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LETTER FROM THE EDITORS Breaking news: the weather has broke, and there will be a Grand Opening of residents’ windows at Newport Lofts. The aroma of gardenfresh gazpacho lures a lone fly which lands on a stack of vintage Las Vegas post cards. In an effort to shoot this intruder, “Bang, Bang” rings through the building, and the place suddenly looks as if The Atomic bomb went off. With the new serial from the Downtown ZEN fresh in mind, the pounding at the door sparks anxiety: surely it’s the cops. The door swings open to reveal … Aimee Groth — a friend instead. Needing inspiration for her book on Downtown Project, she mentions taking a stroll to the Container Park, but not before a lunch date detour at Du Pars. Leaving the disastrous aftermath behind, strolling arm in arm under the bright Blue Sky, ActionRED intercepts. Walking ‘n’ Rolling past The Center’s Bronze Café, but craving a Cheffinis dog, the realization sets in: there are so many options, Downtown certainly is Grand.

Editor-in-Chief Loren Becker

Managing Editors Michael Boley, Mandy Crispin

Contributing Writers Brian Paco Alvarez, Michael Boley, Temple Brathwaite, Hannah Espina, Mandy Crispin, Matthew Dunsmoor, Angelina Fadool, Karina Giraldo, Shannon Sneade

Serial Artist Evelyn Lee


We hope you enjoy this month’s edition of the Downtown ZEN! - The Downtown ZEN Team

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TECH JOBS Hey, Mac! Here’s the 411 — The Zappos Family is seeking individuals to join our expanding business throughout several departments. Do you have what it takes to be a difference-maker in the field of analytics, software and information technology? Would you say you have a hard drive, embrace Windows of opportunity, constantly crawl through depths of material, interface and utilize coworkers as open sources? If this sounds like the Apple of your eye, cache in your chips where you are now and join our phenomenal hot spot! Navigate to our Jobs page through the QR reader, and we’ll save a cookie for you!! ISSUE 19


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Campus Update • Zappos Grand Opening



Can you believe it? Our campus is officially open for business! It has been two years in the making, and it has been AWESOME seeing the campus come to life over the past few weeks as teams have moved into our new home. Chalkboard walls are written on, desks are decorated, and we’ve already had our very first stickball game in the plaza.

Usually, our campus update letters contain pictures of steel, concrete, and dust, with the occasional painted wall, or carpet sample … but not this one! This one is full of decorations, really cool furniture, and best of all — some of your fellow Zapponians! Enjoy the photos of your new campus … and welcome home, Zappos!

We are already Zapposfying our new home — keep it up!

Our very first stickball game.

Rooftop Terrace (right outside of the ZCafé)

ZCafé (Mmmm … Coffee!)


Downtown ZEN





A bird’s-eye view of our backyard — with real grass!

Some of our ZCON team members ready to greet guests and visitors.

Our new Bistro.

An amazing Zappos Lego display (in the lobby). As always, thanks for reading and feel free to shoot us an email at with any questions. -Steven + the COD Team 04



Downtown ZEN



Downtown ZEN





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Downtown Grand • Cheffinis Hot Dogs • Photo Bang Bang • Walk ‘n’ Roll 4 HIV/AIDS • Container Park


ong before the sun crests above the acutely jutted buildings of downtown and the heavy air emanates just a pinch of sweltering summer relief, swarms of orange vests and hard hats converge like threatening hornets to the construction site of one of the area’s most extensive and expensive renovation and add-on projects — the $100 million Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino and Downtown3rd promenade, owned by CIM Group. As workers methodically dig, level, and build upwards and outwards inch by inch, foot by foot, yard by yard, the soonto-open addition will anchor as the urban frontrunner of luxury comfort, dining, and entertainment. Strewn across the south side of the Mob Museum is a Tetris-like layout of laminate construction trailers, substituting as temporary office spaces for more than a few dozen intermingled Downtown Grand and Fifth Street Gaming (FSG) employees, including the desks of Managing Director Ricardo Ramirez and Chief Executive Officer Seth Schorr — the two men responsible for conjuring up blueprints and scheming to unequivocally provide the best

hospitality and customer service experience in the valley. Schorr’s extensive résumé in the hotel and casino industry is attributed to his 22 years of successes in human resources, marketing, gaming strategy, building development, construction, and entrepreneurial finance. In 2010, Schorr was named CEO after merging operating agencies with notable Las Vegas businessman and grandson of Harry Greenspun, Jeffrey Fine, and creating FSG — who both successfully operate the Lucky Club Casino & Hotel, Silver Nugget Casino, Opera House Gambling Hall, and Little Macau Tavern. FSG’s largest casino management project, Downtown Grand, is located at 206 N. Third St. with a palm tree-lined main entrance abutting Fourth Street, kitty-corner of Zappos’ new headquarters. As a humble man who demonstrates a team-first and customer-centric approach, it’s almost fate that Schorr, on same day he overtook the reins of Downtown Grand’s property development, Zappos’ Tony Hsieh announced plans to relocate his company from Henderson to the now former city hall. 10

“That was a very exciting time, and made the opportunity even more exciting for me knowing what was coming down the road,”

said Schorr. “At that time Smith Center was getting close to opening within the next year, and the Mob Museum, and all these things that at that time were just visions, it’s been so much fun to see them become a reality.”

Utilizing Zappos’ thesis of the delivering WOW through service, Schorr and his wide-ranging team of seasoned experts and hoteliers are working hard to ensure everyone who walks through Downtown Grand, from casual patrons to VIP high rollers, gets a full-throttle, over-the-top experience which, up to now, is only received at five-star resorts aligning the brightly lit Strip. “We are creating an experience that is integrated with the rest of downtown, and I think people that are visiting from other parts of the country will have a better vacation if they explore downtown Las Vegas.” Conjointly with catering to vacationers, Schorr’s brilliant timing and well-thought-out business model of expanding and reopening the two-tower hotel amongst an affluently burgeoning business district is gaining attention amongst locals who crave character and attention to detail in an otherwise non-charming cookie cutter town. Downtown Grand’s brick-heavy façade was taken from the vision of Manhattan’s historic meatpacking district erected in 1884. Examining several photographic images to recapture the varied yet subtle colors and textures of the exposed materials, Schorr’s team also wanted to remain true to the nostalgic look and design of creating separate, yet compact buildings using atypical, ornately displayed windowsills. Essentially, according to Schorr, the hotel/casino is meant to look as it would belong in New York City, as opposed to a New York City-themed hotel. When entering through Downtown Grand’s limousine, taxi, and valet drop-off main entrance, guests will be greeted by a spacious, intricate lobby that Schorr says will bring a level of comfort and intimacy reminiscent of inner city hotels in other major metropolises, but different from the superfluous Las Vegas mega resort. The elaborate décor found throughout the property is evidenced immediately upon looking left of the lobby. Here, one would find Art Bar: a speakeasy that erupts in downtown authenticity, featuring upon dozens of eclectic drawings and paintings created by local artists, molded into the ceiling for an off-the-cuff, decadent vibe. Along with abundant scenery, guests can relax in the overstuffed furniture and converse art over lattes. Conveniently, and strategically, placed away from the casino floor is the tower entrance. Set just beyond the check-in counter, near the elevator bank, is a three-story escalator leading up to the towers’ adjoining pedestrian bridge, allowing for a less congested, more fluid pace for wanderers between buildings,


the workout facility, or to the hotel’s most anticipated and heavily advertised attraction: Picnic.

With more than 24,000 square feet of sprawling space and lush green grass, Picnic displays a whimsical urban rooftop experience that is finitely simple yet incomprehensibly unique. Its 1950s-inspired water oasis features an infinity pool surrounded by more than a dozen cabanas and 114 lounge chairs. Guests looking for a quick bite or a summer brew can mosey on up to its timber wood-infused bar or one of the communal picnic tables and place their order with a bikini clad bartender or waitress. Looking up, stretching far above the scenic rooftop and scraping the downtown skyline, are Downtown Grand’s 17-story east tower and 25-story west tower, occupying 650 remodeled and redecorated rooms with breathtaking city views. Deviating away from darker reds and browns that meet the masculine eye, each room will incorporate brighter, more feminine colors, a full-length mirror, a flat-panel IPTV with enhanced capabilities, and in-room food delivery service from many of the hotel or Downtown3rd eateries. Want more? Each bed will be comprised of a plush presidential Serta mattress with high thread count sheets and top-of-the-line bedding and pillows. Descending back down to ground level, inside the mindfully laid out 30,000 square foot casino are 600 brand new gaming slot machines, 30 table games, street dice, and a race & sports book. Meandering through the nonrestrictive aisles of glorified gaming is Player Services: a 24/7 hybrid customer service station that combines the players club and the casino cage; a place where gamblers can receive player’s cards and redeem coupons with limited hassle. At the heart of the casino floor is the highly acclaimed Furnace bar. Reminiscent of an old foundry, the area sports large industrial doors, oversize iron bolts, and overhanging crystal chandeliers. The industrial chic bar scheme is based on a reclaimed neon factory and is intended to represent the birthplace of Glitter Gulch during the peak of neon in Las Vegas. Including all of the aforementioned bars and restaurants, a total of more than 17 businesses will be located within the Downtown Grand and Downtown3rd corridor, with some established places to be relocated and expanded, such as Mob Bar, which will sit at the end of the promenade facing the Mob Museum and feature live pianists that can be seen from the outside through a large plate-glass window. Because Downtown3rd heavily focuses on the guest experience, Schorr says it’s imperative to receive constructive criticism and feedback as to how the resort and promenade can further improve.

Downtown ZEN


ISSUE 17 19

“We encourage the feedback. We’re a new property. There’s going to be lots of room for improvement — there’s going to be assumptions we’ve made or ideas we’ve had that could be improved upon and some ideas might even just be wrong […]. We listen to our guests, especially the regular guests, because their opinion really matters,” said Schorr. “It’s now up to our team to create an experience that complements the design of the building.” By the waning days of October, the mecca that will soon be Downtown Grand will literally transform downtown Las Vegas in one fell swoop. As Schorr and his team intelligently realized, a hotel and casino’s blueprint must never grow stale or archaic; instead, it must evolve over time and organically align and transform with the needs and wants of its customers. And when developers and management actually listen … well, that’s just the grandest thing of all.

5th Street Premium

5th Street Deluxe



Downtown ZEN


Cheffinis Top Dog DTLV IS


By Michael Boley


ituated at the corner of hungover and hungry is one of downtown Las Vegas’ best late-night eats on the cheap. Parked at the southern end of Fremont East and just a stumbling stone’s throw away from neighboring watering holes sits a vintage red and white striped hot dog cart and the best doggone Hebrew Nationals in the valley.

and sriracha — taking an ordinary food staple from alright to hella amazing. Cheffinis has been serving up this culinary mainstay in front of the Beat

“We love downtown, we love the people, we like the way the people are; they are different from the people you see on the strip. It’s a community. Everybody knows everybody, and everybody is trying to swim the same way.” In a general sense, to many, a hot dog is just a hot dog, but to Cheffinis, their franks display a sense of Hispanic heritage. Inspired by co-owners Fabian Arias and Jose “Chepe” Villamil’s Colombian roots, Cheffinis utilizes an amassed variety of wildly unexpected flavors and textures — from mozzarella and potato chips to pineapple dressing


Coffeehouse to scattered locals and vacationers since 2011, way before the area showed any progression to vitality. Although an iffy street scene at time, with the opening of the Beat and pockets of other smaller businesses, including the conviction of hope from stapled Downtown Cocktail Room (DCR) owner Michael Cornthwaite, they believed that things would pick

Downtown ZEN

up. Fast forward three years later and you have a burgeoning downtown environment littered with packed bars and curious street wanderers. Due to Cheffinis’ partnership with the Beat, each night Fabian arrives through the back doors to prepare for an evening ahead of dicing, slicing, and peeling handfuls of jalapeños, onions, and prized red tomatoes. “We like to have everything fresh all the time,” he says, momentarily pausing and looking off to the side. “That’s why we buy everything every day, even the buns, even the hot dogs. […] I can’t buy tomatoes for the whole week because the tomatoes begin to get softer day by day.” After final prep, Fabian retrieves



the fabled vendor cart from the back alleyway and methodically stockpiles its shelves and cabinets one by one. Now with the grill fired up and the rollers in action, it doesn’t take long as droves of inebriated downtowners

$3 ($4 with card), patrons can get a traditional ballpark dog blanketed with ketchup, mustard, and onions, or load up with anything and everything

“We wanted to make people try a different type of hot dog, you know, something new to them. A lot of people were like ‘hell no. Pineapple on a hot dog?’ and we’re like ‘yeah, just try a bite, and if you like it we can put on some more.’ And after they tried it they were like ‘wow, that’s really, really good!’” sniff out the air and follow their noses to Emergency Arts. For only


else at no additional cost. Love the fixings, but detest the mess? Thousands have been known to try


Downtown ZEN

the Tony Hsieh way. According to Fabian, the Zappos CEO enjoys his frank “underdog” style where all the condiments sit beneath the dog as you cram it sideways into your pie hole. Talk about efficient! Receiving top ratings and exclusive accolades from online forums and local and national media outlets, Cheffinis is in the midst of working out an expansion proposal to enlarge their downtown customer base. Fabian says he hopes to see its second location open by next summer with an increased Colombian-infused menu. In the meantime, frank fanatics can get their grub on at the footsteps of 520 Fremont St. every Wednesday-Saturday from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. (including winter months). And remember: it’s not just a wienie when it’s a Cheffinis. 14

TEAM OUTINGS Do more with less, create fun and a little weirdness, pursue growth and learning, be adventurous, creative and open-minded, and build a positive team and family spirit this month with Photo Bang Bang! Team outings are so much fun when there’s food involved, right? But how about a team outing involving photos? I’ve plotted you an affordable course that will not only give you a bang for your buck, but will make your all-time favorites list when you rank your outings based on our other favorite F-word: fun. Plus, you can rub it in (just a little) on Facebook to your non-employee friends (read: this is what we did at work today!) by posting your photos — just be nice: they don’t all work for the greatest company ever.

Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Call and talk to Curtis Joe Walker, contact Photo Bang Bang online, or use this form to schedule studio time. Available time slots are between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday-Friday. Step 2: Gather a stock of props. They have a lot of props on site, but what they’ll mainly be doing is providing an environment in which to play! Among other shooting spaces there are two furnished areas: The Terror Chambre (sometimes called by its colloquial name “the Saw room”) and The Parlor (which comes with charming vintage and repurposed items such as a wood paneled wall, a couple of couches, “grandma’s carpet,” wall art (including mounted taxonomy), an old-school TV set, a corded phone (remember those?), and much more. Take a look at some of the creative, cool, and funny photos people have used these rooms for! Step 3: Show up at your scheduled time slot and have a ball! Items to bring:


music, a CAMERA (phone and point and shoot cameras work for The Terror Chambre and The Parlor for most shots — if you want strobe light photos, you’ll need the professional sort of equipment), some snacks, your prop stock, and a great attitude!

A light kit can be rented for an additional $25, and Curtis will loan himself to you for creative direction or lighting instruction for $25.

How much?

e r b m a h The C 15

The hourly rate is only $25 (for your whole team!).

Downtown ZEN

For charming-looking vintage polaroids, there is a small additional charge per photo, but Curtis will shoot it, and you will walk away with your very own fun instant photos in hand instead of just inside your phone.



and our

FAVORITE F (ph) - word By Mandy Crispin

Headshots by Marcos Rivera

Other services from Photo Bang Bang Whether you are a real estate agent or simply need to put a good face out there on your Linkedin account, Marcos Rivera aims to make the process easy and affordable. For $150 he will have you in and out in about 40 minutes and have three professionally done, retouched images within 48 hours. YAY!

e r b m a h The C ISSUE 19


ambassador to America, Canadian Bettina May. She teaches a pinup makeup and hair makeover and then does an individual photo shoot with each participant. There are only 10 available slots, and they occur only every six months, so keep an eye out! The crew at Photo Bang Bang is still developing workshops, so call in and let them know what you would like to see!

Workshops are also available. Marcos teaches “photographic workflow” from lighting, shooting, importing and editing (he uses Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop in the process), for about $50 an hour, and Curtis is a whiz at lighting for clean images (call for quote — own equipment needed). Don’t miss the “pinup” workshop coming through in spring taught by the pinup

Downtown ZEN


When his friend Marcos Rivera moved here from New York and needed a studio space to work in, Curtis had the perfect solution. He had been drawn to the Arts District for some time. Photo Bang Bang opened its doors in April 2010 as said studio space for Marcos and as a business venture for Curtis. Since then Hew Burney has also joined the team. Discussing backgrounds, mine being that I’m from Buffalo, NY, and talking about how it was very difficult for me, at first, to find a sense of community here, Curtis, a native Las Vegan, revealed that “until I moved into this neighborhood I really had a hard time finding community.” Curtis’s grandmother and grandfather met each other at the Hoover Dam project in the 1930s. His family has been here ever since, making him a third generation local. Curtis said that the natural progression of real estate here in the valley is probably unique, but the community downtown most resembles any other major city. He said, “The neighborhoods start out OK, but they start going down over time. Someone will move in when they’re 50, and then they’re gone, and [the neighborhood] turns into rentals.” He said out of the approximately 400 homes that make up the neighborhood where he grew up, perhaps only 10 percent remain under original ownership. He admits, “I was scared of the homeless people when I first moved here, so I just started talking to them and making friends with them, and they provide me a sense of community because they’ve actually been here for 30 years.

Curtis Joe Walker Curtis Joe Walker: a man with an endearingly wry sense of humor, who is frank and intelligent, an open conversationalist, and artist of photography. I sit here 36 minutes and 44 seconds through listening back to my conversation with Curtis Joe Walker, founder and general manager of Photo Bang Bang, pretty much in awe. For a person who self-identifies as shy, throughout our meandering, entertaining, amusing, off-the-cuff, and at times heavy conversation, we hit so many topics at such depth over the course just over an hour and a half that I kind of forgot I was working. I have chosen a few topics of discussion that were surprisingly organic, from the sense of community downtown to how to break your car, but that also seem to be ever-present in conversations I’ve had with other downtowners as of late. Once upon a time, Curtis worked at a “professional” (read: corporate and generic) photo studio for about a week before being fired. He said, “I was a so-called perfectionist. You could only spend a maximum of five minutes with the customer. It was literally like a photo booth in a mall, so … I can’t … I don’t know I just, I’ve seen that other photographers do this too, but if I don’t have a two-hour conversation with someone, I can’t get them out of their shell to where they’re going to show me any actual emotion or have any trust to get their picture taken I guess. It’s all awkward. Anne Lebowitz takes two days. She makes you take her to dinner and stays in your house and stuff. I mean […].”


And the people who live around here, they actually watch out for each other, and when new people show up they sometimes think ‘I can just do whatever I want,’ they don’t realize they are in a neighborhood where everybody [knows each other]. […] I always have people ask me for money, but I have friends. I look out for them, and they look out for me. I like it. I feel safe here.” He followed up his logic by pointing out that “Every city is the same, if you are in San Francisco or New York, you are going to walk past people who want your stuff.” Another topic swirling around downtown lately, mobility, came up apropos of the impulse Curtis has sometimes to carve himself out some live/work space downtown. Although he has one kisck@ss set of wheels carrying him back and forth (he is the owner of a sweet 1959 Ford Fairlane), he surprisingly

The Parlor

Downtown ZEN



and suddenly burst forth with the statement: “I would love to not have to have a car!” Elaborating on this claim he said, “I like cars. I like having them: they’re pretty. But driving sucks. Most of the time. Having to do it. That’s what I like about downtown. Once you get here, a car is a luxury. You don’t need it. From here to Fremont Street it’s all flat. If you go east to west it gets hilly, but from here to there (south to north), there’s no change in elevation, so I have a single speed bicycle, and nobody uses Casino Center usually, […] so it’s great. I like it. I’m treating this place like my house. I don’t live here but I live here for a certain amount of hours a day, and it’s my favorite neighborhood.”

Not everybody has been to Universal Studios, [so] they don’t get it.” “Most of this is my one creation,” Curtis said of the two sets. He noted that his friend Joel Spencer helped out with the faux finish for The Terror Chambre by using different brown and red tones to mimic the older-type, dried brown blood and bright, fresh red blood. In The Parlor, though, where UNLV film students made their 48 hour film project (2013) and won the award for Best Set, he did more with less by using recycled and salvaged materials. It is a “creation” indeed, maybe like living, breathing art, and if you stop by Photo Bang Bang for a team outing, you can make your own living art by freeze framing yourself in the documents of time. Like the website logo reads: pics or it didn’t happen.

e my house. I lik e c la p is th g n ti a I’m tre for a certain re e h e liv I t u b re e don’t live h ay, and it’s my d a rs u o h f o t n u o am od.” favorite neighborho

The business itself may never be raking in the dough. But as Curtis said, the contribution to our communal landscape is the important part: “this place is never going to make a ton of money. A comic book store is not ever going to make a ton of money. But they are vitally important to a community. Not that this place is vitally important, but to the photographic community, to teach people about sets, to get people’s heads around it, is huge because when you walk into this room you can see everything [exposed], and you see there’s insulation, the room is not ‘done,’ but in this angle [fingers boxed to make a frame] it is done.

Curtis welcomed us to the neighborhood by mentioning, “I’ve watched what’s been going on with interest, and I am super psyched for you to be here,” so stop by and introduce yourself, and have a blast on your next team outing at Photo Bang Bang! 224 Imperial Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89104 702.518.PICS (7427)

Generator Photography



Downtown ZEN


HIV/AIDS Fundraiser Returns for a Second Go


By Michael Boley

ocated just south of the outskirts of Fremont East between acres of vacant dirt lots and architecturally aging structures is a block-long strip of neatly parceled businesses. Small yet visible cracked concrete slabs and mismatched paints adorn the backside offices, each one respectfully disassociating itself from the other. As I sit looking on across the parking lot, the area looks dismal and lost; all hope scathed and abandoned. Five minutes before my interview, I gradually exit my vehicle and quietly walk across the faded white parking lines, coming to a stop at the partially open door of ActionRED. Four strides in I’m greeted by an anxious, oversize one-year-old pup and his owner, Lane Olson. Lane is soft-spoken man revered throughout the downtown community with a brash, yet immaculately curled salt and pepper-colored mustache and flowing mid-torso beard. Although prominently displayed, it’s not the facial hair he’s known for; instead, it’s his dedication to helping those battling with, and against, “HIV and AIDS is still really HIV and AIDS.

“In the climate two and a half to three years ago, there was a lot of negativity around people living with HIV and AIDS here in regards to services and agencies and implementation of what was going on, and so people wanted to meet,” said Lane, explaining how the team of two quickly grew to a crowd of 10, and how they would conjure to create something more meaningful. “We didn’t want to just sit around and complain; we wanted to do something and make it better for us and our peers living with HIV and AIDS.” According to the Southern Nevada Health District, since 1982 a total of 10,023 people have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, and has taken the lives of more than 3,500, equaling an unsettling 36 percent mortality rate. That’s why, according to Lane, being a reliable and open resource not only to the city, but especially to downtown, is a much-needed necessity.

present in our community, and it doesn’t have to be. All of us are a part of what can make it end, and that’s really about helping and embracing and gaining knowledge.”

For 10 years, Lane has been working closely with those afflicted or directly affected by the incurable disease. In 2011, with the intent of bringing a more innovative and human approach to the services being offered in the valley, his friend Vince Collins convinced him to help upstart a grassroots organization titled ActionRED that would soon catch wind in the community utilizing resources, education, and diversity.


ActionRED’s full immersion of community events and nonstop creation of programs, such as Lead for Life, Speak Out, Positive Art

Downtown ZEN



Collective, Red Bike, and soon-to-launch Bon Appé Teach, is all part of its long-stemmed commitment to getting to Zero; meaning Zero discrimination, Zero new infections, and Zero AIDS-related deaths. In addition to the aforementioned outreach initiatives, the nonprofit is one of four main sponsors to host the second annual Walk ‘n’ Roll HIV/ AIDS fundraiser on Saturday, Oct. 12 in downtown Las Vegas. The Walk 'n' Roll event, in conjunction with Community Outreach Medical Center, the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada (The Center), and the Sin Sity Sisters, is the first fundraiser to benefit multiple HIV/AIDS organizations in Southern Nevada by not only aiming to unite Las Vegas communities together, but to also raise money for programming, promote prevention through advocacy, and most importantly, to increase public awareness in a fun and hands-on way. Similar to last year, the pet-friendly Walk ‘n’ Roll event will take place at the Jackie Gaughan Plaza across from the El Cortez Hotel & Casino.

“There is no other disease where there is so much discrimination or stigma associated with it, and it needs that community sense to be able to help people … so the Walk ‘n’ Roll is helping an array of different agencies to keep that sense of community together.”

Participants of all ages, backgrounds, creeds, colors, and sexual orientation are welcome to show their support by engaging in a leisurely two mile walk or six mile bike ride through city streets, stopping at pre-designated local landmarks and/or businesses, including the newly constructed LGBT Center. Piggybacking on ActionRED’s mantra of knowledge is power, each route will have three learning stations where event-goers can take their preregistration informational packets and automatically enter into a prized raffle by answering five HIV/AIDS-related questions to this year’s theme: Getting to Zero. Along with the drawings, event-goers will also be able to enjoy bountiful activities such as artwork, performers, live bands and DJ, free Starbucks coffee, and an array of eating options from participating food truck vendors. ISSUE 19


Lane says he hopes to generate four to five times the amount of proceeds this year from corporate sponsors, personal donations, and by selling Walk ‘n’ Roll merchandise, with funds going towards the four collaborating agencies’ programs to get people tested, start treatment, and understand adherence, all of which creates a comprehensive prevention strategy for the Las Vegas community. After having conversed for over an hour, I concluded my time with Lane and his four-legged companion with a handshake and a bid adieu. As I gently swung open the door, I got into my vehicle and took a good, hard look at the building where I previously was. Reflecting back before my interview began, I again take a moment to interpret my surroundings. But this time, I look past the weathered pavement, cracked concrete walls, and mismatched paint, and see it for what it truly represents: the foundation for a hopeful future, thanks to people like Lane. *To learn more about the Walk ‘n’ Roll fundraiser, its sponsors, or how to participate and volunteer, visit*

Downtown ZEN



Staying at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino isn’t about keeping up with the Jones’ – It’s about being an individual. It’s about experiencing the culture of The Smith Center. It’s about giving a nod to The Mob Museum. It’s about fearlessly partaking in the funk & frolic of Fremont Street. And it’s about knowing you’ve got a fresh, authentic, modern place to hang your hat all along the way. FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 855.384.7263 OR VISIT DOWNTOWNGRAND.COM to explore our Gaming, Dining and Party options.

What you can expect … and not expect … to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste By Mandy Crispin Doug McPhail completed his senior year of high school in Vegas and worked for most of his career here. He only moved to the east coast two years ago and says the hardest part of his decision to return was that he’d enjoyed living in a new place and having new experiences. By the end of our chat, I had a feeling he’s getting the adventure he once thought he needed to go elsewhere to get. Doug is the Retail Wizard of Downtown Project. We recently pulled up a couple leather lounge chairs next to each other at the new fave work/play space for Downtown Projecters and Zapponians alike (the Gold Spike) to talk about what we can all expect when the new attraction opens and how it will evolve the downtown experience for tourists, visitors, and the local neighbors and also evolve in and of itself.


The anchors to the park will be BIN 702, Big Ern’s Barbeque, Pork n Beans, Pinches Tacos, The Boozery and Bolt Barbers. There are a total possible 43 leasable spaces in the Park, and as it’s currently configured there will be capacity for 38 — right now 33of these spaces are confirmed leased. One of the most interesting aspects to this lineup is “how” what you will find available in the park came to be. Doug took me behind the scenes during our chat to take a look at how the global experience has been deliberately and carefully molded to WOW visitors’ socks off. The compass used to select businesses for the park was a new challenge for Doug. With his long and successful career in largescale and high-level retail management, he was presented with new concepts and has had to, like most of us, learn quickly. He said, “Putting the tenancy together has been really unique” and that “what we do differently here is that we want it to be very home grown. We want it to be very entrepreneurial, we want it to be people who are local and starting their first businesses, so you can imagine going out and seeking those people or having them come to us. The vetting process has been extremely active.” With a variety of retail options to choose from (or why only pick one?), the Downtown Container Park will offer a range of specialty food and beverage hot spots (and yummy-sounding cold spots!), of course, amongst a fair of clothing, jewelry, art, and experiential ornaments that will adorn your day at the park. It’s not just a cookie-cutter F&B strip mall.

At the park, you’re going to get something more than the money you spend and the 23

items you walk away with — you’re going to get one heck of a unique experience. Hold on to your hats, because once you read about the atmosphere that’s been planned, you’ll be about as whipped up into a frenzy and excited for it to open as I was as I listened to Doug describe it. Doug: I believe with some of these unique ways of approaching tenancy, we have put together is an exciting tenant mix in the park. What we have is small eateries and popcorn, fresh fruit, popsicles with infused cheesecake and fruit, and we have ice cream that is frozen by nitrogen, we call it ‘nitrogen-type ice cream.’ We have shaved ice with fresh fruit. We’ll have a raw vegan restaurant, going to have a candy store [Sweet Spot!!], and we’re going to have a cupcake store that also specializes in having little tea parties and teach manners. We’re going to have Disney Fine Art. Amazingly, a gentleman has gained the rights to all Disney archived art. It’s Neil Cantor from formally the Chuck Jones Experience at First Friday, and he’s got these rights to a 17 year history of working with Disney. We are going to have a good deal of ladies’ apparel, jewelry and accessories. We’re going to have a special partnership with local museums, and they’ll be able to have [actors] who go out into the park and interact with people … maybe they will be playing a role of a certain mobster or a certain famous police officer of some sort. We’re going to have a gourmet beef jerky store, we’re going to have a vapor loft (you know, vapor cigarettes), and a unique art curator who is also a lighting specialist and wholesaler who’ll have his showroom in the Park.

Downtown ZEN



Art is going to be a big deal too. We’re going to have a whole art section. Gina Quaranto, who owns Blackbird Studios, is moving over into the park also and doing work with us. We’re thrilled to have her in because she’s so talented. Additional artists include Tanya Walker and her Lil Art Bodega, Gear Doran’s GBX3 Studio and the Cameron Grant Studio. Also, the company who sold the shipping containers to us is leasing a display and sales studio to promote the multiple uses of repurposed shipping container for housing and businesses. Entertainment is going to be a very big part of what we do. Our Fashion tenants will participate in fashion shows, there will be food events like wine walks, and we are collaborating with all our art and restaurant tenants to create wine and canvas events. Then there is inside the interactive zone, there’s a big Swiss Family Robinson inspired tree house area, so there’s much we can do with that also. We will have a stage that we will have frequent entertainment on (we hope to be almost daily). It could be yoga in the park, or it could be tai chi in the park. We’re looking for some people to make some patterns, so every Sunday we’re going to have yoga in the park, and every Wednesday might be Wine Wednesday or something, or if you wanted to have cook-offs [this would be the place]. We’ll have movies in the park, we’ll have jazz in the park — and it won’t just be jazz, it’ll be local bands, and it’ll be headliners.” Now. If that’s not exciting enough, wait until you find out that the container park will exist on a comfortable plane between the extremes of routine and furious change. Yoga in the park is something you can count on, but you can also, oxymoronically, expect to be surprised. Some of the leases in place are as short as 30 days, while most are 6 months, and only a few are longer terms like one year and two years. Doug said,



“We have a lot of movement and activity. There’s always this ‘what’s happening there?’ component to the container park.” Doug: The whole park is designed to evolve. If you go into a typical type of retail environment where tenants have secured five years or 10 year leases, there’s a certain stagnation to that. The tenants typically don’t remodel until the lease comes up for renewal. […] Other than our restaurants and our barber shop, the longest one we have is two years, *the longest, for special circumstances, and the majority of them are less than six months to one year.” From the very beginning, Doug pointed out, Tony (Hsieh)’s vision for the park was that there be “certain changes that are inherent.” A recent addition to the park provides an example. Doug revealed the idea is to utilize the vast network of food trucks in the area. At the entrance, there will be “a slip for a food truck, and they’re going to rent that space for four hours for lunch, four hours for dinner, maybe four hours for late night, depending on weekends, so there’s always something that’s new, fresh, cool, and unique in front of the container park.”

For a full list of businesses please visit Drive and embrace change, don’t keep things the same. When life’s seeming too safe and sound, come ‘round, come ‘round, come ‘round … to the container park downtown! There’s always something new to see, and hear, and smell, and feel, and taste all around … This is the place you’re needing to be, instead of so bored, come DOWNTOWN! I know. I was born to write musicals. ;)

Downtown ZEN


One centerpiece of the park will not actually be at its center, but at its entrance: the sometimes-called

“fire-breathing mantis.” Doug noted, “It’s not a fire-breathing mantis because the fire comes out of its antennae.” The sculpture, acquired by Tony from Burning Man, will be scheduled to wield its fire spewing antennae when weather conditions permit. Doug worked with Michael Downs at the Tropicana for four years (Michael was the Vice President of Hotel Operations and Doug was the Executive Director of Retail Development). They were both on the redevelopment team to rebuild the hotel and casino — they were literally going to knock it down and rebuild it. When that project fell through, Michael Downs went to the Bellagio and became Vice President of Operations, and Doug went to Boyd Gaming Corporation as Vice President of Retail Operations. Even though, Doug admitted, he and Michael only stayed in loose contact through the years they worked apart, he glances backwards at the path that has led him here, thankful, and can give us all some sound career advice and talk about probably one of the most challenging and equally rewarding projects he’s had the privilege of calling his work. “A lot of people go through their careers, and you’re no better than your last quarter, you’re no better than what last year’s results were, and at the end of the day, to me, it just wasn’t that meaningful. Coming into something like this really adds a lot of meaning to me. It was really easy to say yes. I’m very fortunate that I had the opportunity.”

What’s that moment where you’re standing there and you’re like, I can’t believe this is my job? Everyday. Everday. I think we’ve all worked somewhere and you have those mornings where you wake up and you’re like ‘why am I here? I never murdered anybody to deserve this — why am I living through this? Why?’ [laughter] but every day since I’ve been here it’s like ‘I can’t believe I was so lucky to land here.’


Yourself and Your Team

There are so many unknowns. We think we planned very, very well, especially when this is something so new, but we convinced ourselves that we’re still going to be surprised a lot.”

Admitting that you don’t know, you can’t know, but having confidence in yourself and those around you that when you are presented with these unknowns, you’ve got the life experience and the intellect around you to make it happen, to do it right.”

Career Advice

I think what’s most important is that sometimes we leave college, and we’ve got a degree — we think that allows us a pass


to certain levels in a company, and the truth is that while many positions require a degree, for so many companies in the business world, experience matters.”

I think to stick to something and be loyal to a company is being loyal to yourself.”

As you go through your life and your business life … my experience with Michael Downs is a really perfect example of always over-exceeding company expectations, always looking to over-deliver, on what my promise was to the company, [it plants] positive seeds.”

We go through our lives, and we plant positive seeds and negative ones happen too, but looking [back] down the road now, Michael and I had only really loosely kept in touch over the last seven years, but because of all those positive seeds, and looking at the results I provided

by fully dedicating myself in my job, those things came back to fruition, and sometimes it takes time.”

it’s so rooted in homegrown, entrepreneurialism and start-up business themes with all of our tenants.”

When opportunity and one’s aptitude all collide then that’s when something happens, when growth happens.”

And that being said, it’s not just random either. We’re not just picking the first one that comes up. The vetting process is still who can run a business or who we can help. We’re there to help teach them how to run their business for those that are having challenges. Take my experience of doing this for a long time, and our staff, and others within our Downtown Project community that can help them in places where they might need help whether it’s a clothing and merchandising display or purchasing. We can lend value to help them succeed."

“ “

Sometimes aptitude and opportunity are not in the right

The Biggest, Most Inspiring Challenges

The contrast is working with these individuals rather than large corporations, which I’ve dealt with a lot, whether building restaurants or doing a corridor in a casino or a mall. You seek out tenancies, and you’re looking for a whole different set of criteria, but this, this is very unique, and it’s very meaningful because

As far as understanding the dynamics of the changing environment, it’s about being very open.”


Serial: The Letter • History • Education • Health & Wellness • Housing • Astrology • Recipe • Serendipitous Spotlight

A serial story by Matthew Dunsmoor Illustrations by Evelyn Lee

Chapter 1: Discovery It felt as if I had just closed my eyes when they were pried open unexpectedly. Grudgingly, I squinted at the clock on the nightstand: 3:48 AM. I couldn't tell if it was something from my own dream or the sound of the thud against the wall behind my headboard that woke me from my much-needed sleep. Either way, I was tired, grumpy, and sweaty. I rolled off the bed and walked to the sink. Finding work had been difficult enough, especially trying to work away from the unions and large corporate entities, but now that I'd finally found some jobs with a little consistency, rest was proving even more elusive. I grabbed a glass from the cabinet above the sink and lowered it to the faucet. The alarm would be going off in less than an hour and a half, and I knew the adrenaline jolt that woke me would likely keep me that way for an hour of it. Might as well get rid of this cottonmouth before I had to wake up again. I walked back to the edge of the bed and sat, rubbing my tired eyes with one hand and holding my glass in the other. I could

hear them getting into it again, through the wall. Their voices reminded me of growing up, when my friend Tommy and I would go to the neighborhood pool. We would dive under the water and try to yell loud enough at each other to have conversations. Most of the time we couldn't tell what the other was saying, but every once in a while we could pull out one or two words, allowing us to try and piece together the rest of the sentence. Though I had never heard a word-for-word conversation between the two, that skill allowed me to get pretty acquainted with my unseen neighbors over the past three months. I assume the sound that woke me was a shoe or a remote that one of them had thrown and the other had narrowly escaped. Why was it that every time they came home it had to be a production? I've never understood why someone would want to stay with a person who made them feel completely awful for the majority of their time together. I took one last gulp of water and set my empty glass on the nightstand next to the envelope. As I lay back down and lowered my eyelids once again, I became very attuned to the sounds around me. I heard sirens and a fire truck horn in the distance. 26

A car alarm. Every couple of minutes, the roar of a car which had a tailpipe masked to make the engine sound more impressive than it truly was. A trunk rattling from excessive subwoofering. And above it all, I could still hear them. But none of it was truly jarring. That is to say, none of it was enough to keep me awake. Over these past few months I'd grown to embrace the sounds. They had become my lullaby, because though they may be harsh upon a new ear, to me they signaled that I was home. I was in a safe place. I was coming close to the end of my journey. I reached over and grabbed the envelope, pulling it tight to my chest. It and its contents would stay there until my alarm screeched me awake again.

"Open the door, please sir." "One moment!" I hustled to my dresser and grabbed the envelope, folded it, and stuffed it into my right rear pocket. I opened the door to a professionally dressed blonde woman, average height, slender build, with a pair of the most piercing green eyes I'd ever seen. "Is your name Hollace Dean?" she asked, checking the notepad in her hand. "Yes, ma'am. What can I do for you?" "It appears that there was a domestic disturbance last night that took place next door. Did you hear anything?" I couldn't help but let out a cynical scoff. "Yeah, I heard some yelling after a thud of some sort. Like someone threw something. Around … 3:45 this morning, if memory serves." She scribbled a moment and then looked up at me. "Aside from the person who reported the incident, it seems that you were the only person that actually heard anything. I'll need to record your account of the events in an official capacity. I'm going to need you to come with me to the station to make a statement." Great. I had to be at work in just over an hour. "Can I come in after work? I really need to get — " "It won't take more than 15 minutes, Mr. Dean," she interrupted. "We'll get you in, recorded, and out. Just needs to be on record with your signature, that's all," she smiled assuredly.

The sunlight always hurt in the mornings, no matter how well I slept. This morning was no exception. I groggily moved through my bathroom routine, hoping the shower would bring me some energy. It didn't. As I dried off, I slipped into my cleanest jeans and a fresh tee shirt. Still needing some energy, I wandered to the coffee pot to see if I still had any leftover from yesterday morning. I poured the sludgy remnants of the pot into my mug and set it in the microwave. I poked my head into the hallway to see if apartment 714 had come for their paper yet. As usual, there it sat. I happily snatched it up and set it on the table for some morning reading while I ate. I dumped some Wheat Squares from the box into my bowl and heard the microwave beep, just as I added the milk. While I chewed and swallowed the crunchy cubes my eyes poured over today's headlines, looking for a clue — anything that might be able to help me. The headlines all seemed the same lately with the same buzzwords, the same debates over what people wanted, and the same pictures of different buildings. Then, it caught my eye: "New Statue to Join Container Park." Could this be it? And if so, where would the numbers lead me? I was so lost in thought that the sudden pounding at my door made me drop my spoon to the floor. "W-who is it?" I asked, praying it wasn't the tenant from 714 with the landlord in tow. "This is Detective Van Horn from the Las Vegas police," answered a woman's voice through the cheap laminate. The police?? Did they know about my employers? No, it couldn't be. I may have ducked a little paperwork, but I hardly think that's relevant until tax season.


"Besides, if it's as short as what you told me, you might even be early." "Well, alright then … let me put my shoes on." "Of course." I walked to my room and grabbed some socks and my boots. I returned to the kitchen, to see her inspecting the room from where she stood. I sat in my chair and pulled on my socks as

Downtown ZEN



she stood in silence, making the air even more tense. She finally spoke as I pushed my feet down into the boots. "So, how long have you lived here, Mr. Dean?" I raised my head as I began tying.

plates weren't government plates. I looked at the grill — no hidden lights. I opened the passenger door and sat inside. There was no laptop area in the mid-console, and the place where there looked to have been a CB radio at one time, now was a mere FM radio with a cassette deck.

"A little over three months," I said, "I don't have a lot of decorations up, that's not really my style."

"Buckle up!" she said with another forced laugh. I laughed nervously.

She let out a forced chuckle. "No, I would guess not ... " she replied quietly.

"Not to sound like a jerk or anything, I just realized that I never actually checked ‌ Do you mind if I see your badge?" I asked.

Pulling the laces tight, I grabbed my wallet and keys from the table.

She smiled, genuinely this time.

"Ready to go!" I said, with a tone of thinly veiled sarcasm.

"Very good, Mr. Dean." The locks of the doors slammed down.

"Please follow me." She led me out front of the complex towards a car parked across the street, against a vacant lot. It was a navy Crown Victoria with no hubcaps and an extra mirror on the driver's side door. I think she could sense my unease.

I was not in a police car.

"Don't worry," she smiled, "I won't make you sit in the back." As I rounded the front of the car I noticed something odd. The



Downtown ZEN


Las Vegas Postcards of the 1920s By Brian “Paco” Alvarez

Early postcards of Las Vegas were normally images of town life, such as businesses, homes, schools, and churches. Simple photographs of the landscape with hand written notes on the cards to explain what the viewer was looking at was the norm. Since gambling would not be legal in Nevada for about another decade, images of the town’s main industry, the railroad, would be the dominate theme.

Downtown facing west from the railroad tracks – Las Vegas, Nev. This image shows the southernmost neighborhood of Las Vegas. At the time this area would be far outside of town. This image was taken near the corner of Main Street and Clark Avenue, the area where the new Las Vegas City Hall is located.

Round House and Shops – Las Vegas, Nev. This post card shows the buildings that dominated the rail yards in the 1920s. These buildings are located where the Smith Center for the Performing Arts is today.


Following the



s a senior at the Las Vegas Academy, numerous family members, including aunts, uncles, grandparents, and curious younger siblings routinely ask me “what’s a ‘typical’ day like in high school?” Well, the short answer is anything but. For the longer answer, well, let’s review it from a different perspective. So, I invite you to come along, get a closer look, and see the day through the lens … uh, 4,000 lenses … of a housefly. Inconspicuously seen from afar as nothing more than a black spec, hard-pressed in the bedroom corner, is our six-legged insect friend watching students waking up long before the rooster crows. In between the moments and minutes of grumbles, some students scramble to finish their homework from the night before while others try to catch a few more winks of waning sleep. Next, after breakfast and several outfit changes, the fly BZZZZZes and follows students onto the school bus or into the back seat of a hatchback for a commute to the academy, lasting anywhere between 20 and 90 minutes.

By Shannon Sneade

shows while others head straight to extracurricular activities, such as music lessons, performances, a part-time job, or home to begin projects and assigned homework. After activities and hours of homework end, students consider themselves lucky to see a period of relaxation throughout the evening. When all the day’s activities conclude, the student and fly alike get a good night's rest and fuel up for the next day, when another exhausting yet rewarding schedule repeats.

Upon disembarking, the fly follows students into the quad area before school where most socialize with friends before classes begin. As the bell rings, the fly sees around 1,700 students rapidly disperse to their first class of the day. In academic classes, the fly, sitting perched on the wall, would observe students taking notes in lectures, working on assignments, or participating in discussions and labs. Students in major classes are given instruction to assist them to improve at their vocation. As concerts and showcases near, rehearsals precede new lessons. No matter which class students are in, they are expected to perform at their best for the duration of the 86 minute class. Passing periods can be quite hectic at times, forcing our fly to soar above or zigzag between the passing crowds. In the seven minutes students are allotted to get to class, some must walk across the campus which may be as much as four city blocks. After second period, students hurry to lunch where they once again meet with friends. Midday break at the academy is a bit different than other schools, as the circularly swooping fly would observe. In the hour timeframe allotted for lunch, our pesky little bugger may follow students from the cafeteria, quad, or field during the first half of lunch to a teacher's classroom, major class for special instruction/assistant, or to participate in one of the many club meetings on campus. After nestling atop soup, salads, and sandwiches galore, this fly would attend two more classes after lunch, either academic or major, before the seven hour school day ends. While the fly may be ready to rest its wings, this is not typical for academy students. Some attend rehearsals on campus for upcoming 30

By Temple Brathwaite


n a medium-sized room in the Arts District, rhythmic chanting started the 6 o’ clock Vinyasa Flow yoga class. As the sun began to set, amber hues shined light on the slew of artistic paintings that spanned the studio walls. An aspiring yogi myself, this was not my first yo-deo; however, I was quite surprised by the way things were going. Much like your typical yoga studio, there are a variety of classes offered at Blue Sky’s studios. Some fit for all levels while others were reserved for the more experienced yogi. Sessions start as early as 6 a.m. and run as late as 8 or 9 p.m. with a conveniently carved out slot for a

little “lunchtime bliss.” In addition to a workday catered schedule, Blue Sky finds their unique voice with live DJs and Sanskrit cited meditations that are sung during class. For newcomers, mats and blocks were provided should you not have your own, and friendly veterans were happy to show you the ropes. On this day, I was fortunate to attend the Vinyasa Flow class taught by yoga instructor and Blue Sky studio owner, Cheryl Slader. Ohm. Ohm. Ohm. The chanting noises, though respired from the mouths of dissimilar individuals, came together beautifully and sounded so alike. After three body-awakening breathes, class took its natural form. Tree pose, triangle, and the chaturanga flow trans formed, and before long I was in a familiar downward dog. With the room comfortably heated at 85 degrees, working up a sweat came easy. You see, to the untrained eye, yoga can appear to be just deep stretching, but holding an “awkward pose” challenges the mind just as much as it does the muscle. Now, after a little over an hour, class began to wind down; everyone closed their eyes and drifted off into a trance. A hint of tea tree oil flushed the air and careful hands gently massaged the shoulders and foreheads of everyone in attendance. Class concluded with Namaste, and I got a chance to chat with Cheryl and find out what brought Blue Sky Yoga to life. Nestled in the heart of the Arts District, Cheryl has been opening her heart to yoga followers in the downtown area for over eight years. Expanding her practice to the 25th floor of the Ogden, Cheryl, with the help of another instructor, teaches free classes there Monday thru Friday at 7:30 a.m.


Downtown ZEN



With a donation-based policy at her main studio, I was surprised not only by the “membership” setup, but also what inspired it. Influenced by a yoga teacher in LA, Cheryl was on her way to class when a homeless man inquired what all the commotion was about. Even though elated by the thought of yoga, the homeless man, unfortunately, declined because he had no money to attend. Cheryl was more than happy to welcome him in advising that he could still participate even without making a donation. The thought that this degree of kindness could completely change a person’s life was the spark that ignited the generosity in Cheryl’s own heart. With a suggested donation of $12 per class, I was assured that no one is ever turned away if they are unable to make the full donation or any at all. With deep downtown roots, I felt Cheryl’s passion for all that yoga could bring to the surrounding community. With the thought of yoga as a lifestyle, a stimulating yoga class can leave you full of calm and charity. As Zappos begins to embrace its new home, Blue Sky Yoga welcomes us with open arms in an effort to gain a more positive outlook while creating a stronger, healthier life.

Blue Sky Yoga 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite 145 Las Vegas, NV 89104 702.592.1396



Downtown ZEN


HOUSING GUIDE Karina Giraldo

Residential Specialist

O: 702.333.4455 C: 702.480.9131 F: 702.853.4470 815 Pilot Road, Suite E | Las Vegas,NV 89119


hree hundred feet above the Arts District is the high-rise condominium building of Newport Lofts. A modern high-rise living experience centered in the heart of the city, Newport offers a loft-style luxury living with a convenient location. Newport Lofts opened in 2007 with 168 units on 17 floors. Floors one through six are reserved for assigned parking, with the residences occupying the floors above. The building has a wonderful observation deck on the 23rd floor that features a rooftop pool, spa, running track, and fitness center. There is also a SkyDeck clubhouse with a billiards table, a lounge area, and a movie room. Best of all, from the rooftop you have magnificent 360-degree views over the Strip, downtown, Red Rock Canyon, and Sunrise Mountain. There are several different floor plans, ranging from 911 square feet to 3,052 square feet, with two-story penthouse suites ranging from 2,200 to 3,000 square feet. The building has a contemporary design, and the living space exhibits clean lines, attention to detail, and careful color coordination. All units feature granite countertops, stainlesssteel appliances, concrete flooring, European cabinetry, large terraces, and wide-open living spaces; ideal for those looking for a live/work lifestyle or a showroom-style living space. Approximately seven units were sold in the past five months at an average price of $195 per square foot; prices are all subject to the floor and view of each individual unit. HOA fees are approximately $400$950 per month, each unit’s HOA dues are also based on the floor and view. These loft-style Las Vegas condos are highly sought after, and as we enter fall of 2013, inventory is becoming very thin. Currently, there are six available units for sale: Unit # 902 2102 901 807

Ask Price $192,500 $599,000 $189,900 $194,500

Bedrooms 1 2 1 1

Baths 1 2 1 1

Sq. ft. 911 1904 911 1077

As for the rental market, you can expect to pay about $1,150-$1,500 for a one bedroom, one bath unit, and about $1,800- $2,200 for a two bedroom, two-bath unit. Currently, there are five available rental units on the market: Unit # Asking Price Bedrooms 2102 $2,300 2 1702 $1,650 1 901 $1,400 1 1901 $1,375 0 1508 $1,500 1 33

Baths 2 1 1 1 1

Sq. Ft. 1904 911 911 911 1072

Downtown ZEN



Newport Lofts stands in the center of our reawakening downtown city. Walk outside the front doors and you’re instantly in the center of the Las Vegas cultural epicenter. Every day there is something to do just steps from your front door. Whether it’s dining at Mingo’s Kitchen, browsing the art at the Arts Factory, or watching a live band at Bar + Bistro, you’ll never get bored living at Newport Lofts. When you combine convenience with elegance, design with pleasure, and sophistication with an urban sense of style, you've got what has become the very definition of Newport Lofts.



Downtown ZEN


This month, as the fall harvest reigns supreme, enjoy the little things that light your lantern, such as cinnamon spice candles, the crisp autumn breeze, and the turning leaves of vibrant color. Be wary, however, of the imminent full moon as ghouls of unhappiness may rise from cemeteries and surround you in darkness. So, will the next 31 days be a trick … or a treat?

Libra Sept. 23–Oct. 22 Even though you watch what you eat on the reg, with autumn in full-swing, you’ve been craving the deliciousness that is pumpkin in everything from cookies to breads and lattes to milkshakes. So, ditch your healthy ways and double the dosage of guiltfree gluten. It does a body good!

Scorpio Oct. 23–Nov. 21 Dieting has been a generational mainstay that continues to coarse through your bloodline, beginning decades ago with the Rice Diet. It’s regimen of fruit-infused white rice that has contoured yours and Gammy’s taut and svelte silhouette, making you both prime targets for a grind session at the clurb.

Sagittarius Nov. 22–Dec. 21 Your biggest passion is the hatred you have for traffic. Day in and day out you battle for space on the interstate while trying your darndest not to get in a shoulder shouting match. However, your little tirade with an undercover cop will land you a fat citation and a disorderly conduct record to boot.


Capricorn Dec. 22–Jan. 19 Trying to motivate yourself for the workday, you look up inspiring quotes from authors, actors, and painters, scanning for hours trying to find the perfect match for your mood. However, the most thoughtprovoking sentence you’ll read is Richard Kemph’s “Quotes are nothing but inspiration for the uninspired.” That’ll put an end to that.

Aquarius Jan. 20–Feb. 18 Your refusal to use left and right turn signals merely inches away from your hand creates high concern for other motorists. It also shows your overall laziness, especially while trying to impress on a first date. Bro, if you can’t click down on a simple lever, what makes you think she believes you’re capable of picking up twoweek-old boxers?

Pisces Feb. 19–Mar. 20 One month of fantasy football is in the books, and your team is doing a piss poor job of accumulating any substantial points. Instead of seeking advice from magazine columnists and talking heads on television, clear your concussion-clouded head and trade away Christian Ponder and real-world cash for a second string kicker.

Aries Mar. 21–April 19

Cancer June 22–July 22

Halloween is your utmost favorite holiday: decorations, scary movies, jack-o’-lanterns, and the paranoiainducing peanut butter cups at your All Hallow’s Eve adult-themed rave. Nothing’s scarier than being hopped up on hallucinogens and surrounded by Lucifer masks.

Your coughing, sneezing, and wheezing attacks are brought on by mountains of pet dander and dust particles that get swept beneath your bed, hence the pantry full of hypoallergenic products. Free yourself of discomfort by trading in Fluffy for a Sphynx even Steven.

Taurus April 20–May 20 As the summer sun loses its strength to an earlier dusk, so goes the same for you and your muscle density. With the resulting early sunsets, your workout regimen will soon become nonexistent as narcoleptic episodes will overtake your soul.

Leo July 23–August 22 Although your beautiful eyes are easy to appease, light sensitivity causes a ruckus of migraines inside your head. Furthermore, with no thanks to stars like Elton John and Bono, they’ve paved the way to make those with legitimate medical concerns look like douches.

Gemini May 21–June 21

Virgo Aug. 23–Sept. 22 What's comparable to AOL dial-up in 1996? The iPhone 4 in 2013. It’s slow, it freezes, and kicks you off mid-read. Hell, even your neighbor’s elementary aged kid is surfin’ at 4G’s. Yo, step up your mobile game before you get decrepit and lame.




Unscramble the letters below to spell the last names of some famous chefs taking part in the Life Is Beautiful Festival. Thing you’ve got it? Then use the circled letters to answer the bonus question.

TAOOTABRTL NSIGELH Why did the prospective chef turn down a job in the kitchen? He didn't have the right


Gazpacho 4 very ripe tomatoes 1 English cucumber 1 ½ red pepper 1 red onion 1 jalapeno

Created by Chef Stu at the Downtown3rd Farmers Market, prepared with fresh ingredients

1 garlic clove 8-ounce day old baguette or artisan bread (white) 1 ½ cups extra virgin olive oil 1-2 tablespoons sherry vinegar ICE

Wash and rough cut all the ingredients. Blend on high speed in several batches making sure to add oil in each to emulsify. Pass through large mesh strainer. Add a little vinegar and adjust seasoning. Chill rapidly in an ice bath. To make an ice bath take a vessel large enough to nest your mixing bowl. Add cold water and ice. That’s it! Garnish with very thin crostini, finely diced tomato, basil and extra virgin olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste.


What brings you to Sin City? I’m here to write a book on Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project. And I’m going to do that by couch surfing my way through downtown Vegas to really get to know the community. If I meet you, I may ask to stay with you. How did the book for Downtown Project come about? Andrew Yang, who founded Venture for America, introduced me and Tony at an event in New York last summer. Tony had just given a presentation on his plans for Vegas, and he invited me to come visit. I ended up writing several stories on Downtown Project and decided that when I left Business Insider, I’d figure out a way to get back to Vegas. Give us your take on Tony’s “edits” of downtown thus far. I’m intrigued by the idea of revitalizing an area that most of the world has written off or ignored. The project itself speaks to the concept of having faith that you can create something amazing and build the life you want if you believe it’s possible. It’s cool to see all that’s changed downtown since I first visited one year ago — many things have already come to fruition. Many people have chilling memories of English class. Was it the same for you? Yes. I had an amazing and terrifying English teacher in high school. She was more of a professor and was legendary for using the Socratic method to keep everyone on their toes. She is also the reason I’m here today. What challenges have you had to overcome as a writer, and how did you learn from it? That it takes time and practice, and you’ve got to be vulnerable and have a thick skin at the same time in order to receive criticism. The same principle goes for life in general. What was the biggest misconception(s) of being an editor? That it’s about the details. My favorite part of my previous job was the conceptual element and high-level strategy. Business Insider grew like crazy during my time there, which was a unique time when writers and editors really had a lot of creative control. You have a max of four words to end this interview. Go! Trust yourself!

Serendipitous Spotlight Q&A with Journalist Aimee Groth By Michael Boley




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Bronze Café at The Center By Hannah Espina

As someone who has been meat-free (for the most part) since college and more recently has given up dairy, the search for vegan options in Las Vegas has been part adventure, part underwhelming endeavor. That was until I came across this little gem of a café tucked away inside The Center.

If you’re vegan/vegetarian and are trying to prove to a diehard carnivore that vegan food CAN, in fact, be delicious — be sure to stop by! I’ve eaten here with few non-vegetarian friends, and the consensus is clear: the food here is good, vegan or not!

At first glance, Bronze Café looks just like any other unassuming eatery with a walk-up counter. But one look at the vegan-friendly menu, and it’s easy to see why this place is something quite special. I’ve eaten here five times before finally deciding to do this long-overdue review. Each visit, I made it a point to try a new vegan dish — and of course a new vegan dessert!

OK, on to the food; one of my favorites is The “Tree of Life” pita sandwich (pictured). Its savory mix of roasted red peppers, avocado, mixed greens, tomato, homemade picked onions and vegan sour cream is not to be missed! The “Guac and Mole” is another popular sandwich. It has avocado, vegan mole, alfalfa sprouts, vegan ranch and their amazing lemon vinaigrette that I’m dead-set on replicating at home.

Now, I won’t go into some of my other vegan culinary experiences here in Vegas, but I can say that Bronze Café is high up on the list — and trust me, I’ve made the rounds.


For all you meat eaters out there, don’t worry, there’s also a good selection of non-vegan sandwiches and salads. The

Downtown ZEN



“LGBTQ” Sandwich (aptly named in honor of The Center) is a bacon lover’s dream: house made bacon jam, maple-glazed bacon, mixed greens, basil aoli … I think I had you at “bacon,” right? My friend’s boyfriend tried it and really enjoyed it. But enough about the main courses! Bronze Café’s dessert selection is yet another reason for vegans and non-vegans alike to take notice. If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, cutting out dairy can be quite the challenge. However, when vegan desserts of this caliber are available, you can have your cake and eat it too (literally)! My personal favorite is “The Elvis” mini cake — a decadent combo of all things I love: chocolate, bananas and PB. They also have an impressive assortment of raw vegan and gluten-free “cheese” cakes — offering different flavors each day. The espresso mochanut is always a hit with everyone on the table, and the passion fruit is equally delightful. Most people wouldn’t believe these are vegan with their rich texture and flavors. They even offer an entire pie if you call ahead! In short: Don’t skip the dessert at Bronze Café! So if you’re still not quite convinced that vegan fare can actually be tasty, or just looking for delicious and wholesome vegan-friendly food to add to your culinary rotation, I highly recommend a stop at this little gem inside The Center. (There’s also ample free parking which is sort of rare in many downtown LV establishments.) Enjoy!



Downtown ZEN



By Matthew Dunsmoor and Angelina Fadool

Du-par’s Restaurant and Bakery is located inside the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino on Fremont Street. Just like the LA original, this location is open 24 hours — you can even use their online menu to order takeout.

Breakfast:Du-par’s is known for its pancakes, and as a pancake lover, I knew exactly where to start. I was not let down — this pancake was everything that a pancake is supposed to be: light, fluffy, perfectly golden-griddled, and complemented by the available syrups. Since it already had a buttery finish, my usual dollop o’ butter was unnecessary. If you're in the mood for a pancake from eat. after breakfast hours, this place should be your first stop.

Entrée: I love pot pies. They embody everything

I love about home-style restaurants. While the filling was not as creamy as I prefer, the chicken pot pie here tasted as good as it looked — great! If you’re indecisive, do yourself a favor and order this.


I'm a huge rhubarb guy — my grandmother used to grow rhubarb and made her own cobblers from it — so I have some high standards for this tart treat. While I'm typically not a pie guy, the rhubarb pie was a direct hit for my taste buds! It must be ordered á la mode. If you aren't getting ice cream, you may as well order something else. This place’s reputation for legendary pies was upheld and untarnished.


Solid. I love diners with a feel like this; they harken to a back Seinfeld-esque time when diners and good food solidified friendships. The food was great, plentiful, and offered at a reasonable price, so this earns my second highest rating. It definitely warrants a try, especially for those who enjoy a Village-Pub-like experience.




Since I’m not the biggest pancake eater, I’m glad we decided to split a short stack. I agree that the pancakes here are pretty darn delicious, but I can only imagine how sleepy a full order would make me. I would probably need a hotel room for the nap that would surely follow. Coffee here is drinkable: I neither wanted to spit it out nor tell my friends about it. But my coffee snobbery has been well documented in these pages.

Entrée: I don’t think you can go wrong with any of

the sandwiches on this menu. I’m not the biggest fan of plain french fries — crinkled or seasoned is more my speed — but a Reuben served on perfectly toasted rye cannot be beat. Maybe it’s those mirrored walls, but something about this place left me coveting the orders of others long after I was already full. The huge chicken fried steak delivered to the table next to us was a thing of beauty.


I was sorely tempted to order the enormous cinnamon showcased at the front of the restaurant, but the cream cheese cherry pie called my name. Just picture everything you love about cheesecake — and put it in a pie crust. Definitely checking out the signature brownie on my next visit.


Solid. This old-fashioned 24-hour diner in one of the older Fremont casinos is a one-stopshop for classic comfort food. Du-par’s may lack a little in décor, but it more than makes up for it in baked goods. Lots and lots of baked goods.

Photos Courtesy of Du-Par's 42

by Angelina Fadool

Open Wednesday through Sunday, Atomic Liquors is about a three minute walk from Fremont East — you’ll find it at 917 Fremont St., just past the old Western Hotel and Casino. Menu: Keep it Classic Atomic Liquors has great beer selection, a couple of house wines, and a full bar. Cocktails are priced $8-10, and the small specialty menu includes beer cocktails like the Rose Busch and Spice n’ Stormy alongside renamed classics like the extremely strong Manhattan Project. Beer drinkers don’t have to settle for cans and bottles — the Atomic has about 20 microbrews on tap (including local beers like Tenaya Creek Pilsner) that are priced $6-7.

Service: Good to Go Our bartender answered all of our questions and didn’t seem to mind mixing my complex yet tasty Atomic Cocktail 3.0. If our roles were reversed, I would probably roll my eyes at anyone ordering a $12 cocktail involving ingredients as varied as port, apricot brandy, and champagne; but our bartender just smiled. In fact, everyone here — from the barbacks to the guy checking IDs at the door — is friendly and efficient. Despite appearances to the contrary, this is not your typical dive bar.

Curtis Joe Walker

Come to Atomic Liquors for PUB CHURCH! It’s a ten minute, nondenominational service, followed by make your own bloody mary bar and Sunday football. PUB CHURCH starts opening day of football season, Sunday, September 8.

Hew Burney

Pitfalls: Neighborhood in Progress I am a real girly girl about poorly lit walks in sparsely populated areas, so I head to Atomic before the sun sets and make my tallest male friends accompany me. That being said, I have been here a couple of times, and I always run into a Downtown Ranger on the walk or have had someone from Atomic come out to greet me long before I made it to the door. If you want to skip the walk until the Downtown Container Park opens and brings some more foot traffic to the area, there is also ample free parking on site. Do you love local history or are you just in search of a good microbrew? Atomic Liquors is poised to become your newest old favorite.

Hew Burney

Ambiance: Vintage Vegas Originally opened in 1945, Virginia’s Café was renamed Atomic Liquors in honor of the one-time custom of heading to the rooftop to watch nuclear blasts from the nearby atomic test site. The Atomic was also issued the first tavern license in Las Vegas history — License #00001. Back in the day, local regulars mixed with the Rat Pack and other celebrities looking to avoid clamoring crowds, and this historic spot has been featured in films like Casino and The Hangover and television shows like The Twilight Zone. Recently reopened and lightly remodeled, the Atomic has retained its retro charm and the stale cigarette smell that can only be built over decades.

Square Shooting Photography

Square Shooting Photography






361 Symphony Park Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89106 Visit to see the full lineup 702.749.2000



TheHorse Tenors War

TheFortenberry Family Stone Philip – The Man at the Piano

Oct. 2 &2, 3, 7:30 7:30 p.m.; June p.mOct. . 4-6, 2 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. AThe heart-warming tale of loyalty and friendship, Horse” tellsfor theHer Tenors have performed on The Oprah “War Winfrey Show, story of young Albert and his beloved horse, Joey. This powerfully Majesty The Queen, on the live broadcast of the 2011 Emmy moving and drama, filled with stirring music,2010 songs, and Awards, atimaginative the opening ceremonies of Vancouver’s Olympics life-size puppets, is a show of phenomenal inventiveness.

Oct. 7, 721, p.m.7 p.m. & June 22, 6 p.m., 9 p.m. June Philip Fortenberry “The Man theRoll Piano,” intimate, Original foundingdebuts members, Rockatand Hall aofnew Fame inductees, acoustic 75-minute concert featuring his signature virtuoso playing and R&B Pioneer Award winners Jerry Martini, Cynthia Robinson, style personal of his life and career as a much sought-afandand Greg Errico,stories the first interracial/inter-gender band in rock ‘n’ ter Broadway pianist and a concert artist, all told with his own brand and for the NBA, MLB, and NHL All-Star Games. They have been roll history bring you the hits of Sly & The Family Stone. Featuring of southern charm. World Blues the powerful voices of Alex Davis and Trina Johnson on vocals, they hailed as musical ambassadors and Canada’s national treasure. Oct. 10, 7:30 p.m. Jim Caruso's Cast Party with Billy Stritch bring you the message of peace, love, and social consciousness Featuring Taj Mahal, Vusi Mahlasela, and Deva Mahal with FrederOct. 9, 9:30 p.m. through musical harmony withpopular some ofweekly the funkiest players ofaall Jewel’s Greatest Hits Tour icks Brown, “World Blues” is a celebration of American blues music’s Jim Caruso’s Cast Party, the wildly soiree that brings time. global seen from three very diverse points of view and sprinkling of Broadway glitz and urbane wit to the legendary Birdland Juneinfluence, 6, 7:30 as p.m. three points of solo origin. Don’tinternational miss this intimate acoustic performance. Jewel is an in New York City, is coming to Cabaret Jazz. Enlivened by a hilariously Philip Fortenberry – “The Man Atstage Thealongside Piano” variety show, showbiz superstars hit the Las Vegas Philharmonic: Pops Series I “Dancing Romancing” acclaimed American singer, songwriter, actress, & poet, painter, and impromptu up-and-comers, serving up jaw-dropping music and general razzleOct. 12, 7:30 p.m. philanthropist. From the remote ranch of her Alaskan youth to June 23, 2:30 p.m. dazzle. Inspired by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, “Dancing & Romancing” the triumph of international stardom, the three-time Grammy® Philip Fortenberry debuts “The Man at the Piano,” a new, intimate isnominee, a toe-tapping, heart-pounding celebration of a 1930s Broadway and The Kinsey 75-minute Sicks in "America's Next Top Bachelor acoustic cabaret-style concert withHousewife his signature hailed by The New York Times as “songwriter bursting Hollywood with energetic performances by Joan Hess and Kirby Ward Makeover Star Gone Wild"of his life and career virtuoso Hoarder playing style and personal stories with talents,” has enjoyed career longevity rare among her Celebrity conducted by Stuart Chafetz. The orchestra will perform lush rendiOct. 7 p.m.; Oct. 12Broadway & 13, 8 p.m.; Oct. 13, 3 p.m. as 11, a sought-after pianist and a concert artist on generation of artists. tions of songs by Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, and George The Kinsey Sicks, America’s favorite Dragapella Quartet, prestigious stages from Lincoln Center to Beautyshop Carnegie Hall and the Gershwin. are celebrating their 20th anniversary year with a new musical comKennedy Center to the White House, all told with his own brand American Idiot Sister Act edy, taking up the cultural bludgeon of reality TV, and they bring it to of Southern charm. June 11-14, 7:30Oct. p.m.; Oct. 15-20, 7:30 p.m.; 19 &June 20, 2 15 p.m.& 16, 2 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Las Vegas and Cabaret Jazz. Direct from Broadway, smash-hit musical Idiot” Soul Men Starring Spectrum – A Tribute to Soul, R&B, and Motown Featuring original music by the eight-time Oscar® winner“American Alan Menken “(Beauty theof Beast,” Littlefriends Mermaid,” “Little Shop of between HorOct. 18 & 19, 7 p.m. tells theand story three“The lifelong forced to choose rors”), story of Deloris VanBased Cartier,on a wannabe their “Sister dreamsAct” andtells thethe safety suburbia. Green Day’s Spectrum, the internationally acclaimed Motown-style vocal quartet diva whoseAward-winning life takes a surprising turn when she witnesses a crime the brings its award-winning show back to Cabaret Jazz. Grammy multiplatinum album and featuring and cops hide her a convent! Under“21 the suspicious of Me Danny Wright – Reflections hitsthe “Boulevard of in Broken Dreams” Guns” andwatch “Wake Mother Superior, Deloris helps her fellow sisters find their voices Up When September Ends,” “American Idiot” boldly takesas the Oct. 20, 2 p.m. & 6 p.m. she unexpectedly rediscovers her own.gone before. Danny Wright debuts an intimate cabaret-style concert in which he American musical where it’s never Kronos Quartet shares the touching stories behind the melodic works on his brilliant Oct. 21, 7:30 p.m. new double album, “Reflections.” Catch Me YouQuartet Can — David Harrington (violin), John For 40 years, theIf Kronos Betty Buckley starring in "The Vixens of Broadway" June (violin), 18-21,Hank 7:30Dutt p.m.; June & 23, p.m.,—7:30 p.m. Oct. 25 & 26, 7 p.m.; Oct. 26 & 27, 3 p.m. Sherba (viola), and22 Sunny Yang2(cello) has purBased on theartistic hit DreamWorks film and theofincredible true story Betty Buckley brings “The Vixens of Broadway” to the Smith Center. sued a singular vision, combining a spirit fearless exploration a commitment continually reimagining the string quartet thatwith inspired it, “CatchtoMe If You Can” is the high-flying, splashy Song selections will include hits from “Chicago,” “Evita,” “Company,” experience. new Broadway musical that tells the story of Frank W. Abagnale, Jr., “Oklahoma” and “Into the Woods.” Buckley will also perform songs Audra McDonald in Concert a teenager who runs away from home in search of the glamorous from Jerry Herman’s “Dear World.” Oct. 22, 7:30 p.m. life. With nothing more than his boyish charm, a big imagination Broadway legend the concert stage after and millions of Audra dollarsMcDonald in forgedreturns checks,toFrank successfully poses four seasons on the hit ABC television series “Private Practice,” and as a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer — living the high life and winning after a record-tying Tony Award® her unforgettable the winning girl of his dreams. Butfifth when Frank’s liesforcatch the attention of Zoppé – An Italian Family Circus performance in “The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess.” FBI agent Carl Hanratty, Carl chases Frank to the end … and finds Ladies of Jazz featuring Dee Dee Bridgewater and The Mosaic Project Oct. 31, 7 p.m. something he never expected. Join the Zoppé family on their journey to an enchanted, thrilling Oct. 23, 7:30 p.m. world far from our digital age to a world of acrobatics, equestrian Headlining the Ladies of Jazz show will be the world’s most highly Goldenfemale Rainbow's of Life" showmanship, canine capers, clowns, and lots of audience participaacclaimed jazz vocalist,"Ribbon three-time Grammy Award® winner tion. Always charming, often thrilling, Zoppé is an intimate, involving and Tony30, Award® winner Dee Dee Bridgewater, and Grammy AwardJune 1 p.m. winning “Best New Artist” Esperanza Spalding. “Ribbon of Life” is one of the largest HIV/AIDS fundraisers in the experience.

Symphony Park

state of Nevada and is Golden Rainbow’s main source of revenue. The fundraising spectacular is unlike any other production in the city and features some of the best performers from the Las 45 Vegas Strip in original acts. Showcasing new numbers and talent,


Everyone is invited to enjoy the fifth annual Oktoberfest celebration downtown at Centennial Plaza. The event will be free and open to the public and will feature a children’s activity area with face painting, a magician, a balloon artist, games, and other activities. Alpine music by Salzburger Echo, master yodeler Kerry Christensen, and German folk dancing by the Las Vegas Bavarian Dancers will make the plaza come alive throughout the day. Traditional food and drink will be available for purchase. Limited free parking is available at the Historic Fifth Street School parking lot. The Oktoberfest celebration is presented by the city of Las Vegas and the German-American Social Club of Nevada. Location Casino Center Boulevard & Colorado Street Time Saturday, Oct. 4 | 5 p.m.-12 a.m. More Info


Vegas StrEATS is a street food and culture festival hosted every second Saturday in downtown Las Vegas showcasing the valley’s hottest local food trucks, artists, musicians, and fashion. StrEATS is presented by Slidin’ Thru in partnership with El Cortez and Insert Coin(s). Each month, various food trucks serve up unique gourmet bites along Jackie Gaughan Plaza. Local bands, MCs, and DJs provide the soundtrack for the night ranging from indie rock, hip-hop, dubstep, and house music. Graffiti artists and streetwear brands line vendor row slanging fresh apparel and art. Come experience a bit of homegrown Vegas culture!


Jackie Gaughan Plaza at the El Cortez Hotel & Casino 600 E. Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101


Saturday, Oct. 12 | 6 p.m.-1 a.m.

More Info

Vintage Monster Mash Prom

Sessions at El Cortez

For the first time in the modern era, the legendary El Cortez Hotel & Casino began playing host to contemporary music’s up-andcoming stars with Sessions at El Cortez. Like the Troubadour in Los Angeles, the monthly music series that takes place on First Fridays, is creatively curated, giving a stage to the artists who deserve it. This past month included moving performances by the incredible Among Savages, critically acclaimed Magic Wands, and rising local star Sabriel. A downtown stalwart, the El Cortez, with Sessions, is the new venue for music in downtown Las Vegas.


El Cortez Hotel & Casino 600 Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101

While Vegas is notorious for costume contests and skimpy revealing female attire, Commonwealth will be celebrating Halloween this year in vintage fashion. A 1960s-inspired monsters mash prom will take place on October 30. Guests will be enchanted by the décor inspired by the original cast of monsters that paved the way for others to follow. An exclusive Stoli cocktail menu created by mixologist Ju Young Kang and a $5 price point will keep you creeping back to the bar all night. Doors open at 6 p.m.; costumes are greatly appreciated, and dancing is a must!

Time Wednesday, Oct. 30 | 6 p.m.


Commonwealth 525 Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101


Friday, Oct. 4 | 8:30 p.m.

More Info


Walk ‘n’ Roll 4 HIV/AIDS

The Walk 'n' Roll for HIV/AIDS Downtown Las Vegas is petfriendly walk and bike fundraiser, as well as the first and only current fundraiser that benefits multiple HIV/AIDS organizations in Southern Nevada. Proceeds benefit organizations located in Southern Nevada that provide a diverse mix of local programs that include, but not limited to: providing medical services, case management, drug assistance programs, and preventing HIV infection with individuals who are living with HIV/AIDS and the general public.


Jackie Gaughan Plaza 600 E. Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101


Saturday, Oct. 12

More Info

Trivia Night at The Beat

Come with a team or find one at The Beat. Every other Tuesday you can test your knowledge and flex your brain in a cerebral competition. There will be prizes and beer specials, and most likely a little more beer than brains.

Location The Beat Coffeehouse 520 Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101

Time Tuesday, Oct. 8 & 22 | 7 p.m.-10 p.m.

More Info


Augusta Scott:

Catalyst Week

Delivering Happiness Inspire: Las Vegas! Our Delivering Happiness Inspire! event is a forum for sharing the rich and thought-provoking (and oftentimes funny) content that inspires and spreads happiness at an individual, community, and even global level. Through a series of brief, prepared (but collaborative) talks, community members and local thought leaders bring their stories perspectives, passions, and experiences to the stage (ala TED) to shine a spotlight on the things that matter most.

Location Downtown Project Construction Zone 107 S. Seventh St. Las Vegas, NV 89101

Time Saturday, Oct. 26 | 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

More Info


Catalyst Week is produced and curated by CatalystCreativ, a small business funded by the Downtown Project the fourth week of every month. Catalyst Week profiles thought-leaders from fields ranging from filmmaking to social entrepreneurship, and corporate brand management to nonprofits. This week is about inspiration, serendipity, and igniting the fire within each and every individual. We hope that everyone who attends will leave remembering that every person in this community is, and can be, a catalyst for someone. Our intention is to have Catalyst Week become an integral part of downtown and be a catalyst for all of the projects that are starting to form. Join us on Facebook where individuals from the community, as well as Catalyst attendees, can post problems and link with each other for advice and guidance. so the magic continues even after the guests leave!


The Learning Village 727 Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101


Tuesday, Oct. 8 & 22 | 7 p.m.

More Info

Life is Beautiful

The Life is Beautiful Festival is launches in the fall of 2013 in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. The festival will be an entertainment showcase featuring music, food, and artwork, but at its core, L.I.B. will be a yearly celebration of artistic passion and a shining example of how beautiful life truly is.


Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 26 & 27

More Info

Downtown3rd Farmers Market

The Downtown3rd Farmers Market has become an integral part of downtown Las Vegas. The biggest indoor farmers market showcases local Las Vegas farmers as well as including lots of fresh produce from California. There are also many other vendors and healthy lifestyle classes, art shows, and culinary demonstrations from famous Las Vegas chefs. The mission of the Downtown3rd Farmers Market is to be a sustainable, seasonal, healthy lifestyle center for the city. The farmers market is conveniently located in the middle of the Las Vegas Valley off of US-95 & Casino Center Drive.


300 N. Casino Center Blvd. (In the old Transit Center) Las Vegas, NV 89101


Friday, Oct. 4, 11, 18 & 25 | 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Human Experience

More Info

Mission "Being the action of love through art, music and culture" Description "Human Experience" is a community organization that hosts open mic events promoting DJs, musicians, spoken word and visual artists. Through our community and events, we increase awareness of local Las Vegas nonprofit charity groups through food/clothing drives and connections to volunteer opportunities. General Information Downtown street parking is free after 6 p.m., but we *strongly suggest that you read meter timeline information to gain full knowledge of your parking status.


The Beat Coffeehouse 520 Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101


Monday, Oct. 7, 14, 21 & 28 | 7 p.m.-10 p.m.

More Info

Green Jelly & Green Coworking

The goal of Green Jelly is to connect individuals who are interested in all things eco-friendly and sustainable. That means a range of people who are interested in everything from learning how to recycle to people who are looking to live carbon-neutral or net-negative. The group also has a heavy focus on business owners and potential start-ups that have an interest in sustainability and the triple bottom line (People-PlanetProfits).


/usr/lib The Beat Coffeehouse 520 Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101


Thursday, Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31 | 7 p.m.-12 a.m.

More Info


Ciara Byrne: Hanan Sabri:



•Yoga at WIP 3 pm-4 pm •Yoga at Fremont East Studios 7 pm - 8:30 pm

•Downtown Lowdown 5 pm

1 •World Streetball Festival, 10 am-11 pm •Bike Fest 12 pm-7 pm

•Human Experience, 7 pm-10 pm


•Trivia 7 pm


•Yoga at WIP 3 pm-4 pm •Yoga at Fremont East Studios 7 pm - 8:30 pm


•Columbus Day •Human Experience 7 pm-10 pm



20 •Life is Beautiful




16 •Atomic Pre-LIB Event •Tech Cocktail Celebrate •Yoga at Fremont East Studios 7pm-8:30pm

•Trivia 7 pm


•Human Experience 7 pm-10 pm


9 •Yoga at WIP 3 pm-4 pm •Yoga at Fremont East Studios 7 pm - 8:30 pm

•Human Experience 7 pm-10 pm

•Haunted Harvest at Springs Preserve


23 •Vegas Valley Book Festival •Vintage Monster Mash Prom 6 pm •Yoga at Fremont East Studios 7 pm-8:30 pm




SNEAK PEEK •Bike Fest 12 pm-7 pm •VegasJelly 7 pm-12 am


•3rd Street Farmers Market, 9 am-6 pm •Bike Fest, 12 pm-7 pm •Downtown Speaker Series feat. Dan Sturges, 4 pm •First Friday, 5 pm-12 am •Sessions at El Cortez, 8:30 pm •DJ Ultra at Mob Bar, 9 pm-1 am


•3rd Street Farmers Market, 9 am-6 pm •DJ Ultra at Mob Bar 9 pm-1 am

•VegasJelly 7 pm-12 am

10 •VegasJelly 7 pm-12 am

17 •Atomic Pre-LIB Event •Catalyst Week •Tech Cocktail Celebrate •SciTech Hookup Dinner and Expo 4:30 pm-7:30 pm •VegasJelly 7 pm-12 am


•Halloween •Vegas Valley Book Festival •VegasJelly 7 pm-12 am •Halloween Parade 7 pm-10 pm


•World Streetball Festival 10 am-11 pm •Bike Fest 12 pm-7 pm •Oktoberfest 2 pm-9 pm •Grapes and Hops Festival 5 pm-9 pm


•Walk ‘n’ Roll 4 HIV/Aids •Downtown Clean-Up w/ United Way 9 am-12 pm •StrEATS 6 pm-1 am


11 •Haunted Harvest at Springs Preserve •3rd Street Farmers Market 9 am-6 pm •Vintage Bike Night 7 pm-10 pm •DJ Ultra at Mob Bar 9 pm-1 am

•Haunted Harvest at Springs Preserve

1 Friday

•Dia De Muertos at Springs Preserve •Vegas Valley Book Festival •3rd Street Farmers Market, 9 am-6 pm •First Friday, 5 pm-12 am •DJ Ultra at Mob Bar, 9 pm-1 am

2 Saturday

•Dia De Muertos at Springs Preserve •Vegas Valley Book Festival •American Heart Association Run/Walk, 8:30 am-10:30 am

3 Sunday

•Daylight Savings Time ends •Dia De Muertos at Springs Preserve

4 Monday

•Human Experience, 7 pm-10 pm

5 Tuesday


•Catalyst Week •Tech Cocktail Celebrate •3rd Street Farmers Market 9 am-6 pm •DJ Ultra at Mob Bar 9 pm-1 am



•World Food Championship, 8 am-12 am •Trivia, 7 pm

6 Wednesday

•World Food Championship, 8 am- 12 am •Yoga at Fremont East Studios, 7 pm-8:30 pm

•Life is Beautiful

7 Thursday

•World Food Championship, 8 am- 12 am •Halloween Parade, 7 pm-10 pm •VegasJelly, 7 pm-12 am



8 Friday

•World Food Championship, 8 am-12 am •3rd Street Farmers Market, 9 am-6 pm •Tech Cocktail Sessions, 5 pm-8 pm •DJ Ultra at Mob Bar, 9 pm-1 am

9 Saturday

•MS Bike Challenge, 5:15 am-7 pm •World Food Championship, 8 am-12 am •StrEATS, 6 pm-1 am

10 Sunday

•MS Bike Challenge, 5:15 am-7 pm •World Food Championship, 8 am- 12 am

DOWNTOWN RESTAURANTS 100 The Beat Coffeehouse G5 520 Fremont St. 702.385.2328 101 Le Thai 523 Fremont St. G5 702.778.0888 102 Triple George Grill F4 201 N. Third St. 702.384.2761

103 Tacos El Gordo J8 1724 E. Charleston Blvd. 702.251.8226

104 Chicago Joe’s E7 820 S. Fourth St.


105 Bar+Bistro D8 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite #155 702.202.6060

106 Mundo – A Culinary Haute Spot C5 495 S. Grand Central Pkwy. 702.270-4400

107 Courthouse Bar & Grill E5 330 S. Third St. 702.388-8222 108 City Centre Café F6 375 Lewis Ave. 702.383.4055

127 Rachel’s Kitchen G5 150 N. Las Vegas Blvd.

(Inside Retail Space at Ogden)

128 Radio City Pizza G5 508 Fremont St.


129 Park on Fremont G5 506 Fremont St.


130 Anthony’s Pizza & Deli E5 321 S. Casino Center Blvd., Suite #125 702.896.0353

131 La Comida G5 100 Sixth St.


132 Doña Maria's Tamales D8 910 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.382.6538

134 F6

702.685.0328 City Center Quiznos 365 Lewis Ave. 702.380.0900

BARS, LOUNGES & NIGHTCLUBS 200 Downtown Cocktail Room (DCR) G5 111 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

110 Viva Las Arepas D10 1616 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite #120

201 E8

111 Subway G5 600 Fremont St.

202 D8

702.302.5020 113 Jason’s Deli D3 100 City Pkwy. 702.366.0130

105 D8

114 The Verdicts Inn E7 801 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

203 G5

115 Luv It Frozen Custard D10 505 E. Oakey Blvd.

204 D10

116 Lola’s: B8 A Louisiana Kitchen

205 F4



241 W. Charleston Blvd. #101 702.227.5652 117 Casa Don Juan Restaurant C8 1204 S. Main St. 702.384.8070 118 eat. G5 707 Carson Ave. 702.534.1515

119 Du-Par’s F5 Restaurant & Bakery 1 Fremont St. (Inside Golden Gate) 702.385.1906

120 Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop E5 Regional Justice Center 200 Lewis Ave. 702.631.1112

206 G5 207 F4 208 G5 209 G5 210 G5

121 El Sombrero Café D7 807 S. Main St.

211 G5

122 Kabob Corner G5 507 Fremont St.

212 H6

702.382.9234 702.384.7722

123 Uncle Joe’s Pizza G5 505 Fremont St. 702.385.2162

124 Big Ern’s BBQ G5 102 S. Seventh St.


125 Pop Up Pizza E4 1 Main St. 126 F4

702.366.0049 Denny’s 450 Fremont St. (Inside Neonopolis) 702.471.0056

213 G5 214 H5 215 C9 216 G5

702.880.3696 Lady Silvia 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Artifice 1025 S. First St. 702.489.6339 Bar+Bistro 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite #155 702.202.6060 Beauty Bar 517 Fremont St., Suite #A 702.598.1965 Dino’s Lounge 1516 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.382.3894 Drink & Drag 450 Fremont St., Suite #250 702.522.8488 The Griffin 511 Fremont St. 702.382.0577 Hogs & Heifers Saloon 201 N. 3rd St., Suite #130 702.676.1457 Insert Coin(s) 512 Fremont St. 702.447.2525 Vanguard Lounge 516 Fremont St. 702.868.7800 Commonwealth 525 Fremont St. 702.798.7000 Backstage Bar & Billiards 601 Fremont St. 702.382.2223 Bunkhouse 124 S. 11th St. 702.384.4536 Don’t Tell Mama 517 Fremont St. 702.207.0788 Atomic Liquors 917 Fremont St. 702.349.2283 Velveteen Rabbit 1218 S. Main St. (702) 685-9645 Gold Spike 217 N. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.384.8444

Zappos Stewart Campus 400 Stewart Ave. Zappos Stewart Campus Parking 260 N. Las Vegas Blvd. Located directly south of 400 Stewart Building Enter via Fourth Street.

303 Zappos Carson Office G5 302 E. Carson Ave.












304 Carson Office G6 Parking Garage

304 E. Carson Ave. Enter via Fourth Street

RETAIL SHOPS, BOUTIQUES & SALONS 400 Coterie G5 515 Fremont St.

702.685.7741 Search “Coterie Downtown”

401 Globe Salon E7 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite #130 502 D9 403 C9 404 C8 405 E7 406 D8

702.938.4247 Patina Décor 1211 S. Main St. 702.776.6222 Vintage Vegas Antiques 1411 S. Main St. 702.539.0799 Vexed By Design 1017 First St., Suite #185 702.275.7141 Sweet Spot Candy Shop 616 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.815.1277 Josephine Skaught Hairdressing 1025 S. First St. Suite 165 702.431.8071

407 Cowtown Guitars D7 1009 S. Main St.


408 Better Than New C8 1216 S. Main St. 702.471.6236









414 Hillary Salon C8 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite #250




416 Nature’s Element D7 817 S. Main St. 702.521.0725



4 106

419 Williams Costume Co. D9 1226 S. Third St. 702.384.1384








HOTEL & CASINOS 800 El Cortez

600 Fremont St. 800.634.6703



126 205




208 101



100 213


5 214

602 212


134 1100






416 104 407



500 1212 1216





700 117

501 418


508 402 503


504 505



601 1001






514 417



401 201



403 411






11 B



495 S. Main St. 702.229.6011

HIGH-RISE LIVING 1000 The Ogden G4 150 N. Las Vegas Blvd.

702.685.0300 1001 Soho Lofts E7 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.383.0979 1002 Juhl Lofts E7 353 E. Bonneville Ave. 702.754.6300 1003 Newport Lofts D7 200 Hoover Ave.


SCHOOLS 1100 Las Vegas Academy G6 315 S. 7th St. 1101 9th Bridge Early Development I5 310 S. Ninth St.











520 Fremont St. 702.385.2328

101 Work In Progress G6

6th Street Workspace 317 S. Sixth St. 702.534.3804


The Las Vegas HackerSpace 117 N. Fourth St.

103 Fremont East Studios G4

221 N. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.463.9029

104 Stitch Factory G4


206 N. Third St. 855.384.7263

900 Las Vegas City Hall


110 204


1 S. Main St. 800.634.6575

805 Downtown Grand Las Vegas


509 510



100 /usr/lib (Tech Library)







412 133 404

129 Fremont St. 702.385.7111



415 1208





1204 1213 1205 1214 202 1211 1203 406 1210 414 12151401 1201105












301 Fremont St. 702.388.2400

803 Golden Nugget

210 131



108 132


804 Plaza Hotel & Casino









130 900

104 104

301 302 103

303 304



207 102 805

803 802

417 Photo Bang Bang C10 224 E. Imperial Ave.

702.518.7427 418 Skin City Body Painting C8 1209 S. Main St. 702.431.7546


701 1301


415 Inside Style C8 1119 S. Main St.

100 City Pkwy., Suite #160 702.824.9614

802 The D Las Vegas

412 Gaia Flowers C8 6 E. Charleston Blvd. 702.997.0222




413 Happy Panda Toys C8 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite #105A

1201 S. Commerce St.

701 24hr Fitness



411 Freddie Ramon C10 1411 S. Main St.

FITNESS 700 Real Results Gym C9

409 Creative Space C10 1421 S. Commerce St. 410 Electric Lemonade D8 220 E. Charleston Blvd.



6th Floor 702.943.7777 #8530

133 Mingo Kitchen and Lounge C8 1017 First St., Suite #180

109 El Gaucho Luca’s Café & Deli F5 231 S. Third St., Suite #110 702.384.3115 702.336.9696



300 N. Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 120 702.476.5552

ART STUDIOS 100 Emergency Arts

520 Fremont St. 702.385.328 1201 Arts Factory 107 E. Charleston Blvd. C7 702.383.3133


1202 Amanda Harris Gallery 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite #150 E7


1203 Art Square C7 1025 S. First St.

Las Vegas, NV 89101 1204 Gainsburg Studio, Inc. C7 1039 S. Main St. 702.249.3200 1205 Open Air Printers C7 1039 S. Main St., Suite #150


1206 Blackbird Studios C10 1551 S. Commerce St., Suite #A


1208 Brett Wesley Gallery C8 1112 S. Casino Center Blvd.


ANTIQUE ALLEY 500 Retro Vegas C8 1131 S. Main St. 702.384.2700 501 Corner Store Furniture Company 1201 S. Main St. C8 702.331.6009 502 Patina Decor C8 1211 S. Main St. 702.776.6222 503 Armstrong’s Emporium C9 1228 S. Main St. 702.366.1995 504 Medusa’s Antiques C9 1300 S. Main St., Suite #110 702.331.4660 505 Desert Buddha C9 1300 S. Main St., Suite #120 702.383.1008 506 One Man’s Trash C9 1300 S. Main St., Suite #140 702.7778.7988

1210 Contemporary Art Center (CAC) C8 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite #120

507 JJC Clocks & Antiques C9 1310 S. Main St. 702.384.8463 508 The Funk House D9 1228 S. Casino Center Blvd. 702.678.6278

1211 Downtown Contemporary Gallery C8 at artSquare

509 Glam Factory Vintage D9 211 E. Colorado Ave. 702.443.0131

1209 City of the World C9 1229 S. Casino Center Blvd.



1025 First St., Suite #145 702.358.7022

1212 Pinup Pointe Art Gallery C8 4 E. Charleston Blvd.


1213 RTZ Vegas C8 1017 S. First St., Suite #195


1214 Ryan Williams Art Gallery C8 1025 S. First St.


1215 Sin City Gallery C8 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite #100


1216 Trifecta C8 135 E. Charleston Blvd.


RE-OCURRING EVENTS 1300 First Friday Main Hub C9 Casino Center Boulevard

Between Colorado Street & California Street

1301 Downtown 3rd Farmers Market 300 Block of North Main Street F4

Directly Next To The Mob Museum

ENTERTAINMENT 1400 The Smith Center 361 Symphony Park Ave. C5

510 Gypsy Den D9 213 E. Colorado Ave. 702.684.1628 511 Western Gypsy in the Kangaroo Court D9 1306 S. Third St. 702.868.3302 512 Gypsy Caravan D8 1214 S. Third St. 702.868.3302 513 Rick’s Restorations C8 1112 S. Commerce St. 702.366.7030 514 Sin City Pickers C10 10 W. Wyoming Ave. 702.366.9166 515 Vintage Vegas Antiques C9 1411 S. Main St. 702.539.0799 516 Alex Presley’s Unique Boutique D9 1304 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.300.2476 517 Lost Vegas Antiques F7 625 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.382-1882 518 Swag Antiques F7 630 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.464.3299 519 Not Just Antiques B9 1422 Western Ave. 702.384.4922


702.749.2000 1401 Art Square Theater 1025 S. First St. C8 702.308.8087

1600 Craig P. Kenny & Associates G7 501 S. Eight St.

1402 Theater 7 D9 1406 S. Third St.

1700 Dr. Azimi DDS E8 820 S. Seventh St.


HEALTH & WELLNESS 702.759.0005


MUSEUMS & ATTRACTIONS 1501 The Mob Museum 300 Stewart Ave. F4


1502 Old Las Vegas Fort H1 500 E. Washington Ave.


1503 Lied Discovery Children’s B7 Museum

833 N. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.382.3445

1504 Natural History Museum H2 900 N. Las Vegas Blvd.


1505 The Neon Museum H2 770 N. Las Vegas Blvd.


COFFEE SPOTS 100 The Beat Coffeehouse 520 Fremont St. G5 702.385.2328 500 Starbucks F5

300 S. Fourth St. #7 702.759.3426

GROCERY 600 Albertsons Grocery J8

1760 E. Charleston Blvd. 702.366.1550

601 Resnick’s Grocery

900 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.982.2999 602 Cake World Bakery 220 N. Maryland Pkwy. I5 702.471.7111 603 White Cross Market C10 1700 S. Las Vegas Blvd. (702) 382.3382 E8

Downtown Z.E.N. - Oct. 2013  
Downtown Z.E.N. - Oct. 2013  

LETTER FROM THE EDITORS Breaking news: the weather has broke, and there will be a Grand Opening of residents’ windows at Newport Lofts. The...