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November 6, 2011

Volume 1, Issue 1

Tea Act All colonists now have to buy tea from the British East Indies. No other tea company is able to compete with the British East Proclamation of 1763 Indies company. The parWe have heard a colonist to the king, trying to make� liament has passed the Tea news of the French and this is what the letter Those were the Indian War. It has been stated. wise words of Matthew Act meaning the British announced that the land "King, with all Thomas, a well known East Indies company now west of the Appaladue respect sir I would man living in Pennsyl- has control over the chian Mountains is like to make a statevania. American tea businesses. only for the Native ment about this new Although this new act has Americans. It is now a proclamation. This is lowered the cost of tea, the strict law that colonists an unjust law that us colonists still believe they cannot settle in that threatening our freeland. The king has dom. All of us coloshould be consulted before passed the Proclamanists would like to do is any new laws are passed. tion of 1763, so colocreate a society that fits Colonists from every colnists are no longer alour needs. We are tryony have agreed that Englowed to move into Na- ing to make something tive American territory. of ourselves and the land should not be able to We have spoken with British are doing nothmake decisions regarding The land west of the Apsome colonists and ing but holding is back. the colonies unless colopalachian Mountains is have learned how frusThe work we put into Indian Territory. nists know the circumtrated they are. We moving west is now stances. were even able to rewasted. I hope you un-

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Sugar Act

Stamp Act Once the British are in debt after the French and Indian War, they believe the colonists should pitch in and help. British soldiers helped to defend the Colonies during the war and now are expecting that the colonists pay a tax to pay off the British debt. So in order to help pay the debt there has

been a tax placed on all printed items. Newspapers, pamphlets, marriage licenses, and playing cards now will be even more expensive. Once you buy the item you must place a stamp on the printed document to show that you have to pay the tax. There have been some incidents of protesting, such as not

unloading the stamped papers from the docks, also there has been a boycott placed on all British goods.

Along with all the other things the colonists are being taxed on, there is also a new tax on sugar and molasses. The tax placed on the sugar was also an indirect tax; however the colonists picked up on it quickly. Once again the British have made a decision without asking the colonists about it.

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Townshend Act

No taxation without representation!�

There has been an indirect tax placed on glass, lead, paper and tea. The British had tried to keep the new tax a secret by including it in the price; however the colonists knew something was not right. They have recognized the indirect

tax and are now boycotting all British goods. The colonists were once again not being treated the way they thought they should be treated. They saw the indirect taxing as unfair and that it had no representation

Boston Massacre There has been an incident at the Custom House. Four hundred colonists marched to British soldiers and began throwing things at the soldiers. They harassed the British sol-

diers and taunted them while throwing hard balls of ice at them. The soldiers then proceeded to open fire to protect themselves. Five of the four hundred colonists were shot and killed.

Propaganda is being used all around the colonies to try and defend the colonists that were killed in the Boston Massacre. The Colonists believe the British are at fault for costing the lives of the five colonists, and the British believe they were simply using self defense. “ I saw this poster plastered all over the place� says Christine Jergens from Georgia.

Boston Tea Party Colonist disguised as Indians threw tea overboard.

We heard news of a raid of the three British ships in the Boston Harbor! Colonists have disguised themselves as Indians and gone to throw the tea into the harbor. Together,

the group of colonists threw 340 chests of tea into the water below the ships. A crowd of people around the ships nodded in approval of the protest to the Tea Acts. This

retaliation has showed England they cannot mess with us and not expect consequences.

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Intolerable Acts The intolerable acts are made up of four acts that seem to be "intolerable" to the colonists. One of the acts is the Boston Port Act. This act was made because of the Boston Tea Party. It has outlawed the use of the Port of Boston. Ships are no longer allowed to bring in or unload goods from that port. The Massachusetts Government Act is also part of the Intolerable Acts. This act gives the King control over Massachusetts. Massachusetts used to

be able to elect its council members, but this new act has taken that right away. The third act of the Intolerable Acts is the Quartering Acts. This act says that the colonists must keep British soldiers in their homes. The colonists also must provide things for the soldier's convenience. The last act is the Administrative of Justice Act. This act allows for a change of venue in a trial to a more favorable location to benefit the King.

Battle at Lexington and Concord British soldiers treat. While the British rehave marched to Lexing- treated the colonists snuck ton and Concord from behind trees and fences and Boston! They are going open fired on the British to try to capture the soldiers. At the end of the leaders, Samuel Adams day the colonists lost less and John Hancock. than hundred lives and the While at Lexington British lost more than two colonists who had hundred. This battle seems formed a militia ran into to be the start of the Revothe British soldiers. lutionary War! They British and the colonists began to fire. After the shooting, there were eight colonists dead and ten wounded. The British then proceeded to march on to Concord. After meeting more armed colonists, the British began to re-

The colonists open fired on the unprepared British troops

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Lets hear it from the People: Jonathon Thomas, 51

Yes, I believe they did the right thing by throwing the tea into the harbor. It shows that they cannot mess with us! They think they own us, and it's our responsibility to show them that we are going to fight for our freedom. The colonists are offended that England can give us taxes without consulting us. It is just not right and we are not going to sit here and pay extra money that we don’t have when we could be protesting.

Emilia Patterson, 49

No, it was very wrong of the colonists to throw the tea into the harbor. Think about how much tea it wasted. It's not like dumping a ton of tea in the harbor is going to keep the colonists from having to pay less for tea. What's so bad about buying tea from the British East Indies company anyway? There really is nothing about it that is worth protesting. The colonists don’t have to pay more for the tea; they just have to buy it from one company. That’s no big deal; England didn’t even put a tax on it. So now there is a ton of tea in the harbor and it's not going to be used. What a waste of resources.

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Road to the Revolution There are many events today that can compare with the Boston Massacre. First off terrorist attacks and rebellions all over the world are similar. The most similar events are the rebellions in Libya. The rebellions are alike because they are both dealing with people's freedom. The Boston Massacre was an event in which 400 colonists were antagonizing 13 young British soldiers. The soldiers accidently fired on the colonists and shot and killed 5 colonists. After the massacre, the media used propaganda to get followers for the revolt. This eventually led to the American Revolution. Muammar Gaddafi, the ex dictator of Libya ruled for 42 cruel years. His citizens didn't like him from the beginning. So for the last couple of years while he ruled, some Libyan citizens took action. They peacefully protested for a while until, Gaddafi’s troops got violent. After months of skirmishes the rebels won the war by killing Muammar himself. During this entire war the media updated the world on the rebellion. It only showed the perspective of the rebels, therefore causing the world to feel for the citizens. These events are extremely similar because the media had a large role in the events that followed. The media was biased in both events, thus adding followers to one side. The group that had the media on their side eventually won the war. The Road to the Revolution was only a matter of perspective. The colonists had this idea that their rights and freedom were being taken away by the British. While England and King George were the abusers, they thought that they were only being fair to the colonies. After all, they had protected them in the French and Indian War! To the colonists they were being treated unfair, but England thought of it as a way for the colonists to pay them back. Without the clashing perspectives and different beliefs, the American Revolution might not have happened.

OBITUARIES. For the men who were killed in the Boston Massacre. Crispus Attucks

Samuel Gray

Samuel Maverick

James Caldwell

Patrick Carr

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