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Station Times

50 years of Lochearnhead Edition 21st August 2012 - Issue 10

On top of the world looking down on Creation Weather The West Highlands

Heavy rain widespread; risk thunder. Light winds.

Once upon a time, far, far away, in a place named Scotland, patrol A & B set off in a minibus filled with hope and joy, surrounded by an aura of song and almost dance. They set off on an epic voyage of discovery into the heartland of the Scottish highlands. When one said ‘if were guides we could knit these mountains smaller’.

How Windy? Southerly 15 to perhaps later in day 20mph.

How Wet? Showers western and southern areas all day. Heavy showers will increasingly develop, in some areas merging to give a couple of hours of near constant heavy rain. Risk thunder.

Cloud on the hills? Cloud base will vary considerably. In and around showers, cloud forming at around 650m and 300m coastal slopes, but much lower where rain sets in, locally shafts of cloud upwards from forest canopies.

The purpose of this journey was to climb the mighty Benn Tuillecain. Once we reached the top on day two the tone was quiet until both groups were serenaded by Emma and Katie after dinner. They were thanked in the morning when the leaders woke them up by continuing the songs from the night before. As their epic voyage, across the Scottish highlands came to an end the wildlife rose up against them and they were escorted off the premise by a herd of highland cows. Patrol A & B – 3 day hike

Sunshine - Air clarity? Patchy sunshine, mostly morning well inland. Visibility often very good, but poor in heavy rain and extensively foggy on higher areas, and at times on lower slopes. How Cold? o 10 C (at 900m) o 19 C (at Station)

A very appropriate hat for the Scottish mountains

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Mug shot of the day.

Mugsy was on Jankers after sneaking out to the village fair!

White water rafting & Canyoning

After flag break we took the minibus and some bacon sandwiches to the white water rafting centre. We were given wetsuits, life jackets and paddles and sat on another bus to a river. After we got to the river the rafts were already set up and waiting for us and got on the river!

Paddles and Wheels Wel all had loads of fun during the kayaking and cycling. Group K went cycling first group J went kayaking. Kayaking was fun once you could go in a straight line, then we tried to crawl to the end of the kayak and put our faces in the water, only Michael was able to do this without falling in and then getting back in the kayaking. The cycling was hard and we to walk down a zig-zag steep hill overall we had an excellent time. By Micheal Rock Even leaders are subjected to taping when they put their hands in pockets on the station.

We were given a safety talk on what to do when you fell in and matt demonstrated! After a ride along the river we reached the rapids and picked up speed. After a couple of white water areas we reached the steepest part of the river and almost capsized on the way to land! We then went back for lunch before setting off for canyoning. Canyoning involved jumping off the very high rocks onto to very cold water. On the highest rock Helen got invested into Oak Eagle Explorers then had to jump down 20 feet into the freezing water. We all walked back upto the bus then got out of our wetsuits before going back to Lochearnhead.

The scout teddies make a break for it after hearing the explorers are on their way back from a three day hike!

The first known nomination for the upcoming vacancy currently held by CK1 is our esteemed Jaaaaaaneeeeeeeetttttt! We wish her success in the coming years. Applications for the Role of District secretary are now being accepted.

There was a young man from Ben Venue Who decided to build a Canoe But while on the river He found with a shiver That he hadn’t user waterproof glue!

Lochearnhead Newsletter Week 2 Issue 10