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Brand Accelerator System™ Accelerate your brand by releasing the power within your organization

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Experience Evaluation™ Are your customers experiencing your business the way you want them to? Is your brand working for you? Or are you working for your brand? The Experience Evaluation is an inexpensive audit designed to get a snapshot of how your customers experience your product or service. The Experience Evaluation identifies which brand experience impact points are adding to the perception of value, and which are NOT being noticed, and may need attention. Clients who use the Experience Evaluation generally think: I spend a lot of money on ―branding‖ – but I am never sure if it makes any difference I know my customers are satisfied, but am not sure why or specifically what it is they appreciate We work hard to deliver on our promise, but our customer satisfaction levels and repeat business rates are low My customers tell us they enjoy everything we do, but they don't seem to be telling their friends and acquaintances about our brand After completing the Experience Evaluation, clients say: Now I can focus my spending and my communications on those aspects of the business that my customers care about Now I can develop short and long term strategies that I know will result in increased sales Now I know exactly what will get my customers talking about my brand — I can create the buzz I need to get new customers immediately

Experience Maximizer™ Are you feeling vulnerable to your competition? Is your market share shrinking and are your margins under pressure? The Experience Maximizer is a unique approach to developing a brand strategy for your business. The process focuses on what your business is and how your product is experienced. The resulting ―experiential‖ brand positioning defines the added value your brand offers. Experiential brand positioning is the underpinning of internal branding and provides a consistent focus for internal and external communications. Clients who use the Experience Maximizer generally think: We are not getting the price our product is worth We don’t exploit our competitive advantage We don’t have a clear vision of the future of the brand After going through the Experience Maximizer, clients say: Now we know what we have to do to be an authentic, customer focused company Our brand is strong and protects us against competition We can rationalize our marketing costs because our customers are doing the work for us By understanding how our customers experience us, we can add new dimensions to our product offering that we would never have thought of before

Experience Operationalization™

Do you wonder whether your employees project your brand consistently and clearly? Is everything you do ―on brand‖ or is much of what gets done in the name of your brand left up to chance? Are your customers evaluating your product and service based solely on what you do and how much you charge, not how you do it? Experience Operationalization is the process of bringing the brand alive so it is consistently experienced at every customer touch point. The process includes: Internal branding: aligning internal policies and procedures to the brand Reviewing the various touch points that customers encounter and isolating those that most clearly excite customers in unexpected, delightful ways Ensuring seamless consistency between the communication your customers see and hear, the people they interact with and the product and service you deliver. Clients who use Experience Operationalization generally think: Brand investment is a long term proposition, but I need increased revenue and profits next quarter I know that if my competition reduces their price 5% my customers will disappear like rats leaving a sinking ship After completing the Experience Operationalization process, our clients say: My competitors can lower their prices all they want; my customers experience the added value of doing business with us

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Brand Accelerator System™ The system is modular and can be tailored to the specific needs of any sized organization: Large organizations with many employees that find ―drilling the brand down through the organization‖ is not happening Small companies looking for an inexpensive way to invest in ―branding‖ Hospitality, leisure, tourism, retail and financial service brands looking to optimize their brand investment Business to business marketers looking to differentiate their company Consumer goods manufacturers in crowded categories looking to be market leaders Professional Service firms wanting to build broader and deeper customer relationships Startup companies looking to make an impression on the brand landscape in the shortest possible time Not for Profit and membership associations looking to become more relevant and deliver more value to

Global Leaders in Experiential Branding Globalization has resulted in an almost untenable situation for most marketers: “There is almost nothing that someone cannot make a little worse and sell for a lot less, or make a little better and sell for just a little less� In other words, the days of building brands based on differentiated products are over. In order to compete in this environment, marketers need to package the product or service in the context of an overall experience that, because of its complexity and uniqueness, cannot be duplicated. Hence the need for experiential branding: translating product features, attributes and benefits into meaningful, differentiated customer experiences. Since 1998 proteanstrategies has been developing strategies for brands such as Pontiac, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, LCBO, Lexus, Metropolitan Hotels, Holt Renfrew, VISA, etc. Call Laurence Bernstein, Managing Partner, to discuss how our unique approach can benefit your brand.

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Protean Brand Asset Accelerator System  

Brochure describing Protean three stage system to convert latent brand value into higher profits and greater customer satisfaction

Protean Brand Asset Accelerator System  

Brochure describing Protean three stage system to convert latent brand value into higher profits and greater customer satisfaction

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