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My Portfolio Personal Health Record Staying on top of your health


CONNECTING HEALTHCARE TO TECHNOLOGY For you and your doctors, having a Personal Health Record (PHR), like My Portfolio™ can be invaluable. My Portfolio™ is a PHR that can help you manage your healthcare. When you need it and where you need it.


View most test results View upcoming and past appointments or request an appointment View medications and allergies Request to refill a prescription Message securely with physicians or staff View a child or adolescent’s medical records

My Portfolio is a confidential, easy-to-use electronic tool that uses the internet access you probably already have in your home. This can be an easy way for you to keep all your health information—like doctor and hospital visits, allergies, shots, and a list of your medicines— all in one place.

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With My Portfolio, you will have access to a summarized copy of your complete medical record – the same Portfolio medical record your doctor uses. SECURE PATIENT RECOR DS

To ensure the security and privacy of your records, you’ll go through a multi-step verification process including receiving an activation code from a staff member or through the mail. In addition, a proxy access function to My Portfolio allows you as a parent to access your child or adolescent’s medical records. Although, providing you with information as a proxy, has to be weighed carefully to ensure compliance with state laws and regulations. Finally, the ultimate security with My Portfolio is that the website does not store any PHR information in its database. When the application needs information, it retrieves it from the very-secure Portfolio database.

CON VENIENCE A ND PRIV ACY With the convenience of My Portfolio, you can gain a more complete picture of your healthcare both past and present, meaning you can make better healthcare choices for the future, and you’ll appreciate the 24x7 access of the application. Even more, you should enjoy the privacy that the messaging system affords you. Instead of sitting at work talking aloud on the phone, you can send private and confidential emails to your healthcare provider.



My Portfolio as a PHR is an important technology for a variety reasons: as a Myof Portfolio

PHR is an important technology Better-informed pafor amay variety of reasons. tients be more engaged and able to make better healthcare -related decisions with information available in My Portfolio..

My Portfolio can also help reduce medical information errors and eliminate the duplication of .My Portfolio can help reduce medical tests errors medical information and eliminate duplicate medical tests

You will also find it’s easier to keep track of your healthcare by accessing information such as vaccination records or reviewing your vitals over time. Moreover, if you want to recall your doctor’s instructions from a previous visit, you can access the information in My Portfolio. When it comes right down to it, the reason for My Portfolio is about the peace of mind that you will have that medical conditions, such as allergies, current medications and diagnoses are kept in one convenient and secure place online, ready whenever you need it.

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The University of Maryland Medical System is dedicated to providing quality health care through a market-responsive regional system composed of a world-class academic medical center partnered with The University of Maryland School of Medicine and premier community and specialty hospitals.

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