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What is Pre-Production? 

Pre-production is the process of preparing all the elements and paperwork needed in the involvement of creating a film.

It normally begins when a film/project has been greenlit and at this stage finalising preparations for production take place.

You have to take into consideration all the aspects that create a film such as the script, props, location, actors involved, equipment etc.

Location Recce 

A location recce is used to help you see if the location you want to shoot in is acceptable.

It allows you to note health and safety which will help you to act more responsibly and it also simply tells you where you will be on what day and what time, so you don’t forget.

You have to make sure to include all the safety hazards around you and possible hindrances towards your filming for each day.

Asset Log 

An asset log allows you to note down the various features you used in your advert to make it.

For instance, the song I used was ‘Open Happiness’ by CeeLo Green; the main coke theme tune.

I also used a Coke logo, which was important as it informs the audience on what the product is.

Call Sheet ďƒ—

The call sheet is filled with the basic information such as: weather conditions wardrobe actors location props lighting


Its important to have a call sheet because it allows the actors and crew to understand what they will be doing on what day.

Footage Log 

The footage log is basically used to log down all the different types of footage you have shot throughout the project.

It allows you to be in a more organised fashion which will enable you to use or delete the footage you need/don’t need.

It consists of the tape, shot, take, description, Quality, Time code IN and Time code OUT.

E.g. 1 1 1, Good with the lighting , Good, 00:00:00, 00:00:10

Gant Chart ďƒ—

A Gant Chart is used to simply allow you to schedule your actions in your productions in a style of a bar chart.


It is used to show the date and times of certain sections of when they should get started and finished.

Contact Details 

One of the most important factors of pre-production paperwork is to have a log of all the contact numbers needed throughout the production process.

The contact details are very significant as without them, you wouldn't’t be able to keep track of all your equipment/team/bookings around you.

Location Permission Form 

The location permission for is simply a form to be filled which permits the signature of who ever in charge of your desired location.

It is important to get this signed as you could get fined or sued for ‘trespassing’ on property that was not legal for you to film on without consent.

Budget ďƒ—

The budget keeps track of everything you will spend whilst producing your project.


The budget list is an easier way to keep track as it is neat and organised, giving you a better view of your purchases and prices.

Risk Assessment ďƒ—

The risk assessment enabled me to take under consideration all the possible risks that surrounded me whilst shooting the advert.


I had to understand the various levels of danger, and where they would fit most suitable depending on the environment.


Many precautions have to take place in order for there to be minimum risk, which the assessment guides you to do.

Storyboard 

The storyboard was used to format/draw out our plan before shooting it.

The storyboard gives you more of an insight to what is possible/not possible and it helps guide your idea along.

I feel it is the most significant paper in pre-production because without it, you would not be able to depict your ideas.

Release and Consent Agreement ďƒ—

The release and agreeement consent is basically the directors way of letting any actors or extra crew, even the company of your product to understand any footage that is being filmed will be consented and ok to use.


By signing this, a formal agreement is made which makes it legal to go through with the ideas.

Production Schedule ďƒ—

The production schedule is a form of all important dates and times that will occur during filming.


It allows organisation and easy understanding of what will occur during the shooting process.

Research ďƒ—

During this whole process, it was important to undertake research which would be of significance towards the project. Research is important because it enables you to have a better understanding of your product which will help with the selling and advertising.


Primary and secondary research were key factors and allowed me to collect various types of information in different forms which I would use when creating a concept for the product advertisement. For example, I created a questionnaire which helped me to understand my target audience preferences (primary research) and with the secondary research I collected things such as pie charts, previous studies on coca-cola and S.W.O.T analysis which enabled me to see strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the product.

Regulatory Issues 

Regulatory issues are ones that allow advertisements to have the correct information in them.

Children cannot be involved in advertisements that involve sexualisation, the wrong type of food and drink, ie. Sweets and carbonated drinks, in my case the uses of caffeine in coca-cola would not be appropriate for child advertisement. If they are seen in a ‘sweets’ advert, they will not be eating the sweets.

As my product is aimed at an age bracket of around 13-28, it was important to follow any regulatory issues that would occur.

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