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HEY CUPCAKE! Sarah Kirkpatrick Katherine Powell Lindsey Lee

Summary This proposal addresses the potential redesign of the Hey Cupcake trailer menu and online menu, as well as the creation of a take-away menu. The redesign plan of the Hey Cupcake menus include a redesign of: the current online menu, the physical menu located at Hey Cupcake trailers, and the creation of a take-away menu. The redesign consists of changing the appearance of the current menu into a cartoon type of layout that will include hand drawn cupcakes and a more playful typeface. The medium for the take-away menu will be small and easily transportable. The online format will be more colorful and eye appealing to assimilate the real nature of Hey Cupcake.

Introduction Summary A menu is a restaurant’s most intimate point-of-sale connection. It’s the literature that prompts customers to buy or not buy and how much to buy. So the question is how does one increase the overall sales based on these menus? The proposal is that Hey Cupcake undergoes a menu transformation. The desire is to redesign menus located at Hey Cupcake trailers, redesign the online menu, as well as create a unique take-away menu for Hey Cupcake. Research suggests that menu typography is one of the biggest factors related to overall happiness. The other main proposition, based on modern research, is to eliminate the usage of ($10) prices and instead transition into a price that has no ($): (10). Based on proven research, customers are inclined to spend less when reminded of money, hence the elimination of the ($) money sign. The basis of the creation of a new menu is reflected by the need to enhance the overall usability, speed, and accuracy of the menu. By establishing a take-away menu, customers are taking a piece of promotional material home with them, which will ultimately prompt them to order more cupcakes and overall spend more.

Project Description I. INTRODUCTION While this project is ultimately aimed toward increasing profit for Hey Cupcake, the short-term intention is to quickly make the Hey Cupcake menu options more accessible and persuasive to customers. In order to achieve this goal, the existing online menu must be renovated in

order to create a more rhetorically effective document. In addition, this proposal suggests the introduction of a take-away menu that customers can take with them and use as a future reference.

II. RATIONALE & SIGNIFICANCE The Hey Cupcake menu, in its current state, is not necessarily ineffective or unsuccessful, as evident by the popularity and prowess that the company has already established. Nonetheless, significant areas for improvement exist. In addition to increasing profits, redesigned menus will incite a slightly rebranded company image, ultimately appealing to a wider array of prospective consumers.

III. PLAN / METHOD 1. Research These researchers, primarily through scholarly journals, will attain a more detailed and conclusive comprehension of the importance in menu design. More specifically, a look into past experiences of other restaurants/bakeries will be conducted. In addition, a sample of menus previously used by Hey Cupcake will be obtained so that the design process can begin with an enhanced frame of reference.

2. Meeting with Hey Cupcake staff member A meeting with a staff member will be scheduled and a proposal and presentation will be created. Additionally, a list of questions will be prepared (directly related to our research) in order to conduct an interview with, ideally, the owner of Hey Cupcake, Wes Hurt. If he is not available to meet, an alternative staff member who is involved with the company’s branding, marketing and sales, will be contacted. This meeting will also help to ensure that the plans are both feasible for and desired by the company.

3. Design the menus Throughout the design process, the following elements will be considered: a. typefaces b. illustrations / photographs c. color scheme d. relevance e. consistency f. logo g. content h. audience i. purpose j. branding

4. Low-fidelity prototype After the initial designs of the to-go menu have been finalized, a limited amount of copies will be printed and distributed at a selected Hey Cupcake trailer. Either by direct observations or surveys from employees and customers, the effectiveness of the take-away menu will be assessed.

5. Redesign Based on the results of the preliminary test, necessary modifications will be integrated to the menus. In this step, researchers will especially consider the effectiveness of the size and type of paper that would be best suited for the take-away menu.

6. Distribute After the redesigns are complete, the take-away menus will be sent to be printed, and then set to be distributed to each location. At the same time, the online menu will be transformed into the freshly designed menu. Lastly, the physical menus at Hey Cupcake locations will be replaced.

7. Outcome Several months after the designs have been distributed, a meeting with the same staff member as the initial interview will be scheduled in order to discuss the design’s effectiveness. The focus will be on any significant increases or decreases in revenue as well as customer trends.

IV. SCOPE Not only will this project benefit Hey Cupcake, but it will also serve to further develop each of the researchers’ skills as writers, designers and entrepreneurs. Any observable ramifications of designs will provide a legitimate depiction of the capabilities of both written and visual rhetoric. From this experience, the hope is to obtain an understanding, which can assist the researchers in their separate professional careers.

V. PROBLEM ANALYSIS The largest matter of contention pertains to the degree which customers will take notice of our lowfidelity prototype. However, this concern is somewhat unavoidable, and having a preliminary distribution day ensures that no funds will be wasted before effective usability testing is conducted. If this is the case, then the to-go menu redesign will be abandoned and focus will be shifted completely to the recreation the online menu.

VI. FACILITIES & EQUIPMENT *due to the design and written nature of this project, there are minimum equipment requirements

• Equipment: a. Adobe Illustrator / InDesign b. reliable and economic printing source c. transportation (i.e. to visit the store locations) • Facilities: a. St. Edward’s Library b. University of Texas Library (access through TexShare cards)


Methodology To create the redesigned Hey Cupcake menu, Adobe InDesign of the Adobe Creative Suite will be utilized. Graphically designed cartoon-esque cupcakes will be created for the menu, then those images will be integrated into all versions of the menu. The hand drawn cupcakes will resemble cartoons and will be colorful. The idea is to create a universal cupcake that can be transformed based on the flavor of the particular cupcake being showcased.

Qualifications Sarah Kirkpatrick has received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English from St. Edward’s University. She would be an appropriate attribute to this redesign project because of her keen ability to read others and know what will ultimately be intriguing to the consumer’s eye. She has extensive proficiency with InDesign and Adobe Illustrator, making her marketing capabilities that much more

desirable. Her ability to work well with others and her perfectionist nature would ensure that this project be completed with ease and above adequacy. Katherine Powell is a senior at St. Edward’s University studying English Writing and Rhetoric. Through the array of ENGW classes she has taken, she has acquired and perfected the skills of rhetorical analysis and composition which will be required to successfully complete this project. In addition, she is well-versed in both Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator, programs needed to create effective menu designs. On a more personal level, she is an Austin native who is also an avid Hey Cupcake customer. Given the designers’ ages (early-twenties) as well as the proximity of St. Edward’s to the Hey Cupcake trailer on South Congress, this group is, collectively, a very accurate representation of the ideal clientele. Lindsey Lee has a Bachelor’s of Art in Writing and Rhetoric with specializations in professional writing and document design. She has completed extensive menu redesigns keeping in mind purpose, genre, and target audiences in order to attract more customers and increase overall sales. Her expertise in document design as well as her professional writing degree are what allow her to craft effective copy, while also being stringently aware of design.

References Kim, K.Jacko, J.Salvendy, G. "Menu Design For Computers And Cell Phones: Review And Reappraisal." International Journal Of Human-Computer Interaction 27.4 (2011): 383-404. Computer Source. Web. 6 Feb. 2013. "The Impact Of Menu Design." Restaurant Business 111.3 (2012): 50. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 6 Feb. 2013.

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