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Bronzed or rejuvenated skin? Now you can choose the right finish for your skin with the fabulous L’Bel powders. Rejuvenated look For a rejuvenating effect, use dry as powder or wet as a foundation.


Bronzed look Its bronzing effect, highlights and evens out the skin tone for a perfectly natural finish.

Claire 1-2-3

Reflets Bronze Bronzing Compact Powder F With or without the sun, this powder will make you look naturally bronzed for every season. .24 oz. Code 03217 $ 24.00

Dual-use Compact Powder Rejuvenating Effect SPF 7 F It brings back a youthful and rejuvenated look to the face. .38 oz. $ 28.00

Medium 5 Claire 1-2-3 Claire 4 Medium 7 Obscure 8-9 Medium 6 Code 08995 Code 08996 Code 08997 Code 08998 Code 08999 Code 09000


L'Bel USA Catalog April, May, June 2011  
L'Bel USA Catalog April, May, June 2011  

Catalog L'Bel USA April, May, June 2011