the Good News of the Gospel. Some things may need to change within the church, there may be areas of strength that we can build on, there may be area of strength that we can learn from in order to strengthen the weaker parts. But to use a phrase from politics: “We are all in this together” and we need to work together to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom. Focusing this month on the Holy Spirit will, I hope, help us in our prayer lives and help us to know what to pray and how to pray as we journey on together to further the boundaries of the kingdom of God. I hope and pray that you will all come on this journey. It is daunting and it is exciting. But be assured with God at the helm we are in the safest and most knowledgeable hands that we can possibly be in. Any change and any new things that we do will be because we feel God is prompting us to do them. Let us pray together, grow together and seek God together as the Church of Christ here at Bamford Chapel. God Bless, your servant in Christ, Richard.


News of the family Concerns are expressed for Auriel and Ray Atkins, Margaret Riley and family, Alastair Linden and family, Marjorie and Ken Farrington, Don and Winifred Schofield, Joan Warner and her sister, Sylvia, Sid Hazlehurst, Peter and Dot Craig, Carol Hartley and family, Pat Gate, Ian and Anne Newman, Joyce and Derrick Yates, Jean Fitton, Diane Davies, Muriel and Ian Sturrock. Please remember all these people in your prayers, along with any others known to you personally or who I have omitted to mention. As a church we look forward to the arrival of the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir. We are committed to accommodating sixty one members of the choir, as agreed at the Church Meeting. We are currently nine places short, meaning that we may have to pay for bed and breakfast or try to put some choir members up in church, which will not be an ideal solution. Please consider whether you could accommodate one or two young people on 24th/25th May. As people who have previously put up members of the Wartburg choir and Wind Band know, it can be a very rewarding and happy experience. These are young Christian people who are giving up their time to share their faith and commitment to Jesus Christ. Please pray for the choir during their tour of the UK and Ireland, and if you really can’t help out with accommodation, please support the concert on Saturday 25th May. 4

Thank you I would like to express my sincere thanks to all at Bamford Chapel for all the prayers, cards, phone calls and texts that I have received before and since my operation,

also for the lovely flowers. God Bless Diane Davies

A big thank you to all of you at Bamford Chapel for the gift presented to me on Sunday 7th April for my 10 years’ service as treasurer which was the maximum I could serve. It was a privilege to serve you and my God in this role. I hope I can continue to serve you as an elder and I am sure God will show me how to use the extra free time I will have. Thank you once again. God Bless Margaret Watson. 5

Ladies’ Fellowship We were privileged at our March meeting to have our own Mike Lucas whose talk was entitled “Music Hath Charms”. Music in general plays a very big part of most people’s lives. It has certainly always been a big part of my life. However, Mike’s involvement in music education began over 40 years ago for Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music which set national standards since 1889; Now over 600,000 students take graded exams in 90 countries in more than 30 instruments. Mike took over the job of Honorary Local Representative in 1953 from his wife Doreen’s mother in Darlington. He went on to establish a centre in Rochdale in 1989 after retiring from his career as head of Rochdale College and has been overseeing exams 3 times a year since then. The actual organisation of exam period line of St George’s piano for several days - trying to ensure exams and candidates are well looked after and everything runs smoothly. The annual reward was lunch at The Hilton Hotel in London. Mike ended his talk with 3 grades of attractive pieces of classical music played by Doreen, which depicted the 3 stages of exam levels. Doreen also taught music by giving piano lessons. I, along with quite a few ladies, were not aware of Mike’s talent in music. It is an astonishing achievement to have had such a fine career in music along with his career at Rochdale College. Thank you very much Mike for sharing with the Ladies’ Fellowship your wonderful career in music.

Margaret Entwistle. 6

How to stay safe this Spring 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Avoid riding in automobiles - they are responsible for 20% of all fatal accidents. Do not stay home - 17% of all accidents occur in the home. Avoid walking on streets or pavements - 14% of all accidents occur to pedestrians. Avoid traveling by air, rail, or water - 16% of all accidents involve these forms of transportation. Of the remaining 33%, 32% of all deaths occur in Hospitals. So, ... above all else, avoid hospitals.

BUT , .... You will be pleased to learn that only .001% of all deaths occur in worship services in church, and these are usually related to previous physical disorders. Therefore, logic tells us that the safest place for you to be at any given point in time is at church! ...And...Bible study is safe too. The percentage of deaths during Bible study is even less. So, attend church, and read your Bible - IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Manchester Supporters’ Group


Wisconsin Lutheran Choir 24th/25th May By the time you read this, it will only be a matter of a week or so before the choir arrive. Thanks to all those people who have volunteered to host members of the choir. I am sure that you will find it a rewarding experience. If you have not been able to offer accommodation for any reason, I am sure that you will want to support this venture by attending the concert on Saturday 25 th May. The concert is part of the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir`s UK and Ireland tour. They will present a diverse programme of secular and sacred choral works in original languages. The first half of the programme will feature choral masterworks and contemporary settings of standard literature, including Henry Purcell`s “Hear My Prayer,O Lord” and Welsh composer Paul Mealor`s “Ubi Caritas”, which was premiered at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey. The 24 voice Chamber Choir will feature songs by American composers, including Aaron Copeland`s “Las Agachadas” and Emma Lou Diemer`s witty arrangement of “She`ll be Comin` Round the Mountain”. The choir is conducted by Dr James Nowack, director of choral activities at Wisconsin Lutheran College since 1994. The choir is comprised of more than 60 young Christian adults who represent a wide variety of academic majors and minors at the college. The ensemble travels abroad every four years and has performed at notable venues which include St. Martin in the Fields in Trafalgar Square and La Madeleine in Paris. 8

Tickets for the concert are now available, price ÂŁ6 per adult and ÂŁ4 per child under 16 years. Please try to support this church initiative. Further details please contact Angela Smith (656517 or

And God separated the light from the dark.


Meandering with Matthew

There are now several groups within our church community who meet to discuss, pray and read the Bible together. There is “Joy”, “Stillness and Sharing”, “Home Discussion Group” and “BIBLE STUDY”! As a (very) long term member of the Bible Study group, started by Ray and Auriel Atkins as a follow up to the original Alpha course, too long ago to remember, I am writing to reassure you that “BIBLE STUDY” is not as daunting as it sounds. We are currently a very small group, rather Nomadic in that we have no permanent home. We meet each Wednesday at one or other of the members` homes. Since Auriel's illness, and indeed occasionally before that, some of us take turns to lead the group, using study guides and a wing and a prayer to help us get through the evening. In spite of the scary name of the group, we have a lot of fun, share our joys, sorrows, faith, doubts and fears and generally get to know each other well. We do follow the course and try, sometimes with great difficulty, to follow the questions in the book. At the moment we are reading St Matthew`s Gospel. Which book we will read next will be open to discussion and negotiation. Whatever we read, we read with open 10

minds, and on equal terms with each other. No one takes a “teaching” stance; those leading the session are merely facilitators and never lecturers. We would love more people to join us and share in our spiritual development. If you feel that you would like to learn more about the Bible in a non-threatening, friendly atmosphere, or if you feel you could teach us more about the Bible, please come along on Wednesday night at 7.30pm. I can`t say anything about the venue because it varies. I can`t tell you who the leader will be - who knows, it may be you! Angela Smith

Traidcraft Recycling Appeal Turn your unwanted jewellery into cash for Traidcraft Exchange and help transform lives whilst saving precious raw materials. Envelopes are available to fill with ANY unwanted or broken: Gold, silver or other metal jewellery and gemstones Costume jewellery: Watches, earrings, beads, bangles, bracelets, necklaces and rings Snapped Chains – Broken Watches – Odd Earrings Old or Foreign Banknotes See Barbara Redmond for more details and envelopes or pop your unwanted items in the box in the coffee area. Thank you 11

Take the first steps to making a difference! A new video demonstrates the difference Training for Learning and Serving is making to people’s lives. On the video, which can be viewed at, course members describe their TLS experience: ‘I have gained an understanding of what God can do through me!’ ‘The most enjoyable part of TLS has been growing spiritually.’ ‘It’s a long journey and there are difficult times but in the end you get to meet with God.’

‘To have come across something with the ‘wow factor’ is wonderful!’ TLS offers opportunities to: Examine your faith

Enrich your discipleship Explore your calling To make a difference in your life, your church and your neighbourhood


 

A spiritual journey

A variety of courses on subjects related to Christian life and discipleship 12

A diverse learning experience with opportunities for

 Reflective and practical work  Personal and group study  Local and residential gatherings 

A fellowship of friendly people


Just out of personal interest, to help you be more understanding and effective in your Christian discipleship

 

To explore opportunities to serve God in the future

To help you acquire United Reformed Church Assembly Lay Preaching accreditation Because it doesn’t matter whether you have some academic experience or none. You can take the first steps to making a difference with

HOW CAN I FIND OUT MORE? More details, including the current prospectus and application form, are to be found on the United Reformed Church Web-site at Click the TLS icon on the front page OR Contact the TLS Administrator, Mrs Heather Skidmore, at 27 Yew Tree Road Elkesley, Retford Notts. DN22 8AY Tel: 01777 838634 E-mail: who will be happy to send to you the TLS Prospectus and Application Form 13

Christian Aid Week May 12th - 18th Christian Aid Week will be upon us once again before we know where we are. So once again I am asking for volunteer collectors. We are blessed by the number of people who volunteer year by year but we are always happy to recruit new people. The task involves delivering the envelopes at the beginning of the week and returning to collect them later, sometimes more than once when people are not at home. That way we maximise the amount that we collect. I am sure you will have seen the banner that we have outside Church which is the logo for Christian Aid’s campaign for 2013. It says…..

Hunger is the world's most shocking problem and our toughest challenge. One in eight people on this planet lives with the pain of hunger. And yet our planet provides enough food for everyone. It's unfair, it's unjust, and - it's totally preventable. We can push world leaders to end this injustice by tackling four big IFs .


IF we stop big companies dodging taxes in

poor countries, so that millions of people can free themselves from hunger……..Too many unscrupulous businesses and individuals manage to avoid paying the taxes they owe in developing countries. They're dodging millions of pounds every day That money could help millions of people to escape from hunger. We can help stop this tax dodging if our government steps up to close the international tax loopholes

2. Aid

IF we make the right investments to stop

people dying from hunger, and help the poorest people feed 14

themselves…….. The UK government has committed to spending 0.7% of its national income on aid. We must make sure they keep this promise.

3. Land IF we stop poor farmers being forced off their land, and use crops to feed people, not fuel cars………..The poorest farmers are losing their land to giant corporations. These companies don’t care that the land is already being used by local people to grow food. Stopping them would help millions of people get enough to eat.

4. Transparency IF we force governments and big corporations to be honest and open about their actions that stop people getting enough food……….Transparency and accountability are vital in the global food system. Decisions that can affect millions of people are made behind closed doors, without the participation of those affected. Corporates and governments must be more transparent about their affairs so that citizens can hold to account powerful players in the food system. These are big IFs, but if we press our leaders to make these happen, and IF they do, there really will be enough food for everyone. With the UK hosting the annual G8 summit meeting (a meeting for the government leaders of eight of the world’s most powerful economies), 2013 represents an historic opportunity in the fight to end world hunger. It is a crucial time to get the message to world leaders that strong action must be taken to address the structural causes of poverty and hunger. We will have some action cards to send to our MPs during Christian Aid week, please help to fight this campaign. Christian Aid believes in the power of prayer and action. Do you? Margaret Ogden 15

The Witness A Musical by Jimmy and Carol Owens Many years ago I had the pleasure of introducing this work at Bamford Chapel when Geoff Yates was our Minister – he had drawn my attention to it, and the choir enjoyed learning and presenting it. Recently some of the congregation became aware that United Christian Singers are reviving it this summer, and suggested that I make that known here so that anyone who wished could hear it again. These are the dates and locations: Saturday 18th May at 7.30

Walkden Methodist Church

Sunday 9th June at 6.30

Atherton Parish Church

Saturday 15th June at 7.30

Christ Church, Southport

Sunday 23rd June at 6.30

Alderley Edge Methodist Church

Saturday 29th June at 7.30

St. John’s Methodist Church, Horwich

(This last date is also the occasion of the URC Day in Blackpool) The choir had an unexpected and very generous bequest from a member’s daughter, and the visit to Southport is dedicated to her memory and will be financed from her gift. Christ Church is the very prominent one on Lord Street, very close to the War Memorial and in the heart of the shopping area. It has a thriving café – if you are in the town, pop in there for coffee or lunch and have a look round. This is a church taking full advantage of its prime location to reach out to passers -by. The worship area has been comprehensively modernised and equipped. There are two services on Sunday mornings – one in traditional Anglican liturgical format and the later one designed to attract and meet the needs of younger families. Once a month the two congregations combine, with options for members of breakfast or lunch before or after worship. The location of this church gives it immense 16

advantages, and it has an information stall on the street that passers-by cannot fail to notice. If we had that sort of location, I am sure we too would turn it to great advantage! UCS is very much missing the presence of Auriel Atkins, who has been one of its most loyal and committed members. Michael Lucas is with us, and Malcolm Gate has accepted my invitation to sing the highly dramatic role of Judas in “The Witness”. UCS had its beginnings in our Chapel, and, although most of those who were part of the choir at its foundation have dropped out over the years, I continue to be grateful for the support this church gave to us at the outset. The 90 members in membership with us at the moment include many who have been with us over our 20 plus years of existence whilst others joined only a few weeks ago! Incidentally, to underline the ecumenical nature of the choir, one row of men comprises two retired Methodist ministers and one retired Roman Catholic priest!

May 26: Trinity Sunday how do you explain it? Trying to explain the doctrine of the Trinity has kept many a theologian busy down the centuries. One helpful picture is to imagine the sun shining in the sky. The sun itself – way out there in space – unapproachable in its fiery majesty – is the Father. The light that flows from it, and which illuminates all our lives, is the Son. The heat that flows from it, and which gives us all the energy to move and grow, is the Holy Spirit. You cannot have the sun without its light and its heat. The light and the heat are from the sun, are of the sun, and yet are also distinct in themselves, with their own roles to play. 17

May 19: Pentecost/Whit Sunday the birthday of the Church returning to Galilee. Jesus had plans for his apostles – but he knew they could not do the work themselves – they would need his help.

Pentecost took place on the well established Jewish festival of Firstfruits, which was observed at the beginning of the wheat harvest. It was exactly 50 days after the Passover, the time of Jesus’ crucifixion. A feast day to celebrate the country’s wheat harvest does not sound exactly world-changing, but that year, it became one of the most important days in world history. For Pentecost was the day that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit - the day the Church was born. Jesus had told his apostles that something big was going to happen, and that they were to wait for it in Jerusalem, instead of

And so the apostles and disciples waited in Jerusalem, praying together for several days. And then on that fateful morning there was suddenly the sound as of a mighty rushing wind. Tongues of flame flickered on their heads, and they began to praise God in many tongues – to the astonishment of those who heard them. The curse of Babel (Genesis 11: 1- 9) was dramatically reversed that morning. That morning the Holy Spirit came to indwell the apostles and disciples of Jesus: and the Church was born. The Christians were suddenly full of life and power, utterly different from their former fearful selves. The change in them was permanent. 18

Peter gave the first ever sermon of the Christian church that morning: proclaiming Jesus was the Messiah. His boldness in the face of possible death was in marked contrast to the man who had denied Jesus 50 days before. And 3,000 people responded, were converted, and were baptised. How’s that for fast church growth! Of course Pentecost was not the first time the Holy Spirit had acted in this world. All through the Old Testament there are accounts of how God’s Spirit guided people and strengthened them. But now, because of Christ’s death and resurrection, he could INDWELL them. From now on, every Christian could have the confidence that Jesus was with them constantly, through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

May we be Light ‘Light of the World’ are we, May we shine brilliantly In the World’s night.

When all around is gloom When Satan speaks of doom In shadow of the tomb May we be light! Our good works, openly Conducted joyfully In the World’s sight; As we meet people’s needs May all our Christian deeds Plant many Christian seeds – May we be light! Led by the Spirit, pure We’ll, with His guidance sure

Touch the World’s plight; As we walk Jesus’ ways May our lives all our days Bring to our Jesus, praise May we be light!

By Nigel Beeton


Bamford Chapel Lunchtime Concerts 2012-2013 Although our 30th season of lunchtime concerts saw a disappointing drop in audience numbers - 60 fewer “customers” than last year - the quality of our artistes and their music making was of our usual high standard and was greatly appreciated by those who heard them. Our continuing aim is to provide young musicians, setting out on their professional careers, with opportunities to show off their talents by performing to an enthusiastic and appreciative audience. In October Amanda Kay, a local Heywood girl, and now on a post -grad drama course in London, started the series of concerts with an attractive programme of songs, interspersed with amusing readings in the appropriate ‘twang’. November’s concert - the Chris Holmes Jazz Trio - set the feet tapping and the blood racing with their high-octane performance of standard Gershwin, Berlin and Cole Porter numbers/ the usual audience was swollen by several local jazz aficionados! On a cold frosty Tuesday in December we were again admiring the talents of 15 woodwind youngsters aged from 12 to 18, from Chetham’s School of Music accompanied by their Head of Department, and we are grateful that the school continues to include Bamford in their busy outreach programme. Perhaps the outstanding concert this year came in January and was given by Qian Wu, a Chinese violinist, who had flown in from Shanghai the previous day. Showing no jet-lag she gave immaculate performances of challenging works from the violin repertoire, impeccably accompanied by Russell Lomas, a regular supporter of our concerts. 20

February saw a return visit by Maya Irgalina (Belarus pianist) with her friends Kristine Healy (Australian flautist) and Stephanie Pfeffer (Austrian soprano) who’ve formed Ensemble Tryptique. In various duets and trios they presented some beautiful and rarely performed musical gems. Out season concluded with a tribute recital to the famous French Horn player, Dennis Brain, by a young American, Robert Font and his accompanist Simon Passmore, students from the RNCM. It was a shame that we only had 50 in the audience to hear this most demanding of instruments played with such confidence and precision. Again we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Margaret and Pamela Harrington, who has kindly taken over from Auriel, and their energetic teams of ladies for continuing to provide pre-concert refreshments. The profit made from lunches makes up the largest part of the £800 we will be donating on Gift Day. In conclusion I want to make an appeal for more church members to come (with friends) and listen to our attractive and varied series of concerts - only 4 years ago we had 104 and 114 in our February and March concerts! Not only are we encouraging gifted young players, but we’re supporting Bamford Chapel. Our next concert will be on Tuesday October 8th and programmes will be available in August. Come and join us, enjoy the musical ‘plunge’ and spread the word! Remember the glorious Kathryn Rudge concert? Please return for more! Mike Lucas


United Reformed Church Big Day Out 29th June 2013 DON’T MISS OUT, ON THE BIG DAY OUT! Book now to the Norbreck Castle Hotel Blackpool! Booking forms available from your Church Secretary! This is a taster of events WORSHIP AT THE BIG DAY OUT: – worshipping among the multitude! The day will begin with a Songs of Praise. The Closing Worship will including a Silent Communion. Curious? Then make sure you are there to be a part of it. MARKET STALLS AND DISPLAYS: will pr ovide you with a lot of interesting things to explore. SHAWL MINISTRY: combines a love of knitting or cr ochet with a prayerful ministry. MESSY CHURCH: Ther e ar e usually 3 elements: cr aft activities, a short celebration and food. THE SYNOD RETREATS GROUP REPRESENTS: Pr aying as you might never have seen it before! WITH – Chorley URC PUPPET TEAM. PLUS EMMAUS ROAD PRAYER COMMUNITY. BRING A BANNER: Br ing a flip-chart size banner, showing The Mission of your Church GOSPEL MAGIC: Ken does this by giving a visual gospel pr esentation using slight of hand and optical illusion (magic tricks). TREASURE TRAIL: Solve the clues to collect the stamps and complete your treasurer trail booklet. PILOTS: Cr afts, Games, discussion, Ar t, Pr ayer , Wor ship… all of these can be included in the Pilots evening. FUN AND GAMES:A session for just fun and games for all ages Young Families DOWN THE ‘CHUTE’ THAT’S PARACHUTE…A session of games and activities using a parachute. Suitable for all ages, sizes and abilities. 22

DANCE 4 FUN: We offer dance to anyone aged 2+. We will offer a dance for all to take part in and learn a routine and have some fun. TWO KEY NOTE SPEAKERS: Roberta Rominger Gener al Secr etary of the United Reformed Church, Martyn Atkins is General Secretary of the Methodist Church. ART FOR ALL: Have fun painting and dr awing or visit Art-Talk where conversation is inspired by colour, shape and form BIG FUN QUIZ: Pit your wits against other Chur ches THE BIG SING: Make a joyful noise! MORE MUSIC…Musical instr uments and inter est fr om acr oss the globe in the World Music Workshop, or ‘Play ‘n’ Praise’ MORE WORKSHOPS AND BIBLE STUDY An inspir ing hour of Bible Study with Lawr ence Moor e, Linda Rayner … IF campaign with Dave Hardman Church website in Lawr ence Moor e’s iChurch taster wor kshop SO MUCH TO DO…“Ther e is a famous seaside place called Blackpool that’s noted for fresh air and fun…” You can take part in as many or as few of the planned activities as you like. The Norbreck Castle Hotel is right on the front-giving you easy access to the beach Food is available at the hotel food courts. PLEASE NOTE: At the late after noon br eak the hotel can offer a pack consisting of sandwiches, bottle of water, crisps, biscuit and a piece of fruit at a cost of £5.95.

If you are interested in purchasing food from the hotel please complete the appropriate section on the booking form. Food purchased in the hotel can be eaten on the premises but of course you may wish to bring your own food and eat it on the prom or beach.

£5.00 each, Under 18s FREE


The Pink Ladies trip to The Lowry to see The Full Monty

collapse of coal mining in the area and the subsequent shutting down of the steel mills. The story focuses on six out of work men including four former steel workers - it touched upon serious subjects, such as unemployment, and its devastating knock-on effects.

On Wednesday 17th April 23 ladies, young and old, went to see The Full Monty at The Lowry, Salford Quays.

Despite such a negative setting it proved to be a wonderful comedy and I believe that everyone left the theatre feeling uplifted and with a big smile!

The Full Monty is set in Sheffield in the early 1970s, where many people were on the dole following the

Here’s to our next outing. Louise Aspinall

Wisconsin Lutheran Choir, 24th/25th May Thanks to those people who have already volunteered to host members of the choir. We now know that there will be 61 young people in the party, so we still need more beds. There is a list to sign in the coffee area. For more information, please see Angela Smith or Julie Platt.



Who, Me? Once upon a pew I sat and heard the Vicar ask, "We need someone to teach a class, now who will take this task?" Then God sat down beside me there and said, "Now, that's for you." "But Lord, to stand before a class Is one thing I can't do. Now Jill would be the one to call, there's nothing she won't do. I'd rather hear the lesson taught from here upon my pew." Once upon a pew I sat and heard the Vicar ask, "We need someone to lead the songs, now who will take this task?" Then God sat down beside me there and said, "Now, that's for you." "But Lord, to sing before a crowd Is one thing I can't do. Now friend Joe will do the job, there's nothing he won't do. I'd rather hear the music played from here upon my pew." Once upon a pew I sat and heard the Vicar ask, "I need someone to keep the door, now who will take this task?" Then God sat down beside me there and said, "Now, that's for you." "But saying things to strangers, Lord, Is one thing I can't do. Now Tom can talk to people, Lord, there's nothing he won't do. I'd rather someone come to me and greet me in the pew." As years just seemed to pass me by, I heard that voice no more. Until one night I closed my eyes and woke on Heaven's shore. 'Twas four of us together there to face eternity. God said, "I need just four of you to do a job for me." "O Lord, I cried, "I'll do the job, there's nothing I won't do." But Jesus said, "I'm sorry, friend, In Heaven there's no pew." shared with us by Joan Ashton 26

Museums at Night 16th—18th May We’ll be celebrating Museums at Night with some nocturnal activities at the museum between 16th—18th May. See our website for details closer to the time

Pioneer Pictures Wednesday 29th May 11.00am - 4.00pm Pose as a Pioneer and have your photograph taken wearing Victorian costume. We’ll e-mail your photograph to you and share it on our facebook or twitter sites if you like! Learn about how to date old photographs and test your knowledge in our photo quiz. There will also be photo jigsaws to solve! FREE, donations welcomed. Drop in, no need to book. Suitable for the whole family.

Lectures Thursday 9 May Co-operative Architecture 6.30-8.00pm This talk is by practising architect Stephen McCusker.

Rochdale Pioneers Museum 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale, OL12 ONU

01706 524920 / 27

Before Pentecost the disciples found it hard to do easy things. After Pentecost they found it easy to do hard things. A J Gordon




Louise Aspinall

01706 719449

Martyn James

01706 868885


Joan Ashton

01706 360395


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Thursday 23rd May 2013

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