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P R O T E A N S T R AT E G I E S I N C . 80 C UMBERLAND S TREET , S UITE 1503, T ORONTO , ON M5R 3V1, C ANADA ( 4 1 6) 9 6 7 . 3337 • FAX (6 4 7) 2 5 8 -9651 • WWW . PROTEANSTRATEGIES . COM

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About protean Strategies We help the solution to find you We are obsessed with difference Our approach is collaborative and interactive Approach to branding Philosophy: what we believe about:

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Experiential brands


Hotel brands


Experiential branding 



Recent clients we have helped About Laurence Bernstein

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About Protean Strategies

80 C UMBERLAND S TREET • 1503 • T ORONTO • M5R 3V1 ( 4 1 6) 9 6 7 . 3337 • FAX (6 4 7) 9 6 7 -2728 • WWW . PROTEANSTRATEGIES . COM

We Help The Solution To Find You

Rain-ma-ker (rAn'mA"kur) A person, who causes it to rain, not by making it rain, but by bringing together the environmental, human and spiritual components that together make the perfect conditions for the rain to fall.

Strategic Rainmaking™ Creating an environment of knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment that crystallizes strategic solutions and brings them to the forefront.

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How We Guide the Solution to You

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We Are Obsessed With Difference

different ways of looking at challenges different questions to ask different people different interpretations and different insights differentiated brands, communication, companies Page 6

Our approach is Collaborative and Interactive

We make the conditions right so it wants to rain. and we rely on the Wisdom of the Crowd*

close partnership

frequent workshops and updates

fluid and organic approach

nobody knows what they don’t know

*Reference to “The Wisdom of Crowds” by James Surowiecki, Anchor Books, 2004

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everybody contributes equally

the marketplace reigns supreme

Protean Approach Research | Brand | Operationalize

Research | Brand | Operationalize RESEARCH Understand The Company, Category And Consumer




Align Business Process To Customer Experience

Describe Relevant, Differentiated, Experiential Brand

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| Research |

Brand Audits

Psychological Archetype Studies

Prediction Markets

Understand The Company, Category And Consumer

Qualitative And Quantitative Research

Anthropological Ethnographic Observations

Semiotics Analysis

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| Brand |

Understand The Experience

Brand And Product Positioning Strategies

New Product Development Describe Relevant, Differentiated, Experiential Brand

Experiential Branding Architecture

Portfolio Management Strategies

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| Operationalize |

Customer Odyssey Model

Brand Impact Evaluation Systems

Spike Events And Moments Of Truth Align Business Process To Customer Experience and Value Proposition

Executive Management Training Seminars

Human Capital Development Programs

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Success Measurement

Qualitative Onsite Evaluation

Stakeholder Response

Tracking Studies

Track And Measure The Outcome

Touch Point Audits

Brand Valuation

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Protean Philosophy

We believe that what we believe, makes us different

What We Believe: About Differentiation

There are two predictors of brand success: relevance and differentiation

Features, attributes and benefits can no longer sustain brands

There are very few products that somebody cannot copy exactly and sell for a little less or improve on and sell for the same price

Creating a relevant differentiating experience (RDE©) is a means of creating sustainable differentiation

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What We Believe: About Experiential Brands

The experience is the brand and the brand is the business

Experiences are co-created. Marketers define the inputs, provide clues and deliver triggers; but the consumer engages in the experience and forms judgments based on who he or she is at the time of contact

Experiential branding is not experiential marketing. o

Experiential marketing is a communications channel that allows marketers to trigger the relevant experience outside the immediacy of the brand.


Experiential branding is the discipline of translating features and benefits into meaningful experiences, and building businesses and brands around these relevant differentiated experiences (RDE©)


Experiential branding is different from branding experiences

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What We believe About Hotel Brands

Great hotel brands speak directly to the heart of guests before, during and after the visit

Great hotels constantly surprises and delight in big and small ways

Luxury hotel brands excel in mass localization: articulating a central brand idea through a network of intimate, locally devised and uniquely relevant experiences

Hotel advertising and communication must trigger the emotionality of the experience

Spike experiences and “they even had” features are critical to generate the best form of hotel advertising: word of mouth

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Experiential Branding Protean Customer Odyssey ModelŠ

The Discipline Behind Experiences

Differentiated Experiences • consistent • intentional • strategic • valuable • relevant • unique

Predictable Experiences • consistent • intentional

Random Experiences Page 19

The Protean Approach to Brand Building

Experiential Branding Approach • Looking at the marketplace in terms of the customer odyssey

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Protean Customer Odyssey Model







I have an itch

I have a need

(I need something, but I don’t know what I need)

(I know what I need but I am not aware that you have it)

I know what you have and I want to find out more

I want what you have but I need the final motivation/trigger

I am activating my decision by buying/consuming /enjoying your product

The experience delighted me to the extent that I cannot help but tell my friends and you will be top of my list when I need to do this again

Impact Points

Impact Points

Impact Points

Brand Spike

Brand Spike

Brand Spike

Impact Points

Brand Spike

Impact Points

Impact Points

Brand Spike

Brand Spike

Protean Research

What We Believe: About Market Research

We don’t know what we don’t know Really successful projects are designed to allow completely unthought-of ideas, opinions and attitudes to emerge; not limited to what we all were thinking before we started If we ask the same questions of the same people in the same way, we’ll get the same answers 

Methodologies must be innovative and different, the people who we talk to must be able to add new dimensions What we get out of it depends on what we put into it 

The degree to which research findings will be head smacking and mind bending depends entirely on the openness of our own minds as we embark on the project and our willingness to take risks in the process Research doesn’t make decisions, it provides learning to stimulate thinking 

Out of the box thinking comes from out of the box learning which comes from out of the box research

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What We Believe: About Market Research (2)

“Tip of the Iceberg” · 5% of human cognition · Describes behaviour, motivation and responses · Informed by ü Attitude ü Behaviour ü Demographics/ psychographics



“Under the surface” · 95% of human cognition · Explains behaviour, motivation and responses · Informed by ü Psychology

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What We Believe: About Market Research (3) Attitude ü Awareness and attitude studies ü Tracking studies ü Communication studies ü Probative qualitative

Behaviour ü Sales tracking ü Usage studies ü Ethnographic on-site and in-home

Demographic/ Psychographic ü Segmentation studies ü Cultural anthropology ü Census, etc.

Conscious awareness

Unconscious processes

Psychology ü Typology ü Archetypes

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Market Research Services ProteanPrediction Consumer Wisdom Engine (Evaluation Tool) Unique approach to capturing consumer opinions to determine the probably inmarket success of new products, innovations, messaging, creative, etc. Quantitative Studies 


Usage and attitude

Tracking Qualitative 

Inner Directives Psychoanalytic Archetype segmentation

Focus groups

Creative and message testing

Brand development workshops (consumers)

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In-home and in-situ interviews

Ethnographic studies

Semiotic analysis

Internal workshops

Supplier interviews and workshops

Peer level management interviews

Clients We Have Helped

Automotive General Motors (all divisions) Lexus Mitsubishi Nissan Canada

Business to Business Dell Canada Deloitte Consulting Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Fleetcorp IBM ING Objectivity Systems OIC Publications Pattison Outdoor Rogers Communications Inc. Scotia McLeod

Consumer Package Goods Brita Corby’s Energizer Batteries Knorr (Unilever) Linsey Foods Mark Anthony Group (Wines and spirits) Mars Motts (Clamato Juice) Pepsi Frito-Lay Procter and Gamble Splenda

Financial Services TD Canada Trust H&R Block ING Canada Presidents Choice Financial RBC Scotiabank Wells Fargo Bank VISA Allstate Insurance American Express Amicus CIBC

Communication Agencies BBDO DDB Canada Draftfcb LA Ads Leo Burnett MacLaren McCann Perennial Ogilvy Wonderman Y&R

Foodservice and Hospitality and Travel Canadian Tourism Commission Delta Hotels Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Fallsview Casino KFC (US)

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Foodservice, Hospitality and Travel (continued) Metropolitan Hotels VFM Leonardo Prime Restaurants Travel Gay Canada

Government and Not for Profit Canadian Liver Association Canadian Marketing Association Elections Ontario Food Banks Canada George Brown College Ontario Government  Ministry of Economics and Development  Ministry of Research and Innovation Toronto Region Research Alliance (TRRA) Wellesley Institute Bell Mobility Dell Canada GM Dealer Associations GM Goodwrench Grand and Toy Hazelton Clubs Holt Renfrew Liquor Control Board of Ontario (Retail liquor stores) Mac’s Convenience Stores Rogers Communications Inc. Sears Canada Shoppers Drug Mart

About Laurence Bernstein Laurence Bernstein has a diverse background of marketing, research and business consulting experience, culminating in his current focus on making companies and products grow by aligning business goals with customer experiences. Over a twenty five year career in advertising, marketing and consumer research, he has developed experiential positioning and brand strategies for major hospitality, automotive, financial services, and CPG companies. He is currently managing partner at Protean Strategies, a boutique consultancy he founded in 1998. Laurence is a graduate of Cornell University and has held senior management positions with Westin Hotels and the Canadian Restaurant Association before starting his career in communication and strategic marketing consulting. As an advertising professional he held senior positions with Y&R Brands, TBWA Chiat Day and led the retail advertising division of Saatchi and Saatchi in Canada. He founded Protean Strategies and BC3 Strategies fourteen years ago. He has been a leader in describing the experiential approach to luxury hospitality branding, and has developed several proprietary hospitality brand audit and emotionality measurement methodologies. Laurence has authored numerous articles and white papers on experiential branding, and is a sought after speaker on brand and customer experience design. He has led seminars and lectured at Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, Johnson Business School; University of Toronto; Schulich Business School, Ontario College of Art and Design, to name a few.

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Protean Strategies call Laurence Bernstein 416 967-3337 bernstein@proteanstrategies.com

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An introduction to proteanstrategies: a strategic consulting firm dedicated to increasing ROI by converting latent brand value into experien...


An introduction to proteanstrategies: a strategic consulting firm dedicated to increasing ROI by converting latent brand value into experien...

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