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USA April, May, June 2011

Say yes to radiant looking skin New NeuviveSI

I feel radiant inside and out NeuviveSI the latest innovation in non-invasive skin treatments.

How does it work?

The formula for Neuvive SI includes the innovative Biosilicium Technology, a synthesis of silicium molecules and hyaluronic acid, essential components that help stimulate the skin's cellular renewal cycle.

The science behind L'Bel


Biosilicium Technology, 3 levels of action.

Stimulates The production of skin renovation.*

Protects the skin giving it a renewed appearance.**

* Test In Vitro conducted in human epidermis with the Biosilicium Technology actives in the Exsymol Laboratory. **Test conducted in explants of human skin with the Biosilicium Technology actives in the Exsymol Laboratory.

Eliminates and removes dead cells without irritation.

New Neuvive SI Renewing and Perfecting Facial Treatment Creamff

Proven results by the 2nd week***

89% 92% 96%

Noticed their skin felt more radiant.

Noticed their skin felt more revitalized.

Noticed their skin felt smoother.

***Percentage obtained from an autoevaluation test conducted with 55 women between the ages of 25 and 60.


Uncover totally renovated skin. DiscoverSI the Neuvive effect.

Why is cellular renewal so important?


Skin cells have a natural cycle: they are created, they mature and they die. If this cycle is interrupted, skin becomes dull and opaque. Dead skin cells begin to accumulate on the surface preventing the appearance of new cells on the surface.

Why is Silicium necessary ? Silicium is a fundamental element for the skin’s cellular renewal process. If this element is diminished because of stress, inadequate nutrition and age, new skin cells are unable to regenerate and travel to the surface of the skin, thereby preventing the face from recovering its appearance of vitality.

Safe renewal


for your

% skin*

Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically proven. *According to safety tests against phototoxic, photoallergic and usage tests of the product, Allergisa, Brazil.


NeuviveSI ff (am-pm) 1 fl. oz. Code 00727

$ 44.00

NeuviveSI Set only $ 79.00 Complete your routine Neuvive SI ff (1 fl. oz), UV D茅fense SPF 50 ff (1 fl. oz.), Essential Cleanser and Toner (6 fl. oz. each; choose accoding to skin type). Total value $ 105.00


Step 1 : Cleanse

Step 2: Nourish

Normal to dry skinCode 95582 Normal to oily skinCode 95586 Oily skin  C贸de 95590

Complementary Product Facial Protector SPF 50

Complete S.O.S Routine to combat Dull Skin We recommend using it for approximately 2 months instead of your regular routine after which, you may return to your Routine Experte according to your specific skin care needs.


At L’Bel nothing is more important than your skin Our products undergo more than 150 dermatological, clinical and hypoallergenic tests to achieve absolute compliance with the Food and Drug Administration's strict regulatory requirements.

Dermatologically Approved


The L'Bel team works hard for you For over 20 years, our global team of around 8,000 professionals have created unparalleled products. We partner with some of the world's most prestigious laboratories.

At L’Bel results matter


Our facial and body treatment formulas show visible results within 4 weeks of use. To ensure our promise to you, we take up to 5 years to develop each of our formula's compounds.

Product’s origin: This symbol “ff” dennotes products manufactured in France. “F” dennotes products manufactured in Germany, Italy, Spain, United States, Argentina, Mexico, Korea, Peru or Colombia. Guarantee: Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Request exchange or refunds on purchases that do not meet your expectations. This catalog is current from April 2011 through the end of June 2011.













If you love your skin you love yourself.

L’Bel Answers

L'Bel answers all your beauty questions. Write to us at or visit our website at

At what age should I begin my facial treatments? Carolina Téllez, 24 years old, Mexico DF.

The ideal age to begin a preventive hydrating treatment is in your 20’s; early prevention is essential to maintaining your skin's youthful appearance. We recommend that when the first signs of age appear, such as fine lines, you begin to use an anti-aging treatment. L’Bel has specialized products designed to address all of your skin’s needs, in every stage of your life. 7

Two steps, one refreshing experience






Normal to dry skin

Oily skin

B. Moisturizing-Softening Lotion Toner ff (am-pm) 6 fl. oz. Code 23355 3 fl. oz. Code 23358

D. Mattifying Lotion Toner ff (am-pm) 6 fl. oz. Code 01626 3 fl. oz. Code 01627

A. Moisturizing-Softening Cleansing Lotion ff (am-pm) C. Purifying Foam Cleanser ff (am-pm) 6 fl. oz. Code 23321 6 fl. oz. Code 01602 3 fl. oz. Code 23340 3 fl. oz. Code 02452

Cleansers 3 fl.oz. Toners 3 fl.oz. $ 12.00 each $ 9.00 each

L’Bel Set only $ 16.00

Cleansers 6 fl.oz. Toners 6 fl.oz. $ 20.00 each $ 16.00 each

Cleanser + Toner 3 fl. oz.


Cód. 95596 Cód. 95594 Cód. 95598


Cleanser Deeply cleanses the skin.

Toner Minimizes pores and eliminates residue.


Normal to oily skin  Normal to dry skin  Oily skin 

At L'Bel your skin is our passion. The exquisite textures of our cleansers and toners guarantee our pleasurably sensorial beginning to your skin care routine.

Normal to oily skin

E. Exfoliating-Balancing Cleansing Cream ff (am-pm) 6 fl. oz. Code 23316 3 fl. oz. Code 23329 F. Astringent-Balancing Lotion Toner ff (am-pm) 6 fl. oz. Code 23354 3 fl. oz. Code 23356


Everyday routine to combat the signs of age.

Step 1

Step 2

Choose according to your skin type

Choose according to your aging concerns

Cleanse & Tone

For daytime

For nightime

Moisturize & Nourish

Use the best treatment for your eyes according to your skin's concern.

Hydration SPF

Fine Lines Eyes

Normal to oily Normal to dry

Wrinkles, Firmness Normal to oily skin Oily skin Normal to dry skin


Normal to oily Normal to dry

Thinning Skin

Neck and neckline


Overall Signs of Age

Eyes Use the best treatment for your eyes according to your skin's concern.

Your skin needs water every day

Hydra Calme, exquisite hydration for your skin. SKIN CARE

_Ultra-light texture _Quick absorption


_Light Texture _Solar protection


_Prolonged action. _Immediate comfort. _All ages and all skin types. Hydra Calme Intensive Moisturizing Facial Cream Gel ff Extra-moisturizing, ultra-light texture. 1 fl. oz. Code 00319 $ 20.00

Hydra Calme Intensive Moisturizing Facial Lotion SPF 15 ff Extra-moisturizing, light texture with sunblock. 1 fl. oz. Code 08959 $ 20.00


The science behind L’Bel

What are fine lines? They are the first signs of age, caused when the cellular renewal process begins to slow down.

Regression intensely moisturizes the skin, repairs and stimulates the skin's natural hydration process; counteracts dull looking skin by reducing the appearance of expression lines for a younger looking skin.


More vital than ever

Regression, the key treatment for younger looking skin.

_Stimulates the skin's hydration. _Minimizes expression lines. _Counteracts dull looking skin.


Regression Jour Protective Complex Against the First Signs of Age with SPF 15 Facial Day Cream ff 1.7 oz. A. Normal to combination skin Code 08970 B. Normal to dry skin Code 08971 $ 40.00 each






C. Regression ConcentrĂŠ Nuit Treatment Against the First Signs of Age Night Cream ff 1.7 oz. D Code 24030 $ 40.00


D. Regression Yeux Eye Contour Cream Against the First Signs of Age ff .52 oz. Code 24034 $ 30.00


The science behind L’Bel

Why does skin lose its firmness? In youthful skin, the connectors between the dermis and epidermis are regular and well-defined. This connection weakens over time as skin ages. As a result, firmness is lost and wrinkles begin to appear.

SuprĂŠmacie NX promotes, fortifies and revitalizes the vital connectors that support and rejuvenate the skin for an improved appearance; up to 7 years younger after 30 days*.


I appreciate my skin each day SuprĂŠmacie, beautiful and healthy skin at any age.

_Up to 7 years younger looking skin in 30 days*. _More firmness and elasticity. _Lift effect for the face and eyelids.







Suprémacie NX Jour Replenishing Treatment Daytime Cream SPF 15 ff Helps restore the level of water in the skin. 1.7 oz. A. Normal to dry skin Code 00670 B. Normal to oily skin Code 00664


C. Suprémacie NX Nuit Replenishing Treatment Night Face Cream ff Combats lack of firmness in the skin and minimizes appearance of wrinkles.1.7 oz. Code 00792 $ 44.00


D. Suprémacie NX Yeux Replenishing Treatment Cream for Eyes ff Creates a lifting effect to the eyelids, helps reduce under-eyes circles. .52 oz. Code 00881 $ 34.00

$ 44.00 each 15 *Results found in the 65% of evaluated in the Aeroflexmeter system, according to the study done by Sederma in 20 women between the ages of 35 to 55.

The science behind L´Bel

Why does skin becomes thinner? As years go by, the “seals of youth” that protect skin cells may wear out increasing dryness and resulting in paper-thin skin.

Renovânce helps repair and fortify the “seals of youth” and stimulates cellular renewal. Its effect hydrates the skin and noticeably improves elasticity and firmness in eyelids, face, neck and neckline.


More years, more satisfaction Renovânce, always proud of your skin.


_Fortifies thinning skin. _Reduces deep fold wrinkles. _Helps increase skin density. SKIN CARE





A. Renovânce Jour ff (am) Moisturizes, reaffirms and counteracts deep fold wrinkles. Solar and environment protector. 1.7 oz. Code 08974 $ 48.00


B. Renovânce Nuit ff (pm) Powerful anti-aging nourisher that helps renew the skin, providing a fortifying and repairing effect. 1.7 oz. Code 22185 $ 48.00


C. Renovânce Yeux ff (am-pm) Repairs and fortifies the skin in the eye contour. Reaffirms fallen eyelids, diminishes the appearance of undereye circles and puffiness. .52 oz. Code 21901 $ 36.00


D. Renovânce Décolletage ff (am-pm) Repairs and protects the skin of the neck and neckline, reduces wrinkles and loss of firmness, increases density and recovers luminosity. 1.6 fl. oz. Code 00489 $ 50.00


I look forward to my future and living life to its fullest. I love my skin, it gives me reasons to smile.


ConcentrĂŠ Total Global Facial Treatment Cream ff (am-pm) For a radiant, rejuventated and renewed skin. 1.7 oz. Code 03253 $ 89.00


No secrets, only science

ConcentrĂŠ Total has been formulated by two european laboratories to address overall signs of aging: flaccidity, wrinkles, dryness and dull looking skin.

What is a global treatment? It is a concentrated skin care treatment for the face, which can be used both day and night, designed for all skin types. By hydrating and nourishing it offers your skin everything it needs for it to look absolutely rejuvenated and radiant.

Does it have proven results? Yes. After the 4th week the following was proven*:

98% 95%


more firmness

88% 98%

less wrinkles


*Percentages of women who perceived the results of efficiency evaluated under dermatological supervision among 64 women between the ages of 35 to 55 years old in the Allergisa Laboratories (Brazil).



Specialized treatments to deal with specific issues. Use for one to two months instead of your regular routine.* Repeat up to twice a year.

S.O.S. Deep wrinkles Step 1

Step 2 Collagenesse XT



Normal to oily skin Oily skin Normal to dry skin



Eyes and lips*

*With moisturizing properties.

S.O.S. Uneven skin Step 1

Step 2 Neuvive SI*


Use the best eye treatment according to your skin's concern.


Normal to oily skin Oily skin Normal to dry skin

*Moisturizing properties. Note: We recommend you use it daily with the UV Défense 365 protector.

S.O.S. Skin spots Step 1

Step 2 Clarifique




Use a moisturizer according to your concern. Note: We recommend you use it daily with the UV Défense 365 protector.

*If you would like to continue using any specific treatment for a longer period of time, we recommend that you use it as an additional step of your Expert Routine to guarantee adequate moisturization and nourishment for you skin.


Use the best eye treatment according to your skin's concern.



Complementary Products

Essential Makeup Removers

UV Défense 365 Face Sunscreen SPF 50

Essential Purifiant Face Masks

Pore Spécialiste (am-pm)

Collagenesse is a complete line that includes the latest advances in cosmetic science, progressively slowing down the signs of aging. SKIN CARE





A. Collagenesse XT Wrinkle Filling Effect Facial Treatment Lotion ff (am-pm) Stimulates natural collagen production and corrects the appearance of deep fold wrinkles. 1 fl. oz. Code 08322 $ 52.00

Eyes and Lips

B. Collagenesse XT Wrinkle Filling Effect Eye and Lip Contour Treatment Lotion ff (am-pm) Corrects the wrinkles in the eye contour and lips. .5 fl. oz. Code 00951 $ 36.00


C. Collagenesse Intensive Facial Treatment Lotion for Wrinkles with Double Fill Effect ff (pm) Use once every three months. Includes 7 ampoules for 14 nighttime applications. .28 fl.oz. Code 01167 $ 52.00


It is beautiful to have skin that is unique. It is also beautiful to have skin that is free of spots. Clarifique, the illuminating treatment.









A. Illuminating Facial Cleaning Foam ff (am-pm) Purifies the skin. 4.3 fl. oz. Code 00425 $ 22.00 B. Facial Toner Lotion ff (am-pm) Prepares the skin for the clarifying routine. 6 fl. oz. Code 00424 $ 18.00

C. Clarifying and Illuminating Facial Day Cream Gel ff (am) Daily action against age spots. 1.7 oz. Code 95523 $ 38.00 D. Intensive Clarifying and Illuminating Night Lotion ff (pm) Works overnight on the skin for a greater clarifying effect. 1 fl. oz. Code 24018 $ 42.00

_Complete routine. _Reduces facial spots. _All ages and skin types.

The science behind L´Bel

Why do spots develop?



Sun exposure, hormonal changes and aging can cause age-revealing skin spots. these factors stimulate the production of melanin, a pigment in the skin cells. The Clarifique line helps prevent and correct this process, clarifying your skin tone and leaving it absolutely flawless.


Proven results by the 2nd week*


of women perceived the intensity of their skin spots noticeably reduced.

* Clinical results under dermatologic supervision. Product tests of Clarifique Dermo Radiance (Day + Night + Focalized) were conducted in the Allergisa Laboratories in Brazil, in 16 women between the ages of 20 to 65.


E. Clarifying and Illuminating Focalized Action Cream ff Concentrated clarifier that visibly corrects even the most difficult spots. 1 oz. Code 24016 $ 38.00


F. Clarifying and Illuminating Treatment Hand Cream SPF 15 F 3.5 oz. Code 08948 $ 17.00

Free Gift

Clarifying and Illuminating Treatment Hand Cream SPF 15 F with purchase of Clarifique Day Cream. Total value $ 17.00


Exfoliating Face Mask ff A truly refreshing experience. 2.1 oz. Code 27678 $ 18.00 Triple Moisturizing Facial Mask ff Restores the skin´s natural moisture. 2.1 oz. Code 26627 $ 18.00

You know yourself better than anyone

Care for your skin with a product perfectly suited to your needs.


Pore-minimizing Facial Mask with Thermo Action ff Apply to dry skin; leave for up to one minute. 1.7 oz. Code 03291 $ 39.00 Intensive Pore-minimizing Facial Treatment Lotion ff For targeted areas with enlarged pores. Do not use on the same day as the mask. 1 fl. oz. Code 03285 $ 39.00

Oil-free Daily Face Protector Lotion SPF 50 ff (am) Apply every morning before makeup. 1 fl. oz. Code 08960 $ 25.00

Targeted treatments for specific needs, complementary products for your Routine Experte. Let your skin express all its beauty.


Moisturizing Eye and Face Makeup Remover Lotion ff (am-pm) Exquisite soothing effect for your skin. 4.2 fl. oz. Code 23324 $ 15.00

25 26

Softer, fresher Essential makeup remover: Improved formula.

New Formula Essential Makeup Remover 1


What are the new benefits? Refreshing Face and Eye Contour Makeup Remover Cream Gel ff (am-pm) 3.8 oz. Code 01751 $ 15.00

2. Fresh sensation A more pleasant cleansing experience with a refreshing aroma and the same soothing texture.


1. Delicate formula Gently removes makeup without any irritation even in the most sensitive areas, including the eye contour.

Non Oily Texture Cream that turns into gel when it touches the skin. Maximum Effectiveness

Removes all makeup quickly, even waterproof and long-lasting makeup.


Dry skin is no longer an issue

Rapidly absorbing texture that deeply penetrates the skin to provide 24 hours of hydration.

Milk Texture

Ultra-penetrating texture



A. Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion F 13.5 fl. oz. Code 00613 $ 28.00 6.7 fl. oz. Code 06463 $ 16.00 B. Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion Dry Skin F 13.5 fl. oz. Code 00782 $ 28.00 6.7 fl. oz. Code 00318 $ 16.00


Happy at every age


C. Replenishing Treatment Hand Cream SPF 15 F Helps increase the skin density, improving the appearance of volume in the hands. 3.3 fl. oz. Code 08949 $ 19.00



Get the firm and flawless body you deserve.


D. Replenishing and Firming Body Treatment Lotion for Mature Skin F Helps replenish mature skin with an intense firming appearance. 6.7 fl. oz. Code 00270 $ 26.00

E. Firming and Lipo-reducing Body Treatment for Mature Skin F Helps firm skin for a more youthful appearance. 6.7 fl. oz. Code 04323 $ 36.00


No more excuses! Get your body summer ready

Performance, a specialized line of body products that will help you achieve the figure you want in two simple steps.

Step 1


The first step for a perfect silhouette is to prepare your body with the exfoliating soap. The soap stimulates your blood's microcirculation, while simultaneously removing impurities and dead skin cells. Your skin will be left pure and ready to absorb the next product.

Step 2 Choose the Performance product that best addresses your concern. There are three products that can be used individually or combined. Abdo Contractesse for more defined abs and waist; Cellut창ge Intensif to help reduce the appearance of cellulite (orange peel skin); Modelesse to sculpt the thighs and buttocks.

Step 1 Removes impurities

Exfoliating Soap with Seaweed F Exfoliate your skin to enhance results of the Performance line. 3.5 oz. Code 23576 $ 12.00


Step 2 Helps combat cellulite Integral Body Effect Gel Cream against Orange Peel Skin F Apply this product generously to reduce the look of orange peel skin. 6.7 fl. oz. Code 05751 $ 34.00

Step 2 Remodels hips and buttocks Intensive Remodeling Cream for Hips, Thighs and Buttocks F Technology that helps promotes fat loss to reshape hips, thighs and buttocks. 6.7 fl. oz. Code 02559 $ 30.00


Up to 1.9 inches off the waist *

Improve your silhouette and achieve the body of your dreams with L'Bel's fabulous Performance line.


* Best case observed. Significant reduction in 80% of women: an average of 0.59 inches in 28 days of use.

_Helps reduce the abdomen and waist. _Helps prevent fat from forming. _Helps reduce the size of fat deposits. _Helps redefine the abdomen.

L’BEL recommends

Performance Abdo Contractesse to achieve a more svelte figure. We also suggest you follow these recommendations: _ Eat fiber rich food and plenty of fruits and vegetables. _Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.


_Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

How to apply:

With the palm of your hand, massage the cream around your abdomen in circular motions until completely absorbed.

Step 2 Redefines the abs and waist

Intensive Lipo Reducing Cream for Abdomen and Waist F Helps take inches off the waist. 6.7 fl. oz. Code 26641 $ 34.00 $ 27.00


Choose the perfect shade The new L'Bel foundation, concealer and powder chart make it easier than ever to find the right match.

Check the color chart and follow these 3 steps to make the best choice:


Determine your skin tone Make sure you belong to the fair, medium or dark skin group.




Fair skin

Medium skin

Dark skin

Choose your shade Now that you have determined your skin tone, select a shade from your group. Make sure it's the perfect match!

Perfect combination Find the shades of other products in the color chart that match your skin tone. The names will be similar.

Claire 1 Claire 2 Claire 3 Claire 4 Medium 5 Medium 6 Medium 7

Obscure 8

Obscure 9

New Color Chart your 1 Determine skin tone

2 & 3 Choose your shade and create a perfect combination




Claire 2

Fair skin Tends to be normal to dry. Burns easily when exposed to the sun. Prone to premature expression lines.

Claire 1-2-3

Claire 1-2-3

Claire 4

Claire 4

Claire 3 Claire 4 Medium 5


Claire 1

Medium 5 Medium 5-6

Medium skin Tends to be normal to combination. Tans easily in the sun. Premature expression lines are less noticeable.

Medium 6

Medium 6

Medium 7

Medium 7

Medium 7

Obscure 8-9

Obscure 8-9

Obscure 8 Dark skin Tends to be combination to oily. Exposure to sun deepens skin tone. Premature expression lines are less of a concern.

Obscure 9


If you already have a favorite shade, note its new name by using the chart below: Foundation

Fair skin

Medium skin



Porcelaine 2

Claire 1

Beige Naturel 4

Claire 2

Faire 3

Claire 3



Beige Clair

Claire 1-2-3 Claire 4

Crème 7

Claire 4

Beige Intermède

Praliné 1

Medium 5

Beige Obscur

Medium 6

Canela Clair

Soleil 5 Dore 6

Dark skin


Cognac 8

Medium 7

Noisette 9

Obscure 8

New Shade

Obscure 9

Powder Before Claire Léger


Claire 1-2-3


Claire 4


Medium 5


Medium 6

Medium 7


Medium 7

Obscure 8-9


Obscure 8- 9

Medium 5-6 Canela Intermède Bronze Clair Bronze Intermède


Obscure 9

Claire 2

This foundation is ideal for me Everyone's skin is different, that is why L'Bel offers you 6 options so you can choose the perfect finish for your face. Claire 3

Claire 4

Choose your foundation according to your skin's needs.



Maximum Comfort and Long-lasting Foundation SPF 10 F Provides great adherence and 14 hours of use, leaving a velvety sensation on the skin. 1 fl. oz. $ 24.00


Natural Finish Moisturizing Foundation SPF 25 F Non oily hydration, ultra-light sensation, evens out skin tone with a matte natural finish. 1 fl. oz. $ 21.00


Facial Spots Clarifying Effect Compact SPF 18 F Compact cream that helps reduce age spots. Natural matte finish. .28 oz. $ 26.00

Medium 5

Medium 6 Claire 1 Claire 2 Claire 3 Claire 4 Medium 5 Medium 6 Medium 7 Obscure 8 Obscure 9

Maximum comfort

Hydrating foundation

Code 28205 Code 28207 Code 28206 Code 28210 Code 28204 Code 28208

Code 08701 Code 08702 Code 08703 Code 08704 Code 08705 Code 08706 Code 08708 Code 08709 Code 08710

Code 28211 Code 28212 Code 28209

Clarifier Code 08989 Code 08634 Code 08990 Code 08991 Code 08637 Code 08992 Code 08717 Code 08993 Code 08994


Medium 7

Claire 1 Obscure 8



Natural Skin Effect Mousse Foundation SPF 16 F Evens out skin tone with a natural look and a satin matte finish. 1 oz. (See page 39)

Smoothes Wrinkles

Filling Effect Foundation SPF 10 F Full coverage formula that instantly smoothes the face by optically filling in deep wrinkles. 1 fl. oz. (See page 40)


SuprĂŠmacie Teint Replenishing Foundation SPF 14 F With continuous use, it strengthens the skin and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. 1 oz. (See page 40)

37 38

Natural wonder With the new mineral foundation, your skin tone will look as natural as if you were not wearing any makeup.

_ Vitamin E _ SPF 16 _ Hypoallergenic _ Ideal for sensitive skin _ Fragrance free

New Mineral Foundation Natural Skin Effect Mousse Foundation SPF 16 Launching in June/2011


Why a mineral foundation?

Mousse texture

Its vitamin and natural mineral enriched formula cares for your skin by allowing it to breathe and helping prevent premature aging.

The light and luscious mousse texture, gives you a matte finish similar to a satin powder. It's so natural and comfortable that it will feel like your own skin.

Natural Skin Effect Mousse Foundation SPF 16 F 1 oz. $ 24.00

Claire 1 Medium 5 Claire 2 Claire 3 Claire 4 Medium 6 Medium 7 Obscure 8 Obscure 9 Code 01547 Code 01670 Code 01549 Code 01674 Code 01545 Code 01672 Code 01733 Code 01897 Code 01673


Highlight your youthful looking face with these two foundations.

Rejuvenates Evens out skin tone and help diminsh the appearance of imperfections, wrinkles and expression lines.




A. SuprĂŠmacie Teint Replenishing Foundation SPF 14 F 1 oz. $ 30.00

A. SuprĂŠmacie B. Fill in Wrinkles

Smoothes Its full coverage formula instantly evens out skin by optically filling in wrinkles.

B. Filling Effect Foundation SPF 10 F 1 fl. oz. $ 26.00

Claire 1 Claire 2 Claire 3 Claire 4 Obscure 9 Medium 5 Medium 6 Medium 7 Obscure 8 Code 09002 Code 03306 Code 09006 Code 09001 Code 03304 Code 09003 Code 03308 Code 09004 Code 09005 Code 00711 Code 10871 Code 00721 Code 00708 Code 10870 Code 00715 Code 10872 Code 00716 Code 00719

Perfects Use it before corrector to make your skin look flawless.

Corrects Apply after using retexturizing gel and before foundation to correct imperfections.


C. Rejuvenating Effect Corrector F .05 fl. oz. $ 17.00

C. Facial corrector


Correct and make your skin look flawless


D. Perfect Face Effect Retexturizing Gel F 1 fl. oz. Code 24259 $ 19.00

Claire 4 Medium 7 Obscure 8-9 Claire 1-2-3 Medium 5-6 Code 01976 Code 02662 Code 02666 Code 02899 Code 02900

41 42

Facial powder: your makeup's best friend

Bronzed or rejuvenated skin? Now you can choose the right finish for your skin with the fabulous L’Bel powders. Rejuvenated look For a rejuvenating effect, use dry as powder or wet as a foundation.


Bronzed look Its bronzing effect, highlights and evens out the skin tone for a perfectly natural finish.

Claire 1-2-3

Reflets Bronze Bronzing Compact Powder F With or without the sun, this powder will make you look naturally bronzed for every season. .24 oz. Code 03217 $ 24.00

Dual-use Compact Powder Rejuvenating Effect SPF 7 F It brings back a youthful and rejuvenated look to the face. .38 oz. $ 28.00

Medium 5 Claire 1-2-3 Claire 4 Medium 7 Obscure 8-9 Medium 6 Code 08995 Code 08996 Code 08997 Code 08998 Code 08999 Code 09000


A. Shine Control Compact Powder F Matte or natural finish. All skin types. .35 oz. $ 22.00

E. Under-eye Circle Concealer and Eyelid Primer F Two formulas in a single case. One corrects the dark circles, the other prepares eyelids for color. .13 oz. $ 17.00

Divine Sophistiqué Dual-use Compact Powder F Use dry as a powder or wet as a foundation. .35 oz. In two presentations: B. Doré C. Argenté $ 26.00 each

Foncé Moyen Code 06194


Code 06193


Code 06192

D. Illuminating Compact Powder F Illuminating effect with a satin finish for skin that is free from imperfections. .35 oz. $ 29.00







A. Shine control powder

Claire 1-2-3 Medium 5 Medium 6 Medium 7 Obscure 8-9 Claire 4 Code 00164 Code 00187 Code 00188 Code 00450 Code 00870 Code 01171

B. Divine Doré

Code 00210

Code 00278

Code 00311

C. Divine Argenté

Code 00419

Code 00558

Code 00561

D. Illuminating compact

Code 03093 Code 03094 Code 03095 Code 03096 Code 03097 Code 03156

Showcase your face! Porcelaine Code 02797

SantĂŠ Code 02799


Perfectisse Naturelle XP Extra-fine Loose Compact Powder F Loose powders seal the makeup and prevent excess shine. .59 oz. $ 23.00

Translucide Code 02798

Use a blush brush for a perfect look: its fine bristles provide even distribution and perfect application of powder where it's needed most.

Blush Brush F Code 24262 $ 10.00


Eyes and lips that define you

Redefine your smile and highlight your look with the retractable liners from L’Bel: precise strokes for added definition.


Eyes Noir Code 02719

ole Petr Bleu e 02718 Cod

Bleu Ob sc Code 02 ur 720

Brun 715 e 02


Inalterable Eyeliner

Gris Code 02717

DorĂŠe Code 02716


Inalterable XP Perfect Line Eyeliner F Retractable. Precise lines and colors. _Intense strokes _Defines and highlights _Protects the eyelash base .009 oz. $ 12.00 $ 9.50


Mauve Code 02788

Presition XP Precision Lipliner F Retractable, with maximum fill effect in every line. _Precise line _Defines the contour of the lips _Fill in lines and imperfections .009 oz. $ 12.00 $ 9.50

Fraise Code 02792

ia Fucsh 90 027 Code

P Cod rune e 02 791

Presition Lipliner

Rose Code 02787

Bourgogne Code 02789

We understand your busy lifestyle and want to make things easier for you. Our retractable eyeliners sharpen themselves for a perfect line every time.

Spring is the ideal time to use light, shimmering shades that showcase your skin tone and achieve a more natural look.


Perfectly coordinated powder eyeshadow duos. Apply lightest shade over the entire eyelid and under the eyebrow arch, apply darker shade in the crease of the eyelid. (See page 52). Eye Shadow Duo Light-Dark F .08 oz. $ 15.00


A soft and natural stroke will make your eyes look bigger. Use the brown shade for a more subtle definition. Défini XP Soft and Long-lasting Eyeliner F .042 oz. $ 12.00



Vert Neutre Code 01861

Capuccino Code 01269

Prairie Code 01252


Platinage Code 01199



Marron Delicieux Code 01852

e rin Ma u Ble

Corail Vif Code 01862

Blanc Code 01253

de Co

Lilas Gelées Code 01857

Négrillon Code 01197

Vin Exquis Code 01856

Welcome spring


We have picked vibrant and fresh shades of colors that will let you create the trendiest spring look.

Model is wearing: Eye Shadow Duo Light-Dark Corail Vif, Défini XP Capuccino, Amplifiant Mascara Brun, Rouge Radiant Beige Nude.

Brun Code 00108

Rouge Radiant Color and Shine Lipstick F .14 oz. $ 12.00

Rouge Fucsia Memorable Picardie Code 02809 Code 02803

Beige Marron Nude Glacé Code 02800 Code 02801

Rose Vin Corail Merlot Code 02802 Code 02807

Fucsia Éternel Code 02806

Noir Code 00107

The perfect finishing touch is color on your lips. Use an intense and brilliant shade of lipstick for maximum impact and provocation.

Rose Aventurier Code 02805

Amplifiant Mascara Maximum Volume and Definition Mascara F .35 oz. $ 16.00


Rouge Vintage Code 02808

To create a high impact look, pump up the volume of your lashes with extra definition that never clumps.

Brun Clair Code 02804



Vin Splendide Code 02687

Rose Crème Code 02689

Cuivre Code 02683

Rose Saumon Code 02690

Rouge Intense Code 02692

Fucshia Code 02696

Vin Splendide Code 02687

Enjoy the color

Vin Bourgogne Code 02702

Rose Saumon Code 02690

Cuivre Code 02683

Fucshia Code 02696


Cuivre Code 02683

Rose Cristallin Code 02691

Rose Crème Code 02689

Vin Profond Code 02709

Vin Pure Code 02710

Rouge Framboise Code 02694

Fucshia Code 02696

Vin Profond Code 02709

Rose Saumon Code 02690

Special COLOR


$ 7.00

Rose Crème Code 02689

Cuivre Code 02683

Blanc Code 02688

Matte Fantastic matte finish.

Pearlescent Gorgeous pearlescent finish.

Fucshia Code 02696

Rose Crème Code 02689

Rose Crème Code 02689


Vernis Tendance Nail Polish with Long Duration and Shine F .33 fl. oz. $ 10.00 $ 7.00 each

Vin Pure Code 02710

Vin Profond Code 02709

Colorful variety

Blanc Code 02688

Caring for one's nails is an important beauty routine, take the time to file, shape and buff them. Finish your manicure with a nail color you prefer. Don't forget that polished nails are the perfect accessory! 51 52

Eyes light up

Eyeliners and mascaras that can transform your look in an instant.

Prepare your lashes with the Primer. Then, apply any of our mascaras for perfect definition.






A. Primer Eyelash Treatment Base F A formula that protects, hydrates and restructures your lashes. .24 oz. Code 03816 $ 14.00 B. Incomparable 360째 Effect Mascara F The mascara that does it all: length, volume, definition and curl. Remove with warm water. .28 oz. $ 21.00 C. Megacils XP False Lash Effect Mascara F Lengthens your lashes with a fabulous effect. .24 oz. $ 15.00

D. Amplifiant Mascara Maximum Volume and Definition Mascara F Perfectly separated lashes and maximum volume. .35 oz. $ 16.00 E. Infinite Cils XP Lengthening and Curling Mascara F Lengthens the lashes and gives a natural looking curl. .24 oz. $ 15.00



Virtuale Bleu

B. Incomparable

Code 02864 Code 02862

C. Megacils XP

Code 00787 Code 00786 Code 00807

D. Amplifiant

Code 00108 Code 00107

E. Infinite Cils XP

Code 00747 Code 00745 Code 00752


Two work better than one

Applying eyeshadow now is easier than ever thanks to our fabulous duo that pairs trendy and complementary shades.

Melon Doux Code 01854

Corail Vif Code 01862

Jeu de Violettes Code 01858

Vert Neutre Code 01861

Clair-Obscur Code 01855


Rose Tendre Code 01859

Lilas GelĂŠes Code 01857

Marron Delicieux Code 01852

New Eyeshadow Duo Light-Dark

Eye Shadow Duo Light-Dark F Wonderful colors for the season. .08 oz. $ 15.00


Vin Exquis Code 01856



_The look 1. Highlight your eyes with the lighter shade. 2. Give them depth with the darker shade.

Ciel Nocturne Code 01860


All in one: Eyeshadows, lipsticks, gloss and blush all in the Coffret Couleur case.

Coffret Couleur Makeup Palette for the Face, Eyes and Lips F A wide variety of color options for a complete makeup look. .38 oz. $ 37.00

Mystère Code 02876

Lumineuse Code 02877

Lipstick Shadow







Shadow 56




Shadow Blush






Brow gel



Get your brows in shape

Perfecting Set for Brows F Three shadows, finishing gel, brush, tweezers and angular brush. .15 oz. Code 25831 $ 27.00

Practical COLOR

This fun compact is all you need to create versatile looks for your eyes and cheeks. Gamme Marron Code 00213

Gamme Rose Code 00211

Model is wearing: Chromatique Gamme Rose.

Chromatique Multifunctional Eye Shadow and Blush Kit .23 oz. $ 37.00



Strokes of genius

Défini XP Soft and Long-lasting Eyeliner F .042 oz. $ 12.00

Platinage Code 01199

Bleu Marine Code 01227

Blanc Code 01253

Négrillon Code 01197

Prairie Code 01252

Capuccino Code 01269

Your style is unique

Hint of tint

Artisté XP Professional Liquid Eyeliner F .10 fl. oz. $ 16.00

Create the look that best matches your personality with L’Bel products.

Satin Bleu Code 01122

Violet Satiné Code 01131

Ready to use




Noir Code 01760




Crayon Kohl XP Kohl Eyeliner .040 oz. $ 12.00


Straight lines

Facilité XP Easy-use Liquid Eyeliner F .10 fl. oz. $ 16.00

Brun Code 01135

Satin Bleu Code 01141

Noir Code 01134

Vert Satiné Code 01130

Doré Code 01132

Noir Code 01118

Brun Code 01119


Wear unique eye shadows every day: Versatile powders from light to dark, neutral to bright, matte to shimmer.

Spring Fields Code 02391

Winter Times Code 01835 Mer de Plaisir Code 06199 Amazon Festival Code 02306

Velours de Couleur Code 02260

Spring is in the air

Couleur Passion Eye Shadow Palette F .42 oz. $ 31.00

Explotion de Couleur Code 01774

Eyes full of sparkle

Expressive XP Maximum Coverage Eye Shadow Quartet F .15 oz. $ 22.00

Vert Fantasie Vert Marine Exotic Tabac Doré en Rose Nocturne Caves Lumineuse Code 01753 Code 02398 Code 01742 Code 02401 Code 02406 Code 02399

Nature Intense Code 06200

Doux Désir Code 06201

Terre Reflets Feminin Femme Reflets Surrealisté Cuivre Couleur en Bleu Doré Code 01642 Code 02405 Code 02409 Code 01452 Code 02874

Femme en Rose Code 02875


Kisses 60

you can't resist

Your lips never felt softer: Rouge IrrĂŠsistible, luxuriously smooth care for your lips.

New Rouge IrrĂŠsistible Maximum Hydration Lipstick SPF 17 Launching in May/2011


_Retexturizes _Protects _Moisturizes 61

Moisturized lips = Sensual lips


The lip's delicate skin is easily chapped and is susceptible to dryness. Moisturized lips can be a powerful weapon of seduction. Perfect combination for your lip's protection. Active Ingredient: Seakale Moisturizes and protects the skin from environmental damage. Cosmetic Ingredient: Wax particles Creates a protective barrier that prevents dryness. Retexturizes the delicate skin of the lips* . Maximum hydration and protection SPF 17 *100% of participants tested perceived an immediate improvement in the surface of the lips.

Moisturized lips

Sensual lips

New Rouge Irrésistible Maximum Hydration Lipstick SPF 17 Launching in May/2011

Rouge Irrésistible Maximum Hydration Lipstick SPF 17 F .14 oz. $ 15.00


More hydration and protection for your lips. Soft and vivid colors that make your pout completely kissable.

Capuccino Rojo Vif Rouge Rose Code 01359 Classique Code 01043 Intense Code 01339 Code 00847


Moka Fuchsia Rose Code 01196 Intense Natural Code 00994 Code 00819

Rose Brillance Code 01360

Fuchsia Brillance Code 01358

Vin Code 01361

Mandarine Code 01329

Rouge Brillance Code 01335

Immediate hydration

Free Gift Visuel Parfait Mirror For the purchase of two Rouge Irrésistible Maximum Hydration Lipstick SPF 17 F.


Mix and match: Pretty spring colors in lipsticks, glosses and blushes. Plus the must-have accessories.

Rouge d´Amour

Fucsia Splendide




Naturel Persistant Code 08436 Fucsia Splendide Code 08432 Rose d´Amour Code 08433 Rose Champagne Code 08988 Miel Echanter Code 08438

Café Succès Code 08444


Rouge Amplifier XP Amplifying Lipstick SPF 15 F .14 oz. $ 13.00

Chocolat Majestic Code 08443

Marron Rose Illimité Formidable Code 08442 Code 08434

Rouge Grandoise Code 08445

Corail Maximum Code 08437

Rouge Prodigeux Code 08439

Sharpener F Code 24233 $ 8.00 Lip Brush F Code 24264 $ 6.00 Brosse Essentielle Eye Shadow Brush F Code 24263 $ 6.00

Delicious Lip Gloss Plump Lip Gloss Immediate Extra Volume F .40 fl. oz. $ 12.00

Vin Peché Naturel Code 02812 Code 02818 Code 02813

Melon Groseille Douce Code 02815 Code 02811 Code 02810

Abricot Doré

Rose Thé


Eden Code 02337 Eden Code 02337

Caramel Code 02338

Miel Code 02335

Cuivre Code 02376

Blush Brush F Code 24262 $ 10.00

Blush Delicat XP Compact Blusher F The ideal colors for the spring. .18 oz. $ 22.00

Affair Abricot Doré Rose Thé Code 02342 Code 02343 Code 02339

Caramel Cuivre Miel Code 02335 Code 02376 Code 02338


Rose Douce Code 05216 Malve Code 05207 Laurier Code 05211

Code 05217

Rouge Passionnel

Fraise Code 05206 Acajou Code 05213

Mexique Code 05210 Carménere Code 05214 Amandier Code 05209

Aster Code 05212

Brave Code 05208

Marron Forêt Code 05215

Color that lasts for hours

Infini XP Long-lasting Lipstick .08 oz. $ 18.00


Radiant gloss with a bold finish.


Caramel Melon Code 00608

Grape Lumière Code 00448

Anana Juss Code 00157

Sweet Framboise Code 00597

Gold Berry Code 00595

Rose Cerice Code 00598

Delicious Lip Gloss Delicious Lip Gloss F .40 fl. oz. $ 12.00

Luscious color. Let your lips become the sweetest weapon of seduction.

Noblesse Code 08569 Tabac Code 08584

Harmonie Code 08610

Cardin Code 08615

Carminé Code 08616 Romance Code 08611

Rosace Code 08507 Célèbre Code 08506 Sobrieté Code 08523

Sublime Code 08618 Fuchsia Cód. 09730


Orange Code 08617

Fiancée Code 08508

Softness and long duration

Suprême XP Lipstick with Long Duration and Shine SPF 8 F .14 oz. $ 13.00

Model is wearing, Harmonie.

Supreme volume and shine Rose Vivant Code 01004

Melon Cristal Code 01022

Rose Cristallin Code 01008

Fantasie Code 01005

Rose Eclair Code 01029

Corail Lumineux

Audace Code 01019

Stellaire Code 01009

Rouge Deese Code 01016

Melon Audace Code 01021

Rouge Flamme Code 01014

Bronze Spirit Code 01027

Vin Douce Code 01028

Terre Vital Code 01026

Code 01020

Resplendisant XP Ultra-sensuous Volume Liquid Lip Color F .23 fl. oz. $ 14.00

67 68

Dare to imagine IllimitĂŠe

Illimitée Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 1.7 fl. oz. Code 03215 $ 42.00


Illimitée Eau de Parfum Pour Femme

Nothing defines a woman better than her scent.


Delyr, a delicate fruity accord with a delicious bouquet of magnolias, combined with a captivating aroma of black orchids. Ideal for the self-confident woman.


Delyr Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 1.7 fl. oz. Code 24354 $ 42.00


Idolâtré Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 1.7 fl. oz. Code 01641 $ 42.00


Idolâtré, an object of desire that everyone wants to possess. Amber, white peony and touches of Babylonian Cardamom combine in a scent that generates adoration.


As irresistible as you

Ignite your senses with the sensuality and glamour of these four fabulous fragrances.


An exquisite fragrance an oriental-vanilla scent with accords of lotus, a flower that opens its petals each night to captivate us with its seductive and addictive aroma.

SĂŠduisant Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 1.7 fl. oz. Code 04617 $ 42.00

An elegant scent distinctively feminine, that contains a delicate floral bouquet highlighted by iris and lily of the valley in an unmistakable aroma that stands out from the rest.

Satin Chic Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 1.7 fl. oz. Code 25919 $ 42.00

A seductive scent with sophisticated touches of ylang-ylang, amber and Riesling grapes, an exclusive ingredient used to make the finest European white wines.

Satin Rouge Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 1.7 fl. oz. Code 23104 $ 42.00


FiancĂŠe Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 1.7 fl. oz. Code 00060 $ 48.00

The essence of sensuality An irresistible scent with the exotic Madagascar Orchid in a harmonious bouquet, of flowers, red fruits and warm spices.


Every emotion has a scent. Every woman has a fragrance. Intense and unforgettable, its personality reflects passion and femininity. Basic note: Damascene Rose petals with passionate accords of Amaretto.

Delicate and feminine, the Rêve Sensuelle woman stands out for her subtle sensuality. Basic note: The exclusive Juliette Gréco Rose.


Rêve Sensuelle Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 1.7 fl. oz. Code 23119 $ 42.00

Rêve Sensuelle Passion Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 1.7 fl. oz. Code 02368 $ 42.00

Four french scents that express different personalities. Find out which one is yours.

Mithyka Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 1.7 fl. oz. Code 23142 $ 40.00

Elegance is her middle name. Her sensual personality is inherently sophisticated. Basic note: White Peony.

SoirĂŠe Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 1.7 fl. oz. Code 26377 $ 52.00


Determined, decisive, unique. A modern and feminine woman that achieves all her goals. Basic note: Tahitian tiare and Sambac jasmine.


Pamper yourself

Surround yourself with the enticing sensations that inspire your senses, with the delicate scents of Body & Spirit: a world of wellness and pleasure in every drop.


Voluptuous notes of tangerine and woody bamboo perfectly combined to highlight your passion.


Discover all your sensuality with this exquisite combination of cinnamon, sandalwood, plum vanilla and bergamot notes.

Enjoy an exclusive moment of pleasure and well-being just for you.


A. Body & Spirit Sensual Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 22976 $ 30.00


B. Body & Spirit Passion Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 23000 $ 30.00


Fresh green notes and touches of grapefruit join with sparkling accords of flowers and spices that evoke today's dynamic, energetic woman.


Émouv Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 25275 $ 35.00

Exfoliate and moisturize your skin while enjoying the delicious aroma of Eau du Soleil, extracted from exotic Seville oranges.

Triphasic Oil + Body Gel Code 95600

Perfume Apply this refreshing scent after bathing on all pulse points.


Moisturize Apply it after using the exfoliating body gel and rinse it off with plenty of water and can be used daily.

L’Bel Set only $ 26.00

Exfoliate Apply it in circular motions while bathing 2 to 3 times a week. C



A. Exfoliating Body Gel F 6 fl. oz. Code 05330 $ 19.00

B. Triphasic Oil F 6 fl. oz. Code 05349 $ 18.00

C. Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 00440 $ 35.00

79 80

Celebrate spring With Brises de Vie it's easy to enjoy the warmth of the season.



$ 13.00

only Fruity and floral accords with oceanic touches that envelop you in incomparable freshness.

1.7 fl. oz. edition

Brises de Vie Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 1.7 fl. oz. Code 23218


A floral-aqueous fragrance that combines citrus accords of California lemon, Italian bergamot over a delicate floral base.

$ 13.00 each

Brises de Vie Aqua Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 1.7 fl. oz. Code 23719

3.4 fl. oz. edition

Brises de Vie Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 23215 $ 34.00 Brises de Vie Aqua Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Femme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 23713 $ 34.00


Enjoy the sensation of softness on your whole body.


Exquisite Lotion A. Divinesse Moisturizing Body Lotion with Cashmere Softeners F 6.7 fl. oz. edition Code 24571 $ 18.00 3.3 fl. oz. edition Code 23573 $ 12.00

Moisturizes B. Divinesse Lumisensse Moisturizing Body Lotion with Light Effect and White Cashmere Softeners F 6.7 fl. oz. edition Code 24050 $ 18.00 3.3 fl. oz. edition Code 24051 $ 12.00


C. Délice Rosé Scented Body Lotion F A combination of scents of red fruits with cassis mélange, that provides the skin with velvety softness. 6.7 fl. oz. edition Code 02607 $ 18.00




3.3 fl. oz. edition Code 02568 $ 13.00

3.3 fl. oz. edition Code 00251 $ 13.00

D. Délice Citrique Scented Body Lotion F A lotion with a fresh texture and lively aroma. Its citrus notes raise your spirits, scent your skin and provide exquisite softness. 6.7 fl. oz. edition Code 02621 $ 18.00


Delicious textures for your hands. Especially created to leave your skin velvety smooth. WELL-BEING Delicious texture that intensely hydrates the hands with a delicate Chardonnay grape aroma.

Creamy texture A cream that uses almond oil obtained through a special process to ensure that the formula is pure and moisturizing.

Almond oil

Almond Oil Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream F 2.5 fl. oz. Code 06104 $ 13.00

Chardonnay grape

Chardonnay Grape Moisturizing and Refreshing Hand Cream F 2.5 fl. oz. Code 00818 $ 13.00


Healthy, groomed and gorgeous Protect your hair from root to tip and keep it looking luscious with the Ligne Experte from L'Bel.

Repair by day

A. Ultra Nutritif Intensive Repair Treatment for Damaged Hair F For extra soft, manageable hair with a healthy and radiant appearance. 7 oz. Code 03692 $ 15.00

Reduce hair loss


B. Reconstruit Revitalizing Hair Loss Control Lotion for Weak Hair F For revitalized hair that is fuller, with more body and volume. 3.3 fl. oz. Code 04089 $ 20.00


Repair by night

C. Nocto RĂŠparateur Repairing Nighttime Hair Mask F This special nighttime formula leaves your hair soft, shiny and manageable. Rinse in the morning. 4.2 fl. oz. Code 06017 $ 15.00







Reduce hair loss

Provide nourishment

D. Reconstruit Revitalizing Hair Loss Control Shampoo for Weak Hair F 8.4 fl. oz. Code 04028 $ 14.00

F. Ultra Nutritif Intensive Repair Shampoo for Damaged Hair F 8.4 fl. oz. Code 00284 $ 14.00

E. Reconstruit Revitalizing Hair Loss Control Conditioner for Weak Hair F 8.4 fl. oz. Code 00303 $ 14.00

G. Ultra Nutritif Intensive Repair Conditioner for Damaged Hair F 8.4 fl. oz. Code 03691 $ 14.00

85 86

He desires fierce power

Bleu Intense Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 23483 $ 42.00


The scent A fresh invigorating aroma with notes of living Seashore fused with sensual spices and intense woody notes. The man He is full of energy and vitality, he enjoys extreme sports.

A man's fragrance says a lot about his personality.

I wanted to use a strong and powerful component that evokes the energy of extreme heat this man exudes. I found a resin taken from a tree that creates an accord capable of emanating the heat and energy of lava coming out of a volcano.

Richard Herpin, Perfume Creator of 1200°C

1200ºC 88

The power of internal fire Fire is beginning, passion, creation, intensity. It is this incandescence that ignites our resolve... because true strength comes from within.

1200°C Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme ff An intense woody and spicy fragrance with a smoky effect. 3.4 fl. oz. Code 95602 $ 45.00

New 1200ºC Eau de Toilette Pour Homme Launching in April/2011


Free Gift Wrinkle, Puffiness and Under-Eye Circle Minimizing Eye Contour Gel F For 1200°C Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme ff Total value $ 25.00


Delyr Homme: impossible to resist The man For a man who not only seeks to attract women, but to also captivate them.

The scent A fragrance with accords of sandalwood, cedar and hinoki combined with a subtle musk and notes of amber.


Delyr Homme Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 01238 $ 50.00

Homme 033 Noir: conquering the night The man Sophisticated, seductive, selective. Homme 033 Noir is for the elegant, modern man, who conquers the night with his presence. The scent Notes of black pepper and Cardamom from India that brings out absolute masculinity.

Homme 033 Noir Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 23496 $ 45.00

Homme 033: The image of elegance The man For the man who is successful, elegant and authentic. The scent An unusual mix of basil verbena, lavender absolute and exclusive notes of Living Cognac.

Homme 033 Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 23489 $ 45.00

D´Antan: the romantic knight FOR HIM The man The perfect gentleman, confident and sophisticated, who appreciates every detail and enjoys sharing the best of life with someone special. The scent A woody-aromatic fragrance with notes of driftwood and Haitian vetiver, a variety that is masculine, intense and elegant.

D´Antan Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 27613 $ 45.00 91

Extremely bold

Auteur Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 24633 $ 50.00


Urban attitude

i.d. Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme ff 3.4 fl. oz.



Spontaneous and elegant


Homme 033 Code Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 01721 $ 45.00

Which scent does he like? The right fragrance for the right man. Choose according to his personal preference and desire.

Adventurous and daring


ExtrĂŞme Intense Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 25473 $ 42.00


Dieux Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 00327 $ 50.00


Refreshed image

The new shaving line created by L'Bel Homme provides a more refreshing shave, without cuts or irritation.


Complete your routine



Liquid Gel Facial Soap It cleanses his skin without drying, regulates oil production and removes impurities that cause aging.

Facial Lotion and Eye Contour Gel With regenerative effect against the signs of aging, it combats the appearance of wrinkles for a look that is free of stress.

New L'Bel Homme Shaving Cream and After Shave Lotion A. Shaving Foam _ Moisturizes.

_ With vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

Launching in June/2011

_ Refreshes.

_ Delays hair growth.


_ Prevents cuts and irritation.

B. After Shave Lotion

_ Revitalizes.

Dermatologically Tested L'Bel Homme

Refreshing and Moisturizing Shaving Foam F 5 fl. oz. Code 03043 $ 13.00 After Shave Lotion that Helps Control Shine F 3.4 fl. oz. Code 02064 $ 20.00

Pack L'Bel only $ 25.00 Refreshing and Moisturizing Shaving Foam F (5 fl. oz.) and After Shave Lotion that Helps Control Shine F (3.4 fl. oz.). Code 95604 Total value $ 33.00


Devos Magnetic Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme ff 3.4 fl. oz. Code 23478 $ 45.00


Devos Magnetic: The power of attraction: A great combination of wild green notes with touches of bourbon and tobacco.

L’Bel Homme, everything a man needs: A complete line specially created to complement and satisfy all his skin's concerns.

A. Microexfoliating Liquid Gel Facial Soap F 4 fl. oz. Code 02526 $ 14.00 B. Facial Lotion with Regenerative Effect against the Signs of Age F 1.7 oz. Code 02460 $ 30.00


The science behind L´Bel



C. Wrinkle, Puffiness and Under-eye Circle Minimizing Eye Contour Gel F .50 fl. oz. Code 02725 $ 25.00


Men's skin: As men's skin is thicker and oilier than women's it presents different problems. It requires more exfoliation in the T-zone; and the shaving areas like the cheeks and neck are also susceptible to irritation and dehydration.


Hot hits

Practical and irresistible products you won't want to miss. A. Extrême Intense After Shave Gel F 3.4 fl. oz. Code 25466 $ 23.00 $ 19.00 B. 1200°C After Shave Lotion F 3.4 fl. oz. Code 00993 $ 24.00 $ 19.00


C. Homme 033 After Shave LotionF 3.4 fl. oz. Code 23490 $ 24.00 $ 19.00


D. Bleu Intense After Shave Gel F 3.4 fl. oz. Code 23484 $ 23.00 $ 19.00


E. Dieux After Shave Lotion F 3.4 fl. oz. Code 00046 $ 25.00 $ 19.00 F. Auteur After Shave Lotion F 3.4 fl. oz. Code 24631 $ 26.00 $ 19.00






G. Devos Magnetic After Shave Lotion F 3.4 fl. oz. Code 23479 $ 23.00 $ 19.00



H. Delyr After Shave Lotion F 3.4 fl. oz. Code 01513 $ 25.00 $ 19.00 I. D´Antan After Shave Lotion F 3.4 fl. oz. Code 27612 $ 25.00 $ 19.00 J. Homme 033 Noir After Shave Lotion F 3.4 fl. oz. Code 23726 $ 25.00 $ 19.00

Fiancée Perfumed Body Lotion F Nourishing and scented pleasure. 5.4 fl. oz. Code 27964 $ 20.00 $ 16.00


Rêve Sensuelle 18 F Smooth and soothing sensation. 5.4 fl. oz. Code 23120 $ 20.00 $ 16.00

Rêve Sensuelle Shower Gel F Sensuous shower gel for the body. 2 fl. oz. Code 23124 $ 15.00 $ 12.00

Mithyka Perfumed Body Lotion F Pamper your body with this scented lotion. 5.4 fl. oz. Code 23143 $ 18.00 $ 14.50


Travel Set only $ 15.00 Hydra Calme Facial Lotion SPF 15 (.10 fl. oz.), Essential Makeup Remover ff (1.5 fl. oz.), Cleanser and Toner ff (1.5 fl. oz. each; choose according to skin type) and a lovely Demi Lune toiletry bag.

_Helpful hint Every day is a perfect day to take care of your skin, and with these practical travel sets you can do it on the go.

Total value $ 24.50

Normal to dry skin  C贸d. 95606 Normal to oily skin  C贸d. 95611

Beauty Adviser

USA April, May, June 2011

Telephone Call 1-800-992-LBEL (5235) or visit for details about our generous compensation plan.

L'Bel USA Catalog April, May, June 2011  
L'Bel USA Catalog April, May, June 2011  

Catalog L'Bel USA April, May, June 2011