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Girls In Tech

is a global movement. It’s a nonprofit organization that’s structured around getting women to consider tech as a career, and trying to expose very young women who are still in school to the fact that, hey… this isn’t just for boys. Susan Hinton works at Zappos as a front-end developer and is a volunteer for the local office here called Girls In Tech Las Vegas. She says that: “Girls learn quickly that their value is in their looks, and that’s not true. They need to be aware that they have options. And, if they join tech, they need to know that they belong.” Starting at a young age, elementary students who attend Girl Scouts can attend workshops involved with Girls In Tech such as astronomy, how to create web pages, and online etiquette and personal branding. They can even earn a special badge, which is now embedded into their program. For high school students, Girls In Tech are often invited to attend panel discussions and visit schools to talk about their own lives within the tech community. According to Susan, “I don’t want women to feel they’re always going to be pushing and pushing and pushing. I don’t think the oppressed ever really got what they wanted by being polite or doing it all themselves. They need the privileged to pull them up and help them.” At UNLV, the computer engineering students meet up every two weeks for SUDO. It’s a program that sets coding challenges and has speakers present to the group. Susan has attended on behalf of Girls In Tech. “When I was there,” she said, “A lot of the men asked questions about what I’ve experienced or how they can help without be patronizing.” This is promising news about the next generation.


Downtown ZEN

JUNE 2014


Downtown ZEN - June 2014  

As Southern California gets thrown into its annual June gloom weather pattern, here in downtown Las Vegas we’re experiencing a June bloom in...

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