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LETTER FROM THE EDITORS Unlike the frigid winter scene of this month’s cover, warm up inside the Spa at the Golden Nugget with a full-package giveaway on page 22. If your dogs are still barking, rinse off your paws at the Hydrant Clubs’ equally posh splash pad.

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Relatives traveling here to see you instead of atomic bombs this holiday season but don’t know what to make? If you’re craving healthy holiday eating, try the Apple Butternut Squash and take a look at our tips. Nacho Daddy arriving in time? A postcard will have to do, but a Letter addressed to Biltmore Bungalows would be better.

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Auntie Em needs to be entertained: Stewart+Ogden will not be a gamble, but hangin’ with Jackie Gaughan will be. While Cousin Ryan is busy boozing at Art Bar, take your bushy bro to Bolt Barbers so the family photos “don’t get ruined” (you’re welcome, Mom!). Drop off Granny and Gramps at the Nevada School of the Arts, then cruise to a Rachel’s Kitchen Jam Session with Uncle Irv, followed by picking up Sissy at the airport. But you’re not sweating it! With such a range of options, downtown makes you smarter, keeping you from being a martyr. Happy Holidays and stay aerobic!

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Hydrant Club NSA Serendipitous Spotlight: fine-tunes musicians young and old

Mohawk Matt

Who’s Your Daddy Downtown? Find out on pg 9



This month’s cover was shot at the Spa at the Golden Nugget. The spa offers relaxing massages and rejuvenating facials along with signature packages in an environment designed to do nothing but indulge the senses. Relax and soak out the stress in the sauna, whirlpool or steam room, or look and feel like a million dollars after a manicure, pedicure or hair treatment in the full-service salon.

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to be

Pawsitively Awesome By Michael Boley


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hether your dog goes bark bark, bow wow, yip yip, or woof woof, just know that they’re trying to tell you something; and that something is the long awaited grand opening of the Hydrant Club — and they want you to sign them up, leash them up, and take them there! Located at the corner of Ninth and Fremont streets, only one block east of the Container Park, is Cathy Brooks’ dream come true: a dream that, literally, has brought her to tears time and time again after months of planning, drafting, collaborating, scouting, implementing, and now finally planting the final seeds of grass at her very own doggone, no bones about it business. The Hydrant Club, in association with Downtown Project, is more than just a dog park: It is a canine social club and training academy that caters to dog owners across the valley, but more specifically to members of the downtown community. The new space will implement an educational facility, boarding and daycare, and outdoor play space. Cathy, a former conference curator and consultant for more than 20 years and longtime dog maven and conversationalist, moved 560 miles from San Francisco to Las Vegas to begin her illustrious journey all because of one word: serendipity. In the spring of 2012, already feeling tired and uninspired by her work, Cathy attended a tech conference where she ran into Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. Confiding in and explaining to him that she had wanted to make shift in her life, but was unsure exactly what or how to begin, Tony had mentioned the idea of visiting downtown Las Vegas. “He looked at me and smiled and said, ‘You know, you should really come and visit us in Las Vegas this summer.’ I laughed at him and said, ‘First of all, I’m not coming to Vegas on purpose, and second of all I’m not going there in the summer,’” said Cathy. “He said ‘no, no, no there’s this thing called First Friday, maybe you can give a talk to the entrepreneurs […] then there’s the Zappos All Hands meeting, and, in between, serendipity will be your guide.’ I just looked at him, and I’m thinking to myself that’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard of in my life. I’m trying to plan my career path, and serendipity doesn’t really sound like a practical way to do that.” Later that night, with Tony’s words still heavy on her mind, Cathy looked up the word’s definition. “Serendipity: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.” Upon parceling the words and siding with reason, Cathy decided to roll the dice and take a gamble on a city would soon, unbeknownst to her, handsomely pay out.



In August 2012, Cathy visited Vegas for 10 days and brought her fellow four-legged companion Truman, a silver Labradoodle, in tow. While touring with Downtown Project as well as engaging in casual conversation with Ogden residents, the mention of creating a downtown dog park and/or doggy daycare was inherently present. As Cathy began listening and examining her surroundings, she noticed two fundamental problems at play: 1) nowhere in downtown was there a safe, clean place to allow dogs to run free of their leashes. Instead, there was only an overabundance of gravel lots, hot black asphalt, and broken shards of glass, and 2) overly aggressive or sensitive and cowering dogs with a lack in social skills that made them either lunge at their leashes or bark at other dogs. Additionally, their owners possessed little to no handling skills. “I thought, ‘well that’s interesting. They’re talking about creating this densely populated, walkable urban downtown experience. People will come with dogs, and if the dogs don’t know how to behave and those humans don’t know how to handle them, you will have, in .02 seconds, a shit show of major proportions,’” said Cathy. As further talks developed and given Cathy’s undisputed wealth of knowledge of dogs and well-formulated ideas of planning and execution, it was suggested to her that she head the development of the dog park. And with that, so began the framework to construct the Hydrant Club defined by the following four legs on which it would stand:

Education & Training In 2001, Cathy testified in a trial in which a fatal incident was committed by two vicious dogs that the owners knew were dangerous. It became evident to her that educating people on how to better understand their dogs is a crucial element of living in a densely populated, urban environment. Over the past several years, Cathy has worked with dozens of owners to help them better understand their dogs’ psyches through education as well as learn how to diffuse a potentially volatile situation between other dogs they encounter. At the Hydrant Club, all dogs must go through a 30-minute behavioral placement evaluation. Some dogs will be fit for safe transition to off-leash play without any problem. Others may be offered “optional” training to help address low-level issues, while some will be required to go through training to address more serious behavioral instability. Additionally, owners can take a two and a half hour one-on-one training seminar so they can learn to better handle their furry friend and keep the peace between other visitors within the park.

Downtown ZEN


Barkout Comparisons

Public Dog Park: Admittance Requirements: none Negatives: unsocialized dog behavior through disobedience; aggressive dog fights; improper human handling/intervening skills Hydrant Club: Admittance Requirements: 30 minute canine behavioral placement evaluation; 2.5 hours human handling/obedience training Positives: socialized dog behavior; proper human handling/intervening skills; voice command; nutrition

Boarding & Daycare The term “boarding” sounds awful: a metal cage pushed back into a dark, drab environment with no human interaction? Pass. Or how about daycare where outdoor playtime lasting longer than a potty break is the norm? Double pass. Save your money and peace of mind when checking Fido in at the Hydrant Club, where the proper care and attention they deserve is guaranteed. Inside the well-lit construction trailer is an area where up to 25 dogs can come to playgroups per day, so it won’t give it that cold kennel feel. (When the Hydrant Club expands its facility, planned for 2014, a more permanent structure housing expanded daycare and boarding will be built.) Cushioned memory foam dog beds are also an add-on luxury in case Rover recently had surgery or he’s got a sore back. Half-day and full-day daycare is based on a first come, first serve basis, but designated days and times can be arranged with staff in advance. According to Cathy, the future development of the Hydrant Club will expand to include additional daycare space, adding in overnight boarding, expanded retail offerings, and grooming/selfserve bathing along with on-site veterinary services for a wider range of household pets.

Barkout Comparisons

Local Boarding/Daycare Businesses: Admittance Requirements: none Negatives: sterile kennel environment; limited human interaction and playtime Hydrant Club: Admittance Requirements: application approval Positives: home-style environment; consistent human interaction; indoor and outdoor playtime

Play Space Now this is where the fun begins! Cathy not only wanted to create one of the most expansive, rolling hill, tree-lined green spaces in downtown Las Vegas, but she also wanted to give it some in-your-face character. Surrounding the property is an eight to ten foot mesh-looking fence, which will look aesthetically pleasing in an urban environment while also prohibiting larger breeds from jumping up and over. The park will also feature two separate, double-gated and key fob entrances, one abutting Ninth Street and the other, meticulously designed as a 14foot high Snoopy doghouse, on the southwest corner of the lot facing Fremont Street. Another pertinent call-out feature is the towering 14.5 foot, exactly proportional to scale, yellow saturated fire hydrant. Dubbed as the world’s largest working fire hydrant, this beauty will spout water at three different levels to accommodate owners of all heights. Finally, dogs, if they please, can cool their jets at the paw print-shaped splash pad near the underground agility tunnel and obstacle station on the far side of the park. Woof-tah. That’s a lot of stuff! 05

Barkout Comparisons

Public Dog Park: Admittance Requirements: none Negatives: open to public; chain link fence; basic landscaping Hydrant Club: Admittance Requirements: key fob entrance Positives: members only; mesh-lined fence; unique inner and outer design; meticulous landscaping; 150 dog/human capacity

Prerequisites & Pricing To ensure the safety of other dogs, whether they’re in boarding and daycare or only utilizing the park, all members of the Hydrant Club must have up-to-date documentation of the bordetella vaccine, canine influenza vaccine, rabies shot, and if you travel outside the state of Nevada with your pet, flea and tick prevention. For convenience and practicality, Cathy created an array of pricing packages for members to utilize the park that are both affordable and in-line with other businesses across the valley. Hydrant Club: Dog Park Packages: Weekends only: $45/month (1 dog); $50/month (2 dogs)

Weekday only: $55/month (1 dog); $60/month (2 dogs)

Hamburger (7 days/week): $75/month (1 dog); $115 (2 dogs)

Sirloin*: $130 (1 free ½ day play group/week, 1 free full day/ month, up to 2 dogs)

Prime Rib*: $165 (2 free ½ day playgroup/week, 2 free full day/month, up to 3 dogs)

Filet*: $200 (Same as prime level but adds access to concierge dog food delivery service & dog walking)

*Sirloin, Prime Rib and Filet packages grant 7-day-week access, along with noted amounts of built-in playgroup, training and/or concierge services.

Playgroup Packages: Half Day Package of 10: $180 Package of 20: $180

Full Day Package of 10: $360 Package of 20: $760

Prices vary for a la carte services, evaluations, ongoing obedience packages, and group lessons. Membership commitment is one-year with several options for payment. All payments can be set up for autopay by credit card. Receive 5% off if you pay in advance for one full year of services. Special rates are available for Zapponians and given during admission process. The Hydrant Club is expected to open by mid-December. Park hours will be open seven days a week from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. with office hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Interested in signing your pooch up for the Hydrant Club or learning more valuable pricing information? Please visit or contact Cathy Brooks at 702.721.WOOF (9663).

Downtown ZEN



Local artists to showcase sustainability at pop-up gallery By Michael Boley In this day and age, after decades of coal mining, car pollution, deforestation, littering, and overpopulation, sustainability has become a trending topic of concern for millennials across the globe, including Texas native and recently turned Las Vegas local, Michael Litt. ISSUE 21

Litt, a field director at Clean Energy Project and board member at ProgressNow Nevada, is showcasing his concerns, in collaboration with Green Jelly and alongside several local downtown artists, with an event on Thursday, Dec. 5 entitled “Greetings from Las Vegas.” The event,


to be located at the historic Gateway Motel, will transform 20 motel rooms into a pop-up environmentalist-type gallery that will feature conceptual or direct paintings and handcrafted artworks from 30 community artists, designers, architects, and community groups. Downtown ZEN

According to the nonprofit, grassroots project’s website, the event “aims to demonstrate the power of art, culture, and community organizing by highlighting and strengthening the vibrant community that already exists in Las Vegas, but sometimes gets overlooked. By bringing people together, we 06

also hope to spark discussions and facilitate connections that will make the Las Vegas Valley an even more inclusive, sustainable place to live by addressing the challenges of a growing, diverse region with finite resources.” “Greetings from Las Vegas” will feature a variety of different mediums with many of the pieces integrating the idea of repurposed materials, said Litt, including ceramic works from Sierra Slentz, a fully cardboarded room installation from Joel Spencer, and Cristina Paulos who is ironing together old plastic garbage and grocery bags to recreate a full-fledged bed sheet.

Litt is also introducing another unique aspect to the event by reaching out to those from across the country. According to Litt, people who have a passion for sustainability, but extend beyond the downtown Las Vegas footprint, are also able to participate by mailing in postcards with their own ideas of implementing greenfriendliness. Postcard themes are open to interpretation, topics, and inspiration, which will also be pinned up and showcased alongside other artworks at the Gateway Motel. What’s an event without familyfun entertainment? “Greetings from Las Vegas” will feature burlesque performances by

Penni Piper as well as live music from local bands, including Swamp Gospel, the AllTogethers, and Ditch Diggers. Additionally, free food and beer will be provided by Dona Maria Tamales and Tenaya Creek Brewery, respectively. “For downtown, and really for the city as a whole, this is a celebration of a lot of things that make Las Vegas awesome. […] It’s celebrating our history, represented by this motel and the sign, celebrating local art, culture, the architects, designers, and community groups — people who are showcasing the talent of the vibrant community that’s already here, but sometimes

gets overlooked, will also spark discussions on a topic that’s really important,” said Litt. “Greetings from Las Vegas” Gateway Motel 928 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Thurs., Dec. 5, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. More info:

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The El Cortez is the longest continuously-running casino in Las Vegas. So, who better to welcome Downtown’s newest resident than its longest-standing icon? We have everything you need to feel at home. The Flame is an upscale steakhouse with a casual touch. Cafe Cortez serves soups, sandwiches, and more 24/7. Watch the game of the day at The Parlour Bar. Or if you want a little action on the games, check out our full-service Station Casino sports book.

While you’re here, ask for one of the specials listed below. You won’t find them on any menu. But now that you’re Downtown, it’s only fair to let you in on all of the little secrets.


($2 off original price) Cazadores Blanco Tequila, Solerno Blood Orange Liquor, Sweet & Sour garnished with an orange slice.

THE KENNY | $8.5O Freshly Chopped salad with avocado, tomato, onion, radishes and cucumbers. And as always, show your Zappos employee badge and receive 2 for 1 drinks!

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Who’s Your Daddy? Nacho Daddy downtown By Mandy Crispin Jennifer Miller, Nacho Daddy events and marketing manager, wasn’t planning to become an events and marketing manager. She went to school for journalism. One day her brother, then bar manager, now GM, at the Henderson location, called her up and said he may have an opportunity for her at a food and beverage business as, yes, an events and marketing manager. You are so smart! Collect 200 nachos and go to the next paragraph. Anyone familiar with the Nacho Daddy Henderson location will be both comforted and surprised by the new one downtown on Fourth 09

Street. First, for your palate, they have a lot of the same super-delicious food and tequila as you are used to! For the beautification element in your stroll, where a decaying Thai food restaurant used to be, Nacho Daddy is sprucing up the neighborhood by contributing to make another thriving business corridor between Fremont Street and Downtown Grand’s Third Street attractions. Now for the surprise: Unlike an impersonal, leviathan chain, Nacho Daddy is fine-tuning and tailoring its approach to serving you better by adapting this location to its unique surroundings. Instead of just

Downtown ZEN



copying the Henderson model and pasting it onto the downtown landscape, Nacho Daddy’s family of management is being uber responsive to the differences between being in Henderson and being downtown. Nacho Daddy Henderson first had its soft opening in December of 2009, and had its grand opening for Cinco de Mayo 2010, but it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago they solidified the vision and direction of the restaurant as an American grill with a Mexican flair. With solid footing, they started talking about downtown and just opened here about three weeks ago. Following suit with the former business model didn’t mean simply cloning success, it meant paying attention to their strategy to success. They’ve mirrored the menu, but they’re still tweeking it. One completely new aspect of the downtown store is that with a new “to-go” coffee window at the street side of the store for on-the-go, pedestrian downtowners, you can grab and go with any of the 10 delicious in-house blends on your way to and fro, street-stomping around downtown. Also, breakfast will be served Monday through Friday starting at 7 a.m., for those punching the early clock downtown, and Saturday and Sunday starting 9 a.m. Both breakfast services end at 11 a.m. Jen said, “that’s the luxury of being locally owned and being able to get constant feedback and getting to talk to the guests all the time, getting to know what they want, what they like. The menu is reduced from the Henderson location, but we have a lot of our loyal customers from Henderson asking ‘where’s this nacho’ or ‘where’s that nacho,’ so we’re definitely taking feedback into consideration.” The same responsive approach they take to their external customers is duplicated in the way they run their team. Jen reported to me, “I love it. I love that all of us have a voice in what we’re doing. We all are very proactive in talking to guests and talking to whoever [on the team] is in and making sure that everyone is happy.” And, my goodness, while the menu is slightly less extensive than Henderson, it is just as oh-my-goodness tempting. A first glance will leave patrons counting the number of future visits based on a growing list of “WOW, I gotta-try-that” and “mmmmm-that-looks-good.” The atmosphere at Nacho Daddy is not themey, and it fairs well being that way. Anyone from debonair dudes to casual cats will be comfortable here. Under the bar there are electrical outlets for easy power-ups while working on the laptop through lunch, and also under the bar, there are hooks for handbags. You don’t have to drip hot queso on your billfold because you had to keep your purse in your lap! I think that’s fantastic. Overall from menu to guest and employee experience, Nacho Daddy is versatile and accommodating. Q and A with Jennifer Miller Out of all the places you could have put a second location, what was the thought behind bringing it downtown? “We had a lot of people northside who worked in Henderson. We heard from a lot of offices and businesses who said, ‘you guys need one on the other side of town,’ so ISSUE 21


Downtown ZEN


that was one of the motivations. Also our Zappos family. That was a big reason. I think it just made sense as far as what’s going on with the downtown move and Downtown Project business flourishing here, and we’re very fortunate to be a part of that.” What event information can you give us at this time? “We do a lot of events at our Henderson location, and we’re trying to figure out the downtown schedule and life, […] so more details on that to follow.”

Are you guys going to have regular recurring events? We did have a stage built in for that purpose. During Life is Beautiful we did have some DJs come in, so that was the thought behind the stage: to make this establishment come alive with some kind of live entertainment, whatever it is, a live DJ or a band. We do host stand-up comedy in Henderson, so that’s one of the events that we’d like to bring downtown as well.” Is the constant feedback you mentioned and the change that goes with that a company philosophy? “Between the five managers we’re all always at the restaurant. You’ll see me at the Henderson location, or you’ll see me sitting here at the bar. And that’s to absorb what’s going on and to understand. And also, I’m kind of a newbie to downtown. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been here since 2008, and I’ve been here maybe ten times prior to opening the restaurant, so I’m kind of learning the ropes down here.”

You wouldn’t expect a bar that has 100 tequilas to be outfitting a bunch of kids with shoes. It humbles me a lot, and I appreciate it. It’s probably the most rewarding thing, especially how it wasn’t really my plan, marketing and learning everything new. A lot of times I felt just like, ‘Am I going the right way?’” “My title is marketing and events manager, but we have two private rooms in Henderson, so I handle all the reservations , all of the community and sponsorships items, I budget and manage all of that, all of our social media, I maintenance those websites and our company website as well. So everybody has like 10 hats, but that’s what is great about this company too. The fact that our core management group has been together for the last two years, and we’re on the location together means that we have that sense of family. And one interesting fact: My brother is the GM, so we are family, literally. Which is cool because it gives me more incentive to put it together. It’s like it’s our baby.” Is there anything you really want people to know that I haven’t asked you yet? “I really want them to know that the main difference between this and our Henderson location is that we open at 7 a.m., and we serve breakfast. We do that on Sundays at 9 a.m. in Henderson, but we really want to push out our breakfast program. We have amazing breakfast! With nachos, it’s really something different. We have a to-go coffee window, … and we also have a vegan menu. So I’m sure whenever you hear Nacho Daddy ‘vegan’ doesn’t pop into your head, but that was one of those things where we heard from people coming in and asking. We also have gluten-free options, not necessarily on the menu but, we can certainly accommodate. I’ve had a couple meetings with people and they’ve really talked about how it doesn’t scream sports bar, I mean, a guy could come in and have a beer and a girl can come in and have her vegan salad and a skinny margarita. It’s really something for everyone, and we want this to be that place.” Jen summed, “We’re not hardcore this, we’re not hardcore that. We’re not in your face about anything. We’re just, you know, ‘we have this to offer, and we want you to enjoy it, we think it’s good.’ We want to really, really listen to what people say, and we want to make them happy.”

What’s your most interesting experience learning the ropes downtown? “I’d have to say maybe First Friday, but then again, maybe just the culture downtown overall. I wasn’t super impressed whenever I’d come down before, but I’m glad I did because it makes me appreciate what’s going on now and understand the growth and the development of what’s going on.” When is the time when you’re standing there and you’re blown away by your job because it’s just so amazing? “I’ve had a couple of those, and it’s always at our charity events. We partner with Zappos, and you guys do a lot of cool things, but we also do a lot of nonprofit. We’ve been fortunate to partner with Goodie Two Shoes, and whenever we can build those relationships with the community and see the impact a restaurant can have … it’s limitless. 11

Downtown ZEN




Nevada School of the Arts: Hitting the high note on music and community connectedness

t was a balmy Tuesday night, and the sun had just grazed and gently diminished below the horizon, cascading a gradation of pigmented blues, purples, and blacks across the endless desert sky. A thin layer of obtuse, greyishlooking clouds complemented the early-to-rise stars, creating a picturesque moment seen high above downtown’s Historic Fifth Street School.

Looking down at my wrist, I couldn’t help but notice the ticking of the seconds flirted heavily with the day’s remaining light. By now the time had read 4:30 p.m., and a constant flow of cars began to enter and exit through the school’s roundabout parking lot, some slowly crawling, eyeing for a vacant space. Weaving on foot amongst the vehicles and about the cobblestoned school grounds were adults and school-aged children clutching their instrument cases and music folders scurrying under the notable archways and opening the doors into the Nevada School of the Arts (NSA). Upon walking inside, the electric commotion could be felt as big bodies, small bodies, and even smaller small bodies wandered every which way through the elongated hallways, disappearing into music rooms that were strewn to the left and right sides of the main entrance. As an evening guest, I too walked and sat amongst parents on a group lesson about to take place. A few minutes thereafter, the door clicked closed followed by a few stray hushes, and then complete silence as the class was about to begin. Settling myself in comfortably, the permeating yet soothing sound began, at first 13

By Michael Boley from the instructor and soon followed by her students. The music cascaded to my ears, and I sat mystified watching the bows of violins flow back and forth in unison between the hands of 6 and 7 year olds. I thought to myself, this was even more picturesque than the evening’s night sky.

“Most of our students don’t become musicians, but we hope to give them high enough musical and technical training that will remain with them as part of their lives.” The Nevada School of the Arts (NSA) officially began in 1977. Since then, it continues to nourish and enrich the Las Vegas community for the past 35 years, establishing itself as an independent nonprofit community performing arts school by offering group and private lessons to adults and children alike. The program, however, predates its “formal” inauguration as it began as a Saturday Conservatory outreach program for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ music department and further expanded as a highly successful summer arts camp at Mt. Charleston. Although the program evolved and has been in existence for more than three decades, it always struggled for permanence and traction

Downtown ZEN



at a defined central location. In 1991, the NSA’s offices moved from UNLV to Paradise Elementary School for a short three year stint before it was uprooted again in 1994 and moved to Las Vegas Academy (LVA). Ten years later, the growing demand for space had the school sent packing from the magnet high school where it relocated to the Festivals Professional Business Park on Decatur Avenue. Finally in 2008, with the endorsement and support of former Mayor Oscar Goodman and the Las Vegas City Council, the NSA once again called downtown its home as a resident organization inside the Fifth Street School.

Second Violinist with the Las Vegas Philharmonic, and she is a strong advocate for nurturing people’s passion for music. Through the integration of talented faculty members with years of practical experience and combining a wide selection of music lessons from the violin to the viola, the harp to the French horn, the bassoon to the harp, the NSA commits itself to providing a rich musical experience that can be practiced, learned, and enjoyed by lovers of sound. “Whatever art form it is, whether you’re a visual artist, or an amateur singer, or you had some sort of musical training, I think it’s a wonderful creative release that our children need to have as they’re growing up, and hopefully, as they become adults, it remains part of their lives,” said Shakeh. “That’s what we try to do at the school. Most of our students don’t become musicians, but we hope to give them high enough musical and technical training that will remain with them as part of their lives, and they can still be successful professionals, but music will be a part of what they do.”

Shakeh Ghoukasian has been dean of the NSA since 2007 and is a known, distinguished teacher and accomplished musician throughout the valley. Born and raised in Armenia, Shakeh received her music training at an early age in a time when that country was widely considered “behind the Iron Curtain.” In 1979, she immigrated to the United States and received her bachelor’s and master’s of music degrees in performance from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. From there, her extensive resume includes teaching master classes across the country, cofounding the Green Valley Chamber Music Festival, playing as Principal ISSUE 19


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Tuition rates at the NSA vary by program with an average cost hovering around $475 with financial aid available, and lasting the semester standard of 16 weeks, coinciding with the Clark County School District. Although the NSA is a nonprofit organization, most of the tuition rates go toward paying its professionally trained staff members. According to Shakeh, the NSA is responsible for paying 30 percent of its budget, which she says is a constant struggle, despite receiving other monetary donations through grants, corporations, and private donations. “We want to keep our tuition low so more kids can afford it, more adults can afford it. So, we are in constant underwriting and fundraising mode to support the school,” Shakeh said. “[For] most schools of our caliber, nationally, tuition is a lot higher, but we’ve had tried to really keep our tuition artificially low for what we offer so that our community is the recipient of that.” The NSA also plays a strong hand in student development by bringing in and showcasing top talented musicians from across the country and globe, including Croatia’s 2CELLOS stars Luka Sulac and Stjepan Hauser whom toured with Elton John on his world tour, to hold a master class demo and interact with students on an intimate scale within the school’s auditorium. Other performers who’ve visited the NSA include jazz violinist Christian Howes, garage band Time For Three, and numerous classical artists. Community members are also highly encouraged to get involved with the NSA by supporting its upcoming Chamber Orchestra series on Sunday, Dec. 8. The free admission winter concert will feature one of the NSA’s rising young musicians, violinist Alex Gonzalez.

According to Shakeh, many of the students who attend the NSA start out as elementary-aged students who “grow up” within the program through high school, or some who are current LVA students looking to enhance their vocation. Additionally, although the NSA has a young student demographic, they also welcome those wanting to learn or relearn an instrument without the fear instilled by previous instructors.

Over the course of the next year, Shakeh says she hopes to reformat the program by expanding the winds and brass, piano, and vocalist programs as well as integrate a pop classical ensemble and world percussion classes beginning next fall. For those interested in learning more about the NSA, including programs currently offered, financial assistance, upcoming calendar of events, or how to get involved through monetary contributions or volunteerism, you may contact the office at 702.384.2787 or visit them online at The NSA is located inside the Historic Fifth Street School at 401 S. Fourth St., Suite 125.

“If you’re a budding young musician and you want to come and be challenged, that’s great. If you’re an adult and want to come find the creative side … then we have faculty that is really comfortable in working with that.” “How many times do you hear people say to you, ‘I used to play the violin, and I quit because my teacher was so mean, and I hated it,’?” said Shakeh. “I’m proud to say our faculty is a group of incredibly compassionate, well-trained, pedagogue educators who know how to work well with really young kids and know how to work with teenagers, and then know where to draw the line when working with adults. You can’t have the same expectations. […] So, if you’re a budding young musician and you want to come and be challenged, that’s great. If you’re an adult and want to come find the creative side in you and experience in learning a new skill, then we have faculty that is really comfortable in working with that.” 15

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RESOLVE TO HAVE FUN IN 2014! BOOK YOUR RESERVATION TODAY BY CALLING 855.DT.GRAND Feel like a regular the moment you walk through the door. The brand new Downtown Grand Las Vegas redefines what a hotel & casino should be. Unique restaurant and bar options delight every taste. Stylish hotel rooms feature an upgraded sleeping experience, modern amenities and comfortable furnishings. The industrial chic casino features brand new slot machines and all your favorite table games in a high-energy and intimate environment. Located in the center of downtown Las Vegas, Downtown Grand is steps from the Fremont Street Experience, The Mob Museum, Fremont East Entertainment District, The Las Vegas Premium Outlets and many more must-see sights.


Located on 3rd Street between Stewart Ave. & Ogden Ave.

Downtown Business Networking Group is

Caring and Sharing: The community's small business cornerstone concept

By Mandy Crispin



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Event Alert

Jayson Black, a local ultra-endurance athlete, who is planning to run 26.2 miles a day for 26 consecutive days throughout southern Nevada to raise awareness about hunger in our community. Jayson will begin his mission on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28 and conclude on Dec. 23. In addition to running 682.1 miles, Jayson has chosen Three Square as the charity he is going to run for, and will be collecting funds and food donations for Three Square.



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Chart House Gold Diggers Red Sushi



Contest runs 12/1 – 12/31 Winners selected 12/31

Cocktails from $3 Appetizers from $5


4PM-6PM Monday through Friday

Win one of these great prizes:


• Clairsonic Mia OR

• 80 Minute Holiday Body Treatment OR

• 50 Minute Couples Massage HOW TO ENTER: 1. Visit 2. Like the Golden Nugget Facebook page. 3. Follow the steps to enter.



2PM-6PM Monday through Friday Cocktails from $4 Pizza $7


Cocktails from $2 Appetizers from $4


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A Serial Story by Matthew Dunsmoor Illustrations by April Teixeira

tension during my visit made it feel forced, and I hadn't been back since. I guess without my parents there to do all the talking, I really didn't have much to say. In fact, it wasn't until that visit that I realized how little I truly knew him. I'd do plenty of fact-finding tonight, though. Once the foreman called it a day at 5:15, I flew downtown (well, as much as one can fly while in a '93 Dodge Spirit). The familiar jingle of the bell atop the inside of the door announced my arrival to a thin, scraggly haired man who looked as close to a homeless goombah as one could get without being hassled by a Fremont patrolman. His head raised from beyond the furthest glass case as he lifted the magnifying specs from his eyes. The man squinted as his eyes tried to adjust, "Che bello! Hollace!" Jasper rose and rushed forward for an embrace, his assortment of thin gold chains jingling the whole way. If you had your eyes closed, you'd swear a cat with a bell on its collar was loose in the store.

"I knew where my night would be taking me. Tonight, I'd be making a trip to Old Town Jewelry on Fourth Street."

"Jasper, old friend," I smiled and opened my arms for the traditional hug and cheek kisses. He ushered me to the stools across the case from his previous perch.

Work crept by at an unusually slow pace as I awaited meeting with my comrade. Jasper had been a friend of the family when I was growing up, and whenever my family would come out on one of my father's research trips, we made it a point to swing by his jewelry store. While the adults would banter and laugh loudly, I'd wander off to explore the shimmering treasures that filled his storefront. I always found myself pulled to anything that had a clasp or a hidden compartment. I like to think that it's because I'm a firm believer that there's something more to every situation than at first look. Realistically though, they were probably just the most toy-like. Either way, my love for compartments and latches is what inspired my father to buy my mother the heart-shaped locket in the first place. When she chose to put my father's collegiate headshot inside, it made the perfect symbol of our family trinity — my father's image wrapped in my symbolic heart of gold next to my mother's heart. That's why she almost never took it off. That's why it hurt so badly when she stopped wearing it. I'd been by to say hello to Jasper when I first arrived in town, but an odd


Downtown ZEN



"What brings you to my shop, giovane?" he asked in his typical blend of Italian and English. I pulled the jewelry box from my pocket and set it atop the glass case. An uncontrollable smile swept across his face. "You finally got it," he beamed.

"You ever seen that before?" He shook his head, still inspecting the design. "Well," he pulled back the goggles and looked up, signifying it was probably time for me to exit. "I'd better head out, it's getting late," I interjected. Jasper rounded the counter for a departing hug. "It was great seeing you again. Thank you." "Si figuri! It was just good to see you again. Take care of yourself, alright giovane?"

"What do you mean?" I asked. Jasper raised a bony index finger, signaling for me to wait as he got up and scurried into the back office. He returned with something concealed in his left hand, and rejoined me at the case.

I nodded. As I walked out of the storefront, I pulled out my phone and checked the time. Just about 6. I still had time to get to the "safe place." I hopped in my car and hustled across the downtown landscape. Growing up with a father that traveled to several locations, we got used to having P.O. boxes for easy access and safe storage of dad's things. In the Las Vegas box, he usually kept his "Vegas Project Journal," a couple of pens, and some of Jasper's jewelry that mom would never have worn in public without fear of offending Jasper.

"About a year ago, your father came to me with this key," he began while sliding a small silver key across the counter. "He told me that someday you'd be here, and I needed to give you this, but only if you had something to trade me — something that wasn't yours." He reached to the box and popped the lid open. That uncontrollable smile crept back in as he grasped the locket that he'd sold my father nearly 30 years ago. "That's why I couldn't give it to you during our first meeting."

I parked and hustled to the door of the P.O. box section of the post office. I looked down to the key to double check the numbers — 0213. I walked to the door and slid the key into the lock. I cautiously twisted the key and opened the door to the box. I could not believe what I saw.

"But why?" I asked. "Non lo so. He never told me. All I knew was that I needed to give it to you and no one else. Oh! And that you'd need to go to the ‘safe place’ to use it. Don't know what that meant, and I didn't ask. Your father seemed a little flustered at the time — and I never got a chance to talk to him after that — since he passed soon after. Eterno riposo, concedere a loro, o Signore …" I wanted to know so much more, but at least I had a start. Jasper unsnapped the locket and inspected it, and suddenly reused his eyebrow questioningly. "What's wrong?" "Hmmm…" He ran his thumb over the raised center of the picture in the locket. "Well, it seems like there's something behind this picture. When I made this, it had a flat backing so it wouldn't raise. Do you mind?" I shrugged. "Hey, it's yours now. Go for it." Jasper reached for a tool that looked like a Swiss army knife of micro-tools, selected a flat-ended mechanism, and dropped on his magnifying glasses. He traced the edges of the picture with the tool, slightly wedging beneath the image a little more with each stroke. Finally the picture jumped from the locket, revealing a strange, Egyptian-looking design that appeared to have been layered over the backing. I looked at Jasper's face, and it was just as confused as mine.



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Apple-Butternut Squash Soup Start to finish: 1 hour


• 1 tablespoon unsalted butter • 1 medium onion, diced • 1 butternut squash (about 2 pounds), peeled, seeded, and chopped • 4 red or golden apples, peeled, cored, and chopped, plus 1 apple, finely diced and tossed in lemon juice, for garnish (optional) • 2 teaspoons coarse salt • 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin • 1/2 teaspoon ground coriander • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper • 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper • 2 cups homemade or store-bought low-sodium chicken or vegetable stock • 2 1/2 cups water, plus more if needed • 1 jalapeño chili, thinly sliced, for garnish (optional) • Sour cream, for garnish (optional)

Melt butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add onion; cook, stirring occasionally, until it begins to soften, about 4 minutes. Add squash, and cook, stirring occasionally, until soft, about 10 minutes. Add apples, salt, cumin, coriander, ginger, cayenne, black pepper, stock, and the water (just enough to cover). Bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer, and cook until vegetables are very soft, about 30 minutes. Puree in batches in a food processor or blender until smooth, and return to saucepan. Heat over low, thinning with more water if necessary. To serve, ladle into shallow bowls; garnish with diced apples, jalapeño slices, and sour cream if desired.



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Serendipitous Spotlight

Q&A w/Bolt Barbers founder “Mohawk” Matt Berman By Michael Boley

Hey, Matt! Welcome to Las Vegas. What brings you and your clippers from LA to downtown? I’ve caught DTLV fever! It’s highly contagious. What started out as an expansion of the Bolt Barbers brand from our LA home market into DTLV 18 months ago, in close collaboration with Downtown Project, has transpired into a full-on relocation. It is from DTLV that we’ll nurture, develop, and grow the brand. You have less hair on your head than I expected, so I gotta ask: Where did the “Mohawk” moniker come from? Every entrepreneur makes wise and unwise decisions when they start a new business. Since I was exiting the corporate world to open up Bolt, a Mohawk haircut seemed befitting for my persona as it is the ultimate “F you” haircut. Right now I’m sporting a warrior inspired U-shaped “Horseshoe” along with a U-shaped beard. The idea is it’s my “W,” signifying the warrior in me. Besides, it’s a badass look that no one else dares to rock. At Bolt, you refer to this joint as a “third place” for guys. Elaborate. It’s all about community. And it always has been. Barbershops are congregation places for dudes. It’s one of the few places guys can go, untethered from highly defined roles played at home and work/school. We understand this at Bolt and have created a space for you to be you. Run through a list of your most interesting hair products on your shelf. We sell a broad assortment of pomades including Steadfast, Uppercut (from Australia), and the Redken men’s range. My fav is “Cock Grease”: a water-based, bay rum-scented pomade with firm hold and a shiny look that is not for women! The décor of your shop is pretty tricked out with old-time character. Where did the inspiration come from? I like to tell dudes that Bolt Barbers is old school but never old fashioned. We’ve curated a vintage and authentic barbershop with pieces from bygone days, together with bomb AV and a sense of place from our 1967 Union Pacific caboose and 1953 box car to ensure authenticity of experience. You have a max of four words to end this interview. Go! Bolt. For Social Beasts.


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Carnegie Tickle the

Ivories Hall Musicians at LVA By Shannon Sneade


ost musicians at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts envision themselves someday performing at Carnegie Hall, one of the most esteemed theaters in the world. Between Nov. 14 and 16, students within the Academy Piano Department had the opportunity to learn from two well-regarded Carnegie Hall musicians at the magnet school’s first official Piano Institute. Pianists Alexandria Le and Tyler Wottrich perform in Carnegie Hall’s Ensemble ACJW, a collaboration of the Academy program at Carnegie Hall, the Julliard School, and the Weil Music Institute alongside the New York City Department of Education. They flew in from New York City to teach master classes and collaborate with students and parents of LVA. Students participated in these classes from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 14. Le and Wottrich led discussions on how to beat pre-performance jitters and how to master a piece of music within a week. Students also played interactive games that taught them skills like rhythm, emotion, and performance. There is always a considerable amount to be learned from watching other musicians perform, so Le and Wottrich put on a concert for the piano students during the latter part of the day. They each performed several pieces, specifically the 12 études by Frederick Chopin, and concluded the day on a high note. Workshop classes continued on Friday, Nov. 15. Students attended their usual classes, but Le and Wottrich observed the young musicians play during their piano classes. They critiqued their pieces and gave suggestions on how to improve before their upcoming piano recital. On Saturday, Nov. 16, the entire community was brought together to share their love of music. The afternoon started with a barbecue hosted by the LVA faculty that students’ families and piano teachers were also invited to. This was a wonderful opportunity for the guests to collaborate with Le and Wottrich in a relaxed environment. The day continued with another workshop that parents and piano teachers attended alongside their students. The skills taught by the honored pianists were displayed wonderfully during their performance later that night. Le and Wottrich mastered such pieces by J.S. Bach, György Kurtag, Johannes Brahms, and Modest Mussorgsky. After the three-day marathon of piano master classes, students went home motivated to become better musicians. "It was truly inspiring learning from such established pianists," said senior Allison Strande. "I feel like these classes have really helped me in my piano technique." Alexandria Le and Tyler Wottrich will return next year to host the Second Annual Piano Institute at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts.



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Jackie Gaughan Bio By Tony Ferrara Jackie Gaughan is a Las Vegas gaming icon. From his first glimpse of the city in 1943 as a soldier based at the Las Vegas Airbase (now Nellis AFB), to overseeing the downtown Las Vegas casino empire he built, he has always been enamored with the "City of Lights" he calls home. John D. "Jackie" Gaughan was born Oct. 24, 1920 in Omaha, Neb. to Michael and Kitty Gaughan. As a boy, he had early exposure to gambling since his "Uncle" Eddie Barrick held an interest in a gambling house in Omaha. He started out running scratch sheets to many of the bars and poolrooms that took legitimate horse and sports bets. He particularly took to bookmaking, which became his favorite part of the casino business. Jackie Gaughan spent time in Nevada during World War II, first in Las Vegas and later in Tonopah where he trained gunners for the Air Corps B-17 bombers. He and his wife Roberta (Bertie) and their two sons Michael and Jackie Jr. settled here for good in 1951. He bought a 3 percent interest in the Flamingo Hotel on the Strip, along with Eddie Barrick. Soon after, he bought a 3 percent interest in the old Boulder Club on Fremont Street where Binion’s now stands. He proved to be particularly talented as a handicapper and sports book operator. Jackie Gaughan's bookmaking talent led to the operation of such “joints” (as he liked to call his operations) as the Saratoga and the Derby, both downtown sports books. In 1961, he opened the Las Vegas


Downtown ZEN



Club with Mel Exber and Larry Hazlewood. In 1963, he bought the El Cortez on Fremont Street, a casino and hotel that was once owned by none other than infamous mobster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel. With innovative promotions such as Fun Books with free meal coupons and a very popular Social Security contest aimed at locals and value seeking customers, both the Las Vegas Club and the El Cortez prospered.

Jackie Gaugan is now retired and resides in a suite at the El Cortez. He sold the historic property in 2009 to a group of his long-time top executives and partners. He loves playing poker and is a regular in the poker room there. Stop by and say hello to him sometime!

Over the years, Jackie Gaughan extended similar innovations to other hotels he built or acquired, including the Western Hotel & Bingo Parlor in 1965, the Union Plaza Hotel & Casino in 1971 and the Gold Spike Hotel & Casino in 1983. "Give the customers a good deal, and they'll come back," was the Gaughan philosophy. And a good deal his customers got. Over the years, the Jackie Gaughan family of properties comped more free meals than any other hotel or casino anywhere. This coupled with extremely economical room rates resulted in a large percentage of repeat customers. And they often brought their friends or relatives with them to experience the same value. When you find a good deal, you usually want to let your friends and family know about it. That is the key to Jackie Gaughan's success. In 2004, Mr. Gaughan sold all of his downtown hotels/casinos, except the El Cortez. The downtown properties sold included the Plaza, the Las Vegas Club, the Gold Spike, the Western, and the Hotel Nevada.



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HEY MOM! The sun is rising from the North!? By Brian Paco Alvarez

Throughout the 1950s, Las Vegas would witness the sunrise from the back of the northern mountains hundreds of times. Of course, the reason for this was the fact that hundreds of above ground atomic and nuclear tests were conducted at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) just 65 miles north of Las Vegas. Many of these tests took place at night so the bright flash of the blast would light up the sky as if the sun had just risen. The spectacle of the atomic blast and its ensuing mushroom cloud would become quite the tourist attraction in southern Nevada. Where else could you play a hand of poker, enjoy a cocktail, and step outside

and watch an atomic blast!? Not just did “the bomb” become a tourist attraction, but the city actually promoted itself as a place to come and see the explosion. City boosters would do a series of public relations stunts such as the Miss Atomic Bomb beauty pageant, hotels would serve up atomic cocktails, and the atomic hairdo would become all the rage. Even the Clark County government seal would be emblazoned with a mushroom cloud. JC Penney in downtown got into the atomic action, too. The Atomic Energy Commission would hire the famous department store to supply all of the clothes that would be worn

by the mannequins that were used at the test site. These mannequins would be set up in a series of replicated towns to study the effects of the blast on clothes. After the mannequins were blown up, those that survived were brought back to Las Vegas and displayed in the windows of JC Penney! Eventually, the fad of atomic bombs would fade as the dangers of radiation would become apparent. As the Atomic Age came to a close, the era definitely left its indelible mark in the history of Las Vegas.

This amazing image of Fremont Street was taken by Las Vegas News Bureau photographer Don English on May 28, 1957. The test that was conducted at the NTS was part of a series of tests called Plumbbob. The test was the 87th nuclear test at the site. This specific test was named Boltzmann, and the bomb’s yield was the equivalent to 12 kilotons of TNT.



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Eating Healthy During the Holidays

By Temple Brathwaite December is a time for family, gifts, and of course FOOD. Yet, a holiday meal can easily exceed 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat according to the Caloric Control Council. So how do you eat healthy during the holidaays without sacrificing good taste and yummy treats? Read the following five meal alterations that will give you the best gift of all: good health.




Most holiday dinners begin with a “healthy” salad. However, Grandma usually brings more salad dressing options than one person could think of. Within seconds your healthy head of lettuce is drenched in caloriepacking ranch or Thousand Island dressing.

Surprise your guests with a homemade dressing made with fresh berries, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), and raspberry vinegar for a bold yet light taste to drizzle over hearty salad wedges.

Side Dish Traditional


It doesn’t just need to be yuletide time to enjoy some holiday spuds. Everyone loves mashed potatoes any day or any time of the year; however, the key to good mashed potatoes is implementing heavy whipping cream or milk and saturated fatenriched butter — a complete 180 of nutrition.


Downtown ZEN

The better option is mashed sweet potatoes or a roasted root vegetable mix drizzled in balsamic vinegar. Oh, how chic! Found at your local farmers market, your new staple will be bursting with color and exotic veggies.



Main Course Traditional


Old-fashioned ham is often times glazed or seasoned with sugar, high fructose juice, or other saturated fats. While that may add an enriched and familiar flavor, it also adds extra calories and even worse: fat.

Instead, opt for an herb roasted Cornish hen prepared with EVOO, orange, sage, rosemary, thyme, and black pepper. These fresh herbs offer a pungent smell and even bolder taste.

Dessert Traditional


Holiday season is not complete without a table filled with pies and other decadent desserts, and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this can be quite hard to resist. However, our store-bought pecan pie is laden with sugar and, at times, overly sweet.

A better way to feed your sweet tooth craving without having to loosen up your buttons is to indulge in roasted pears drizzled in caramel sauce — a tasty and lighter way to go. Pairs not blowing your stockings off? Fresh apple tarts made with only a few tablespoons of sugar will also offer a great bang for your calorie buck.

Beverages Traditional


An improved option is drinking coconut eggnog from So Delicious, found at your local grocer. This flavor-packed concoction provides a fraction of the fat and 50 percent less cholesterol than traditional eggnog. If you’re a DIYer, try another low-fat option: Use soy milk, brown rice or honey, water, vanilla extract, and let’s not forget that rum for our over 21 drinkers. With this option you get all the decadent flavors of this holiday favorite without the belly-bulging repercussions of excessive calories.


Be sure to check out more healthy options online or at your local food store as you prepare this year’s festive menu. Enjoy!

HEALTHY FINDS White Cross Market 1700 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89104 702.382.3382

Du-Par’s Bakery


Eggnog: a calorie disaster waiting to happen! This creamy addiction is extremely delicious yet filled with calories and grams of fat. Let’s not forget the night is young, and you will probably have more than one pour of this coma-causing drink.

Although these suggestions are a great start to your holiday meal, there are many other options you can implement to add a healthy kick to your day. Providing appetizers like veggie plates or spinach dips help ease your guests into a tasty, calorie-light meal. Additionally, swapping out green bean casserole for steamed veggies is just another way to make sure your wrapped gifts fit your frame all year long.

Downtown ZEN

1 Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.366.9378

Downtown3rd Farmers Market 300 N. Casino Center Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89101


HOUSING GUIDE Karina Giraldo

Residential Specialist

t: 702-566-7222 m: 702-480-9131 f: 702-853-4470 | 815 Pilot Road, Suite E | Las Vegas,NV 89119

Biltmore Bungalows is a hidden gem that is rapidly growing into downtown’s hottest new neighborhood. Often overshadowed by other downtown neighborhoods such as John S. Park and Huntridge, this diverse community deserves another look thanks to its thriving cultural corridor, multiple transportation options, walkability, and lower housing costs, not to mention the 1940s-era neighborhood is one of the first subdivisions in Las Vegas, with 61 cottage-style homes. Just north of the I-95 and bordered by Bonanza Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway, the Biltmore Bungalows is a community surrounded by municipal and industrial development. Located on a noticeable rise in elevation, mountain views are a prominent feature that makes for dramatic valley views of Vegas’ suburbs and downtown skyline. This WWII neighborhood was named after the Nevada Biltmore Hotel, which opened nearby in 1942. The war era’s housing shortage called for the construction of several hundred homes for military personnel and their families. The homes, mostly small and one story, are typical of wartime housing built in the modest cottage and ranch styles. Much of the original neighborhood remains today, boasting welcoming front porches and curved tree-lined streets with names like Tiffany Lane and 35

Downtown ZEN



Bell Drive. The variety of colors, homes, and landscaping provides for a wonderful gallery; just about every house is different, and Downtown Fremont and the Cultural Corridor backdrop give added character to the neighborhood. Due to its close proximity to the Cultural Corridor, there are plenty of activities within walking distance, featuring Cashman Center, the Las Vegas Library, the Neon Museum, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, the Cultural Corridor Theatre Center, the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort, and the State Historic Park. Tour the neon signs that take you back to vintage Las Vegas, take in an animated 35-foot long Tyrannosaurus Rex or a re-creation of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh's tomb, view up-close live animals, including the Burmese pythons, tarantulas, scorpions, snakes, and lizards, or be part of a hands-on science experiment. Homes in this area can be picked up for as little as $65,000 for a fixer-upper. However, the only available listing is in need of a major renovation. With so few homes in the community and the high demand, getting your hands on one of these means you’ll have to have the cash to purchase. As for the rental market, prices range from $700$900 per month for a two bedroom, one bath home. ISSUE 21


Homes within Biltmore Bungalows reflect the eclectic nature of the area and contain the well-known zip code — 89101. From the cozy historic cottage to the westerner style ranch, this is an area where just about anything goes. No one style dominates over another, and you won’t find an HOA governing hedge sizes here! Downtown ZEN


Transitioning from November into December, guilt is burying your conscience this month following your profanity-ridden tirades at department stores on Black Friday and over the telephone on Cyber Monday. Although agitation and stress are normal this time of year, breathe deeply and slowly as the holidays are meant for rest and relaxation with loved ones near and far. For those most fortunate, hold those close to you tight, and those closer to you even tighter as the New Year claims uncertainty for the next 365 days to follow.

Capricorn Dec. 22–Jan. 19 Your morning black coffee with hazelnut creamer keeps you on a regular schedule. The ritual goes: punching in, logging on, pouring a cup of joe, replying to a few emails, conversing at the water cooler, and locking yourself into stall #3 for 20 minutes — this all before 10 a.m.! However, the add-on of holiday baked goods may require a double dosage of caffeine to stimulate and open those bowel floodgates.

Coal has become a hot-topic debate for its environmental unfriendliness. With the shutdown of power plants worldwide, you find it unrealistic the “North Pole” would still be doling out Kingsford to the world’s naughty. Therefore, in an effort to be ecofriendly, dipping your kid’s stocking in propane will soon be trending.

Taurus April 20–May 20

Aquarius Jan 20–Feb 18 Sharing and posting Tumblr gifs to your social media account happens to be your new thing — especially when it mocks your occupation. Little did you know, however, your coworkers and clients would get all hypersensitive up in this B and stop endorsing your skillsets on LinkedIn.

Having self-esteem and owning a handgun are more or less your constitutional right. For certain people they are useful and important, but for a whole lot of people, they probably shouldn’t own either. This includes you, so tone down your ego.

Pisces Feb 19–Mar 20

Gemini May 21–June 21 Your bomb healthcare has resulted in top-notch physical wellness throughout the past 11 months. Although pairing your $0 copay and overexaggerated hypochondria has paid off in the past, the newly instated Affordable Healthcare Act won’t be so … affordable. Live up the next 31 days by coming down with every searchable disease on WebMD.

Closure is a big part of ending a wretched relationship and beginning anew, especially as the New Year fast approaches. Confront your old past by showcasing and flaunting your fun, sexy new future. That’ll show that ho, ho, ho!


Aries Mar 21–April 19

Downtown ZEN



Libra Sept. 23–Oct. 22

Cancer June 22–July 22

Raiding the closet in search of the perfect holiday sweater doesn’t come easy. The fit, color, and style not only needs to be flattering, but also comfortable enough to be worn for an extended period of time, because in all honesty, it’s Fido that makes or breaks the greeting card — not you.

Every year it’s Grandma’s job to bake the fruitcake and everyone else’s job to try and chew through it. In fact, it’d probably be easier gnawing through a yule log. But, because it’s the holidays and Grandma makes it rain at gift exchange, you’ll sacrifice mangled teeth in exchange for a sleigh ride to the mall with the Benny Franklin twins.

Leo July 23–Aug 22

Scorpio Oct. 23–Nov. 21

This time of year makes you cringe at the thought of mail service delivery. Broken, lost, and soiled packages have you begging the Postmaster General to meet your below-average expectations. However, with a mantra “neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” your package may get delivered, but that don’t mean it ain’t broke inside.

The department store’s baby aisle is your kryptonite. From elephantthemed onesies to baby powder and lavender shampoo, your biological clock continues to tick faster by the second. Soon enough, your condo will be inundated with its own baby room years before your due date. In the meantime, your fiancé wants you to keep calm and birth control on.

Sagittarius Nov. 22–Dec. 21

Virgo Aug 23–Sept 22 ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas is one of your most anticipated television lineups of the year, easily beating out Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and AMC’s Fearfest. However, with that said, if you miss “Mickey’s Christmas Carol,” you can bet Aunt Sally’s @$$ there will be more blood and carnage Megalodon and Michael Myers only wish they could recreate.

Downtown Grand Jumble

Savasana means total relaxation, dead body pose. However, due to your constant Tourette syndrome tics, this is nearly impossible as you wiggle your eyebrows, hard blink your eyes, or fiddle with the alignment of your shoulders. Fortunately, the girl next to you thinks you’re cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. You know, like Rudolph.


By Angelina Fadool

BRR TAA Unscramble the letters below to form some of the bars and restaurants that have recently opened in the former Lady Luck. Think you’ve got it? Then arrange the circled letters to answer our bonus question.

RAS MOISHYECTM Where is the one place you can always find fortune and happiness? In the



Downtown ZEN




Rachel’s Kitchen Jam • Restaurant Review • Bar Review • Smith Center • Upcoming Events • Calendar

Rachel’s Kitchen Jam

on Thursday Nights By Marco


athy Wilson and Caron Richardson have worked to bring music into Rachel’s Kitchen at the Ogden with Patrick Genovese, who Caron has known for a number of years. They all have an active interest in supporting local, live music. Gibson Guitars, with Patrick in his position as the entertainment relations liaison to RK, is giving you an exclusive commitment to this genre and avenue to entertainment. Patrick Genovese, with the cooperation of Rachel's Kitchen and Gibson Guitars, has begun a weekly local music showcase to bring attention to all the talented musicians Las Vegas has to offer. Tonight, it's his father's 75th birthday, and he's running through some 39

classic rock staples solo and with a little help from his friends. It's not terribly uncommon to reach a 75th birthday. But to get to that 75th birthday and have an opportunity to play some hot licks on an electric guitar in front of fans? Well, that's something that not just anybody gets an opportunity to do. Bobby Genovese (or Bobby Geno as his son, Patrick, refers to him as) is able to do just that at Rachel's Kitchen in The Ogden. "Mr. Big Guitar," Bobby Genovese cut a 45RPM single back in 1959 on First Records. The A-side was a Genovese original, "The Shawnee," with the B-side a cover of Joe Downtown ZEN


Sullivan's 1935 song "Little Rock Getaway," an instrumental barn-burner that was originally written and recorded on piano in a Harlem Stride style. "Little Rock Getaway" showcases Genovese's ability to successfully rework a song created on a different instrument (piano) and adapt it to guitar with a little swing to it. After the release of that single, Genovese found his way to Vegas, performing in a few different groups from the early '60s into the '70s and mingling with a group of Vegas musicians that reads like a who's who list of names one typically associates with the glamorous era of Las Vegas performers. Knowing that little bit of history lends a sense of invaluable appreciation for the man sitting DECEMBER 2013


here on this night as he plays nimble guitar solos through songs like Tom Petty's "Learning to Fly," The Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun" and even "Hotel California" by the Eagles. This last song is noteworthy as Bobby Geno introduces Santiago, an innocent-looking 12-year-old boy to sit in with him on the song. A minute or so into playing "Hotel California," after a bit of fabulous fret gymnastics by Geno, Santiago transforms from a mild-mannered, polite boy sitting on a stool into a raging harp player, ripping off complicated, heartfelt solos that would make Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh of the Eagles shake their heads and walk away in utter disbelief. It turns out Santiago has been playing harp since he was 5 and has also recently begun working on learning the guitar as well. An older brother of his is present on this night to lend support to the child prodigy, as Santiago exchanges solos with Geno throughout a few different songs. Santiago plays in a band with this older brother right now and took the opportunity this evening to play alongside Geno and highlight the fact that there is no such thing as a generational gap when it comes to playing with heart and soul. The opportunity to witness an event like this is available every week thanks to Patrick Genovese and Gibson Guitars. As the event grows, Patrick is looking to bring musicians together to not only perform alongside one another at Rachel's Kitchen, but to eventually offer them opportunities to write and record music together that can be offered for sale digitally as well as in the tactile format of the 45RPM single, just like the one his dad cut on the First Records label, some 54 years ago.

Rachel’s Kitchen Thursday Night Jam is happening: December 4th, 11th and the 18th Rachel's Kitchen-Ogden just a three minute walk from the office! 150 N. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite 160 Las Vegas, NV 89101 Phone: 702.778.8800 ISSUE 21


Downtown ZEN


By Joanna Mueller

STEWART +OGDEN The Downtown Grand is beautiful. I am born and raised in this city, and I can be somewhat of a cynic when it comes to a new casino opening. The Grand is special, and it's only going to get better. My husband and I headed out early on a Saturday night. We wanted to beat the opening weekend/Saturday night crowds, so we got to Stewart + Ogden at about 6 p.m. We asked for a specific booth and were seated there without hesitation. Our hostess did something that I haven't experienced a hostess do in a long time … She made conversation with us. She asked us if we were enjoying the music playing outside, how our night was. It was pleasant. One of the cool things about Stewart + Ogden is that the menu changes with the time of day (dinner starts at 4); they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each with a different menu. We started with shrimp cocktail. I'm still in search of the best shrimp cocktail. The shrimp tasted super fresh, and the cocktail sauce had just the right amount of spice. Dinner for me was a chicken Caesar salad and a cup of tomato bisque soup. The soup came garnished with goldfish crackers! It was the cutest touch!! The salad was great, and the dressing not too fishy. The hubs ordered the Ogden burger and fries. He was finished with his burger before I could get a bite! However, I did nosh on some of his fries. They were perfectly salted and quite yummy. The prices were fair, and we left full and happy. Our service was impeccable, and a couple different managers stopped by to see how we were. It was a great experience. After dinner, we wandered around the casino. What a beaut! The chandeliers, fresh flowers in the lobby … all of it! Awesome! There was a block party going on outside with live music and a trio of juggling Elvis’s, or is it Elvi? Anyway, it was a great night at a wonderful place.


Downtown ZEN



Stewart + Ogden

Inside the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino 206 N. Third St. Las Vegas NV 89101 702.719.5100




Hours of Operation Open Daily Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Downtown ZEN

7:00am - 1:00am 7:00am - 11:00am 11:00am - 4:00pm 4:00pm - 1:00am


By Matthew Dunsmoor


Art Bar is located inside the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino (206 N. Third St. Las Vegas, NV 89101) across from the registration desk, near the new Mob Bar.


This thoughtfully pieced together menu definitely caters to the bar's title group. Primarily focused on wines (most of which are from California and Italy) and artist-inspired specialty cocktails, the menu also includes a small selection of affordably priced beers and some tempting fare for all palates. Since this was a soft opening, I was unable to try any of the appetizing food choices, but from the accounts I've heard since that day, I'd recommend checking out something sharable like the grilled Angus sliders or the pub cheese. The food portion of the menu ranges in price from $4 to $15. As far as the drinks go, I can confidently say this: If you like a strong pour, you'll like the cocktails at Art Bar. I ordered the Van Gogh espresso martini, expecting that I would have my typical "sweet drink" experience — it would be delicious enough that I wouldn't


even taste the alcohol, and consequently I'd drink through it in about two minutes. I was surprised to find that the mixologist made it sweet enough to enjoy, but gave it just enough bite that I was encouraged to sip and savor it over a good amount of time. I was able to sample the Mozart (a fruity vodka-based concoction) and the Mona Lisa (a chocolate lover's dream made with Southern Comfort and vanilla vodka) with the same result. The price point of the cocktail and wine portion of the menu is what you might expect from a Las Vegas casino, ranging from $9 to $14. Are you a beer fan who likes art? Or maybe you're just worried about getting dragged along with a group or significant other and don't dig wine or "foofie" drinks. Art Bar has three beers on tap and about a half dozen more available in bottles, all around $5.


The environment is exactly what you might expect from a place named Art Bar. With a ceiling that's tiled by framed canvases and strategically placed pieces throughout this open lounge, the vibe is definitely artsy. What you might not expect is to find is this experience within a casino; and you certainly wouldn't expect a casino to feature local artists on a rotating basis. That's right, Art Bar has committed to focus on not only nationally known artists, but will be putting on

Downtown ZEN



size of the space caters to a high-service experience. Not to mention, they support local artists, something not many bars — much less casino bars — can claim. gallery showings that allow local artists to display and even sell their work. Its proximity to the classic Downtown3rd spots such as Triple George, Hogs & Heifers and Mob Bar coupled with their comfy couches make this a great meeting or starting spot for a night out.

A case for it:

A diverse array of delicious specialty cocktails, a deep wine list, and convenient location make this a must-try for anyone spending time in the Downtown3rd area. While my experience with the serving staff was not typical (I was there for a soft opening, so I didn't have to flag anyone down, worry about splitting up the check, etc.), the staff that was on during my visit was friendly and knowledgeable. The intimate

A case against it:

If you're just looking for a cheap or possibly rowdy drinking night out, you may want to check out some other locations. Their beers are reasonably priced, but their mixed drinks may not agree with your wallet if you plan on drinking more than one in a night. Also, the vibe is certainly a tame one. If you're looking for a Dino's-type experience, you may want to use this as a starting point for the night rather than a destination.

My vote:

Do it! The DT Grand is worth a visit, whatever your tastes may be. With their additions of places like Pizza Rock, the Spread, Ninth Island (Shave Ice and Daiquiris), the Commissary, Furnace, Stewart + Ogden, and Red Mansion as well as a revamped Mob Bar with dueling pianos, they've got a ton of options that have yet to fail me or anyone I've asked.

Art Bar Inside the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino 206 N. Third St. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702-719-5100

Monday through Thursday 12 p.m.-11 p.m. Friday through Saturday 12 p.m.-1 a.m.

Photograph by Peter Gaunt



Downtown ZEN






361 Symphony Park Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89106 Visit to see the full lineup 702.749.2000

REYNOLDS HALL The TenorsHall Reynolds June 2, 7:30 p.m.

AThe Mari-Achi Christmas: Mariachi Solon de The Mexico de José Hernández Tenors have performed Oprah Winfrey Show, for Her

CABARET JAZZ Tom Dreesen The Family


Friday Saturday, Dec.&13June & 14,22, 7 p.m. June&21, 7 p.m. 6 p.m., 9 p.m. InOriginal this unforgettable performance, Dreesen willHall takeofyou from founding members, Rock and Roll Fame inductees, hearing Sinatra on the jukebox to one day touring the nation as and R&B Pioneer Award winners Jerry Martini, Cynthia Robinson, his opening act. Dreesen’s stand-up comedy is hilarious, and his and Greg Errico, the first interracial/inter-gender band in rock ‘n’ keen insight and superb storytelling bring the greatest career show roll history bringknown you the hits of Sly & The Family Stone. Featuring business has ever to life.

Tuesday, 7:30 p.m.on the live broadcast of the 2011 Emmy MajestyDec. The3,Queen, Mariachi Master José Hernández and his Sol de Mexico present a Awards, at the opening ceremonies of Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics night of colorful celebration of Mexico’s Christmas traditions with and for the NBA, MLB, and NHL All-Star Games. They have been a special tribute to the states of Veracruz, Yucatan, and Jalisco. the powerful voices of Alex Davis and Trina Johnson on vocals, they hailed as musical ambassadors national Experience the traditional posadasand and Canada’s pastorals of Mexicotreasure. through bring Wright you the–message of peace, and social consciousness Danny Just Wright for the love, Holidays the joy of song, dance, and festive merriment. Sunday, Dec. 15, 2 p.m. & 6 p.m. through musical harmony with some of the funkiest players of all Jewel’s Greatest Hits Tour Christmas is Danny Wright’s favorite time of year, and this year Las Vegas Philharmonic: Pops Series II “We Love the Holidays!” time. June 6, 7:30 p.m. promises an intimate, warm, and wintry celebration of the holidays Saturday, Dec. 7, 2 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Don’t miss this intimate solo acoustic performance. Jewel is an at the Smith Center’s elegant Cabaret Jazz. Conductor Bob Bernhardt returns to Las Vegas to lead an acclaimed American singer, songwriter, actress, poet, painter, and Philip Fortenberry – “The Man At The Piano” orchestral celebration of the holidays, including a special matinee JuneCloer: 23, 2:30 p.m.for the Holidays philanthropist. the of her Alaskan youth to Travis My Place performance. TheFrom concert willremote includeranch tasty gingerbread morsels Philip Fortenberry debuts “The Man at the Piano,” a new, intimate the triumph of international stardom, the three-time Grammy® from Humperdinck’s “Hansel & Gretel” and the sugarplum sweetness Monday, Dec. 16, 7 p.m. “My Place for the Holidays,” Travis (currently starring Frankie acoustic 75-minute cabaret-style concert with hisas signature hailed New York“The Times as a “songwriter bursting With ofnominee, the musical scorebyofThe Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker.” in “Jersey Boys”) andand his seven-piece band bring evening full virtuoso playing style personal stories of hisanlife and career with talents,” has enjoyed career longevity rare among her Valli ofasall ayour favorite Christmas songspianist with thatand “oldatime holidayartist TV on The Nutcracker sought-after Broadway concert generation of artists. Special” feel complete with Lincoln surprise Center special guests. Dec. 14-22, times vary prestigious stages from to Carnegie Hall and the The magic continues this December with Nevada Ballet Theatre’s Kennedy the WhiteShow House, all told with his own brand American Idiot The DeanaCenter MartintoChristmas production of “The Nutcracker.” The first production of its kind built of Southern charm. June 11-14, 7:30 p.m.; Junegrand 15 &sets, 16,costumes, 2 p.m.,and 7:30 for the Reynolds Hall stage features thep.m. Friday & Saturday, Dec. 20 & 21, 7 p.m.; Sunday, Dec. 22, 2 p.m. Direct from Broadway, the smash-hit musical “American choreography of Artistic Director James Canfield. This larger than Idiot” Deana Martin takes the audience on a musical sleigh ride filled with tells the storyreturns of three friends forced towith choose between classic yuletide tunes and songs honoring her legendary father, Dean life production thislifelong winter in its second year added their dreams theforsafety of suburbia. Based on Green Day’s Martin, and other great performers who shaped American music elements and is and perfect a special gift or group experience during the holidayAward-winning season. Grammy multiplatinum album and featuring the and popular culture for over four decades. This is the soundtrack of Christmases past and holiday memories yet to be shared.

hits “Boulevard Kristin Chenowethof Broken Dreams” “21 Guns” and “Wake Me Up When September Tuesday, Dec.31, 7:30 p.m.Ends,” “American Idiot” boldly takes the Emmy® and musical Tony® Award winner Kristingone Chenoweth American where it’s never before. makes a rare appearance this New Year’s Eve at the Smith Center. This unique night with Me the multitalented performer promises to take concert Catch If You Can goers on a ride of laughter, heartbreak, thrills, and great music.

Troesh Studio Theatre Steve Solomon's “My Mother's Italian, My Father's Jewish” and “I'm Home For the Holidays ... The Therapy Continues”

Dec. 5-8, times vary Steve Solomon is back at the Smith Center with an all new performance. Steve’s headed home to celebrate the holidays with Based on the hit DreamWorks film and the incredible true story his wildly dysfunctional family, but he’s stuck at the airport with all that inspired it, “Catch Me If You Can” is the high-flying, splashy flights canceled due to a storm … the phone calls begin and the chaos The Showcase Lasthe Vegas newComposers Broadway musical thatoftells story of Frank W. Abagnale, Jr., begins. Wednesday, Dec. 4, 10:30 p.m. a teenager who runs away from home in search of the glamorous Jersey Boys conductor Keith Thompson hosts this monthly musical life. With nothing more than his boyish charm, a big imagination showcase that features original music from some of Las Vegas’ andcomposers millions ofand dollars in forged Frank best songwriters, andchecks, performed bysuccessfully some of the poses Clint Holmes for the Holidays as aperformers pilot, a doctor and a lawyer living the high life andand winning Sunday, Dec. 8, 5 p.m. best and musicians from— the Vegas entertainment the girl of his dreams. But when Frank’s lies catch the attention of For our second annual holiday concert in the park, Clint Holmes will theatrical communities. FBI agent Carl Hanratty, Carl chases Frank to the end … and finds be gathering his friends from across the Las Vegas entertainment community, including his wife Kelly Clinton, to create a truly special Clint Holmeshefornever the Holidays something expected. evening full of all your favorite Christmas music. This year, our Friday & Saturday, Dec. 6 & 7, 8:30 p.m. Christmas tree will be lit and centered in front of the Bavington For his holiday show, Clint and Kelly will be joined by special guests Golden "Ribbon ofTheater. Life"Join our family sculpture, and the whole park will be primed for family holiday fun. for a seasonalRainbow's spectacular in the Cabaret Jazz 30, 1the p.m. Bring your blanket and come enjoy some Smith Center holiday cheer. inJune celebrating holiday season.

June 18-21, 7:30 p.m.; June 22 & 23, 2 p.m., 7:30 p.m.

Cabaret Jazz

Symphony Park

“Ribbon of Life” is one of the largest HIV/AIDS fundraisers in the state of Nevada and is Golden Rainbow’s main source of revenue. The fundraising spectacular is unlike any other production in the city and features some of the best performers from the Las 45 ZEN Vegas Strip in original acts. Showcasing new numbersDowntown and talent, each year’s audience is always surprised, thrilled and inspired by



December EVENTS Sunday Reset Sunday Reset is dedicated to creating a healthier community in Las Vegas by resetting the mind, body and spirit. Join our signature event, the Sunday Reset Project.

Location Amanda Harris Gallery 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite #150 Las Vegas, NV 89101

TEDx Fremont East Woman Jessica Tomlinson and Alexia Vernon, co-hosts of TEDxFremontEastWomen, invite you to celebrate TEDxWomen's day with the downtown Las Vegas community at The Center.

Location 401 S. Maryland Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV 89101

Time Thursday, Dec. 5 | 11 a.m.

More Info


Thursday, Dec. 5 | 5:30 p.m.

More Info

First Friday

Greetings from Las Vegas We are excited to announce that model citizens across the entire country (and world) are invited to create and mail in postcards to the historic Gateway Motel in Las Vegas with their visions of how their own cities can be more sustainable places to live!


First Friday is celebrated in the Arts District of downtown Las Vegas. The hub is on Casino Center Boulevard in between Colorado Street & California Street with an extension on Third Street & Colorado Street. First Friday has been extended to include the Fremont East district with live activities and music in Get Back Alley behind Beauty Bar and The Griffin. First Friday celebrates young and established local artists.

Location Casino Center Boulevard & Colorado Street


928 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89101

Friday, Nov. 1 | 6 p.m.-11 p.m.

More Info

Time Thursday, Dec. 5 | 6 p.m.-10 p.m.

More Info

Repeal Day at Mob Museum This Repeal Day, The Mob Museum will become THE most spirited place in the nation to celebrate the anniversary of the end of Prohibition (Dec. 5, 1933). Beginning with a celebratory toast with Oscar Goodman, events will also include a Backyard Bootlegger Party, an inaugural “Boss of the Bars� competition, as well as a VIP Roaring Twenties speakeasy.

Location 300 Stewart Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89101

Time Thursday, Dec. 5 | 5:30 p.m.

More Info



Downtown ZEN


Las Vegas Great Santa Run


The Las Vegas Great Santa Run© has become a ‘must’ for visitors, a community involvement activity for local businesses and a holiday tradition for families. Last year, nearly 10,000 participants donned their Santa suits in support of Opportunity Village and individuals with disabilities in our community.

Vegas StrEATS is a street food and culture festival hosted every second Saturday in downtown Las Vegas showcasing the valley’s hottest local food trucks, artists, musicians, and fashion. StrEATS is presented by Slidin’ Thru in partnership with El Cortez and Insert Coin(s). Each month, various food trucks serve up unique gourmet bites along Jackie Gaughan Plaza. Local bands, MCs, and DJs provide the soundtrack for the night ranging from indie rock, hip-hop, dubstep, and house music. Graffiti artists and streetwear brands line vendor row slanging fresh apparel and art. Come experience a bit of homegrown Vegas culture!

Location Fremont Street Experience



Saturday, Dec. 7 | 11 a.m.

Jackie Gaughan Plaza 600 E. Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101

More Info

Time Saturday, Dec. 14 | 6 p.m.-1 a.m.

More Info

WordCamp Las Vegas

Please come join us for the final celebration of the YES Project in Las Vegas before it lifts off to its next location! The Youth Educational Spacecraft is a mobile classroom and interactive sculpture. Over 100 children helped create its beautiful exterior of mosaics made out of recycled materials.

Web and technology experts from all across the country will be in attendance to present a multitude of seminars at Las Vegas WordCamp, which takes place over two days and at two different locations: Saturday, Dec. 14 at InNEVation Center (6795 Edmond St.) and Sunday, Dec. 15 at Work in Progress (317 S. Sixth St.). Las Vegas WordCamp is designed for businesses and individuals who are interested in learning everything there is to know about WordPress, the most popular and user-friendly website content management system and blogging tool.



Closing Ceremony and Children’s Art Show

715 Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101

317 S. Sixth St. Las Vegas, NV 89101



Sunday, Dec. 8 | 4 p.m.

Sunday, Dec. 15 | 6 p.m.

More Info

More Info

Ugly Sweater Run How do we plan to celebrate the holidays? By running with the ugliest sweaters you can find! Join thousands of runners and walkers from around the nation at a local Ugly Sweater Run near you!

Location 601 Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101

Time Saturday, Dec. 14 | 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

More Info 47

Downtown ZEN



Downtown Cultural Series - Tenors 4U

Sip & Mix: Collisions, Connections, Collections

This “Christmas For You Too” concert by the Tenors 4U will celebrate the ending of the year and the bringing in of the new with vocal music that will entertain and inspire. Tenors Michael Rodrigues, Mark Thomsen, Marco Varela and Alfonse Anderson will present a mix of genres from pop to classical.

This event is the perfect time to unwind and meet locals and visitors of downtown Las Vegas. No name tags, no registration needed: just casual mingling, drinks and good times with good people. This is a weekly event, hope to see you there!



33 Las Vegas Blvd. S Las Vegas, NV 89101



Thursday, Dec. 5, 12, 19, 26 | 10 p.m.-12 a.m.


More Info

Friday, Dec. 20 | 12 p.m.

More Info 702.229.3515

Delivering Happiness Inspire: Las Vegas! Our Delivering Happiness Inspire! event is a forum for sharing the rich and thought-provoking (and oftentimes funny) content that inspires and spreads happiness at an individual, community, and even global level. Through a series of brief, prepared (but collaborative) talks, community members and local thought leaders bring their stories perspectives, passions, and experiences to the stage (ala TED) to shine a spotlight on the things that matter most.

Location Downtown Project Construction Zone 107 S. Seventh St. Las Vegas, NV 89101

Time Saturday, Dec. 28 | 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

More Info

Rachel’s Kitchen Jam Live acoustic music.

Location 150 N. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89101

Time Thursday, Dec. 5, 12, 19, 26 | 4 p.m.

More Info

Downtown3rd Farmers Market The Downtown3rd Farmers Market has become an integral part of downtown Las Vegas. The biggest indoor farmers market showcases local Las Vegas farmers as well as including lots of fresh produce from California. There are also many other vendors and healthy lifestyle classes, art shows, and culinary demonstrations from famous Las Vegas chefs. The mission of the Downtown3rd Farmers Market is to be a sustainable, seasonal, healthy lifestyle center for the city. The farmers market is conveniently located in the middle of the Las Vegas Valley off of US-95 & Casino Center Drive.

Location 300 N. Casino Center Blvd. (In the old Transit Center) Las Vegas, NV 89101

Trivia Night at The Beat Come with a team or find one at The Beat. Every other Tuesday you can test your knowledge and flex your brain in a cerebral competition. There will be prizes and beer specials, and most likely a little more beer than brains.

Time Friday, Nov. 1 | 9 a.m-3 p.m.

More Info

Location The Beat Coffeehouse 520 Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101

Time Tuesday, Dec. 3 and 17 | 7 p.m. ISSUE 21


Downtown ZEN



•Sunday Reset, 7am

•Trivia, 7am


•Yoga at Fremont East Studios, 7pm-8:30pm

•Closing Ceremony and Children’s Art Show, 4pm

•Yoga at Fremont East Studios, 7pm-8:30pm





•WordCamp Las Vegas, 8:45am-12:00pm





•Trivia, 7am

•Yoga at Fremont East Studios, 7pm-8:30pm












Downtown ZEN



SNEAK PEEK •Repeal Day at Mob Museum •Greetings from Las Vegas, 6pm-10pm •TEDx Fremont East Women, 7pm-12am •Sip and Mix: Collisions, 11am •Rachel’s Kitchen Jam, 4pm-7pm •VegasJelly, 7pm-12am

•3rd Street Farmers Market, 9am-6pm •DJ Ultra at Mob Bar 9pm-1am •First Friday, 5pm-12am


•3rd Street Farmers Market, 9am-3pm •DJ Ultra at Mob Bar, 9pm-1am

6 •3rd Street Farmers Market, 9am-3pm •DJ Ultra at Mob Bar, 9pm-1am

12 •Sip and Mix: Collisions, 10 pm-12 am •Rachel’s Kitchen Jam, 4 pm-7 pm •VegasJelly, 7 pm-12 am

•Zappos Tree Lighting, 4pm-6pm •The Las Vegas Great Santa Run, 10am-1pm

7 •The Ugly Sweater Run, 11am-1pm •StrEATS, 6pm-1am


•Sip and Mix: Collisions, 10pm-12am •Rachel’s Kitchen Jam, 4pm-7pm •VegasJelly, 7pm-12 am

•3rd Street Farmers Market, 9am-6pm •DJ Ultra at Mob Bar 9pm-1am •First Friday, 5pm-12am



3 Friday

• 3rd Street Farmers Market, 9 am-6 pm • DJ Ultra at Mob Bar 9 pm-1 am • First Friday, 5pm-12am

4 Saturday 5 Sunday 6 Monday 7 Tuesday 8 Wednesday

• Yoga at Fremont East Studios, 7pm-8:30pm

•Delivering Happiness Inspire: Las Vegas!, 5pm- 8pm


• Yoga at Fremont East Studios, 7pm-8:30pm • VegasJelly, 7 pm-12 am • Sip and Mix: Collisions, 10pm-12am • Rachel’s Kitchen Jam, 4pm-7pm



1 Wednesday 2 Thursday

•Downtown Cultural Series “Tenors 4U”, 12pm-1pm •3rd Street Farmers Market, 9am-3pm •DJ Ultra at Mob Bar, 9pm-1am



9 Thursday


• VegasJelly, 7 pm-12 am • Sip and Mix: Collisions, 10pm-12am • Rachel’s Kitchen Jam, 4pm-7pm

10 Friday

• 3rd Street Farmers Market, 9 am-6 pm • DJ Ultra at Mob Bar 9 pm-1 am

DOWNTOWN RESTAURANTS 100 The Beat Coffeehouse G5 520 Fremont St. 702.385.2328 101 Le Thai G5 523 Fremont St. 702.778.0888 102 Triple George Grill F4 201 N. Third St. 702.384.2761

103 Tacos El Gordo J8 1724 E. Charleston Blvd. 702.251.8226

104 Chicago Joe’s E7 820 S. Fourth St.


105 Bar+Bistro D8 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite #155 702.202.6060

106 Mundo – A Culinary Haute Spot C5 495 S. Grand Central Pkwy. 702.270-4400

107 Courthouse Bar & Grill E5 330 S. Third St. 702.388-8222

108 City Centre Café F6 375 Lewis Ave. 702.383.4055

109 El Gaucho Luca’s Café & Deli F5 231 S. Third St., Suite #110 702.384.3115 110 Viva Las Arepas D10 1616 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite #120 702.336.9696

111 Subway G5 600 Fremont St. 702.302.5020 113 Jason’s Deli D3 100 City Pkwy. 702.366.0130

114 The Verdicts Inn E7 801 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.837.3428

115 Luv It Frozen Custard D10 505 E. Oakey Blvd.

127 Rachel’s Kitchen G5 150 N. Las Vegas Blvd.

211 Backstage Bar & Billiards G5 601 Fremont St.

414 Hillary Salon C8 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite #250

128 Radio City Pizza G5 508 Fremont St.

212 H6

415 Inside Style C8 1119 S. Main St.

129 Park on Fremont G5 506 Fremont St.

213 G5

(Inside Retail Space at Ogden)



130 Anthony’s Pizza & Deli E5 321 S. Casino Center Blvd., Suite #125 702.896.0353

131 La Comida G5 100 Sixth St.


132 Doña Maria's Tamales D8 910 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

241 W. Charleston Blvd. #101 702.227.5652 117 Casa Don Juan Restaurant C8 1204 S. Main St. 702.384.8070 118 eat. 707 Carson Ave. G5 702.534.1515

119 Du-Par’s F5 Restaurant & Bakery 1 Fremont St. (Inside Golden Gate) 702.385.1906

120 Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop E5 Regional Justice Center 200 Lewis Ave. 702.631.1112

121 El Sombrero Café D7 807 S. Main St. 702.382.9234

122 Kabob Corner G5 507 Fremont St. 702.384.7722

123 Uncle Joe’s Pizza G5 505 Fremont St. 702.385.2162

124 Big Ern’s BBQ G5 102 S. Seventh St.


125 Pop Up Pizza E4 1 Main St. 126 F4

702.366.0049 Denny’s 450 Fremont St. (Inside Neonopolis) 702.471.0056

215 C9 216 G5


133 Mingo Kitchen and Lounge C8 1017 First St., Suite #180 134 F6

702.685.0328 City Center Quiznos 365 Lewis Ave. 702.380.0900


135 Pura Vida B9 1236 Western Ave.

702.722.0108 136 Tiffany'sCafé C10 1700 S. Las Vegas Blvd 702.444.4459

137 Bronze Café inside The Center H7 401 S Maryland Pkwy 138 Wild G4 150 N. Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 120 702.527.7717

139 Nacho Daddy G5 113 N. 4th St.


201 E8 202 D8 105 D8 203 G5 204 D10 205 F4 206 G5 207 F4 208 G5 209 G5 210 G5

702.880.3696 Lady Silvia 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Artifice 1025 S. First St. 702.489.6339 Bar+Bistro 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite #155 702.202.6060 Beauty Bar 517 Fremont St., Suite #A 702.598.1965 Dino’s Lounge 1516 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.382.3894 Drink & Drag 450 Fremont St., Suite #250 702.522.8488 The Griffin 511 Fremont St. 702.382.0577 Hogs & Heifers Saloon 201 N. 3rd St., Suite #130 702.676.1457 Insert Coin(s) 512 Fremont St. 702.447.2525 Vanguard Lounge 516 Fremont St. 702.868.7800 Commonwealth 525 Fremont St. 702.798.7000

Zappos Stewart Campus Parking 260 N. Las Vegas Blvd. Located directly south of 400 Stewart Building Enter via Fourth Street.

6th Floor 702.943.7777 #8530

304 Carson Office G6 Parking Garage

304 E. Carson Ave. Enter via Fourth Street

RETAIL SHOPS, BOUTIQUES & SALONS 400 Coterie G5 515 Fremont St.

702.685.7741 Search “Coterie Downtown”


702.399.1100 416 Nature’s Element D7 817 S. Main St. 702.521.0725

417 Photo Bang Bang C10 224 E. Imperial Ave.

702.518.7427 418 Skin City Body Painting C8 1209 S. Main St. 702.431.7546

419 Williams Costume Co. D9 1226 S. Third St. 702.384.1384

420 The Town Bike E6 353 East Bonneville Ave. Suite 179



502 D9 403 C9 404 C8 405 E7 406 D8

702.938.4247 Patina Décor 1211 S. Main St. 702.776.6222 Vintage Vegas Antiques 1411 S. Main St. 702.539.0799 Vexed By Design 1017 First St., Suite #185 702.275.7141 Sweet Spot Candy Shop 616 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.815.1277 Josephine Skaught Hairdressing 1025 S. First St. Suite 165 702.431.8071

407 Cowtown Guitars D7 1009 S. Main St.


409 Creative Space C10 1421 S. Commerce St. 702.439.3923



422 Rogue Toys E7 616 Las Vegas Blvd S.

702.330.3945 423 Don Vicente Cigars Intl. E7 624 Las Vegas Blvd S. 702.526.3922

FITNESS 700 Real Results Gym C9

1201 S. Commerce St. 702.331.3172 100 City Pkwy., Suite #160 702.824.9614

702 FreeStyle CrossFit D6

727 S. Main St. 702.685.5070






2 3



701 1301 1501


4 106





209 206







208 100 213

210 131 211









108 132





134 422

104 407


500 1212 1216

1207 1600


412 133 404





700 117

501 418






504 505



509 510







514 417









110 204




11 C

129 Fremont St. 702.385.7111


1205 Open Air Printers C7 1039 S. Main St., Suite #150

804 Plaza Hotel & Casino E4


1 S. Main St. 800.634.6575

1206 Blackbird Studios C10 1551 S. Commerce St., Suite #A

805 Downtown Grand Las Vegas F4


206 N. Third St. 855.384.7263

1208 Brett Wesley Gallery C8 1112 S. Casino Center Blvd.



495 S. Main St. 702.229.6011 901 Veteran’s Village D5 1150 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.624.5792 www.vvlv.org1 D5

1212 Pinup Pointe Art Gallery C8 4 E. Charleston Blvd.



1213 RTZ Vegas C8 1017 S. First St., Suite #195

1002 Juhl Lofts E7 353 E. Bonneville Ave.



1214 Ryan Williams Art Gallery C8 1025 S. First St.


1003 Newport Lofts D7 200 Hoover Ave.

1215 Sin City Gallery C8 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite #100



1216 Trifecta C8 135 E. Charleston Blvd.

1100 Las Vegas Academy G6 315 S. 7th St.



1101 9th Bridge Early Development I5 310 S. Ninth St.



1300 First Friday Main Hub C9 Casino Center Boulevard

Between Colorado Street & California Street

100 /usr/lib (Tech Library) G5



1301 Downtown 3rd Farmers Market 300 Block of North Main Street F4

520 Fremont St. 702.385.2328

Directly Next To The Mob Museum

101 Work In Progress G6


6th Street Workspace 317 S. Sixth St. 702.534.3804

ENTERTAINMENT 1400 The Smith Center 361 Symphony Park Ave. C5

The Las Vegas HackerSpace 117 N. Fourth St.

103 Fremont East Studios G4

221 N. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.463.9029


300 N. Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 120 702.476.5552

ART STUDIOS 520 Fremont St. 702.385.328 1201 Arts Factory C7 107 E. Charleston Blvd. 702.383.3133





509 Glam Factory Vintage D9 211 E. Colorado Ave. 702.443.0131

1025 First St., Suite #145 702.358.7022

1001 Soho Lofts E7 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd.


506 One Man’s Trash C9 1300 S. Main St., Suite #140 702.7778.7988

1211 Downtown Contemporary Gallery C8 at artSquare



505 Desert Buddha C9 1300 S. Main St., Suite #120 702.383.1008

1210 Contemporary Art Center (CAC) C8 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite #120


1000 The Ogden G4 150 N. Las Vegas Blvd.

ANTIQUE ALLEY 500 Retro Vegas C8 1131 S. Main St. 702.384.2700 501 Corner Store Furniture Company C8 1201 S. Main St. 702.331.6009 502 Patina Decor C8 1211 S. Main St. 702.776.6222 503 Armstrong’s Emporium C9 1228 S. Main St. 702.366.1995 504 Medusa’s Antiques C9 1300 S. Main St., Suite #110 702.331.4660

507 JJC Clocks & Antiques C9 1310 S. Main St. 702.384.8463 508 The Funk House D9 1228 S. Casino Center Blvd. 702.678.6278

1209 City of the World C9 1229 S. Casino Center Blvd.

900 Las Vegas City Hall

100 Emergency Arts

11 B

Las Vegas, NV 89101 1204 Gainsburg Studio, Inc. C7 1039 S. Main St. 702.249.3200

803 Golden Nugget



301 Fremont St. 702.388.2400

104 Stitch Factory


413 Happy Panda Toys C8 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite #105A



403 411

1203 Art Square C7 1025 S. First St.



516 515





508 402

600 Fremont St. 800.634.6703





802 The D Las Vegas



415 1208




1204 1213 1205 1214 202 1211 1203 406 1210 414 12151401 1201105







1202 Amanda Harris Gallery 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite #150 E7













412 Gaia Flowers C8 6 E. Charleston Blvd.

HOTEL & CASINOS 800 El Cortez


602 101





126 205



130 900



104 104 138

301 302 103

303 304



139 207 102 805

803 802

410 Electric Lemonade D8 220 E. Charleston Blvd. 411 Freddie Ramon C10 1411 S. Main St.


J G5

701 24hr Fitness E3

H 1503


421 Let Me Nail You F7 514 Bonneville Ave.




408 Better Than New C8 1216 S. Main St.



401 Globe Salon E7 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite #130

BARS, LOUNGES & NIGHTCLUBS 200 Downtown Cocktail Room (DCR) G5 111 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Zappos Stewart Campus 400 Stewart Ave.

303 Zappos Carson Office G5 302 E. Carson Ave.



116 Lola’s: B8 A Louisiana Kitchen

214 H5

702.382.2223 Bunkhouse 124 S. 11th St. 702.384.4536 Don’t Tell Mama 517 Fremont St. 702.207.0788 Atomic Liquors 917 Fremont St. 702.349.2283 Velveteen Rabbit 1218 S. Main St. (702) 685-9645 Gold Spike 217 N. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.384.8444



510 Gypsy Den D9 213 E. Colorado Ave. 702.684.1628 511 Western Gypsy in the Kangaroo Court D9 1306 S. Third St. 702.868.3302 512 Gypsy Caravan D8 1214 S. Third St. 702.868.3302 513 Rick’s Restorations C8 1112 S. Commerce St. 702.366.7030 514 Sin City Pickers C10 10 W. Wyoming Ave. 702.366.9166 515 Vintage Vegas Antiques C9 1411 S. Main St. 702.539.0799 516 Alex Presley’s Unique Boutique D9 1304 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.300.2476 517 Lost Vegas Antiques F7 625 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.382-1882 518 Swag Antiques F7 630 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.464.3299 519 Not Just Antiques B9 1422 Western Ave. 702.384.4922


702.749.2000 1401 Art Square Theater 1025 S. First St. C8 702.308.8087

1600 Craig P. Kenny & Associates G7 501 S. Eight St.

1402 Theater 7 D9 1406 S. Third St.

1700 Dr. Azimi DDS E8 820 S. Seventh St.


HEALTH & WELLNESS 702.759.0005


MUSEUMS & ATTRACTIONS 1501 The Mob Museum 300 Stewart Ave. F4


1502 Old Las Vegas Fort H1 500 E. Washington Ave.


1503 Lied Discovery Children’s B7 Museum

833 N. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.382.3445

1504 Natural History Museum H2 900 N. Las Vegas Blvd.


1505 The Neon Museum H2 770 N. Las Vegas Blvd.


COFFEE SPOTS 100 The Beat Coffeehouse 520 Fremont St. G5 702.385.2328 500 Starbucks F5

300 S. Fourth St. #7 702.759.3426

GROCERY 600 Albertsons Grocery

1760 E. Charleston Blvd. 702.366.1550 601 Resnick’s Grocery 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.982.2999 602 Cake World Bakery 220 N. Maryland Pkwy. I5 702.471.7111 603 White Cross Market C10 1700 S. Las Vegas Blvd. (702) 382.3382 J8

Downtown Z.E.N. - Dec. 2013  

Unlike the frigid winter scene of this month’s cover, warm up inside the Spa at the Golden Nugget with a full-package giveaway on page 22. I...

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